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  2. I'd need to interact more with them in an RP situation too say for sure, but generally they're way of handling things from what i can tell on the command channel and common is fairly effective, sadly since im maining a lieison with an "avoid undue danger" mentality, i'v not really seen them RP upclose under pressure, but generally they maintain effective communications over comms. tentative +1, i'd suggest getting more feedback from engineers and security players who get to interact with you more when the pressures on.
  3. Okay. I'm very sorry this took us so long to get to, there was some major miscommunications going on. The resolution is as follows - @Warbidon is going to receive a warning, which I will not post here out of respect for their privacy. Simple as that. I will be locking and closing this within the next 24 hours.
  4. Something most players lack is tact, which is evident in this thread. Revenant has tonnes of potential, and just needs honest, critical feedback so Geeves knows what to work on. Insulting a developers work (lore/code) is never a good idea unless it's backed by *good* criticism which they can learn from, otherwise you just seem like a dick. Geeves is doing good work for Aurora, give him some time to round the edges instead of baseless accusations. Putting that point aside, Revenant has potential but I believe the current fixes you have planned is all that I can imagine for no
  5. Today
  6. Storyteller system ideas can be yoinked from open source Eristation code and probably fits well given I even suggested dynamic in the other thread, i think this is a brilliant idea
  7. I'm denying your appeal. From what I recall, I contacted you since I wanted to know why you did certain things during the round including beating yourself in solitary. You told me a cat jumped on your laptop and caused this, but here is the thing. 1- Your cursor needed to be properly positioned. 2- Harm intent needed to be selected. 3- You had to somehow click yourself five times, give or take one as it has been a while. 4- Not sure if I'm misremembering this part, but I think you were also targeting your head. There's also this part, unban requests are for when you
  8. would you prefer we do nothing at all have you contributed anything to aurora did your mother love you it's an experimental new gamemode using a new system, and it's actively being worked on my one person, me i like to add stuff to aurora that makes it fresh because i like the server and the community, but comments like this just makes me want to fuck off and do something fulfilling anyhow, it's being worked on. more updates will come, just need more feedback with all the incoming tweaks P.S. adding identifiers to revenants is a good idea that
  9. I for one, welcome our new revenant overlords.

  10. Very good suggestion. Would be great to see in lowpop rounds where theres no/minimal medical but people suffocating.
  11. As the CMO on the round that sparked this thread, something definitely needs to be changed about revenants (or perhaps they weren't functioning as intended?). By around ten minutes in, we already had crew members attacked. By seventeen minutes in, myself and the other Commander agreed to call ERT. The revenants had spawned and began to randomly attack crew before I could even make chems to allow medical to respond, and I wager that if medical wasn't prepared by the time the revenants began to attack (again, by like ten minutes into the round) that no other department was either. As the revenan
  12. Hard disagree. I think the game mode needs work, and a big change to the ability of the antag's ability to story tell (or lack thereof in it's current form). But removing it only will turn it into malf. Basically nonexistant.
  13. I've played Medical for two rounds of Revenant now and I can safely say that as soon as a blue man walks in the room an internal "switch" flicks on in my head, sending me into full on monkey mode and causing me to completely abandon actually roleplaying my characters on account of the fact that I fully expect to be gutted if I pull any punches for the antag's sake. It's fun to gun down waves of revenants but it seems like the meta at this point is to suicide rush in an attempt to do as much damage as possible before you die and then respawn later to finish what you started. It's a fun one-off
  14. I agree that the revenant gamemode ends up causing simple mass griefing of the station. The general go-to is more often than not "Break all the APC's, then vent the station.". While I do enjoy the gamemode I think it needs to be either moved to be voted-only, or it needs some good reworking of how it works to make it just more fun for both sides. I agree with this, but again as said above I feel it could be reworked somehow.
  15. There is no way to hold the revenants accountable or Ahelp them when they behave very, very badly. They all have the same spawn marker. This alone makes me want to remove it. Not even cult is this difficult to parse.
  16. Revenants as a mode has a place on Aurora. That place is not the secret rotation. I view revenants in the same way one views tower defense - it is a gamemode that occurs when the playerbase has decided roleplay is not their immediate priority, and they just want some dumb fun. As it is, revenants is a RP-less experience that is essentially a TDM. Not something people want 95% of the time.
  17. The almost consensus reaction is that this is a universally hated game mode being dubbed "Blue Tide" I don't know how from a game design standpoint this made it in, that implementing it with their current abilities, limitations, and hidden rules was an idea at all, who said what? and who said yea that will be a great idea for HRP? did anyone even look at it? or are we just making use of something that was paid for regardless of quality?
  18. we should make ling more like the stuff
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