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  2. Thank you for your time, Shadow, I apreciate your service as a mod/admin.
  3. That round vis just cited was particularly bad, Nanny-AI was constantly bolting and electrifying doors, even after being told not to over command radio. The AI was yelling at a surgeon, Luna Evans, and kept siphoning rooms. Crew members were dying because the bridge was locked down and the AI was being relatively slow to open them. It DID open them, eventually, as a note, but the AI seems to take security's orders more seriously than anyone else's because from a command position, I couldn't get it to open the doors until an officer asked it to. Which pretty much ignores the AI laws.
  4. From the little I've seen of TheAbsoluteMadMan, they give me the impression of someone who (as noted within the complaint) doesn't care and, anytime this complaint is mentioned, they immediately remark it with "Cry more", "your tears are delicious", and other similar phrases without caring about the critique it brings about their behavior as a player. TheAbsoluteMadMan definitely appears to "play to Win" rather than play to roleplay, especially seeing in one of the recent Heist rounds (Game ID: b2U-alQG) as the Nanny-bot AI where, upon attempting to trap the Raiders inside the HoP office, they repeatedly crushed the raiders with the blast doors with apparent glee considering how happy they were with the OOC remarks post end of the round. In fact, at the end of the round after Kalren Halstere was captured and incapacitated and left to finish himself off with his own hands, the AI Nanny-bot still personally appeared inside the room he was to bolt the door (when he had no intention to flee the room) and began to siphon the air. Where upon this rather interesting exchange of words happened. (OOC lines cleaned from the exchange) This only further demonstrates TheAbsoluteMadMan's disregard to roleplaying in general, and given their consistent replies of "cry some more/salt some more", it doesn't seem they really care about changing.
  5. Alright. I'll lift your ban. But one toe out of line, and you're perma'd without the chance to appeal. If there are no complaints or any more issues, this will be locked and archived in 24hrs.
  6. BYOND key: Character names: ] How long have you been playing on Aurora?: I'd say the past two months or so, maybe longer, maybe less, i have a horrible time with understanding time. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I wish to become a whitelist member to help drive the round, and provide a character that is enjoyable to speak to. Why did you come to Aurora?: Mostly because it's not a ERP/Vore focused sever, mostly. i also didn't like the LRP severs like hippie. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? Yes, two perma-bans and i'm on my last strike. i really want to be able to prove myself to be worthy enough to continue to play on this sever, and get another chance on other severs. While this application may not be the best, i'm willing to improve and learn how to make it better, and show that i can in fact change as a person, and a member of the community. Hopefully this fact won't effect how people vote for this, but i do agree that it should be kept in mind. In the two or three months i've been back, i got a warning for spamming the restart button. Other than that i've been a good boy. (some bwoinks for being involved in shenanigans but i always came out clean, and not on the wrong end of the stick.) Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think role-play is, and should be about: I think role-play is about making a character that would believably and seamlessly blend into an environment, time zone, and events. We create a story kinda like our lifes, we go to work, there might be an accident, or a surprise inspection, we react accordingly and to the best of our ability based on our characters (or ourselfs) experiences and education, and a multitude of other factors. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: I think a head of staff is in charge of helping run how the round goes, on top of whatever antag there is. in fact a head of staff might effect the outcome of how the crew reacts to a threat, and this role is vital in my opinion. it can make or break a round, depending on how a head of staff responds to something. not to mention running their department effectively and keeping their workers in line. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: I think whitelist players are expected to hold a certain level of finesse over other characters, they should guide the round, keep the crew-members in check, and respond to threats (or smaller things) within their department or the station. I also think they should set an example for what whitelist players should be like, and act like, both icly and oocly. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Sure! The terror attacks from the SLF has caused a bunch of chaos, reminding everybody that crime rings, terrorist organizations, and other such things do indeed exist, and even if you work for the arguably biggest company in the universe, you cannot always be safe. Keeping this in mind my main character (Dick Yung) wants to What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? I plan on playing as a chief engineer, with my Dick Yung character. However i might make a new character to play captain, or head of personal. however this would all depend on how well liked my other characters are, could happen, could not happen. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: As i said above, dick young as a chief engineer. and i'm unsure if i'll make a new character to play captain/head of personal or not. It will depend on the day, and a bunch of other stuff that may seem silly. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: being honest i'd say a four, though i can do much better (and will do much better) when playing as a head of staff. I also want to note that some days i role-play differently, or with greater results than other days. it all just kinda depends. I'll do my best to only play a head of staff on one of those days, and hopefully just enjoy the sever like i've always done. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Yes i do. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes i have. Extra notes:
  7. As far as I understand, the consular's position is intended to be outside normal crew and security hierarchies. They are an ambassador and their office is an embassy. While the two groups (security and the consular) can and do certainly interact with each other, they are not held to the same standards of contraband and regulations as the crew. Their weapon is issued for self defense and is explicitly intended to be lethal. The 9mm pistol, while theoretically capable of being loaded with nonlethal ammunition, is for all intents and purposes not actually going to be loaded with them unless someone is engaging in some self-nerfing for roleplay purposes. They certainly will not be going around shooting people with a gun unless antaggery is involved, and by that time, the fact that they start with a gun is a fairly minor detail compared to other issues of their permitted conduct. The same arguement of 'potential uses does not equal actual uses in most rounds' can be applies to an energy blade weapon. You are making much more ado over its ability to kill and cut down walls than really matters in actual gameplay. For the most part, a typical unathi consular is going to do little more than wear it and perhaps brandish it for the purposes of a show of power or skill during certain circumstances. Welders can also cut through walls, and are freely available to every crew member on the station, and many people on station can even procure the welding helmets necessary to avoid the only downside of welding through walls. If you think a competent security team will be significantly threatened by a single unathi with an energy blade and no real armor to back it up (because again, we're talking about base gear, not stuff you can acquire illegally), I'm not sure you've been paying attention to how powerful halloss weapons are for the last year or more.
  8. This is why I'd simply prefer a client-side mute rather than a global mute for AOOC.
  9. Not supporting this. AOOC is most often used to ask mechanical questions on how to do things as the more complex antagonists. It's an obligation for veteran antag players to help out and teach the less experienced.
  10. I would only recommend that they have an orange tip (on the on-ground sprite, not the in-hand) and be identifiable on examination, seeing as it's a toy and otherwise seeing a crewman holding a seemingly live weapon is a very valid justification for them getting shot. I don't fancy the amount of people who'd bitch that they were shot for holding a realistic visual replica of a firearm, or worse, pointing it at another crewman.
  11. Seems a decent idea. What's the damage on it? If AP properties are added, a very minor damage nerf may be needed to round it out.
  12. Energy blades being the military-grade equivalent of a switchblade does not help their case. Especially when, unlike a switch blade, there's no utility usage and they are intended for outright murdering people. A 9mm can carry any sort of rounds (rubber/flash/live), and is quite notably loud (unless one illegally adds a silencer). It can't be used to cut through walls, and it won't pose a significant threat to equipped/armoured Security personnel (you know, the people who'd actually be protecting a consular), unlike an energy blade. My comparison of 'bringing your golden AK to a foreign nation on a diplomatic mission' stands.
  13. HRP is also about immersion, to some degree. Surgery preperation already includes only two steps: Wash your hands before you do it and wear gloves + mask. Operating in a fully clothes person, with webbing, toolbelt, etc. is just immersion breaking. It's a single step more, hell, make it optional, if you want to uphold that argument. It adds a tiny bit to surgery, which is already unrealistic as it is.
  14. I like the current system, adding a surgical drape is just an extra step in my opinion. adding steps to already existing stuff =/= adding new content
  15. I am opening the second lore deputy slot for human lore. Please include in your application an essay on one of the following topics: - Culture in Human Lore and its purpose - Politics in Human Lore and its purpose - Republic of Elyra (in general) - Frontier Alliance (in general) These essay topics are based upon areas of the lore that the applicant is most likely to be working on. Essays have no minimum or maximum length, use as much or as little as it takes to completely convey your ideas. Include criticism of the current versions of these topics.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Hello it's me again, y boi, okay so fully clothed surgery is silly, it's been forever. Asking people to put on gowns gives often strange looks and sometimes is not possible to ask them because they have a million broken bones. So I propose surgical drapes, you know, these covers that go onto the surgery patient so all stays clean and sanitary. If not used an infection risk could be added to the surgery. Or failure chance, whatever sounds better. It can be done in two ways: Just apply them in general and then surgery away or target a specific limb and apply them. I don't know what I would prefer, let's hear your input. Please end fully clothed surgery, thank you.
  18. Use the hacking guides in regards to cameras. If you don't cut the alarm wire you don't create an alarm. You can find the alarm wire by pulsing wires, just hope the AI isn't watching when you pulse the focus wire or you've just given yourself away. Regarding loud thefts, be ready and quick and have reasonable escape options lined up. Making use of the false walls and the like can help you have a clean getaway. Causing a distraction moments before you go loud, such as a bomb on the other end of the station, could help. Be careful not to cause too much trouble when you do, if sec can't get to the location to investigate they will just beef up in other areas and watch cameras more. I'm a newbie antag, but I've gotten away with quite a bit, such as stealing from the vault and even carding the AI to leave with it. Play smart, but remember that at some point you should be making the round fun for the server, interacting with people other than security is a good method I'm trying to figure out. Find characters with exploitable information and use it. If they made the effort to type it up, more often than not they will RP with it. Bribe and coerce the crew to help you get away with your goals.
  19. Too bad these cool sprites never happend due to making fun of them, what a shame
  20. I will unban you. Sorry for this delay.
  21. As the title says. The thumper shoots solid tungsten slugs, and tungsten is used in armor penetrating round because of it's extreme hardness and mass, making it a very powerful penetrator. I agree that having it not leave shrapnel is a good thing, as the bullet would probably pass clean through or remain whole and not shard into sharp bits, but giving it penetration wouldn't make it too OP.
  22. That isn't my experience. If someone is warned for say, power gaming, they receive that warning and things move forward from there. They don't receive a ban for a player report of power gaming that was done a week before they actually got their official warning. Because that doesn't make sense. It's like a conversation like this. "Stop that or you're banned." "Okay fine." "Actually just got a report you also did the same thing 3 weeks ago so I'm banning you." Not to mention that "posting behavior" is a lot more complicated than issuing negative points for every instance of bad behavior reported regardless of the time frame it occurred in. As an extreme example, is someone who enters the form and is rude to people in 7 different suggestion threads over the course of a week before any of the reports are acted on and gets 1-2 points per reported post really deserving of the permaban that they immediately get once action is taken against them and they get 10+ points over the course of a day or two? Perhaps after that week of coming in and being rude and being issued a single warning they would have behaved themselves. You are denying them the chance to improve in favor of exacting as much punishment as possible. You shouldn't be looking at it as "why should we have to wait" imo.
  23. Keep the monkey and add the little beast like Cobaltblood said, their funeral if they use it the wrong way I suppose.
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