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  2. I've had a good experience with Song Sun as chief and before they were even a chief. They also assisted my character in setting up medical records which was nice. Works well in IC even under pressure from antags or just a boat load of wounded people. +1.
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  4. If Security gets ran over, as would be expected with 6 (capable) operatives, then you should be turning to ERT instead of militias. If the five syndicates believe they need reinforcement(s), they can also opt for a syndicate cyborg (tc investment, and quite powerful) or attempt to hail for them via an emagged comms console (small tc investment, admin jurisdiction - who by then should have a fair judgement of if the round needs more).
  5. BYOND Key: Menown Staff BYOND Key: BoryaTheSlayer Game ID: b7R-cbaR reportedly. Not sure but Alberyk relayed this was it. Reason for complaint: On June 27th I was banned after commenting in OOC after the round had ended about antag play that occurred. Random bombings occurred on the surface and lead to a very annoying attempt at completing transfer due to antags running out of time to do anything and to begin bombing the surface. I had made comment to it, and then proceeded to offer solutions to how to handle the lack of a gimmick during transfer, as the majority of players are against any last-minute attempts to rush b cyka blyat that occur during transfer. For this I was notified via adminhelp that I was presenting a very negative stance in OOC and that my apparently long history of this (which I myself have reviewed via my notes - the two notable incidents occurred once again following issues with antags. Clear violation of IC in OOC rules, and I was particularly nasty during the exchanges in OOC.) During my appeal, I was notified of another warning for OOC behavior which doesn't apparently exist in my warnings themselves, as present in some of the collected evidence, nor was I able to find it in my notes themselves. I was also notified that other issues lead to me being banned, but not told what they were in the admin PMs I received in round. Nor were I told what they were in my unban appeal. I was given a series of incidents that occurred - One incident where I was warned, and then later banned for EORG that came from me fucking around and testing to see how much damage unbuckling causes during transit, and my previous instances of joke names, namely the "mock greytide IPC Perri Noya" which I admit was an issue in name only which is clearly a play on Paranoia, but I fail to find issue in appearing to be a bald shell wearing a grey jumpsuit, trying to assist people. We've had numerous people do this as regular humans and otherwise without issue. Other incidents of joke names I had were a diona chef and bartender named "A Salad Most Valid" and "A Round Worth Joining" both deemed unacceptable (except by Yonnimer and Neinbox, the loremin at the time and an admin - not respectively) as they contained metareferences despite fitting their job descriptions aptly. I was also noted on my diona, arguably my oldest character "The Sound Of A Supernova Bringing Forth The End To An Age Of Sentient Life And Thrusting The Memory Of Its Song Across The Universe" who I had taken to utilizing an acronym of its name for (which was later approved by Neinbox when they were a Diona loremin, but had since refrained from using as diona suck and the name was breaking PDAs and the manifest which wasn't my intention. There was also my shell nurse who was a very clearly robotic nurse named Pomf Equals Three, who referred to coworkers as oni-chan and and the CMO as senpai. I wasn't aware that the name wasn't allowed and played them on and off for a week or so until I was told to stop, which I had. I wasn't actually warned for this, but I was noted for it. One actual warning occured, which was from a diona I joined as and instantly cryoed afterward before I was even warned. A cargo technician joined named Harry Potter, so I took the moment to join as a diona QM named "He Who Must Not Be Named" and cryo'd instantly as I knew that wouldn't fly. I was later warned for this which I acknowledged. The most recent of the joke names was "A Round Worth Joining" which I had been told was acceptable and then was later retracted upon ruling by a headmin. Whenever notified that the names I elect to choose aren't acceptable, I don't continue to use them, and when I can I consult with required loremins for the species so I can sign off on the names I use. The purpose of this complaint in its essence, following all of this is that I was reportedly banned for a series of non-specific issues at the time, which were deemed toxic behavior (which isn't listed in my notes from what I've gathered), series of chucklefucking through EORG (acceptable, but I had been already banned, and warned for which was supposed to be removed as it no longer applies when you're banned, so I was treated through double punishment for something that shouldn't have even existed given it still exists in my notes), joke names (which are largely harmless, non-toxic, and easily rectified and have since been adapted to asking before I choose a name - Alberyk can confirm this given I have spoken already with him on what're acceptable adopted names for Tajara living in Tau Ceti), and incidents of OOC behavior, which all stemmed from moments of anger and outbursts from when I've felt slighted due to antag interactions that largely felt like targeted instances to me. Considering my initial unban appeal was locked within an hour of it being opened, with me effectively being told to "review what I had typed" with little input otherwise, and the circumstances of false warnings being used against me, and things that aren't outright recorded via my notes, I feel the ban was largely baseless and the instances of my OOC behavior in the round (exceedingly mild considering the things I could have said, as shown in the evidence provided) were used as the stepping stone to remove me from the community for reasons that haven't outright been revealed, as I haven't been given absolute examples of my supposed "toxic behavior" and Borya refuses to communicate with me on the subject itself. Evidence/logs/etc: Evidence presented as attachments are logs that occurred during the round that lead to my ban. Other logs are screenshots from my unban appeal, and my current ban warning. Some evidence consists of conversations with staff via discord where I received approvals for things, or otherwise.
  6. Security has the homefield advantage, as well as support of medical/engineer/synths. so I don't think six is to much. As well as the station will have 15-25 people usually to pull from as well if security gets clobbered. so I think a max of six. maybe scale it with pop so with very high pop the amount of hostiles goes up.
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  8. Very good post. I'll take a look into alternative changes for stasis bags instead of what we have now. I wasn't really ever told they were this important and from my experience, they weren't.
  9. Hello. @MattAtlas and I will be taking this complaint. Please allow us some time to go over everything. Thanks.
  10. Poland *does* still exist on Earth’s map, and moreover Visegrad wasn’t colonized solely by Polish people. There is no lore rule stating that I cannot develop a colony with a specific set of ethnic groups in mind, regardless, and I approached multiple Human lore developers to see if Visegrad was compatible with basic autocanon rules long before I attempted to officially canonize it.
  11. I got to ask lots of questions to there character Arwa Nixion who was Sol gov consular as a security officer and they answerd my snarky political fueled questions in such a good way I thought they must've been playing the role since it came out. It wasn't until browsing whitelist apps I saw they are on trial. Absolute +1
  12. I can't really comment on them for their trial as I haven't really seen them play or shared a round with them. I can comment on how I've played with them before. Sherman is what I'd consider a new friend of mine, but before that we've been playing the same rounds for months. In that time I've seen them play in a way I'd call well thought out. In that they'd thoughtful of others and considerate, without really leaning towards the dramas and outrages communities sometimes have. All in all, they're a thoughtful person with a play style that meshes well with the flow of a round. I think they can be trusted with roles that have greater impact and control of the rounds itself.
  13. This is my first time creating a character feedback thread! I have been brainstorming ideas to further advance this stationbound's character, but I figured I would create this thread to see if anyone was interested in providing feedback on how this particular station bound is viewed so far. I am mainly seeking comments on its behaviors, and personality. Positive feedback is always welcomed, but I am more interested in pinpointing any problem areas I could work on before trying out some of the new character advancements I had in mind, as those can be difficult to catch through a first person perspective. Thank you in advance for any feedback you provide!
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I am a little unsure as to what this means however, is it intended as positive good, feedback or negative?
  15. Popped up as a chief medical. Seems to be cared about blob. Asked for a detective to look up after single engi in a team
  16. If you disagree with the reasoning, yes. That should be a staff complaint.
  17. It's exceedingly unfair to apply the warning for that as it was removed. The warning was removed when the permaban was applied so to use them both together when it wouldn't have been applied if the other one is just excessive and unfair. The incident with the EORG was a chucklefucking issue, not an entirely OOC toxicity issue. I'll admit I do have an issue with not taking IC as seriously as I should but since that I had no issues with anything similar. As for the day ban, that was a moderator giving me time to calm down when I was clearly upset as a result of being ganked within minutes of joining a round. As repeated. I do have issues, one of which being a lack of filter for what's acceptable to go in OOC, but those aren't really things that relate to what occurred during this ban in question. Do I need to do a complaint on the ban itself, because it's starting to feel more like it.
  18. You had accumulated a lot of administrative action. You received within a span of 2 months alone a warning(for EORG) and two temporary bans(one for going off on a tangent in OOC and being disrespectful, the other one for EORG). I can't simply look past the pattern of rule-breaking behaviour just because the other administrative actions were not directly tied to the situation at hand: when an individual is repeatedly breaking multiple rules, that means punishment will be harsher.
  19. If they aren't related to OOC behavior, how are they relevant at all? I'm failing to understand that.
  20. These are not pertaining to your OOC behaviour, however, as I have said right before that sentence you have quoted: To explain why the things that are not pertaining to your OOC behaviour are relevant, in my own words:
  21. I don't really like the age increase. It feels like a contrived blanket solution. Anyway, isn't this the 25th century? I argue that the improvements in technology and education effectively counteracts the increased educational load. Again, to reiterate Moondancer's point, only a general knowledge is needed. Aurora isn't about specialist treatment. Sure, I can buy the difference in species' anatomy leading to the increase in training time. But for this to make sense, wouldn't literally every other medical job get an age increase as well? For the chemists, they'd need to keep track of the different bodily chemistries and overdose thresholds, Paramedics, expected to do simple surgeries also need to keep in mind the anatomies as well. I'd rather suggest if age depended on the educational background, The well funded Eridanian Medical College would teach surgery much faster than the State-run Adhominian Military Hospital.
  22. Is any of this the toxic behavior I reportedly exhibited?
  23. There would have been no permaban if this was your first punishment regarding your behaviour. We have around 3 notes about your OOC behaviour, a warning, and a temporary ban. That is solely about the OOC behaviour. In addition to these, you had also been noted, warned and banned for: EORG, joke names(way too many times), and other similar chucklefucking. What happened here was the straw that broke the camel's back; and thus, a permaban was applied. While I appreciate that you're willing to learn from your mistake, you seem to have forgotten about the other things you have done prior to this. I'm glad that Aurora means a lot for you: but, 2 weeks of a permaban after all that has happened is simply not enough. And, even though I say this, this doesn't mean you will never join Aurora again. Try again sometime later. But now is just not the time.
  24. Definitely deserves a trial imo. Would love to see how Forger steps up to the command roles.
  25. Heyo I appreciate your comment about the character idea and I've actually been putting thought into it recently (Mainly because designing characters is always good fun) and it's a bit more complicated then I placed in the character description but basically he already had good connections and it was more a goal of... rebuilding them then anything. It was totally a bit of a personality crisis and he spent a large period of time being spoiled only to go to poverty and be forced to try climb out. Only to be saved by his uncle. He's heard the horror stories of people getting inheritance money only to spend it all and fall back to poverty so he's become really dedicated to working alongside the money to ensure he has a steady source of income as well as balancing the more political side of his life with his family on Oran. As for becoming representative of NT, his reformed political connections, extreme dedication to ensure he never ends up the way he was only 10 years prior and large amount of money has allowed him to climb the corporate ranks at a decent pace.
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