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  2. Essentially, what I've been told is that if there's a difference greater than 20 between the top and bottom, you're fine. 117/74 and 124/76 would be kind of worrying but not immediately life-threatening, I think. That said, as-is, blood pressure is just a proxy for oxygenation. I have a WIP PR that makes it its own thing on the way, which will hopefully work well with the changes by Myazaki. Other than the design issues pointed out by Skull, and some general gripes with the proposed redesign of the suit sensors console (it adds an extra step to viewing specifics about damage types, which is awful for EMTs and paramedics during mass casualty events), this is a pretty solid suggestion.
  3. It's named after Oseltamivir, brand name Tamiflu, while still being its own thing. This way it's clearly not an IRL drug and people won't get linked to the wikipedia page for it or whatever, while also not being a silly Star Trek reference. -mycin is a very common suffix for antibiotics. If it really, really needs to be made more obvious, most people know Penicillin, so I could also see using Thetacillin; however, Thetamycin is rather familiar to most of the playerbase as-is, and it's also named to be intentionally similar to vancomycin. Literally all of this is wrong. Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine. It prevents sneezing. It can cause drowsiness (I forget if I coded that in) like cough syrup. You may know it as Benadryl. Cough syrup is cough syrup, specifically I believe it was based off of codeine or dextromethorphan. It prevents coughing. It can cause drowsiness. These are entirely different chemicals. Let me give you a list of benefits and drawbacks for each: Diphenhydramine: Pros: Treats sneezing Cons: Does not treat coughing Does not treat fevers May(?) cause drowsiness Cough syrup Pros: Treats coughing Cons: Does not treat fevers Does not treat sneezing May cause drowsiness Overall, I am staunchly against all of these, as stated before. It feels condescending to our players to rename things to "infexicillin" and "viralivir". Besides, it's not like oxycodone treats oxygen damage. It'd be setting people up for a false precedent. I will, however, refrain from putting an official vote for dismissal, as I coded most of the things you are suggesting changing/removing.
  4. Loyalist Lords Rebuff Not'zar While Battle Lines Drawn Across Moghes Not'zar Izweski has faced his first major rebuff today as the loyalist Lords rejected his attempt to appoint officers from the Izweski Naval Academy to take sub-command within the assembled loyalist armies. With the wide number of Clan-Lord defections to the rebel banners, there has been a severe shortage of noblemen to lead the number of levies within a Lord's army. Lord Huz Yizarus of To'ha'dat explained how uncomfortable they were with the prospect of 'peasants in command'. With the shortage sub-command positions have been opened to those of lesser nobility. One of these lesser nobles is even a Tau Ceti resident, Szoussz Kas. Despite his father being only a Clan-Leader, he has been granted sub-command of a growing levy primarily consisting of Tau Ceti Unathi. He commands a sizable force of 100 Sinta under the main Izweski army which has nearly finished assembling. Fighting continues within the rebel land of Imas'hi as the loyalist S'th forces commanded by Lord Karkartus made a counter-offensive. Their goal was to break through the rebel S'th line, commanded by Lady-Regent Kiae, and reach Skalamar to reinforce the Lord-Regent's forces. The Imas'hi rebels were entrenched on a hill next to the highway that leads to Skalamar with civilian traffic having been blocked or re-diverted to other routes. Six cannons within the estimated 12,000 strong rebel force harassed the approaching 14,000 S'th warriors. A vanguard force of loyalist mechanized infantry and Warmounts launched an attack on the rebel's right flank as the main line of ranged infantry exchanged laser and ballistic fire. This phase lasted fifteen minutes before the S'th skirmishers withdrew and the heavy infantry charged. A vicious melee broke out that lasted three hours. After clearing the first trench the offensive pushed up to the top of the hill before three Imas'hi breacher suits, supported by ranged infantry, attacked the loyalist's left flank after having been held in reserve behind another hill. The breachers sowed panic and chaos with laser rifles and energy glaives and shattered the loyaist left flank and forced it into a retreat. The entire offensive pulled back and the Imas'hi did not give chase, holding their position. Interstellar Aid Corps volunteers were allowed onto the scene of the battle to help recover and treat wounded from both sides; Lady-Regent Kiae has declined to take prisoners and has allowed warriors from both sides to be taken to the IAC camp within Imas'hi territory with promises of clemency and free travel if they remain disarmed. The S'th attackers saw 412 dead and 99 wounded or maimed while the Imas'hi defenders saw 293 dead and 110 wounded. The fight south-west of Razir saw an unusual blunder. Razir forces commanded by Lord Ki'mokiz were laying an ambush in thick woodland within a valley that the Jaz'zirt rebels must march through to reach Razir. The 5,000 troops, including two breachers and seventeen heavy artillery pieces, were waiting for the 10,000 strong Jaz'zirt rebels commanded by Lord Miazo to finish marching into the artillery kill-zone when scouts spotted a small convoy driving towards the rebel column. Seven Interstellar Aid Corps vehicles had gotten lost and took a wrong turn, putting them right in the middle of the two armies about to clash. Angered and unwilling to risk IAC lives Lord Ki'mokiz had a flare fired to announce his presence and broadcast a message requesting a ceasefire to the rebels. He then marched down the hill with a small contingent towards the convoy as the very much alerted Lord Miazo turned his army about to retreat from artillery range and take up defensive positions. Lord Ki'mokiz flagged down the lead IAC truck and angrily explained the situation to the shocked and embarrassed driver. Men report that he smacked the IAC driver after being asked directions and offered a coffee, barking and screaming at the human for seventeen minutes before sending them off back the way they came. The two armies have yet to clash again by the time of publishing this article. Fighting continues in the mountains that separate Ura'mastyx from the Th'akh heartlands of the north. Lord Hutay'zai of Kutah and Lord Ozmakali of Tzonia have declared for the Izweski. The unusual move seems strange to many as only a few years ago Not'zar's apparent inaction allowed High Priest Unzi to ravage their lands in the Iron Crusade. But when pressed about this decision Lord Hutay'zai made their worldview clear. 112 of the 9,200 Tzonian warriors and 232 of the 12,000 Kutahiite warriors perished or were wounded clashing with the rebel forces, who in turn lost 312. The main rebel force, disregarding the near 20,000 that broke off to deal with the encroaching Th'akh Lords, now numbers an estimated 42,000. It's split between the command of Lord Orezali, Maraziite Chapter Master Nu'ghai who lead the Iron Crusade, and the High Kataphract Zakeai. It's believed that they have fielded eight breacher suits and a sizable portion of mechanized infantry and artillery. In comparison, the main force of now 34,000 warriors of loyalist forces gathering outside Skalamar is commanded by Lord Sirax and High Kataphract H'izala with Not'zar Izweski present in a ceremonial command role. It's believed that they are fielding an impressive sixteen breacher suits. In addition, the cargo freighters that departed K'lax arrived and landed in the field nearby and their cargo was revealed to be one K'lax warform and five hundred K'lax warriors. The mighty 20ft tall hexapod warform spread fear in the ranks of its own side as Unathi recoiled or fled from the sight of the beast. There are also unconfirmed rumors that Not'zar Izweski is in talks with delegations from a handful of Wastelander factions which may see an even further unusual addition to his growing army. As the small-scale fighting continues elsewhere on Moghes we are all waiting with bated breath for the primary confrontation that is expected to take place after the main rebel force marches south from Ura'mastyx intent on besieging To'ha'dat and then Skalamar itself.
  5. Essentially, these are accessories that go over the uniform, and cover the legs. They provide a small amount of brute protection. Was thinking there'd be a few flavours, but to start there'd be blue and off-white.
  6. Medical clique has overtaken even msay clique at this point. 

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  8. Other than dulling some colours and making sure they all follow the same design, was thinking of replacing SWAT and Tactical gloves with, new, Tactical gloves. They come in three flavours. Dark blue, and Dark Green. Blue is used by NT. Grey and Green are by everyone else.
  9. It has been a standing rule that a member of the modmin team cannot be a member of the CCIA team and vice versa; the only "exception" being the admin position of CCIA liaison. Ignoring that, I'm not particularly sure what to make of this application. The reasoning boils down to "because I want to", with little further elaboration, and your responsibility responses are rather short. which combined, make it hard to meaningfully gauge your commitment as anything other than low. Your membership of the CCIA team is a plus, but the workloads and expectations of the two teams are wildly different, and I can, from personal experience, tell you that adjusting to the difference will be a good amount of effort. You will have higher expectations of on-server time, on a more consistent basis, while potentially actually playing less to handle your administrative responsibilities. I'm not familiar with your current frequency of playing the server; but the fact that you, in this application, seem so nonchalant about """upgrading""" your responsibilities concerns me in terms of you actually being ready to commit to them.
  10. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: abigbear Character Name(s): Eric Bayer, Gabe Sinclaire, Lachlan Wallace, Sarah Nievan, Yahir Na'Zirah, Rashaan Mi'khail, Brrahmin Ikramullah, Uzrra Al-Saiad, Amal Sharifullah, Thomas Whitewall, Rrhazumar Mrrazhugran AI Name(s): Jetsam Discord username + tag: Bear, bear#0117 Age: 26 Timezone: CST When are you on Aurora?: Usually 2p-8a is my play time, night shifter. Experience How long have you played SS13?: Since around February of last year I believe How long have you played on Aurora: Since February, started in CM for a few days then came here and have been here ever since. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I have a good grasp on the mechanics of the game in every department. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: None asides from my time in the CCIA Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: No Personality Why do you play SS13?: I was originally introduced to this game by a few friends who have since stopped playing the game at the beginning of last year after quite some time of putting off trying ss13. I finally yielded and have been in love with the game and the environment ever since. Why do you play on Aurora?: The roleplay the server provides along with the community. With a plethora of a diverse and interesting characters, the Aurora provides a constantly new and interesting environment to immerse one's self in. On top of that, the community itself is a genuine joy to interact with, good and bad there is always something happening somewhere and the playerbase we have always make for fantastic interactions from different people from all walks of life. What do moderators do?: Guide and assist new players, handle ahelps, settle disputes, and enforce the rules that have been laid out for the server. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: A moderator for the server takes the additional responsibility and time to preform the tasks described above and more. The help handle the OOC issues and ensure our roleplay environment and immersion is preserved and protected without overly encroaching on IC issues. The moderate, mediate, and settle disputes between players and community members in a way that settles things peacefully if able and protects the thing we are all here for: Fun. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I have enjoyed my time and influence in the CCIA, I'd like to increase my investment in the server by also branching into the moderator team to continue to give back to the community. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: While I may not have been around as long as some of the greybeards in this community that have watched the creation of time and the start of the server. I do tend to think of myself as a level headed player who is able to discern and think critically in most situations. I have a pretty solid understanding of the server rules that have been set always try to communicate clearly and resolve misunderstandings at the earliest possible point. I'm an active player and one not afraid to take initiative to do what needs to be done. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: Doing what I do as a day job. All of these feelings and more are a very normal and common experience. Insults do not phase me, and the ability to handle and operate under stress and anger is something I have learned to do long ago. Anything Else You Want to Add: So I'm not actually sure if I can hold both a CCIA and Moderator position at the same time, however, I definitely think myself able, willing, and capable of handling both responsibilities ^^ Thank you for taking the time to look this over.
  11. This seems like non-issue, probably coming from isolated situations. When a ticket is closed without any answer is normally because: 1) We are bulk-closing a bunch of them. Normally we'll contact you if the ticket is relatively recent or there was a resolution pending (in the latter case, normally we just go by 'handled' or similar), otherwise it is pointless to ask if anything else is needed for a ticket that was taken 20 minutes ago. 2) You were not an involved party in a process, and just a witness. This sometimes happens when we are wrapping up a situation and we simply asked you what you saw, or whatever. Sometimes we'll just forget thank you for the help and just close the ticket together with the rest of the open tickets of the situation. 3) The most common one: we forget or don't notice. Normally we'll wait a bit or be clear that we are concluding the ticket ('thanks for your time','have a nice round') and wait for a response, but mods and admins are humans too and we are not always on the same mood, or always remember to do it. Sometimes we have limited time, as well, due to external circumstances. If you feel you have something more to add, or want to express your gratitude, or whatever, you can always create a new ticket or just say 'thanks X' over OOC. We will not punish you for it unless you are just arguing for the sake for arguing after being told something was over. I do understand having to retype the whole thing is a pain, but unfortunately that's how the mechanic works. We try to remember to give enough time, but it is not always possible due to everything I said above. I'll be voting for the dismissal of this proposal, since it has no possible implementation from the policy side, and is also unneeded.
  12. While I may not be able to attest for Myazaki’s abilities first hand in DM, as I myself cannot code and can barely understand it by looking at it I can speak about their ability to work with others. To put it shortly I have never seen them in an instance where their pride got the better of them. A humble, wonderful, and competent (in SS13 or otherwise) person to work with in my opinion, and clearly fit for the position as evident by their contributions both here and on Baystation. +1
  13. Holy shit, it fits into their lizard physiology with the lower metabolism thing. Space is cold, like a 20C cold. You may think, "meh, it's not that bad" but realize that Moghes is a hot $%^& planet they call their home, and you know... something something cold blooded slower medicine metabolism
  14. Yes i want please yes cool gamer move. But seriously, this would give biomech engineers something to do and allow people to make augmented humans, which should have been a thing long ago. As long as it is balanced. +1
  15. I actually like it however whatever degenerate stuff i'm talking about to my e-gf is going to be shown to the world and I don't like that
  16. Oh dear, this is heading in exactly the direction I'd wish: Mechanical representation of species! Even though it's already been happening, I've been gone for two and a half months, and must express my hype over these changes in this message instead.
  17. Skrell should be able to squeeze through the cracks of closed airlocks and shutters because they don't have any bones.
  18. The council of one agrees with this. The council of one finds this proposal....acceptable.
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  20. Amazing, i think. A lower metabolism? Id have to know what else thatd impact
  21. +1, I thought the suggestion didn't actually say much of anything at first but then I re-read the end of the first sentence. I still think a little more meat to this suggestion would be helpful.
  22. I was going to be upset if this was a passive, but since it's a visible toggle I'm less bothered by the suggestion. Neutral on it, but I want to see where this suggestion goes.
  23. Why not tweak their metabolism to make healing via chemicals slower?
  24. @Marlon Phoenix I just checked the relevant sprite files [ https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/tree/master/icons/mob/human_races/tajara ] - we do not have tesla limb sprites
  25. @Marlon Phoenix Most of the time someone will get that before they die, at least in my experience. So yeah that might be enough, so long as they know it carrys over.
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