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  2. To: Katelynn Mcmullen From: CCIA Division of Appeals Subject: Appeal 62/09/30 _______________________________ BODY: After review through the old records and factoring employee behavior over the last five years, we have decided to lift the suspension temporarily. The incident review that lead to this however was incredibly problematic. Understand, your actions will be monitored closely. When interacting with AI's, we expect you take very careful actions and understand the enormous cost of such assets before making ration decisions. You are being reinstated as Research Director, however, there will be a one month probation. The following actions will occur: You are reinstated to Research Director as of now. You will remain under employee review for the next month. Should the month go without hinderance then the lift will be permanent. _______________________________ DTG: 30-03:54-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2462 Sign: Saul Walker
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  4. Can't do much more than echo the sentiment already posted in this thread, Sycmos is a wonderful person to RP with and puts a lot of thought and care into his portrayals, I have full confidence he'll do great. +1
  5. I agree with pretty much everything everyone else has said, +1
  6. Easily among the best character job progressions I've seen in years, done by an exceptionally skilled roleplayer and all-around cool player. Easy endorsement, it's essentially where he belongs. +1
  7. Is it a lizard clothes thread that is big, or a clothes thread for big lizards? You decide. I've created this suggestion thread to suggest a few ideas I've had for Unathi clothing, to expand the lizard fandom's fashion so we can rival the cats for loadout bloat. The names are work-in-progress. Let's sing the Bard' song, in the wasteland. First off, goggles. To keep sand out of your delicate lizard eyes. Wastelander Goggles A pair of old goggles common in the wasteland. Often worn by sailors and fishermen on the sea to keep saltwater out of their eyes before the war, now they take on new life to keep sand out of the eyes. Next, the kilt: Wasteland Kilt A long tunic made of old banners and other available materials, it acts as a kilt for the poorest or most free-spirited of wastelanders, who aren't afraid to let the sun and sand strike their scales. This will be color-selectable and finally, an old favorite resurrected. I suggest we change the Roughspun Robeto be color-selectable Now for the Izweski, in which Not'zar is best boy and you can't convince me otherwise. First, the surcoat-tabard-thing. This will function as both a coat and an accessory, like a poncho. Ghaz'ak The Ghaz'ak is common among levies and warriors alike, displaying the colors of the ruling body that they fight for. While it's main use it to keep the sun's glare off of armor, particularly patriotic sinta have taken to wearing it outside of combat. Taking up the hat slot, another that'd be popular in the wasteland and the Izweski's keeps: Clan Hood A hood worn commonly by travelers, explorers, and levies. It's main purpose is to block the glare of sun when traveling, and to represent their clan. Often they have the names sewn into the inside to help identify the owner should it, or the owner, be lost. This will be color-selectable And an honorable mention that I don't think will be added: Traditionalist armor Polished steel armor commonly worn by traditionalist sinta and others who do not conform to Izweski's rule, it's not very good against ballistics. However, it's strong construction makes it great against melee, and it's mirror sheen makes it ever so slightly protect against light-based lasers. I will make .dmi files of these if/when they are chosen to be included. For now, they exist in soul. Not yet given physical form.
  8. Soultheif is a good, and consistent, player. They do their best to involve themselves in the round, despite being the AI most of the time. +1
  9. I do not think you should get a multitool at roundstart, unless it presents no mechanical function
  10. ah, thanks for the suggestion, but i love yellow tools, hah
  11. Multitools come out of the plumbing here. They spawn very often in the two tool storages we have, and can be mass produced off of an autolathe. The multitool is a +1 from me, just because it fits what the character is and does, and the object is extremely common. I have seen tools and welding helmets get approval, but they're usually locked off behind a job role. They might rig you up such that the multitool only spawns in your inventory when you play engineering. The coin? It should only be for flavor, and should not be able to fit into any of the vending machines, if you're going to do what I think you're going to do with it.
  12. Essentially Eple, when you apply for a custom item it has to be flavor only. You can't apply for any items that actually give you a mechanical advantage which a combitool does. It's true that you can just grab one at round start like a sec officer can grab a gun, but it's the general rool to prevent power game creep. An idea though - a custom combi-tool modification which your character carries that changes the sprite OR something that I think is more likely to be approved - a custom sprite hacking kit/cyberdeck like those in say shadow run: It'd be non functional but something for Gina to carry around. I think it'd represent the character well.
  13. Yea, i guess it wont be permitted then, its fine, i dont really have any completely custom ideas, i prefer to work with what allready exist, im sorta a vanillaist. I read the other guys, with the dices, and thats sorta like the small item i had in mind, the multitool is sorta just something i try to allways carry.
  14. You had me at "Gina's". +1 from me. Edit: But seriously though what Goolie said.
  15. The custom items that are requested here and normally done so to enrich a character’s backstory and development. I really, really think you should take some time to read the other threads because I can’t see this adding anything to your character.
  16. Well, Multitools are sorta common, sorta core aspect of my intent with the character, the coin is just trinkets that i like to carry so im trying to make it more of a signature, i flip them how most people flip lighters. Let me edit it a bit.
  17. Sycmos is an excellent roleplayer and has thought long and hard about this application. Slaved over it, really. They know as a player the expectations of command, too. I have never been so quick or happy to place my +1 on a command application.
  18. This is for custom items. I have never requested a custom item myself but, there is definitely nothing custom about this. How do you think this contributes to roleplay? All this does is give you an advantage over everyone else because you start with an item that nobody else starts with, (besides Engineers.) I think you need to re-read the pinned forum post and probably just close this thread.
  19. Hello, just posting here that I am aware of this application and will review it fully during the weekend.
  20. First of all, mesons are no longer a thing (I want my ore visor back you hacks!!!), but if you could see through walls, all the antag would see is a plain room with a terminal in it. It's like the most uninteresting thing ever since almost every room on the station has a terminal in it. And the door will be obviously bolted, maybe with engineering tape on top for good measure, no one's gonna just "randomly waltz in". There are lots of locked and taped doors on the station and no one even spares them a glance, because it must be taped and locked for a reason, maybe it's vented or full of junk, who knows. No one's first thought gonna be "oooh, I bet there is a super secret research server inside". You see, I wouldn't even dream of trying something like this on anything other than a HRP server, where you can at least largely expect people to play by the rules of not knowing stuff IC-ly they are not supposed to. But here, I think this could be really fun. Also, the bioscanner is only to access the console, not on the door. It would be pretty stupid to have an obvious bioscanner lock next to a "completely uninteresting" room, right? It would also make it way too easy to find the room, since it would be the one with the obvious bioscanner. I like the idea of the server room being in random locations each round, but being only accessible through the teleporter is a huge overkill. That would disqualify a lot of antags roles and put not-so-experienced players in a possibly impossible situation. However, giving it some thought, I think the construction level could be excellent for this purpose. There could be like 4-5 places the server room could spawn randomly each round, and even realistically it's an excellent place to hide something like this in plain sight, in the middle of piles of condemned, half-vented corridors and rubble. Quite the contrary, that's the entire reason I want the AI to not know what's inside. Given a direct order, the AI must obey command staff, be the real deal or hacked privileges or lings or tater captain or...you know. I actually want the AI to be able to unbolt and open the door, but since it has no connection to - or even knowledge about - any research server inside, it won't be able to help unlock it. In certain circumstances someone might even enlist the AI's help in figuring out how to access said data, which would be pretty interesting IMHO.
  21. Why don't you shuddup, man?

  22. As you said, people go into a round with certain expectations. Everyone have their preferred round types. If they know the gamemode at round start, they can decide to join or not. Secret is intentionally a wildcard, and to many, not knowing is half the fun. You know something is up, but don't know what exactly, and it can be exciting. You were never forced to play a gamemode you don't like. People could always leave or join at any point in the round, so when they eventually find out what's going on, they can simply cryo or, in fact, join in if it's to their liking. This method has worked pretty well so far, I don't see the need to change this. As for rev specifically, it has multiple issues. For one, it's the most RP heavy game mode, since most of the fun/point comes from the revs making up a believable enough reason to revolt in the first place and convince a bunch of others to share this reason and having the opposing side react properly. Revolutions don't happen overnight, it's always a slow process of rising discontent, spreading anger and emotions, each small attrocity feeding the fire, years of having to suffer from one thing or another, until it finally boils over to a proper revolt. It's almost impossible to establish a proper narrative in like 5 minutes and rope so many people into it, even with insane RP skills. It's really hard to RP joining rev too, just yank your boring miner or bartender from it's job and switch your brain over to rev-think when really nothing bad has happened to your character, definitely not enough to just throw away your job and possibly your life. Even if you wanna join, desperately trying to come up with some sort of narrative for your character so your choice would make sense, it's very hard if you don't wanna half-ass it. Even harder if you are simply not invested in the narrative. Realistically, no one's gonna launch into a full armed rebellion over timed bathroom breaks. Even if the opposition/command plays their part, it's kinda hard to justify sudden pay-cuts, enforcing silly, overbearing rules, oppression or even declaring martial law without any prior reason. What I mean by all this, it's really hard to make rev work without a TON of preparation. It can work really well as an event, when there is an interesting pre-made narrative for the revs and the opposition to start from, but it doesn't really work to thrust a player in there and tell them to "be pissed about...something". But narrative issues aside, the meta also needs a lot of work, as described above. The lack of endgame especially. Let's say you successfully formed a revolt, for the declaration of The Station State of Cargonia or something. You barricade all the doors, you get some KAs from mining and....then what? Command has a whole slew of resources they can use, the entire sec department, riot gear, weapons, the ERT, etc. The revs usually don't have much of anything but the proverbial pitchforks and torches. And blowing up enough of the station and/or crew to force an evaq seems like a very phyrric victory. Even the most robust rev rounds end in a giant bloodbath where the stations gets evaq'd either way, so nobody wins really. The revs need something to strive for, some kinda end goal. Like comandeering a shuttle to go and join their brothers and sisters in arms. Or force the command staff to testify live on air about the attrocities NT is committing. Something. They also need some support mechanisms, being able to get outside help like items, or reaching the comms array and calling in their own form or ERT, like Zundy said, mercs, Syndie, etc.
  23. Byond key: Eple Discord key: Cryptonym#4710 Character Name: Gina Valentine Item name: Multitool (With Initials) or Iron Coin (With Initials) Item function(s): Standard Functions Item description: It's just, regular, Multitool and\or Iron Coin; EXEPT has my Initials marked inn the items so easely identifyable as Gina's, in case i drop em off. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Because she sometimes, occationally, depending on situation hack stuff, shes also a collector of those damn coins found everywhere. How did your character obtain this item: Gifted it by everyone's favourite Maintainance loot. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: It's the conclusion of an odd sequence of events. She like decides to try out hacking vendors for free stuff, goes trough a looters classic attempt, ends up putting most of the loot in Vacant office or Comissionary, goes on to win 6 shifts straight and 6+ boxes of syndicake from local machines. At this point Gina comes to have these items on her person at all times like good luck , or at least like a reminder of what she should be doing due to her often interesting cases of memory loss. Whatever other incredibly fortunate events of antag rounds is usually found out by a detective due to unique fibers tied to her unusual cloths.. gets her pinned pretty quickly and due to carrying the device shes gona be pinned by any detective who likes doing their job; this is a old character now and quite known, after all. Sprites: It's just the existent Multitool and\or iron coin. Assistants can't take it on the loadout, and for good reason, but i think iv moved up from LRP to LRP+ and thus havent been boinked for overdoing the hacking part anymore, pluss made so many friends along the way that seem to direct her in other directions, or abuse her coin addiction. How i intend to use these: Coin can be redered useless in vending machines or not beeing accepted due to edited, the multitool i would prefer had the regular functions, Door hacking has very little to do with Multitool and more to do with cutting id, this is meant to be used on vendors.
  24. An easy +1. It's been great seeing Yutani's character development and ship. You are fun to roleplay with and have well-rounded, interesting characters. I am certain you will do perfectly in command.
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