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  2. I don't find this idea to be particularly compelling, some for the aforementioned reasons already, but I may as well risk repeating others in doing so anyway in order to cover my view on the situation. Firstly, revolvers - relative to existing options - are quite terrible self defense weapons, not to mention equally terrible for long range on top of that, alongside other primary and secondary weapons of their generation compared to those of the existing generation. During the times in which revolvers were manufactured and machined, they were effective sidearms to draw on an opponent in a pe
  3. Out of curiosity, what characters of mine have you seen been violent, even when not antag? I rarely participate in violence when I'm not an antag or playing Security, additionally I don't play on-station antags very often, so I'm unsure of where the notion arises from. The last time I recall playing an on-station antag, was with a Vaurca Cadet in Security who I decided I didn't enjoy and trashed the character concept, and during the round I played them, I was only violent when attacked by Security.
  4. After Shadow's decision to try for command on a different character and having talked to them a bit on discord about their plans for Sszk (being a character arc where they learn to control their emotions better and adapt to a more professional environment over time), I don't see why they shouldn't be given a Trial. ^^
  5. Due to Community feedback on Szsk I will not be moving to have Szsk as HoS. Instead I'll be bringing back an old HoP I had beforehand, Jarvi.
  6. I think that this player is capable of command, though Sszk is a kind of a, put bluntly, unga bunga Unathi. I knew of and had heard of that aspect of the character before interacting with them personally. Some of their IC behavior has struck me as quite honestly unbecoming of Command-staff (I think the remark that Danse posted earlier with the r-word is particularly harsh, and I would not want to share command with someone who has fits like that.) However, this is nothing that cannot be worked on and improved especially in Trial, and I think that maybe if Sszk adapted and showed restraint more
  7. Would adjusting the application to reflect a different character be permitted then? I can understand where you and Danse are coming from.
  8. I don't really think your character Szsk would ever reasonably be promoted to a head of security. This is the same unathi that openly said multiple times to human officers that they hate humans and the same unathi who loses his cool so often that a joke about Moghes being nuked made him so mad that he tried assaulting an officer.
  9. A stark majority of my somewhat limited exposure to Butterrobber in round and OOC has been unfortunately largely negative; the few instances that I was aware they were playing either an antag or a character in round they were more interested in violence than developing roleplay, and their lack of presence outside of a handful of other antag rounds I've participated in doesn't tell me that they're interested in anything outside of antag rounds either. OOCly their repeated participation in questionable discussion in the OOC channel, as well as their past attitude in deadchat, has led to me turni
  10. I myself had a few good times witnessing both in and out of character capabilities for Sszk. Coming from a situation similar as him, I don't see any severe problems that could be impactful towards the round if he was granted command whitelist to take over as head of security. Everyone in this community makes mistakes and I'm quite understanding and willing to vouch on giving him a shot at command whitelisting again. Overall. Everyone makes mistakes and if the man is down to give this another run through again. I'm more than happy to see him try. +1
  11. There is a reason long-range weapons are gated behind exorbitant cargo costs, between 8 and 10 thousand credits - Getting clicked from off screen by someone you cannot see who ostensibly has not even said a word to you is not fun roleplay. There is nothing engaging about standing in the hallway and getting shot from someplace you cannot even see; while marksman rifles and LWAPs must be ordered or are given only as a high-quality RNG spawn (ala merc and raider) they are end-game high-powered weapons for when the action has already been long engaged. An antag does not need the ability to mu
  12. I have a lot of experience with Shadow's command play in the past, I think he did good more often then not. While I haven't interacted too much with his characters icly, the times I have done so have been pleasent. +1
  13. Heya, I played the aforementioned other investigator. I was present for all of the events listed above in the main post and in fact took Razla, Mel's investigator to medical and gave some medical aid and CPR unitl she died. Afterwards, I went around the station collecting bodies of the other officers who had died in the first exchange with the wizard, Takano and Szsk. Both were dead, and Takano was beaten to a point of being unrecognizable, only her ID and uniform identifying them. After bringing the bodies back to the ISD, the wizard followed and was held up by the Vaurca warden, Vol, who tol
  14. Hey. Thank you for replying. We actually have had a few C'thur ZH Vaurcae lately, and I've been following the discussions about the matter on the discord. I agree there probably should be a mention of it somewhere on the wiki, as questions about Vaurca contractors often pop up. Second of all, I agree that xeno accents are cool, and in fact I would probably tweak Pax to have his, but it makes sense for the character (as being a Vaurca that has basically spent most of his life in Eridani) to try to conceal it. I've seen other Vaurca, played by Vaurca loredevs, that have implants for it; perhaps
  15. Thank you for this feedback! While I understand your view given Szsk, it's also a flaw of his, ICly. He has a lack of trust for humans, and this causes tension, and not to mention he's got a bit of an issue with Zivic. He sees Zivic as annoying and loud, and possibly racist. However, this is purely from an IC standpoint. OOCly, I have no issues with the player! -1 or not, I still appreciate this sort of feed back. I may end up tweeking Szsk's attitude a bit if needed before he moves up to command. Thanks again!
  16. I have interacted with Razorak Szsk a few times, and based off of my interactions with the character, I do not feel confident in Shadow's ability to play command - specifically HoS. Generally speaking, I think their play can be lackluster and the character itself is wholly unsuited to being a part of command. Notably, the character has a tendency to violently lash out at people for relatively innocuous things, even other security officers. HoS is a role that requires a cool head and the right demeanor, and I do not at all think Razorak Szsk has what it takes to make a good, reasonable command
  17. Shadow is someone I've interacted with ICLY on multiple occasions since I first joined back in 2017. They know what they are doing, they know how to play their characters and interact with them in a believable way. Not to mention that Shadow was previously on the Command WL, I interacted with them during that time frame as well and it was a very positive and enjoyable experience. I'd definitely give this a +1 as in my eyes they have already proven themselves capable for the position, especially during the recent revenant round where they took control of their department as Interim HOS and lead
  18. The revenant game mode isn't really a good game mode at the moment. It feels pretty unfocused and really rather unbalanced. It makes for a decent spooky mode when it doesn't devolve into pure combat, but when it does, the revenants get smeared across the station pretty quickly. The usual progression of revenant rounds that I've observed is as follows: Thirty minutes in, revs spawn, people joke about it in LOOC. Then a rev rips open some doors and yells garbled words at the first crew-mate they meet. Then they either start talking and play as friendly blue ghosts, or the crew gets slashed up an
  19. We don't really need to encourage more cowboy stuff. That coalition crate is an OOC joke, in any case -- moving on. I don't think this item should be added. I really don't like anachronistic weapons - and furthermore, the sprite itself just isn't very good. I don't mean to insult your abilities - spriting is a difficult thing that takes a lot of talent, and being able to sprite at all is something to be proud of - but it heavily conflicts with our current art style and is far too simplistic. It wouldn't fit in. As far as ranged firepower is concerned - why not just add the marksman rifle
  20. Hello! Vaurca are probably my weakest section of lore these days, as last time I was acutely familiar with them was multiple rewrites ago. But I'll do my best. At the moment I only really have two issues that I take up with this application, maybe three. The first (and very iffy, on my part) one is that, I'm not immediately aware of a C'thur Zheng-Hu mix, and couldn't find it through a quick wiki search. Maybe it's a news article? It can be hard to keep track of sometimes. But C'thur are closely interlinked with Eridani and Skrell, and Eridani and Skrell are closely linked with Zheng-Hu,
  21. Hello, I don't know Butter all that well OOCly but I tend to main security and have come up against their antag play a few times. I'm mentioning this specifically because there is a pretty uncompromising and vicious post going after that particular aspect of their gameplay, and I can say that I've had basically no issue at all with their play in that regard. In fact, on the one merc round I've shared with them as part of the same antag team, they were the loudest voice against a gunplay focused angle of antag play, and were essentially entirely pacifistic until the end in spite of how oth
  22. Coalition crate gets the mateba/autorevolver, not the Zavod one iirc.
  23. also make this included in the cowboy crate and coalition pack for mercs, it'll make them look more like wild west rangers since iirc the revolvers they get are the small snub nosed Zavodskoi spritres.
  24. BYOND key: Shadow7889 Character names: AlNzar Satak and Razorak Szsk How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Since 2015 Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I was on the Command whitelist once before. Being a part of Command staff always offered a variation of RP from the norm as standard jobs went. There was more.. I think the word I'd like to use is options. I always wish to be a part of the upper echilon that helps move things forward. Keeps things interesting for the crew/players. Why did you come to Aurora?: I came to Aurora due to a friend's suggestion to the s
  25. Congratulations! You're

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  27. I remember suggesting something like this a while ago in dchat. I think it's a good idea, personally. It gives the antags something that's long range and powerful, but balanced in the respect that they only have a limited number of shots, may only reload one shell at a time, and must manually be chambered before each shot - which, obviously, would make the weapon massively inconvenient to use during a firefight or at close range.
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