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  2. I remember nurses were uncommon but were a good rung up the ladder of expertise and department knowledge. There's so much to medical and the consequences for not knowing something in your job description will make people mad at you. So being a physician RPing as a nurse usually makes things hostile. I usually like when roles are consolidated but with medical i think having a mid-teir role would be very good.
  3. Oh i forgot about the economy page. I remember i averaged the salaries jobs mechanically get and provided teirs of living expenses like the DnD expenses for a variety of lifestyles. It's a shame it was removed, i remember i could casually reference it without having to pester loredevs with what are both at the same time important but also trivial questions. I think my old post/ruling there was a bit too conservative and cautious but it generally still has any elaboration on tracking these things. Namely we want to be really general and open to improv. +1 good idea
  4. Those numbers can be simply tweaked. I too agree that with our current prices, those incomes seems very excessive.
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  6. As much as I would personally love to have them unlocked, I also agree that it's important to differentiate the corporations, to give them their own identity. What is really like to see is more of this kinda stuff. Like these augs and the Idris coats.
  7. Well, there is that: So it might or might not happen.
  8. I would mostly just like in game prices to match up a bit better. I know this is a pretty big undertaking, but it's very difficult to talk about finance stuff when money is so out of whack. Or just a 'standard cost' type thing on the human lore page would be amazing, even if it doesn't lineup with game mechanics at all. Plus, I always felt that the NT salary thing Resi did never really made much sense, as everything is VERY well paid.
  9. Fairly sure the OOC point of them was to encourage people to play ZH. Seems counterproductive to remove them.
  10. There are some issues with this application: -The backstory is only one paragraph. -There is essentially zero Tajara lore in the backstory. We do not know where she comes from, what events in Tajaran history affected her life, what she believes, or what job or megacorporation she is going to work for. This backstory could probably be from anyone anywhere in the universe and it would still work. You need to incorporate the lore in the character backstory. There is no way I can judge if you know it enough. There is no mention of any of the recent major happenings or one of the factions. I will have to deny this application, you can reapply in one week.
  11. Or at the very least, the memory and emotion augs shouldn't be Zheng-locked. Let other corps have a share of the dystopia!
  12. There is lore for that already. They are meant to be rewards to good employees. We also don't need every security officer with free binoculars.
  13. I personally do not feel that I would be biased towards the Trinary Perfection. I have a couple characters (some that are even IPC) who do not like the TP. I have also written things for the TP that would be considered harmful for their public image. The reason I have said in the past that I don’t understand why people see the TP as a bad entity is because the wiki page very plainly stated their end goal and their ideals. When I stated that, the TP was pretty much universally “good” as there was no deviation within the church. This is what prompted me to write my lore change for the TP and add in different sects that can definitively be pointed to as being “bad” or even downright evil (worshipping Glorsh). I can understand the worry that you have though and I hope my answers kind of help explain my reasoning a bit more.
  14. Blastwave_FX_RattlesnakeShakeTail_BWU.58.mp3 Rattling sound effect, mentioned on the wiki in Emotional Displays, paragraph 6 when enraged, Unathi will sometimes rattle. Figured a sound effect to let people know the big lizard is pissed would be useful. (Sound effect taken from https://www.zapsplat.com/?s=Rattle+snake+tail+shake&post_type=music&sound-effect-category-id=) uses the standard license, same as the usual Unathi hissing sounds.
  15. it's super weird that zeng hu get some rp fluff things that NT can't use since we're all under the same umbrella of the SCC and it would logically be pretty easy to just rip an augment out of a zeng hu employee who defected and backwards design the implant. plus it was a really weird and hamfisted way to force people to play zeng hu contractors - while giving nothing unique to Hephaestus or NanoTrasen or even Idris. it sets a weird precedent that people from different companies get a literal mechanical advantage (telescopic eyes for paramedic for example), and makes balancing super wack. companies should have a draw for their themes and aesthetic, not for their gameplay advantage but things that should remain company specific are things that actually represent the company, the zeng hu face plate is a rad example of something that represents the company and is a really interesting concept, IRU coats, etc etc.
  16. The economic background rework you just mentioned looks very interesting but I care...very little about my in-game finances as they are randomized at the start each round. If the economic rework PR makes it much more consistent then it may just make me happy... Our wiki already contains wonderful resource articles that people may not use regularly (or outright ignore), with some examples including the "Human Entertainment Media" and the "Human Social Media" entries, so why not have something that talks about our characters' income? What I would like to know, is something, anything more than a lazy "Ah lol, you decide how much you're paid". Everyone has their own headcanon about it, so why don't we try and establish something better and more precise than that?
  17. As @Carver said I do not see many players referring to this cheatsheet or whatever you want to call it regularly, and while I would certainly find it interesting, I don't think the effort should be made to create something that would not be used by players. On the topic of this, we have companies TODAY that discourage(strongly) employees discussing their salary with one another. Nanotrasen would probably follow this to a hardline-possibly including salary under the NDA all employees sign when they start working, so I don't really think it should come up in IC situations beyond "X company pays better then Y" or "X person defiantly makes more then Y", because hard numbers would be heavily discouraged by NT. Though I will also say, I think something about salary should be put on the wiki, especially for humans, just so potential new players and others can have an idea of what their characters quality of life is. I just think the approach suggested here is the wrong something to do.
  18. My only response to what omicega says is that I did not go out of my way to help with investigations that round, I only simply brought them a body after visiting medical and tried to give them a time of discovery as I was the one that found the body. Any and all additional details or things related were found or learned by the security department themselves in the round in question and were fully autonomous from myself outside of this singular event I took part in, The other "security issue" I can really think of that round I had a hand in was the cleaning bot reported to be broken. However, you also responded to this in that round, but that was not a security issue, that is a robotics issue of which I soon therefore brought it back to robotics for them to repair as was my right as a research module. The body in question was also from inside my department. I had not responded to anything else security wise. However, I did at one point sit around in their lobby speaking with crew members as I do infact know a lot of them ICly / commonly see them arguably more than other departmental players, but at that time any tasks I would have had in research were already being handled and / or I was not being requested.
  19. I had the pleasant chance of interacting with Evie a few times, it was always a solid RP and a fun time, i'm sure you will be able to develop a interesting and new Tajaran character and will continue to add to this community, a solid +1
  20. I liked playing with Popov, solid RP and epic gamer +1
  21. Medbay's gonna love it when I crawl up to them after an unfortunate KA misfire that they spend less than 10 seconds healing. Anyway, the concept's interesting, I'd have to see it in action to determine how I feel about it. Wonder if it would be possible to make the regen situational, like resting to heal minor wounds and pain, probably isn't, code-wise.
  22. Made a PR: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12234
  23. Psych is so separated that I'd honestly forgotten it exists. Pretend that I'd thrown it into the 'auxiliary pile' with CMOs and learner role that I had put into parentheses.
  24. that seems like a decent idea, though keeping psych too of course, though that's kinda separated from the rest of med anyway.
  25. If you want a real spicy take, I'd just go back to the classics: Pharmacist, Physician, Nurse (and obviously CMO and the learner role). No nonsense, just 3 clean and defined core roles.
  26. As always, I must be a party pooper and reiterate the concern I voiced on RyverStyx's moderator application: While I personally have no problems with him, I am very apprehensive about giving staff positions to people who have only been playing the server for a short amount of time - and this would be his second staff position, if his moderator trial is successful. Moving on: This personally concerns me. As someone who had to deal with multiple accusations of bias towards my preferred faction when I made my Human lore deputy application, I feel like the same question should be brought up here - with how much of a fan you are of the Trinary Perfection (going so far as to have a symbol of their Trinary Perfection be your discord PFP, at one point), are you concerned about the possibility of bias in favor of the TP? I also recall you once saying you don't understand how the Trinary Perfection could be interpreted as anything but a "good" entity. I think there's a lot of nuance to the TP, and a synthlore deputy should be able to understand why one might identify it as a non-good entity.
  27. I've always wished for some kind of auto-doc that could be purchased and used, even if it rendered you vulnerable (out cold) for the time it would take. Bonus points if it's re-usable but quite slow, effectively a paid-for technological version of changeling regen that you need to carry around or hide between uses.
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