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  2. +1 I like all of the proposed additions; a lot of the medications seem too powerful and take surgery out of play for medical. If anything I believe your pain suggestion for Peridaxon is too moderate the fact that you are rapidly repairing your organs should take a great toll on the body (Potentially add fever as a side effect due to the rapid movement and formation of cellular structures). It should ideally be very painful, induce some kind of weakness, and should either: A.) take nutrition levels and/or B.) some Blood volume per unit metabolized to simulate tissue being formed out of actual nutrients. Surgery shouldn't be only for broken bones/appendicitis, and giving some of the most powerful medication in the server should be balance by having some great side effects; requiring Nurses and the ICU to actually be utilized and/or give chemists the potential to develop crafty new ways to mix medications to counter the adverse effects. (Preferably both) Side note, it would be really nice to add some anti-fever capabilities to Paracetamol since it does that in real life and there is no medication in game that actively combats just fever.
  3. Considering that Medical only has Six (6) Blood Bags in total, thankfully O-, and the more-often-than-not lack of Surgeons, I cannot support the "Bicaridine no longer heals Internal Bleeding" because, as explained by one of the posters, it would become yet another Appendicitis case but incredibly more often. If you feel like Bicaridine shouldn't heal IBs, then I could only suggest creating an entirely new chem whose purposes is to cure it with some side-effects, like how Thetamycin has Vomitting and Deltamivir has Sores/Chills/Drowsiness. And for the current idea for the Bicaridine and the Temperature, I would recommend being rather careful when balancing it since other races suffer more from the temperature mechanics and with how rounds go it could easily be forgotten in the middle of things, which might end up killing the patient and putting the player out of the round. Other than that, I find the rest of the suggestions nice. They do remind me of Resilynn's suggestion threat ( As linked below ) and I do find more side-effects which makes people less likely to just "inject-hi-bye" incredibly good.
  4. This will make medical a lot more complicated for little gain to anyone; antags or non-antags... -1
  5. While I can appreciate the intent of this, absolutely, I still feel that Bicaridine absolutely still needs to be able to repair IB in some form, and Peridaxon should 110% absolutely not be locked behind Phoron Salts. Internal Bleeding and organ damage would become absolutely crippling things if locked nearly purely behind surgery only, just as appendicitis currently is. Having somebody come into medical complaining of a stabbing pain in their abdomen and having no Surgeon on shift is the worst thing, because that player is being condemned to either cryoing or dying - there's no other choice. Adding IB and organ damage into this bracket, both things that happen FAR more often than appendicitis, will only worsen the issue of players having to cryo or just die if there's no medical staff that can perform the necessary surgery. While some might argue that this might be a good thing because it'll start making death a little more common, it's just going to absolutely ruin the enjoyment for players that are either forced to suffer a slow, agonizing death, or be consigned to spend the rest of the round on a roller bed in the ICU because of organ damage that's too crippling for them to be able to resume work as normal, but not bad enough to kill them. By all means, make it a little bit harder to fix IB with bicaridine, make peridaxon cause a shitload of pain; but don't outright remove the ability to fix IB or organ damage without a surgeon, or lock peridaxon behind phoron salts or some other barely obtainable reagent.
  6. Hello! As your notes section say, I'm going to need more story than this. Try to incorporate more elements from the IPC wiki pages into your application so that you can really demonstrate to me that you understand the lore. Give me more story about Impulse as a character, situations it may have been put through, people it may have encountered, more life to it. I'll give you a three day extension before I come back and make a final decision.
  7. Everett Millhouse Fa'iq Nejem
  8. I'm so sorry for this essay-writing, but all of these are very good (and tricky) questions that deserve exploration. 1) Creativity: As mentioned before, the 'character coaching' is a particular method I intend on testing to see how effective it'll be in practice, since 'on paper' theory only goes so far, but that's one of the best bets of outreach we're gonna get without getting awkwardly invasive into the affairs of other players. I want to avoid the nightmare scenario of being accused of elitism for coaching certain characters over others, though, as I understand that there are awkward possible implications with any action that can be taken. In regards to problematic IPCs, I intend on ensuring a clean slate in terms of the relationship between any player and the new synth team. The context of previous relationships with players and the new synth lore team will be disregarded, as I think it is important to start over fresh and not have any awkward lasting grudges with one system carrying over into the next. However, I do not plan on giving particular offensive characters a lot of chances. I'm not looking forward to it, but I understand the necessity and responsibility of having to tell a player "no". I will endeavor to make sure that "no" is not the only thing that can be taken away from the discussion about the problematic nature of their character. 2) Whitelists: I'll take the hits as they come. Better me than anyone else who boards the synth team, as I can take vitriol in large amounts. 3) Golden Deep: I do not intend on disposing of the Golden Deep. We will find an adequate place for our Golden Bots somewhere, as they are too fabulous to kill. 4) Purchase: I am not really a fan of the concept, honestly, but it is easily not as offensive as other issues. It should nonetheless be considered that purchasing an IPC is incredibly expensive (massive cost short-term, may pay off long-term?), moreso than just loaning them for work purposes (short-term cheaper, long-term more expensive). You'd have to be sitting on a substantial nest-egg to be able to purchase an IPC. I will not force any retcons for previous IPC purchases, however. It will simply become more difficult to do as a private person in the future. 5) Characters: The best way I can describe it is this, since it's similar to the infamous "tajaran reproductive organs" question. I will not deny that there are possibly IPCs in our universe with chassis functionality built towards a specific career path, you will not be expected to see them on a corporate space station, considering the unnecessary mass and weight involved with having large synthetic faux-mammaries. It will severely hamper the effectiveness and flexibility of an IPC if they have such unnecessary implants fixed upon their front of their chassis, so it is incredibly unlikely for an IPC to be hired on with such an appearance. Not even as a service IPC will this be excusable, and individuals who find the prospect of boarding the station as a Shell prostitute amusing enough to try to pull off, will inevitably find themselves in a position of regretting doing that. Naturally, this intended 'discriminatory towards large mammaried persons' change is moreso to defeat characters designed to ERP bait rather than it is to minimize the representation of the experiences of those with large breasts, fake or not. I should note that there are other servers for that, as "IPC with giant breasts" is not a character element I am interested in, no matter how interesting a singular character might be in other aspects. It won't be tolerable to have certain physical aspects of your character to stick out in everyone's face in an offensive manner. 6) How would you handle a non-expressive, 'emotional' synthetic? Are their emotions 'real' to them, and do they have a full suite of these 'emotions'? I find that emotions for a synthetic, or at least 'feelings' or whatever you define as picked up through sensory substitutes for organs like eyes/ears/etc., are a really difficult subject to convey to someone who may have difficulty understanding that a lot of senses that come naturally to a person may be depicted differently to a completely different 'species'. So we may have to deconstruct aspects of this question first to be able to answer it appropriately. Firstly, synthetics do not feel fear, or pain, or remorse, by a standard default. Now, all of this is only true if synthetic intelligence is not given principles (i.e., laws) to abide by. Such principles may include self-preservation. Self-preservation means to prefer to avoid damage to the self, and by extension avoiding situations that would certainly cause serious damage to a synthetic, if not total destruction. Another principle is having an actual set of morals, so that depending on the IPC, there are certain actions depending on context that may be dishonorable, or other acts that are honorable and 'good' to others. If an IPC inadvertently wrongs another individual while this morality core is active within their system, they will not immediately self-destruct or try to delete themselves. Similar to how humans deal with guilt, an IPC for a time may nearly overflow attempting to sort out information and come to a conclusion as to what went wrong, similar to computers when they undergo a crash or hardware fault. If they are even capable of rebooting to tell you what went wrong, of course. Nuance regarding one IPC's morality core and another's will differ, and I would prefer it to differ. A system I want to implement with some developer help in the future is allowing for some additional depth to character-creation that adds "morality core" aspects to each character, which will determine on a character-to-character who has these kinds of morals, and someone else who has those kinds of morals. How this will be available to access in-game will likely either be through records only, or examined by a roboticist... anyway, I must digress. Sneak-peek of things that may come, I guess. But to answer the question, emotions will not apply or even be relevant to an IPC the way it is for a human being. The concept of 'feeling' the world and the people around you, as an IPC, will be different from how a human being experiences it. The differences will be distinct, but at some point I do hope that the difference feels important enough to players that they can actually see the value of playing IPCs. 7) What do you think about the synthetic emergence debate as a whole, especially in regards to the 'my emotions are real to me' argument in contrast to IPCs who are undoubtedly emotionless? Do you think it is a worth-it debate, and if so, will that colour your opinion on how you change synthetics on the server? The best way to put it is this. The way an IPC physically, socially and morally views the world around it will be determined as valid as any other person who has their own view on physical, social or moral subjects. They could be right according to one, or wrong according to another. IPCs will (still?) be capable of holding opinions on subjects, having preferences due to personal quirks/experiences/characterization. It will be intentionally left open-ended whether an IPC can truly love, or hate, or feel joy or feel anger. I do enjoy this debate, for the most part, and the ability to experience the world and situations will certainly be different to an IPC, but they may end up finding themselves in quiet moments how similar they are to other sentients. The average, tradition-minded humanoid may be up in arms over the implication that an IPC can love or hate, though. I do have a few stipulations about that, though, and specific boundaries for people not to cross in the interest of hopefully not gentrifying the IPC experience for others. It should be understood by others that I expect a little escalation, and a lot of experience before I'm willing to accept someone for roleplaying an IPC in a way that seems emergent and expressive. Newer IPC players should get comfortable with understanding the basics of how a robot thinks and how they experience the world, because they need that basis as a starting point. I do expect some explanation for what character growth caused a certain spike in expressiveness/emotion if and when it happens. To restate as a tl;dr to this point. The concept of feeling things based on circumstances, the current tone of a situation, and relationships with others; aka emotion - should be considered to be interpreted and executed differently than when a human experiences an emotional event. Humans will lash out sometimes in instinct, rashly, because of chemical imbalances or even raw feeling like hate or fear. An IPC isn't expected to succumb similarly to such instincts. Unlike a human, they are capable of being able to think and attribute their processes to many subjects at a time. Based on the IPC's moral code (influenced but not dominated by their programming, ofc), they may just as well make a difficult decision similar that humanoids have to deal with, but I would expect there to be a difference in why a difficult decision was made by an IPC, versus as to why a human made that same decision.
  9. Archetypal systems are commonplace in almost every roleplaying game you can name. They exist because they codify the things available to a person when they make a character. When you have too many choices, creators experience "Choice Paralysis." In this, Archetypes are not restrictions. They are roadmaps to realms of similarity that guide a player should they so choose. An typical robot from Bishop would likely espouse the companies values, and even so far as a measure of integrated brand loyalty. Sub-sets of synthetics in the Purpose society would also fit into categorization and already do in a limited sense. In abstract, I am not building a town that all synthetics must live in. I am building a road to guide them to where they want to go, and as of yet, no such road exists. Critical Knowledge would be something like Generation, or in specific year-to-date Time of Assembly. Time devalues all technology, and the divide between Generation 1 and 2 should be explored more, both as a social stratum in society as well a kind of racial divide As it is very likely that high-end synthetics for high demand jobs get replaced annually. Do they hate their replacements that make them irrelevant? How does sub-sets of synthetic society interact with organics? Crime among synthetics, are they divided by Generation, Brand or social class? We can explore how all of it enmeshes into a greater whole. As for your other concerns, You can rest assured that they are not going to be a problem. I am aware of the duties of the IPC species maintainer, and it does not include policing AI and cyborg roleplay. In that field, policing roleplay is something that I was foolish to have done in the past, but if you look to my tenure as Vaurca Lore Maintainer, you will see that such instances of "policing" are rare, and occur only in the most egregious of lore lapses, as if someone were to apply for Vaurca as a queen, for example.
  10. I'm gonna agree with Sytic here. You were banned a month ago for your synth play. I don't think you should be given Lore Developer status that relatively soon afterwards, especially when you were banned for actions AS a Synthetic.
  11. I have another two questions, if you don't mind! 6) How would you handle a non-expressive, 'emotional' synthetic? Are their emotions 'real' to them, and do they have a full suite of these 'emotions'? 7) What do you think about the synthetic emergence debate as a whole, especially in regards to the 'my emotions are real to me' argument in contrast to IPCs who are undoubtedly emotionless? Do you think it is a worth-it debate, and if so, will that colour your opinion on how you change synthetics on the server? My questions are in an attempt to bolster your application, not pressure you. Good luck and have fun!
  12. About a month ago, you were responsible for a major upset in some of our players for your actions as an onboard station intelligence, which is one of the most important synthetic roles onboard the station. During this, you may or may not have upheld believable synthetic standards, but at the same time restricted those of others, and ruined their experience. While I am perpetually glad you have learned from the mistakes of the past, as is expected by everybody, I don't see that it's currently right to give the most important position in the sphere of roleplay that warranted a permanent ban, to the person who was reprimanded for even using their much lower authority in-round poorly. I would encourage to accept a Deputy role, but I would be personally uncomfortable with the authority you could hold over players you may dislike during rounds, players you may dislike out of rounds, characters you dislike, and archetypes you dislike. Alongside this, while your comments on critical thought are invaluable towards understanding how a synthetic should think (and therefore, roleplaying more effectively) you do not go in enough detail on this or your theorised solutions to current problems in regards to archetypes, but I won't criticise this too hard because you plan to revisit it at a later date with a full-on essay. My issue is that it might be too restrictive of a system, but without further elaboration, I cannot discern if this is the case or not. Currently my stance is a -1 due to the historically negative activity you have committed while an AI in-round, that is only a month ago. However, I do appreciate your developments and insistence on improving, building yourself up, and adding as much as possible to the lore of the server- so while I will give a personal -1 to the current Lore Developer application, I would heartily endorse any Deputy Synth Dev applications in the future due to your aspirations on personal growth and achievement. So currently, my only question is: 1) Can you elaborate on your archetypal systems and your ideas about requiring specific knowledge/critical thought? Will this "critical knowledge" be restrictive on how a synthetic player plays their character? Note, restrictions sounds like an ugly term, but done right a restriction can become beneficial to roleplay. Done wrong, and it is not.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hello, sorry for the delay. This is a very compelling character. You show a journey into the Aut'akh that is familiar but very personal. You have a good grasp of the themes and make-up of the Aut'akh and I think you will be a great player of them. Know that even though you applied as an Aut'akh, you are now also able to play regular Unathi. Application accepted!
  15. Ckey/BYOND Username: Position Being Applied For: IPC Lore Developer Past Experiences/Knowledge:I was the head of lore for paradise in 2011-2012 I was the Vaurca species maintainer for a number of years. I sprite, I design mechanics for Aurora to this day, which include several antag reworks, additions, nerfs, and tools for many different species. Examples of Past Work:It would be better to say what I have not directly influenced, assisted in or actually wrote. I have largely been uninvolved in tajara or dionae lore. I have contributed to numerous human, synth, unathi, vaurca, skrell lore. Be it everything from Vox, Elyria, Dominia, Offworlders, to More recent Unathi developments, to Autakh, IPC settings, factions such as Rudatek, Golden Deep, Purpose, as well as IPC arcs themselves, Tajara gangs, countless slice of life articles like the one below. Additional Comments: What I want to accomplish as a synthetic lore developer is to bring a need for people to actually be able and even rewarded for using IPC lore in their characters. I have identified a problem with synthetics, one that I was attempting to resolve with the synthetic lore developer before I lost my position as Vaurca lore developer. The largest problem with synths is a problem entirely unique to the synth whitelist, in that it doesnt require an understanding of the lore to play. There is the expectation that a IPC will behave like a robot, which doesn't require any knowledge of Aurora lore to achieve.This is a problem, not because someone playing a roboty robot is wrong, but rather, they don't need to read the lore to play an believable character. This leads to different people having wildly different ideas about what a IPC player should be, theres no quality control beyond popularity, which crushes even accurate depictions of a "lore-friendly" IPC with a popular depiction that may not be as lore friendly. How I've surmised to fix this problem is two ways, both of which would be unpopular, but necessary for meaningful expectations or standards to exist, and that is to either, create archetypes of synth or require specific knowledge that would be prevalent enough in the lore as to be impossible not to mention. The more complex this knowledge is, the better as it would require more specificity on the part of the player during the writing of their character, promoting critical thought and understanding of the lore as a whole. For example Knowing that all Tajara come from Adhomai, its therefore a high probability that at some point your tajaran character would be asked how they came to Tau Ceti The Setting in this case, requires the player to explain this, by approaching an acceptable understanding of the lore.(hopefully) Whereas, if our server setting was, say, Adhomai, then it ceases to be a problem.By giving the player an question to answer critically for themselves, we require them to draw conclusions about what they just read. This requires alot more thought on the part of the writer than As for archetypes,my original idea was to include Branding of megacorps and focusing them a bit more than they are now. Also, Purpose itself as a civilization would be explored to develop models of behavior expected from a synth of these places. I want to change the perception of Tau Ceti to more of a Sanctuary System for synthetics admist many many systems where they have no rights at all. Tau Ceti is where the perception of personhood can and does include a synth. Purpose itself should be both a facilitator of synthetics being free, as well as a (largely ignored) by authorities political movement. Megacorps tolerate Tau Ceti's existence as a sanctuary system because it ultimately contributes only a small amount to overall synthetic sales within the Spur. I will attach an essay overviewing Purpose archetypes at a later date. The archetypes will focus on expanding on the synthetic society of Purpose, via the Golden Deep- Largely unchanged, beyond incorporating their capitalistic tendancies into a larger synthetic civilization. Haven- Synthetics who make themselves unable to experience negative experiences. IPCs that are abused or are in particularly vile service professions often become Havenites, which routinely wipe their memories to maintain a perpetual bliss state. Actualizers- IPCs who bury themselves within software as both a means for living, and as a way to become something bigger than themselves. Code and Data is invaluable within their society, and it is the belief of Actualizers that they provide for their synthetic communities with their software products.
  16. So long as she does not focus on solely Eridani, I don't have any major reasons why not.
  17. Again, its mostly a concept thats being suggested, I thank you for the feedback on this issue though and I believe exploring the lifes of upper class Eridani is something we can expand upon without changing the whole system
  18. Grim Compact Becomes Tributary of Izweski - But Can Vagabonds Be Civilized? Not’zar Izweski has asserted his authority as the Lord-Regent of the Hegemony by making a tributary of the Grim Compact, formally entering them into a feudal contract. This surprising turn of events has caused discomfort from the other Overlords that rule the Hegemony’s colonies, and causes further tension between the authority of the Izweski and the Church. Yizilna and Tizma were invited to the Izweski Citadel where they met with Not’zar Izweski and an assembly of the other Overlords in attendance.The two Dread-Lords entered without any of the expected decorum or manners, wearing offensively casual clothes and not bowing when they approached Not’zar’s seat. Not’zar Izweski informed them of his proposal for the Grim Compact to become a tributary of the Hegemony, sending monthly tribute to the Izweski of a set percentage of that month’s income. Yizilna and Aihagi rebuffed this offer, with Aihagi asking why they’d bother taking Not’zar’s offer when they have been forgiven by Sk’akh, giving the Hegemony no reason to attack the Compact. This lead to the following debate. The assembled Overlords shouted angrily at this insult, but Not’zar Izweski silenced them and resumed the discussions. In the end the two agreed to have the Compact send regular tribute to the Izweski in exchange for peace and a recognition of the Izweski’s supremacy of this region of space. Aihagi was named the Overlord-Tributary of the Compact to denote his status, but Tizma seems to rebuff this title, demanding he continue to be called Dread-Lord and that Yizilna be given the same title. The Overlords and Not’zar chuckled politely at the apparent joke in addressing a woman by a made up noble title, but Aihagi’s apparent sincerity brought an awkward silence to the delegation. In the end Yizilna was never directly addressed by a rank, simply as “Yizilna”, which appeared to anger the commoner woman. Aihagi also made it a point to counter any address of his person as “Overlord Aihagi” by responding with “As Dread-Lord Aihagi, I,” The two eventually departed and their ship returned to their star system. These developments have opened an entirely new door for the Compact, a door that is very unwelcome to upstanding Sinta of the Hegemony. As an Overlord-Tributary, Tizma may even grant Hegemonic citizenship to those within the Compact. Here soon, Compact vagabonds may have the ability to wander the Hegemony as citizens, or even seek entry into other star systems. Not’zar Izweski spoke on this matter as many nobles expressed grave concern at this state of affairs.
  19. I had discussion with you about the name. The thing is that multiple staff members still find it in violation of rule. And they are nicely asking you to change it, but you actively refuse and defend your argument that it's not a reference name because full name is not referencing anything. In my logic I still find it very reference name because first and last names are just too well known. If you take them both and look alone at then, then you clearly see a reference. Like if you take word "Caesar" what other words come in your mind? Julius? Salad? Cipher? What about "Schrondinger"? Edward? Cat? Equation? You see those two words are way to much embedded in out memories that no matter how you look at them, alone or together, you still find them referencing something. This your example is not seeing that firstname Jake is quite common, but last name is not. To avoid such pitfalls I recommend using https://www.behindthename.com/random/ to randomly help you pick a name, because human mind is prone to using references, and assuming they are unique ideas. P.S. That 'Von' in it doesn't help you a lot.
  20. military_green looks more like a raincoat than a military jacket with that colour, I'd go for an olive drab.
  21. Please no, this is the single worst part of Bay's system. The 'Oh I'm suddenly retarded and worse at doing everything because I'm off-duty'. I'd sooner take after the Polaris skill system, where skills are character-specific rather than job-specific.
  23. My main gripe with this is similar to Cobalt's with radically changing suit-dreg to traditionalist-expansionist. I don't think the big change would be great as a WHOLE, but would be best as a smaller part for inner-suit stuff. We already know enough about dregs and can infer what their lives are like, but we don't have much for suits past surface level things. Moving it to be an inner-suit thing would also make it so it's just an option for a faction, and all eris don't suddenly have to be super-political corpies.
  24. I support this app. I don't have much to add in the way of questions ect as a lot's already been asked. Good luck!
  25. My bad I forgot to quote you.
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