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  2. We already recieve the contents of fake announcements, like garn said, there are ooc consequences if you ask for confirmation for no reason, and we have ccia policies in place to also deal with it. -1
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  4. Let me rescind this entire post for a bit while I figure out what went on.
  5. Ok well i am sorry but i am going to stick my initial reaction. The only take away i have from this complaint is that you did not personally enjoy an event i did. That is fine.
  6. https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/11802-antag-cc-announcement-tweak/ This should kind of help it.
  7. This was added to malf AI, so I know it is possible to do. Please give the other antag CC announcements actual paragraph boxes to type in. I want to see my entire message and type actual paragraphs. Also something else, I am unsure how people would react: Give malf access to see/send faxes. Put it under something like elite encryption hack.
  8. +1, I’m the dudes brother, so I’m both biased and a good authority to say he knows what he’s doing.
  9. I am unsure how CCIA handle it, and I think they at some point they may confirm depending on the content and announcement, and it is bwoinkable. I think we need to set in stone some things that can range it from minor - extreme, extreme being yeah, fucking ask. It depends on the announcement of course, and there may be some that warrants a confirmation. For example: Gimmick related, inspectors, security force, visitors, etc. I would avoid faxing about these If there is a reassignment order for one specific job to another job, this isn't something unknown and extreme, follow it. Regulation changes/experimentation, I wouldn't ask depending on if it makes like Murder a yellow infraction. A department is getting shutdown, depends on how worded the announcement is, perhaps you can send a fax asking WHY if it is vague. If the order is like, "The captain must be executed" then of course question it. It depends on the fax, and how crazy it is. If its like, "Kill the captain" then I don't expect it to be followed that much.
  10. Sending confirmation faxes is metagaming. Full stop. I have always bwoinked people who do this. A good faith effort should be made to follow the order barring any serious or egregious issues.
  11. Central command announcements have a hefty power behind them. They can urge, and add onto the experience of the entire round no matter if its CCIA, traitor, revolution, mercs, or malf. Central Command Announcements ICly are secure and reliable ways central command directs entire crewmembers and/or command to request, deny, or modify orders/directives. We need to stop treating them like a two year old can hack into the system. It is regulated by a large corporate entity, and no-adverage Joe can simply break into it. Signatures do not put merit if the announcement is real or fake. It would seriously add onto the round if command staff do not turn around emmedietly and send conformation faxes. They cost 12 TC (a big chunk) regardless for one. Of course, if it is poorly worded, or written like a five year old made it, then yeah, that's a separate thing. At least give it some escalation people.
  12. Since I made this request here, almost three weeks ago I think I can post my opinion here: I also made the suggestion to basically make it decoration only (and it being well known for everyone, that it is, in fact, not a real weapon), I don't see how suddenly here the "but he is not allowed to" rule can be applied. Then I could say - no officer should wear a vest on green - since, trust me, they are incredibly uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. I know this was discussed a page earlier but I just want to emphasize it again. The decorative wall holder looks also nice, better than to kick in your display case and abuse an incredibly valuable antique laser gun, if you need a backup weapon. Also, of course the Captain is an officer, military or not, what the heck?
  13. So, I'm not going to be shy about saying that I'm rather bitter about this complaint. I know that we tend to butt heads a lot, but this is a bit different for several reasons. "I do not control the rate at which players use a race." This can be argued against me, sure. But so far I've been working, as you have heard, on a large project with Syntax as well as sorting out my life after a major event happened. Players are more than welcomed to contact me for any reason especially if it is about Dionae, and I'm open about such. Here's the thing about this: No one else's lore involves my species, and thus me, and vice versa. I have nothing of value to add to the conversation and there is no need for me to. If there is ever anything that involves me, people are free to ping me in which they have, otherwise I have no say. Especially when the staff chat is 80% memes half the time in between. I'm not going to waste my time nor anyone else's by posting anything on the server in discussions that are irrelevant to me. Should I just post a single "k" to show that I do occasionally check/lurk the channel once in a while to check for anything relevant to me- which I do actually do- and to remind everyone that I still exist? Would that be satisfactory? Frankly, I find it a waste of time as it does not contribute to anything. This. This is what upsets me. That was posted on another server completely unrelated to Aurora. This isn't the first time I've had someone dig up any kind of dirt they can since the first incident was on a private friend server that wasn't open to the public and things were presented to Jackboot in PM's out of context, and now it is being done publicly. I am allowed to have personal thoughts and opinions, and I can do so while still continuing to create for Aurora simply because I enjoy doing so. I can disagree with something and still move on my way and continue my work like an adult. Note that this was done outside of Aurora's server and actually on CITADEL'S server. People were asking me why I came to play there and I told them. Is that a crime to confide in others on an unrelated server in a non-demeaning way? That I simply just didn't agree? And what if I did leave for a bit to play on another server because I wanted a break from it because I found some things overwhelming or upsetting to a point? Am I not allowed to do so? And yes, posting things from another anything is bad. I'm a volunteer. This is not a job where you can go digging into someone's facebook and personal information for any kind of reasons to get dirt on them and reasons to have them fired. That's frankly creepy and shallow that something inoffensive that I said was taken from a different server just as that: to add more dirt on me. Did I shit-talk Aurora? No. I simply said I disagreed. I also moved because for a while I was actually experience an extreme discomfort with playing for a separate reason; I was taking a break from playing for a while on Aurora because a traumatic event in my life has made me experience anxiety due to the fact that it was associated to something that had previously caused me severe distress even though I was using the game as an escape. Was that so wrong of me to do? Call it fake, I just didn't think I needed to tell anyone the reason simply because no one needed to know due to how I was still stressed over it, but I guess I need to now. But I was still able to do lorework because it wasn't associated with the trauma. If you want me to further elaborate on what this trauma is, I'm going to have to refuse for personal reasons. Another thing that pisses me off, and no, I'm not going to be shy about saying so. This is a screenshot that is being posted out of context, and so I am being forced to elaborate since I am purposefully being shown in a light that's casting me to be a villain like before. I was having a discussion with Paradox, yes, the one that was more than happy to provide you with the dirt on me from the Citadel server which they also play and are an active lore contributor which I am not, about giving changelings healing stings which I believed goes completely against the nature of changelings because they are meant to be a predatory species, not a friendly doctor with a panacea injection. They also stated that they wanted 'lings to have an arithrazine sting to be exclusively effective against Dionae just because after I asked if 'lings feed off of Dionae. They also wanted to have an EMP sting for synthetics, but there's no way that would've worked- it was all more or less to "balance" the species. But the thing about the game is that not everything is going to be "balanced" mechanically. Sometimes you're going to have to rely on your own with to solve a problem which should be encouraged for a HRP server, because as far as I recall only medium to low RP servers rely solely on mechanics. I've always had a problem talking to Paradox on anything even relatively serious, and would usually end up with arguments. This is sadly well known and is my fault for having arguments with them in public areas in the first place. These arguments would happen frequently with him and a few others on some topics in the staff discord, and getting tired of getting stressed by the constant conflict I asked JB if I could either leave or mute the channel to help reduce the conflicts responsibly because I have the tendency to check any discord with unread messages, even if I don't comment on them. I was given permission to do so. But even if I mute and do not comment because again, nothing really pertains to me or the species when it comes to other's discussions, I still do check in and lurk on occasion so I don't miss out on too much, and it doesn't seem like I don't at all in the first place. And when it comes time to actually work with other lore staff when I am needed, make no mistake, I put the past aside and do my job to work as best as I can with them. Do people have to get along all the time with everyone? No. That's an impossibility and you're going to end up working with people you don't get along with. But a part of being an adult is still being able to work with them, and I can and do. Please note the emotes. That's me being sarcastic. Do I have trouble with playing humans because of the lore? Yes. Is it because I hate their lore? No. It's because I get a little confused sometimes with it, with all the big corps and everything with their names and what they do. Also, I personally am bored of being a human and would much rather be something else for a bit. The same goes for me "giving up on the rest of the lore". I'll do my best to remember it, but sometimes I just give up because there's a lot of little details to remember when you have a character from every species, so I've benched them for a while until I feel up to playing them. This is where I personally have difficulties with you. You take everything I say, and immediately think it's a personal and unfounded attack on the person and their work. This, as I apparently have to re-assure you after several other times in another server that you left, is not the case. Once more, I am allowed to have personal thoughts and feelings. But the point of that discussion was in fact a critique. Whenever you do anything artistically- including creative writing like making lore- and posting it in the public, you are opening yourself up to critics. There are negative, neutral, and positive ones. What was going on there was a discussion of concerns and I was stating mine as a critique. I sincerely feel that the Auk'tah should not have a place in the lore considering several points that several others agree with me on, and I feel that they were added for the wrong reasons. If you take a longer look, you will see that I am not actually sitting there and saying "Auk'tah are shit and we should lynch the dev responsible for this bull crap". No, I was stating a valid concern that I wanted answers to. It was not, contrary to your belief, an attack. I won't, because that was in a private server that you have since left and was a place that I felt I could confide in others in seeing how it wasn't an official or otherwise related Aurora server. I should be allowed to talk with friends on a friend server about whatever I want. I mean seriously, am I going to be monitored on what I say in real life about something? Let me restate that it was a private friend server. No one had any business monitoring it for dirt. Someone has already taken screenshots from there and shown them to JB out of context for the sole purpose of getting me in trouble, and I have since cleared it with Jackboot. That person by the way, broke two rules or so of two different servers. Because it has been cleared up, the issue should not be revisited as it has already been handled. I have been working with another lore dev on a rather large project for the both of us, and so far we have been trying to plan ahead of how we would like it to go before we get our ducks in a row, put it down in a document, and show it to the rest of the team for review. There has so far been no major action that we have done yet outside of a few smaller things. Life also tends to get in the way sometimes, but make no mistake. We are in fact actively working on something. Storyboard. Cleaning up. Presentation. Execution. It's only been "secret work" because we've still been trying to figure it out, but since they've been fleshed out more we are confident enough to put them down on paper. We have just recently talked about presenting the rest to the staff and are doing that step now. The community won't know about it until when it happens, but the lore team will soon enough. Ironically, the arc is me working on their low numbers. If I'm going to be honest here, I feel that this purely just assumptions and accusations. Not once have you DM'd me your concerns which you were free to do. Not once did anyone when they were free to do so. I know you and Paradox are on the same bandwagon to get me booted and were working together to do so. Neither of you are shy in your dislike for me and/or my work. With you? Whenever I say or critique something, you always take such great and personal offense to it when others that were involved in the discussions told you that I was not in the wrong and in fact fine, that it wasn't me making an attack on anything be it a joke or something serious. This has happened several times. I don't hate anyone. I can dislike their decisions and maybe the way they treat me, but I personally don't hate anyone and I don't intend to offend anyone. But right now you've gone out of your way to gather "incriminating evidence" that is posted without context publicly and from places that are not related and/or should not be mentioned here without ever personally bringing up your concerns to me so I could clarify with you, and that is making me rather bitter at the moment. If anything I said here is out of line or wrong let me know, but this complaint was poorly presented and I've had a long day.
  14. Reporting Personnel: Gunner Tyrann Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Quartermaster Game ID: bZR-dDXZ Personnel Involved: Gideon Mayfield (Shaft Miner) - Offender, Nathan Corvo (Captain) - Witness, Jesse Johnston (CT) - Witness Time of Incident: Between 6:30 and 7:00 (aprox) Real Time: Around 2 AM (CEST) Location of Incident: Cargo, Supply Radio Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ X ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ X ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: The miner Gideon Mayfield gave me a yield report which was empty, blank. Only present numbers were zeros, which in fact were right, since that was material he didn't mine. However, the blank spaces should contain the number of materials, ingots, etc gathered by him. He said that the numbers, I quote, ''magically vanished''. I kindly offered him to fill the yield report again, but he refused cause he ''didn't remember, he gathered a million of everything''. Then he said that I am no one to tell him what to do, and that a Quartermaster is not over a Shaft Miner. I decided to remind him that I am his supervisor, as stated in our contracts. At that moment, I called security. He kept saying that the numbers ''vanished into bluespace'' and that ''it was not his problem''. Security asked him to fill the yield report, and he refused. At this moment, the Captain entered the conversation over our Supply Radio, offering him to clear the situation and fill the yield report, again, he refused, repeating that it was not his fault and that the numbers vanished, and he couldn't do anything about it since the materials were already gone (they were sent to Science department 2 minutes ago, a department which is meters away from Cargo). Next thing is did is provoking. He literally said ''You want to take this further, I'm out on the rock, come get me''. The Captain asked him to report to Security due to this behaviour, again, he refused, saying it was bullshit and he wasn't going to be processed for this, ignored the captain order. Then he something like: ''this quartermaster is a fucking shit cunt who can't reel his shit over a tree bark''. The Captain said he was going to be demoted and arrested. He provoked again, telling us to go find him on the asteroid. He refused to come back. He then kept saying those kind of things he was saying before over the radio. ''This quartermaster has a massive stick up his ass'', ''I don't want to stay on this wank-ass station, there are hundred of corporations searching for miners'', ''I can get this job tomorrow somewhere else'', ''You can't do nothing to bother me, I will make your officials life impossible if they come to arrest me, I'll leave on next shuttle and get fired, go back to Mendell and get laid, and then get a new miner job somewhere else''. There are more quotes like these but I think it's enough. If you wish you can get the transcriptions somehow. However, the Captain informed me that he would back me up, since he heard all this conversation which happened in Supply Radio. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: I am the Head of my department as Quartermaster, but this was reported to the Captain too, in fact. Actions taken: The Captain gave the order to arrest him but Gideon left to the asteroid. Additional Notes: Gideon was given multiple chances to correct his mistake, he ended up disrespecting all the Cargo Department, not following Captain orders, and in the end, disrespecting the company. You can get all the transcriptions of the radio somewhere, probably.
  15. Probably because not everyone's a combat god at this game and doesn't realize that the strength in humans is using kiting to their advantage. they're the most balanced race and have no significant advantages or disadvantages. It's like playing Imperial in the elder scrolls, it's a good baseline to build any type of character off of.
  16. How often do you see humans having to run across the entire station in combat? Or, rather, when do you see a Unathi or Tajaran beat a human in terms of speed during combat? Almost never. People reference that humans are endurance runners in gameplay, but in reality that's almost never used.
  17. Yesterday
  18. +1 Arlo good bot, always enjoyable to interact with, even when being rogue bad boi
  19. Arlo is honestly unique enough and around enough that I could see this warranting a custom sprite. +1 please consider.
  20. Aww thanks! Kizi is also very good I love her!
  21. i HAVE the healthy work/life balance (and a paycheck)

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  22. BYOND Key: VTCobaltblood Staff BYOND Key: Neinbox Reason for complaint: I don't know what to put here. Evidence/logs/etc: Dionaea are the least played race. Actually, they were the least played race. Now that three Dionaea mains that I've known (BurgerBB, EngineersDream and LordPwner) are gone from the server, they're a completely unplayed race. Here are race stats from the last two weeks that confirm this. One. A diona has been played one time over the last two weeks. It's pretty much safe to say that except these three people, nobody played them. A factor that I feel contributes to this very strongly is that their lore is bland and pretty much dead. They are not involved with other species except Skrell. There is not much you can write about them, since they are "mysterious alien observers". They have little to no reasons to work a 9 to 5 on a huge research station. Frankly, I'm all for removing them (since people seem to not like antag Dionaea, and therefore it's probably not wise to make them an antag race). But this is a complaint about Neinbox and not a suggestion to remove Dionaea. Neinbox is about as rare as a Phazon on the lore writers chat. Here is the amount of posts on the staff server from Nein over this month. For comparison, here are the amounts of posts from lore developers which I consider the most active. Over the same month. Here is, say, amount of posts from Jam, who also posts pretty rarely. Unlike Neinbox, however, Jam can be seen in-game pretty often, and when talked to, they talk about lore with quite some enthusiasm. What about Nein? Nein moved to Citadel and isn't shy about that fact there. Screenshots courtesy of Paradox. Nor does he cover up the fact that he cannot work with other lore staff, and even has the server muted. Or that he immensely dislikes current lore. Here is a fun encounter that I remember. There was an ongoing discussion in #lore_writers where a bunch of lore people discussed species blurbs. Neinbox pops up to provide valuable input on... how much he hates Aut'akh, and how Unathi as a whole are now just reskinned humans. There could be also some more concerning stuff here, but that server has since been deleted, and I have no screenshots. Perhaps Nein will talk about it. I have approached Jackboot with Neinbox's inactivity before. He told me that Neinbox is involved in some very secret work with Bygone. Now that a few months have passed, I have issues with this. We are a lore team, and the idea of keeping things secret is actually just a little bit terrible. Particularly when a person does nothing but secret work, and is a main maintainer of a species that has no deputies. I don't think this person should be a species maintainer. A deputy, maybe. But Dionaea are in a very very pitiful state right now, and we need someone to actually work on correcting that fact before involving themselves in secret arcs.
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