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  2. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    By loop i meant a step that IPCs may have to take to be Heads. Akin to the Vaurca avowel. This is being discussed but we are working on something that will not be frustrating to existing or future synth head aspirants.
  3. BrianGTFO

    Can I get back now?

    BYOND Key: BrianGTFO Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: aboshehab. Reason of Ban: Building weaponry for no reason, going against what you were told by other staff in addition to the sum of all your infractions.. Reason for Appeal: I was told to repost or something after a few months or so?...Not sure If I am supposed to refill out a ban request or whatever so just tossing this one out here and waiting for a reply...got kinda busy in the real world, lots of writing got done, not much of it will fit on the server.
  4. Doxxmedearly

    kyres1 spriter application

    I think the work speaks for itself. Add to the fantastic work his excellent attitude, high activity, and general love of the game, the community, and his work, I think he more than deserves this title.
  5. PR link https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5771
  6. Okay, I always did not like how Merchant shuttle looks, I played around and I think I made it look better. The summary of what I did to it: Removed middle racks Extended shuttle by 3 tiles, added tables on each sides to replace removal of middle racks Added an Energy net turret that with Turret control panel to it. To protect from customers, this is a non-lethal turret. Added blastdoors to each window and a button on the bridge to protect from outside threats like Carps. Added blastdoor to the airlock and button on the bridge to prevent unwanted customers from leaving. Added O2 locker in the airlock just in case. Fixed access to nanomed. Shuttle preview: Another update I made is to make an Escape Pods Retrieval Shuttle. The idea is that pods are launched into space, and then they are being picked up by this shuttle into the hanger bay. Because pods cannot make it on their own to CC, and leaving them in asteroid field where there is tons of crashes junk as it currently stands is dumb in my opinion. This ship that picks them up has a medbay that will allow people to heal most of things, including surgery. It has a bar, cryopod, restrooms, bridge. Summary of the ship's features: Hanger for pods Security Checkpoint. Medbay with sleepers, body scanner, cryotubes, room for surgery, and medical supplies cryopods in case if your character is done playing Bar with small nice dining area and relaxation. Has all stuff that Odin bar has and Vending machines that do not charge money(cause command staff) Restrooms(what if you need to use it) Changing room. Bridge. Captain's Quarters. Ship's preview:
  7. Scheveningen

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    There are some comments I wish to add. 1.) The rights IPCs as a species earned were ones that were fairly escalated as a result of the antagonist contests that led to this radical change occurring behind the scenes which eventually brought these advantages to the forefront. 2.) There are certain balance concerns regarding IPCs right now such as them feeling absolutely zero pain currently (not feeling pain allows you to get away with a lot of shit ICly, I've found). I empathize with these concerns having been solely defeated because I did not have the sole item that reliably and totally counters an IPC, but it's a lethal measure most of the time; an ion weapon to remove the IPC from the round. However I do have separate suggestions that will end up outside of this thread as a resolution I'll try to seek out personally. 3.) Removing rights from species is not just a decision with IC implications, it is one with OOC implications too. It is extremely tenuous to follow through what is, regardless of intent, punishing all players of a certain race because of the actions of a few-to-some. "Punishing all because of a few" is a form of discriminatory practice and I would caution anyone away from this line of thinking because it has been tried before in spite of ethical concerns regarding it, essentially it does not work reliably enough to handwave the unethical nature of doing it. I wish doing such things did fix the nature of the occasional "bad RP" we see on the server but I've never seen it work enough to be worth it. I hate to say this too because I fervently believe humans should be essentially having more advantages socially and culturally than the other species. I just do not wish to see people driven from the server because we decided to disable the method they play, regardless of whether they're responsible for the changes happening. 4.) I am okay with repurposing tags to be more reliable in identification. That's about as much as I will personally extend to allow because I love Shells having the canny resemblance to humans and the only way you could find out is with physical force or the convenient tag on them. 5.) I'm curious as to what 'loop' JB is referring to. Is this short for loophole or something, or rather is it referencing a cycle?
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  9. Warbidon

    The Cloverfield Paradox

    Proposal 1.3 The center of the station's woes is the God-Maker. A room-sized piece of technology from another universe, stolen from a much larger structure across space and time, and somehow-still connected to the gargantuan machine that powers it. Interaction with it is encouraged, as it stands that someone on the station holds the clue to it. The crew will interact with the machine by giving it things until the first part of the event happens, involving the engine. The crew will be allowed to explore it, and a lingering xenoarch from the previous shift will give them the gist of the situation and a bunch of notes before leaving, one theorizing about phoron required Something phoron related is given to the machine, and an output will be a paper, claiming that the super matter package had successfully been delivered to the Skrellian Singularity research facility "Xizzar", for kcickstarting the ascension. This catastrophic event results in a reality cascade event * off of the station* , and causes the station to interact with its other-reality counterpart. Just before the end, Central command will send a message stating "What the fuck did you do?!" The God-Maker will activate, and a food slime core will be used in the room to blind everyone inside. The person who stuck the phoron into the machine will be copied in name and appearance and stuck into a wall in the station, controlled by another person. He will scream into comms for help at his location but after a couple of moments, no longer speak. Once they get to the room, he's not there, until the admins make the blood splattery sound in the wall he is in, so engineers will have to dig through a layer of wall to get at him. (best place would be xeniobiology, so that the two layers of walls could be made easy without interruption to station function). This person will be the crew's way to find out that there is an alternate reality, and that everything is fucked on that other side. This person isn't important in the alternate facility. If it becomes apparent that he is a burden/useful/useless, the object in his chest activates and he dies, or a monster wants to murder him and successfully does so. At this point, the God-maker whirs on, and an automated message from the god-maker will state that it's automated process has turned on and that all staff be on gaurd for SEG-FAULTS. The captain gets a flurry of visions, of a dozen different people from all the departments looking at the God-Maker, and that it would be VERY WISE to follow that vision. At every convenient time, the machine asks an esoteric or even impossible request either through a fax, or an invisible voice, and if it isn't fulfilled QUICKLY, a "SEG-FAULT" is reported by the machine and an anomalous event happens, and the God-Maker "switches" matter from the two realities in an unintended fashion. This type of interaction is due to neglect and should be serious and dangerous, with the switches being loud and painful over comms, and the things that come over either seriously mutilated or nuts. When successfully fed its request, the God-Maker can do an Anomalous event, but it is "on purpose", and might even be openly helpful, or baseline "neutral", even. The other side can also "send" things over, usually on accident, but later on, on purpose. These events are reported by the God-maker in the form of a paper it spits out, and these are far more controlled and are only marginally wounded or nuts from the transfer. The machine is doing everything in its purpose to get the optimal event, but it relies on people to do its bidding. SEGFAULTS produced random people, dangerous anomalies, and mutilated soldiers. Fulfilled requests turn in curiosities, regular people, and sometimes dangerous things. Basically "rewards" Alternate transfers produce scientists, prisoners, and then later, a strike team. These should always produce plot-critical things. Each transfer is more dangerous. With each "event", something is taken from reality. It can be fed into the machine, a person or things going missing, or with an explosion. People will be asked if they wish for their character to be "taken" over, and later on there character may come back, but is it really them, or their alternate reality self? It should be effectively unknowable Each event should be focussed on how the other dimension is breaking apart and fast. One of the last anomaly events is an audio log of important people including the legendary admiral Faust talking about sending a strike team across dimensions to destroy the God-Maker and save their reality. he should remark that this is the stupidest fucking thing he has ever discussed. After a certain time period has passed, and the crew is tired of hunting down ghosts, mysteries and fucked up things, the God-maker will be targetted by a strike team., as it begins to charge up for a final detonation The strike team should be geared enough to make it to a secondary site, where the man in the wall was found, and pull out a SECOND person from the wall, and try to get him to the god-maker, and will use diplomatic negotiations to get to the god-maker if required. Alternatively, they can push to the GOD-MAKER and blow it up, causing an actual reality cascade in the dimension-between dimensions. I will make another google doc that will reveal the spoiler of the plot of the God-Maker, but in short, the God-Maker will require 2 people (1 dead, 1 alive), and depending on who those people are, one reality gets to exist, and the station ends up somewhere else. Possible win scenarios The God-Maker is damaged incontervirtibily and fed the wrong things in the final, and the reality it makes is corrupted and broken, ultimately thrown away and the person it was made from recycled back into a normal if damaged person. The machine spits back the station into a reality and disappears, or what's left of it. Probably the default ending, in which case its assumed that it ends up somewhere in space and time. The God maker is damaged by segfaults but is fed everything correct to correctly make a God. the thing created is enigmatic, dangerous, and is promptly murdered by something even bigger and more dangerous. the resulting clash destroys the station, as a newborn deranged god is strangled in its crib by Glorsh. A god-maker fires off correctly without very many segfaults, and both the station and the firing control center of the God-Maker is teleported to the original place of the God-maker, and the crew gets to watch as another universe is fabricated. The blue space signal and beacons of the station will allow the station to be rescued in only 6 days, during which another universe was created. The God maker is destroyed while active; A Reality cascade event goes off, centered on the device. For 7 days, Bluespace is filled with the screams of bluespace echoes by the thousands. Incontrovertible proof that something involves Glorsh has happened in recent past and is connected with SS13, and depending on how it happened, it may be construed as a good or bad thing. The Machine At first, it's just some kind of machine is unearthed by Xenoarchaeology. They already finished assembling it in the science department. It's, some kind of reactor, and all the scientists have to do is start it up, as ordained by Central Command. bass reliefs on the side of the machine depict, oddly, a crude depiction of a Skrell and a Unathi about to hold hands are etched onto one of the panels. the Skrell's face is scratched out, and the words "WHY HIM?" in a bastardized dialect of Skrellian and Sinta'Unathi is graffitied below. (This machine is forbidden, it has been to places that we can scarcely imagine. Something transcendental, obviously dangerous. Make this apparent in subtle texts to observers, and notes surrounding the object, and the graffiti is a sign of things to come?) The Machine has three main parts. The Transcendence Chamber, the Accelerator, and the Intake. The Transcendence Chamber is a 3-meter tall chamber filled with a fractal "fuzz" of sensory filaments, and any sapient entity who pushes their way into the center will be snagged by the filaments and held in place unless an ejection command is ordered. (A cryo-pod colored greyer, somehow made so that the only thing someone can do is put someone in or take someone out.) Optionally, once someone walks into the chamber, they cannot leave. A Medical Doctor, ancient Skrell, or someone familiar with nanotechnology would know that the fuzz is designed to pierce the skin and completely observe a person body. Related some sort of next-generation cloning technology, or an ancient lost Skrellian technique of bodily regeneration. This is very, very scary. The Accelerator is actually just the ending three chunks of a "regular" particle accelerator. It still lightly glows, flush with power. A bas-relief on one of the machines depicts two large hoolahoop structures stacked together. When an engineer looks at this, sb him to make him realize that it is a part of a theoretical particle accelerator 400 miles long, and 10 miles thick. He designed something eerily alike this in his training. the technology in the accelerator chunk is profoundly enigmatic and can be a source of comedy if someone wants to root through it. and find some random crap in it, in exchange for probably signaling a seg fault, or figuring out its true nature. The Intake ; a misnomer, It's both an intake, and an outtake. On one side is a broken vending machine, and the other is what basically amounts to a hopper (Glassdoor, surrounded by glass) If the situation requires it, the machine can spit out items and the hopper can be used to feed it. Nothing really special about the intakes other than its the only way to interact with the machine outside of sticking a person into the Transcendence chamber at the right time. An invisible fax machine with he same name as the broken vending machine should be made for ease of message sending. (It is enigmatic, we don't know how it works)
  10. So I've done a few rounds as Zane Miller, looking for feedback. Tell me about the shit I've done right, shit I've done wrong and if you like my Zanie. I'll be doing records and thicking backstory ❤️ Thanks much everyone
  11. Bath Salts Addict

    Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but you might need to elucidate a little on the logic behind this decision here. Looking at the facts, it can be established that: 1. The bomb was on a timer. It was not remotely detonated via signaller. 2. If I had any attention to kill anyone, then why would I have planted the bomb when no mercs were around and set the timer so low? (1:10 to be exact, although apparently the server ticks timers down differently) 3. About five minutes had passed between being granted permission and the bomb going off, and if you can reliably figure that out should it also not stand to reason that you can determine within that time frame when the mercs first arrived at the docks and entered their ship? Now as much as I wish I could control the ebb and flow of time, I simply can't. Nor am I as omnipotent as I like to lead people to believe I am. If I had no idea at that moment in time, OOCly or ICly, that the bomb resulted in collateral, how do my IC actions indicate red flags? I do not presume to claim that there wasn't a significant lack of foresight on my part, but if there's one consistency through my alleged OOC actions that are apparently causing red flags and the points I've tried to make in this thread, is that I've called into question the Tajara metacrew's decisions to hang around and follow armed antagonists onto their ship. I was not privy to the IC discussion that lead to that decision, nor was I privy to how things exactly unfolded from the antagonist's side that round. It is simply ridiculous to imply that I somehow knew of all of this far ahead of time, possibly before even they knew what they were doing, prepared a bomb beforehand and managed to time it juuuust right to coincide with them getting into position and blowing up spectacularly. Furthermore to take this to an entirely next level it is doubly ridiculous to assume that because I had the absolute gall and daring to defend my actions in OOC when confronted by people angrily insulting me and attacking the nature of my character (OOC character, that is), that it automatically indicates that I had masterfully pulled all the strings necessary to set said events into motion. If I were truly that omnipotent, then wouldn't I have been able to just avoid this whole situation altogether?
  12. rrrrrr

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    dunno you but everyone seems sad and you seem like a chill guy... will be missed bro. hopin your replacement is as good or even better.
  13. The lancer

    Incident Report 23/11/2460

  14. Juani2400

    Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    As per the above, ban has been lifted, and the week-long job-ban issued. Topic will be locked and archived in 24 hours.
  15. EJ_Denton

    Staff Complaint - QueenOfYugoslavia

    Alright, sorry for the delay. Juani and I have had time to look through the logs, go through the additional information, and discuss the complaint. I want to start by saying that BSA's IC reasoning for detonating the bomb to disable the merc's ship is logical but not necessarily realistic. Both Juani and I agree that this is not something a detective should be doing without extreme need regardless of how simplistic the activation of the bomb is. Now, permission for the bombing was given at a time when no one else was near the ship and collateral damage would be low. Timestamps show that approximately five minutes had elapsed between when permission was given and the explosion itself. I spoke to Skull regarding the timestamps possibly being distorted/delayed but he assured me they are taken in real time. It is possible that this was all simply due to unfortunate timing but many of BSA's actions and comments (IC, OOC, and in discord after) raise a lot of red flags. He also has many comments, warnings, and bans from multiple staff members regarding similar behavior. All things considered, Juani and I have agreed that we will be reducing the perma-ban to a week-long security ban which will expire on December 23rd.
  16. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Unathi and tajara in command is not being addressed in this thread. Ive outlined the steps our team is taking. Is there any discussion on the specific steps we are taking?
  17. Senpai Jackboot

    Tau Ceti Truth

    Broadcast 287 Dorn Staff Revealed: Dorn Is Shell Plant Hey there truth seekers. From the heart of Tau Ceti to Mars or wherever you are, this is TCT's Pulsar 2 Pulsar and I’m Zee Strauhm. [Intro theme] Z: We’re live here in our studio with Stacy Stewart, former intern in Joseph Dorn’s administration. Stewart is here to discuss the truth about what happened to Joseph Dorn on February 17th, 2459. The official story is that Dorn was intercepted by Admiral Frost and held in captivity, giving a speech offering the unconditional surrender of the star nation to the invading forces. And only a week later, Dorn is rescued, shuttled off to Elyra, then comes back defiant and proud of himself and presides over sweeping reforms that liberate IPC’s. That’s the official story. S: You forgot how he was rescued. Z: Ha, you’re right. Dorn was rescued by the Synthetic Liberation Front. You know, the radical terrorists. And after this rescue, Dorn’s entire platform suddenly swings. I think you said earlier you noticed the personality change. S: Yeah Strauhm, I did. When Dorn came back on March 6th he gave his big speech and surprised everyone. He was suddenly very pro-freeing the synthetics. Overnight he just had this big pro-synthetic agenda. Z: Right after being rescued by SLF members and shuttled off to Elyra - but there’s no time tables about that. S: Yeah! Everything was so messy while Sol was in here - the soldiers never told us anything. Then suddenly the SLF just hand us the president back and go ‘here ya go!’ the President is just talking all the SLF talking points. I’m sure he made it to Elyra, and I’m sure he made it onto the shuttle coming back from Elyra. Z: And you said there were some mysterious circumstances about the trip. S: Yeah well you see there are no official logs about the President’s flight from Elyra to Tau Ceti. he just showed up like ‘surprise’! All we have is their leaving and exit. And the thing is, the logs show a passenger manifest of the President and like 6 SLF members. Then Dorn gets out, and only 5 SLF members get out. I’m just saying it wasn't Dorn that stepped off the shuttle when it landed in Tau Ceti. Z: He was replaced by a shell during the flight? S: I definitely think he was. All the signs are there. When we got back to the office his mannerisms were all different. It’s a bunch of little things that no one would ever think about individually but put together I saw it as clear as day. It just hit me. Z: What changed? S: For one, after a week I realized I never saw him eating. I’d see food in his hands or like a bag of take out, but I never saw him actually in the process of eating. Drinking either - he was such a huge fan of Dr. Gibb, but after he came back from Elyra he just, never asked for it. And during office meetings he’d stare at the power outlet on the wall like he was hungry. And not only that - he always had this peppermint breath because he loved those things and during meetings he’d offer them to everyone but he stopped doing that entirely. I asked him one day if he had any peppermints and he just looked at me funny. And he never showed up to the vice president cook-out that happened on the Aurora. What, you’re too busy to show up for your candidates cook out on a research station? Give me a break. He didn’t show up because robots don’t need to eat. Z: Wow, such subtle changes. No one else would have noticed. S: You are absolutely right. It isn't just the policy changes - it’s the personality shift. He can even do math crazy fast -- without paper. He took some of the interns out to a burger joint and he figured out a 17% tip on a 36.82 credit meal in under 6 seconds. And I swear when he blinked there was a little whirring sound in his eyes. Z: I think we’ve proven pretty decisively that whoever that is in office isn’t the real Dorn. So tell me about the bigger issues: his policy. S: This shell, which is a plant, has been pushing greater synthetic rights in Tau Ceti. But that’s just level 1 on this conspiracy iceberg. It goes a lot deeper, Strauhm. Because, suprise suprise, the longer this shell is in office, the more government officials start acting weird too. The Governor of Phoenixport, Mindy Donald, I also noticed doing crazy stuff when she visited. And all the congressmen too. Three of them, when they came in, I saw these tiny little marks on the backs of their necks. What I think is going on is that the SLF is using the access and power of a shell Dorn to kidnap members of our government and implant mind control implants into their spines. They use these implants to turn more of our government officials into sleeper agents. Z: Wow. To what end? S: I think it’s pretty obvious. The Vaurca queens have an alliance with the SLF as I think you know. So to secure this alliance, when the SLF implants all members of our government they’ll activate the chips all at once and turn every member of government - from congress to the interns like me - to mind-slaves of the Zo’ra. And when that happens, we’ll be completely helpless. They’ll be able to walk all over us. Z: Wow. This is explosive information. Do you feel safe telling us all of this? S: The shell that took Dorn’s place already tried to silence me. I was fired for ‘misconduct’. I was trying to bring in powerful magnets to run over the so-called Dorn to see if he would react, but it tripped the sensors and they grilled me for hours and told me I was no longer working for this administration. Z: You are a real truth seeker. You heard it here folks - President Dorn is a synthetic shell. The powerful cabal that dominates our star nation holds truly unthinkable plans for us and our families. We may have to face a future where we are forced to work for powerful slave masters. What a dismal world we may face. Thanks for coming onto the show Stacy! S: No problem Zee. Z: We’re going to take a quick break after a message from tonight’s sponsor: Getmore Holiday Specials. When you need the perfect gift for that special someone, Getmore of it from Getmore. Getmore: Where you get it all. Z: After the break we have a 2 part interview with Doctor Addler. The first part will be a discussion on the geopolitical realities facing Tau Ceti and the economic and political turmoil hitting the alliance. In the 2nd half Addler will discuss his theory on how the lottery is a Vox ploy to trap time travellers for the purpose of harvesting their Null Spirit Karma. Stay tuned, truth seekers. [Outro theme]
  18. PR was merged, so moving to complete Projects
  19. MoonTruther

    MoonTruthers ban appeal

    Why is this the case? i honestly just forgot is all. Hopefully if this appeal is accepted for some reason, maybe my ban could be reduced from a perma, but until next year.
  20. Sharp

    MoonTruthers ban appeal

    While I'm not going to handle your appeal, I did say you're not getting an appeal accepted this year. Something for the person handling this to consider.
  21. i will handle your interview soon
  22. Elliot

    Incident Report 23/11/2460

  23. VTCobaltblood

    The Cloverfield Paradox

    While spooky stuff is fun, this event doesn't feel proper. It's just random scary things happening, with no build-up or actual resolution besides an abrupt ending. Moreover, while the backstory is nice and all, as the event is presented, there's no real way to discover it in a 2-hour timeframe. It just doesn't feel like a plotline. To improve it somewhat, I suggest that re-appearances have a very clear theme, and most of the spooky stuff can be reproduced somehow. This way we can involve research, make the backstory discoverable, and the resolution can come when science has discovered all there is to it. Still, I feel like this could use a proper plotline, which it currently lacks.
  24. Hendricks

    Calanthia Basinger Feedback

    Hrm... Acceptable? Adequate. Some what ok. I think their pretty cool, I will learn more gradually I suppose. So far though, seems pretty nice as she usually see's me before I get dragged into medical barely alive.
  25. Calanthia Basinger (Captain) has became my main character, and frankly, the only one I play anymore. Captain positions can be difficult to get a feel for, so I'd like some feedback on her!
  26. SatinsPristOTD

    Shadow7889's Moderator Application

    As someone who has actually been on staff with Shadow for several years (and hosted a server with him), he's a DAMN good person to put on the staff. +1
  27. Resilynn

    StationCrab's IPC Application.

    PATCH has been a pretty fun beep boop to hang around these days. I've seen him in a few malf rounds and he's really good about roleplaying things out instead of just, y'know, bolting and shocking the doors, pulling out the circular saw. I think he's got this. +1
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