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  2. Yeah, this is too superficial for a clothing item. I reccomend adding this as a loadout item instead - or reapplying with more flavour (and a sprite that shows said flavour too, since as it is, it's just a color swap). Denied.
  3. The forums do not like long single-posts. And some of these will get pretty long. This is the final reserved post.
  4. Tau Ceti Election 2458 Tau Ceti Election 2459
  5. This is a longterm project to summarize half a decade of scattered Alliance, Tau Ceti, Martian, and 'Other' news into one place, and then submit for wiki developers. It's a casual project so it will be updated periodically. When a page of the news, or an IC year, is completed that section will be put in lore canonization for developer consideration for the wiki. I don't want to submit an incomplete project. Caephelon and I ruled out other subforums for the proper place for it, and it's not off-topic, so i'm posting it in general. If administration finds there's a more suitable subforum for it please let me know. I will post an update whenever significant progress is made. I will be stopping the timelines at roughly 2019, the year that I left Aurora. I do not know enough about articles after this point to write with authority their intended narratives. Articles not written by me may appear more brief because of the same reason above, if I forgot the author's original intended narrative. I will probably mark articles that are the result of the 1st and 2nd Antag Contests or that were the result of on-station events. I'll figure that out when I get to them. Each thread is marked as a title, and the article summaries are inside the spoiler beneath. 2457 - Unathi Crisis (And Sol Alliance Election 2457) Note to self: 2463 / 2021 2462 / 2020 2461 / 2019 2460 / 2018 2459 / 2017 2458 / 2016
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  7. +1 from me. I've interacted with them enough to know that they'll do well as Command.
  8. Not to beat a dead horse, but I wrote an essay on why I don't think we should resprite this stuff. It's not meant to be rude or anything, and I apologize in advance if it sounds a bit heated, but I'm mainly talking about computers here instead of my myriad of comments about wall consoles because the same reasons @Carver pointed. I hope you read it and consider it.
  9. Got bored during an exam-review today, decided to spend 20 minutes marking up some potential suggestions to the Bridge breakroom. Not entirely happy with them, but because the window sprites are on the NBT file and not the public, can't get them rn and it was too much hassle to use the already-present shuttle stuff. Moved plant-window inplace of the reinforced wall, firedoor is present incase of breach, could also add bridge lockdown shutters/privacy glass. Basically an attempt to give antags another exit/entrance point. Added a multi-level factor to the breakroom so the room is less flat. Moved the boozemat into the wall (the sprite) so it could be accessed but not take up a tile of space. Ill attach other random suggestions/mark ups I did, not huge fans of any of these, but I think they have some good concepts to them? Not a huge fan of the carpet-one, but I thought I would try it out. OH! Before I am asked. The white/shuttle wall is in place of the new NBT walls and the windows are obviously where the others go, just no diag sprites. Thanks for your time.
  10. This better be fake. Humanity must be better than this. Also Ryan is funny so +1 complaint
  11. I'll put my two cents here, sorry to necro this a bit considering the last reply was sunday. As a borg main, I disagree with the access limitations as stationbounds are intended to be capable to help as needed, and requested where needed. However, over time I have learned how this plays accordingly and its honestly a huge learning curve because of the overall disdain some people have for borgs since its been prevalent that cyborg players step out of their lane a lot: primarily new players. I have personally done this, faced the consequences and plenty of them, and I feel I have learned enough to comment here regarding it. Even if the way I learned has put me in perhaps a poor place I have experienced the curve. This is why cyborgs dont need to be limited access wise. They are already intended to be limited, it is just not well written anywhere sadly and that needs to be corrected. They are not intended to step into other department's work if there is people in that department. For context, you mention a research module going into engineering to setup the supermatter. Whilst this in a general case scenario, is frowned apon if there is actually people there and is infact ahelpable if there is people there already. An atmospheric technician technically would not know how to setup a supermatter crystal, but they can be trained if I recall correctly. If one is present the borg cannot or at least should not go into engineering and setup the engine without asking or most of all being asked to do it. Simply doing it "just because no engineer" is again: ahelpable. There is staff that could do it. This is even still applicable should there be only a engineering apprentice. There is staff there, the borg has no place unless requested, or has asked that person if they need help and the response was "Yes, please come and help" in that exact wording or similar. This applies to all modules, they should not step into other's affairs without asking or being asked before actual action is taken. They are infact jack of trades, but there is limits. These limits tend to get biased, granted, but it is within the community's right to ahelp those that step out of these boundaries I have said, because this is what I have learned the expectation is. How is the above different from a scientist somehow having "knowledge of the super matter" is that science lacks access, hacking in is frowned upon by any department besides engineering. As well as they would not actually, or at least fully know how engineering works to that kind of degree to set it up. This is essentially metagaming off the basis of that "scientist very smart. can do many job." You may know how a supermatter crystal works or at least what it is, but not the engine. Even a research director doing this I find would be odd. Whats the point of a chief engineer then if a RD can do it? This is similar to a scientist knowing how to make all of medical's medications outside of being a skrell who can, by lore definition, learn several professions. Even then as a skrell, this still applies for a good portion and for the same reasonings as cyborgs. Cyborg's knowledge bases are not well defined, but it is generally accepted that they know more than just their department and may act when needed only on such knowledge. Their limitations are really as far as the player takes them, but for those who do not they should keep this all in mind, because this is what's expected, or at least accepted. Research modules are currently capable of minor engineering, minor medical, and research. The problem is that they require these tools to be able to do research work and are useless if they dont because research is vast in tool requirements. And even with the tools they already have, they still cannot do some jobs in research. But they need to, again, keep in mind the fact that if there is people in the department already, they should not be setting up the engine. They should not be helping in medical if they are not that module. If either department has explicitly stated a need, the borg may then speak up and say "I can help." and if accepted, they may. They may not go and do it "just because" such that as a research borg doing medications because there was no pharmacist. They may not go and do the engine or atmospherics because "there was no engineer." They may do it when the power is failing. They may go if medical has explicitly asked for medications and actually need it, or someone is dying and they need let in when there is no medical. Outside of these "mays and may not?" No: they cant. Ahelp. Why is it this way? It is to keep cyborgs from power gaming. I am somewhat of an offender myself: I have been warned for it. I was even banned for it. It is you the player that keeps cyborgs in line, just as the community keeps each other in line. Cyborg laws are not in preference, stated even in-game and even in server rules. If a cyborg is "lawyering its laws" ahelp. The default law set is literal, and not to be argued. Their access comes as a perk to their role, their choices on how they interpret the way to play is not. One major issue I have found is the easy redundancy of first responders by medical modules. Is this a problem on the medical module? No: it is a problem with the borg's player. Ahelp them. The only time a medical module should be a first responder is when there isn't one present or they have explicitly been asked by a CMO, the captain, or a first responder themselves. The issue OOCly with this is when there is first responders that instead of staying "on call" inside medical they roam the station and are sometimes out of reach or not able to quickly respond to calls because they are elsewhere. Let alone some do not report where they are, when they leave, or if they have left their current location when they move locations outside of medical. Nor do some report wether or not they are responding. When this happens, what can medical do? They can only wait, and wait on them to respond to the issue or respond on radio, or 1-2 minutes later suddenly rush in wordlessly with a patient on a stretcher into the GTR. These 1-2 minutes are critical if the patient was heavily injured. I am not suggesting that medical modules should be allowed to step on a first responder's toes, it is just that it is a mutual problem that cannot be addressed properly and fully because a first responder's job is very small, very niche, and there is little substance to it. Their whole entire job is run, acquire a patient, stabilize, and bring them back for full treatment with minor GTR knowledge. I personally find that if a first responder is ironically not responding properly over radio; it is justified for a medical module and especially a rescue module to be sent and take their place. Medical has gotten to a point where if there is a first responder, medical will actually not respond to calls unless the first responder explicitly says "I need help." because first responders are very keen on ahelping anyone trying to help them that isnt a first responder. The exception? Rescue modules are first responders. They are intended for that purpose, they can do that job without being asked. Medical modules cant even if they are more capable treatment wise. Please dont take this as angry, because I dont intend it to be, but this is my two cents and what I have learned. I just... talk a lot. Sorry for the TL;DR. I personally find that these remarks should be better clarified in the job guides, or at least somewhere. Players cannot easily reference information like this and I personally dislike that as the only true way to learn any of this would be to constantly ahelp asking admins "can I do x and y if z has occured?" or... learn the hard way by making mistakes and putting your player record at risk as I have.
  12. VOTE OF DISCLOSURE FAILS! ALL PARTIES OUTRAGED! AHEM MISSING! This morning, an emergency vote was called by the Free Tajaran People's Party on the nature of the crashed object. Due to the extremely volatile nature of the event, there were nearly no absentees, with the exception of Ahem Kah’nrir who has been refusing all calls since the discovery of the crashed satellite. The vote? Declassify all known information about the recently crashed PRA satellite. The fighting started almost immediately, as a member of the Free Tajaran People’s Party physically shoved a member of the Blue Party after a heated debate before the building. When the proceedings arrived to the Assembly itself, the situation was no calmer, individual voices were nearly inaudible due to the heated discussion. The room, however, quieted down once Supreme Commander Nated stepped up to the podium to speak. The speaking order followed as usual, however, little attention was paid to the speakers as they were continuously interrupted by shouting and arguing from the other seats. The proceedings had to be halted multiple times before the National Assembly finally moved to the voting. In the end the motion to DO NOT DECLASSIFY won out. Denied by a majority vote which was only achievable by the Adhomai Blue Party switching at the last minute, when they were promised the farmers and land which was damaged by the satellite would be recompensed. The minority supporting the disclosure primarily consisted of Free Tajaran Party and multiple Junta leaders. Ahem Kah’nrir was absent. However, it appeared that the vote was divisive within the parties themselves, as many members of the denying majority stormed out angry, seemingly displeased with their own party’s decision. A peculiar sight was the quiet Commander Kahan Hro’rammhad who had voted “Yes” on the disclosure, he seemed to be particularly upset, shaking his head fervently as he exited the building. Readers will note, Commander Hro’rammhad had previously unanimously supported decisions made by Supreme Commander Nated. While it is too early for predictions, experts and political analysts state that this could mark a shift in the political climate and that the current approach has gained the anti-war tent “many more enemies than they anticipated”.
  13. I'll he handling your application, try to get a bit more feedback and then I'll start your trial. You can post your app once per round.
  14. The emergency light lasts 3 minutes, the glowshrooms last... 15? I don't know how miners do it personally, it seems difficult to really get out and about easily without sticking to light spots in the asteroid. Maybe that's how it's done?
  15. I think the real question here is dr pepper vs coca cola?
  16. BYOND Key: WackyCreations Total Ban Length: It has been 335 Days (Perm ban) Banning staff member's Key: alberyk Reason of Ban: "Pointing a gun at someone because their character was hungry." Reason for Appeal: I was new to ss13 and especially roleplaying at the time, I wasn't really aware of the rules either and I apologize and I was in the wrong, and it was foolish on my part to dive straight into ss13 on a quality HRP server, I feel I have learned my lesson and would like a chance to prove it.
  17. Packet of Blanks, empty cigarettes for to put your own stuff into.
  18. I recently started playing my diona xenoarcheologist again, and quickly found that the basic lantern doesn't provide sustenance for diona out on the asteroid. This is untenable while searching for artifacts, and the only solution that worked was either dragging an industrial floodlight, which meant I could not drag a suspension field generator to the place where it would be needed and survive, or carrying glowshrooms or the emergency light in my pocket, which both run out of juice. There ought to be some source of light I can keep on my person that won't run out in fifteen minutes while I'm out on the asteroid. That or some way to upgrade the battery in a diona's emergency light.
  19. goolies erped me so i have to deny this complaint
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