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  3. Bandolier, please! Ideally in the security section, not hospitality, in case that wasn't obvious.
  4. I couldn't know that unless you posted. But thanks, anyways.
  5. What I've seen from you is good. Roleplay's great in-game, especially so for such a new player. Easy to follow and level-headed application makes this a no-brainer. Application accepted.
  6. Hi, I have finally had the time to grant you a trial, I just want to know why there has been a lack of feedback, get back to me with an answer and we'll sort out a trial.
  7. Step 0: Corporate Uniform in the loadout so everyone knows you a BAD BOY Step 1: run the fuck out of the briefing room the second you spawn in, the HoS can cry all she like but you are getting to that maintenance loot first Step 2: Loot maintenance, keep it all for yourself, bonus points if you find night vision or a combat knife Step 3: Get some alcohol from the bartender, it gives you a buff in combat, so take a swing or two before you find those flithy fucking antags Step 4: Hunt down the Antags, if extended see Step X Step 5: Antag Located now determine their gamemode. IN THE EVENT OF TEAM OFF-STATION: IN THE EVENT OF SOLO OFF-STATION ANTAG: More to come, WIP. Suggestions welcome.
  8. I can see you point and I agree that modding can be stressful, but I'm confident enough that I'm going to be concerned enough about the position that I just won't get on if I'm have a bad enough day that I'm seething. I've recently had an incident outside of SS13/Aurora similar to this and a friend was kind enough to correct to me. The plan, in the event that I am accepted, is to avoid putting myself into situations where my own judgement is clouded by bias or emotion, which I want to say its likely encouraged by the staff team already. Also, things did get better, thanks for your concern!
  9. Well, trial projects are a thing, but there is still the requirement to be a somewhat active contributor before getting a trial. The problem is that you only have 3 recent PRs which I would not consider sufficient for a trial. Therefore I encourage you to create a few more PRs over the coming months and then reapply, or alternatively keep the application open until then.
  10. >gets PM'd 4 times by different staff to make sure I know >confirm I know >get @ 'd on the complaint itself. Yes I know it exists. I just didn't have anything else to add to it.
  11. Yesterday
  12. I didn't see the need in making a player complaint about it. See, unlike a lot of this playerbase, I don't usually CARE enough to make full on complaints if someone insults me or mocks me. But that doesn't change the fact that I won't remember it if you apply for, what I see as, an important position in Aurora. Modding is a very stressful thing, and while it isn't as stressful as IRL, it can just be another thing to add to that list of BULLSHIT that happens on an already crappy day. If you do that in dchat after a stressful day, who's to say you won't do it as a mod... and do it in an ahelp towards someone that doesn't deserve it? It shows you may not be able to handle stress. I get that life can be overwhelming. Things happen. Life happens, but our mod's know to not take it out on the playerbase. Our playerbase itself knows to not do that sort of thing. Also, I appreciate the apology. I'm sorry that things are pretty crap some days. I hope it all gets better for you!
  13. Hello, staff team again. Just making sure they even know this thing exist. @TheSleepyCatmom
  14. @Doxxmedearly sorry for the misunderstanding, when I said players I meant, as in, "players applying for staff". Not, "yeah the playerbase has to adapt to me." @SatinsPristOTD yeah I owe you an apology for that. I remember that day pretty well for IRL stuff I'm not going into here. I was mad/bitter at the world and got on, saw you and just got angry for a reason that didn't even involve you. It was a bad decision. But I'd rather you have discussed it with me in PMs/made a player complaint instead of just grabbing the info and sitting on it. I can't really react to things not brought up. Regardless, if you still want a proper apology just hit me up on discord and its yours.
  15. Hi, I'd like this trial extended by a bit, my sleep schedule is fucked atm so I can't play on lowpop, which is when I feel most comfortable playing Command.
  16. assuming everyone who has sent me a PM so far will show up we might have 1 spot left. We could desperately use a fighter or a paladin in the party.
  17. Sorry for the long delay on this, I see no negative feedback from during your trial and haven't heard any complaints therefore I'll be accepting your application, congratulations! I'll be locking and archiving this thread.
  18. BYOND Key: GlitterGuts Character Names: Jajii Lod'ur Seel'maru Kai'sa Tito Ta'an Kozi Karr' Yagma Izwurla Tatamii Izwurla Yashi Izwurla Kuranai Izwurla Auto-Doc Merko Izwurla Ishimari Izwurla Zabii Vezel CRATUS AEON DAISY Tsugoyomi ENIGMA PAX - T1 Ozumi Izwurla Kozu Kugarma Yogi Yabashi Toby Roberts Kira Ta'za Toza Lee Hans Kraus Chloe Shultz Viva Elsaka Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: green Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: ye Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Been recommended by friends and the lore dev themselves to try them out. They seem fun and interesting as most of my interactions with other vaurca have been pretty entertaining. I want to be able to do that for other people as well and have a little fun experimenting with their play-style. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Vaurca tend to be broken up into Hives/factions, cells, workers and soliders (as far as non-event choices are concerned). Vaurca have likely the most radically different alien physiology not including dionae. Surgery, diet, and post-mortem tasks are all unique to them. Their bound forms have less humanity than an IPC, working off a set of laws and doing things all in the interest in the hive, with little to no will of their own. Unbounds however, break the mold, still working in the interested of their hive or cell, but have attained more intellect and sentience. They appear much more docile and lack a sense of competition when compared to humanity. Bound vaurca can be hard to make unique because of their lack of personality, but there is still a sense of RP to be had in being that obedient drone. Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Tzu K'lax Please provide a short backstory for this character Tzu hails from the K'lax hive, Leto brood, designate to be one of the unbound workers for their cell. Durring and after their VR upbringing, they showed interest in the cultivation and processing of Kois. To them, it seemed like a massive waste to let such an abundant and resilient food source go untapped by the other races. Being able to supply the system with a source of cheap, plentiful food seemed to good to be true, as other species cannot digest phoron safely and risk mycosis. Tzu began pouring their time into study on botany, genetics, and selective breeding. Their goal was to develop the ultimate food source. An inert Kois that could be safely consumed while retaining its amazing resilience. This could be patented and sold on the behalf of the hive and fill their coffers greatly. They could see it now, space hunger ended and shed a new light on their hive, perhaps even overcoming the vast wealth of the C'thur. After thorough research they came aboard the aurora, taking on as an assistant to observe and get hands-on experience handling horticulture and gene manipulation. Their time in the labs were fruitful, gaining the knowledge needed to achieve their goal as well as the side effect of creating an odd assortment of hybrid fruits for the crew to enjoy. They are currently awaiting the notarization of their avowel to take on the full responsibility of a Xenobotanist and preform their line of kois experiments. What do you like about this character? They have a clear and defined goal that I can keep in mind whilst playing that would directly benefit their hive, as well as put some use to one of the least appreciated science occupations. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 6-7/10 Notes: Not wholly sure if I need to do an Avowel in game or if it can be considered part of my history at round start.
  19. I thought I'd post their planned flavour text, as that might help demonstrate my knowledge of the lore more to people's satisfaction. General: Standing at just under six feet, this ancient-looking Unathi looks grizzled and weathered; their black scales are fading with age to a dull, patchy grey and their squat, muscled form is usually hunched over a walking stick. They walk with a slight limp, favouring their left leg. An Unathi might notice a couple other things. Most striking is their oddly androgynous appearance, masculine in bearing and musculature but effeminate in their snout shape and proportions. Their accent in Sinta tongues is a rural and rough Moghean, likely from a village swallowed up by the Wastes, but with a sophisticated vocabulary suggesting higher education later in life. Head: Their horns are enormous! Their venerable horns spiral out and then inward in a way that must surely have been cultivated not to dig into their skull. Long, weathered frills extend from the top of their head down to the base of their neck. Face: Their teeth are oddly assorted in condition, some cracked and dulled while others are shiny and sharp; this might indicate some teeth were grown in later than others to replace lost ones. Eyes: One eye is an old, faded yellow, the other bright, seemingly thirty years younger. Both seem tired, though sometimes burn with a fiery passion. Arms: The scales of their right arm have been stained in Peizi juice with a simplified depiction of Emperor Seryo’s imperial standard, clearly reminiscent of Human tattoos; it seems to be carefully maintained. Hands: Their claws have grown long and slightly curved over the years, although two on the side of the right hand is oddly short and straight; a Dominian might recognise this as a tailored replacement. Legs: A large patch of scales on their right leg are a shiny, pure black; a Dominian might recognise this as a tailored replacement. Feet: Their claws have grown long and slightly curved over the years.
  20. After taking in consideration what we found out in their player complaint, I am going to have agree that this ban was deserved. This complaint has been solved, and I will lock it in 24 hours.
  21. You belittled me in dchat over a VERY mundane thing, at ROUND end, and this isn't the first time I've seen you do this sort of thing in dchat. You're abrasive and down right rude in OOC. You're pretty far from mod material. Players don't need to get use to abrasive people as mods, nor do they need mods that are totally okay with just randomly belittling players in dchat like this. Strong -1. Here's the pastbin to prove what I'm showing. https://pastebin.com/fVdZRnS4
  22. I will deal with this. After taking a look into your behavior, and some new information that was brought to us. I am applying a permaban on the player, from the community as whole, discord and forums. And I don't plan to lift those bans at all. Since, said player used to play on a ckey that had an already large collection of note, warnings and bans, alongside two permabans (that are now lifted). However, the player made a new account, the one that is now subject to this complaint, and did not tell the staff they were the same person. Resulting in it getting a large collection of notes and etc, because staff was sure they were someone. In the end, they just abused changing computers, location and ips to avoid being caught, until their lastest permaban. This is bad faith, and you would not even be given 1/3 of the chances you were in the neworleans ckey if we knew about this. This complaint is solved. I will archive this in around 24 hours.
  23. I hope I'm misunderstanding this point - the point of the trial is to see if you're fit for the position and able to conduct yourself in a manner befitting staff, not to see if the players can handle your abrasive nature. All I'll say is I hope you improve yourself and your conduct, especially in OOC channels. I don't have confidence that you can do so timely, but I hope I'm wrong as I have been before. If the staff team wishes to grant you a trial, then good luck. But I do not believe you deserve this chance until after you've changed your behavior.
  24. These are very bad ways to address things. I found them on the recent complaints. You should not be conducting yourself in this way. Attacking the source of the argument as opposed to what they're arguing is exceedingly low. Instead of saying the equivalent that haters will be haters, argue why the reason for hate is misplaced or false. The way you are now is only supporting their argument. When there is an increment of people complaining, then it should be realized there is an issue. 1- The person that placed this complaint is an upstanding member of this community 2- I don't know why you're acting as my white knight. Cake has been in the community longer than I have and have been staff for longer than I have. The fact we re-applied together made me immensely happy. 3- You practically asked for this complaint, prompting people in others complaints and I believe elsewhere to post things in the appropriate places, which is here and got this complaint made.
  25. @Doxxmedearly yeah you make make some good points, I really do stir the pot sometimes, and l definitely accept you judgement that I can be abrasive. But like every human, I am capable of change. I fire hard and wrestle in the mud because I was just representing me and my views. But when it comes to being staff you are obviously viewed as a face of the community, and with that knowledge in mind, I am going to stick my nose in less people’s business. Because I would fell pretty sad if a mod started coming at me too. In anycase, that’s what the trial is all about, to see if players can handle it.
  26. This is my major concern with this app. You fire back often and hard. You also do your own fair bit of instigating in OOC and Dchat. We all are guilty of this, but I'm going to give you feedback similar to what I told Paradox: You are one of the more consistently abrasive and perhaps toxic people I've seen, and one among several names that led to me quitting the discord channels and my original mute on OOC. I had some faith in him to improve, but I can't say I feel the same for you at this time. You are very critical, and don't choose your words carefully, especially when it comes to antags trying new gimmicks and the like. You're not a great representative of this community, and I feel like that's a bad quality for a mod. I don't know that I can trust you when you say this: Or that you're able to remain level-headed and impartial, based on past and current behavior. I would love to be wrong, of course, and I'd like to see you chill out a lot. But right now I can't support this app for trial. I don't think you, at this time, would make a good moderator. A -1 from me, I'm afraid.
  27. Just as a note: resomi was never a playable species on this server.
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