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  3. Such a nice idea I'm surprised we don't already have it. Have xenoarch have a large set of them, then have it so science could produce them and/or cargo could order them in. Include a lock that requires research access as well so no assistants cram that shit open.
  4. This is funny. My Anomalist wrote about this in his book, where I pulled something out of my ass for storage possibilities. Have a read:
  5. Please, please. I've wanted this so fucking badly. It's so annoying to finally get an artifact, but it's so goddamn hazardous that you can't keep it stored at all, so you just wasted 20-30 minutes of time.
  6. Doe he keep a cool head: Oliver Roadman Does he meme: Automated Engine Technici Does he fire people left and right: Elim Castel Ah yes, a perfect fit 😄 No really, the one who got me into the game by reaching out a hand to the baldest of the bald. A dream of a community member who stills makes me laugh even when the heist on PayDay 2 gets reset for the 30th time. Think he'll be a great fit. Has been looking for a way to help out the server for a while now and stuck to IC means, which he does in a great way. There was a moment when Roadman realized that the CEs of today are thought by the people who got thought by the people he thought ^^
  7. If I may offer some insight on that front, That typically relates to disputes between crewmembers of the Aurora, I.E. two crewmembers are fighting while on the Merchant shuttle. The merchant himself is not subject to ISD authority while on his ship. That is, at least, how I always viewed it and how I was told to view it.
  8. I'm personally onboard with this because if Vox are removed, a new race can (potentially) be added in the future. Praise God, banish the Vox.
  9. Ah yes, Neith... too many situations I sadly did not screenshot
  10. I know myself and Geeves have both expressed interest in working on Vox. But the efforts are dead in the water from what I hear.
  11. A request for a pull from Baystation12 to here regarding a stasis container to prevent dangerous artifacts from endangering the xenoarcheologists/anomalists in the lab. Xenoarchs can stop artifacts like “Brain damage” from harming others sealing it into a container designed to uphold it into a form of stasis. This would be lore friendly and mechanic friendly considering that we are preserving the artifacts and helps with transport for clean up crew.
  12. I would encourage it being worked on lore wise and I would not mind working on the Vox. Geeves was also working on the Vox but then it just stopped, not sure what happened there. I would encourage it being removed from merchant until someone takes up the mantle to work on Vox lore to make them a viable species to play as a merchant, raider, and so on.
  13. As much as playing vox can be fun at times, I support their removal for the reasons stated. I’d rather see something a lore nerd is passionate about put in eventually than let vox rot for another few years. Vox lore has always been open for modification but it’s still been sitting rotting for years. The last person to try anything was I believe Syntax, and I don’t think much got done there. I’d rather see them cut out and redone sooner rather than letting it fester with no one fixing it. Besides, the first step to total overhaul is removing it. Gives the devs more freedom to modify things since people aren’t going to be up in arms about actively playing characters. Just my two cents.
  14. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7669
  15. The main issue is them existing at all. As I said, the effort needs to go towards something new to take their space, not trying to refine the same pile of shit into a smoother pile of shit. We should have our own unique species, not ones from Bay.
  16. Well readding is just a question of mapping in the mirrors against. The species itself still exists in the game.
  17. Looks good to me. I don't see any reason to prolong this. Trial started on 13DEC2019 and will end on 20DEC2019.
  18. Looks okay to me, personally. I was willing to give the old side effects a try but I don't really like them as is. Too excessive.
  19. So long as something is added in their place, I don't really care. However the recent trend of removing rather than fixing things is pretty bleh. I'm sure there are people who would be willing to work on Vox lore if they were given the chance. Reducing the number of options without tackling the main issue is not a good thing in my opinion.
  20. Just because I recognize your wink to Jonathan Swift's "A modest proposal", you got my approval.
  21. Personally, I think it's much more reasonable for the head of security to have some sort of unique gun than the detective or warden, simply by dint of being one of the most important job short of captain (maybe even more than captain in certain cases) during a high stakes antagonist round. You tell me that the HoS is a desk job, but that's not how people treat them. I've seen many security teams that would fall to fucking pieces if their Daddy Hoss went away because they're a bunch of brainless morons with no tactical initiative other than flock towards valids in strong need of leadership and guidance during a crisis, along with someone to unlock maint for them. I often try to play my HoS characters as back row commanders but often find myself required to move to the front line just so I can babysit the latest gaggle of spineless ninnies surviving officers. Now, I would also say that the epistol fails to fulfill that role, because it is garbage. Even before brainmed, it was actually impossible to kill someone with the epistol, even if you hit them with all 5 shots and they were a catbeast. You wouldn't even put them in critical. They need a gun that doesn't require them to take weapons intended for the officers just for self defense. Carbines are battle weapons, not a self defense sidearm.
  22. Reasons supplied seem pretty solid to me; they're excellent points. I support this.
  23. Zundy

    Music Lore

    Yeah, it is intentionally. Neo-Postmodern is this. They just need padding out for flavor (or not if no one cares).
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