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  2. First Izweski to Be Named Kataphract Z’krazki Izweski, now 20 years old, has seen a remarkable rise in status. The third youngest of the Hegemon has always enjoyed martial pursuits. The young man has now received the remarkable honor of becoming a Saa of the Kataphracts. The ceremony took place in front of the Third Scept of Sk'akh; the grand temple that dominates the skyline of the city. There High Kataphract H’izala, the only female Saa'Izweski, swore him in during an elaborate ceremony. Present was Hegemon S'kresti, Clan-Mother Rak'ta Izweski, his older brother Not'zar Izweski, and their sister Rzasul Izweski. Notably present was also the child that Hegemon S'kresti claimed and named Yakt Izweski. He was with the Hegemon at all times. Normally the anointment of a Saa does not receive such coverage or pomp and circumstance but this will be the first time that a member of the direct Izweski clan has joined the ranks of the order, let alone a direct member of the Hegemon's immediate family. Before the crowds flooding the plaza High Kataphract H’izala emerged from the Scept to approach the kneeling Z'krazki. She was wearing the same armor as she did when first approaching Not'zar Izweski less than a year ago. Now it was not faded and scorched but resplendent and polished. She then drew her sword and rested it on Z'krazki's shoulder. The young Zo'saa was also wearing steel armor with the Izweski insignia on his orange cape. Then High Kataphract H’izala spoke and the crowd became silent. Z'krazki looked up and spoke next. High Kataphract H’izala finished the ceremony to rapacious applause as Z'razki rose as a fully anointed Kataphract. No doubt the honor of this day will forever be marked down in the annals of Izweski history, as one of their own has joined the order that they revived from near extinction. Z'razki is expected to return to the Izweski Citadel with his family to celebrate his new title. The young Kataphract is then said to be planning an expedition deep into the frontier to earn greater glory and adventures for his own name. One of our journalists managed to approach the young nobleman for questions as he was preparing to return to the Citadel and managed to ask him a revealing question. "Your clan's honor is strengthened; do you believe that your new youngest brother Yakt, the heir, will also join your path?" Z'razki visibly grimaced at the question and responded curtly. Our reporter then asked a follow-up question. Z'razki appeared agitated and replied quickly before leaving to return to his transport.
  3. Population of Gakal'zaal Takes Up Arms Against Oppressors Inspired by President Almrah’s decision, the Tajara of Gakal’zaal have risen up against the illegitimate Unathi occupation of their world. Under the leadership of a community representative, Andranik Huwaytat, they have sent a message to the people of Adhomai and the whole galaxy: Government officials have confirmed interest in assisting the Gakal’zaal Liberation Front, through material and political support. President Almrah has announced a diplomatic conference with the People’s Republic and New Kingdom to convince the other two nations in adopting the boycott against the Hegemony.
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  5. Crown Establishes the Nomadic Host of the Southern Borders 01.01.2462 Following hours of debates and drawing of borders, the King Azunja and His Parliament has decided on the creation of the Rhazar'Hrujmagh Host of the Southern Borders. A territory, encompassing the south-east borders of the Kingdom was designated to become the home of the Rock Nomads. Rustam Harmaliik, the King of Mountains, and his people have joined the war effort this year, playing an important role in the siege of Olska. Until this decision was made, all nomadic caravans were forced to remain within the boundaries of the Bar’jar province. The transfer of the population will start in one week, with the help of the army and law enforcement agencies. The south-east region had been selected by the Crown due to its low population density and lack of fortifications. Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan has approved of this decision, citing the creation of a march to protect their southern borders as a sound strategic decision. Some politicians have expressed concerns in relation to the loyalty of the Nomads, claiming that many only comply with their demands due to the presence of Rustam. Further agreements have granted a degree of autonomy to those Zhan communities, with enlistment of cavalry in auxiliary forces being maintained. Further decisions were taken by the King and the Parliament regarding the establishment of trading treaties with other galactic nations and expansion of future diplomatic missions. Members of the Commoner’s Party have requested that the Crown consider the creation of non-hereditary parliamentarians seats, allowing non-nobility to be elected or appointed to those positions. King Azunja retired to his accommodations without answering this request, citing indisposition as the reason for being unable to continue the discussion.
  6. Rumors of Federation Raids Dismissed, Reformed Terrorist Speaks Editor's note: Translated to Basic. A number of alarming reports of missing Skrell have cropped up all throughout Tau Ceti as Star Chanter Ev’ix Qeblak’nyylouuy travels throughout the system. Suggestions that the disappearances, which have largely gone unseen, are somehow the result of Federation involvement have, however, been dismissed as laughable. “I believe it stems from a somewhat exaggerated article in the human news, with the Mendell Bugle,” said the Star Chanter herself when asked by a human attending her recent speech. “In this article, they indicate that a terrorist cell was dismantled aboard the NSS Aurora- this much is true, though the details of the violence there are largely inaccurate. Regardless, I believe that article has lead to this rumor that the Federation is involved in disappearances- that event was an arrest, mind you, not a disappearance.” Federation Investigative teams have largely attributed the disappearances- now nearing 15 in the last month- to a rise in ‘xenophobic’ sentiment among Tau Ceti humans. Footage leaked this earlier this weekend shows one abduction, the abduction of 42 year old Saxilii Lyoornush, obtained from street cameras in Hengsha. It appears to show the young girl being taken by two dark haired human males- both short haired, both appearing to stand around 180 cm tall. Her parents, a family of 5, have put out a reward for her safe return in the amount of 50,000 credits. “It breaks my heart that someone could take our darling girl,” cried one of her mothers. “She was studying human culture abroad- we’d do anything to get her back. All she wanted was to learn about the humans, and they took her. We share nightmares about what may have happened to our baby, it’s horrible, none of us can sleep.” In addition to these species related abductions, anti-Skrell sentiment appears rife in human space. The JFV Qurivin, a Federation Diplomatic vessel, docked with the NSS Aurora to find ‘GO HOME’ crudely scrawled on the ground and a shrine to Oscar Easter, a human member of the Diam’ond terrorist cell, just outside the docking point. The shrine to genocide advocate Oscar Easter, containing his face sock. “To think they are celebrating someone who worked for the genocide of our entire species, I can’t imagine. I have never felt so unsafe as I feel in human space,” said an anonymous JFV Crewmember. They showed a pamphlet hung at the NSS Aurora, which made outlandish claims about Skrell poisoning the water. The anti-Skrell pamphlet, which refers to Skrell as frogs, a native Sol vermin. We reached out to reformed terrorist Froskur Vel-Rana, currently being monitored in the Pryux Re-Education Center to ask about the allegations that these assaults by anti-Skrell humans are somehow instead the work of the Federation. "It is plainly false that the Jargon Federation executes these "raids", simply because the federation is above such uncouth methods," said Vel-Rana. ""I was a violent, extremely misguided, and deeply hurt individual who needed exactly the type of expertise that the Tups have in non-lethal operations. Otherwise, I don't think I would've forgiven myself if I had completed my plans to finish Glorsh Omega's plan. I am thankful that they spared my life and gave me another chance of aspiring to the ideals of the federation." Vel-Rana also testified that none of the missing Skrell have been seen in her time at Pryux.
  7. Orbital Fleet Restores Order to Hro’zamal 28.12.2461 The Office of Colonial Affairs is in good spirits today after a poorly planned coup on Hro’zamal was put down. Earlier this week, the Orbital Fleet was ordered to return from their sojourn to the Nrrahrahul system, to aid in the defense of the Republic. However, their journey home was interrupted when a distress signal from Hro’zamal was intercepted. Kosmostrelki who were dispatched to the planet’s surface testified that they found the capital in a state of despair. Many streets and buildings were barricaded and damaged, with most of the city suffering from a blackout. Shortly thereafter Governor Arrleef Pondiskarr was able to get a transmission out to the Fleet, explaining the nature of this disaster. After the departure of the Orbital Fleet forces from the system, the captain of the Colonial Guard, Fakhri Oan, attempted a coup against the rightful rule of Governor Pondiskarr. Half of the colonial guard, mislead by poisonous promises of separatism, joined him in open rebellion. Fighting engulfed the planet, forcing the loyal colonists to retreat into the capital as the rebels controlled the jungle. The skeleton crew of remaining space outposts were unable to help the colony, under the risk of exposing the system to pirate incursions. As separatists fighters laid siege to Muldhir, vicious urban warfare took place. Under order of no retreat issued by Governor Pondiskarr, the Colonial Guard held the line for the past month. Only through the determination and courage of the Tajaran pioneers was the rebel warlord stopped from capturing the city. Upon hearing of the arrival of the Fleet, the rebels fled into the jungle, allowing the Kosmostrelki to secure the capital. Colonists received their saviors with cheering and celebration. President Hadii and the parliament promised more reinforcements and funding to Hro’zamal, alongside with the re-establishment of supply routes disrupted due to the war. The Ministry of Defenses has promised that the rebel leader will be captured in less than two weeks, and brought to Nal’tor for proper judgment.
  8. 2461.12.27 FIGHTING CONTINUES ON LAKTO PRIME After valiant efforts by His Imperial Majesty’s Army and Navy, General Lanz reported today that 47% of the planet’s surface was under Imperial control. In order to hasten victory over Lakto Prime, 500,000 more troops are expected to leave for the system next month. The battleship Moroz, now the flagship of the First Battle Division, is also departing for the system for its first combat missions after commissioning and shakedown cruise. An advanced base of operations and shipyard is now being constructed on Lakto Prime, along with facilities for the troops engaged there. So far 9,373 heroic martyrs from the Imperial Army and 732 from the Imperial Navy have passed to join the Goddess. Their eternal glory and sacrifice is rewarded in the great beyond with their ancestors. Long live the Emperor, and Goddess bless our soldiers who fight for holy liberation. A happy new year to Imperial citizens across our Goddess-spun galaxy, and may the sun rise on another year of glory for the Empire.
  9. Terrorist Cell Found Aboard the NSS Aurora Pictured: A Tup aboard the Aurora before apprehending terrorists. Provided by Jake Jarvis. The NanoTrasen Space Station Aurora is at the center of a storm of controversy today as a routine Jargon Peacekeeper sweep of the nearby area uncovered a group of terrorists working to undermine the Jargon Federation and potentially take the life of the visiting Star Chanter. The terrorists included three Skrell and a human, presumably employed to guard them. All three Skrell have been arrested for their crimes. The human died from his wounds as he fired upon Federation Peacekeepers. While details of the exact terrorist collaboration are unclear, the charges filed include Crimes Against The Wake, Anti-Federation sentiment, and Attempted AI Integration. It is believed that the terrorist plot was spearheaded by Boq-Tiros Diam'ond, Glorsh supporter and infant killer. Far from his first crime, it is believed Diam’ond fled to Tau Ceti space to develop weapons against the Federation outside of Peacekeeper supervision. Also charged are Qu Shin and Froskur Vel-Rana. All three criminals have been extradited to Federation space for reeducation. Peacekeeper Overseer Vllip Qup’Nluuxop greatly attributes the discovery of this terrorist cell to Solarian Samaritan Jake Jarvis, himself a Security officer aboard the NSS Aurora. Jarvis’ reports tipped off the passing Peacekeeper vessel, which had only been in Tau Ceti space to see a speech by the Star Chanter Ev’ix Qeblak’nyylouuy. “I thought it was fair enough, them coming aboard to look for a terrorist,” said Jarvis. Found hidden aboard the NSS Aurora were a large sum of credits, a number of weapons seemingly developed on board the station, and a viral sample which Federation experts have identified as the Glorsh supporters’ attempt to perfect the Genophage. “Regardless of their abhorrent crimes, we are very hopeful that their rehabilitation will go well,” said Nlom Specialist Aoosh’up Qllgiix. “Extradition was a mercy of the Federation, in Tau Ceti space, they may have been put to death. Here, we can make them productive members of the Federation again by showing them the proper path for them laid out in the stars.” The Sol Government has released a statement on the human who died in an attempt to kill the Federation Peacekeepers, disavowing his actions as the actions of a lone wolf caught in the plot of Diam’ond. The human has been identified as Necropolis Industries contractor Oscar Easter. Autopsy reports find his injuries were largely sustained from a fall after being hit by Peacekeeper stuns, further exacerbated by his attempt to teleport into space with a punctured suit. The Eridani Federation has requested their own autopsy. No connections between these crimes and the crimes of the terrorist Nliix Qoiruio, still on the run from the Jargon Federation, have been found.
  10. After months of debate in one of the longest Representative Summits in the Frontier Alliance’s history, the members of the Alliance has adopted a resolution to fundamentally change the name and nature of the Alliance, toward a more solidified governing system. Now headed by a Chief Representative, the newly-chosen Reilly Sianne of the new capital Xanu Prime, the Coalition of Colonies looks inward as debates continue to take place over what place an overarching government has in the frontier. With new threats from the Empire of Dominia, the Sol Alliance, and Izweski Hegemony, along with increases in piracy, rebellion and terrorism across the frontier, the calls for a firmer hand seem to have won a small victory. After the dissolution of the Free Assembly party, the remaining four major parties in the Coalition, the Liberal Party, Party for a Secure Coalition, Zaurghisian Free Party, and the Coalition Alliance of Labor have all failed to secure a governing majority. Only time will tell how well these parties will work together in the coming year.
  11. PEACE ON ADHOMAI: PRIME MINISTER FROST LIFTS TAJARA BAN At last, peace on Adhomai! Today Prime Minister Frost announced that he, with the assent of the legislature, would be signing a bill lifting the Second Tajara Ban. It has been a busy month for the newly-elected Prime Minister from the Human Unity Party with over thirty bills being signed into law, the majority of them with cooperation from Senate Minority Leader Roon of the Sol First Party. “For the first time in over a century, we are making ardent steps toward reforming our corrupt, inefficient government. For the first time in over a century, two opposing parties have found common ground, and we will push forward together to bring reform that will forge a new Alliance, a new shining beacon for all of humanity to unite under,” remarked the Prime Minister today at the signing. In the past four months, a great deal of change has happened in the political landscape. Four parties vie to direct the Alliance forward: Prime Minister Frost’s Human Unity party, which pushes to unite all of human populated space under the Solarian government again, and Senate Minority Leader Thomas Roon’s Sol First party, which aims to guarantee Sol the highest quality of life in the galaxy. Alongside them are two smaller parties, the System Freedom Party led by Representative Chambers of the Artesia System, and the Reform Party led by Senator Benekr of the Silversun System. For those readers who haven’t quite kept track of the myriad developments in the political landscape in the past four months that led to former admiral and hero Michael Frost being chosen as Prime Minister by the newly-ascendant Human Unity Party, it is hard to decipher the individual changes that led to one of the largest shifts in politics since the Crisis of the 22nd Century. Needless to say, the Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations certainly seems to be entering a new era of much-needed bipartisan change and reform.
  12. Broadcast 387 Adhomai Ceasefire Part of Plot To Destroy Galaxy Hello everyone. This is Majhurl Rhazjul, the new host of our latest show, Tajara Truth Hour. Our truth, your television. [Intro jingle] This one is coming with a dire update on the status of the so-called ‘Civil War’ on Adhomai. Regular listeners will have heard our previous broadcasts going over the facts of this matter. We know what is going on with the holographic continents and the skrell infiltration of our oceans posing as ratajani to steal our precious oysters. But his friends, we did not at the time understand the true depth of this conspiracy against the Tajara people. This one has to humbly admit now that his focusing on Adhomai has not been fair. While the Tajara are the most powerful precurser species in the universe, it has been short sighted for this one to not recognize the struggle going on outside this picture. This one has gathered evidence that has shook this one to his core. This one is now ready to reveal that the Skrell… Are not the ones behind the colonization of our oceans. Let this one explain. There is no doubt that, for example, President Hadii is a skrell using holographic technology to disguise himself as a ratajani disguising itself as a Tajara - that’s just common sense. But what this one did not know until now is that these Skrell are not acting autonomously. They are trapped, enslaved even, by the most insidious and evil creatures to ever curse our universe: The Yve’kha. These wasps in the past would eat the wooden buildings of our people until they collapsed. We thought that we had domesticated them, but we were wrong. We were so wrong. These Yve’kha are not simple bugs, but the most powerful telepaths in the universe. Each individual Yve’kha can mind control over eight individuals at one time, anywhere within our local supercluster. Their power is foiled only by the fact that ancient Tajara - and this is supported by archaeological evidence - fought a war millions of years ago that destroyed entire galaxies. The Tajaran Forerunners succeeded in this war at the cost of trillions of lives, and in our victory we nullified the telepathic abilities of the terrifying Yve’kha and banishing them to the prison world of Adhomai and Earth with a billion Tajara guards each. This is settled science by now. But after the other Tajara became uplifted to become beings of pure energy, the Yve’kha collectively used their remaining miniscule powers to shield the planets from this great Uplift, trapping Tajara on Adhomai and Earth. Then Tajara on Adhomai evolved to what we are today, while our progeny on Earth evolved into humanity. The Yve’kha had won stage 1 of their long con, and we were trapped with them. Catching us up to the current day, we are seeing the fallout of stage 13 of their great plan. The Yve’kha have managed to breed select individuals to regain their telepathic abilities, and they have use mind control on Skrell to use them as patsies against us. They had the Skrell colonize our oceans, stealing from us our precious oysters and locking our people into the civil war that was suiting their own ends. They used Srom against the Skrell, who in turn were used against us. With the cease fire on Adhomai, the Yve’kha are moving to stage 14. Now comes the economic infiltration of the wider galaxy. Because modern Tajara are naturally shielded from the ancient Yve’kha telepathy by the psionic energies present in the Tajara RNA code they are forced to overcome this obstacle. And how do you think they are bypassing our defences to enslave us? Dr. Gibb soda. Let him explain. Here is a list of people with ties to Dr. Gibb’s company: Miranda Trasen, Joseph Dorn, every member of the NanoTrasen Board of Directors, fifteen congressmen in the Biesel Congress, two-fifths of the Sol Alliance senate… And more. You can see the full list on the Tau Ceti Truth website. All of these individuals have ties to the Dr. Gibb company or were photographed drinking Dr. Gibb soda at some point. Why is this bad? Because Dr. Gibb is a front company used by the Yve’kha. They put nanobots into the soda that invade the brain of its user, snuffing out the psionic energy in RNA that grants immunity to telepathy. This then allows the Yve’kha to mind control the individual if they so choose, enslaving them to their will. And this means every important or influential person that drinks Dr. Gibb becomes a slave. Even the media is infiltrated. If you are watching television, you are watching people who drank Dr. Gibb. You are watching Yve’kha patsies. The Tajara DNA within the major species of the galaxy keeps us all instintively mistrustful of the Yve’kha, so no person would knowingly and willingly work for them. Only by telepathically controlling members of our civilization will the Yve’kha grow in power. These ‘Yveks’ as he calls them are husks of their former selves. Every year the most powerful Yveks in the galaxy meet in secret to sacrifice Tajara children to an effigy of their dark masters. This is no small sect, its membership boasts people like Miranda Trasen, Not’zar Izweski, Admiral Frost, and the mayor of Phoenixport. Notice anything? THEY’RE ALL DR. GIBB DRINKERS AND STOCK HOLDERS. Are you asking questions yet? We need to fight back. The Yve’kha’s plot is to enslave the universe because the only thrill they can feel is when they eat the home of an innocent, making it collapse. They know only malice and hate. If they have their way the entire race of Tajara and all our progeny will be herded into reservations where we live eternity having our homes devoured by the scheming, plotting Yve’kha. If Dr. Gibb soda continues to spread in popularity, we will all be weakened and enslaved. If you are listening, this one begs you to stop drinking Dr. Gibb. You are at risk of telepathic mind control if you ever drink this despicable soda. REFUSE Dr. Gibb. If you friend offers you one, educate them in the plot of the Yve’kha. Purify your body with water and delicious Adhomai oysters, which hold powerful latent healing abilities for psions. If you are human, work out, as the nanobots can be lost through sweating. If you are Tajara then you must cleanse with Nif Berries mixed with coffee. We also must do everything we can to destroy the Dr. Gibb soda corporation and expose the Yveks that control our governments and media. We must spread the word of this infiltration or we will forever be kept as a clueless herd. The war of our forerunners is not over - the Yve’kha are rising once more and the life of every sentient is at risk! We must not succumb to the rapidly approaching doom! Now for a word from our sponsors: Martin Bran Lewis Socks for Men: we really sock it to ya.
  13. Consensus Call Posted by SirIMight (Saramiite Kenzik) on 8.15.2461 This post carries the will of a large proportion of your Saramiite 'brothers'; take its words into account or the consequences will be dire. Many of us have already left to pursue other opportunities. This is a call for consensus regarding the Saramiite clan's participation in such 'mercenary forces' as the emergency response teams of our very own ally Nanotrasen, as well as other corporate security forces. We are no longer asking permission - you have told us your feelings on the matter, and we have decided to ignore you. What we are asking for now is your support regardless. Acknowledge our contributions to our way of life or lose us forever. To represent the importance of this call we are setting the color to orange. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Paradigm ISeeYou001 (Ansiba Asaoh) sponsored this call on 8.18.2461 Let this ridiculous attempt die in consensus, I plead everyone considering leaving with these misguided warriors rethink their decision and remain with us. A compromise can be had. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Vote: Provide material and moral support to displaced Saramiite who participate in mercenary work. In return, a portion of all of the proceeds will be directed back to the commune. 08,810 DISAGREE (88%) 02,202 AGREE (22%) . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Top Rated Comments >Xuixuizi says, Our friend ISeeYou is right, I hope most of you don't go, this is not the time for all of this and we cannot afford to provide support to you!! Just read the production reports --- >Kataphreekd says, We cannot morally afford to cut off an entire clan of our own people because we have taken an action you disagree with, this is a test of our principles and you have failed. --- >CloakedInDorkness says, To leave now is to mount a direct assault on our way of life, don't expect mercy if you leave and end up on the wrong side. --- >FishClash says, Can't we all just get along? We have a good thing here, you can come join us if you want!! --- >BBQLovr28 says, Stop talking about it and GO already hahaha listen if there are any saramiites who actually care, come join Mahashik we got a lotta digging to do --- >myeminence says, support is not possible at this juncture please attempt again in five years we will have returned to our previous capacity reduction in saramiite population is unacceptable oss predicts devastating consequences within 5 months --- >MechatekMaster says, so ... how about those tanks?
  14. Shuttle Crash in the Romanovich Cloud On 12.08.2461 at 13:25 standard time, the merchant vessel Rubinsky collided with the cruise ship Dreamland in the Romanovich Cloud. According to the flight recorder logs the escape pods of the merchant vessel have been ejected at 13:30. The captain of the cruise ship ordered an evacuation at 13:50 after the structural integrity rapidly decayed. An official investigation regarding the cause of the collision has been launched by the Biesel Transport Authority. Due to the immediate action of nearby vessels, most escape pods were recovered quickly. However, some were not caught and landed on a nearby asteroid which houses the Aurora Station, a Nanotrasen research installation. One of the survivors of this tragedy was Ms. Katt, a PR manager of a smart home startup on Luna, who traveled with her associates to Tau Ceti on a business trip. Our reporter, John Miller, managed to secure an exclusive interview with her, which can be found below. Suffice to say, that they were treated in the way that Aurora’s security forces are known for according to insider circles. As the first survivor managed to get inside of the station, gasping for air, she was "greeted" by a security officer. The officer "retrieved" her and steered her to a questioning room without ever getting a medical doctor to check her for any injuries she might have sustained. Even after she explained that she was a survivor of a nearby shuttle crash, they threatened to charge her and her associates that arrived on the station shortly after with trespassing. The crew of the Aurora never even sent out any search parties to check for any additional pods. Only after they managed to talk with the chief medical officer, things started to clear up. To quote Ms. Kate: "Security didn't care at all. They didn't try to find more emergency pods, they didn't care where we came from, all they wanted was "getting us into their system" and "being able to identify us". Just another day, I guess. Humanity is completely irrelevant for them, apparently." Mr. Pyres had the following to say about his treatment by the Aurora Crew: "After such a traumatic experience, and with only a handful of us alive, you'd think that whoever gave us sanctuary would be kind, hospitable, and understanding. Especially with a figure such as Chang Ling involved. Except, even at the unfortunate loss of our friend and colleague Romanos Huang, we were commanded to be processed like petty criminals instead of simply asking us like normal people who we were and for whom we worked. Only one officer had the basic decency and courtesy to accommodate us, but she was scolded for treating us like human beings. All because we simply couldn't have gathered our wallets with our identities during the meteor shower, and because we weren't in some manifest that Nanotrasen conjured." Mr. Chang offered us the following statement: "Nanotrasen's facility Aurora is the most backwater facility I've ever been to. When our cruise liner crashed, we were treated like criminals a few moments after coming aboard by thugs dressed in Security gear! The only real professional one there who knew what she was doing, was security cadet Erin Song and their Chief Medical Officer, Fernando Gonzales! The other officers just said we were technically trespassing and threatened to detain us, and they took a full hour to even get someone to talk to since their captain fell asleep on the job! The hospitality was terrible! Terrible! Interview between award-winning field journalist, John Miller, and small business owner Cindy Katt:
  15. Editors note: Translated to Basic by human Sinta'unathi linguist. K'lax to Darken Pid! Pid, the Hatchling star, or Wandering Shellcase may soon go dark. Pid has captured the imagination of ancient Unathi since time immemorial. Visible to the unaided eye from the night surface of Moghes, Trets only moon was instrumental in developing the heliocentric model of the solar system, a system developed before the first hegemony. All of this may soon change according to Tret's newest occupants, the K'laxan Vaurca. Yesterday, Overlord Ta'Akaix'Zkaii'xay'yil K'lax's representatives announced plans to ferry tons of non-reflective powder into strategic positions around Pid, to reduce its apparent brightness to zero, removing it from the night sky for decades to come. The reason, according to K'laxan astronomers, is Pid's bleak and empty atmosphere. It reflects significant amounts of light that throws off long-range spectrographs in search of phoron-rich systems. The proposal is scheduled to be heard by a special clan council later in the week. The Window was not invited to attend, and so instead took this opportunity to canvass nearby villages and to ask the often forgotten humans of Tret what they think of these recent developments. Tasz Eskani, a local businessman, on Moghes responds, "I don't think aliens should change anything let alone the night sky. I remember the stories told to me in my youth about the burning mother and her children. Pid was the name of the tricky child. Pid always followed his brother unless he was hiding somewhere for his brother to find him. I do not think its worth losing that for any advancements, phoron or no. They don't even know if there is anything else out there, for all we know this could be a big waste." As for the effects on humans, we were able to interview Mining Site 3 warren boss Amanda Caldine, who had this to say, " This affects our bottom line, and makes living on Tret that much harder. It gets dark earlier than Moghes on Tret, and what day-light we do get is used working. I don't know how we will make up the difference with fewer hours of production. Nanotrasen was already pushing for automation for these operations, and I can only see them pressuring further and firing our hard workers sooner if this deal goes through."
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