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  2. King Azunja Returns to Public Life 22.01.2463 After an unexpected appearance at the parliament, King Azunja has announced a return to his duties. The monarch's absence in the past months has caused much speculation; many suspected that he was planning on abdicating. Azunja assured the press and parliament that he has no intentions of retiring any time soon. When asked about the reasons behind his leave, the King only mentioned suffering from a mild illness that has been already treated. Even after the return of His Majesty, Crown Heir Shumaila attended the sessions alongside K
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  4. Ministry of Technology Inaugurates the First Self-Sufficient Robotics Factory 19.01.2463 Faced with the current galactic instability and the ever-encroaching enemies of the Tajara, the Party has revealed its newest project to secure the continued independence of the Republic. The product of years of research and investment, the Ministry of Technology inaugurated today the first self-sufficient robotics factory in the city of Al’mari. Unlike previous installations that relied on foreign supplies and technicians, the “President Hadii Advanced Manufacturing Center” is able to fun
  5. Espionage + Crime DLC dropped! It can be found here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Federation_Enforcement Happy reading! With this done, the only things left are the cultural expansion and psionic rework (wiki-side only). We are planning on adding on what skrellian artworks are (themes, concepts) alongside skrellian architecture and holidays! Following that, we begin preparing for the Election Arc of 2463! Get ready to vote!
  6. Bands, Bots and Break ups; Where are they now? It’s an obvious fact that the freer the market, the freer the people. And with such large markets, it is no wonder that Tau Ceti houses talent after talent after talent. Be they musicians, circus performers, racers or gamers. In this article, we’ll disclose the lives of these living legends walking among us. The ClockWorks are one of the most prolific bands, coming onto the scene as one of the first “recognized” synthetic bands rather than musical equipment. They are well known not only for their musical talent, but also their chemistry on-s
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  8. MEGACORPORATIONS RESPOND TO SOLARIAN CORPORATE REFORMS Following the Provisional Council for Solarian Defense’s decision at the beginning of this year to enact widespread nationalization and corporate restrictions against the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and its affiliates, there has been an odd silence from the corps until today. All corporations targeted by these recent reforms have come forwards with their decisions in multiple press conferences today. The NanoTrasen corporation made an official statement that served as little more than a confirmation of Solarian intentions, an
  9. TREATY DENIED, REPRESENTATIVES SHOCKED 04/01/2463 Editors Note: Translated to Basic QERRBALAK - Mere hours after the introduction of the Non-Proliferation Treaty across the various regulatory bodies that govern Tajaran politics failed, the Grand Councillor themself urged the three nations “to fully comply” with the treaty following the discovery of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Adhomai’s unveiling of a nuclear testing site. “The Jargon Federation’s critical stance on nuclear power is infamous, and it is crucial that the various nations that govern the Tajara fu
  10. Liberation Army Reveals New Weapon! Supreme Commander Nated has announced today that the Liberation Army has conducted its first successful nuclear weapons test. Product of years of secret development by the brightest minds in the Republic, the bomb known as “First Thunder” was detonated in an undisclosed location in Gakal'zaal. This achievement was praised by the civil administration as a necessary step towards securing the independence and future of the Tajaran people. Footage of the detonation was broadcasted through the television and is now available to the public on the extranet.
  11. Unathi Trapped in Tau Ceti! With the end of the invasion, Izweski forces have begun the process of returning back to Uueoa-Esa system. A portion of volunteer forces will remain to help distribute relief to those on Biesel and in surrounding space, helping the rest of the Republic of Biesel’s allies move medicine, provide food, and relocating those displaced by the brief conflict. By the mercy they show, the spirits are most pleased by sinta aiding their allies. The rest of the forces, largely levies, were previously expected to return home by now. Sources in Tau Ceti are reporting th
  12. The following news bulletin blinks open on each Eridanian device and visual implant connected to the extranet. 15 . 11 . 2462 PRIORITY NOTICE MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD OF FIVE AND THE SOL ALLIANCE. In breaking news, a few days ago the greater Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations announced to the galaxy that Prime Minister Michael Frost was found dead within his suite upon Unity Station in the Sol system. As the news was made public, the Board of Five were quick to convene with the Alliance’s political representative - Governor General Mei Luo - with whom th
  13. WARP ACHIEVED; SPEED ACROSS REGION INCREASES EPSILON URSAE MINORIS - Probing Discoveries of Unknown Investigations has sent a communique via the Communications Relay housed within the Lxzti Station confirming the development of the ‘Czjkan Drive’ - a crude warp drive capable of breaching FTL speeds. Whilst inferior to the bulk of those created by humanity; relations amongst the galactic community haven’t been cordial enough to allow for the transfer of schematics involving more advanced warp drives. Whilst the ‘Czjkan Drive’ is said to require immense amounts of energy, it is said t
  14. 2462.07.08 CROWN PRINCESS PRISCILLA ADDRESSES NATION ON FOUNDING DAY! This year’s founding day was a fortuitous day in the history of our grand Empire, united in faith, as it was the three-hundredth and twenty-fifth anniversary of when humankind first set foot upon the planet of Moroz. Celebrations have been held throughout the Empire to honour the memory of our pioneering ancestors, who traveled so far to arrive upon what would become the heartland of our grand Empire. Imperial subjects as far afield from our lands as the Republic of Biesel have held magnificent celebrati
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    Consensus Call Posted by TrizaMan (Saramiite Tulzi) on 1.22.2462 This is a call for consensus on our Commune's participation in this civil war. Our disagreement with the Optikam can't be resolved with regular negotiations. Our material supply can only go one way or another. We of Clan Saramiite reject the Optikam desire to see the rebels win the civil war. We do not believe that the chaos and upheaval will benefit the commune. While it may be true it will create a lack of systemic authority to target those that spread our word, the harm it would create would outweigh the benefits to
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