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  2. 2462.07.08 CROWN PRINCESS PRISCILLA ADDRESSES NATION ON FOUNDING DAY! This year’s founding day was a fortuitous day in the history of our grand Empire, united in faith, as it was the three-hundredth and twenty-fifth anniversary of when humankind first set foot upon the planet of Moroz. Celebrations have been held throughout the Empire to honour the memory of our pioneering ancestors, who traveled so far to arrive upon what would become the heartland of our grand Empire. Imperial subjects as far afield from our lands as the Republic of Biesel have held magnificent celebrations honouring our predecessors, with His Majesty’s embassy in the Republic of Biesel serving as a place of congregation for good Imperial subjects in the system that wish to honour our predecessors. Embassy security has assured our reports that, despite protests, Founding Day celebrations have continued regardless. The Imperial capitol of Nova Luxembourg has seen a grand celebration of Founding Day, with the festivities continuing well into the evening. Crown Princess Priscilla Keeser - the heir apparent - has addressed the Empire from the Imperial Palace of Moroz alongside Emperor and Empress Keeser with a rousing speech calling for unity amongst the people of the Empire on this most magnanimous of days. In a rare gesture, she extended an olive branch even to Fisanduh, which shares our grand holiday despite their unwillingness to accept the rightful rule of Moroz by the Goddess’ own Empire of Dominia, calling for the rebels to respect our mutual origins on this day. In honour of Founding Day the royal family, spearheaded by Crown Princess Priscilla, has established a significant fund for the personnel and families of personnel injured or killed in the liberation of Lakto Prime. While those that have fallen in Her name are generally honoured with the Feast of Remembrance in early August, the Crown Princess has become renowned throughout the Orion Spur for such acts of generosity. Praise the Goddess in all you do, for without Her there is no Empire.
  3. Gakal’Zaal liberation in progress, but can they last without you? Gakal’Zaal’s liberators report major victories all over the planet of Gakal’Zaal! This colony, grasped by the long talons of the oppressive cold-bloods, has been choked for too long and finally, its people are calling for liberty! However, now more than ever they need help and support. While the DPRA stands fully at their side both in spirit and in flesh, many others stand by and do nothing. This is not the case for the son of Mj'akurahur Drrawa'jur, Yuri Drrawa'jur, who has now publicly spoken out against the current “Overlord”. While the family of Drrawa'jur has a history of royalty, Yuri is a staunch believer in democracy and free choice of the people. This young man has used his inborn position of privilege to lessen the weight of taxes, provided his estates for peaceful gatherings and continued to support a compromise between the Overlord and freedom fighters. Doing the right thing is not always easy and Yuri Drrawa’jur is a shining example of such! But will he fight alone, or will you join him and many others? As we speak, volunteers from all over the universe are congregating on Gaka’Zaal. You could be there too.
  4. REPUBLIC OF ELYRA REFUSES EXPORTS, SOL ALLIANCE PRICES RISE! Despite recent reports of phoron shortages from both the Republic of Biesel and the NanoTrasen Corporation the Republic of Elyra, one of the Orion Spur’s largest producers of phoron aside from the Republic of Biesel, has announced today that it is not intending to commence exporting raw phoron to the rest of the Orion Spur. Citing their use of the fuel in many of their exported products, the Republic of Elyra has long guarded their ample phoron reserves from the rest of the Orion Spur. It remains doubtful that they will export raw phoron now, due to close government controls over the resource. Outside the Republic of Biesel supply is rapidly beginning to outpace the demands of the Sol Alliance, and emergency rationing is seriously being debated to assure that its military is able to meet its phoron requirements to maintain combat readiness. Prime Minister Frost has accused the Republic of Biesel of deliberately throttling phoron supplies in order to cripple the Sol Alliance. Shortages have been noted throughout the Sol Alliance, with major member planets without bluespace gates such as New Hai Phong and Silversun reporting particular concern. The Republic of Biesel and NanoTrasen corporation have both decried the accusations of Prime Minister Frost as baseless and ridiculous, and a sign that the former Solarian naval officer has not let his dream of destroying Biesel’s liberty go. NanoTrasen stocks continue to decline in the face of a major phoron shortage, while EInstein Engines - the largest producer of non-phoron-powered warp engines - has seen its largest one-day stock price increase in a century. Stay tuned for more information regarding this ongoing shortage.
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  6. Pressure Mounting, Rebels a Threat? Despite the continued arming of his world, the losses on Gakal’zaal have been mounting according to insider reports. Numerous casualties of both Tajara loyalists and Sinta warriors are being counted just north of Kaszhizi. The perpetrators? The so-called Gakal’Zaal Liberation Front, a group of upstart raiders and heretics who have banded under an alien flag to try and sabotage the internal workings of Gakal’zaal and the Hegemony as a whole. Overlord Yizarius was quick to lay any suspicions to rest. As he reports, the only reason these “freedom fighters” have been capable of laying a finger on his warriors is that they have adopted a certain type of combat called “Guerilla warfare”, a highly dishonorable and shameful form of war which uses trickery and deception to cause as many casualties as possible. However, he assures, the fact is that for every Sinta life the rebels lose ten times as many and that by his projections, the war should end next week. Overlord Yizarius also claims that as a result of this upset, he will be forced to raise taxes, increase tariffs and suspend any tithes to be paid towards the Hegemony. Suspicions were immediately raised but Yizarius’ said that his second in command, Grand Admiral Shiassta, would not only vouch for him. But also offer up his estates, titles, lands and honor as possible payment instead of the required tithes. Distrustful, a meeting was called immediately. However, after brief negotiations, the Hegemon agreed on a holographic call instead. ///Open Feed
  7. The Crown Concedes to the People’s Demands 29.06.2462 Tensions continued high this morning. The HMS Rredouane and the HMS Dolor remained on patrol in Kaltir’s bay, and the Palace courtyard remained full of protestors.. However, the Parliament was able to hold a meeting with King Vahzirthaamro Azunja. After hours of discussion and negotiations they reached an agreement. A new chamber will be created in the Parliament: the Chamber of Commoners. It will be composed of elected representatives that will serve a term of three years. Any citizen, noble or commoner, will be able to occupy those positions. Despite this, the new house holds considerable less power and seats than the inheritable titles - a simple majority from the Chamber of Nobles will be able to overrule the decisions made by the Chamber of Commoners. Alongside the concessions to the Commoner’s Party, the Crown has made other compromises to the members of the Parliament. Promises of relaxing the draft and increasing funds to modernize the army were made. Amnesty to the sailors that participated in the HMS Dolor and HMS Rredouane mutiny was also granted. The news were received with celebration by the population. The protestors in front of the Imperial palace became a cheering crowd when the changes were announced. The ships blocking Kaltir’s bay docked soon after the meeting was over. The sailors were welcomed with open arms by their colleagues; they were dragged to a pub to commemorate. The city’s garrison stood down, returning their weapons at the orders of the Field-Marshall. The protests came to an end by the night; as most of the population returned to their homes. King Azunja retired himself to his private quarters shortly after the meeting, offering no further insight into the situation. Elections for the Chamber of Commoners are expected to begin in two months.
  8. Grand People's Army Expeditionary Force Reports Success in Hro'zamal 22.06.2462 After months of preparation and skirmishes with the rebels on Hro'zamal, the Grand People's Army Expeditionary Force has launched an offensive against the enemy. Soldiers are being dispatched from the capital on missions that have the objective of identifying and destroying rebel hideouts. These battalions, under the guidance of the Colonial Guard, marched into the jungle and eliminated the presence of traitors by torching their bunkers. Because of the lack of infrastructure and defensible positions in the jungle, the army has decided to retreat back into the city after conducting these attacks. Military command has confirmed that this strategy is the most effective one for this conflict, claiming that the Grand Army’s superior numbers will quickly crush the enemy. A contingent of the People's Air Force has been transferred to Hro'zamal to provide air support during the operations. Autogyros fly over the jungle, scouting and bombing positions relayed by ground forces. The Grand Army has developed a new tactic to complement the emerging anti-guerilla doctrine: the use of Gyrodynes to swiftly deploy reinforcements during engagements. Making use of their vertical take-off and landing capacities, these aircraft are not only able to transport our forces but also offer close fire support, medical evacuations and resupply despite the harsh jungle environment. Once constrained by the wild winds of Adhomai, the People's Wings are now free to soar high in the sunny skies of Hro'zamal. Prototype vehicles adapted to the conditions of the colony are currently being deployed in the field; these new automobiles are the brainchild of the Hadii Institute of Orbital Research. To further the development of the colony, the Office of Colonial Affairs is now offering extra subsidies to any Tajara willingly to settle on Hro'zamal. Anyone seeking to start a new life will be able to do so on the lush lands of the colony. The Party will give their full support to settlers, ranging from adequate farming equipment to top-of-the-line HVAC systems. The call to expand the Tajaran horizons is upon us! The Ministry of Defense has promised that the rebel leader, Fakhri Oan, will be captured in less than one year by the Grand People's Army.
  9. The Hum Broadcasts News; A World First The Hum, local to the Choir community, has now been used to broadcast news locally for the first time. A warm greetings to all Dionae listening to this broadcast directly for the first time wherever you may be across Biesel. Since the Express’ humble beginning as a simple local information service we have always prided ourselves on being the forefront in not only Dionae related news but news for those in district 11 and the brave citizens of Biesel. A cheer for all patriots of the Republic. May it prosper under our warm guidance and protection. As always, we will be keeping you abreast of all major events happening in across all walks of life on Biesel. We can still be reached via extranet and local news terminals so be sure to check in for the latest news. Three cheers to you reader and for more quality news broadcasting in the future.
  10. New Leadership Dramatically Rebrands Necropolis Industries to Zavodskoi Interstellar! Earlier this afternoon (GST) Dr. Lydumila Zavodskoi announced that Necropolis Industries’ board of directors had voted unanimously to change its name from Necropolis Industries to Zavodskoi Interstellar. Necropolis’ board of directors - including Dr. Zavodskoi - have assured investors that the changes are “for the best of the company” and represent a new era where Zavodskoi will focus upon military manufacturing rather than the pursuit of genetics research. For now Necropolis stocks are holding steady, compared to the brief drop experienced after the naming of Dr. Zavodskoi as its new CEO. In response to this dramatic and sudden decision, Dr. Zavodskoi has opted to hold another press conference at the headquarters of the company in Tolyatti. We now go live to our reporter in Tolyatti. LYDUMILA ZAVODSKOI stands behind a podium in the Tolyatti headquarter’s conference center. On the podium itself is the symbol of the new Zavodskoi Interstellar - still in red-and-black, as per the old emblem. REPORTER: Investors are concerned by the recent shifts in the board of directors. Could you go into more depth about what happened? ZAVODSKOI: Of course. Mister Meirran and Doctor Volvalaad have unfortunately decided to depart our employment due to disagreements with our new executive direction. Mister Meirran has been replaced by Marquess Volvalaad as our chief security officer, and Doctor Volvalaad has been replaced by Doctor Klavan as our chief research officer, and we are very much glad to have them on the Board. Our new members of the Board are very open-minded and loyal employees, qualities which are very valued here. REPORTER: Why did you proceed with the rebranding when two board members decided to quit over it? ZAVODSKOI: Ultimately, the benefits of our new direction will far outweigh the losses of any individual board member. Myself - and my colleagues - have absolute confidence in this. REPORTER: What was the reason behind the rebranding, ultimately? ZAVODSKOI: A new start was needed. Genetics research was a black hole of funds, and as such we will be moving away from our focus on it to concentrate on what we do best: military equipment. Besides that, it was also a way to detach ourselves from the reputation and opinions that have been garnered of the corporation under its previous leadership. REPORTER: Will there be any immediate changes in your workforce? ZAVODSKOI: Yes, there will be. We plan to bring positronics into some areas that they were not previously used in, such as the Republic of Biesel. I assure our Dominian investors that we will honor our contract to not bring synthetics to Imperial space, or allow synthetics in any managerial positions. The press conference ended shortly after this, and the full transcript can be found at [SYSTEM ERROR - INVALID LINK!]. Shortly after the conference’s conclusion, Zavodskoi Interstellar stocks rose slightly.
  11. Possible Origin for the Dionae Editors note: Translated to Basic. Dionae were previously thought to not have an origin, however, recent archaeological findings point to the contrary. Skrell Archaeobotanists, for the last twenty years, have been studying the celestial bodies within the a region called 'The Clash'. Epsilon Ursae Minoris, by the JVSS Qu'Rii, is one of these such planets. Epsilon Ursae Minoris (EUM) hosted over a thousand Dionae, which had pooled together to create a makeshift communications tower that lured the Skrellian Explorers down. It was when Captain Weirun Tup disappeared, but more likely to have been assimilated by these peaceful giants, that further studying of the region began. Skrell Archaeobotanists spread out from Epsilon Ursae Minoris (EUM) specifically towards the more untouched regions of the Orion Spur, and it was here that the numerous findings over the last two decades have finally been exposed. Further out the region, there are star-systems littered, including those that harbour planets capable of supporting the xenoflora found on Epsilon Ursae Minoris as well as similar ones found in the region. There are currently six different star-systems that each have been identified to have had Dionae at one stage in their lifespans, DA 5511 (Tiigeda), DA 6674 (Uros), MD 66311 (Werlit), DA 1123 (Liaackfa), MD 77854 (Exhoex) and HR 44217 (Xardenu). These star systems are noted to be abnormally bright and radioactive. There have been a total of one-hundred-and-thirty fossilized nymphs found across these systems, each dating back to over a thousand years ago. It is currently unknown whether these nymphs would have had a society similar to that of what was found on Epsilon Ursae Minoris (EUM) or rather an entirely unique one. Each system appears to be in a similar period of their lifespan, and are expected to go supernova within a couple hundred years of one another. Experts suspect that this is what drew the Dionae Cetus (possibly Titan) to the region, and possibly solidifies the fact many of the Dionae found within this section of the Orion Spur share a common cluster origin. Dionae would have lived life with many of their basic needs fulfilled being soaked in cosmic radiation, as well as the extreme brightness of the Stars. Many Skrell Archaeobotanists have begun to theorise that the region, at one stage, would have been one of the brightest segments in this section of the Orion Spur thus luring the Diona Cetus, or Titan. Some speculate that Dionae may have been designed by a precursor civilization to assist in terraforming efforts, but many find this theory lacking in any factual evidence, more so outright claiming it to be conjecture. Others wait in anticipation for more data to be revealed on the findings, which would give us a glance into the past of the Dionae found in 'The Clash'.
  12. Consensus Call Posted by TrizaMan (Saramiite Tulzi) on 1.22.2462 This is a call for consensus on our Commune's participation in this civil war. Our disagreement with the Optikam can't be resolved with regular negotiations. Our material supply can only go one way or another. We of Clan Saramiite reject the Optikam desire to see the rebels win the civil war. We do not believe that the chaos and upheaval will benefit the commune. While it may be true it will create a lack of systemic authority to target those that spread our word, the harm it would create would outweigh the benefits to recruitment and also not be honorable. We therefore propose to cement our support behind Not'zar Izweski. We believe that he is the safest choice for the future of our brothers in the polar commune. To represent the importance of this call we are keeping the color orange. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Paradigm ISeeYou001 (Ansiba Asaoh) sponsored this call on 1.24.2462 We cannot allow ourselves to remain isolated from such an important period in our people's history. The stakes are too high. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Vote: Provide material and moral support to Not'zar Izweski and the loyalist forces on Moghes, if they will accept it. 08,349 AGREE (75%) 02,783 DISAGREE (25%) . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Top Rated Comments >Mizgal says, Allowing the Maraziites and their cronys to take over would be a disaster!! How can Sk'akh's word survive in a Moghes controlled by them? --- >ShadowKiarai says, Chaos is a market with a diversity of merchants. Disappointing only we seem to see that. --- >CloakedInDorkness says, I wish I could go back and fight directly but they would never accept us. They aren't ready. --- >Kirauzi says, I hope this conflict ends soon. What ever materials we can part with will do a world of good. Remember to pray for them. --- >Mashiria says, All of these souls doomed to reincarnate is heartwrenching. We need to do more. --- >GlisteningLake1 says, we'll have a lot of sinta losing their limbs but opening their eyes to us. --- >MechatekMaster says, I wish NT did not own our mechs. they would be unstoppable...
  13. After months of debate in one of the longest Representative Summits in the Frontier Alliance’s history, the members of the Alliance has adopted a resolution to fundamentally change the name and nature of the Alliance, toward a more solidified governing system. Now headed by a Chief Representative, the newly-chosen Reilly Sianne of the new capital Xanu Prime, the Coalition of Colonies looks inward as debates continue to take place over what place an overarching government has in the frontier. With new threats from the Empire of Dominia, the Sol Alliance, and Izweski Hegemony, along with increases in piracy, rebellion and terrorism across the frontier, the calls for a firmer hand seem to have won a small victory. After the dissolution of the Free Assembly party, the remaining four major parties in the Coalition, the Liberal Party, Party for a Secure Coalition, Zaurghisian Free Party, and the Coalition Alliance of Labor have all failed to secure a governing majority. Only time will tell how well these parties will work together in the coming year.
  14. Broadcast 387 Adhomai Ceasefire Part of Plot To Destroy Galaxy Hello everyone. This is Majhurl Rhazjul, the new host of our latest show, Tajara Truth Hour. Our truth, your television. [Intro jingle] This one is coming with a dire update on the status of the so-called ‘Civil War’ on Adhomai. Regular listeners will have heard our previous broadcasts going over the facts of this matter. We know what is going on with the holographic continents and the skrell infiltration of our oceans posing as ratajani to steal our precious oysters. But his friends, we did not at the time understand the true depth of this conspiracy against the Tajara people. This one has to humbly admit now that his focusing on Adhomai has not been fair. While the Tajara are the most powerful precurser species in the universe, it has been short sighted for this one to not recognize the struggle going on outside this picture. This one has gathered evidence that has shook this one to his core. This one is now ready to reveal that the Skrell… Are not the ones behind the colonization of our oceans. Let this one explain. There is no doubt that, for example, President Hadii is a skrell using holographic technology to disguise himself as a ratajani disguising itself as a Tajara - that’s just common sense. But what this one did not know until now is that these Skrell are not acting autonomously. They are trapped, enslaved even, by the most insidious and evil creatures to ever curse our universe: The Yve’kha. These wasps in the past would eat the wooden buildings of our people until they collapsed. We thought that we had domesticated them, but we were wrong. We were so wrong. These Yve’kha are not simple bugs, but the most powerful telepaths in the universe. Each individual Yve’kha can mind control over eight individuals at one time, anywhere within our local supercluster. Their power is foiled only by the fact that ancient Tajara - and this is supported by archaeological evidence - fought a war millions of years ago that destroyed entire galaxies. The Tajaran Forerunners succeeded in this war at the cost of trillions of lives, and in our victory we nullified the telepathic abilities of the terrifying Yve’kha and banishing them to the prison world of Adhomai and Earth with a billion Tajara guards each. This is settled science by now. But after the other Tajara became uplifted to become beings of pure energy, the Yve’kha collectively used their remaining miniscule powers to shield the planets from this great Uplift, trapping Tajara on Adhomai and Earth. Then Tajara on Adhomai evolved to what we are today, while our progeny on Earth evolved into humanity. The Yve’kha had won stage 1 of their long con, and we were trapped with them. Catching us up to the current day, we are seeing the fallout of stage 13 of their great plan. The Yve’kha have managed to breed select individuals to regain their telepathic abilities, and they have use mind control on Skrell to use them as patsies against us. They had the Skrell colonize our oceans, stealing from us our precious oysters and locking our people into the civil war that was suiting their own ends. They used Srom against the Skrell, who in turn were used against us. With the cease fire on Adhomai, the Yve’kha are moving to stage 14. Now comes the economic infiltration of the wider galaxy. Because modern Tajara are naturally shielded from the ancient Yve’kha telepathy by the psionic energies present in the Tajara RNA code they are forced to overcome this obstacle. And how do you think they are bypassing our defences to enslave us? Dr. Gibb soda. Let him explain. Here is a list of people with ties to Dr. Gibb’s company: Miranda Trasen, Joseph Dorn, every member of the NanoTrasen Board of Directors, fifteen congressmen in the Biesel Congress, two-fifths of the Sol Alliance senate… And more. You can see the full list on the Tau Ceti Truth website. All of these individuals have ties to the Dr. Gibb company or were photographed drinking Dr. Gibb soda at some point. Why is this bad? Because Dr. Gibb is a front company used by the Yve’kha. They put nanobots into the soda that invade the brain of its user, snuffing out the psionic energy in RNA that grants immunity to telepathy. This then allows the Yve’kha to mind control the individual if they so choose, enslaving them to their will. And this means every important or influential person that drinks Dr. Gibb becomes a slave. Even the media is infiltrated. If you are watching television, you are watching people who drank Dr. Gibb. You are watching Yve’kha patsies. The Tajara DNA within the major species of the galaxy keeps us all instintively mistrustful of the Yve’kha, so no person would knowingly and willingly work for them. Only by telepathically controlling members of our civilization will the Yve’kha grow in power. These ‘Yveks’ as he calls them are husks of their former selves. Every year the most powerful Yveks in the galaxy meet in secret to sacrifice Tajara children to an effigy of their dark masters. This is no small sect, its membership boasts people like Miranda Trasen, Not’zar Izweski, Admiral Frost, and the mayor of Phoenixport. Notice anything? THEY’RE ALL DR. GIBB DRINKERS AND STOCK HOLDERS. Are you asking questions yet? We need to fight back. The Yve’kha’s plot is to enslave the universe because the only thrill they can feel is when they eat the home of an innocent, making it collapse. They know only malice and hate. If they have their way the entire race of Tajara and all our progeny will be herded into reservations where we live eternity having our homes devoured by the scheming, plotting Yve’kha. If Dr. Gibb soda continues to spread in popularity, we will all be weakened and enslaved. If you are listening, this one begs you to stop drinking Dr. Gibb. You are at risk of telepathic mind control if you ever drink this despicable soda. REFUSE Dr. Gibb. If you friend offers you one, educate them in the plot of the Yve’kha. Purify your body with water and delicious Adhomai oysters, which hold powerful latent healing abilities for psions. If you are human, work out, as the nanobots can be lost through sweating. If you are Tajara then you must cleanse with Nif Berries mixed with coffee. We also must do everything we can to destroy the Dr. Gibb soda corporation and expose the Yveks that control our governments and media. We must spread the word of this infiltration or we will forever be kept as a clueless herd. The war of our forerunners is not over - the Yve’kha are rising once more and the life of every sentient is at risk! We must not succumb to the rapidly approaching doom! Now for a word from our sponsors: Martin Bran Lewis Socks for Men: we really sock it to ya.
  15. Shuttle Crash in the Romanovich Cloud On 12.08.2461 at 13:25 standard time, the merchant vessel Rubinsky collided with the cruise ship Dreamland in the Romanovich Cloud. According to the flight recorder logs the escape pods of the merchant vessel have been ejected at 13:30. The captain of the cruise ship ordered an evacuation at 13:50 after the structural integrity rapidly decayed. An official investigation regarding the cause of the collision has been launched by the Biesel Transport Authority. Due to the immediate action of nearby vessels, most escape pods were recovered quickly. However, some were not caught and landed on a nearby asteroid which houses the Aurora Station, a Nanotrasen research installation. One of the survivors of this tragedy was Ms. Katt, a PR manager of a smart home startup on Luna, who traveled with her associates to Tau Ceti on a business trip. Our reporter, John Miller, managed to secure an exclusive interview with her, which can be found below. Suffice to say, that they were treated in the way that Aurora’s security forces are known for according to insider circles. As the first survivor managed to get inside of the station, gasping for air, she was "greeted" by a security officer. The officer "retrieved" her and steered her to a questioning room without ever getting a medical doctor to check her for any injuries she might have sustained. Even after she explained that she was a survivor of a nearby shuttle crash, they threatened to charge her and her associates that arrived on the station shortly after with trespassing. The crew of the Aurora never even sent out any search parties to check for any additional pods. Only after they managed to talk with the chief medical officer, things started to clear up. To quote Ms. Kate: "Security didn't care at all. They didn't try to find more emergency pods, they didn't care where we came from, all they wanted was "getting us into their system" and "being able to identify us". Just another day, I guess. Humanity is completely irrelevant for them, apparently." Mr. Pyres had the following to say about his treatment by the Aurora Crew: "After such a traumatic experience, and with only a handful of us alive, you'd think that whoever gave us sanctuary would be kind, hospitable, and understanding. Especially with a figure such as Chang Ling involved. Except, even at the unfortunate loss of our friend and colleague Romanos Huang, we were commanded to be processed like petty criminals instead of simply asking us like normal people who we were and for whom we worked. Only one officer had the basic decency and courtesy to accommodate us, but she was scolded for treating us like human beings. All because we simply couldn't have gathered our wallets with our identities during the meteor shower, and because we weren't in some manifest that Nanotrasen conjured." Mr. Chang offered us the following statement: "Nanotrasen's facility Aurora is the most backwater facility I've ever been to. When our cruise liner crashed, we were treated like criminals a few moments after coming aboard by thugs dressed in Security gear! The only real professional one there who knew what she was doing, was security cadet Erin Song and their Chief Medical Officer, Fernando Gonzales! The other officers just said we were technically trespassing and threatened to detain us, and they took a full hour to even get someone to talk to since their captain fell asleep on the job! The hospitality was terrible! Terrible! Interview between award-winning field journalist, John Miller, and small business owner Cindy Katt:
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