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  2. National Assembly Continues the Infrastructure Effort: the Nation to be Connected Through the Extranet Inspired by the success of the early construction efforts of the Republic, President Almrah Harrlala has presented to the National Assembly another plan to modernize the nation. The Digitial Telecommunications Project aims to construct further infrastructure to expand the Extranet coverage across the country. Towers, communication hubs, and cables will be installed in the territory under the civilian administration. The project has the objective of connecting the population and the government agencies through the Extranet. Current governmental physical archives will also be digitalized to facilitate access and storage of information. To bring the Extranet into the Al'mariist homes, the Shastar Technical University has revealed its newest personal computer model: the Az'Mar-63. Developed and manufactured solely with national technology, the Az'mar-63 is an inexpensive and reliable machine. The computer will run the first DPRA-made operational system: ALMN/OS. The Digitial Telecommunications Project includes incentives for the production and distribution of the Az'Mar-63 with popular prices. While well-received by most of the National Assembly. The Adhomian Blue Party opposed the project, claiming that rare-earth mining needed for the construction of the infrastructure and manufacturing of the computers will damage the environment. This concern was addressed by President Harrlala with a promise of expanding the national reserves in the future. Junta representatives complained that the initiative did not include any of their current territories. President Almrah explained the exception with a brief declaration to the Assembly: Despite the complaints lodged by some Liberation Army elements, the project was approved by the National Assembly. The infrastructure work and distribution of the terminals will start this month.
  3. Jargon Federation Confirms Rogue Tupkala BREAKING - Talks between the Jargon Federation and the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate (as well as the Republic of Biesel) have unearthed that the Tupkala Commandos on a NanoTrasen corporate asset within the Romanovich Cloud had no ties with the skrellian superpower. The current hypothesis outlined during the discussions seems to allude to these intruders as being rogue agents acting independently. Earlier this week NanoTrasen’s Phoron Research Station, the NSS Aurora, was boarded by both fleeing refugees and unmarked intruders allegedly sporting the familiar look of the Tupkala Commandos. They terrorized the NSS Aurora for roughly two hours before drones dispatched by the NDV Icarus made quick work of the hostiles and their spacecraft. "She was speaking to one of the refugees when she had this odd feeling right before she felt her head was overwhelmed and she could barely move from the pain." says Kathira El-Hashem, "Then suddenly they were just there, one of them took the refugee and was gone again in the blink of an eye, almost faster than she could manage to notice." The Stellar Corporate Conglomerate and the Jargon Federation (with authorisation from the Republic of Biesel) are supposedly beginning a full-blown investigation into these hostile agents. They have supposedly leased roughly a dozen “Ruupkala” (intelligence officers) to assist in the investigation with the support of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. The Jargon Federation has also issued a statement of condemnation regarding the acts committed by these individuals, further citing this as evidence into the disbarment and re-evaluation of the Tupkala, and possibly the Kala.
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  5. Kaltir Bunkers' Strike Leaders are Sentenced! 16.07.2463 Since the Kaltir Bunker's Strike breakup, the nation waited with bated breath for the conclusion of the judgment of the worker's leadership. Protests asking for the release of the prisoners were held in all major cities; these manifestations remained largely peaceful. The Parliament's sessions were also majorly concerned with how to deal with the situation and the future of the Bunker Plan. The Commoners Party attempted to pass laws to pardon the ringleaders and ease strike regulation requirements. Queen Shumaila Azunja blocked any kind of proposal that sought to interfere in the oncoming trial. The trial was held in Kaltir's Criminal Court Centre. Magistrate Lev Alekseev was selected to preside over the case. Honorable Lev Alekseev, a middle-aged Hharar who graduated from the Kaltir Law Academy, is known for his harsh sentences. The court was full of reporters, students, and researchers wanting to witness what some tabloids called the "Trial of the Decade''. While the defendants were unable to hire an attorney because of their financial situation, they were provided by members of the Commoners Party with a lawyer. After eight hours of discussion and evidence analysis, the magistrate delivered his verdict: Agramakova Hanar, a 33 years old Hharar crane operator, was sentenced to 41 years in prison for organizing an unlawful strike, conspiring to murder a law agent, and incitement to violence. Agramakova was born in a family of Amohdan migrants now living in Bar'jar. She was found to be responsible for recruiting the strikes and took part in organizing the armed resistance against the intervention. Despite being accused of having connections to the Al'mariist secret service by the prosecutor, she was absolved of this accusation because of a witness that testified that Hanar took part in the Royalist resistance in Amohda during the war. Suren Mikoyan, a 41 years old Zhan-Khasan flooring installer, was sentenced to life imprisonment for organizing an unlawful strike, murder of a law agent, and incitement to violence. Mikoyan was born in a family of peasants living in the outskirts of Olska. He became a construction worker after his farm was razed by the Hadiist forces during their occupation of the southern territories. Outside of being one of the main organizers of the strike, Mikoyan took part in the fighting and delivered a killing blow with a sledgehammer against an officer. The prosecutor was unable to find any evidence of his involvement with Hadiist or Al'mariist elements. Anastas Ryuitin, a 19 years old Zhan-Khasan brick mason, was sentenced to death for organizing an unlawful strike, conspiring to murder a law agent, incitement to violence, insulting the monarch, and for cooperating with hostile governments. Anastas was born in Kaltir, but spent most of his childhood in Tau Ceti; his family moved to the alien system at the dawn of the war. Ryuitin's household returned to Adhomai with the end of the hostilities. Unable to acquire any kind of higher education, Anastas became a construction worker. The prosecutor pointed out that he already had a history of insubordination in his short career; he had been disciplined at least three times before the strike for refusing to follow orders. Ryuitin was the first one to come up with the idea of an unauthorized strike, he also took an active role in making demands. A brief investigation of his past uncovered that he took part in a street gang affiliated with the People's Republic members. Honorable Lev Alekseev concluded that Anastas was a Hadiist element attempting to undermine the Bunker Construction. The crowd present before Kaltir's Criminal Court Centre was deeply divided between those who believed that the sentences were unfair and those who were glad that the Hadiist spy was found. The Royal Party celebrated the verdict. The Officers Party demanded the death sentence for the rest of the defendants. The Commoners Party asked for Queen Azunja to concede a pardon to the ringleaders. Her Majesty decided against interfering in the sentence. Protests asking for the release of the prisoners continue. The defense attorney has promised to appeal the judge's decision. Anastas Ryuitin will be executed by a firing squad in five months.
  6. LORE DIARY ENTRY #5 This is a lore diary entry for JUNE 2021. See below for changes to lore in this month! Major changes in the spoiler below! There's none this time! Tune in later! Medium-sized, niche changes in the spoiler below! There's 2 Tajaran Entries. Small additional fluff in the spoiler below! There's 7 Synthetic entries, 2 Tajaran entries, and 1 Megacorp entry.
  7. Partisan Initiative to Safeguard the People Against Hostile Occupation! 08.07.2463 When the rebels occupied the Republic's rightful territory in the last war, the population was left defenseless. Headmaster Harrrdanim Tyr'adrr has envisioned the Partisan Initiative to prevent this from ever happening again: a plan to train civilian volunteers, named Zbrojny, in guerilla tactics to act behind enemy lines. Initiation into the program will be voluntary at first; participation can be made mandatory by President Hadii in case of imminent danger to the nation. To take part in the Initiative, citizens must contact their local Party representative to fill an application and pass a background check. The Zbrojny Initiative will include a six-month training period overseen by the People's Strategic Intelligence Service. The volunteers will learn how to handle weapons, prepare explosives, sabotage communication devices, and conduct successful guerilla warfare. The Partisans will be issued Adar'Mazy pistols and submachine guns as their main weaponry. Each Zbrojny will be part of a local squad that will answer to the PSIS district supervising their area. The identity of every volunteer will be stored by the agency in encrypted files to avoid any kind of preemptive attack by invading forces. Mandatory ideological classes will also be part of the tuition. In case of an invasion, orders issued by the Party will be transmitted to the cells behind enemy lines by agents specialized in infiltration. The Zbrojny squads will then engage in sabotage and hit-and-run attacks to wither away the occupying forces. Every citizen will become a fighter in the struggle to bring Adhomai together. A Tajara with a gun will be behind every door and tree - the rebels and monarchists will never hurt the brave Hadiist people again. Headmaster Tyr'adrr confirmed that several training centers are already operational; thousands of Zbrojny can now be trained. President Hadii signed orders to supply the People's Strategic Intelligence Service with extra weapons and equipment to help expand the program. Anyone joining the Partisan Initiative will be exempt from the military and will be given priority in the national healthcare system.
  8. Results of the Primary Elections Translated to Tau Ceti Basic Those who took to the polling booths (both within designated areas of the Jargon Federation, and abroad) determined to have a say on who they believe should guide the Jargon Federation, which has resulted in confirmation pouring into our offices, with verified statements concluding that Weashbi Jrugl has been sworn in for yet another term after being declared victorious in their vying for the Grand Councillor’s seat. Despite being counted earlier this morning, the final ballots have only just now been released by the Grand Council; Weashbi Jrugl secured roughly 52.3% of the overall votes, with Ormish Jrolk being declared runner up at 26.7%, and lastly Kalq’Qi Weibii finishing off with most of her votes originating from the Traverse at 21%. Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl’s first order of business within their second term has been to reshuffle the Grand Council, with Ormish Jrolk being declared the new Advisor of Economic Development. Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl has yet to comment on their reasoning behind the reshuffle, and inclusion of Advisor-Appoint Jrolk, it can be speculated that the Grand Councillor is likely to loosen the restrictions in the coming months in relation to megacorporations within the Jargon Federation and begin revitalizing the economy through the usage of external contractors. It is unknown how this will affect the State-Owned-Enterprises operating already. Candidate Weibii has seemingly disappeared off the face of Qerrbalak and has resulted in troublesome bunches grouping into demonstrations within the fringes of the Traverse, that have begun to state that election was the final hope for a re-imagined Jargon Federation despite the Grand Councillor’s recent announcement, and many still believe such is now lost without Candidate Weibii at the helm of the Jargon Federation.
  9. Talk.NT Message Board 1711 | My Account | (0) New Messages | Affiliates | Help TOP page > General Discussion > Synthetic > New borg brain announcement Posted by: galaxyBrian - 06/06/2463 - 03:20 mornin fellas! friend at work told me about this new thing that zeng and heph has been putting together. some sort of new brain or something to replace the old mmi tech everyones been relying on forever. probably about time they did it, link here if you want to read the article yourself but i put all the best bits below interesting stuff!! i know @circuitdoc might be able to weigh in right? --------------- Reply from: ddddd - 06/06/2463 - 03:21 Wtf Why Are You Awake At 3AM Go To Bed LOL --------------- Reply from: ghostinthemachine22 - 06/06/2463 - 03:28 >Wtf Why Are You Awake At 3AM Go To Bed LOL it's only 3am where YOu are moron. they might be on a totally different timezone, or planet! good post btw OP. I saw some ZH trucks pulling up near a factory near where I work and I know they have borgs there so they must be rolling this out already --------------- Reply from: circuitdoc - 06/06/2463 - 03:40 This is actually really interesting! The old MMI design suffered from what we'd call "rot" which was as gross as it sounds - the brain being exposed to the air like it was meant it would begin to literally rot over time. The old cradles would pump some preservation fluid in but it's never been perfect, you would not BELIEVE the stench if you open a cyborg that's not been maintened for long enough (refilling fluid and cleaning the brain were a part of the job). Basically, a fully-enclosed solution has been a long time coming, but I've ranted about that enough in the past haha. Interesting to see them rolling out the upgrades for free, but these things never are. I did a quick search and the ZH fluid they're using is SUPER proprietary, and expensive. This is how they'll make their money on this, I'll even put credits on that being the case. REALLY interesting is that brains don't appear to need lobotomising any more? The suppression of memories is handled by an onboard processor and the diodes (for interfacing with the brain) are sunk into the greymatter almost automatically. This should make the job a lot easier. --------------- Reply from: galaxyBrian - 06/06/2463 - 12:52 >it's only 3am where YOu are moron. they might be on a totally different timezone, or planet! no i was posting at 3am LMAO --------------- BACK TO TOP
  10. Chapter 3 - INTERMISSION/FALLOUT Date : Dec 1st and beyond (Began by the finale of KOTW.) This is the THIRD CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story. After the conclusion of the SECOND SOLARIAN INVASION and the KING OF THE WORLD arc, the galaxy is in turmoil! The uncertain future of the Orion Spur has been decided as the Solarian Alliance caves in, leaving the New Human Wildlands in its place for much of its territory. Now, an intermission phase is entered before the next chapter of the Aurora's story begins.
  11. OOC coverage in red! Welcome to the Orion Spur Oracle news outlet. This coverage only exists for the first article. This is a news outlet explicitly made to cover major events. No unimportant information is contained here. For older/returning players, this is effectively the successor to the Mendell City Bugle, which will be temporarily archived for overhaul. Post markers will exist for arc start points and arc endings! EYES OPEN! ORACLE OFFICES ESTABLISHED Welcome to the Orion Spur Oracle. We are a recently commissioned company of SCC-hired reporters, journalists and writers whose offices opened on the NTCC Odin as of last week. Since then, we’ve been working on the highest-quality, information-packed coverage of the Spur’s most riveting stories. This is our first inter-arm entry! Remember : WE are your eyes to the grand events of the galaxy! Several weeks of silence from sector chiefs of the Romanovich Cloud led to a decision earlier today where major NanoTrasen facilities transferred oversight to Stellar Corporate Conglomerate authorities. NanoTrasen officials have stated that, with the ensuing fallout of the Clandestine Incident proceeding, they are driven to border compromise in many management aspects. The phoron giant has graciously accepted assistance from the Conglomerate whose executives reportedly approached Nathan Trasen with “great plans” to assist NT in the coming times. A deal was inevitably struck, presented to us as follows ; NanoTrasen facilities have transferred sector oversight authority to cooperating members of the Stellar Corporate Conglomerate. Management will remain in the hands of NanoTrasen while protection details, distress routing, executive management, supply, and employee resources will gradually make a shift to Conglomerate responsibility. What does this mean for the average employee? Should you be stationed on a NanoTrasen facility in the outer Cloud, you can deliver direct incident reports to SCC oversight. In addition, your sector relay services will be provided free of charge per your employment here as their relays switch to Conglomerate operations. You are very likely to be contacted for employment opportunities with compensation to migrate to other member corporations of the Conglomerate if you work aboard a NanoTrasen facility! Finally, the League of Chief Directors have openly stated that member corporations will shortly gain access to once-withheld employees as contractors who possess training and utility of utmost quality. Contract sales for these employees may begin within the coming weeks. Recent times have been eventful for the galaxy, and cooperation between Conglomerate members is projected to yield vast results in the coming years. We here at the Oracle look forward to becoming your go-to trusted news source for hard-hitting coverage, and the years of stories we will make together. Date : 2/26/2463
  12. COMPROMISE: Aeson and Strom Come to an Agreement After nearly two weeks of back and forth negotiations upon the jewel world of New Hai Phong, it seems that tensions between Hephaestus Industries and the Solarian Government have subsided. Today, Senator Hendrik Strom and CEO of Hephaestus Industries Titanius Aeson both shook hands on a public broadcast announcement of what is being called the “Common Sense Compromise,” by the men responsible for its realisation and implementation. This agreement comes in a time of great uncertainty and corporate turmoil and is set to change some solarian policies not only with Hephaestus, but with all other Stellar Corporate Conglomerate affiliates as well. Within the compromise however, there were a new series of restrictions and measures both for and against megacorporations and their subsidiaries in the Solarian state. Together, however, Aeson and Strom have stated that they hope this change will be for the better and benefit all parties involved. As for what was decided upon, some of the key points are listed here: Hephaestus Industries will maintain full ownership of their assets and facilities based on and around New Hai Phong and are permitted to expand them at their leisure with Solarian Corporate Authority oversight. Any and all Hephaestus facilities based on New Hai Phong are subject to inspection by the SCA at the Authority’s convenience. Vessels are not subject to inspection. All Stellar Corporate Conglomerate affiliates must release all Tajara from their employ at any and all facilities or vessels based in Solarian space and are indefinitely forbidden to hire Tajara to these locations. The Eridani Corporate Federation is exempt from these restrictions. This also applies to citizens currently working abroad for SCC Affiliates. It is no longer illegal for former NanoTrasen employees to leave the Solarian Alliance. However, any citizen that is a former employee of an SCC affiliate who leaves the Alliance for work must maintain a Solarian Citizenship and residence, and will be subject to all taxes to their property and income typical of a citizen working within the Alliance. The Solarian Alliance will instate a fee to renounce Solarian Citizenship equal to 15% of the income of any citizen wishing to renounce their Solarian citizenship in favour of that of another nation. Any attempt to renounce citizenship without the payment of this fee will not be acknowledged by any SCC affiliates. This measure does not affect existing dual citizenship laws with the Jargon Federation or Eridani Corporate Federation. After this agreement was signed, with Aeson negotiating on behalf of the SCC and Strom on behalf of the Solarian Government, the two spoke at length about the progress they hope to see. “It just makes common sense, you know? This agreement that we’ve come to, not only makes it easier for us at Hephaestus to continue providing the Solarian people with steady employment and industry, but takes a load off of the fine Solarians who used to work for NT, our pals back in Biesel. Let’s hope this tosses them a line.” Strom, commented that the compromise was, “A step in the right direction for Sol-Corporate relations.” Furthermore, he elaborated, “We should welcome the opportunity to work with corporations in strengthening our society and protecting our great nation from savage, violent, xenos within and extremists on our borders without. Mister Aeson has shown today that those in the corporate world can be just as reasonable as the rest of us, and I think we’ve made great progress towards helping the people and being business friendly.” When asked as to why he wished to reverse such a sweeping, wide law like the criminalisation of former NT employees leaving the alliance for work, Strom was quoted as saying, “We’re not the enemy of the common Solarian that finds themselves forced to work for NT - we’re on their side against corporate dominance of their homes and incomes. It’s not right to punish them for the greed of their CEO who hates everything our great alliance stands for.” In opposition, Senator Le Hanh Trang staged a rally today in Cua Song protesting the compromise, decrying Strom’s actions as, “Selling out the people of New Hai Phong to the SCC and spitting in the face of the Solarian national spirit. Its an embarrassment.” Trang has been pushing since the collapse of the Alliance’s frontiers that all industry on New Hai Phong should be removed from Hephaestus ownership and be given to Einstein Engines or the newly established Solarian Corporate Authority. In other news, the Republic of Elyra has formally announced that they will begin further corporate restrictions in the coming months, the details of which are still undecided.
  13. Unathi Trapped in Tau Ceti! With the end of the invasion, Izweski forces have begun the process of returning back to Uueoa-Esa system. A portion of volunteer forces will remain to help distribute relief to those on Biesel and in surrounding space, helping the rest of the Republic of Biesel’s allies move medicine, provide food, and relocating those displaced by the brief conflict. By the mercy they show, the spirits are most pleased by sinta aiding their allies. The rest of the forces, largely levies, were previously expected to return home by now. Sources in Tau Ceti are reporting that the Republic of Elyra, in a bid to question Hegemon Not’zar’s honor, has shown caution. They are mandating sinta-led forces using the warp gate in Elyran territory may only send a portion of the troops at a time, ferrying them back to Hegemony space slowly, now that the conflict has ceased. Not’zar, in a measure of goodwill and faith, has gone along with the government of Elyra’s wishes, stating in brief, "[...] [he has] no ill-will towards the Republic." Such estimates as a result of this delay are predicting a return of most sinta to Izweski space a week from now. A majority of the Izweski’s honorable warriors will be stuck in space for the duration of the Keeping of Memories festival. A tragic time to not reconnect with those recently lost by the conflict! Many warriors are now flocking to Biesel, and Not’zar has paused many levy movements that would keep sinta stuck traveling during this sacred holiday until the Keeping of Memories has passed. The spirits be praised, for we will kindle their memories soon!
  14. The following news bulletin blinks open on each Eridanian device and visual implant connected to the extranet. 15 . 11 . 2462 PRIORITY NOTICE MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD OF FIVE AND THE SOL ALLIANCE. In breaking news, a few days ago the greater Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations announced to the galaxy that Prime Minister Michael Frost was found dead within his suite upon Unity Station in the Sol system. As the news was made public, the Board of Five were quick to convene with the Alliance’s political representative - Governor General Mei Luo - with whom they are now prepared to address the Eridani Federation. We now cross to them, live. Connecting . . . MEI LUO, a middle-aged woman of Solarian descent dressed in a black suit, stands at a podium. A small pin with the emblem of the Sol Alliance is attached to her suit jacket. Emblazoned on the front of the podium is the same emblem, but larger. She is flanked by all members of the Board of Five, and behind them, a white wall with the Eridani Corporate Federation logo. LUO: “Good evening, citizens of the Eridani Corporate Federation. It is with a heavy heart that I address you tonight. Our head of state, Prime Minister Michael Frost, was found deceased three days ago. This is a devastating loss for our nation as a whole, and we implore everybody to remember him how he truly was; a hero, for the people of the Alliance.” MEI LUO pauses for a moment, as she flicks through a few papers on her podium. LUO: “We are confident in our accusation of Zavodskoi Interstellar for their hand in this heinous act. Rest assured, justice will be secured. For now, I will hand over to the Board.” MEI LUO folds up her papers, and then speaks once more in Sol Common. LUO: “For the Prosperity of all Eridanians, and for the Sol Alliance.” MEI LUO steps back from the podium with her papers, leaving room for Amon’s corporate representative; KALI AKERELE. AKERELE stands at the podium, her posture rigid and firm. She speaks succinctly, with a self-assured tone. AKERELE: “My fellow Eridanians, the news today is grim, but it is certainly no cause for alarm. The Federation will carry on as it always has; hardworking, prosperous, and above reproach. We will aid our esteemed Solarian colleagues in this deal, and ensure the continued wellbeing of our nations.” KALI AKERELE turns a page as papers rustle in front of her for a moment as well, before she continues. AKERELE: “Also, some of you may notice an increased presence of our Private Military Contractors in the coming days, whether in the streets or in your workplaces. We assure you, as always, they are present only for your safety and protection. Be sure not to interfere with any of their operations, and follow any instruction given by them to the very letter. That will be all. Thank you.” The feed fades out, fading to black, until a ‘Replay’ icon appears over it. Translations available in: [Tradeband][Sol Common][Tau Ceti Basic]
  15. WARP ACHIEVED; SPEED ACROSS REGION INCREASES EPSILON URSAE MINORIS - Probing Discoveries of Unknown Investigations has sent a communique via the Communications Relay housed within the Lxzti Station confirming the development of the ‘Czjkan Drive’ - a crude warp drive capable of breaching FTL speeds. Whilst inferior to the bulk of those created by humanity; relations amongst the galactic community haven’t been cordial enough to allow for the transfer of schematics involving more advanced warp drives. Whilst the ‘Czjkan Drive’ is said to require immense amounts of energy, it is said to double, if not triple, the speed in which the Epsilon Expeditionary Forces can reach the outermost reaches of the developing nation’s sphere of influence and is expected to be capable of reaching Qerrbalak in merely sixteen months - exponentially better than the previous thirty-six months the trip would take. Capable of achieving 0.032 light-years per day, it is considered one of the more faster engines produced by the species. The construction of a new generation of vessels, known to the greater scientific community as ‘Thok-Class’, will begin test runs on Gnisep 18 Jzki-Wxi, which when transferred to Tau Ceti Standard, is November 14th. The invention of the ‘Czjkan Drive’ is said to bring a time of prosperity, paving new pathways as well as increasing the region’s ability to protect their borders from vile plunderers. Military Overseer, Growing Hunger of Insatiable Greed, has stated that all efforts will go forward to improving the ‘Czjkan Drive’, as well as the weaponry aboard the new Thok-Class Vessels. Cheers to you reader, and good luck to our siblings in the Epsilon Ursae Minoris System - forging pathways through sheer might!
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