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  2. LORE DIARY ENTRY #2 This is a lore diary entry for MARCH 2021. See below for changes to lore in this month! Major changes in the spoiler below! There's 1 Unathi lore change. Medium-sized, niche changes in the spoiler below! There's 2 Tajaran entries and 3 Human entries. Small additional fluff in the spoiler below! There's 1 corp change (IPC related), 2 IPC entries, and 2 Tajaran entries.
  3. Crown Announces National Census 02.04.2463 The Crown released today an official statement announcing its intentions to conduct a national census. Proposed by Queen Shumaila Azunja to better gauge the Kingdom’s situation, the census project was quickly approved by the Parliament. Provinces have been tasked with acquiring and processing the information of their respective populations. Royal census takers will visit households in the next months; mounted constables will accompany the officials in rural areas to guarantee their safety. Tajara living abroad will be able to provide
  4. Religious Mural Causes Unrest in Gakal’zaal The opening of the Temple of the Free Suns in Zikala, Gakal’zaal’s capital, sparked controversy in the alien community of the planet. Originally a church established by the Unathi invader, the building was confiscated by the Liberation Army to be transformed into a place of worship of the Twin Suns. Under direct orders of the Andranik Huwaytat, the Rrhaza-Akhran of Gakal’zaal, the building had all of its Sk'akh imagery removed and replaced by paintings and idols made by local artisans. The main source of unrest was a religious mural on the walls
  5. 21st Victory Day Celebrated Across The Republic! 04.03.2463 Today marks 21 years since the establishment of the People’s Republic of Adhomai and the Tajara people’s victory over the nobility. In spite of previous troubles over the past years, excitement for celebrating our republic and collective efforts underneath the Party remain high. Cities across the People’s Republic report record high numbers of attendance as ceremonies go underway. Numerous art galleries and amusement parks reported peak attendance, and local breweries have boosted their sales for the year. Before the
  6. WEASHBI JRUGL ELECTION SPEECH 01/03/2463 Editors Note: Translated to Basic. Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl has decided to continue their term, unhindered by the upcoming election. Although Jrugl has chosen not to tour the Jargon Federation like other candidates, they are supposedly drafting plans with their campaign team for a large scale marketing event. They have been the Grand Councillor of the Jargon Federation for the last decade with high approval, but in the last few years such has been waning. “My promise to the individuals within the Jargon Federation was
  7. OOC coverage in red! Welcome to the Orion Spur Oracle news outlet. This coverage only exists for the first article. This is a news outlet explicitly made to cover major events. No unimportant information is contained here. For older/returning players, this is effectively the successor to the Mendell City Bugle, which will be temporarily archived for overhaul. Post markers will exist for arc start points and arc endings! EYES OPEN! ORACLE OFFICES ESTABLISHED Welcome to the Orion Spur Oracle. We are a recently commissioned company of SCC-hired reporters, journalists and wri
  8. COMPROMISE: Aeson and Strom Come to an Agreement After nearly two weeks of back and forth negotiations upon the jewel world of New Hai Phong, it seems that tensions between Hephaestus Industries and the Solarian Government have subsided. Today, Senator Hendrik Strom and CEO of Hephaestus Industries Titanius Aeson both shook hands on a public broadcast announcement of what is being called the “Common Sense Compromise,” by the men responsible for its realisation and implementation. This agreement comes in a time of great uncertainty and corporate turmoil and is set to change some solarian p
  9. Bands, Bots and Break ups; Where are they now? It’s an obvious fact that the freer the market, the freer the people. And with such large markets, it is no wonder that Tau Ceti houses talent after talent after talent. Be they musicians, circus performers, racers or gamers. In this article, we’ll disclose the lives of these living legends walking among us. The ClockWorks are one of the most prolific bands, coming onto the scene as one of the first “recognized” synthetic bands rather than musical equipment. They are well known not only for their musical talent, but also their chemistry on-s
  10. Unathi Trapped in Tau Ceti! With the end of the invasion, Izweski forces have begun the process of returning back to Uueoa-Esa system. A portion of volunteer forces will remain to help distribute relief to those on Biesel and in surrounding space, helping the rest of the Republic of Biesel’s allies move medicine, provide food, and relocating those displaced by the brief conflict. By the mercy they show, the spirits are most pleased by sinta aiding their allies. The rest of the forces, largely levies, were previously expected to return home by now. Sources in Tau Ceti are reporting th
  11. The following news bulletin blinks open on each Eridanian device and visual implant connected to the extranet. 15 . 11 . 2462 PRIORITY NOTICE MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD OF FIVE AND THE SOL ALLIANCE. In breaking news, a few days ago the greater Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations announced to the galaxy that Prime Minister Michael Frost was found dead within his suite upon Unity Station in the Sol system. As the news was made public, the Board of Five were quick to convene with the Alliance’s political representative - Governor General Mei Luo - with whom th
  12. WARP ACHIEVED; SPEED ACROSS REGION INCREASES EPSILON URSAE MINORIS - Probing Discoveries of Unknown Investigations has sent a communique via the Communications Relay housed within the Lxzti Station confirming the development of the ‘Czjkan Drive’ - a crude warp drive capable of breaching FTL speeds. Whilst inferior to the bulk of those created by humanity; relations amongst the galactic community haven’t been cordial enough to allow for the transfer of schematics involving more advanced warp drives. Whilst the ‘Czjkan Drive’ is said to require immense amounts of energy, it is said t
  13. 2462.07.08 CROWN PRINCESS PRISCILLA ADDRESSES NATION ON FOUNDING DAY! This year’s founding day was a fortuitous day in the history of our grand Empire, united in faith, as it was the three-hundredth and twenty-fifth anniversary of when humankind first set foot upon the planet of Moroz. Celebrations have been held throughout the Empire to honour the memory of our pioneering ancestors, who traveled so far to arrive upon what would become the heartland of our grand Empire. Imperial subjects as far afield from our lands as the Republic of Biesel have held magnificent celebrati
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