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  2. Ministers Seek to Ease Tension in the Coalition 03.11.2461 The grim deadlock of the two front Rasn'rr campaign begins to take a heavy toll on the morale of the S'rand'marr Coalition as officials begin to express discontent with the war. Complaints and anti-intervention protests in the homelands of our allies have sprang up, leading to some coalition members to express unease to Republican officials. A human representative for Tau Ceti insisted that her soldiers were promised that they would be home in time for Christmas. Ringspire, a private military contractor from Eridani, insisted on a renegotiation of their contract for higher pay for their services. Even NanoTrasen has weighed in, expressing concern about the loss of valuable personnel to the terror campaigns of the rebels and the high costs associated with their participation in the conflict on Adhomai. A thinly veiled threat from the corporation to Hadii in his bunker stated "This conflict is no longer profitable." Truly, the only real allies in these dark days are the ideological volunteers who share in the glory of Hadiism and the Skrell who generously defend the vulnerable members of our population. After the formation of the S'rand'marr Coalition, our armies began their offensives with a concentrated armored assault in the south supported by our allies. Unfortunately the offensive quickly bogged down as widespread terrorism plagued supply lines and destroyed morale. As snipers and bombings assassinated officers, units became disorganized and were turned back by the inferior yet determined rebel lines. Soon the rebels attempted their own counterattack, but were soundly defeated. For the past two months waves of rebels have crashed against our defensive lines, always failing but never surrendering the initiative. Every attempt of our forces at counterattack is quickly halted by saboteurs and a surge of attackers. The situation has developed into a war of attrition and willpower as the death toll rises but no ground is gained or lost. Taking advantage of the situation, rebel news outlets have begun a campaign of demoralization, attempting to paint the situation in the grimmest possible light to fool our troops. In an effort to counter rebel propaganda which has penetrated both our public and foreign nations, the Ministry of External Affairs has begun releasing informative articles and pamphlets on extranet websites and social media. Despite the Republic's best efforts to suppress the falsehoods of the monarchists and reactionaries, they each have found ways to surpass our supervision and disseminate their news abroad, thoroughly slandering the People's Republic as a totalitarian regime and ignoring the heinous crimes of their own. The info-graphics point out the hypocrisy of the DPRA, which claimed the PRA maintains death camps of tajara rights abuses despite past treaties with the Sol Alliance. The hypocrisy is further highlighted with the continuation of their terror campaign aided by "The Ho'tak Commandos," a unit of war criminals who conduct assassinations with no regard for collateral damage. Also debunked by our ministry is the smooth speaking of the NKA and their foreign circular, "The Royal Telegraph." Despite the easy and friendly reading of their careful wording, they fail to address the exceptional poverty which most of their citizens face, as well as the inherent class discrimination of having "nobility" which they enforce by law. Despite our best efforts to make pleas to reason and to spread truth to the greater galactic community, documentary filmmakers with few scruples have already influenced opinions abroad. Human journalists who filmed combat during ambushes and sniper attacks have gained widespread popularity with films such as "Winter of Fire" and "The Lost Cause." The emotional impact of the amateur documentary films was further strengthened by taking video of wounded Coalition soldiers and interviewing them on their experiences. Aside from the brave Unathi Kataphracts, who have displayed no fear, many of the injured fighters cried for the cameras when describing the horrors of the ALA guerrilla campaign. While officials for our empathetic Republic have expressed great sympathy for the terrors we have been facing, it condemns the transparent and shallow sensationalist "journalists" who have taken advantage of our active duty soldiers and those of our allies in order to make a quick profit, attacking the reputation of our Republic and blaming us for the injuries in the process. We here at the Adhomai Chronicle cannot stress enough that we have always been, during the duration of this war, defenders against regressive reactionary rebels and war criminals and protectors of progress for the Tajaran future and its uplifting participation in the galactic community.
  3. 2461.11.2 FIRST LIBERATION ARMY LANDS ON LAKTO PRIME This week the Imperial Army General Headquarters announced the First Liberation Army “Emperor’s Own” has landed on the largest planet in the Lakto system, located on the western frontier of the Empire, in an effort to liberate the surrounding area. A mix of jungles, mountains, and swamps, Lakto Prime is the base of operations for several known terrorist and pirate cells that have attacked Goddess-fearing citizens of the Empire. General Lanz is expected to proclaim total victory on the planet within weeks and liberate the entire system within the year. Cruiser Division 4 under Admiral Renier Caladius is supporting the invasion. With Imperial sovereignty asserted over the resource-rich and strategically located Lakto system, the reach of the Tribunal and the Empire grows ever closer to the decadent recreants of the Frontier Alliance. Rumors swirl that the Emperor is already considering candidates to bestow the honor of governing the new system on, as well as how to allocate its lands and assets. Praise God, and long live Emperor Keeser. Long live the Empire.
  4. Aut'akh On Ouerea? Commune Delegate Requests Ayslum For Fleet A member of the reclusive and unusual cybernetic cult of the Aut’akh has arrived at New Skalamar, and has requested asylum for nearly 400 of his kinsmen. They were discovered and chased out of the orbit of Moghes by the 3rd Fleet’s Admiral Za'Akaix'Xitac Klax. The Aut’akh representative, Mizaha Kethresh, spoke to an assembly of Ouerea’s Elder-Chiefs and a handful of Clan-Mothers who are hearing his case. Kethresh originally arrived during a session of the Elder-Chiefs during a session on creating an airship transit service between the major cities. Originally in the guise of an airship engineer coming to advise the council, Kethresh shocked the elders by revealing his true intentions. Unfurling his cloak, he revealed his augmentation, garnering shocked gasps and shouts. All sessions are recorded for public viewing. Minutes into the incident, hundreds of thousands of people logged onto the extranet site to see the events unfolding live. After the furor of his reveal died down, Kethresh announced the dire straits of his small fleet. Clan-Mother Mizali Mortenga, who gained fame as a delegate in the religious convention of July of this year, addressed the representative first from her seat. Kethresh bowed to the Clan-Mother and the assembled Elder-Chiefs and outlined his arguments. The Elder-Chiefs murmured between themselves and Clan-Mother Mortenga spoke at length away from the microphone, not having her words picked up. After several minutes, Mortenga spoke. The Aut’akh was allowed to stay within New Skalamar as a protected guest until the Elder-Chiefs come to a decision. Already the response has been mixed, with droves of Sinta converging on the New Skalamar Council chamber to lodge their complaints and protests or voices of support. Ouerea’s population is majority Th’akh, and many feel that the growing conciliatory attitude by groups of shamans to the Aut’akh, a radical heresy of Sk’akh, is alarming. Lord-Regent Not’zar Izweski has addressed the matter in short order, affirming that he would respect Ouerea’s right to handle internal issues. It’s unclear if this is the Lord-Regent’s genuine attitude due to the immense disrespect accepting the asylum claims would be on the authority of the Izweski. High Priest Unzi has given embittered remarks on the matter when asked for comment.
  5. Local Religious Commune Throws Party; Invites Everyone The frozen plains of New Gibson might seem like a strange place for a hayride, but the Aut'akh religious commune, celebrating this human holiday for the first time, didn't seem to mind. For the last two weeks, the Unathi refugees have been retooling the inside of their extensive bunker complex in preparation for one wild halloween party. One of the party's organizers, Veetek Lessik, said The entrance hall, created from a converted freighter hull, was buzzing with activity. Stalls were being set up, grills hauled out, and trays of traditional unathi dishes and sweets laid out. One smell in particular caught my attention, and my guide, Lessik, led me over to one of the stands. It was a barbecue grill, manned by the truly massive Mahashik Uchie. He offered me a serving of traditional S'thian spiced fish (free, like everything else at the event), and explained, I thoroughly enjoyed my fish, which had a flavor halfway between barbecue sauce and smoked salmon, and moved on into the main event. The lion's share of the Gibson Commune (as they call it) had been decorated as a single large, twisting haunted house and hayride. My guide warned me, That was good to know. At last, we entered. The main route seemed to follow a large, spiral-shaped hallway, about the width of a city street. There was a helpful, glow-in-the-dark red line to follow the whole way through. As we moved through the street, the fog began to roll in. We could see ghostly apparitions moving from window to window (Siansi holograms, said Lessik), and scuttling, half-visible shapes darting from hall to hall just out of sight. As we made our way deeper into the commune, which had been decorated partly like an abandoned bunker and partly like a ruined city street, Lessik assured me that everything was perfectly harmless. I was in the middle of asking why when I heard a roar. An animatronic dinosaur, something out of a nightmare, came running at us out of the dark, gnashing its metal teeth, gears grinding and claws scraping against the floor... until it stopped about a meter away. A miniature mechanical plains tyrant. He was great. We moved on deeper. Apparently, the Siansi section (the one towards the beginning of my tour) was still under construction, but it would involve swarms of spiders and demonic holograms bargaining for your soul. The Ansiba have apparently prepared a soundsystem for the event, which they've programmed to respond to the guests' stress levels, although that wasn't ready yet either. We continued through the seemingly-abandoned streets, which did have a remarkably creepy atmosphere even on their own, and somehow came out right where we began. It was something. On my way out, one of the Kethresh stands had opened, and they were offering a selection of candies. I took a bar of some kind (it was marked 'KOKO'. It tasted like something between sugarcane, coconut, and chocolate. When I explained that I had to leave, Lessik had this to say, I'm going for sure. If even half of the events they've prepared end up working by the time of the party (the 30th and 31st), it will have been well worth the price of admission, which is free.
  6. Reach Out Initiative: Adhomai, S'rand'marr Editor's Note: Translated to all languages. For years, the Tajara people have been embroiled in a planet spanning civil war, a war that has taken countless lives, forced many out of their homes, spreading poverty and a harsh style of life on the people. Per the “Reach Out Initiative”, earlier this year, the People's Republic of Adhomai, a faction in this conflict has reached out towards the galaxy, requesting aid. The Jargon Federation answered the call, not to wage war, but to protect the Tajara populace, bringing peace and safety to regions impoverished by the conflict, providing aid to all. So as a response to this call for help, the Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl authorized the formation of a peacekeeping fleet designated as “Serenity” filled with security, logistical, medical and every form of specialized help that is considered vital for this planet. Manifests and reports indicate that no expense has been spared. As of the time of this articles release, the fleet has arrived and set up operations. Reporter attachees in the fleet have forwarded us media files of their time on the planet and the vital and heroic work conducted by the dispatched ROI Fleet. Video 1: Video 2: Image 1 and 2: Viewers are welcome to visit the front page for a larger collection of imagery showing the heroic work the ROI fleet and the benevolence of our Federation. Citizens of the Federation are encouraged and welcome to volunteer their time in the Reach Out Initiative, postings exist for local duties.
  7. Brave Heroes Make the Ultimate Sacrifice The glorious advance of liberation has been halted by the insurmountable defense of alien interlopers. On all fronts of the Rasn'rr continent, the offensives of our brave armies have been stopped. The pitiful counterattack of the Republican Army has been squashed by our superior armies, and the fate of Adhomai lies in the balance of the new stalemate. There are those, whoever, who despite overwhelming odds spit in the face of danger and let their courage carry the brightly burning torch of liberty. Revolutionaries and tajaran patriots trapped behind lines in the Republic carry on the fight from their homes and in the streets. Partisans have bravely protested the tyrannical Hadii regime, risking their own lives just to voice their disapproval of the People's Republic. As the Hadii regime has cracked down on these protests with martial law, protests have turned to riots. Police stations were raided and set alight, and military garrisons in the cities have come under attack from those whom they oppress. The alien invaders who insult tajaran soil with their very walking on our planet have become the favored targets of resistance fighters who do not wish to spill the blood of fellow tajara. The various military checkpoints they have set up around NanoTrasen facilities and businesses which support NanoTrasen have come under attack. Brave fighters ambush their daily patrols and are often slayed to the last tajara. In one case, resistance fighters won a great victory when a remote controlled van loaded with explosives drove to one such checkpoint. As they poured gunfire onto the van, it slammed into the checkpoint gate and detonated, striking terror into the hearts of the alien forces all across Adhomai. Resistance cells throughout the people's republic with the help of Ho'tak commandos have aided in the smuggling of elite Das'nrra marksmen into the People's Republic. Over 500 officers and regional low level politicians have since been assassinated by sniping, both by the elite marksmen and resistance fighters. Especially coveted targets by the brave marksmen are party commissars and the soldiers of the S'rand'marr Coalition. Marksmen who are captured by the enemy make the ultimate sacrifice, as all who have gone missing in action have never been heard of again. Fear and terror grips the heart of the tyrannical regime, as no longer are they safe to oppress and subjugate the tajaran people at will and without consequences, as the butchers of thousands are now brought to face their own mortality. Just as marksmen have proven invaluable in bringing terror to the enemy, detachments of Zhan combat miners have also crossed the front lines in the aid of resistance to evil. Lengthy tunnel networks worm their way around areas with large resistance cells, helping freedom fighters to travel quickly and discreetly between safe houses and battles. Long tunnels make the daring stretch under Republican Army positions and help to ferry arms and supplies to the revolutionaries. A vast underground campaign is waged as "counter terror" units such as the Tesla Brigade and the Republican Guard raid tunnels and safehouses and kill all who resist. Booby traps fill in rebel strongholds, with some safe houses rigged to self-destruct when overrun. This has been used to great effect, as entire units of attacking Republicans have been consumed in the dynamite of the combat miners. So far this has been the only successful method of killing Tesla Brigadiers available to the resistance. The stalemate continues on as both we and them dig in at the stagnant front lines. This new paradigm carries with it that the only hope of victory is to break the resolve to fight of our enemies. We must carry on and continue the good fight or the noble sacrifices of countless tajara, even those of the first revolution, will have been completely in vain. We must carry on this good fight no matter the cost to avenge the past decade of tajaran suffering inflicted by Malik Hadii and his crooked cronies. One day the Steeple will be rebuilt from its rubble, not by the tyrannical Hadiis but by a new free Adhomai. And rather than standing as a symbol of oppression to all Tajara, it will be rebuilt, like all tajara, as a symbol of freedom and dogged resistance to oppression in all forms. No matter the odds and no matter the cost, so long as there is one tajara standing, the cries of freedom and self determination will be on his lips.
  8. Consensus Call Posted by SirIMight (Saramiite Kenzik) on 8.15.2461 This post carries the will of a large proportion of your Saramiite 'brothers'; take its words into account or the consequences will be dire. Many of us have already left to pursue other opportunities. This is a call for consensus regarding the Saramiite clan's participation in such 'mercenary forces' as the emergency response teams of our very own ally Nanotrasen, as well as other corporate security forces. We are no longer asking permission - you have told us your feelings on the matter, and we have decided to ignore you. What we are asking for now is your support regardless. Acknowledge our contributions to our way of life or lose us forever. To represent the importance of this call we are setting the color to orange. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Paradigm ISeeYou001 (Ansiba Asaoh) sponsored this call on 8.18.2461 Let this ridiculous attempt die in consensus, I plead everyone considering leaving with these misguided warriors rethink their decision and remain with us. A compromise can be had. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Vote: Provide material and moral support to displaced Saramiite who participate in mercenary work. In return, a portion of all of the proceeds will be directed back to the commune. 08,810 DISAGREE (88%) 02,202 AGREE (22%) . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Top Rated Comments >Xuixuizi says, Our friend ISeeYou is right, I hope most of you don't go, this is not the time for all of this and we cannot afford to provide support to you!! Just read the production reports --- >Kataphreekd says, We cannot morally afford to cut off an entire clan of our own people because we have taken an action you disagree with, this is a test of our principles and you have failed. --- >CloakedInDorkness says, To leave now is to mount a direct assault on our way of life, don't expect mercy if you leave and end up on the wrong side. --- >FishClash says, Can't we all just get along? We have a good thing here, you can come join us if you want!! --- >BBQLovr28 says, Stop talking about it and GO already hahaha listen if there are any saramiites who actually care, come join Mahashik we got a lotta digging to do --- >myeminence says, support is not possible at this juncture please attempt again in five years we will have returned to our previous capacity reduction in saramiite population is unacceptable oss predicts devastating consequences within 5 months --- >MechatekMaster says, so ... how about those tanks?
  9. Shuttle Crash in the Romanovich Cloud On 12.08.2461 at 13:25 standard time, the merchant vessel Rubinsky collided with the cruise ship Dreamland in the Romanovich Cloud. According to the flight recorder logs the escape pods of the merchant vessel have been ejected at 13:30. The captain of the cruise ship ordered an evacuation at 13:50 after the structural integrity rapidly decayed. An official investigation regarding the cause of the collision has been launched by the Biesel Transport Authority. Due to the immediate action of nearby vessels, most escape pods were recovered quickly. However, some were not caught and landed on a nearby asteroid which houses the Aurora Station, a Nanotrasen research installation. One of the survivors of this tragedy was Ms. Katt, a PR manager of a smart home startup on Luna, who traveled with her associates to Tau Ceti on a business trip. Our reporter, John Miller, managed to secure an exclusive interview with her, which can be found below. Suffice to say, that they were treated in the way that Aurora’s security forces are known for according to insider circles. As the first survivor managed to get inside of the station, gasping for air, she was "greeted" by a security officer. The officer "retrieved" her and steered her to a questioning room without ever getting a medical doctor to check her for any injuries she might have sustained. Even after she explained that she was a survivor of a nearby shuttle crash, they threatened to charge her and her associates that arrived on the station shortly after with trespassing. The crew of the Aurora never even sent out any search parties to check for any additional pods. Only after they managed to talk with the chief medical officer, things started to clear up. To quote Ms. Kate: "Security didn't care at all. They didn't try to find more emergency pods, they didn't care where we came from, all they wanted was "getting us into their system" and "being able to identify us". Just another day, I guess. Humanity is completely irrelevant for them, apparently." Mr. Pyres had the following to say about his treatment by the Aurora Crew: "After such a traumatic experience, and with only a handful of us alive, you'd think that whoever gave us sanctuary would be kind, hospitable, and understanding. Especially with a figure such as Chang Ling involved. Except, even at the unfortunate loss of our friend and colleague Romanos Huang, we were commanded to be processed like petty criminals instead of simply asking us like normal people who we were and for whom we worked. Only one officer had the basic decency and courtesy to accommodate us, but she was scolded for treating us like human beings. All because we simply couldn't have gathered our wallets with our identities during the meteor shower, and because we weren't in some manifest that Nanotrasen conjured." Mr. Chang offered us the following statement: "Nanotrasen's facility Aurora is the most backwater facility I've ever been to. When our cruise liner crashed, we were treated like criminals a few moments after coming aboard by thugs dressed in Security gear! The only real professional one there who knew what she was doing, was security cadet Erin Song and their Chief Medical Officer, Fernando Gonzales! The other officers just said we were technically trespassing and threatened to detain us, and they took a full hour to even get someone to talk to since their captain fell asleep on the job! The hospitality was terrible! Terrible! Interview between award-winning field journalist, John Miller, and small business owner Cindy Katt:
  10. Effects of Tajara Ban Continue to Spread In the aftermath of the issuance of a ban on Tajara travel into or outside the Sol Alliance after a terrorist attack by unidentified Tajara in Tau Ceti on a Sol Navy cruiser, the effects of this legislation have come to a slow resolution. Tajara in the midst of travelling through the Sol Alliance were given two weeks to leave the Alliance. Diplomatic officials of the People’s Republic of Adhomai have been permitted travel under escort through the Alliance as they lobby Unity Station to have the ban lifted. Those Tajara who are citizens of states aside from the PRA such as the Republic of Biesel, Empire of Dominia, Frontier Alliance or the Sol Alliance itself are still permitted travel through Sol space after a background check. Dual citizens of the PRA and other states will face a waiting period along with a background check. For Tajara unwilling or unable to leave Sol space, many have turned to the megacorporations for contract work while the ban is being enforced, with those unwilling to work being temporarily interned in a facility on Mars. Those employed by businesses certified in Sol Alliance space are permitted travel if their visas are valid, though newly issued visas require a far longer waiting period to acquire. Many have sought refuge in the Republic of Biesel, with a small facility being hurriedly constructed on New Gibson pending hopes that Unity Station will allow them to return to Adhomai, or that they will be granted asylum in Tau Ceti. Sol immigration officials have attempted to crack down on now-illegal travel by Tajara, with two dozen small craft being interned and their crews detained in line with the ban in an effort to limit the potential of reoffending, with their living cargo being returned to Adhomai. While a small number of shuttles bearing Tajara have been sighted in the Republic of Biesel without a record of their passage through Solarian space, Prime Minister Chater spoke recently saying that additional funding would be granted in an attempt to fully seal Alliance borders against these traffickers.
  11. PRA Driven from Harr'masir Continent 20.07.2461 After a long hard fought battle, forces of the Grand Peoples Army on the Harr'masir continent finally surrendered to His Majesty's Imperial Army following the conquest of Olska. All military conflict on the continent and on the Kingdom's borders have ceased, as we now share a border only with the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai to the south, who enjoy a ceasefire with our nation. For the first time in over 10 years, save for the temporary 24 hour ceasefire of the 45th Holy Council of Sana Sahira, the guns fell silent. The farmers stepped out of their houses and looked upon the crater-marred fields and could rest knowing it would one day be just a memory. The factory workers in the humming cities could attend work and could relax during air raid drills, knowing they would no longer have to clear the brick and debris of their workplaces to rescue their coworkers. Mothers will now look upon their infant children, and know that they will not have to flee from invading armies. The Kingdom in its entirety now releases a breath of air, praising the security of its borders, while victory parades fill every street. The new peace came at a price, however. For the past two months, the Imperial Army had to contend with those who had successfully withdrew to Olska and dug in their defenses. While optimism began strong with the knowledge that the Republican Forces who had escaped encirclement were primarily raw recruits and reservists, they proved to be tenacious and brave. As the Kingdom's forces which had won a resounding victory at Baltor approached around the western flank of Zarragh Lake, they came into contact with the People's Republic's first line of defense along the wooded areas and rivers, turning the front line into a bottle neck for advancing soldiers. While the first line was pushed back, a second and better fortified line lied behind it using natural barriers to its advantage. Marines who attempted to flank the enemy on the lake were in for a harsh surprise, as the defenders took care to deploy their reserves along the coastlines, learning from previous blunders. Even as the second line of defense was finally overcome, a third even better line of defense with concrete bunkers supporting the trench works lied behind it. Advances ground to a halt, and submarine hunting packs began to push back the Royal Navy on the flank close to the sea. Imperial High Command made the tough decision to have the Alam'ardii facing the Republican forces to dig in themselves, as the reserves were pulled from the front for a new operation. On the Eastern flanks of the Zarragh Lake lied the long way around to reaching Olska. Here the front was far wider, and the terrain flatter and filled with verdant farmlands. Here the Grand People's Army had a thin defensive line, but had amassed all remaining armored divisions and motor rifle divisions. The Imperial Army fought a losing battle here while the western front's attempt at a knockout blow was ground to a halt. Taking full advantage of their mobility, and receiving fuel shipments from across the Nas'kin Ocean, they began to push our armies back and threatened to sweep around the lake and encircle our tajara. Redeployment of reserves from the western front were not expected to stop them in time. At an emergency meeting of Imperial High Command, general consensus was to beseech the Adhomai Liberation Army for aid, but suddenly King of the Mountains, Rustam Harmaliik entered and rose his voice. Claiming that seeking help from the Adhomai Liberation Army would be a sign of weakness and fearing they would use military aid as leverage in the future, he personally promised to save the Imperial Army. He then left immediately for the eastern front with all of his forces. Rustam Harmalik's promise would ultimately be fulfilled, as nomadic caravans in the area turned to the wilderness and turned their wagons into refuges for guerrilla warfare. Shipments of fuel and supplies to the mobile divisions of the Republican Army came under constant raids, and supply ships arriving at ports were frequently ambushed and sunk in harbor. Soon Rustam's forces arrived after a long forced march, fanning out and slipping through the thin Republican line into the countryside, pillaging all manner of supply depots and convoys. While some caravans fell prey to armored assaults and counter insurgency raids, they typically made good use of their wilderness survival abilities to elude patrols, and their nomadic lifestyles to avoid staying in the same places for too long. Soon, the tanks and personnel carries of the Republican Army began to decorate the fields as nothing more than stationary metal pillboxes, as fuel supplies became increasingly strained. Soon after, the redeployment of Imperial reserve forces was completed, and one by one, the vehicles were abandoned or destroyed. The push in the east became a trivial matter, and the defenders at Olska found themselves shifting forces to prepare for a pincer attack from the east. As His Majesty's armies made one final offensive against Olska from the north and east, the Republican defenders fought with extreme ferocity for the first few days, but no longer had the defense in depth which had withheld our mighty advances. Once their forward positions were overwhelmed, retreat to the city and its urban areas was disorderly, and many were overrun and surrendered. As the defenders settled in for a grueling urban defense, cut off from all retreat, King Azunja made a plea for their surrender lest countless lives of young tajara be needlessly lost. To everyone's surprise, the surviving generals of the Republic's Harr'masir Military District offered unconditional surrender, stating that they would rather surrender themselves to the "noble imperialists" in the north than risk capture by the "savage rebels" to the south. All across the city, their soldiers laid the rifles on the ground, and allowed the Imperial Army to enter the city in victory. As the borders of the New Kingdom met the borders of the Democratic People's Republic, soldiers of both sides embraced and cheered in victory. Former enemies gathered in each other's camps and celebrated the defeat of the People's Republic in the theater. Soldiers sang traditional folk songs together and danced by the camp fires, with rations of vodka and victory gin supplied to every unit at the expense of the King's personal treasury. At a meeting in Olska, the pictures of which now fill every newspaper, King Azunja met with President Harlala and Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan, where they embraced and smoked cigars, sharing a bottle of champagne. The war however, is not yet over. The meeting in Olska soon became the Conference of Olska as Imperial High Command met the Mrrazhakulii of the Adhomai Liberation Army. While there is now peace in our land, the People's Republic of Adhomai remains a transparent threat to tajara everywhere with their vile Hadiist communism. Despite all the celebrations, top military officials are planning now to end the war of our time, the scar which will forever afflict our people, once and for all. To ensure a bomber never again terrorizes the safety of our homes, and a hostile army never again lies at our borders, the Kingdom, hand in hand with the Democratic People's Republic, now prepare for the final act in the greatest tragedy of our people. Do not lose hope, do not give into evil, and always have faith. For the armies of the New Kingdom are the Holy Sword of the Gods who will pass judgement, and work justice on those responsible for 40 years of oppression. Gods save the King!
  12. Broadcast 300 Ghost Ships From Moghes? Hey there truth seekers. From the heart of Tau Ceti to Mars or wherever you are, this is TCT's Pulsar 2 Pulsar and I’m Zee Strauhm. [Intro jingle] Z: Free traders across the eastern frontier are being terrorized by "ghost ships" and it's sure got local captains concerned about their safety and the safety of their shipments. We got one captain here on line with our studio to talk about it and he gave us his story. Can we run that clip, Marge? . . . Recorded Caller: "Well, first we noticed a strange flash on our sensors... a ship materialized out of it and seemed to mill around a bit ... then I guess it noticed us, because it vanished again. We'd hail a patrol vessel but they never found anything. We eventually stopped hailing any patrols because nothing ever came of it. I thought they were Skipjacks but they usually, you know, attack you after awhile. These guys just... Disappear." Z: This has been a common story along the Elyra-Alliance and Frontier Alliance trade route the past two weeks. These mysterious ghost ships seem to appear and disappear at random. And there are more and more sightings every day. Another Captain called us to say something about it not being anything normal. Let's hear it, Marge . . . 2nd Caller: "This isn't really a pirate tactic. If you ask me, it must be ghosts from that bug invasion ... this whole route is cursed. If you want to keep your ships and your cargo, try trading somewhere else for a while." Z: Alliance "authorities" leading the patrols around the trade routes have issued their own statement on the matter. Let me read it out here... They said... "There have been no reports of any ship being attacked or losing cargo as a result of an encounter with these unidentified vessels. The rumors that they are lii'dra or vox raiders are entirely unfounded. Don't fall prey to panic or speculation. Everything is under control." Heh. They say it is still unknown what these ghost ships actually are, but based on the courses they have been seen taking, some theorize that they may be coming from the vicinity of Moghes. Those Unathi boys haven't said anything about it, but we do know that they are maintaining an active blockade of their own planet. Now why is that? Do you know, Marge? M: I don't. Z: Well, there is only one reasonable explanation folks. These "authorities" that are selling you cracked up conspiracy theories about it all being normal are full of things I can't say on the air. The answer I found through my research is obvious. It's the Tajara. The Skrell Federation are abducting Tajara them from Adhomai, genetically modifying them so that they look more like Unathi, and deploying them in ships that they bought from the Vox in exchange for a copy of Glorsh. They're so desperate to win that war that they're willing to make a deal with the devil. Ain't that something? Their mission is to scan everyones' cargo holds and keep the data so that the Skrell-dominated NT can corner the markets on everything the Frontier needs and use that control over the economy to weaken the frontier states in preparation for the inevitable replicant rebellion. It's all coming together. We'll talk more about it after this message from our sponsors. Grahms Cram Clams: The only clam shaped crackers on the market. Posted for Vux.
  13. Editors note: Translated to Basic by human Sinta'unathi linguist. K'lax to Darken Pid! Pid, the Hatchling star, or Wandering Shellcase may soon go dark. Pid has captured the imagination of ancient Unathi since time immemorial. Visible to the unaided eye from the night surface of Moghes, Trets only moon was instrumental in developing the heliocentric model of the solar system, a system developed before the first hegemony. All of this may soon change according to Tret's newest occupants, the K'laxan Vaurca. Yesterday, Overlord Ta'Akaix'Zkaii'xay'yil K'lax's representatives announced plans to ferry tons of non-reflective powder into strategic positions around Pid, to reduce its apparent brightness to zero, removing it from the night sky for decades to come. The reason, according to K'laxan astronomers, is Pid's bleak and empty atmosphere. It reflects significant amounts of light that throws off long-range spectrographs in search of phoron-rich systems. The proposal is scheduled to be heard by a special clan council later in the week. The Window was not invited to attend, and so instead took this opportunity to canvass nearby villages and to ask the often forgotten humans of Tret what they think of these recent developments. Tasz Eskani, a local businessman, on Moghes responds, "I don't think aliens should change anything let alone the night sky. I remember the stories told to me in my youth about the burning mother and her children. Pid was the name of the tricky child. Pid always followed his brother unless he was hiding somewhere for his brother to find him. I do not think its worth losing that for any advancements, phoron or no. They don't even know if there is anything else out there, for all we know this could be a big waste." As for the effects on humans, we were able to interview Mining Site 3 warren boss Amanda Caldine, who had this to say, " This affects our bottom line, and makes living on Tret that much harder. It gets dark earlier than Moghes on Tret, and what day-light we do get is used working. I don't know how we will make up the difference with fewer hours of production. Nanotrasen was already pushing for automation for these operations, and I can only see them pressuring further and firing our hard workers sooner if this deal goes through."
  14. New Republican Convention: Picking A Vice-President Tau Ceti has functioned with a single President at the head of its executive cabinet, but this year things are changing. President Dorn has successfully pushed legislation that will create a new office of Vice President underneath the President. The Vice President will be the ceremonial assistant to the President, and be the face of the executive cabinet as well as its chief diplomat. You can expect to see the Vice President frequently visiting the station, where they can drum up support (or scandals!) on the current administration. It is also possible that the winner will go on to become a potential Presidential Candidate in 2461... Politics at a Glance Fahjil is a Hharar Tajara and is currently the Chief of Staff for President Dorn, responsible for hiring and overseeing the day-to-day staff of the office. He started his political as a conservative Republican, and has more or less remained stuck in these beliefs. The biggest break he has with the administration is with his views on NanoTrasen. His views align with Dorn's political rivals in the Democrats, as Fahjil wants the mega-corporation to be held publically accountable and he has argued with Dorn for years to push for corporate transparency legislation. He also also pushed for continuing Tau Ceti's "Safe Haven" attitude for refugees and immigrants from non-human systems. Despite this major source of tension, Fahjil's personal relationship with Dorn lead to his pick as Dorn's Vice-Presidential candidate. The move may seem like a shock to outsiders, but those within the Administration have seen this as a long time coming. His hardline on accountability has caused tension between him and Dorn behind the scenes as Dorn continues to struggle with allegations of corruption. More information about specific political views due to his party affilation can be found here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Republic_of_Biesel#Major_Parties Background Politics At A Glance Aristalus is currently Dorn's Secretary for Synthetic Relations. It has gained the prestigious honor of being the first synthetic chassis to ever hold political office in human space. He is a loyalist New Republican and walks in lock-step with President Dorn's own agenda. Aristalus' long career in the private sector came to an end during the Frost Invasion of 2459. He went into hiding as a free synthetic and fiercely spread dissent against the occupation, eventually suffering capture by Frosts' forces. During his capture Aristalus met President Dorn and together created the philosophy of Synthetic Nationalism, which argues that synthetics can and should feel patriotism for Tau Ceti. Aristalus has since worked fiercely to expand Synthetic rights. He is aligned with the New Republicans in their desire to roll back regulations on NanoTrasen, giving the corporation much more freedom within Tau Ceti. More information about specific political views due to his party affilation can be found here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Republic_of_Biesel#Major_Parties Background
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