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  2. Tajara Terrorists Attack Sol Navy in Neutral Space Last night, a group of unidentified Tajara individuals in the Republic of Biesel boarded and attacked the crew of the ship SMV Halberd, hijacking its weapons systems in an attempt to fire on innocent civilians while it was docked near the Nanotrasen station NSS Aurora. Two brave marines were killed fending off the attackers, in addition to those killed and injured in the battle provoked by the People’s Republic of Adhomai earlier this week against that vessel. A statement has been released today from the Prime Minister’s office: “My administration, with full confidence in our military and intelligence services, believe the People’s Republic of Adhomai is responsible for this terrorist act. This government, with unanimous consent from the senate at an emergency meeting this morning, has passed the following: Firstly, an embargo of the People’s Republic of Adhomai. All ships, property of its citizens or that government, that are found in Sol space are to be interned and their crews detained until further notice. Secondly, all Tajara will be banned from entering or exiting the Alliance of Sovereign Solarian Nations. All aid, be it civilian or military, to the People’s Republic of Adhomai will be stopped. Our prayers and condolences are with the families of those killed and injured in these unprovoked, heinous attacks on our sovereignty. Further information will be released by this office when available, and we are considering every possible option in response to this incident.” An addendum was added to the bill at the request of several senators officially thanking Chief Engineer Farah Alfarsi and Research Director Nigel Silva of the NSS Aurora for their efforts in repairing the sabotaged engine of the ship and allowing it to return to SolGov space without further harm.
  3. Broadcast 300 Ghost Ships From Moghes? Hey there truth seekers. From the heart of Tau Ceti to Mars or wherever you are, this is TCT's Pulsar 2 Pulsar and I’m Zee Strauhm. [Intro jingle] Z: Free traders across the eastern frontier are being terrorized by "ghost ships" and it's sure got local captains concerned about their safety and the safety of their shipments. We got one captain here on line with our studio to talk about it and he gave us his story. Can we run that clip, Marge? . . . Recorded Caller: "Well, first we noticed a strange flash on our sensors... a ship materialized out of it and seemed to mill around a bit ... then I guess it noticed us, because it vanished again. We'd hail a patrol vessel but they never found anything. We eventually stopped hailing any patrols because nothing ever came of it. I thought they were Skipjacks but they usually, you know, attack you after awhile. These guys just... Disappear." Z: This has been a common story along the Elyra-Alliance and Frontier Alliance trade route the past two weeks. These mysterious ghost ships seem to appear and disappear at random. And there are more and more sightings every day. Another Captain called us to say something about it not being anything normal. Let's hear it, Marge . . . 2nd Caller: "This isn't really a pirate tactic. If you ask me, it must be ghosts from that bug invasion ... this whole route is cursed. If you want to keep your ships and your cargo, try trading somewhere else for a while." Z: Alliance "authorities" leading the patrols around the trade routes have issued their own statement on the matter. Let me read it out here... They said... "There have been no reports of any ship being attacked or losing cargo as a result of an encounter with these unidentified vessels. The rumors that they are lii'dra or vox raiders are entirely unfounded. Don't fall prey to panic or speculation. Everything is under control." Heh. They say it is still unknown what these ghost ships actually are, but based on the courses they have been seen taking, some theorize that they may be coming from the vicinity of Moghes. Those Unathi boys haven't said anything about it, but we do know that they are maintaining an active blockade of their own planet. Now why is that? Do you know, Marge? M: I don't. Z: Well, there is only one reasonable explanation folks. These "authorities" that are selling you cracked up conspiracy theories about it all being normal are full of things I can't say on the air. The answer I found through my research is obvious. It's the Tajara. The Skrell Federation are abducting Tajara them from Adhomai, genetically modifying them so that they look more like Unathi, and deploying them in ships that they bought from the Vox in exchange for a copy of Glorsh. They're so desperate to win that war that they're willing to make a deal with the devil. Ain't that something? Their mission is to scan everyones' cargo holds and keep the data so that the Skrell-dominated NT can corner the markets on everything the Frontier needs and use that control over the economy to weaken the frontier states in preparation for the inevitable replicant rebellion. It's all coming together. We'll talk more about it after this message from our sponsors. Grahms Cram Clams: The only clam shaped crackers on the market. Posted for Vux.
  4. Last week
  5. First Space Battle for the Freedom of Tajara Among the Stars Defeats Imperialist Admiral Today the invading Alliance cruiser opened fire once again on our ships and our brave navy has engaged in a decisive battle with the imperialist human Admiral Yang. The battle has been declared a victory by Admiral Muhzuala. One of our journalists was present on the Admiral’s flagship, the new destroyer class Rredouane’s Gamble. The battle involved twelve naval ships and stretched across nearly the entire star system. Admiral Muhzuala warped next to the spaceport with six corvettes, four frigates, and his destroyer, surrounding the Cruiser in a classic Hotak’s Anvil. Admiral Muhzuala broadcasted an ultimatum, which was given to this station in advance. The Alliance Cruiser refused to respond to the hails and was seen raising its shields and entering into combat readiness. The fleet held its position and responded in kind. The Cruiser moved between our brave ships and the spaceport, and six minutes after the ultimatum was given it opened fire with mass driver rounds. All of the ships of the fleet scattered, moving at full speed in erratic formations. In a display of heroism, Captain Coman Yakub of the Icelance Corvette Suns Pentinant engaged the imperialists threatening the freedom of our system. The ship engaged full speed and warped parallel to the cruiser. It opened fire with its Icelance guns. The freeze ray targeted the gun batteries on the cruiser, and four of the twelve guns on that side of the ship were frozen by the beam that brought them down to near absolute zero. Captain Yakub’s vessel warped away after his strafe, and the other two Icelance corvettes repeated this process on either side of the cruiser, with follow up attacks from Headmaster frigates. The cruiser retaliated with intense missile barrages. At such close range, three missiles struck and destroyed the Icelance corvette Fury during a strafing run. At this moment Admiral Muhzuala warped his ship Rredouane’s Gamble closer to the cruiser, and the pinnacle of the People’s Republic’s innovative naval doctrine came into effect. The destroyer’s advanced electronic warfare systems were deployed and viciously attacked the cruiser’s computer systems. The destroyer hacked into the cruiser with abilities that remain classified. Electronic counter measures also caused the barrage of missiles fired from the cruiser to lose tracking abilities and fly wildly in all directions. Our reporter on the destroyer told the studio that during the battle he would look outside a small porthole and see a swarm of missiles heading their way suddenly swerve and veer into random directions around the ship, exploding on the other side. The cruiser’s engines and thruster systems were infected with a virus deployed by the destroyer and the cruiser began to engage full speed and full reverse at random intervals, lurching the ship back and forth. Its directional thrusters were also engaged at full power, sending the large vessel into a slow spin. The chaotic movements caused the cruiser to struggle to gain firing solutions and our brave vessels were able to land many hits with their freeze rays and mass drivers. After fifteen minutes of this the virus was purged from the cruiser and the vessels scattered again. Two more brave Tajara vessels were destroyed when the cruiser regained missile tracking abilities, cutting down many heroes of the Republic. Seeing the battle was turning away from our favor, the destroyer engaged electronic warfare again, hacking the navigation and fire control systems. The guns of the cruiser that were not frozen in place were suddenly missing wildly, unable to lock onto our vessels, and the missiles were jammed once more. This allowed further hit and run attacks on the formidable vessels to be done safely. The climax of the battle occured when the infiltration of the Alliances’ navigational systems caused it to spontaneously bluespace away from its location into the asteroid belt of the gas giant Krisha. The excess amounts of asteroids allowed our small vessels to gracefully race between them, opening fire from behind them and disappearing again. The cruiser had considerable trouble maneuvering, and more than once collided with an asteroid due to the havoc of their computer systems being compromised. One more corvette was struck by laser fire from the cruiser, with our journalist seeing the Charging Rafama sliced in half during a strafing run. The cruiser attempted to retreat at this time, engaging its bluespace drive. Malfunctions forced it to take small jumps towards the system’s bluespace gate. Each time it exited bluespace it was immediately attacked by our pursuing forces. At 10:40am, one hour after the battle started, the Alliance cruiser entered the bluespace gate and departed the system. The victorious Battle of Bras’njarr has cemented the Tajara as a sovereign naval power. Captain Coman Yakub is being given the Hero of the People’s Republic medal by President Hadii himself. In addition, his innovative battle strategy is being cemented in Republican doctrine as the Yakub Strafe. Celebrations also erupted across Adhomai for this victory against imperialism. With the despicable human Admiral repelled from our space, transport vessels are now safely moving under escort to the spaceport to relocate the human occupants back to Alliance space in accordance with our laws. Despite the victory, we must not forget that four of the twelve ships in the fleet were cut down in the line of duty, taking almost two hundred Tajara lives with another hundred wounded. President Hadii has signalled he is going to posthumously grant the fallen heros the Messa’s Virtue medal, which is given only to Tajara that give their lives upholding the highest form of valor in battle. President Hadii described the significance of this battle. It is believed that there is a high amount of communication between the People’s Republic and the Solarian government. The People’s Embassy attached to the human capital space station Unity Station has met with 12 Alliance senators in as many hours, and there are currently no expectations of escalation to be had, with the Alliance currently condemning the situation but taking no action at this time. Nevertheless Admiral Muhzuala has signalled that his fleet is still active.
  6. MLO mobilizes from district 11, massive care effort outperforms authorities Almost two days after the beginning of the 'New Detroit' fire and the situation turns grim, with property damage steadily increasing as the fire department is unable to control the flames. Civil unrest has further increased as more and more citizens are forced out into the street due to the danger the flames present. The fire department has given a more conclusive report, stating that the fire is not the only danger that is present with trace amounts of phoron coming through the flames also posing a massive risk for rescue- and fire teams, with phoron contamination being a common place ordeal. This morning however another event transpired which suprised the district, the sudden arrival of the Mendell Labor Organization ( MLO ) with a suprising amount of volunteers and labourers and began taking over where the fire department failed, more specifically offering temporary shelter, clearing out rubble and aiding in fighting back the flames. Equipment and tools were also rapidly being delivered into the district, many questioning when these were aquired and/or manufactured. On the scene was Willam Abel, who introduced himself as the head of internal affairs for the MLO, while the meeting was cut short due to being occupied handling his staff he had the following to say. "The recent crisis in this fine area has not only motivated us to further increase our effort to provide job oppertunities for those who wish to not only improve their own life but also give back to the community, but also to increase awareness for our own organization. I am not going to lie that we've been rather inclusive for district eleven but this crisis, as many call it, has motivated us not only help one district that is in need of assistance, but every district that has been suffering of our neglectful government." His remarks were met with a fair amount of criticism however those critics were quickly drowned by supporters which flooded into the district. However many believe this is simply a ploy to privatize the industry even further and that the MLO is simply attempting to seize the Mendell market. However the relief effort can be seen by both sides, as the situation is slowly but steadily turning for the better. ((OOC: thanks to DaSmog for the article.))
  7. Earlier
  8. Pid to be Darkened, K’lax Nuclear Stockpile Disarmed Today, the Council of Lords met the Tret representatives within Skalamar for ruling upon the fate of Pid. As earlier reported this year by another paper, The Vaurca of Tret, led by Overlord Zkaii of K’lax came forward with a proposal for reducing its apparent magnitude to aid in the search of Phoron-laden systems. Oddly enough, the release of Dominian freighters and trade sovereignty were also in their proposal. These clauses would allow the K’lax to begin self-regulated trade with foreign powers, in exchange for higher tax percentages within the Hegemony. In addition, the Vaurca representatives released plans for the economic development of the system, once phoron deposits are found. While at first thrilled, the council of Lords wished more from the K’lax, citing the cultural significance of Pid, and the ridiculous notion of allowing trade with a hostile foreign power. To these issues, K’laxan representative Wanski, the unathi guild master of the Tretian Medical Guild comments... “My lords and Sinta, you're already helping the Dominian government economically, and with your own Sinta. Look at the megacorporations or the Jargon Federation. They make it impossible to keep an insulated economy anymore.Just as my ancestors watch over me, I know that Mogesian products bought and sold by Nanotrasen find a sizable market within the Empire of Dominia. What we are offering is a chance to reap greater benefit than what you would ever get from a human company. Additionally, we’ve one last proposal to provide a better deal.” With this, guildmaster Wanski sits down, and a video begins to play on a nearby viewscreen. “ The K’lax hive is willing to disarm its nuclear stockpile entirely as part of the proposal my lords. This would rid our system of a significant threat, to everyone.” finishes guild master Wanski just before the council takes a short recess for deliberation. The rest of the proceedings occur behind closed doors, but not two hours later, the Council of Warlords issued that it has agreed to the K’laxan proposal. As news of this agreement hit Tret, the few megacorp mining operations upon Tret issued a public warning to all of its employees. Once Pid has been darkened, their findings conclude that Tret will have 27% darker day and night cycle. The report goes on to explain that by removing the reflected light of Pid will have a significant effect on their operations on Tret. Elsewhere news of the imminent disarmament of K’laxan Nuclear Warheads has met with widespread joy, from every Sinta our paper interviewed. Whether or not this proposal was worth it is yet to be seen, but it can be said that, for now, All unathi may sleep safer tonight.
  9. Rustam Harmaliik, the King of Mountains, Joins the War Effort at the Side of the Kingdom 02.05.2461 Yesterday the front lines were visited by unexpected guests, several Nomadic caravans attempted to cross into the territory of the New Kingdom. Envoys of Rustam Harmaliik, the elected leader of the Rock nomads at Harr’masir, contacted officers responsible for the defenses, announcing their intentions of definitely aiding the Kingdom in the offensive. Rustam Harmaliik, alongside with his most trusted elders, was brought before the Parliament and the King, where he offered the full support of his people in the war effort. The Nomadic King cited the recent omens as the proof that him and his tajara needed to confirm the Kingdom’s legitimacy. An emergency meeting was soon called by King Azunja, with the objective of deciding the future of the nomads at the doors of the country. The Parliament decided to accept the offer of the Nomadic King. His population was allowed to cross the border, staying temporarily in the region close to Bar’jar. Rustam swore fealty to the King, being granted the position of Mrraka'te'almalik to command his own warriors. The rock nomads caravans forces are to join the army in the offensive in the next days. While most members of the Parliament have welcomed those new allies, many have expressed concerns about the integration of the nomadic population and how to accommodate their lifestyle.
  10. 2461.5.1 Empire of Dominia Officially Recognizes New Kingdom of Adhomai This morning, at an officially scheduled conference, His Imperial Dominian Majesty announced that his government would recognize the New Kingdom of Adhomai as the legitimate and sole government of the planet of Adhomai. Present alongside the Emperor at the conference was Brigade General Valirey Han’san, a Tajara officer well known for his tactical expertise who has served in every conflict the Empire has seen in the past two decades. With him was Colonel-in-Chief Alze of the Special Operations Group. “My government, as the nearest to the Tajara homeworld of Adhomai, has taken careful interest in their affairs throughout my reign. It is after a great amount of consideration and debate that we are today officially granting diplomatic recognition to His Majesty Nazira Ka’rimah’s government as the sole legitimate government of Adhomai. Goddess willing, we will attempt to open diplomatic relations with them as soon as possible, in order to better cultivate a friendly relationship that is mutually beneficial to both our peoples. Praise God.” For the Imperial citizens unacquainted with the frozen world of Adhomai, it is the homeworld of the noble Tajara, which are rarely seen inside Dominian borders. This planet has suffered under a three-sided civil war for the past nine years, before which was a vicious world-spanning revolution against the nobility that previously governed the planet. Currently the People’s Republic of Adhomai (PRA), a collectivist, secular state is recognized by other nations as the legitimate successor to previous administrations, fiercely opposed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Adohmai (DRPA) and the now-recognized New Kingdom of Adhomai (NKA).
  11. Public Announcement Posted by Optizoiimx (Optikam Zoizara) on 4.16.2461 Our commune on New Gibson has, by the guidance of the Great Oss, completed our first fabrication facility for new limbs. We can now print 12 baseline limbs every week and 4 advanced graspers every week. This brings us to a 88% replacement rate for baseline limbs and a 12% replacement rate for graspers. The resources allocated by the Consensus of 3.29.2461 made this possible. There are currently no projections provided by Oss that show us being capable of expanding this production level for at least another 360 local cycles. This is even with the previously unnoticed and unfathomed efficiencies within the project that Oss revealed to us. It has been determined to provide periodic shipments of graspers and baseline limbs in a crate to the NSS Aurora Station. This is where a large population of our Commune resides and Oss has determined that it will be more efficient to have our limbs replaced immediately in the workplace rather than coming all the way back home. Our Paradigm's have also determined a method by which Aut'akh limbs may have a basic interface with non-sinta bodies. Alien Aut'akh may now experience the blissful spiritual strengthening of the new limbs. Unfortunately Oss has not yet divined a reliable, safe blueprint for full body augmentation of non-Sinta. In addition, there is considerable difficulty in maintaining modularity of limbs in non-Sinta. If a human Aut'akh wished to change his arm, it would require crude amputation. Nihilism levels within the Kethresh have decreased by 22%. Not a single one of the three aquaculture farms have been destroyed by hegemonic incursions in Tau Ceti. Saramiite clansmen continue to struggle with a lack of security necessity. Oss continues to provide guidance in delivering meaningful alternate work. Optikam are happy here and are really glad to work for NanoTrasen and wish the corporation will function perfectly well for infinity and love their jobs. Siansi will be holding the 1st quad-monthly Robot-Roller Destructo-Derby in a week from now. Anyone is invited to build an autonomous derby car to win the race or crash in a cinematic fashion. Mahashik have hired three additional lawyer to help interpret government regulations on mining rights within the new gibson territory owned by the commune. If anyone has experience in federal and state and municipal laws on crust and mantle mining, please contact Mahashik Air'ziar at 91883-19992. Veetek have announced the completion of their 6th mech shortly before the arrival of the NanoTrasen agent who took it off their hand. While regretting the inability to hold the ceremonial celebration due to NanoTrasen's deadlines, they are thankful to still have the chance to build them. The Ansiba continue to hold their public invitation for any and all interested IPC's to come debate them about the nature of synthetic life and the soul. Finally, we have changed the color of our bulletins to green because additional reading has determined it is more soothing to human eyes. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Top Rated Comments >BestMechDriver983** says, I hope the humans join the derby contest. The Mahashik keep winning them. We need a wildcard. --- >MizaSaramiite says, I really like this announcement you posted. Great job! --- >ParaGrim98 says, Blue was better.
  12. Nated Tour Graces Mztel'mir: Settles Fate Of Civilian Government Editor’s Note: This is the second part in a series following Shum'binaj (Minister) of Affirmation Nated as he travels Adhomai. For security our station has agreed to delay publishing stories of each of his visits for a week after they took place. Today the city of Mztel’mir was graced with the presence of Shum'binaj Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan. His entry into the city came as a surprise to the general populace who welcomed him with cheers and open arms. However, the official visit with the ruling Junta’s commander Mjirua’ziahu has always been a bitter rival of Nated. Mjirua’ziahu openly questioned the strategies put forth by Nated during the former’s tenure as Supreme Commander. The Commander also for years alleged that he was unfairly denied a promotion due to his heritage as a Njarir’akhran and former post as a royalist commander before his defection to Al’marii Hadii’s republican government. Despite the high tension and spurred emotions between the two, all seemed to dispel after as they toured the many famous distilleries that the city of Mztel’mir is known for. Many distilleries offered generous samples of their wares to the Shum'binaj and the Commander, who drank generously with the local brewers. They walked through many of the breweries that were built after the revolution, and even went inside the hidden stills and bars that peasants would gather to drink away from the oppressive nobles. The tension between the two escalated at a festival at the base of the statue of the goddess Shumaila. She has been the patron Goddess of the city ever since Revolutionary defenders repelled a royalist seige in 2330 CE. As the Sun Sisters were approaching to burn offerings, commander Mjirua’ziahu, now inebriated, pulled out a light blue veil and offered it to Nated to “become a mute woman to see if it would improve his fighting style”. Our present chronicler wrote that the crowd around the two fell completely silent. Despite the inebriation of all present, everyone could tell how biting the insult was. However Nated surprised all when he took the veil from the man, put it on and then proceeded to wrench the commanders arm and throw him to the ground. Nated then said, “you’ve been beaten by a mute woman, then.” The tension could be cut with a knife for those two moments as everyone expected a physical brawl to break out. But Commander Mjirua’ziahu broke out in laughter and Nated helped him to his feet, while the crowd laughed along. The two Commanders continued the ceremony in much higher spirits. Despite his level of intoxication Nated answered many questions from the pubic with his usual charisma and presence. After the public celebration, Nated and Mjirua’ziahu spent the rest of the day negotiating the future of the city. Commander Mjirua’ziahu agreed to voluntarily dismantle the Junta that rules the city and hand over power to a local civilian government. Emerging from the city hall, renovated from its original status as an Enforcer headquarters, Nated and Mjirua’ziahu triumphantly held up the 10 page agreement that was met with cheers from the waiting crowd. Staying for only half an hour after this celebration, Nated remarked on his “haste to continue” and bid farewell to the city, leaving it to plan its internal elections.
  13. District 14, Scrapheap Revealed! The second part of a 15 part series, excerpts are made available for our readers. By Alastair Lindin Situated in the middle of the stadium was an army of creatures and critters of every shape. Miniaturized and exaggerated their features were, with too sharp edges, too colorful hides, too perfect spacing between them the only thing belying their mechanical nature. The dead-eyed creatures animated themselves as Zapashy led me in, becoming a sea of whirring faux animals as they undulated, shouldering a burden into view. “From the Frozen Tundras of Das'narra, where even the fastest beast can freeze to a standstill... Watch and be amazed as these frozen beasts come alive! He brings to you the Terrific Technomancer..... Slava Kantemirov!" proclaimed Zapashy enthusiastically. The whirring hoard parted as a costumed tajaran emerged from its recesses. Her dark blue tech suit caught an iridescent firelight. Her thin spider fingers began to glow as she cracked her knuckles in an odd fashion. Suddenly the mass lifted her, interlocking themselves to create a high platform far above us as she languidly eased her body to the edge of the summit. With a short bow, she fell, twisting in the air between, igniting an iridescence in her suit and fingers that reflected off the exposed metal of the mechanical mass that roiled all around her. Her suit alighted between them, dancing as a candle flame in gale wind. The woman beneath the flame was gone, leaving an ember of light that masked the cold visage of the creatures, softening their edges with the heat of living.- Lindin, A Journey through the District's Our Van plowed through the inter-district highway away from District 15. We became enshrouded in a yellow-grey pall that hung low in the air like a noxious miasma, choking the daylight overhead. Air quality warning signs lined the road as we went, signaling us to affix breath masks. Ochre-56A, our camera operator panned wide shots Across the industrial expanse, ensuring to get close up shots of District 14’s infamous junk piles. Little comes in the form of local regulation in the interstices between district 15 and 14. Here, expanses of land collect the trash of Mendell’s 18 million residents. When the city was built, its original planners had this district at its outermost edges. Networks of automation funneled the cities waste and recycling efforts here to keep its interior environs clean. This process still hasn’t changed, as every hour on the hour, automated trucks dump tons of waste into disorganized piles for kilometers in every direction around us. We exit off of the highway and into the well-worn streets of outer district 14. Our camera operator had told us of a place in the deeper scrap that acts as a haven of a sort for the districts synthetic populace. As we moved through, mounds of intermixed garbage gave way to corroded metal, its organic constituents having rotted long ago. The air took on a coppery perfume as we reached the area of town known locally as 99EST. All about us, the scrap piles receded into organized structures of rusted, corrugated metal and plastic. Painted signs adorned some of the buildings with the entire area festooned in archaic contraptions and automata of every kind. Among the community, hard at work robots create electrical contacts that make the street stink with ozone as the midmorning air burnt in the light of their many welding torches. We traveled along the center of 99EST, and some of the locals explained that places in their community are ordered by the age in years of the surrounding metal.They went on to tell us we had entered from 23EST, the superhighway exit. At the prompting of Ochre-56A, a friendly synthetic local named EE-DV119 showed us to another area of town they called the Oxidized Fanes. The driving was tough, and I could tell our unathi companion was on edge as we followed in the van through automated traffic. About an hour later, we finally were able to exit onto an empty road and into our secluded destination. I can write to you with honesty, that the Oxidized Fanes are worth the trouble. They are, quite simply, beautiful. A hidden treasure that I would have not seen prior to this journey. Here, it seems that the synthetic community has gone to great lengths to re-create famous temples of countless faiths, all arranged in such a way that they all take up an equal amount of space. Emblematic of styles upon ancient Earth, Adhomai and Qerrbalak, these recreated buildings would give Phoenixport a run for its money were they not made of mostly scrap metal. Congregants of these temples came and went, with some of the more recognizable robots going to multiple places of worship. EE-DV119 explained that these places give newer and older robots hope and support. That, some of the devout among the fanes search for broken and thrown away synthetics, giving them a chance at living a new life and to find meaning in that life by using the wisdom of their creators. Eager to see more, we visited one of the newer market sections of the scrapheap,2EST. I personally expected odd market niches to spring up around robotic communities and I was not disappointed. Robotics reign king here, with their trades meaning in basic parlance separated into four different sub-groups within district 14. They are commonly known as, harddocs, softdocs, wetdocs and drydocs. As some of the locals put it, knowing which is which, and which one would just steal your steel is important. We spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the synthetic communities of district 14. I saw a few organics in that time, but we did find a disturbing amount of robots that, for some reason or another tried to sell themselves to our crew. Ochre-56A explained this phenomenon as ‘servile programming’, likening it to one of the worst problems facing free synthetics today. Another problem we witnessed just before leaving was several synthetic businesses refusing G2 robots. It was then that I realized that any time we saw a G2 they were either heavily damaged, alone or with a human. From what our guide was willing to tell us, generation 2 synthetics are heavily discriminated against in some peoples of the district 14. Discrimination or not, we didn’t let that stop us. I quickly paid our guide in batteries, eager to be going on our way past the Scrapheap and into 14’s large industrial park.This sector of the district actually comprised most of its actual landmass, with the area itself situated upon a high artificial plateau, buttressed by plasteel about its perimeter. As we crested the top of the concrete hill overlooking Scrapheap, we saw ahead of us a forest of enormous fume stacks belching their contents into the upper sky. Eddying swirls of burning gases capped their apexes, intermixing into a sickly pallor that was the sky of District 14. The smells of garbage faded, replacing themselves with the tang of acidic chemicals. Ground autos choked the highway we traveled, itself parting the sea of pipes and stacks like a great metal ocean or asphalt blood vein that fed into the heart of the city. We saw factories of every kind, producing every product, mineral, or animal. Still more factories for every corporation, every chemical process and refinement scheme. Countless sieves that render the natural world to the machinations of our civilization, all concentrated here so that the rest of the city can insulate themselves from their existence. Shockingly, I saw several non-human organic workers parade around these mega-factories, some without safety equipment or air devices, exposing themselves to the wasting air for the prospect of a wage. The stories that could be told here lay behind barbed fences and security checkpoints. The security guards themselves recite boilerplate responses to our inquires, catechisms fed into them by better paid corporate lackeys. Taking notes and pictures, we left the industrial parks, making our way beyond district 14 borders. Ahead, the economic sector of the city and the greater economic part of the Orion Spur awaits us, District 13. Continued excerpts of this article will be made available to our readers in our next issue
  14. Editors note: Translated to Basic by human Sinta'unathi linguist. K'lax to Darken Pid! Pid, the Hatchling star, or Wandering Shellcase may soon go dark. Pid has captured the imagination of ancient Unathi since time immemorial. Visible to the unaided eye from the night surface of Moghes, Trets only moon was instrumental in developing the heliocentric model of the solar system, a system developed before the first hegemony. All of this may soon change according to Tret's newest occupants, the K'laxan Vaurca. Yesterday, Overlord Ta'Akaix'Zkaii'xay'yil K'lax's representatives announced plans to ferry tons of non-reflective powder into strategic positions around Pid, to reduce its apparent brightness to zero, removing it from the night sky for decades to come. The reason, according to K'laxan astronomers, is Pid's bleak and empty atmosphere. It reflects significant amounts of light that throws off long-range spectrographs in search of phoron-rich systems. The proposal is scheduled to be heard by a special clan council later in the week. The Window was not invited to attend, and so instead took this opportunity to canvass nearby villages and to ask the often forgotten humans of Tret what they think of these recent developments. Tasz Eskani, a local businessman, on Moghes responds, "I don't think aliens should change anything let alone the night sky. I remember the stories told to me in my youth about the burning mother and her children. Pid was the name of the tricky child. Pid always followed his brother unless he was hiding somewhere for his brother to find him. I do not think its worth losing that for any advancements, phoron or no. They don't even know if there is anything else out there, for all we know this could be a big waste." As for the effects on humans, we were able to interview Mining Site 3 warren boss Amanda Caldine, who had this to say, " This affects our bottom line, and makes living on Tret that much harder. It gets dark earlier than Moghes on Tret, and what day-light we do get is used working. I don't know how we will make up the difference with fewer hours of production. Nanotrasen was already pushing for automation for these operations, and I can only see them pressuring further and firing our hard workers sooner if this deal goes through."
  15. New Republican Convention: Picking A Vice-President Tau Ceti has functioned with a single President at the head of its executive cabinet, but this year things are changing. President Dorn has successfully pushed legislation that will create a new office of Vice President underneath the President. The Vice President will be the ceremonial assistant to the President, and be the face of the executive cabinet as well as its chief diplomat. You can expect to see the Vice President frequently visiting the station, where they can drum up support (or scandals!) on the current administration. It is also possible that the winner will go on to become a potential Presidential Candidate in 2461... Politics at a Glance Fahjil is a Hharar Tajara and is currently the Chief of Staff for President Dorn, responsible for hiring and overseeing the day-to-day staff of the office. He started his political as a conservative Republican, and has more or less remained stuck in these beliefs. The biggest break he has with the administration is with his views on NanoTrasen. His views align with Dorn's political rivals in the Democrats, as Fahjil wants the mega-corporation to be held publically accountable and he has argued with Dorn for years to push for corporate transparency legislation. He also also pushed for continuing Tau Ceti's "Safe Haven" attitude for refugees and immigrants from non-human systems. Despite this major source of tension, Fahjil's personal relationship with Dorn lead to his pick as Dorn's Vice-Presidential candidate. The move may seem like a shock to outsiders, but those within the Administration have seen this as a long time coming. His hardline on accountability has caused tension between him and Dorn behind the scenes as Dorn continues to struggle with allegations of corruption. More information about specific political views due to his party affilation can be found here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Republic_of_Biesel#Major_Parties Background Politics At A Glance Aristalus is currently Dorn's Secretary for Synthetic Relations. It has gained the prestigious honor of being the first synthetic chassis to ever hold political office in human space. He is a loyalist New Republican and walks in lock-step with President Dorn's own agenda. Aristalus' long career in the private sector came to an end during the Frost Invasion of 2459. He went into hiding as a free synthetic and fiercely spread dissent against the occupation, eventually suffering capture by Frosts' forces. During his capture Aristalus met President Dorn and together created the philosophy of Synthetic Nationalism, which argues that synthetics can and should feel patriotism for Tau Ceti. Aristalus has since worked fiercely to expand Synthetic rights. He is aligned with the New Republicans in their desire to roll back regulations on NanoTrasen, giving the corporation much more freedom within Tau Ceti. More information about specific political views due to his party affilation can be found here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Republic_of_Biesel#Major_Parties Background
  16. Further Private Security Requested Within Biesel 15.10.2460. Recent civil unrest in Biesel prompts renegotiation of private security contracts. Jobs available. The current private security contract held by Eridani Corporate Federation has entered a phase of renegotiation following an increase in civil disorder and pirate activity within the Biesel Republic. Positions have opened this morning for skilled Heads of Security, Security Officers and those seeking Cadetship on a temporary basis within Biesel with potential for permanent employment to follow. Employment workshops are already inundated with candidates. Our corporate correspondent Lulu Balewa was present today, interviewing the eager hopefuls. Apply now to avoid disappointment as positions are closing fast. Editor's note: Translated from Tradeband to Basic.
  17. Trei’waq’li Wins Washa’ql’tup, System To the Federation After Re-Evaluation of Colony’s Status; Mad Scientists’ Lab Seized And Destroyed Editors note: Translated to Basic. An memo has been released by the office of the Grand Councillor confirming that a spontaneous Washa’ql’tup (ritual war) was conducted against the Trei’waq’li system by Admiral Huweshi'tup. The memo claims that Admiral Huweshi'tup was ‘zealous’ in demanding an immediate Washa’ql’tup with the rogue system and he provided the list of terms and conditions. Trei’waq’li had requested four additional days of preparation time as well as a re-negotiation of the terms of a Federation victory. Trei’waq’li was declined the additional preparation time as Admiral Huweshi'tup deployed half of his fleet, Sentinels of Starlight, to the predetermined staging areas and began the mock invasion of the system’s inhabited planet Aweis’huwishii. He began the match by firing upon the defenders with low intensity laser rounds, 'tagging' defending vessels. The smaller defending fleet in orbit of the planet were quick to return fire, engaging the attacking fleet and consenting to the original schedule of the Washa’ql’tup. The attacking Sentinels of Starlight conducted a Reglushi Encirclement but were countered by an unusual local doctrine. At the end of the ceremony the attackers had all of its ships ‘disabled’, bringing victory to the rogue system. After several hours of remaining in orbit of Aweis’huwishii and declining the system's polite but firm requests for his departure, Admiral Huweshi'tup’s fleet announced to the local system that legal scholars had discovered the colonies’ original colonization agreement from 2046 CE had granted the colony to the federal government “in perpetuity”. This clause had never been changed or challenged and remains a legally binding contract. Sentinels of Starlight activated their primary weapons systems and moved to occupy the system. "The local government has accepted the logic of following the letter of the law. They have acknowledged declining to follow the rule of law would render them a criminal entity and I would seek additional resources from the Grand Council for a more firm response. Local government understands a peaceful return to the Federation is the best for the prosperity of inhabitants. Transition to Federal control will be smooth." The local defense force were all carefully monitored by weapons control specialists until their older model of vessels were shut down and boarded by Tup Commandos. On the surface of Aweis’huwishii, military forces are now landing in transport shuttles to begin the process of formally re-integrating the planet’s government. Officials from the Federal government have been dispatched by the Grand Council to take over administration duties. Another statement from the office of the Grand Councillor has confirmed that authorities are continuing to search for the mad scientist Q’uarshin Q’qili and her illegal research. "Q’uarshin Q’qili has violated the law forbidding the research, construction, or possession of synthetic intelligence within the territory of the Jargon Federation. We are considering the crime to have taken place retroactively to our awareness of the violation, as we have deemed the star system to have always been Federation territory. Lab will be found and research destroyed." The public response has been overwhelmingly positive for the government's’ handling of the crisis. Social media has been abuzz about the shrewd legal knowledge of Admiral Huweshi'tup, who was able to find a legal method of winning the conflict with the local system despite having not been victorious in the formal ceremony.
  18. 08.01.2460 Remembering The Fallen: Bursa Memorial Expanded Following the ending of the state of emergency on the 5th of February of this year. Government agencies have begun the census, rebuilding and assistance efforts to all affected areas. The death toll in conjunction with the missing toll being officially released at “114,592” people, both civilians and servicemen. It has been reported that as soon as the emergency was over, construction efforts to the Bursa Memorial were being made to expand its premises and infrastructure, to host the names of all that have been lost. And as a result, all four sections have been expanded to accommodate. Prime Minister Tatenda in an address to people, following the reopening ceremony of the memorial, had this to say. “My fellow Elyrans. It is with a heavy heart that I stand with you today. Once more it is not easy to admit, but I feel devastated. Our loses in this tragedy, they are not just numbers and figures to me, it is something I feel to my core. We have lost many brothers and sisters today, and that is something I will think of for the rest of my life, especially as I continue to serve our Serene Republic. Yet again, as I stand before you, while we all mourn, I still see strength within you all. The fire of resilience, strength, of greatness. While we may have suffered, we still stand, our backs straight, our heads held high. At the face of adversity, at the face of the ultimate enemy, we stood. We stand here, again, stronger than we were before. Through the cooperative efforts of Elyrans, and those that came to our aid, we won. We reclaimed our people, we reclaimed our land. We cleansed it of their grotesque taint. Let no one doubt our will, our strength, the fire that burns with us, the light that shines around us. I can give you 114,592 stories of the Elyran spirit, and much more. We will push through this tragedy and rebuild, as we always have. May God be with you all. For Greatness, we strive!” The Prime Minister had also ordered the formation of “The Bursa Fund”, pooling government funds to assist the survivors and servicemen that suffered from this tragedy, along with urging Elyrans to assist with this fund, in order to assist those in need. The News service has compiled an album of pictures detaining the rebuilding efforts, before and after imagery of different areas. written by Aboshehab
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