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  1. Languages aren't terribly complicated codewise, as far as I can tell, so implementation can't be an issue. Eridani (West African heritage), the Scarabs (multicultural cultural isolation) and Dominia (lizard town) in particular would benefit a lot. As far as secret language club memes go, why not use mutual intelligibility? TCB is practically Esperanto, iirc, and Tradeband is about as much of a bastard child of every Romance language.
  2. Despite their awful taste in webcomics, Paradox can be trusted to come up with concepts with both innovation and substance, which is as much as we can ask for in spacegame lore. Venus and every Scarab ship but the spite-fueled anglofest are some of the most creative parts of human lore, and Skrell lore is incredibly distinctive and rich when it could just as easily be yet another generic scientist species. Plus, I can count at least one character of theirs per species that both fits the lore perfectly and manages to be creative with it. I can't think of anyone I'd sooner see as skrelldev.
  3. It's worth repeating that it makes no sense, lore or otherwise, to restrict augments to human-only; there's even more defense for Vaurca/Tajara exclusive augments than for human ones. The entire post reeks of a gamist mentality better left at LRP; why should a species amount to stats that give them more or less of a chance in combat? There's several cases when a species shouldn't be in combat at all without an excluding reason, such as non-security owned IPC, literally any Vaurca but Za, or the vast majority of Diona. Arguably, the status of Tajara in Biesel or the fact Skrell by-and-large represent the Federation also deters them from combat, leaving violence as a real option largely to Unathi and humans.
  4. Please, no. Chemical names are absurdly easy to learn and literally anyone with access to a chemmaster (i.e. the chemist, CMO, scientist, lab assistants) can hit 'Analyse' for a brief description of what a substance is and its effects. Imitating other servers is not desirable in the slightest in any form; Bay holdovers got us Vox, old med was a holdover, etc. One doesn't have to be a qualified professional to learn a few names. That, and it'd sincerely be a joke if servers with a lower RP requirement than us had a more believable chemistry framework. Imagine a HRP server having 'Viralivir' and 'Infexicilin'. Literally space drugs and spaceacilin tier.
  5. There's really very little reason to restrict offworlders from any command position. They're arguably even a better fit than a regular human as a CE, particularly with Scarabs, and the idea that the HoS should be expected to have the same physical standards as non-adapted humans goes out the window with the even more fragile M'sai and the Skrell. A 'new species' factor isn't terribly applicable either, since they've existed for a very long time in-setting and are only new mechanically. Not to mention, a command member's task is that of a manager and supervisor first and foremost. If a head of staff is regularly involved in exerting work to the point where an offworlder would be noticeably hampered, they're severely misunderstanding their role.
  6. Wtf. Mwhit bullying me and trying to chase me off the server. First all, all of these quotes are off context,
  7. In light of the recent random virus event removal, scrubber surges are another mechanic that cause either annoyance or death to all crew and unwanted, unstimulating work for Medical. On the most benign cases the scrubber can eject juice or water; in the worst ones, one is heavily irradiated, put through hallucinations, knocked out by chloral hydrate, melted down by polytrinic acid, or having their liver turn rapidly necrotic from many other common bursts. The event contributes nothing positive to the round in any end, and might as well go.
  8. A bad ling round is either extended with 5 more seconds of work to security/medical at best, while at worst it's hallucination sting spam, stealth drain, or horror form murderbone. A good ling round simply doesn't exist. Removing it from code fully would see nothing good lost, removal from secret would be acceptable.
  9. Can we get an F for APC maxcaps, entire vented floors, wordless door shocking, rushing to delta, stealthmalf, lock-and-syphon and combat borg murderbone? They'll be sorely missed.
  10. A solid +1. It's always great to see people playing with some of the less used aspects of lore, like the Akhanzi Order, and even moreso when the concept is of an atypical sort, in this case a male Unathi character completely disinterested in becoming a warrior. It should be interesting to see how they mesh with (or cause friction against) Hegemony loyalists, alien characters, Aut'akh, Dominians or even the occasional Maraziite. Overall, the concept is rich and could be taken in a lot of directions.
  11. This is a pretty great take on it. It also opens the window to either resorting to ghetto chem or having to get medication from the chemist/science through less-than-legal means, which is always fun. Also, botany. Hopefully this can also result in botany actually having an use for all the chems they can produce rather than delivering individual bottles of what medical already has.
  12. +1, definitely. Charging for paracetamol and other basic medications is a fun idea, and it makes medical more involved than viruses and burst lungs. I will have to throw bricks at your house if this ends up making the ringer even more used, though.
  13. While more than enough was said about Borya's roleplaying skill, which I fully agree with, the most important part is whether they understand the species' lore or not; to me, the application definitely shows that they've read over the concepts involved in detail. An easy +1, though a few questions jumped out at me while reading it. 1) How did Caduz's experience in the IAC affect her? Having most of her life outside VR involve working with the volunteers, potentially very far away, makes this a character with a very particular take on Vaurca socialisation, this going even further considering she is a Za of the most xenophilic brood by far. 2) Touching again on Athvur's brood, how does Caduz express herself? A clearer modulator, wearing human (or human-inspired) clothes, or even a simple IAC armband gives a far different image than zzzvheacking like zzzizz and walking around in nothing but a blinder and your carapace. 3) With 30 slots full, who's leaving? They're all good waifus, and we'll miss them. 😔
  14. The top two are great compared to what we have right now, no contest. The third is best, though the black grip would probably look even better.
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