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  1. Reporting Personnel: Lex Harkson Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Warden Game ID: b2W-chre Personnel Involved: - Lex Harkson, Warden, Victim - Jesse Armstrong, Head of Security, Offender - Ihuru Azka, Security Officer, Witness - Jake Jarvis, Security Officer, Witness - Radulfr Gunnarsson. Forensic Technician, Witness Time of Incident: Real Time: 17:45 27/8/2019 (Europe/Amsterdam) Location of Incident: Warden's Office/Security Department Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [X] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: Ihuru Azka's flag was removed from the security locker room. They announced that over the security radio frequency and wished to know who did it. Everyone in the channel including myself stated they did not remove the flag. Jake Jarvis stated that it most likely was me because they see me as racist which I rejected as I have not touched that flag and I am not one to tear down flags. Jesse Armstrong stated that it everyone else said no so it would be me who did it as there was no one else left. I strongly disagreed as I did not touch the flag. Radio chatter died down and Jesse Armstrong approached me in my office and asked me to apologize to Ihuru Azka and not do it again. I refused to apologize for something I did not do and he told me directly. if you continue to lie to me I will suspend you. He continues to threaten me with suspension and turning this into an official problem. I hold the same statement I had before and add that if I am suspended I will file an incident report. He continues and suspends me adding to it that perhaps internal affairs will fire me as well. I cooperated and removed all of my security gear and handed over my ID and was handed nothing back as he was the only head of staff available and he is not able to make any ID's. After a while of being suspended Jesse Armstrong decided to revert his previous actions and lift the suspension due to a lack of evidence. I hold no grudge for what has happened, however I believe in forgiving but not forgetting serious actions such as the above. It remains a fact that Jesse Armstrong acted on his own prejudice and perhaps that of Jake Jarvis as well that without evidence the one suspected of racism has to be punished immediately without investigation. I am passionate about my profession and want to maintain high standards as expected from Necropolis employees. However I cannot do my job properly if my superior act without investigations. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? No If so, who?: Actions taken: Lifting of suspension due to a lack of evidence by Jesse Armstrong, Head of Security. Additional Notes: Suspension Form: See attached document,
  2. Yeah so with aim enabled and if you manage to click it in time yes that would be a solution if this wasn't a problem with it. Normal maint drones explode when being emp'd. EMAGGED ones do not seem to do the same consistently. Some do and some don't which is very weird. Additionally let's assume it *did* work. Having one specific item to defeat one or more maintenance drones that for one could just be ordered to steal the only ion rifle available on the station is pretty bad. That is similar to how its considered powergaming for the first thing a malf borg/AI to do is to remove the ion rifle from the armoury without any interaction beforehand.
  3. What would you change to the current emagged maintenance drones to make them more balanced?
  4. I would like to see the possibility for maintenance drones to be emagged removed. I want to see this happen because I believe they currently are in the exact same state as the security module (that was removed) but instead this is supporting the antagonist rather than the station/ISD in such a way that it just instantly kills any form of retaliation whether that be from the station AI or the ISD. Let me make this evident with some examples: What can drones typically do that is useful for antagonists or themselves: Drones can shock, unlock, bolt, interface with electronics just like an AI can (if they are in range). Drones can pass trough doors even if bolted and survive a trip down disposals. Drones are not susceptible to the ion rifle (possibly a bug?) Drones just like the security module can very quickly overpower someone with the tools they are granted including the use of shocked doors or safety disabled doors. What can the ISD/AI do to counter this: Wait until they run out of charge. Forcefully deconstruct parts of the station to get out of locked in. Engage in melee/ranged combat using weaponry which may prove difficult due to the size/speed/ability to move trough doors of maintenance drones. So why is this a problem? This is a problem because waiting until they run out of charge does nothing for RP but stall the round out a bit. Deconstructing a door/wall is something not many security members tend to know or have the tools to do so at hand. That means the only possible way to shutdown maintenance drones is to kill them trough sheer destructive force using weaponry that unless it is something ranged you will more than likely lose that battle due to the tools that are available to a maintenance drone killing you faster than you can kill it. The security module for cyborgs when emagged is much stronger than emagged maintenance drones but has a variety of ways to combat unlike the maintenance drones. Additionally the security module was removed because it functioned more or less like a built-in antag hunter/killer for the station which is unhealthy for the progression of the round. Maintenance drones as I see it now when emagged are many times more efficient at functioning as a built-in crew/AI/station killer. There is nothing that is safe from maintenance drones reach. As seen in many rounds before this just results in maintenance drones hunting down people and killing them mercilessly or using the in-built mechanics such as electrified doors or siphoning areas to kill crewmembers. I'd like to hear your opinion about this matter and wether you agree or disagree with this suggestion. If you do disagree please add why.
  5. @NewOriginalSchwann Parts of this have been incorporated. The parts that were not incorporated you can argue over if you disagree with this decision. Primary reason for refusing to incorporate the below parts: Several of these are already incorporated but in a different way, others fall under common sense such as the "visitor in pencil skirt" example. Lastly, the mechanical difficulty and parts required to execute the example of a "hostage exchange" involving a protohuman is very rare and something I am not convinced is a proper method of hostage exchange due to its complexity and low rate of success. Parts:
  6. Ty for your suggestions and additions to content they have been incorporated @Ornias @Nekonyan123
  7. @Nantei Thank you for your suggestions they have been incorporated.
  8. Welcome shitcurity, this is a guide to negotation. This guide aims to help members of the ISD to handle negotations with hostiles. For cadets and non-ISD members: Run before you get two warning shots in the back. Try to give room to members of the ISD who will be handling the situation try to give them atleast three tiles of distance and listen to their orders. For assigned negotiator: There are a few things you need to keep in mind at all times. Communicate with your team and especially with your superiors. You are an officer not the Head of Security respect their authority and follow their orders. Make sure you are adequately armed/geared . (The cute dress every female head of personnel wears may make you look like a waifu but it won't stop Unga McDungason's 5.56 round that he fired because he was getting bored.) Talking down a armed hostile is the preferred choice of negotiation. Establish that you do not want to hurt them and want to talk. If there are hostages your first priority is not the arrest of hostile but the safety and well being of the hostage. Do not draw your weapon or fire your weapon unless provoked with equal force first. Avoid crowding the area. Negotiations should only have the people needed present on the scene no more. You will do no good spooking the hostile. Always be in a position to move in if the situation goes poorly. This means a clear path of entry and firing lines. These things are crucial components of any negotiation and will almost always turn up in a situation where negotiations may be needed. Below will be a checklist of what you should aim to do in order to have successful negotiations: Establish a line of communications. Locate the hostile If possible use cameras to get eyes on the hostile or go there in person. If not possible that can still work but is not desired. Check for weaponry. If he hostile is armed respond to them with weaponry on your person. Do not draw your weapon unless they have drawn theirs. Introduce yourself to hostile and announce your intent to peacefully resolve the situation. (If guns are drawn your first priority is to lower weaponry and keep them stowed away) Check for hostages, if there is a hostage. Your first priority is getting them treated if they are injured. A dead hostage is useless for both parties involved. Establish mutual benefit it is an important part of building trust. Plan out a plan B in case things go south and you need to forcefully intervene. Talk to the hostile and see if you can arrange a deal of sorts where both parties can agree to.(if it isn't anything outrageous.) The above are the primary step negotiations should go trough. Below are a few worst case scenarios: No deal can be struck due to outrageous demands. Well you are shit out of luck. This is where your plan B comes in. Hostage is being harmed. Intervene forcefully if possible and retrieve the hostage and get them treated. Hostage is at risk of death due to injuries. Have a impartial member of the station come to the scene and treat the injuries at the scene or stabilize them. Think of station bounds or generally any medical personnel. Situation is out of control and escalating into a fire fight. You die. You must try to regain control be re-stating you do not want to fight them, you want to resolve this peacefully. If guns are drawn you follow suit. You must never escalate the situation first. For the Warden: 1. Issue any equipment as requested by the Head of Security or the acting Interim. It is important to issue weapons and armors to ISD, to ensure they can get an edge should the situation escalate to the point there is a firefight going. You are equipped with a megaphone you can lend to the negotiator for easier broadcasting to the hostage takers, plus, there are medical supplies at the Brig you can hand to the responders to be ready to give first aid should the situation require such. There are deployable barriers in your armory. Those are useful to block off tunnels or create hold-ups for your team. You can also have them place and flip tables and tape off the area for further area control, wich is an important part of an hostage situation. 2. Remember your role on the ISD. You are not a Security Officer, you are the Warden in charge of the Brig, the fortress you must guard and defend at all times. A good Warden is not taking all them good guns and running at the hostage like an hero. Usually, a Warden is not supposed to respond to calls, only doing so when there's no prisoners in the Brig and they got permission from their heads or command staff to do so. Of course, if the situation is dire, you can give some backup, but remember that your main concern during a shift is the brig and the prisoners. 3. Prepare processing for incoming prisoners, if any. Sometimes your brave officers will bring you back a trophy, either an accomplice or the hostage taker. They are usually HuT (Held until Transfer), given that "i304 - Kidnapping and Hostage taking" is a red HuT charge. (More info here) As the Warden, you will be mostly in charge of their processing, introduce yourself as the Processing Warden and ensure they are aware about the situation. Try and be nice with them, but authoritarian too. It is important to mantain a balance between being nice and showing strenght, because this way they are less likely to cause trouble in the brig. What should you do: Tell them their charges, explaining that they will receive a proper trial after the shift, at the Odin. Explain that being cooperative, not causing hassle inside the brig, will result in benefits. Ask them if they are hungry or need water or medications. Process them in a timely manner, removing their ID to register the charges. After that, move them to their cells, removing their gear that must be stashed in the closed locker, making them wear the prisoner outfit. PDA should be removed if your boss thinks it is a good idea. Usually radio comms can be left on, if you did not get proofs that comms were compromised. If you think they are using an hacked radioset, give them a replacing one with common channel access. Prisoners should be able to use the common channel, so they can call for visitations and/o request something from you or other people (cook, barkeeper, librarian, priest etc). Allow them into communal brig, and be ready to revoke that privilege should they misbehave. What you should not do: Insult them or make fun of them. Beating them with your baton or anything else if they are cuffed or downed. Deny them medical aid. Cuff them to a bed. Send them straight into a cell without processing their charges into the console. Leave them without any food or water. 4. Guarding the prisoners for the rest of the shift If a shift keeps on going after the hostage situation, then you will most likely have an HuT prisoner that will spend the rest of the shift inside your brig. This is an important responsibility for a Warden, because you will have a person to look after for the rest of the shift: ensure they are safe, fed and content. Guard them from time to time to ensure they are not running away attempting escape, and talk with them, keep them company, not sitting alone in a cell with no one around for the rest of the shift. If the brig gets vented or is by any mean declared unsafe, ensure to drive them to safety. Treat your prisoners with respect and eventually you will have theirs, if they try to betray you, hit them where it hurts: revoke any privilege you granted them, showing them your dominance on the brig and the importance of a trust relation. 5. Preparing for the transfer Eventually, a transfer shuttle will be scheduled to end the shift. At that point, you will need to transfer your prisoners from the brig to the red dock. Coordinate with your fellow officers to get some help moving them. Usually, at this time every prisoner is cuffed to ensure they do not try anything during the transfer, and they do not beat eachother inside the holding cells, to avoid chaos. Ensure they reach their destination without attempting escape or causing trouble, and stash them in the holding cell of the dock until shuttle arrives. At that point, move them to the shuttle's holding cell and ensure they are guarded until the whole transfer. When the shuttle docks with the Odin, you might need to move them to the holding cell of CentComm, or the checkpoint might be closed for security concerns. Anyway, you did it for the shift! Take out some booze and celebrate! give some of that sweet booze to the prisoners too you violent cop arsehole Tips: "Sometimes it's best to present yourself as an overwhelming force that will crush them if they don't comply, but if they do you will treat them well. Sometimes it is best to let them have the physical power, or at least the illusion of it." - Nantei "it can be a very good idea to have non-ISD people do the negotiating sometimes. Some people just don't trust security. So find someone you can trust to negotiate, and be ready to bail them out if things go wrong and they try to take them too. It's a lot easier to believe the HoP won't hurt you than the guy with a laser rifle and riot gear. " - Nantei "if you've got a character who would frequently break a large number of these tips, it's probably important that you examine your characters believability within our setting. But OOCly, your objective shouldn't be to make sure that the hostage gets out unharmed, but instead to ensure that the story continues to develop in a natural and interesting way. Attempting to save the hostage can be and often is a part of this, but don't be afraid of imperfections in the pursuit of this goal if they strengthen your character or the developing story." - Ornias "Every second you keep a solo/team antagonist talking is one second they aren't using to prepare for a security assault or their next nefarious deed. This helps buy the ISD and any cooperating departments time to counter them." - NewOriginalSchwann (WIP: more will be added give suggestions and criticisms below)
  9. Just wanted to add something in case people forget. This should not be an OOC issue. This is a purely IC issue that should not be ahelped unless literally everyone involved disregards it. While I fully agree with the assistant + insulated gloves example. There are scenario's where similar situations are not okay. See: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Guide_to_Contraband This guide really needs to be taken with a large grain of salt. It leaves a fair amount of the non-antag related contraband upto common sense and interpretation of the acting officers. Rather than just a PSA like this, which I support fully. I have seen this happen far too much as well and would like to see the ISD self regulate instead of tolerate. I think better results can be achieved by updating the guide to contraband than only having a PSA.
  10. Thank you for responding and lifting the ban. I will assure you that no further actions like the ones in my notes will be happening and completely acknowledge the un-appealable permaban would the same kind of actions happen again in the near and/or distant future.
  11. Upping myself due to an extended amount of time without response from staff.
  12. BYOND Key: negativ9002 Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: riqpleydagasd Reason for Ban: Validhunting a ninja by running at them when they had a hostage in hands. This became a permanent ban because of the extensive background you have in regards to validhunting, including a permanent ban already. Reason for Appeal: It has been a roughly a month since the ban was placed. At my previous appeal I believe I made it clear that I understand what I did wrong in that incident and would like to try and see if I could have this ban lifted as I have taken the advice from the moderators involved and reflected as to what had happend in the previous incident and the ones before that. I have acknowledged as to why this is a returning pattern and now have a good idea as to how to prevent this from happening ever again.
  13. First off, thank you for responding, per your response il be removing the other post if it hasn't been removed already. Before shooting I visually verified whether the grab was passive or aggressive/neck which for me at the time seemed to be passive as can be seen in the log entry as well. I remember not pushing forwards but standing still. As I referenced earlier I was in point blank range to the ninja prior to shooting. There is an important distinction there as that means I didn't continue pushing into them. Regarding the neck grab mechanic and using someone as a shield I am not certain of the requirement but visually for me it didn't become apparent the hostage was in a neck hold until after the shots were fired. I agree that was quite bad to have fired rounds at someone who was apparently in a neck grab. However I must add this was not an intentional decision to do. I really did believe they were only in a passive grab as stated by the logs. I believe the key point in this section which determines whether it should be seen as validhunting or not is this portion: "you were still going at them.". What is not apparent from the logs is that after exiting the bridge to where the hostage was I did not move from my position and didn't keep pushing into them. The events regarding the firing of the .45 rounds to my recollection did not last longer than 3-5 seconds until I realized the hostage got hit and the hostile pulled out a stun baton. I started off in melee range and stayed in melee range until choosing to walk away rather than the power fist forcing me away as I will determine next. Regarding the power fist push back being an invalid point and the logs proving that I did make the decision to back off after seeing that my actions harmed the hostage rather than the suppressing the hostile can be seen in the last line where Banshee slams down the stealth shoe. This action requires melee range as well. The power fist attack 2 lines before that did not push me back as that would have made the slamming with the shoot not possible. As a matter fact I believe that a requirement for the game to print the "slamming x down" onto someone requires them to be downed first. Which happend as a result of the power fist. I did not get pushed back I got downed, stomped on and recovered after which I backed off. I can't be certain regarding to why I took the baton out of my belt but I can be certain that I had no intent of using it whatsoever as I had already holstered a pistol that was still loaded with rounds left in the magazine. Finally I'd like to say that while your response has explained to me alot more than before as to why you are convinced my actions fell under validhunting and I can see why that was aswell. However I'd like to point out something that I hadn't pointed out yet as I thought that may have been self explanatory which was the lack of mentality that corresponds with validhunting after this encounter. More than 30 minutes went by where there were interactions between myself and the ninja where there were very easy ways of eliminating the ninja for example the negotiations that took place between the ninja and the HoS. Several other encounters where talking to the ninja rather than taking them down immediately was used which goes against what someone who is hunting for valids would do. 15 minutes or so before the ninja died the HoS gave out a shoot on sight order after negotiations proved fruitless and that is exactly what happend with a final skirmish within the armory. I believe this should give you some more insight into my intent during that round along with the events that happend that round and while one encounter as shown in the logs you posted does draw the image of validhunting taking place. The amount of encounters that happend that same round showing restraint and options for the HoS to negotiate and the ninja to RP in response would prove that my intent was not to hunt valids and take the ninja down at all cost but the exact opposite. I understand the mistakes that were made in the encounter with the hostage and how my actions during that encounter worsened the situation considerably and didn't contribute to that round's RP that much or any at all, I'd like to apoligise for that happening despite the earlier warnings/bans issued. I would still ask to be unbanned in this case as I have explained my actions and my reasoning behind them and understand the issues with my actions as you have explained to me. I hope you agree that despite this encounter with the hostage being quite poorly done. That the other encounters as a whole were played much better and that my intent that round clearly wasn't to validhunt but that, that single encounter with the hostage did cross into that territory which it shouldn't have for which il be more vigilant and less motivated to take a chance that may backfire with a loss of a crewmember's life or significant harm.
  14. Please archive this topic as it is being dealt with in the unban appeal forums.
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