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  1. It is Wednesday, my skrell 🐸 1. They would definitely not make friends with them, but for the sake of efficiency, they would most likely retain a neutral, if somewhat strained, depending on how anti-Federation they were, working relationship, trying to simply not get into arguments with them. 2. They'd probably just ignore it, being honest, seeing responding to any insults/backlash as below them, and most likely interact with the people that serve the backlash as minimalyl as possible. 3. The Odin, seeing as they are used to living for long stretches of time in space, due to the field research team undertaking a lot of their efforts with their ship as essentially their base of operations. That, and since the only reason they moved here is to pursue their research further, it's the closest to work.
  2. Jesus Christ, the length of that backstory can definitely go on some podium. I've roleplayed with Anselm's characters, FROST especially, and I do have to say that they are a solid roleplayed, and would be a great addition to our cat house. +1 from me
  3. Thanks for replying to the app so quickly. 1. - I wouldn't say that the Weilshi Sea Crisis affected them in any large way, seeing as they were born generations after it, and likely haven't met anybody directly affected by it, but that being said, they definitely don't hold any positive opinions on AI, and those would probably the one exception, to their policy of trying to work together with their co-workers. 2 - They still definitely retain their Jargon Citizenship, only leaving Jargon space, as they believe that their archeological work would best be continued in a different sector of space. 3 - Fairly positive. They believe that the Federation rightly strives to pursue the sciences, and they have not been slighted by them in any way.
  4. 101 statues as counted by Vrow, built by me in over 2 hours in a heavily feverish state.
  5. BYOND Key: Tomkiel Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Light Blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: ayup Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: If I'm going to be entirely honest, it's due to how few Skrell I see, nowadays, as I always like to interact with Skrell, due to their specific blend of alien-ess, and strangeness, with their lack of visible emotions to other species often seeming, to me, at least, as a feeling of respectful supieriority above humans, and others. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: So! The main thing, I'd say, is the stark difference in how they portray their emotions, as I've already stated before. Other than that, is the Srom, and the constant, unending pressure to comform to the standards of the Federation, and how that may affect their life and development, as well as psionics in general, which may lead to some interesting roleplay scenarios with other Skrell. And they can't slip, which is cool Character Name: Xori'Videq Jiiruq Please provide a short backstory for this character: Xori was hatched on the island city of Oibush, Qerrbalak, being of Xiialt descent, and having a fruitful and happy upbringing, becoming interested in history and archeology, after visiting a nearby underwater archeological site on a class trip, leading to them eventually recieving their first college degree in Skrellian History, and their second in Linguistics. After earning their second degree, they signed up onto Videq-Volq Xiqru's field research team, focused specifically on archeological and geological research, in an attempt to find a possible precursor species, as per Videq-Volq Xiqru's hypothesis. After decades of working under Xiqru, while performing research on an asteroid, a sudden meteor storm damaged the research ship they were operating out of severely, leading to it being unable to keep up with the asteroid, and while most of the team on the ground managed to evacuate back onboard the ship, Videq-Volq Xiqru remained, choosing to transfer the extremely valuable research data to the ship, inadvertently sacrificing themselves in the pursuit of science. After this incident, due to the intense respect Xori felt towards Videq, they adopted their name, into their own. After Videq's death, their research team unfortunately splintered mainly due to disagreement between the main scientists onboard with how to continue archeological and geological work, leading to multiple leading figures in the research team leaving, making the rest of the team unable to effectively pursue research opportunities. With Xori believing that further evidence for Videq's theory of a precursor civilisation could be found in the area of at that time, the Sol Alliance and Tau Ceti, they left the team and headed for Sol, but the collapse of it lead them to eventually land a position as a xenoarcheologist in a stabler sector of space, onboard the NSS Aurora, at the age of 102 years old. What do you like about this character? Xori definitely values research, leading to a heavy no-nonsense attitude, trying to work closely together with their co-workers, as to attempt to avoid a possibly shift in relations, as hapened to the their previous team. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I've been getting a lot better over the time I've been on the server, getting from a virgin no-rp security officer, to chad multi-whitelist evil-villain monologue. So yes, I'd say 19/10, thank you very much. jk, 7/10 Notes: If you read this, you are stinky.
  6. Hey, hey! I've been asked to look over this and chip in, so here I am! Equairio is a wonderful player, I first interacted with them in the good 'ole days of the 2020 isolation, with some of their now (I'm guessing) retired characters, and when it comes to their roleplay, I've only good things to say. I've also recently interacted a bit with Rana, and from what I have seen Equairio is nothing but competent when it comes to medical, and unless they've gotten rusty, I'd say the same for engineering. In conclusion, big plus one from me!
  7. The first responder is possibly the role with the most amount of gear that they (should) carry, especially with the amount of medical items growing over the years. I think it would be beneficial, to increase the size of the medical backpack to that of a duffel bag, as the sprite for it already shows it to be quite large, it could also be neat to perhaps remove the duffel bag speed buff for it, in that case.
  8. Can't any literally antagonist do that? That's not exclusive to the AI, and as far as I'm aware, traitor AIs do have AOOC and can work together with the other antags.
  9. Currently, the forum is in an alright position, but it's a bit rough around the edges, with some dead threads and forums being years old still being around and unarchived, taking up unnescesary space and bloating the forums a bit (Forum Roleplay, Staff Vault mainly.) While obviously not big on the top priority list, I think it would be neat to clean up the forums a bit. EDIT: Also, forgot to mention, it would also be benefitial to just. . . explain what some of the sub-forums are for and how to use them (eg. the Syndicate Transmission Network (Which is also kinda weird since the syndicate has been slowly pushed out of the lore) which just has these weird IC introductions, which just confuse and give no indication of what that sub-forum is for)
  10. Dumping those I gathered recently
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't aware of the Free Tajaran Council due to it being hidden in the bowels of random lore, so thanks for filling that gap. The Salvation Army would have seceded with the ALA due to viewing the PRA as "too soft" in a way, especially disliking the state-enforced abolishment of the caste system, and since the ALA started off as a military coup, and well. . . it WASN'T the PRA, I could easily see them join in with them, only to later realise that the ALA wasn't all they thought it would be. that would make sense with what you say! It's often hard to find all the niche info of that nature. Honestly? The governmen of Dolor was a wildcard that I threw in here just for the heck of it, so it may be a bit too crazy.
  12. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Factions Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Several minor factions that appeared during the second Revolution How will this be reflected on-station? Character backstories Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? In my opinion, the Tajaran factions of the civil war are a bit. . . lacking in nuance. Don't get me wrong, they're good, but with every civil war opportunists, minor groups and simple bandits take their chance, as central authority often collapses and the belligerents are not able to effectively police every part of their territory. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? In my opinion, it would allow players for greater creativity when creating character backstories. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? Ayup. Long Description: The Black Armies of Adhomai - The Black Armies of Adhomai were anarchist militia units that sought to create a stateless liberitarian society. The movement was largely disorganised, and was in most cases quickly defeated, with the most successful, being the Black Army of Eastern Rasn'rr, which lasted from mid 2452 to late 2453. The organisation of it, was based on the establishment of the Hrrur's - highly democratic bodies made up of workers, soldiers and intellectuals from the local area instead of career politicians. In the same vein, the organisational structure of the fighting militias was democraticised, with the role of the traditional officer being replaced by a soldier elected by his peers. The Black Army of Eastern Rasn'rr was slowly chipped away at from the middle of 2453 to the final Republican winter offensive, which completely wiped it out. The Amohdan Freedom Front - The Amohdan Freedom Front, or AFF for short, was a movement with its sole goal being the creation of a free Amohdan state. The AFF from the very beginning was extremely splintered, handicapping it severely, as although every member of it agreed to a vague goal of a free Amohda, it consisted of Royalists, Democrats, Al'mariists, Hadiists, and multiple other smaller ideologies which lead to constant squabbling amongst its members, and sometimes even miniature civil wars within the movement. It isn't known when the movement first started, but with some evidence pointing to it existing even before the start of the second revolution, it is likely that it has operated since the early years of the wars, what is known though, is that the movement was rendered all but anihillated in 2459, although a handfull of partisan groups later claimed to be the rightful descendands of the AFF. Adhomai Salvation Army - The Adhomai Salvation Army was an Ultranationalist splinter group of the DPRA, viewing the DPRA as too progressive and liberal, with their own views being highly conservative, wanting to preserve the caste system by force, enforcing traditional roles on women, and near genocidal levels of xenophobia and homophobia. The Salvation Army appeared in 2458 under the leadership of Rrhazumar Jrruzhani - a former officer in the Liberation Army, who started a revolt with most of the regiment under his command, fortifying themselves in the small city of Nr'tol in the north of Rasn'rr in the anticipation that large parts of the rest of the ALA would follow, what happened instead, was a several month long siege by the ALA, leading to the eventual fall of the Salvation Army, and execution of Rrhazumar Jrruzhani. Many theorise, that due to this revolt, The Liberation Army was forced to divert troops from the defense of Ron'tul, leading to the fall of the city. Some of those ideologically loyal to the Salvation Army that survived the siege were, later integrated into the ultranationalistic parties of the DPRA. Das'nrra Republic - The Das'nrra Republic was a liberal country on the island of Das'nrra, lead by the intellectual elite of Crevus, that were already slowly pushing for reform before the Second Revolution, viewing the PRA as a country which although made good progress, was far from adequate for the people of Adhomai. The Republic started as a disorganised uprising in the city of Crevus, spurred on by the chaos of the attempted coup lead by Nated, viewing the ALA as nothing more than a military dictatorship bent on stamping out what progress the PRA made, and even though the initial coup failed, it was seen by many an inevitability that the ALA would soon rip apart the carcass of the struggling PRA, and so, in the eyes of the leadership of the Republic, the only chance for a nation for the people, by the people of Adhomai, was securing the island of Das'nrra, denying it to the ALA. The upstart revolutionaries were pushed out of the city by the garrison in less than a week, with the Republic enjoying moderate support in the countryside of the island, to which it was confined until its end by the Grand People's Army in 2453. Many of the surviving leadership of the Republic later integrated into Liberal parties of the DPRA, the most prominent of which being Rhagrrhuzau Alekseev, a cabinet member of the DPRA's Moderate Party. Government of Dolor - The Government of Dolor was perhaps one of the strangest products of the Second Revolution, it was established in 2455 from a revolution lead by a charismatic Zhan only identifying himself as "Bahir", claiming to be an avatar of both the Suns and Ma'take. The revolt was wholy unexpected, seemingly springing out of nowhere, as the rebels overran the garrisons south of the city of Dolor, wielding highly advanced small arms and heavy weapons, not of Adhomian origin. The upstart state quickly managed to secure the mines of the Din'akk Mountains, not being averse to using POW's, political prisoners, and their own citizens as slave labour. The state, although small in size and population, was able to continuously survive thanks to an influx of advanced weponry and many alien mercenaries at a scale unseen anywhere else on Adhomai. The state fell in 2457 after continued assault by PRA forces, which severely depleted them, leading to the ALA gaining an upper hand in the region, although Bahir was never found. After the end of the Second Revolution, it was discovered that the state was being propped up by Hephaestus Industries, that used it to buy massive amounts of rare minerals extracted there on the cheap, which resulted in embarassment for Hephaestus, and a souring of relations between them and most of the Adhomian factions.
  13. Vaurca can actually wear gloves, but they need to cut the fingertips off
  14. As it stands, Vaurca night-vision is terrible. It's hard to make out details in it, and looking at it for longer periods of time just makes my eyes hurt, sometimes to the point that I switch it off and go off of my PDA light. It would be nice to change it to some more bearable tint.
  15. Not getting any credit for being the Vaurca that died to inspire this, smh This looks really good, and will (hopefully) save my bugs from death in the future! Nice work!
  16. Tacaemarr is a wonderful person OOC, and are nice to RP, and I'm not just saying that because they are the person that actually introduced me to this game and server. +1 from me.
  17. You die, you wait 20 minutes, you respawn. You sometimes just get really unlucky. But this rarely ever happens, and most of the time it's a fault of the player. Yeah. And (at least for me) that's the fun of them. You're not meant to be some super uber doctor. You rarely get outright hostile antags in lowpop, where the situation of a single FR happens the most, and most deaths, are caused by players not being careful (Lagging as a miner? Well you've got magboots for a reason!) And on highpop, where injuries not caused by players are bound to happen? Well I've never seen a highpop round with just a FR.
  18. If somebody doesn't know some niche interaction, changing medical roles isn't going to do anything. This is a complete strawman argument, if you've a broken bone, I'm not going to keep you in medical the whole round, checking in every 5 minutes going "Is your bone fixed yet". I'd even go as far as to say that you having a broken bone would harbour more roleplay scenarios.
  19. First responders are meant to be able to quickly get a patient to the medbay, and stabilise them. It makes absolutely zero sense why they would need to be able to perform any type of surgery, and if they suddenly were able to, it would mess up 99% of EMT characters. Besides, how often do you have a character die because of a damaged stomach, liver or kidneys? There's total organ failure, sure, but it's incredibely rare, and usually (Fuck you, energy crossbow) happens due to the player's mistake. People's action have consequences. I think it'd be pretty bad for people to go "lolz, let me wrestle the spider, if I get an arterial the EMT will fix me anyways :)))))" Cloning was removed for the same reason, I believe.
  20. This actually makes a lotta sense, and gets a +1 from me. I do like the idea of more desk sitting paper-pusher HoS, and it could at least slightly discourage HoS players from frontlining.
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