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  1. I see your point. Well, the thing is that most of the time, broken vending machines get ignored all the time and they end up clogging the hallways and the workplaces with loads of supplies and broken glass shards. I tought that perhaps adding a breed of janitor that focus on doing that would perhaps drive more players into learning how to fix the vending machines, for the exact reason that the Tech Support title was added to the Librarian job. Perhaps it would have more sense for the Appliances Tech to be there if they could do the same thing as the Tech Support, get vending machines supplies for free. If other people do think that an appliances tech job is not needed, I will remove it from my PR, and if someone got other ideas on how to improve on this, I'd be happy to hear them and maybe I can still try to code that. Thank you for taking your time to check this post Doxxmedearly.
  2. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8324
  3. Hi there, I was thinking we could add two new alternate titles to the Janitor job: Sanitation Technician A more professional Janitor that prefer using the JaniCart or other techier solutions to keep the station clean. They are hygene professionals that got many years of experience in keeping important locations sterile and germ-free. They are trained to handle bio-hazards and post-quarantine sanitations and exceeds at ensuring the crew is safe from dangerous hygienic threats. Their presence onboard NSS Aurora is justified by the fact that it is a research outpost, and then it might be required higher hygene standards for certain experiment or operational procedures. Appliances Technician A rare breed of Engineer and Janitor, they are professionals when it comes to fixing broken appliances, like vending machines, machinery, ovens, microwaves, fridges, and even more important equipment like airlocks or cameras. They usually ensure that all vending machines onboard the station are working fine and are well stocked, but it the need arises, they can help out engineering with the most mundane tasks like fixing a door or a camera. I think adding those might flesh out more the janitor jobs and give chance for more roleplay along the way. Let me know what you think, I could try to code this myself!
  4. I support this, I always disliked the idea of visible wounds disappearing after a while. I mean, in real life a small scratch's mark takes even weeks to heal and yet if you wound yourself while onboard Aurora your wounds will magically disappear after like...? Five mins? I mean it doesn't work like that, so I am all in for this suggestion. We should also have permanent scars, that'd give some good rp depth.
  5. I like braino's, they look cool and consistent with the lore.
  6. +1 for their app, Interacted with Juuxin Kin, love them. I think they'd do well with that whitelist because they are good at RP and fun to play with.
  7. TO: NTCC Odin FROM: Torb'o Gerqq, Security Officer, NSS Aurora SUBJECT: ISD Report #24827 - 10/02/2462 -------------------- BODY: Attached, a report from yesterday's shift featuring the docking of a deserted and unknown vessel with NSS Aurora. I will remain available for further inquries if that need arises. -------------------- DTG: 11-10:25-TAU CETI STANDARD-02-2462 SIGN: NSS AURORA ISD -------------------- There are: three (3) attached file(s). Loading files... -------------------- Item #1 Officer Torb'o Gerqq's report It was 21:47 when NSS Aurora received a notification from CC about an unknow vessel boarding the station. At that time, the ISD, featuring me, Officer Gerqq and Cadet Lost In A Bleak Wasteland, were alerted and swiftly reported to yellow dock. At that time, the Checkpoint was sealed while we waited the docking ship to report in. Roughly ten minutes passed without a communication from the unknown vessel, that is when me and the cadet decided to report to the entrance of the unknown vessel and stated our identifications and that we would board the ship in one minute if they did not reported in.Upon entering, we made our way onboard the vessel, unable to meet any occupant. We proceeded to the bottom of this ship, and found a bodybag labeled as "do not enter" and a sarcophag. We alerted Engineering, Science and Medical bay and proceeded to the investigations. It was found that the ship was similar to other small crafts of this sector, usually employed by mercenaries and smugglers, however, no signs of crew was detected other than the already mentioned body bag. At 21:47 the scene is declared safe and the checkpoint is lifted. Yellow dock will remain under lockdown until further notice. Reports from Science, Medical and Engineering bay are to follow. It is noted that Cadet Lost In A Bleak Wasteland has received a formal commendation by Officer Gerqq following their exemplar duty during the alert at hand. It is encouraged to consider them for further career advancements. For ISD, Torb'o Gerqq -------------------- Item #2 Cadet Lost In A Bleak Wasteland's report After receiving the notification of a vessel landing in the area we proceeded to man the surface level checkpoint. After around ten minutes of waiting there we observed from the lookout tower, using binoculars that a vessel had docked. We relayed this information to Officer Gerqq. Officer Gerqq came to investigate, after no response from the vessel a descion was made to board it, in case there were casualties on board. Once on board we observed there was a lot of blood and organics remains in the aft of the ship. In a medical area a body bag was found. It was labelled 泥O NOT OPEN�. At the aft of the ship was a small room. Inside this room was a sarcophagus. We entered the bridge and found all the consoles disabled. It is unknown how the ship managed to pilot itself here. Medical and science took the body and sarcophagus to their departments for study. The ship will remain sealed until it can be transported off station. -Cadet Lost In A Bleak Wasteland -------------------- Item #3 Image(s) to follow. -------------------- END OF MESSAGE This mail spam-free thanks to GetMore Antivirus!
  8. I support this, everyone should be able to enter maint, lots of room for interesting roleplay. I did not liked the rework. Also, I feel maint should be a more hazardous place, like a place with lattices, holes to fall into, hard and dangerous to navigate, full with faulty cables, leaking pipes, more vermins and underground tunnels.
  9. While most unbound vaurcae might have different feelings upon the Federation, for sure the Skrells did aided the hive in a situation where it had hard times at hand. Skrellian themselves like to exhibit this benevolent behavior with other species, like humans too. Being ruled by its original queen, the C'thur integrated itself in the skrellian society and its one of the main contributor among skrellian workforce. Zoor believes that the Skrells aided its hive, and so it is grateful to them. However, it believes that the Skrells should not exploit the hive, because its force is something to reckon and should they betray the hive, they would pay for that, C'thur is a large hive with lots of warriors and they could take over if they really wanted to.
  10. Sorry, not a formatting wizard ;-; Thank you for taking the time to read my app. I agree with you, playing different aliens allow you to broaden your rp skills because each race is different, this is what I am trying to achieve here with Zoor, hopefully it will help me get better at roleplay ^^ Thank you for your question! Transubstantiation is an important phase of life for each hiver. Being part of something greater is at the foundation of Vaurcae's motifs, and the afterlife is a great unknown for everyone. Zoor would celebrate and be relieved that once its physical body is no more, it will still live on the afterlife, sharing the VR heaven with its peers. Since early age, Zoor was instructed and indoctrinated about this and other topics, and considers them a matter of critical importance in the existance of any Vaurca, be it bound or unbound.
  11. BYOND Key: Nekonyan123 Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Vaurcae What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark blue (RGB 0, 35, 115, the one for the unbound C'thur broods) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, I did Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I have been observing some vaurca players for a while and I noticed how interesting in terms of player-to-player interaction it is to role as a Vaurca. The in-depth degree of interactions and social social dynamics in each hive cell is something that catched my interest. I'd like to get the chance to try out a Vaurca character and see if this kind of interactions can aid me to improve my overall roleplay. I find that getting the chance to develop Vaurcan characters would allow me to broaden my skill and gives me room to introduce new characters to the game, with the chance to explore different aspects of the deep lore this race enjoys thanks to the hard work of the mantainers. Other than that, getting the chance to play as a Vaurca would give me something fresh to confront myself with while playing on the Aurora. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Vaurca are rather different from humans; it is not only a biology-related difference, but a whole dimention of differences in their biology, society and culture. While humans are often seen quarreling, even at the basic level of their social structure (be the family or the group of friends), Vaurcae are organized in well mantained and higly efficient hives. Ever before their birth, their whole existance is programmed and defined by the upper castes of the hive, and their existance as a whole can be defined as a different way of being alive when compared to humans. An hivemind is like a whole organism made of different cells and drones, they are all linked by the will of the hive, and unlike humans, they can share their life experience using the hive-net, and they have way different biology and living conditions. Character Name: Ka'Akaix'Zoor'C'thur Born in the first half of 2460, Zoor was one among the new batches of unbounds that were spawned by the will of the Queen. Her Will was to develop a new brood generation of Unbounds that would have helped with the task of settling Tau Ceti. With the other hives already moving in that sense, the C'thur should not remain static. Zoor was still a larva, as it underwent imagotis. It could feel its characteristics being defined by CB. It could feel the warmth of the hive and the Mind of the Queen as he was maturing inside his egg. With the maturation process concluded, Zoor hatched and was introduced to his hive as an Unbound. It had spent six months fully developing while waiting to hatch, and when it was ready, several implants and augments were connected to his body. It was ready to serve the hive. The time it spent in VR made it specialize in logistics. It would be its duty to ensure that the cell it was part of would be efficient in delivering every resource needed by the hive for the task at hand: expanding the C'thur in Tau Ceti. It was only matter of time that Zoor was sent to the Aurora by the hive, and there he started to work in Cargo bay. The first time Zoor met an human it was a true experience; it would never met one before, but it had the chance to sense this race from hive-net. After some time, it grew used to them, and to the other races too, expressing the will to work alongside them as long as they would not prevent its duty: to work hard and serve the hive. What do you like about this character? With this char, I'd like to explore the relationship between the Vaurcae and the other races. I decided to have Zoor be part of Cargo because I believe it's a part of the station that gives Zoor chance to interact with many crew members. While his main goal would be to serve the hive, Zoor is an Unbound, and so, while not directly connected to the Will of the hive, it will still do all he can to support the hive. This does not mean that it will not take the chance to get to know the crew and develop some kind of relations with them. I hope Zoor will meet other hivers too, and I look forward to see if its going to get along with everyone or there will be some form of conflict between the two parts. Other than that, I tried to remain lore-consistent while introducing my take on the whole thing. While Zoor could be seen as an average Vaurca, his mind is Unbound, and this degree of freedom from the hive will allow it to explore more freely the social dinamycs of NSS Aurora, while still remaining consistent with his race's and hive's way of interacting with fellow hive's members, other-hive's and other-species's characters. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 6.5 / 10 - I feel like I need to improve my roleplay, and while Vaurca is one among the most difficult races to roleplay as, (imho) it still gives me the chance to practice more and improve my ability. This is why I wanted to try to take control of a Vaurcan characters. Notes: 😄
  12. What about making some maint doors randomly faulty? (i.e. have some maint doors spawn with IDscan off and allow anyone to enter the tunnels)
  13. Seems like a great improvement for mining players. The thing I like the most is the increased speed: when I play as a miner I usually struggle to get a decent haul in the 50 min round mark, so increased speed is appreciated and allows mining players to acquire ore faster. Cargo prices seems like a decent balance too, but I feel like cargo economy should receive an update overall. Economy isn't still fleshed out enough imho.
  14. I agree. While it makes sense for a private corporation to have a policy in place, in order to record and save your chat log at your workplace, the AI should not just receive a live feed of messages from PDAs without even bothering to access the PDA messaging server screen. That does not mean that PDA messages should be used to plan something hostile to the corp, or at least, doing so would not be very smart. The company would much likely keep watch over what is being sent thru PDAs and would much likely hold them as evidence for things like CCIAA investigations and so on.
  15. Maybe, instead of enlarging the station, we could have "off duty rounds" that takes place on the Odin's Living Hub or something.
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