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  1. Pan is bright, creative, and takes the lore incredibly seriously when it comes to their characters. I have no doubt that their takes on pushing Vaurca lore forward will be fresh, unique, and exciting. You actually made me laugh at the idea of a bound being used as a living weapon for a “Peacekeeper” event. If you can somehow top the Farwa Fiasco, you’ll be a hero +1
  2. I have to give a solid +1 for a few reasons: 1) ShesTrying is an excellent RPer, hands down. Her characters are varied and each of then have specific traits that differ from one another, she does not suffer from a bleeding effect between characters. Look at Thea and Voa, they are a perfect example of juxtaposition between personalities. 2) I'm not sure if any of you have had the pleasure of being a patient or victim of back when Thea Marietti when she was a psychiatrist. Her psych RP is perfect. It's on par with some of the more well-known psych mains and I've never been so impressed with a role that I've actually considered trying it out myself. I have absolutely no doubt that she'll be able to perform this type of RP with the same dedication, research, and focus that she's done with Thea (pre-HoP) 3) The backstory is solid. Internally, I echoed the same sentiment that was previously mentioned about how Skrell decipher and handle emotions much differently than other species but, given your ability to play a xeno-character exceptionally well in the past, I am not incredibly worried about it. +1 again because I really need to see you back in Medical.
  3. +1 While I understand there was a reason that Soul's whitelist was stripped in the first place, (too many warnings, notes, etc) I can only point out that, in-round, as Sterben, whenever there was an open iCMO position, he was immediately selected by Command staff of varying players. I'm not sure who will attest to it within the coming posts, but I can personally say that not only did I witness it, but while as active iCMO, Sterben fulfilled the role adequately and without fail. Even without the position, he's become a crutch that new players, and even senior players, rely on for information both IC and OOC. We all make mistakes and I think that Soul realizes that he has made a few and the fact that he's open and willing to answer questions and comments on an open-forum says a lot about his maturity. (Please make Sterben CMO so he can go in his office and stop scaring the interns in the lobby.)
  4. Personally, I’d rate your RP skill higher, but that’s just me. As I’ve said before on your character feedback page, your ability to create and portray a character creates an environment that is immersive and enjoyable for anyone that crosses your path. Though I do not have a dionae whitelist, from what I’ve seen in-game and through the lore, gives me the distinct feel of a xeno that excels in mimicry, but is not identical. You’re essentially playing an alien raised on an another alien’s home-world and then traveling to yet ANOTHER foreign place. I have no doubt that you would be able to play Many Tiny Claws effortlessly. I do enjoy the touch of adding a “family” setting to your character’s conception. Too many times I’ve seen “lone wolf” escaping from “hostile” territories and the semblance of an actual family-dynamic is refreshing. You’re an excellent RP’er and prior to posting this, you inspired me to actually sit down and delve into Geeves’ wasteland lore which is another compliment thread in it’s own regard. +1 (I posted this at work, sorry if there are grammatical errors. I’ll fix them later.)
  5. I agree... But like I said, lately it’s been the round staple. It’s a healthy source of controversy, but why is a footnote in the lore center stage in almost every round there’s a PRA Consular? Also, I never said to remove it. Part of roleplay is sometimes taking on characteristics or shouldering beliefs that you do not agree with OOCly. I want to see other parts of the lore put in-round, like I said before with the NKA recruitment event. It would be cool, and different.
  6. Sorry! Maybe the way I phrased it was incorrect, I meant that my issue lays with how the lore is manifested on the station. I was more interested in applying when the focus was on the civil war, but now it seems that everyone has honed in on the homophobia rampage, leaving little else for other established and new players to witness. You can correct me if I’m wrong, but I do play quite often and, as an observer, this has been the pinnacle of in-game lore representation.
  7. I’ll echo these questions as well... Tajara feel more like the angry, conservative uncle that no one wants to sit next to at family gatherings I’ve wanted to apply for a taj whitelist for a long time, but the way the lore presents itself and how it is portrayed on station is less than enticing. The only notable source of controversial content that piques heads while in-round is “will not help gays,” and while that is fine for character development, I don’t see how it’s supposed to open the floodgates for potential tajara players. I remember the NKA event a few months ago and it was exciting, but lately I feel like the incorporation of lore on-station has been stunted with “shock factor dialogue.” How do you plan to extend the lore to players who do not want to align their characters with these specific mindsets?
  8. Oh yesssssss! Pennant is one of my absolute favorite stationbounds and I love it. There's just something with the minor nuances that Pennant does, as a regular stationbound should, but when you have the knack for it, it's done organically for a synthetic and it's extremely immersive. Jesse and Wiles are both amazing characters too. I enjoy how Jesse is such a serious, yet playful, character and how he can switch between the two almost within breaths but it still feels natural. He's a strong leader, keeps the Medbay cohesive, and is extremely easy to interact with. Actually, that's a compliment to you as a player. I don't have to pull teeth for an interaction or scene, it's seamless. It doesn't even have to be a positive encounter, you just have such a way with roleplay that even getting threatened for a cow somehow materializing in the Medbay is a fun time. Wiles is a dork, but he's a good lad. I haven't had much interaction with him personally, but I've observed a bit of him communicating with other members of the ISD. Haven't seen much on your ability to escalate properly with antags, but that might be on me because I haven't seen him on lately. He is very different from Jesse and, as another bit of feedback, if I didn't have you pegged by how fast you type, I never would've figured out that you were the player of Wiles after interacting with Jesse. Your ability to switch between characters and have minimal bleeding between personalities is awesome and I'm really glad you play!
  9. I just love Moth so much. sorry, that wasn’t really a review. Moth is one of the few Stationbounds that I genuinely enjoy seeing on station. They do their job, they’re quirky, and genuinely act like a synthetic. Before I knew you OOCly, I kind of assumed Moth was an NPC LOL! You play the stationbound role so well! I’m actually a little jealous... But very impressed! edit: this post is important because Moth needs more recognition.
  10. I, too, would like to know why an IC-charge would lead to a temp ban and whitelist removal for something like “not reaching the patient fast enough.” I would also like additional information because there have been plenty of times an EMT or Paramedic failed to save a patient and they simply retconned it or selectively chose to ignore it as “not canon.” I’m not exactly sure why someone would be banned for deleting a record that they disagreed with, unless it was the explicit result of CCCIA investigation (An IR.) Other than that, Soul has consistently listened and made improvements to their play-style from the (sorry) power-gaming choral warrior, to a respectable member of Command that delegates tasks accordingly. Pending further information, this seems really unnecessary.
  11. I'm still reeling over the fact that Jade is new, yet I feel like she's been in Command since I started playing. It's amazing how she interacts with the crew and just--- Fits in? Like, it was a seamless transition and the fact that you've integrated a new character into a the ranks of well-established Command characters in such a short period of time is a feat in of itself. Easy to RP with, keeps the station functioning... She's like that mean step-mom that's bossy but gets things done. Very impressed, +1
  12. Hi! I appreciate the feedback but I do have to address two of the points you proposed. the first, the retconning. it wasn’t retconned, the character himself was a clone that I ran through the scenario with one of the human lore dev’s and I’m more than happy to share it with you over discord. the second, I did attend the funeral as a ghost observer, and not as an actual character. I’m not sure how I could prove that, but my comments in LOOC were with my BYOND key so I think that would confirm it. While I am guilty of being a little meme’y with Paxton at times, for the most part, I try to keep him cohesive and played to his part. Unfortunately, a lot of the role-play that I get to do with him is over the Relay. For that specific scenario, I’m sorry if it disrupted your gameplay, it was a silly joke between friends and in, hindsight, was more puerile than anything else. I feel like my role-play is a 7/10 because there’s always room for improvement and at times I can break immersion for a moment (I am human) but I do my best to involve other characters and stipulate roleplay. if you have further concerns, you’re more than welcome to DM me. I hope I’ve never presented myself as someone who couldn’t handle 1 to 1 criticism.
  13. BYOND Key: Lupo713 Character Names: Rocco DeFranco, Paxton Coates, Stefanie Sirel, Tristen Sibari, Reese Phobos Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Orange-brown Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I’ve been playing SS13 for a pretty long time, circa 2007. I’ve never ventured into playing any kind of character outside of a human because I wasn’t sure if I could roleplay it accurately and in accordance with the lore. That being said, I enjoy the idea of an antiquated feudal system being involved in a deep, futuristic society. I feel like stepping out of my comfort zone and into a role where such an upbringing can shape the personality and create a unique point-of-view that’s not a shared perspective outside of Unathi culture could be a lot of fun. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Role-playing a human is typically effortless given the ability to observe, repeat, and implement traits into characters of a relatable nature with little need to “think outside the box.” That being said, while there are characteristics that are “human-esque” within the Unathi species, these are attributes that require a valid change to the play-style both from an IC and OOC perspective. Just because you physically CAN slice an antag to ribbons, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. And obviously the mechanical differences in-game (fast sprints, heat tolerance, no nutritional value of anything not meat) shouldn’t necessarily be considered a buff, or a de-buff, because to the character, it’s simply a way of life and should be incorporated into playing as such. Character Name: Kastaz Azarik Please provide a short backstory for this character Born in 2426 on the outskirts of Skalamar, Kastaz always had a penchant for the medical field, especially during and following the Contact War. Being the only son of a small-time Guildsmen within the Izweski Hegemony, he found himself taking on the mantle of an assistant when he was eight years old, helping his father promote and maintain his living as a trader. Still, the elder Azarik identified that Kastaz had a talent for reading, an innate fascination for sciences, and the body worked to the point where he would find him up by candlelight in the wee hours before the dawn with his eyes glued to old textbooks, discarded by the students of Skalamar University. With that, he, more-or-less, gave Kastaz the time, space, and resources that he would need to devote himself to studying, at cost to his own health as he worked himself ragged, providing for both his son and his wife. Though Kastaz had a knack for memorizing treatment guidelines and patching up friends after vigorous exercises and martial practices, that didn’t translate well to his own ability for combat. He spent more time delving into books and research and, subsequently, embarrassed himself during any display of melee practice. He was 13 when the first nuclear bombs were dropped during the Contact War in 2439 and the resulting casualties left their scars on his psyche. That was the turning point where the idle flame of intrigue for medicine became an inferno of passion. The moment he turned 18, he enlisted as a combat medic, with a firm blessing from his father, and although there would only be five years left of the fighting, he saved, and lost, more lives than he could count. However, steadfast and strong-willed, the arduous five-year trial ended but the fire for saving lives did not. It became something of an ideology for him, almost as if Sk’akh itself made it clear that this was his destiny. Upon returning home, he announced that, with the training and on-the-job experience he received, he would attend Skalamar University and was accepted on the recognition of his valor during the Contact War but was still subjected to the immense and unaffordable tuition that it would cost. Taking financial assistance from NanoTrasen was the only option and, with that, he indebted himself with a contract that he was honor bound to fulfill. This was a glancing blow to his father who had virtually sacrificed everything for his son to achieve his dreams and further the clan's name. Finishing his Masters, followed by a two-year residency for surgical practice, he was ready to make the grand voyage to Tau Ceti until his father’s health suddenly deteriorated. The years of working himself ragged to provide for his son’s passion had finally taken their toll and he was spiraling, fast. Kastaz wanted to abandon NanoTrasen’s, now, ridiculous contract and treat his flesh and blood that provided, cared, and propelled him to succeed but he was ushered away, that it would bring shame to his family. The only option he had to save face for himself was to appeal to his Lord, whom, after waiting weeks before an audience, simply denied him and waved him off. With no other options, he swore he would return with enough credits that his father would be a noble, leaving his mother to care for him while he worked and funneled them enough credits that they could survive until he returns. What do you like about this character? The more I read over my app, the more I really enjoy the idea of this character. Starting from humble beginnings and working to the bone to better yourself is just such an important facet of any character's development. Adding the twist of an archaic honor system that you're rigorously conditioned to follow, even when subjected to feelings of guilt and abandonment, is a novel concept that I'm really looking forward to playing out. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10, there's always room for improvement. Notes: This is my first ever whitelist so I do expect a bit of criticism, but I'm absolutely open to it. Fire away.
  14. Oh man, Kyro. Some of the great roleplay I’ve had was involving Topaz. Not only a fleshed out character, but it’s like she’s alive and breathing. Responding to events happening around her, accident, incidents, even something as simple as dropping her coffee on herself left her in a negative mood for the remainder of the round. I didn’t know meme’y Shane but I see the Shane you play as now and yes, while childish (he’s a grown child of a janitor) it’s consistent. There’s no power moves, there’s no trying to ruin anyone else’s rp, there’s no unintentional antag involvement.. He’s a janitor, an immature janitor. not only these examples, but you are so damn easy to RP with, like, it’s actually a pleasure to have our characters interact because there’s always something to do and I have no doubt that you would incorporate these same traits as a head of staff. if you want to try your hand at guiding a department and being an exemplar of inclusive roleplay, you deserve the shot! +1
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