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  1. Questions. 1) Does her religion play an important part of her life, and how will you reflect her beliefs on station? Is it going to be as simple as going "oh Messa" on occasion, or does it go deeper? The tajaran religions are really fun and you can honestly make very fun characters by exploring the values of these religions within a character. I'm curious what you plan to do. 2) What are her views on other ethnicities and Tajara from the other factions? Does she really care where they come from, or is it all the same to her? 3) Are you going to RP with me more?
  2. I believe that this forum works as well. In any case. 1) The timeline is a bit borked, I admit, largely because the NanoTrasen page that has the Trasen family tree says that Xavier was born in 2346. I will try to fix this in a bit after consulting others. 2) Actually, from Zeng-Hu's page: "This proved instrumental during the colonization efforts of Mars and Luna. However, the success was relatively short-lived, as the economic hardships of the mid-22nd century hit the company hard. While never completely disappearing, the company was overshadowed by the rise of other corporations edging in on the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Zeng-Hu stayed in the background for years, though their continual innovations allowed them to stay somewhat competitive." I don't know what you're talking about, chief. This pretty much explains why the headstart doesn't matter that much. NanoTrasen specializes in genetics, and the advances genetics could also be considered advances in medical technology. While Zeng-Hu is the boss in the field of pharmaceuticals and just widely biological/botanical areas. It also is the leader in Medical technology. They pioneered cryogenics, cloning... I mean, I suppose I can add a sentence that literally says "Zeng-Hu is the leader when it comes to medical technology" but I think it's already pretty clear that they are. 3) Bluespace and warp is the stuff that drives our universe because without them most things would not be possible. We are already working on defining them a bit so it's not all confusing so this is all being worked on already. But please don't look into that stuff too much it's borderline magic lmfao. Also, there's no gate between Sol and Tau Ceti because they're literally right next to each other. The systems, even in real life, are very close to each other. 3) I'm scared of economy and I'll consult my lore colleagues on this, can't say much here.
  3. Finally after settling in a bit, I am opening the deputy applications. We need another person to be part of the great things we plan to do as well as be valuable members of the lore team. What I'm looking for in a deputy is someone who is willing and able. Please use the format from this thread: And writing a piece of your choosing regarding your ideas and criticisms on human lore. Your writing should demonstrate your understanding of the human lore and preferably focus on the corporate aspect of it, as our goal right now is to better reflect the corporate influence on the setting.
  4. DOWN WITH THE OLD. While we're at it, also delete outbreaks since they're dumb too, unless we're gonna redo virology and make it actually fun instead of really boring and dull.
  5. By the way-- I like this and will be thinking of how to put this on the wiki soon. I'll read through this again once I'm home and probably accept this.
  6. HSF Titáv Coming To Tau Ceti From Its Trip Through The Frontier! The famous HSF Titáv, largely renowned for its operations in the Frontier colonies, is now within the territory of the Republic of Biesel, having arrived all the way from Perispolis with the help of the superfreighter’s bluespace jump drive. A shining example of Hephaestus Industries shipbuilding techniques, the superfreighter can carry an immense amount of cargo and other smaller vessels. This, naturally, comes at a cost of large power demand, for which the giant ship is equipped with one of the few supermatter cores. The ship is full of exotic goods from markets as far away as the Republic of Elyra and the Coalition of Colonies. In addition to its exotic goods, it will be bringing brand-new Hephaestus "Voyager" hovercars that are soon expected to fill the Tau Ceti markets. Already common in the Sol Alliance, the Voyager-series hovercars are expected to bring a great profit to Hephaestus Industries.
  7. Me likey. I don't see the colours as an issue, honestly.
  8. Despite some questionable experiences with your dionae, you're an easy-going and calm person over all, from what I can gather. And I had plenty of pleasant experiences with your characters. I'd like to see how you would fare in your trial.
  9. I don't agree with the reason("people use it that way so let's just swap it") but it would be a good idea to do this anyway, yes. Wouldn't you want the ICU be closer to the entrance, logically?
  10. As outlined in my essay, yes, that is the idea. 1) Well, for one, it is obvious I probably won't be giving everyone equal attention. It is obviously hard and, actually unnecessary, I find. Our lore is already sprawling and it can be hard to navigate at times(something I also watn to try and tackle). So the plan is to keep calm and focus on a couple things at once. There are always idea in the community, and so if anyone wants to expand on anything in the lore, they're very much welcome to and I'll do my best to work with them on it. 2) I would consider it, yes. I honestly dislike how departmental the structure of the lore team is, but I suppose that is the necessity and we have to live with that. I would love making corporate lore something the entire team can work on, but I don't think it needs its own slots like all the species do. 3) Honestly, I wish they all cooperated more with us because I love all the alien species we have. But, looking at what we have right now, I would say Unathi and Vaurca could use more interaction with humans in the lore. And also Tajara because I play them the most. 4) I would personally rather continue being a developer, but in reality, I would probably choose to stay moderator since it takes up less of my time. As a developer I think a lot about the lore so if something in real life was straining me, it'd be the obvious thing to do to just make it so that it's not my responsibility anymore. Thank you for everyone's support again. It's really appreciated.
  11. I do have a question. As we many of us have seen first-hand, the Federation's reach is pretty long. And it is not that much of a secret IC, even more so for skrell. I wonder how will you portray Voq'Rav drifting away from the ideals of the Federation? Will it be a subtle thing, or something they're very open about? I don't really have to say any nice things about Schwann as there've been plenty in this thread already.
  12. You're a cool dude and I think you have a good attitude for this. I have some concerns, but I hope they get alleviated should you get a trial.
  13. +1 but unironically Unless?.. Haha just kidding..... But what if?......
  14. Th-thanks babe... 1)Even if I can't be actively involved in development doesn't mean I won't be able to communicate. So it's really simple: we'll slow down the tempo while I deal with whatever's keeping me inactive, and I'll stay in touch so as to keep you guys from going crazy. 2)I dunno I just intend to, lol. As I stated in the essay I want to work with everyone else on the team just as I do now, and I want to keep doing that as the maintainer. Our setting is large and interactions between the species that inhabit it are very important. 3)We'll see, probably shortly after. 4)Good question. Probably yes, but I did have some other thoughts so I can not say with 100% certainty. Thank you to everyone else who posted so far as well.
  15. Ckey/BYOND Username: BoryaTheSlayer Position Being Applied For: Human Species Maintainer. Past Experiences/Knowledge: I do a lot of academic writing and I have been the Human Lore Deputy since around October. I kinda have been acting as the manager of the team for a while, despite not having the power to make decisions. Examples of Past Work: I ask for a lot of input on my work and I like to collaborate a lot, so I can't claim anything as my own, but here are some things that I have worked on and have had a significant, if not the main, role in writing: The new Mars page, the transformation into CoC and the various new additions, and am currently slowly writing the full page for one of the Coalition planets(among other things) together with Schwann. Additional Comments: Read this baby here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zb7HfH5gPKaEJl07DsDRrIf0fDIOIqklUbRZJ2IhvGM/edit?usp=sharing All comments and questions are welcome.
  16. BYOND Key: NewOriginalSchwann, BoryaTheSlayer Staff BYOND Key: AndurilFlame(known as Pegasus in the community) Game ID: N/A - Pattern of behavior, not game-related. Reason for complaint: Inactivity, lack of communication, unhealthy attitude in general. Evidence/logs/etc: Attached Additional remarks:This isn’t exactly a new development but rather an issue that has existed for a very long time, even before my and Schwann’s arrival to the lore team, and something repeatedly talked and complained about. Working with Pegasus at the beginning felt good due to the creative freedom we had, but when it came to actually getting these projects done(which only started happening when we got Schwann on the team) it became apparent that it wasn’t as smooth as we imagined. Getting him to read something takes a very long time, so does getting him to write something. Our big projects for the Sol Alliance and the Coalition of Colonies were very hyped up and we ourselves had high expectations for it, but when it was released and we saw the parts that Pegasus contributed were very underwhelming, specifically the articles that were posted when we finished the projects: The Sol Alliance article and The Coalition one. Which really did not do justice for the scale of our supposed changes and thus rendered them largely irrelevant. Now I know this looks like I’m just accusing Pegasus of being a bad writer and a lore developer, but please take into consideration the rest of this complaint to better understand why these supposedly grand changes in the lore have flopped. Schwann’s POV: With that being said, it should also be noted that we are not writing this complaint because Pegasus is entirely wrong in all that has transpired within the lore team, but his decisions in dealing with the matters detriment not only himself, but also us. His suffering also translates in us suffering as a result. It actually really pains me to make this complaint with Schwann but this seems to be the only way to challenge the current state of affairs in our team.
  17. oh fuck that doesn't work. Uhm. Thanks, Marlon.
  18. As much as I would love the energy pistol for the CMO so I can kill malpracticioners, I don't really think this is needed, neither is it desired. These heads of staff already have flashes and alternative methods of self-defense, as well.
  19. For some reason Chada's post doesn't show up in recent status updates for me so I'm making sure that mofo has been beaten once again.

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