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      SOlarian gang.............................

  2. New laser sprites, just so the thread is aware.
  3. I'm DanseMacabre#4973 in the Aurora discord.
  4. Having remembered you from Bay, I must say that I'm not quite enthusiastic about the possibility of you playing Tajara on Aurora - though I will say that it has also been three years since then, and it's entirely possible that you've gotten better since the Resomi days (I know I have, anyway). I'd be willing to see you given a shot, but I can't help but be skeptical at the same time. Still, everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt!
  5. Not my intention, but I can easily see why it came off that way— I blame grouchiness and phoneposting. Apologies to OP regardless - I will say that my original point still stands, though. This doesn’t seem constructive - it really does read like “I prefer the old stuff, and that’s that.” You’re allowed to have that opinion, but from an objective standpoint they are no less detailed.
  6. Hi. I think you’re wrong and I also think it’s very disrespectful to the spriter who has put in dozens of hours reworking these suits and weapons to try and say “the new stuff is just worse, revert”
  7. This is a fairly easy thing to code (If you can even call copy-pasting coding, at this point), and I would actually recommend you try it as it is an easy way to contribute to the codebase. Feel free to contact me on the discord if you want help with this process.
  8. This image is correct. I'm afraid it doesn't change anything I said at all, however. I do find the fact that you'd include it as an attempt to "gotcha" me to be excessively petty and immature. As for the rest of what you said, I can't say it impacts my stance at all - the fact of the matter is that if need be, this process can just be a simple change of hats - and relay moderators simply get inducted into the official staff team as it is.
  9. The NPT discord is a strange beast - an affiliated discord in the same realm as the lore discord and departmental discord, the NPT is mentioned in official announcements (such as the one made last night) and is given quasi-official status - the NPT was provided a unique server icon to match the new icons that the lore, official, and staff discords have - and was apparently approached for private discussions about matters which the normal playerbase would not be made aware of until later. And yet, at the same time, it is wholly unaccountable to the playerbase. The NPT, despite its apparent
  10. This thread is almost a year old. The reason for the lack of action is because this is something that the staff team ultimately controls. A player cannot untick a gamemode and remove it from the rotation, as the config file is manipulated server-side, not controlled by the code.
  11. Correct. This topic exists to remove a gamemode that brings absolutely nothing to the table of our HRP server.
  12. Law three is unacceptably vague. A horror form changeling could kill the entire crew, and the AI would be obligated to protect it from the HAPT kill-team sent to get rid of it, so long as it could demonstrate sapience.
  13. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A_U-D_8ri20yVdRb4uYpfryXcF4B8b41Ei02dSFqID4/edit?usp=sharing - The following is a section that I do not want to include on the main document, but is absolutely important to Visegrad as a proposed addition. In essence, this document outlines the role I propose Visegrad would play in the wildlands, if canonized.
  14. What is the problem with “cop roleplay”, exactly?
  15. All in all I am generally happy with the new sprites. I will say that I am not a fan of the chrome uzi, even though I know you are very fond of it, and I think the warm tones for the metal on the ballistic handguns and the shotgun looks very strange. I'd generally go with a colder tint, personally, likely more blue than red. I think the best sprite here is probably the SMG.
  16. I really hate to see this used as an example as to the misbehavior of the security department, because it's really unfair. Let me point out that during this event, security was outgunned and outnumbered. There were seven Solarian inspectors: of those seven, six had extremely good hardsuits - the solarian military hardsuit is one of the best in the game - with those hardsuits being equipped with pulse carbine modules. The marines themselves also had potent ballistic weapons, and other hardsuit modules (like the chemdispensor). If you want to see what I mean, boot up a private server and set you
  17. Well, it isn’t necessarily a non-serious suggestion. I, personally, don’t believe in it very much. However, time and time again I do see people make the case that security is a net detriment to the server and we’d all be better off removing it. To be frank, I made this thread so those discussions aren’t just kept in the discord. Consider this a brainstorming or a discussion thread.
  18. Legally-sanctioned validhunting militias. Likely the cargo department.
  19. Because the last thread went nowhere. There seems to be this persistent mindset a minority within the community possesses, one which states “Security is bad and ruins everything”, to paraphrase. There is also a more prevalent us vs. them mindset that exists between traditional security players and people who don’t really touch the department. Please discuss and debate the merits of removing security here, so this talk isn’t just relegated to the occasional appearance in the discord. Thanks.
  20. The current sprite is not actually old, believe it or not. It was done mostly from scratch by Amory to replace the much older and much more hideous sprite from Baycode
  21. those .45s are cute, though they kinda remind me of the magnum from halo
  22. I personally prefer the white shotgun to the off-white shotgun. Off-white looks weird and inconsistent
  23. New disruptors good, new laser rifle's fine, new shotgun is okay, new ion is meh, new blasters are good-ish (I don't like wood, but also the grip shading is inconsistent). Is the new gauss rifle still in this? because I like that too.
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