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  1. Once again, Visegrad is not Polish. Please actually read the document, and I'd also encourage you to look at the one-world-government map of Earth for a better understanding as to what "Poland" means in this context.
  2. Poland *does* still exist on Earth’s map, and moreover Visegrad wasn’t colonized solely by Polish people. There is no lore rule stating that I cannot develop a colony with a specific set of ethnic groups in mind, regardless, and I approached multiple Human lore developers to see if Visegrad was compatible with basic autocanon rules long before I attempted to officially canonize it.
  3. Well, if that's the case, then the requisite number of players needed for five or six mercenaries needs to be lowered. I have never seen more than four at a time on Aurora.
  4. Four is simply too low, in my opinion - during lowpop, four is fine. Usually security won't be stacked and with four people, a mercenary team can control the station if they are a successful team. But if there are sixty people on the server and security is full - they are outnumbered 2:1 by sec alone, not even factoring in ERTs - and some ERTs outnumber them and outgear them. Anyway. I'm proposing we bump the upper limit of people in the off-station baddie teams up to six from four.
  5. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Planet. Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): A reluctant Solarian outer colony, rainy and geographically obtuse in equal amounts. How will this be reflected on-station? Primarily by on-station characters, though I am absolutely willing to implement Visegradian cultural dishes and Visegradian cultural garments. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? Yes. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? Player-created lore exists on a limited scale. The player creating it alone is typically the only person who will ever use it, and it is the responsibility of the player alone to have it represented. I believe the variety is the spice of life: Adding Visegrad will add more variety, but without being too complex so as to be complicated for the average player. Additionally, by becoming part of the official canon, it can be represented in ways that it could not otherwise - by way of mechanical representation. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? As much as the thought discomforts me, I do and I am willing to deal with that fact. Long Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12a-FQ3QGJSVguwwzwOSUUR7hRRzO9468KDwNz1panE8/edit?usp=sharing - More of a rough draft than anything else. If Visegrad is seriously considered for canonization, it'll need to be cleaned up a bit. Other notes: I am aware that the Human lore team is not looking for additional colony lore at this time. I do know that some people who have seen my work are interested in it, and I want to give it the old college try. If the team bins me straight off the bat, I understand completely.
  6. While certainly a fascinating concept from a real life historical perspective, and an exercise in cultural universals that just about anyone can appreciate - I do not at all support the addition of glowing cats to the Aurora. In fact, I think the concept is quite absurd.
  7. I think the problem with a live infection system is that you will have people who will just play their character but, oh no, they're a ling now! They didn't want this! They're the same person but a ling! That's crazy! That's so sad! We should help them! And then they turn around and rat out other changelings. At the very least, if it is a live infection system, the player should be explicitly told that they are not the same person anymore, merely imitating them.
  8. Hard agree. I think a method to make more lings, or ling-lites, would be a huge improvement to changeling overall, and would do a lot to up the paranoia value inherent to the game. I believe Doxx had some plans related to this?
  9. I would not like to see Taj or Unathi captains. The culture and climate of our in-lore setting simply does not logically lend themselves to this. In fact, I feel quite strongly that we are currently too permissive of aliens in command.
  10. I absolutely detest the notion that Humans should be undermaintained and treated as a secondary species that is unimportant and only exists to facilitate training players to play xenos. It is utterly nonsensical to suggest that we would be better off by not giving distinct lore, languages, and mechanics to Humans - ultimately we play in a Human setting, and by making Human lore as minor and unimportant and easy to understand we would be making our very setting less interesting and enjoyable - because we don't play in alien space. This suggestion is not "bloat for the sake of bloat" . It is to make the predominant species represented in our lore more diverse, dynamic, and interesting. After all, they are the most common race on the server, like you said. And why would we not focus most of our work and attention to what most of the playerbase plays as? It is statements such as this that illustrates why SS13 species have long had problems with elitist and cliqueish behavior.
  11. You misunderstand what meaningful roleplay is. Antags do exclude meaningful roleplay from a round, by virtue of being walking, talking decanonification devices. To have meaningful roleplay - that roleplay must not become a non-entity as soon as the round ends. While roleplay with antagonists can be incredibly fun, it is never going to mean anything after the round ends. Extended is a necessity because it allows the playerbase to go in with a guarantee that everything that happens in that round, unless voided, has long-term meaning.
  12. To be frank, I think this is at best a pointless PR that does not accomplish anything - I do not often see successful back-to-back votes. At worst, it mostly exists to prevent popular gamemodes from being played as often as the playerbase would like. This is a terrible idea for the server's sake. Voted extended is a necessity for our community - especially when we factor into consideration that it is vital for the sake of canonicity. To get rid of voted extended is to get rid of a gamemode solely devoted to meaningful roleplay - and we are, after all, a roleplay server.
  13. While I am sympathetic to the whole "they're overpowered" sentiment and I respect that you have problems with the Aut'akh because of that - Your post doesn't address the matter at hand. Aut'akh as they were before can be nerfed just fine - the topic of this thread is the fact that many Aut'akh characters were completely removed unceremoniously and unfairly. How and why do balance considerations justify the removal of characters?
  14. I don't understand what you're referring to.
  15. As a preface: I have no special love for the Aut'akh. In fact, I don't particularly care for them - they feel out of place to me. But the fact of the matter is that they were recently handled quite poorly - it is important to note that, indeed, the Aut'akh were not removed. They instead experienced a sweeping mechanical change that had repercussions for existing characters (With one of the potential repercussions being "this character is no longer playable.") This is, to be frank, unfair - a mechanical overhaul of how a species works that removes functionality needs to add an alternative in order to facilitate continued existence for characters that rely on that functionality. The recent PR did not provide an alternative, and I can't in good conscience say that the current situation is acceptable or fair to all the Aut'akh players who had their characters removed as a result of this. As a result, I must agree with the suggestion to revert the PR that removed the Aut'akh subspecies. If we want to move them over to FBPs, fine - but let's make that change when the work is already done. Assuring us that it will happen eventually is simply not good enough - and there is no harm in maintaining the previous status quo until the code is ready for the switch. tl;dr +1
  16. I’m glad something is being done, keep up the good work boss
  17. Okay. I turn off the lights to incapacitate the tree. It reaches into it's emergency backpack box and lights a flare, wanders over to a local oxygen locker and pulls out a flashlight, and promptly walks out of the room. I think you need to calm down - you talk about vitriol and anger, but your post is full of insults and ad hominems. We're all friends here, boss.
  18. +1 - not much to say beyond "They're a massive pain in the ass to deal with"
  19. What it says on the tin. I make this thread on behalf of people too cowardly to do it on their own 😏 Remember to remain civil. Many people think Dionae are a net negative as a station race, and oftentimes only exist for powergaming purposes. I cannot for the life of me tell you a single Diona character I have actually enjoyed on Aurora. They either: 1. Exist to have meme names (Seize the Means of Production!) 2. Exist to make themselves harder to kill as an antagonist, or to game antagonist mechanics (Like Cult) Something must be done.
  20. -1 to anything that is a MGSV reference, especially references so blatant as to use the name used in that particular game
  21. My deep cover insiders tell me that the official NBT internal release date has been moving up from May 30th of 2029 to December 31st of 2028! Hope you guys are excited.

    1. Scheveningen


      Waiting for NBT and CBT. Still waiting.

  22. I have come to detest the Schlorrgo. They were funny at first, but they've since become overdone. Everyone won't shut up about them!
  23. While I'm not entirely unsympathetic to your plight - I don't feel at all comfortable nerfing ion rifles while IPCs remain as durable as they are now. IPCurity faces a lot of scrutiny for a reason: IPCurity is powerful. I remember a round where some Solarian marines came aboard the station, and a lone IPC managed to dunk on much of the team. If the ion rifle is to be nerfed (which it should be), I think IPCs need to be... Crunchier, as squishy isn't quite the term to use. Conventional weapons need to be able to get kills, especially ballistic weapons - which are the weapons antagonists most frequently have access to. Remember: Laser rifles are certainly effective, but how many laser rifles are available to antagonists? An EMP nerf hurts antagonists more than it does sec, and antags have the odds stacked up against them already.
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