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  1. Understands the finer points of being a delegator which I feel is something a lot of Command players fall flat on. Open to working with others, and keeps departments informed of things they should know, but don't outright have the ability to hear. Probably one of the more approachable HoP players we've had in recent times, imo. Reminds me of when Yonnimer played Bright.
  2. ❤️ Shucks, dude. This is great and gives me the heart flutters.
  3. Deux mille cinq cent trois.
  4. Please god give us holographic beer bottles for holographic bar fights.
  5. BYOND Key: Menown Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: BoryaTheSlayer Reason of Ban: Extremely long pattern of being a dick and complaining in OOC. Reason for Appeal: Alberyk had recommended I try again in a week. Violating rule one is a pretty good reason to get banned, so I deserve it. I however also feel I deserve a chance to fix things, so I’ll be working on that if this appeal passes. There’s no defending my behavior toward others in the past, so all I can say is that I’ll be working on not being a complete cock to people in OOC as well as not breaking even the minimal of rules.
  6. In light of reviewing other ban requests, within the last two months, somebody was recently unbanned after a whopping six days of their permaban. They had showcased a history of behavior directly related to their ban and was trusted enough with an unban to work on their behavior. Nowhere in their complaint did they show acceptance of what they did wrong, in fact they said they disagreed with the ban but were willing to work on their issues, exactly as I had said. All I was asking for was a second chance and to try and fix my behavior. The only way I can show I have fixed my behavior is with a second chance, but I was met with "two weeks isn't enough". I dedicated almost a decade to this place, and two weeks wasn't enough for me, but six days was enough for somebody else. I don't agree with being permabanned, but I do agree with what I did wrong. I do have an issue with getting angry and releasing it into OOC. I had been working on my interactions with administration, and hadn't had any instances of chucklefucking since my weekban (which I have admitted several times was deserved.) I am only asking for an opportunity to fix myself and to show that I have been working toward it. Locking me out won't do that, nor is it fair when others have been shown greater leniency.
  7. That's the conclusion I've been given. I attempted to do a ban appeal where I showed a willingness to work on the issues presented in my ban. I was told it's good that I'm willing to work on things, but two weeks isn't enough. I've been given no timeframe from you or the banning mod who handled my unban appeal itself. There's nothing I can do (because I can't show I've worked on the issues shown), there's no time I can apply for another appeal, and there's no point complaining about how Borya handled this, because you've deemed everything above board. There's no recourse here, given there are no options. I'm asking very nicely if you'd at least give me the courtesy of telling me to leave and not come back instead of pretending there's some way for me to return in the future, because I'm not seeing it.
  8. So, what I'm surmising here is despite my willingness to fix what I can, stuff that hadn't already stopped (OOC behavior), I'm not allowed to fix them. There's no avenue for coming back, and there's no ability to fix them. I'm just supposed to say one day in the future that they're fixed and all's golden. You also didn't touch on the following: Nor did you explain what you meant by what you said regarding it.
  9. Explain? Clearly there's something wrong with the banning moderator instantly suppressing an attempt to appeal a ban, is there not? I followed the chain of command and reached out to an admin, following what they suggested. Also not what Borya has said. Whether I am not going to repeat them is not the case, as per what Borya has said in the appeal. Whether I am willing to learn from them or not, doesn't matter. All that matters is I am gone.
  10. Effectively you're unable to provide anything for me to improve except for things I'm unable to work on now. My unban was denied so I can't work on not salting in OOC. I already stopped chucklefucking. I stopped being rude to staff, even when they're rude to me (outside an instance with Borya which I had already apologised for). You've essentially told me to work on things without allowing me to work on them. Unless you're implying I should work on them elsewhere and I should appeal later and you'll just take my word on whether I've improved. An outright lie. I reported it to Alberyk who told me to contact Borya on the forums to request it be opened, which he did.
  11. I fail to believe that or it wouldn't be something that happens a lot. I went from getting a day ban to take some time off because a friend saw I was upset to getting a week ban for chucklefucking during a round end, to getting permabanned for saying antags that round were awful. The clear thing to me from my ban reason itself was that you guys were looking for justification you remove me, hence the several mentions of "toxic behavior" reported in my unban appeal, something that despite this still hasn't been touched upon. Promise me answers to these and I'll end this pitiful attempt at me gaining some insight to try and better myself: 1) Explain why me complaining about antags required me being removed from the community itself instead of a logical thing like an OOC ban if that's clearly the issue here. 2) Explain what behavior was considered a long period of toxic behavior worth banning me over, because reported examples of chucklefucking that usually affected me, joke names, and other forms of menial fun really don't seem toxic to me. 3) Explain why it's okay to instantly shut down my unban appeal within an hour of it being posted, by the same admin that had me blocked on discord, and performed the banning of me. 4) Explain why two people that commit the same infraction aren't held to the same standard? Why is my amount of notes in play here when the vast majority of them aren't related to any major offense, are otherwise benign, or jokes by administration staff. Why is the fact I've been here longer and played longer than anybody else considered a downside, considering I've been able to accrue more notes (accidental or otherwise). 5) Explain why it's acceptable to demand somebody change their behavior and to isolate them? How can they be expected to change if you defenestrate them from the castle walls and tell them they can come back when they're better, without explaining what they can change? The only one who's offered any input that he's observed that can be considered toxic is Alberyk, and none of it was listed here.
  12. You'll jump straight to permabanning if the wrong person complains in OOC, something you have admitted you don't punish everybody for, yet have decided to punish me for.
  13. Or if it's the wrong person to do something you don't punish everybody for? If you don't fairly deal out punishment, what's the point in it?
  14. People fuck around at round end a lot. People break character, throw things, and generally fuck around. Yes I took it too far and I admitted that. I'm not privy to your private conversations. The only thing I was aware of was Alberyk telling me to fuck off then you threatening me with a ban. Keinto noticed and made note of it but nobody even mentioned it. You've been relatively unprofessional with me when trying to discuss things seriously with you and then you decide to fault me when I treat things less seriously than they are. I'm fine with apologizing for my behavior when I get out of line, which I was when I went after Alberyk. I did apologize to him, and you for my behavior but my statements on you are how you yourself handled it.
  15. I was banned for the pod incident, it even says that in the note. Why is the warning Alberyk gave me still being held against me when it should have been removed when I was banned for it later? You don't issue a warning for speeding as you attest a guy for reckless driving. With the way Matt has acted to me in DMs makes that note even more malicious, especially given in the past he's threatened me with a ban in the general discord when Alberyk was actively being a dick to me. The way that is even phrased implies that even an accidental rule break would be met with a hammer, which is just overkill. If you have no policy of telling people when they are at risk of something when they themselves don't know it, there's an issue there because it feels like that you're just lying in wait to ambush. There wasn't even anything in what you said regarding my supposed history of toxic behavior. Do you ban everybody that makes adverse statements on how antags perform at round end? Because that's a common thing here.
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