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  1. Menown

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    They're otherwise augmented Unathi that possess large synthetic augmentations to their bodies that make them more synthetic than Unathi. If I wanted to play an IPC, but decided against it and just played an Auto'akh like a shell IPC, that'd be iffy, wouldn't it?
  2. Menown

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    And shells were an IPC subspecies. You didn't need a separate whitelist to play the various types of shells, which was the main complaint at the time.
  3. Menown

    Aut'akh are coming! feedback here

    One of the main complaints with species shells was people were using the shells to bypass the whitelist restrictions to play the species they appear as. How is this different?
  4. Menown

    Money Sprite Overhaul + Additional Features

    I really like this. Only reservation is the emagging, of course. Maybe have it do something separate like emptying out the coins for the coin machine, like how ATMs dispense money for an emag.
  5. Menown

    Remove Secret Extended

    I'm not here to argue, you're the one calling me a liar for things I haven't even said, and saying it'd be stupid of me to follow the rules and not metagame. You can't not insult me, for some reason. I'm trying to defend keeping extended in a round because guess what, I can play the game without metagaming and I do treat every round like it's extended, regardless of whether it is or not. If you're changing your behavior based on the round type you're breaking character, and risking doing shit that could be contrived as non-canon, and doing that you're risking a complaint on your actions, as evident by people willy nilly killing antags or bumrushing them because "oh, it's non-canon because antag."
  6. Menown

    Remove Secret Extended

    Okay, to sum up the brunt of this, you want people to be able to RP more, without worrying about extended, a round that enables RP, because the playerbase metagames the round type. Your method of fixing this is ensuring the most voted round type is solely antagonists, ensuring you never have a round that might enable you to roleplay without concern, unless it's voted (typically only voted for events, or after a hectic round.) Did I get all that correctly?
  7. Menown

    Remove Secret Extended

    I'm sorry that happened, but it doesn't change that shit happens. Would you rather people never roleplay anything during non-extended for fears that anything would happen, because that seems like that's what you're trying to enforce here.
  8. Menown

    Remove Secret Extended

    Meant to touch on this. Yes, there is something wrong with metagaming. Our rules say as such, so sorry for lying to you, God.
  9. Menown

    Remove Secret Extended

    I didn't say people don't treat it differently. I said they shouldn't, but they do. People already metagame regardless. This is a metagame problem, not a secret-extended problem.
  10. Menown

    Remove Secret Extended

    You shouldn't be playing secret like it's secret. People should play it like it's extended. If you're treating secret differently from extended, you're trying to validate your fear.
  11. Menown

    Less Stupid Fireaxes

    Maybe alter it so it only cleaves on harm intent, where you're actively trying to harm something or somebody? It'd make more sense that way, as you'd still overhand chop it two handed, if you're breaking something apart.
  12. Menown

    Shifted Community?

    The bar/kitchen. Fixed that for you. Library, Chaplain, Hydroponics, all rarely get any interaction with anybody. They offer no rewards to their interaction that makes any form of IC justification outside friendships plausible for interaction.
  13. Menown

    Shifted Community?

    This is an important thing. It's largely why I'm being driven out of the "culture" of the server. The climate's changing and I'm no longer suitable for it, so I've learned to just try to help make the round enjoyable for others in my time here. People need to either adapt to the new climate or move on.
  14. Menown

    Shifted Community?

    An important thing to realize is that a large portion of the server plays to obtain relationships. There's such a focus on them that people will solely join rounds depending on whether their current characters have a fling with somebody or not, and it influences their play throughout the round itself. Whether it's by ignoring their job and sitting in the bar, or joining as roles that don't require much work so they can further ignore their jobs (if they have one) and go hang out with their friends. If you're not willing to forsake your job, you're already alienated by a large chunk of the server because you're not looking for the same thing they are. However! If you're willing to get through the fact you'll never make any IC friends because you actually roleplay the station as a workplace like it actually is, you'll be able to stave off the crippling loneliness you get from overhearing and seeing people flirting over the ratio, making vague sexual remarks to each other, and neglecting to do their jobs, hindering your own ability because they're managed to spend the round doing everybody and everything but their job itself! The important thing is to design a background character. The sooner you realize you're not important ICly or OOCly, the easier is it to come to terms with understanding you're an avenue to accent the roleplay of others. You're the backbone on which antag rounds are built on, and the guiding force behind the ability for others to enjoy the game. So long as you're able to make it a fun experience for others, your time here isn't wasted.
  15. Menown

    Rolling Papers

    The biogenerator already makes blank cigarettes which can be injected with any reagent, like tobacco and nicotine. I imagine the competent gardener/hydroponicist, as handsome and generous as he is, ( also a pretty cool guy ) would be willing to provide them if asked. People rarely come to hydroponics for anything, despite the plethora of items the biogenerator can produce.