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  1. Never in all the time I've played on aurora have we had an admin like him. Gonna keep it nice and short and simply say that Alberyk honestly attacks everybody he can, and strictly keeps his eyes set on a few particular players. Give or take a few friends he has, Alberyk does what he can to ensure most of us have a bad time with this game and keeps an iron fist in his actions. You are hard pressed to find a situation he's handled that hasn't been ripe with his abuse and the way he handles things. Up until now, I've been silent but honestly if you read the first letter of each of each sentence you're gonna be disappointed. Also, I lost The Game. Sorry.
  2. I just lost The Game.

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      send me your adress so i can valid you

  3. The hybrid languages aren't used like they're intended so it's always a bad idea.
  4. There is very much not a freedom of culture in the DPRA. It simply means the more traditional members like nomadic Zhan-Khazan are embraced (who hold a very civilized and family oriented lifestyle built around following their herds and maintaining the family). They are outside society but not adverse to it. As for the DPRA. Up until 2451, all the planet was pretty much under control of the PRA, meaning that the freedom of culture you're falsely expressing here is relatively nonexistent unless you tread into monarchist territory. Even then three values remain the same with violence, selfishness, going against the collective and society are all very much frowned upon with extreme cases being outright shunned or even punished. As for the name. It's not the worst name but it doesn't fit the typical naming scheme for Tajara. I'd recommend the notable Tajara page to get an idea of what we're looking for, but also remembering that any Republican citizens you make will have to comply with legislation mandating Siik names or they're gonna be met with fines or imprisonment.
  5. Some time away to reflect, get things back together again, and improve myself may be not only good for myself, but for the community as a whole as I know I can be a bit much. Sorry, and thanks for the break. See you soon.
  6. If you took my meaning for that as serious, boy I need to work on my OOC sarcasm. It was the end of an incredibly boring and uneventful rev round where there were seven(?) or so people crammed into a two-seater escape pod. My suspension of disbelief was severed the instant we all crammed in under the chairs, so once the pod took off, yes I started fucking around unbuckling everybody's chairs because I'm honestly curious about the type of damage the new throw mechanics for shuttles cause. Was my intent to space myself and a bunch of people? No. I tried to close the door back but I had already been tossed to the floor so I couldn't do it and managed to fuck it all up. Should I have done it? No, but I've been warned for it and I'm sure I'm on the end of a really thin rope at this point. Not exactly sure what you're looking for with this.
  7. Countless remakes, then three good iterations followed by two PRs that could have probably been one that aren't bad but aren't all that great. Also one PR will have a pointless romance subplot.
  8. This rework has my support. AND MY AXE!
  9. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  10. Menown

    New Clique

    Doing it
  11. That's insanely better. The red makes it stand out like actual fire alarms.
  12. Consulars will tell a friend to make an assistant for it.
  13. A more uniform one that forms something of a quota like canisters of phoron, solid phoron, research discs, and other forms of logical product would make more sense and give reason to why the station exists despite barely anybody working.
  14. Alternatively, ask personnel aboard the station if they're willing to be an assistant.
  15. I had to do a fucking doubletake here.
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