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  1. Many times. Seen it with wedding dresses, high heels, skirts, ect-ect. You know how people act in this game. They forsake practicality and logic for cute.
  2. Do you want officers fighting off mercs in skirts and sundresses? Because this is how you get officers fighting mercs in skirts and sundresses.
  3. Today I will monitor git until tent.

  4. Please explain why the uneducated, impoverish zhan-khazan who came from bumfuck nowhere became one of the mostly highly trained soldiers in the PRA Orbital Fleet of all things. Also, why exactly does his family have an expert thief: his father. Not only did he manage years of stealing food, ammunition, guns, ecetra from villagers and soldiers, not once was he caught? Adding to that, what exactly happened between 2451 when his father was shot by ALA forces, and 2457 when he began working. It's already a bit shaky since Al'mari enforced a lot of social policies and welfare options for impoverish families in the PRA, prior to his assassination, but how exactly was his family supported? Before this, his father pretty much did everything, and Fhaai essentially just learned Tau Ceti, versus the standard of Siik'maas as is taught in most institutions. How was the family able to support themselves upon transitioning to the new town, considering he didn't take up any formal education in the six years since 2451 in war ravaged Adhomai, and thus lacked any formal skills it seems.
  5. I'd like to see more expansion on the cultural and sociological aspects of the Tajara that make it different than playing a human. Lots of Tajara players seem to forget they have their own culture.
  6. And here I was not going to make an IR because this got handled on station and didn't seem to require any further action. Here's how the events played out from my point: >Show up at the brig and ask the only person there, an officer standing in the lobby if any assistance is needed >I'm told "No, unless you can say if it's normal for there to be talking cats and cockroaches" >Assume that I've missed some bluespace anomaly or something and that there are giant spiders again or Bones has become sentient so I explain I've never heard of a talking cat nor do I know what a cockroach is. >After a moment the officer starts explaining the features of a talking cat, features my character has such as "cute, fluffy ears" and a tendency to roll the R when he talks. >My character realizes the character is a racist and thus, probably doesn't require assistance from me, so I leave the lobby and make my way to another department to do my job, see if they need assistance. >I inform the crew that the white ATLAS supporting Eridanian contractor that dresses like a cowboy is a racist over the radio and find myself at my next department. Soon after, I'm contacted by the Captain, who asks for the name and description of the officer. I told the captain I thought it was an Eridanian, but I wasn't sure since the uniform was different, and the clothing didn't fit the typical appearance of an Eridanian PMC contractor, so all I had to work off was the visible prefix of the identification card, since I didn't care enough to get a name, my character deals with racists constantly and they're not worth caring about more than on-shift jabs. >The captain apologizes for the behavior and goes about his day, that's all I know about it. I interact with the man at no point following that.
  7. @[email protected] revealing too much, he has trouble sleeping in actual beds, especially in a dormitory setting. It's why he elected to sleep outside the garrison in Barj'jar as well. @ZundyYes, actually. Often it's in the holodeck, the upstairs garden, or rarely the security lobby. This'll change with dedicated equipment, however and it'll likely migrate solely to the upstairs garden when there's a high station population or the holodeck during low populations. As for off-station, he rarely leaves the station, outside movies he wins spam tickets for, non-canon evacs, of when he possesses enough money to be able to continue repairs on his pod. If he does leave, he typically lacks any permanent residence, opting to either find a secluded tunnel or simply sleep in a departures lounge on the Odin like a modern airport, until it's his next shift.
  8. Byond key: Menown Discord key: Menown#8181 Character Name: Muhawir Nawfal Item name - LISTED: * Bedroll * Tentroll * Toolbag Item function(s) - LISTED: * Bedroll: Deploys on the ground or can be added to the tent once deployed, purely fluff, but is much more suitable to lay on than a towel like he has been doing. * Tentroll: A rolled up tent, can be deployed into an actual camping tent when used in conjunction with the supplied toolbag. Can also accept a bedroll for better comfort. * Toolbag: A rolled up bunch of ropes and poles. Using this on the tent roll sets up the tent after a moderate amount of time. Item description - LISTED: * Bedroll: A portable bedroll, made of cloth and padding. * Tentroll: A portable tent. All wrapped up with straps and buckles. * Toolbag: A roll of poles and ropes. Anybody knowledgeable would know they are designed for erecting a tent. Item appearance: Only the tent was fully made by myself. The bedroll and the rolled sprites were all pulled from elsewhere but altered with buckles added. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Muhawir is effectively homeless and incredibly poor. Between his diet of ration packs and the fact that most sleeping periods are sustained in cryogenics, he lives a largely transient lifestyle, considering most housing options are either too limited or too expensive for what he requires. He maintains a grab-and-go method of living when it comes to housing and sleep, when he can, becoming something of a modernized solitary nomad. He effectively won't be erecting the tent on the station, unless it's clear a long-term stay is going to be scheduled, and even then it'll only be with approval from security or command, and isolated entirely to suitable areas such as the holodeck or the upstairs garden, where he spends the most of his leisure time when not actually working. How did your character obtain this item: I am not going to go into a paragraph of explaining how my character walked into a store and purchased a bedroll and camping supplies unless it's absolutely demanded. That'd be stupid and nothing more than filler. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: While the Aurora is effectively his home, it's also more of a workplace, and he rarely finds a period of rest outside his cryogenic stays. Considering numerous people that at least marginally care for him have expressed concern over his extensive stays in cryogenic storage, he's since elected to adapt to a more mobile method of sleeping, especially when taking the sporadic naps over the course of a Tajaran's waking period. On the deeper side of things, these items tell the story of a largely isolated individual and one that suffers from the restrictions put in place by NanoTrasen regarding payment for non-humans, as well as assistants, effectively earning just barely enough to live but not exactly within comfort. They'll also show his willingness to reach out from the comfort of cryogenics and allow him the effective ability to actually leave the Aurora when he desires, since now he'll actually have a home to bring with him. How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?: The bedroll is likely to be the most used. Muhawir's often seen with a duffel bag, this containing the entirety of his possessions realistically, outside a hoverpod he brought back from Adhomai during his outing with the IAA, that isn't really suitable for habitation considering it's sustained heavy damage from a Republican incursion on the Dymtris line, as is a relatively small hoverpod. Most notably within the bag would be his camping supplies, relatively minimal but still enough to do what he needs it for, finding someplace to stay for the almost day-long sleeping period the Tajaran experience, as well as the periods of sleep they experience for brief moments every few hours. Knowing how people operate, I am sure these items will be stolen, or unaware officers will attempt to remove a shitcat vagrant. Hopefully not, but having an at least "semipermanent" camping spot for a wandering nomad would be preferable to laying out a towel somewhere nobody is and hoping nobody decides to gank me while I'm asleep. At least a blood stained campsite will look better to a wandering eye. Sprites: The sprites will be sent as requested by whomever elected to handle adding this. Additional Comments: The code is also available for these items, the construction and dismantling of the tent itself all take a considerable amount of time, with actual set-up using the roll of tools required for the tent itself.
  9. Literally nothing about any of the Vaurca backstory in any of these support comments, meaning this is nothing more than blind support for a friend. I don't know enough about Vaurca lore to actually weigh in on this, but I know @Bygoneherois always willing to comment, given it's his job.
  10. Somewhat knowledgeable about things regarding Tajara lore, as I've created several variants of weapons for the setting. Ammunition from Adhomai is typically design with iron cores and steel casings, given the heavy metals found on Adhomai itself, with brass being a rare commodity. Adhomai uses mostly single-action, accurate weaponry outside the machine guns used. Submachine guns have mostly fallen out of favor due to stoppages and issues that arise from the climate. As for large-scale, artillery is still heavily used, typically to conceal advances or devastate foot positions. Nuclear weaponry has been used once in the mountains toward the north in Ras'nrr, as well as firebombing in the cities of Ron'Tul and Farro'biyn. There also exists experimental climate weaponry used by both the PRA and the ALA forces in the war. Established weapons not created by me: The Tui'ad (Icelance), a crank-operated three shot laser rifle, think laser musket from Fallout that isn't garbage. The Lawbringer: a variant of the lawgiver using designs purchased by NKA envoys from NanoTrasen Corporation. Issued to the Imperial Dragoons, being the first to field the weapon. The Handcannon, a portable man-fired naval canon (semicanon, still in meme status but I look forward to its implimentation.) The Tsarrayut’yan, no translation other than "Republic Rifle", think an automatic SKS. A recent invention put in service following the Tampiska Draft in the People's Republic. The NKA are known to use captured variants given their largely semi-automatic possession regarding weaponry. Weapons I myself have designed for the Adhomai setting: RI-55, Royal Industries Type 55, a man-portable rifle cartridge chambered machine gun with a top fed magazine. Think Bren but altered. RI-55H, Royal Industries Type 55-Heavy, a specialty heavy machine gun firing the same round as the man-portable variant, but with a larger design and built to be belt-fed, typically from 250 round belts. It mostly saw action in point defense, as its heavy design was unsuitable for troop movement. It was also mounted on armored transport vehicles in the NKA. KTSA, Kaltir Technologies Service Automatic, the standard sidearm for non-dragoons in the Imperial Adhomian Army. It was a semi-automatic magazine fed pistol with an automatic magazine release and open bolt design, to assist in cooling due to the rapid fire capabilities and to assist in reload, given the mixed-race nature of the Levy Alam'ard found in the Imperial Army. It fired the standard .38 cartridge found in non-rifle caliber weapons in the country.
  11. Keep in mind, it's dumb. It isn't an actual jackolantern. It's literally just a headlamp built onto the side of it.
  12. Zhan-Khazan cannot speak more than two languages. Delvahhi and Siik'maas are not going to be mechanically possible. How was she affected by the Dolor bombings in 2457. Why does she feel the beliefs of Gods is what is causing people to frown upon the Tajara people, and not the near constant terrorist acts committed by the ALA, the constant state of war, the overwhelming poverty, or the systemic oppression of Zhan-Khazan, homosexuals, subversive elements, and rejection of Human megacorps and emplacement of Almarism leading the Tajara people to isolationist policies?
  13. "To continually broadcast unimportant, untrue, or insignificant messages on the public radio frequency." Almost eighty percent of all radio communication performed violates this. Regardless of language.
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