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  1. I happen to be an expert on the subject! When I played an assistant, I'd do my initial routine of being a force that prepares and improves the station to some degree starting with three separate tasks: - Organize Primary and Auxiliary Tool Storage, allowing ease of access for equipment inside. - Acquire EVA access to fill the big tanks in EVA and all of the emergency closets around the station. - Make rounds asking people if they need assistance. When all three of those were finished, I'd perform my duties as an auxiliary janitor, cargo tech, botanist, low-maintenance engineer, call-out guy that responded to people lost, trying to find something, or people needing minor help with something. To me, being an assistant meant assisting with what you can do, without being asked. I saw the position like a government sanctioned form of employment for those on government aid would receive. Something a regular joe could do, walking off the streets in order to keep receiving his benefits, or something. Or a general labor force like you'd see in a temp agency.
  2. Menown

    Wage Gap

    As somebody that has a xeno with skeptical setting on their loyalty level, I await my new paycheck, given I already spawn with like 90-100 credits on average. If we allow prostitution so I may sell what little body I have to afford dinner, I'll be okay with this.
  3. This'll give a huge boost to Lings, since they'd be able to effectively gain intelligence just by being their fake-dead thing.
  4. Have it repeat itself until the sensors are lowered or the person is marked deceased in the manifest. Encourage people to check on it and do their jobs.
  5. Like I said, people have already canonized the cremation. I'm not going to force canon for my own benefit. This is the last I'm commenting on this since it's being derailed.
  6. The presented way of bringing him back had been essentially denied by @Senpai Jackboot, so he apparently isn't coming back, as the only feasible way would be to retcon the cremation which a large portion of people have already canonized. Given the character the item belongs to is gone, I really have no say in what gets done with this.
  7. I'm fine with this being done. My heart isn't, but I am.
  8. I. Want to comment on it, but I struggle to do so in a way that doesn't seem mean or crass. I'll say that you put quite a lot of thought into it, but I highly doubt this will get accepted.
  9. South Korean born soldier-combat trained Njarir royalty princess kitty. Not exactly sure how to critique this without drawing a forum warning on myself. Edit: Definitely better. Also, if the mother was M'sai, she'd share the color of the mother, given M'sai genes are dominant when determining fur colors.
  10. They're otherwise augmented Unathi that possess large synthetic augmentations to their bodies that make them more synthetic than Unathi. If I wanted to play an IPC, but decided against it and just played an Auto'akh like a shell IPC, that'd be iffy, wouldn't it?
  11. And shells were an IPC subspecies. You didn't need a separate whitelist to play the various types of shells, which was the main complaint at the time.
  12. One of the main complaints with species shells was people were using the shells to bypass the whitelist restrictions to play the species they appear as. How is this different?
  13. I really like this. Only reservation is the emagging, of course. Maybe have it do something separate like emptying out the coins for the coin machine, like how ATMs dispense money for an emag.
  14. I'm not here to argue, you're the one calling me a liar for things I haven't even said, and saying it'd be stupid of me to follow the rules and not metagame. You can't not insult me, for some reason. I'm trying to defend keeping extended in a round because guess what, I can play the game without metagaming and I do treat every round like it's extended, regardless of whether it is or not. If you're changing your behavior based on the round type you're breaking character, and risking doing shit that could be contrived as non-canon, and doing that you're risking a complaint on your actions, as evident by people willy nilly killing antags or bumrushing them because "oh, it's non-canon because antag."
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