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  1. People don't randomly abuse animals at their workplace, typically. Also some things considered okay in Tajara culture aren't acceptable on station as well, to the point where you yourself have DM'd me to stop. Culture is a bad thing to use to deem it acceptable. Schlorrgos feel pain, so it falls under that charge already.
  2. Not only that. They require sprites in order to work, which is a pain to do, for every single coat.
  3. I find the aspect that we'll relegate hundreds if not thousands of years of cultural norms to a sudden shift to exile to be incredibly disingenuous. It makes no sense for the PRA who have actively sought to reform those deemed deviant by their laws, and does nothing more but lead these Tajara to believe that stepping out of line is acceptable enough because you and your lover get a first class ticket to a better life. It doesn't fit the themes we've set so far expressing the species as one of unity, nor I feel changing the way a species acts for the sake of telling LGBT players their "pli
  4. Items in red are currently possessed. The items in blue are being applied for, the others are just states. The tool_bag thing needs to be removed, as I forgot that was there. It's now crossed out in the picture.
  5. Byond key: Menown Discord key: Menown#8181 Character Name: Mrrrrhazmanq Naldratajrmro Item name - Listed Below: leather rucksack camping stool camping blanket tarnished ladle watering can Item function(s) - Listed Below: The rucksack effectively optimizes the load of the character's current camping gear, as well as the additional stuff. Ideally it'd have the same capacity of a duffel bag (including the speed reduction that applies) The stool and blanket are merely fluff items to flesh out the station campsite the character utilizes while employed on stat
  6. Now that we have faction visitors, it makes more sense to change that entirely, as suddenly dropping down to an assistant is essentially against what's expected regarding job hopping and paygrades and stuff.
  7. Reporting Personnel: Mrrrrhazmanq Naldratajrmro Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Assistant Game ID: b9X-aVqC Personnel Involved: Que Tup'Xequal'Valurex [Head of Security] - Offender, Assault, Neglect of Duty, Misconduct, Destruction of Property Cart Kanara [Corporate Liaison] - Witness // Primary Mrrrrhazmanq Naldratajrmro [Assistant] - Victim Sanaa Al-Mansoor [Medical Intern] - Injunction subject/Partial Offender, Harassment Secondary Witnesses: Fros'Qerr Vel-Rena, Harassment Witness Adelina Martnick, Harassment Witness Time of Incident: Unable to Asce
  8. Acceptable. I myself did what I could to preserve some privacy with the horde of logs brought forth, so I understand. It's always looked bad on the surface level because there's a whole lot that goes on that isn't communicated so all that's left is uncertainty and a lack of knowledge due to a lack of communication. I will assure you, as I stated, that my intentions behind the character and the things presented are primarily the maintenance of the restrictions to play the character as allowed. If things were different and I was able to do what I want without the restrictions present I woul
  9. By people I mean IC characters. I've prompted numerous people ICly to come to the realization of the cultural issues of the Tajaran people, in my attempts to garner IC awareness of the issue as I will show from our manifest: Disregard Schwann's character at the top, as she's right by mine so she's included, but the sections beneath Mrrrrhazmanq are all opinions of my character from other characters ICly. They're listed in the spoiler for neatness. I've always had a habit of approaching people OOCly when I feel something's off, because it's real easy to glean when somebody's angry at
  10. I literally said said that "It's not my overall intent playing the character but it makes some of it worthwhile." My intent with the character was to play a character I was comfortable with. The numerous screenshots that I posted with my conversations with lore devs detailing my attempt to return to playing a character I was comfortable were fruitless, until I created this concept because the requirement was that my character suffered for being LGBT as showcased below: If my character was going out of the way to harass people, I could understand it but it's all literally reactionary
  11. Second post because I accidentally submitted. Don't post from your phones, friends. I approached both Shenaanigans and Snakebittenn OOCly on an issue where people were feeling like I was a homophobe. Snakebittenn outright called me transphobic, and Shenaanigans called me a virulent homophobe because of my character's IC actions. This makes the fact they both came together and decided to ban me feel like a targetted attack on somebody they can't separate from their IC character. When I brought up this to Shenaanigans, I was told I'm victim bullying when I claim people should be able to sep
  12. Many people have issues with the Tajara and their stance on LGBT issues By bringing light to something that a lot of people dislike, I'm able to hopefully bring change to it since as said, many people dislike that lore. It's not my overall intent playing the character but it makes some of it worthwhile. If I'm hurting people, I don't know what to say. All one can do is realize it's roleplay and I the player am playing a character. I'm not actively hunting others down to make things harder for them. The lore deals with a lot of difficult issues, and sensitive matters and it's importa
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