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  1. Okay, first - in your application, there's a system near sol that acts as NT's command hub. This is adverse to our actual lore regarding NT's command hub located in Biesel itself. If your character's going to work in Tau Ceti for extended time, it's expected that they'll at least know what's going on in the system. Secondly, he managed to obtain degrees in electronics and a masters in organizational leadership while living in the frontier working on a small ship floating through the cosmos? Something seems a bit off. Thirdly, discussing your character is important on the application because it's expected that you'll be making characters that are believable, especially within the realms of the server and for the roles you wish to play.
  2. I plan to condense Tajara lore into five/six pages. The central page that will have better organization of the timeline in it, the central ethnicities, and everything it has but with the non-faction related material in it. Then the S'rand'marr page, for information on S'rand'marr and Adhomai itself. Then the three factions and pertinent information to them each. With regard to the subfactions/cultures of the nomads and such. The final page will be the cultures section which will involve art, religion, language aspects, and integration of other species into Adhomai and Adhomian culture. As for your final question regarding direction, I feel I didn't take it in a dark way. Instead a more fleshed out and grounded way. While it's true I tend to go darker with my themes, it's merely a consequence of my subject desire to keep things "realistic" with how they're portrayed, regardless of sensibilities. If the direction Tajaran lore is heading allows for a more positive traversal, then so be it, but if it doesn't, oh well. I'm not going to adjust theme away from what makes sense purely to make a statement. I have no agenda on the matter.
  3. >mouse spawns and raids the kitchen, dies >minutes later, mouse raids the kitchen and dies >minutes later, mouse raids the kitchen and dies I've gone to cryo and rejoined as a maintenance drone just to sit in the kitchen and protect the food from rat players that decided to do this over and over. Arguing that they're protected because they're players is about as bad as Nanako arguing that killing rats is ganking.
  4. Menown

    NanoTrasen Halloween Ball

    Even during events I am unable to escape the misery of cat lore.
  5. BYOND Key: MENOWN Character Names: IAN Species you are applying to play: AWOO! What color do you plan on making your first alien character: AWOO! Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: AWOO! Why do you wish to play this specific race: AWH-AWH-AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: AWOO AWOO AWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! AWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO! AWOO!!! Character Name: IAN!!!!!!! What do you like about this character?: AWOO!!!!! How would you rate your role-playing ability?: AWOO?! Notes: AWOO?!
  6. From what I understand the war is ending soon(tm). So that won't be much of an issue. Considering all the sides except the DPRA have enacted some form of draft, it's hard to say that "no you can't be in the war" if you're playing a male character, but there's nothing stopping you from playing a female that's ambivalent about the whole thing. As it stands the most important thing is going to be ending the war, which is going to happen regardless of whether I'm put in or not, so I can't really say much on that. A grand majority of our lore for Tajara is related to a war that was going to end someday, which is something of a minor oversight. As it stands, there's many factions that allow for being involved in the culture without being part of the war. The nomads aren't a solitary entity, the Parivara are notoriously centrist when it comes to war, and then there's the newly redesigned Free City of Crevus which is undergoing changes to better fit the setting on Adhomai and to reform it, by Alberyk. When it comes to wanting to subvert what's typical, all it takes is a bit of time making a backstory that works. Realistically sky's the limit. The biggest issue for me is travel time. It's exceedingly hard to put in place the idea that somebody can work on the Aurora, yet be involved in anything on Adhomai, since our only written lore dictates that it takes at least a solid month of travel by bluespace to get to S'rand'marr. I'd hopefully be working with the loreteam to work something out, probably with Bluespace gates to rectify that.
  7. Personally I'll be focusing on fleshing out aspects of modern society, such as the social programs, the usage the PRA gets out of the vast amount of space from the equator, and the conflict between the borders of the line at the equator itself. There's a lot of untouched concepts like the fractured allegiances in towns all across that front and what the lost of numerous areas like Ferro'biyn and Ron'Tul meant for both the Republic and the ALA. There's a lot of news articles with most of them not even being on the wiki. So half the lore is not readily accessible unless you're willing to sift through seven pages of shit. I'd like to condense the articles down and bring summaries into the timeline page.
  8. I appreciate it, Prate. There are things I need to work on, that I'm hoping I'll get a better control of, namely resentment and dissension rising from disagreements. I try to keep my cool but sometimes things slip through the cracks, so I'm working on distancing myself from my own discourse. It wouldn't be healthy for the team. If I can get a better hand of that, I imagine I'd be able to live up to the standards you've set for me, but I'm far from perfect. Least I can say is I'll try. Regardless of whether this is approved or not, I'll try to keep in contact with whomever's selected like I usually do.
  9. Ckey/BYOND Username: Menown Discord Name: Menown#8181 Position Being Applied For: Lore Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've been part of Aurora since the very first hour, of the very first day. I've been through every iteration of Tajaran lore we've seen. I've survived countless revisions, retcons, advancements, genocides, purges, and tank events. I spearheaded catserver as a solitary entity and mained the same Tajara for almost three years at this point in a (reasonably) consistant manner (despite recent attempts to rebase him into a naturally born Adhomian versus his horrible original basis.) I keep a consistant refresher of the wiki and will re-read it constantly for new information. I keep a working vocabulary of the various Adhomian plants, animals, and practices. My knowledge of Tajaran lore, while in depth, is not perfect. There are still areas I falter like early Adhomian history in which I will require referencing the wiki when asked ICly, hence why I try to keep a knowledge of updates as I am not OOCly a historian for the species. Examples of Past Work: I wrote the worst piece of Tajaran lore - Siik'Tau. Not a good start. Additional Comments: My text provided is going to be based on a pretty central point utilized in my most prolific character - Muhawir Nawfal, specifically the persecution of subversive elements in a Post-Assassination Adhomai.
  10. I find your creation of a Tajara that pretty much subverts everything you wanted for Tajara purely out of "leaving Adhomai at a young age" to be incredibly disingenuous. You lay out rules and expectations for the species that you yourself don't abide by, and thus aren't restricted to the same rules the rest of us are simply because you felt justified through established history. I can't take anything you wish to establish, do, or say regarding Tajara seriously because as far as I can see, we play by a different set of rules than you do. I've already went through this once when you and Hivefleet both worked together to install the new (at the time) rules regarding homosexuality, and then later Hive's installation of the labor camp system to curb furries from the species, all while having a character married to yours and (without going into details) living an effectively degenerate life with her because as I'm sure, there's no way he was completely in the dark about everything. If you're accepted as a lore deputy, how do you expect to handle the people that willingly disregard, break, or subvert lore in ways that aren't entirely acceptable. Are you going to be making allowances for them, ignoring them, or enforcing the thin line we've drawn through threats of whitelist stripping or IC punishments such as the labor camps that have been used in the past.
  11. Coalf is one of the few people who've done work with Tajara lore that I actively can say I "love." His work with the culture expended a lot into Tajaran society and is something I'm able to reference a lot in-game. He's honestly my first and only pick for the position, because I can trust him to do it well.
  12. There's a whole lot I can say here that I really don't want to. I have serious concerns but none of them can be addressed because it'll probably only start a fight.
  13. Alberyk gets more complaints from me than you did. There's nobody better to trust for the position than him because he knows the issues the species has and is working to at least make them palatable, (except coalf but that's a pipe dream, come back coalf i love you.) It just takes a lot of time since he's trying to make them gradual changes instead of retroactive. Rest easy in knowing that Alberyk does what he can to do what's right for the species, and not what fits an agenda. He actually likes the species and enjoys writing for them, which is something I feel is at the upmost importance for somebody in the position he's writing for.
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