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  1. Fair enough. The logs I was given only go back to December of 2019 so I can't claim you outted him initially given I didn't have the relevant logs. Please understand I don't have easy access to the information, with what I do have requiring significant time to process and search for relevancy. I do apologise for the confusion regarding that and the resulting claim.
  2. I will make an addendum to this that there is no ulterior motive to the emplacement of the mentioned parties. I simply listed relevant names as I saw them in the logs I was presented. If you'd prefer I can move you toward the bottom of the list if that's distressing you.
  3. BYOND Key: Menown - Not Involved, but a reporting agent for people who’d rather remain private due to fear of backlash. Game ID: N/A - Incident occurred within the security discord, with numerous Aurora Staff and players. Player Byond Key/Character name: DanseMacabre SleepyGem VeteranGary Numerous Unknowns: A lot of people aren’t using their actual ckeys on the discord, so. There is some footwork needed that I lack the capacity to. Staff involved: Reported to Alberyk. Offending staff: Hepatica, DeadLantern, MattAtlas. Reason for complaint:
  4. BYOND Key: Menown Total Ban Length: Ad Infinitum Banning staff member's Key: MattAtlas Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: There’s really nothing I can say for certain that will garner an approval of my appeal. The rules were broken and I accept the punishment well enough. While I will admit I overreacted, the only argument I have for it is that my infraction occurred from forum actions. During the day it occurred, Alberyk said I was going to be forum banned, which I wasn’t. I was outright permanent banned, with the claim being that what I did was in bad faith by Matt. Obviously wh
  5. Point has been fixed. While I don't agree with the ruling, I appreciate this being fixed. Thank you. Close this,
  6. BYOND Key: Menown Staff BYOND Key: Garnascus Game ID: N/A Reason for complaint: My previous complaint regarding my former warning resulted in the warning being removed and a new one being placed. The issue is that the new one has resulted in an increase of points against me, as the former warning was only one point, meaning either I did something else wrong to warrant an increase in punishment, or the warning was once again fucked up when it was placed. Regardless, I'd like this investigated given the sudden increase in points against me. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional rem
  7. The player did find my response rude. I did not intent for my response to be rude. You are claiming I was being rude to somebody that did not take offense or find what I said rude. You are manufacturing an issue where there is none. There is no victim for my supposed offense as the person I respond to does not see themself as a victim of anything. Somebody else found my response rude, to which I claim at what point does an outside party dictate what constitutes is acceptable talk between two friends? I would appreciate you not bringing up what occurred after the warning, as it d
  8. The player did not report me. In fact I reached out to Stationcrab to let him know why I responded as I did. That said, I was warned for inappropriate language. To go ahead after the fact and alter it to be better fitting shows nothing more than it was misplaced in the first place, and that somebody other than the person I responded to reported me. It's extremely unfair to warn somebody over something somebody that isn't the person involved felt was rude and it feels like nothing more than targeting. I was warned for inappropriate language, and you are all maintaining that by us
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