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  1. "To continually broadcast unimportant, untrue, or insignificant messages on the public radio frequency." Almost eighty percent of all radio communication performed violates this. Regardless of language.
  2. Right, now how is this going to be enforced because about half the crew joins via cryo simply because it's less tedious than waiting. Are you going to be ghosting around telling people that they aren't roleplaying themselves as tired enough? Because there will be people that outright disregard this lore, not including the people that don't even read it.
  3. I've been roleplaying the effects of long-term cryo-use ICly for months now. My main character in in a perpetual state of tiredness and it drains on his mood and leads him to a drone-like state once he gets to working. Can we please not add lore that says "no you can't do that" because I'm real fucking tired of my roleplay being policed when it affects literally nobody but me.
  4. New Department; Non-crew It's that simple, guys. Come on.
  5. On cat server, death was a prominent feature, considering the climate and war. I coded in despawning bodies through cremation/burials that allowed the slot to open like cryo. It'd be really easy to port that here.
  6. It'd require persistence, something we don't presently have. Hazordhu 2 has this, on byond. You're given an alias that fits your description, then you tell people your name and they assign it in their memory.
  7. Revealing sensitive record information in the presence of strangers and then claiming that "there are no secrets between crewmembers" isn't exactly ideal for a Head of Staff, either.
  8. Apart from the obvious "everything" wrong with this application, I'm going to touch on Kristin Wolff, your most known character to met. You job hop a lot. I've seen Kristin as an officer, a roboticist, and a corporate reporter. You'll want to learn to make separate characters for different roles, or to just play a single role as a single character. I haven't really experienced much of you because you don't really interact with people, so apart from observing your multiple job hopping, I haven't really experienced you.
  9. Let me preface this by saying I do not play security. I did for a number of years, with a trackpad that refused to work when I was moving, so I was forced into non-confrontation tactics with security that lead me to obtain a more passive playstyle of security utilizing talking subjects down, treating them as people, and utilizing group force or Beepsky when things went sour. I always had a plan of retreat when possible, and a fallback point to await for back-up. Never, should the threat of Incident Reports influence balance. NanoTrasen hires their people with the expectation they're reasonable beings, and the best trained, given NanoTrasen typically trains them. Necropolis as well provides some of the best private security the known galaxy has to offer - YOU ARE NOT BEAT COPS, YOU ARE NOT MALL COPS, YOU ARE NOT PMCs, YOU ARE NOT POLICE. You are staffed personnel providing a service to your organization in the form of security and loss prevention. Your duties are to prevent harm to the company and to minimize loss of productivity and assets. When you're hired for security, it should be your understanding that you do not want to harm people, you do not want to cause more trouble than it's worth regarding the daily operations. You should strive to NEVER have to deploy any weaponry or defensive tactics in a shift. A quiet shift is a good shift. Now, the rest of this is centered on the pros and cons of removing the stun baton or replacing it - the latter being the preferred option with my own suggestion being a nightstick for disarm tactics and controlling the battle in close melee, but we'll get to that in a moment. Pros of Removing Stun Batons from Standard Issue - Restraint increases in the security officers that can be trusted to roleplay accordingly. Lacking a more central means of detainment, some officers will find themselves ending most conflicts through talking the subject down, versus outright detainment. - Increase of back-up; lacking a stun baton, officers may find themselves calling for back-up more often, because now you'll find yourself unable to one-tap people into submission. - Increase in accountability; more officers on the scene means better accountability. Being forced to resort to other methods of de-escalation means you can't get away with one-taps, which means if you have to resort to something physically damaging, you'll be forced to explain why you've got no injuries but your subject has broken bones from rubber bullets. - Increasing use of Beepsky; Beepsky can still stun. He's still a force and an extra hand. He might be pulled into use more often, or he might not, we'll see. Cons of Removing Stun Batons From Standard Issue - Defensive options limited; a dwindling defensive armament is meaning that lone officers are going to have less options when jumped by the predatory antag. This is somewhat mitigated by what will possibly be an increase in manpower on patrols. A good option to subvert this would be nightsticks that fit on the security belt, instead of telebatons which can be coded to have better disarm capabilities, instead of outright stunning as a means to control the fight. Utilizing open-handed tactics in conjunction with the nightstick may improve this dramatically, assuming you're able to wrestle a weapon from a would-be assailant. - Lethal defense may increase; without an effective means of instantly subduing a subject, the more fresh minded officers may find themselves resorting to their pistols or outfight fisticuffs in conflict, which would be bad of course. A possible prevention to this may be giving officers the basic force gloves, which can still be resisted out of or outright ran from by a careful minded antag. This'll encourage grabs and disarms versus beating Joe Schmoe to his maker. - Balance shifts toward the antags; this is a hesitant con, as security typically has numbers and weaponry advantages on most antags, so the lack of better gear typically isn't much of an issue. As always, there's the worry of more steamrolling by raiders/heisters, and the well staffed rev group, but keeping a supply of riot gear (including batons) in the armory is an acceptable response to this. To conclude, there are different advantages and disadvantages to everything we do, and when it comes down to it, we don't really know what'll happen, until we test it out.We've never been above trials for things, but the clearly disingenuous responses to change I've been reading here and the fear that people are expressing over being IR'd lead me to believe that people don't actually want to roleplay, they just want to click vertical man until horizontal. Maybe don't do that.
  10. Tricord is great because it's mixable via the sleepers, meaning if somebody isn't really fucked, you're able to pop them into the sleeper for some minor painkillers and some basic treatment. No wasting bandages or anything. Maybe make it so it metabolizes slowly, or something if it's really that big of an issue (hint, it's not).
    My heart is crushed and my day is ruined. Good round though.
  11. Reporting Personnel: Muhawir Nawfal. Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Assistant Game ID: b10-aCvt Personnel Involved: Gideon Mayfield, Jake Jarvis, Samara Watson, Flamel, Lin Dysaloth, or something. Nashwa Attia. Time of Incident: N/A Real Time: Unsure, 9JUL2019 Location of Incident: NSS Aurora Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ X ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ X ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: This shift mostly started off normal but devolved into countless harassment over the radio toward an Engineer, Samara Watson. Samara was a lone engineer attempting to resolve a breach incident, that I myself was also assisting in with delivery of Portable Air Pumps. During the course of this, Samara was barraged with insults, jokes, people complaining about another member of the crew discussing releasing the tesla, as well as Gideon Mayfield making false alerts over the Tesla engine being loose, threatening the crew. The bickering got so bad the Research Director Flamel had to disable the telecommunications channel for a duration until order could be resolved. When Samara Watson was free to resume her duties, she made numerous threats when the radio returned to cut power to various departments, one of them being the security department due to one of the officers continuing with the harassment. I am uncertain of who, but I believe it was Jake Jarvis. I investigated the maintenance tunnels of security for severed wires, assuming one of the tunnel rats gnawed through them, given the department was experiencing a brownout and suffering as a result of it. It was when I reported no broken lines, did Samara reveal that she disabled the breaker to the department. When power returned to the brig, more insults came over the radio and more harassment back and forth occurred, this time involving a mechatronic engineer, Nashwa Attia. I'm uncertain what occurred there as I was torn between trying to fill oxygen tanks around the station, assisting custodial in their duties, and trying to help locate the PAPs that were used in fixing the atmospheric issue Samara had been working on. When the conflict arose again, more incidents of harassment drove further threats by Samara Watson to sabotage the station through disabling more departments, and threats of injury toward Samara should she do so. This bickering again, continued until more desire was expressed by crew to disable the common channel as the uproar continued for at least ten minutes, until transfer was scheduled to arrive. Things mostly died down, but I don't know what happened soon after, as I entered Cryogenic storage. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: None, people were busy. Very busy. Actions taken: No idea. Additional Notes: I want a transfer.
  12. Semantics. Crew-race, no. Playable, yes, especially with staff of change.
  13. The application in question is regarding your character, not anybody else's. If you feel somebody is displaying poor behavior in-character, feel free to make a character complaint or an incident report, but the topic at hand is you and your character.
  14. I for one feel the warden that willingly shared photos of herself in a bikini around the office and spent a round wearing a ball gag everywhere would make for good head of security roleplay.
  15. Your application showcases a lack of understanding about the major religion on Adhomai, the worship of S'rrendar and Messa. I'd recommend giving this a look over to learn better about it, if you're going to be playing this type of character: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=S'rrendar_and_Messa
  16. What do you hope for the character to have achieved or acquired, in a year from now?
  17. The same assistant that spent almost a year playing janitor, learning the most effective ways of eradicating rodent scum. - That Assistant
  18. No. Rule violations do not equal bans, especially if the player is new. It's better to issue a warning and help them improve their behavior. I was barely involved in this so this will be the last I speak in it unless pinged.
  19. BYOND Key: MenownGame ID: bZt-blDhPlayer Byond Key: Isitfun4Staff involved: None - No Admins OnlineReason for complaint: Self-Antagging, Bomb ConstructionDid you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, we had no admins online. I consulted admins via discord whether it would be worth the complaint given the nature of the incident, but I didn't reveal much as the round was on-going.Approximate Date/Time: 4-5AM CMT The player in question supposedly built and acquired equipment to build and detonate bombs within the round in question, Secret Extended. They were observed handing out communist and unabomber manifestos to various members of the crew and expressing anti-corporate sentiments. They were investigated for building a bomb after the equipment for such was found in their maintenance tunnel. There was supposedly a mentioned message, but I was unware of the details. @CommanderXor, @Predatory Instinct were involved with handling the incident, in-game and ICly. I think @veradox and @MissNatcula were involved as well to some degree, cannot confirm.
  20. I happen to be an expert on the subject! When I played an assistant, I'd do my initial routine of being a force that prepares and improves the station to some degree starting with three separate tasks: - Organize Primary and Auxiliary Tool Storage, allowing ease of access for equipment inside. - Acquire EVA access to fill the big tanks in EVA and all of the emergency closets around the station. - Make rounds asking people if they need assistance. When all three of those were finished, I'd perform my duties as an auxiliary janitor, cargo tech, botanist, low-maintenance engineer, call-out guy that responded to people lost, trying to find something, or people needing minor help with something. To me, being an assistant meant assisting with what you can do, without being asked. I saw the position like a government sanctioned form of employment for those on government aid would receive. Something a regular joe could do, walking off the streets in order to keep receiving his benefits, or something. Or a general labor force like you'd see in a temp agency.
  21. As somebody that has a xeno with skeptical setting on their loyalty level, I await my new paycheck, given I already spawn with like 90-100 credits on average. If we allow prostitution so I may sell what little body I have to afford dinner, I'll be okay with this.
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