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  1. Getting to know MccRrib via his avatar in the ever-enigmatic Ian White and OOCly through Discord has been a whirlwind lesson in not judging a book by its cover. He's funny, well-spoken and generally a blast to interact with both ICly and OOCly. I can't think of anyone else I've done such a hard 180 turn for, and judging by his essay and our previous discussions I think he would make a great fit for the lore team. +1!
  2. Seconded. Uranium golems by design only promote griefing and are not beneficial in any way to RP.
  3. Custom items being used by miners would be really cool considering the lack of permanence in the supply staff (I'm also guilty of this moving my main character out of the department soon Dx), and the HEV-3 suit has a really great sprite and idea behind it. I trust Bear's knowledge of Tajara lore will bring out the full potential of its raison d'etre and act as an essential prop to playing out Rajka's story.
  4. I was immediately surprised and disappointed upon playing First Responder for the first time that they didn't have general department access. Having to bash at the door of a department, or worse, clawing it open with a crowbar is ridiculous for someone who is responsible for stabilizing and exfiltrating patients to safety and proper medical aid. General department access, or at least a halligan bar or pneumatic tool that can pry open powered airlocks is necessary.
  5. Byond key: Sycmos Discord key: Sycmos Character Name: Nikita Yutani Item name: Red Coalition banner Item function(s): Behaves like a normal flag, has been sprited to behave like other flags in the game. Item description: A high-quality copy of an original Red Coalition banner. This variant on the standard was flown by the Zelazny arcology during the Martian World War, Zelazny's origins as a mining colony represented in the center by the alchemical symbol for iron. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Plenty of other people hang flags in their workspaces on the Aurora, and i
  6. I'm honest I had left it open-ended in my initial application post because I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do with it yet and where to move forward, so the general idea I posted was not something I am adamant about sticking with and frankly just kind of threw together. I tend to usually write characters as I go along and occasionally make changes along the way so the idea I had was somewhat a little less refined than what I would've eventually put together. I truthfully had this application tab open for maybe a month because I was having difficulty figuring out what I wanted to do with
  7. Okay, cool. I just feel that sometimes I am a little overdrawn on things and wanted to keep it short. Of course! I wasn't sure exactly how much you needed to know so I kept it general, but I'm willing to be more precise on the matter. 1. As the aforementioned Elyran had largely staffed his estate with his own personal retinue from his homeworld he was largely more concerned about bringing them along than Amandine, who had been undergoing prolonged maintenance when they planned their hasty escape. Upon stirring from her standby-induced sleep she found the estate completely empty, the Elyran'
  8. BYOND Key: Sycmos Character Names: Nikita Yutani, Cygnus Rey, Kasper Kallstrom, Iniko Sani, Asahi Chernyshevsky, Zane Jelani, Aidan O'Muireadhaigh, Adalgrimur Jormungandr, Nephele Shahin Species you are applying to play: IPC (Integrated Positronic Chassis) What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A, IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I keep multiple tabs open of several wiki pages pertaining to IPC lore that I regularly read over whenever I find myself without something to do. I think it's important to passively absorb lore of other species, p
  9. My experience with Ramke with Freya and Val have been nothing but exceptional judging by the quality of their RP and the swiftness of their work as an engineer. They have a robust understanding of the department and would be a credit to the CE roster. +1!
  10. BYOND Key: Sycmos Staff BYOND Key: Alberyk Game ID: No game ID available, round which incident occurred happened November 19th, 2020 sometime before 11PM EST. Reason for complaint: Approximately ten to twenty minutes into the most recent round (game ID: b0V-akk5) Alberyk opened a ticket with me and asked if I was the Dominian character Tidus Zhao. I confirmed that was me, to which Alberyk was quick to (rightfully, mind you) criticize me for the inappropriate behavior that occurred during said round and applied a warning. I would be more than willing to take said warning having risked
  11. Faye has always been pleasant and fun to interact with OOCly, and Sanaa and Parting Glass have always been enjoyable to interact with ICly. Considering their already-intimate knowledge of medical and their friendly, welcoming disposition in a department well-known for its insular keepings I feel that they would make a great addition to the CMO roster. +1
  12. Lmwevil seems incredibly knowledgeable about Vaurcae and plays an excellent Consular as Aoan, my interactions with them have been very pleasant both as Kasper and Nikita! +1
  13. Reporting Personnel: Kasper Kallstrom Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Personnel Game ID: b9r-bLl1 Personnel Involved: Kait Tea (Bartender) - Offender, Eva Meier (CSI) - Victim, Ta'Akaix'Aoan Zo'ra (Consular) - Witness, Evrart Luukanen (Security Officer) - Witness, Danny Wiles (Security Officer) - Witness Secondary Witnesses: Adelina Valdemar (Chief Medical Officer), Witness - Adelina was present when Consular Aoan provided evidence as to Bartender Kait Tea contaminating drinks with her own blood to create bizarre cocktails, after being expressly told not to by myself and Nurse Er
  14. Reporting Personnel: Nikita Yutani Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Quartermaster Game ID: b9o-abgJ Personnel Involved: Julian Chet (Station Engineer) - Offender, Marshal Burns (Chief Engineer) - Witness, Elise Deshayes (Engineering Apprentice) - Witness, Myself (Quartermaster) - Witness Secondary Witnesses: Layla Starr (Cargo Technician) - Layla was the Cargo Technician that processed the order for the singularity engine parts, and the radiation collector tray. Cart Kanara (Corporate Liaison) - Cart was advised as to the situation in Engineering during its development. Time of Inciden
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