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  1. Maybe add a pair of binoculars to the reporter's office. Gotta investigate better and faster.
  2. You're a saint geeves. Even this little bit would make life so much easier.
  3. My main issue is that searching for the large anomalies and only the large anomalies leaves all the solo strange rocks un-located. The alden-sarenspova whatsit only points you to anomalies, when there are artifacts without anomalies that are nearly impossible to find without some way of scanning the rock. Maybe they could alter the counter so that you could tune to large or small artifacts.
  4. Could hide it behind research levels, or just keep it exclusive to xenoarch to avoid bullshittery with them being around for anyone and everyone to abuse.
  5. I think it is unbelievable for a character who believes that events are being manipulated to murder him would take a job working for a company he believes is under sway of the conspirators. Believing in conspiracy theories is one thing, but being so paranoid as to be incapable of living in a day-to-day manner is insanity. During the the round today I recall Yermak stating that he refused to get his oven repaired as he believed the repairman would plant a bomb in the oven. That's delusional to the point of non-functioning.
  6. BYOND Key: moom241 Game ID: Most recent: caz-dqfe Player Byond Key/Character name: I believe Alberyk/Yermak Tursynbekov Staff involved: None, mutiple rounds Reason for complaint: Violation of character creation rules: No insane characters. The character of Yermak is paranoid to the point of it being unrealistic for him to be employed, especially at a company he believes is being controlled by the sinister forces he prophecies about. This includes at one point calling for revolt against the command staff as a non-antagonist. This was during a non-canon round however, I believe the ID wa
  7. What shouldn't a character know about a famous monster? It's like if you met a zombie on the streets, eating people and doing zombie stuff. Of course you know to cut off its head because that's how zombies generally work. This particular character does believe that vampires exist and has knowledge about how the mythological creatures act in general. Now, I agree, if one sees an eye flash and immediately calls out the game mode on the radio that's some shit. But the supposed powers of vampires are multitudinous and could be learned from an NTNet search.
  8. I've actually been bwoinked for this before. It was a long while ago, but one of my characters who has believed vampires were real since before it was a game mode, was telling some people about them. He mentioned their powers, including flight, super strength, hypnotic gaze, and shapeshifting. Now, some of those are in-game, and some of them aren't, but they are also some of the powers that vampires are said to have in pop culture. I got bwoinked for metagaming and "telling people the round type early". Funny thing was, I didn't even know the round type. I was just talking about v
  9. When mesons got removed way back when, it harshly nerfed the xenoarcheologist role with nothing really to compensate. All the locating tools they have points them solely to anomalies, which are much more rare than fossils are. Bay has something like Mesons called material scanner goggles, which as I understand it, would show the fossils without acting as pseudo nightvision, which is why they got removed in the first place. Please, let the xenoarchs have something.
  10. Reporting Personnel: Paul Grunnus Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Visitor Game ID: cap-bxdS Personnel Involved: Ari Baz, Xenoarcheologist, Offender Phuan Van Dao, Tech Support, Witness Vanna Maxwell, Visitor, Witness Secondary Witnesses: Urisa Guwan, Security officer Ostroverkhov Urvan, First Responder Time of Incident: Approximately 15:40 Real Time: Around 4/30 CST, 2/2/21 Location of Incident: Library Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [X] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [
  11. Anything that would put an antag back at one hundo should not be a quick and easy thing. What I mean is that the bad guy shouldn't be able to jab himself with the bone-fixer-matic and continue shooting while in a shootout. I agree with Carver that it should be something that can be used anywhere, but has some kind of constraint to keep it from being used during active combat. Maybe a long activation time, thirty seconds or so, or requiring both hands to use it, whatever "it" turns out to be.
  12. One thing I would really like to see is more varied spawns for the revenants. It was kind of annoying that everyone spawned at the same little subsection of engineering. I think it would be more fun if the revenants had a chance to spawn almost anywhere outside the station.
  13. I like this idea. A way to be a sneaky snooper, and get some evidence while you're at it.
  14. Yes, this. Presence is a pain in the ass to play around at the best of times.
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