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  1. Also, I noticed the app is actually past the Trial end date that go posted so for now I'll avoid playing Cyrus, but I'll still try and get some feedback and plug the app. Don't want to abuse having the whitelist.
  2. It was a Head of Sec's call not mine ;-; But thank you ❤️ And thank you to everyone who's given feedback so far.
  3. So far I've enjoyed every interaction with each of these characters. Not gonna lie I'm a tad surprised to see they're all played by the same person, they're all pretty varied, which is pretty rad. I like being able to see people handle different styles of rp and characters, and from everything I've seen they do it incredibly well. Pretty dope OOCly as well. +1
  4. I haven't seen much of their play in or out of character, but what I have seen in game has been stellar, and I think they did a great job as the interim HoS. And same as that the little I've seen so far OOC has been great. +1 from me, I'm excited to see more.
  5. I've enjoyed what I've seen from both of these characters IC, and from connor on an OOC level, and I'm excited to see what the future holds! +1
  6. Idk if it's too late to throw this up but all of my interactions with Stev have been great both in and out of game. The in character moments have been fun and memorable, and well done at every instance. +1
  7. Just as a note, the application has been edited to include a second character, Cyrus Newark, for the position of Head of Personnel. Same as before if this is any issue or there is any feedback, negative OR positive, please let me know.
  8. BYOND key: 8BitBento Character names: Regi Gardner - Station Engineer - Human Tazi Matve'Ravi - Station Engineer - Zhan-Khazan Tajara Dima Matve'Ravi - Mechatronics Engineer - Zhan-Khazan Tajara ISU-Bailey - Security Officer - G2 Industrial Frame IPC (hasn't been used much yet) How long have you been playing on Aurora?: A little over a month now, possibly less. As far as a specific date, I'm unsure thanks to quarantine. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I would like the chance to play out being a Liaison and helping to bring more light onto the lesser known factions and groups in the lore, specifically the Eridani, though more exposure to the other groups would be a good thing in the long run I would imagine. It's nice to show off the options that players have for their backgrounds and their development, and to help show how all of these factions and corporations fit into the dance of the universe. Why did you come to Aurora?: I originally heard mention of Space Station 13 in a Let's Play on YouTube, and was intrigued simply on the terms of it being about space. Once I got it running I was happy to find that Aurora was a "Heavy-RP" server, and 8+ years of DnD had me even more intrigued immediately. Since then I've been hooked, spending hours reading up on lore and stories, and trying to immerse myself as much as is possible. It hasn't been very long yet admittedly, but I'd be excited to be around for a long while more. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Absolutely. The character I would be using for Liaison has an extensive background in Business, both from a management and work perspective, and of course the education to go along with it. As of yet Liaison is the only role I have an interest in, but I have been looking over the others in my off time. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? None as of yet and I intend to keep it that way. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplay is the act of taking on a persona, often of a fantastical nature, and planting yourself, potentially others as well, in a world that is made entirely of your own ideas and storytelling. Roleplay can have any setting, any timeline, and any setup, though the goal is often simply enjoyment and an escape to an ideal location for a time. These worlds can have their own problems, but in a roleplay setting we are allowed the opportunity to find creative avenues to deal with said problems, and an immense sense of satisfaction can come from a successful session. In the end, no matter the styling, the goal is always to have fun, and be satisfied. Roleplay truly is whatever you make it, and so the investment put in can bring forth incredible stories and experiences to treasure for ages after you're done. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: A Head of Staff, in my thought, is a player who is there to help guide newer players, or even just those who are new to those roles. You lead your crew, and they look to you for guidance or an example of how to play. The Heads of Staff are also players who show an example to those outside their department of a good player. They are also held to a higher standard as players than those under them, needing to step up and know full well what the rules and guidelines are to be followed, and to make sure those under them, and the round as a whole, hold to those guidelines or rules. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: Whitelisted players, as I mentioned above, are also held to that same level of responsibility and guidance, though a Head of Staff may be held higher than someone whitelisted for a race. A whitelisted player as a whole is simply seen as a player you can look to for good examples of how to play the game, and how to thrive in the world that has been setup. For a Head of Staff role, these players hold an OOC responsibility to make sure that those under them are upholding the rules and guidelines of the server, even oocly, and for Race Whitelistings, these players have a responsibility to help uphold the standards of the race they are playing, and to help those that come after them fit better into that race. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? Within the last decade Tau Ceti has seen a rise in activity, with NanoTrasen rising up to create and maintain a stranglehold on phoron mining and technological advancements in that area. They have also strengthened a hold over Biesel and the system in general, helping to make Biesel the central hub for the entire system, and moving out Sol influence considerably. The NSS Aurora research station was created, and serves as a state of the art phoron mining station, and up until recently was also a major source for research for NanoTrasen, only recently losing the mantle to the NSS Upsilon station. The station still holds a solid standing as the forefront of mining however, and houses a number of stations on facility for medical research or robotics work. Outside of the station's own advancements and changes, the system as a whole has gone through major events, with Mendell City specifically being home to a number of incidents throughout it's Districts, namely District 6, also known as "Little Adhomai" which houses the majority of Mendell City's Tajara population. The District was recently the center for what some might call an all out war between local gangs and police, and only recently came to an end, though tensions are still high. A mass of individuals from a number of other species have come to Tau Ceti as well, for any number of reasons, all different person to person. A number of these species are employed by NanoTrasen and put to work aboard their stations. The workforce isn't the only growth to NanoTrasen's numbers in the system, with a number of other corporations taking notice and getting involved with them, and some who would seek to disrupt the stations or planets in an attempt to halt NanoTrasen's work. With any number of forces at work, most if not all involving themselves with NanoTrasen in one way or another, the megacorporation looks to solidify their monopoly even further, and keep their profits safe. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? Corporate Liaison - Eridani Corporate Federation specifically Head of Personnel Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Anderson Hywell - Corporate Reporter - Independent(Eridani Corporate Federation) - He has been brought onto the station to make sure the ECF's monetary support of NanoTrasen is not squandered or wasted, and to be a hands-on link between them and NanoTrasen. He's a typical "Suit", interested in all things business and monetary, though he does show a bit more warmth than others within his own company. Cyrus Newark - Quartermaster - NanoTrasen (ECF Contractor) - Cyrus has both education and extensive history within the Business Management field, and team management as a whole. He has recently started pushing for a position past Quartermaster, feeling as though his skillset could be put to good use helping to manage more than that single department. He is still a "Suit", having been born and growing up on Akhet and Oran, then working with the Hywell-Newark Accounting Firm on Oran, but he is beginning to carry himself a bit more casually due to now living aboard the Odin and being immersed in the varied culture, rather than Oran's own strict setup. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: I would rate it at around 6 or 7. Solid, but still always room for improvement and learning. I'd like to imagine I put forth good rp in each instance, but I still stand that I have a lot of room to grow. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? Absolutely. Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes, and I am still reading up to simply solidify the knowledge. I have a solid understanding of the Liaison role, but I am making sure to understand the others as well. Extra notes: I am still fairly new to the server as a whole, and not exactly well known, but I feel I could fit well enough into the Liaison role and help to show more light on the Eridani Corporate Federation and it's various aspects. I've met a few "dreg" roleplayers and I think their quality has been fantastic, but I would like more light shown on ALL aspects of the ECF. If there are any issues or negative feedback to give for this or myself please do, and this application may be a bit premature, but I think I could do well enough in the role! And as a side bit, thank you all for what has been an insanely amazing experience, and I hope to give back to the community as much as I can, even if it isn't in a command role or special way.
  9. BYOND Key: 8BitBento Character Names: Regi Gardner - Station Engineer - Human Tazi Matve'Ravi - Station Engineer - Tajara(Zhan-Khazan) Dima Matve'Ravi - Mechatronics Engineer - Tajara(Zhan-Khazan) Species you are applying to play: IPC - Baseline specifically for the first. What color do you plan on making your first alien character: IPC color... Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Absolutely, and I'm still reading up to make sure I don't miss or mess up anything now or in the future. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I think IPCs in general hold a vast array of variance, both in how they're made and operate, and what they can be used for. This in turn opens up an insanely large set of options for RP, being able to craft an IPC to fill any role, and even then, once in that role there are any number of ways they carry themselves or operate and function. It allows for memorable experiences and differences than the usual cut and dry setups that could come up, and gives a player more options for crafting what they would want to rp with. So for those reasons it's an exciting thought to play them. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPCs as a whole function somewhat similar to humans, being made to fill roles that Humans may otherwise be taking. So in an RP sense they might fill the same jobs or same departments, BUT the differences come up in how they fill those roles. An IPC doesn't show emotions or reactions in the same way a Human might, so they able to stay calm and analytical in the face of any event, or they're able to give an unbiased logical opinion on any situation. Everything the IPC runs through would be done by analyzing and then carrying out the most efficient method of work, with very little variance in most situations. Precise measurements and movements, running numbers and calculations immediately, with little room for "Human error". And so RPing an IPC would need to carry this same sort of mechanical air. Their actions are purposeful and always have some kind of important reasoning. A player would carry out less emotion, with speech and decisions being more "robotic". A player would also react to situations and developments differently as an IPC, as they don't carry the same worries that a Human might. The self-preservation directive being a good example. An IPC might worry and not put themselves into a situation that would cause harm to themselves, whereas a human player in that situation may react by throwing caution to the wind and going in. There is also the mechanical side of playing an IPC, such as the lack of breathing being an example. These mechanic changes would allow a player to RP situations differently than they might on a Human, such as handling breaches for Engineering. Character Name: Modular Operations Entity - MOE. This unit specifically would be MOE-131, being 131st in a line of these specific units. Please provide a short backstory for this character: The Modular Operations Entity, or MOE for short, was a line of Baseline IPCs commissioned by NanoTrasen to be constructed by Hephaestus Industries, in order to help fill gaps in NanoTrasen's workforces aboard newly built stations. 500 of these units were commissioned, and Hephaestus enjoyed a sizable payout for their work in creating them. Work began in 2458, aboard the Hephaestus Production Station Sidirourgeio, and by the next year the entirety of the commission was finished and shipped back to NanoTrasen to begin work. The units were incredibly simple, built to be programmable for any role needed, at the cost of not being well specialized for any specific role. This is not to say they were bad workers, merely that an IPC built specifically for Security work had a much higher chance of performing well than a MOE in the same workforce. While somewhat disappointed in their lack of specialization capability, NanoTrasen was happy to have filled a sizeable chunk of a workforce for cheap, and were happy to pay the MOE units in scraps compared to their other workers, IPCs included. Over time, NanoTrasen had a number of the units dismantled, replaced by higher end units that would bring in more profit. The basic functionality of the MOE units had started to take it's toll. With the decrease in use of the MOE units, Hephaestus pushed out upgrades and updates for their programming, in order to help push them forward a bit more and keep them from being seen as a disappointing investment. While still not solving the specialization issues, the MOE units did manage to push a bit more productivity out, cementing their place within the workforce. MOE-131 stands as being one of the "older" MOE units, one of few within the first 200 still functioning. Programmed for Security work, MOE-131 dealt with a mass of work the rest of the department didn't want, being seen more as a menial workhorse than actual Officer. Despite doing commendable work, and helping a number of times with work cases, MOE-131 pushed for a transfer to a different station, believing that a dismantle order was in the works to make way for a better IPC to take his place. Luckily enough, the transfer went through, and MOE-131 was moved to the NTCC Odin, to continue his Security work, then shortly after was assigned to the NSS Aurora. It was an easy shift to make, with the work hardly changing, even down to what MOE was doing day to day, but the push to not be made obsolete is still being made. Will this particular unit solidify his place among the workforce of Aurora, or be dismantled to make way for better units like others in his line? What do you like about this character? I like MOE on the grounds that he's simple. He's programmed into a job literally to fill a hole, but there's still this push from Hephaestus to make sure this big investment doesn't go out of style. They want MOE to work, and even the individual units are pushing to show that they don't need replacing. For some reason I just find the idea of this like... "struggling" line of IPCs interesting. It's an interesting setup done for profit's sake, except that NT has realized since then that better workers bring in more profits to begin with, so now this line of IPCs has to, in some way, fight to not be dismantled. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Hmm... I'd say I'm certainly improving but I wouldn't think that I'm anything special or that my rp stands out as much as I'd like. Probably around 6 or 7 out of 10. Good but always room for improvement. Notes: As always, if any of this is wrong or needs to be changed let me know, the idea was for a chunk of IPCs, all made in the same way to try and cut corners and save money, to fill a workforce. Since then they're trying to uphold self preservation by working a bit harder (within reason) in order to show that they aren't obsolete. As of yet, in my planning of this line, no MOE has bought their own freedom, and all are under manufacturer ownership of Hephaestus. Profits from their work go to NT, and NT holds a right to remove them if they think a newer unit could fill the position better. If this an issue in any way please do let me know and I will rework or replan the idea.
  10. I've enjoyed all the roleplay I've had with Gillian so far, even if it hasn't been much. Plus they were good about helping us get through an access-less robotics surgery so 10/10 for patience. +1
  11. Right, sorry. 1. He's not overly devout or zealous in any way, but he, along with a mass of both the 'Ravi family and the Matve lineage worship Mata'ke. 2. It's tricky with him on DPRA, and even from an OOC side I wrestled with the decision on which side to follow. But for Tazi, he does stand that their purpose for fighting is understandable, but dislikes that they would go to such lengths to fight against outside influence or the governmental changes. That said, Tazi feels that while no, NanoTrasen buying up Tajara for working isn't the best, it can still be an opportunity, both for personal growth, and for helping his family. So while he can understand DPRA to an extent, he can't say he stands with them. 3. An Engineer if possible. That's what's been the most fun for me so far, and it would fit well to the background of him having helped with construction projects in District 6.
  12. Just to clear it up as far as his involvement in conflict, it laid more on his parents than him specifically. Members of the Matve lineage, and even parts of the 'Ravi family, were actively involved in riots or uprisings throughout Adhomai nobility, standing to rebel against Zhan-Khazan oppression at each major point. Tazi himself participated in a few skirmishes here and there, but it was more to defend himself or his family than outright fight. His father did as much as he could to keep the 'Ravi family safe. Little Adhomai however is a slightly different story, with Tazi having been caught up in multiple riots, either on his way to or from a job, or home for a short nap. His choice to come to Tau Ceti was more being caught in the flow. Most of the 'Ravi children were shipped out to work for NanoTrasen, and then Tazi managed to get work aboard stations with menial labor, eventually ending up at Aurora.
  13. BYOND Key: 8BitBento Character Names: Regi Gardner - Human Custodian Species you are applying to play: Tajara - Zhan-Khazan What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark-Chocolate first, if not then Dark Gray. RGB of the dark chocolate is unclear, a tad lower than the 94, 38, 18. RGB of the Dark Gray would be the basic 30, 30, 30, possibly tuned down to 28, 28, 28 if possible. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, a few times through now, and I'm still reading it even in the midst of filling this out. I admit if I was tested on it my head may explode, but I'm reading up over and over to cement all the lore and knowledge in order to try and play out the race as best I can. I have focused in the most on the Zhan-Khazan, since they're the subspecies that I would like to play out the most, but I am reading up on all of them just to be clearer on each of them. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I think their society and history is fascinating, and their physiology is intriguing, having adapted to deal with a harshly cold environment. The Zhan-Khazan in particular interest me due to old love of bulkier characters from DnD, such as Orcs or Half-Orcs. The new joy with Zhan-Khazan pushes past that, with an interest in how they're seen as the "workforce" subspecies, and to some degree may not be seen to amount to much past menial labor. Despite the restrictions to not being any head of staff I think it would be interesting to play out a Zhan-Khazan who would become well respected within his job field, not necessarily as a leader, but just as a reliable and hard worker. I do also find a fun story point of working on Aurora being a sort of escape for the Tajara, at least for some of them, with the warring that plagues their planet or cities. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: A few of the major mechanical differences would be the Tajara as a whole deal with cold better, but are more susceptible to heat, and their disability to wearing shoes or gloves. Another mechanical change would be their ability to see better in darker environments, which could help in the event of a blackout or light outage, or even just during casual rounds through the maintenance tunnels or corridors. Another thing to keep in mind as far as the physical aspects of Tajara versus Humans is concerned would be their ears and tails. You'd have to keep in mind that these appendages exist and operate differently than other races, such as a tail swishing with the rise of excitement, or ears folding down in cases of fear or anger. You could even rp these body motions down to whiskers or ears twitching in the event of certain changes in the environment like sounds, smells, or even just air pressure changing. As far as finer points of rp go, Tajara have different speaking patterns and mannerisms to humans in a large majority of cases, such as referring to themselves in Third person, or to others as He/She/Him/Her. An example would be a goodbye between a human and Tajara going something like "Alright catch ya later! Hope you have a nice day." "He hopes the same for you." Another vocal pattern would be rolling, or extending, R's in their speech, such as hard becoming "harrd". While these traits can be overcome, and exceptions always exist, these are the base majorities, especially for a Zhan-Khazan. All in all the biggest change in RP, specifically for a Zhan-Khazan, from a human character, would be their place in Tajara Society. The Zhan-Khazan specifically have a rough history within the Tajara, and despite best efforts stereotypes would still exist strongly in some other Tajara, or even other races as a whole who may know of Zhan-Khazan being the "workhorses" of Tajara society. Character Name: Tazi Matve'Ravi Please provide a short backstory for this character: The Matve family traces back hundreds of years, coming up in their own records around 583 CE, though by no means did their lineage stand out. Most of the families that existed during these periods were simple, keeping heads down and hardworking for fear of the repercussions. They led simple and easy enough lives up until 2421 CE, when parts of the lineage took up arms and attempted to help the rebellion against the nobility. The 'Ravi had members all along the frontlines, with some helping to move supplies between groups. After these uprisings, the Matve lineage fell into their heavy obscurity once again, but with the coming of the second revolution, they took up arms once again, doing what they felt was "their part" to help fight against oppression. It was in the middle, that short span of "peace" wherein Tazi was born. He was a basic child, no outstanding qualities past being slightly bigger than his siblings, but still jammed into being the 7th, with 4 brothers and 2 sisters ahead of him. His family was happy enough, despite their place in society. Even from a young age Tazi worked as hard as he could, both to help keep his family under the radar and safe, to pull his own weight within the family, and to try and stand out over his siblings. This isn't to say Tazi is competitive, but something about seeing the history of the Zhan-Khazan fuels him to push harder than most others, to try and be the best worker he possibly can be. And so that was it for his childhood, hard work, happy moments of peace in what little downtime the family had, and curious looks as his father talked with the rest of the Matve families about what the "rebels might try next". It wasn't until Tazi was 13 that he realized what his father had talked with the other families about. The Matve families had made the journey to support the president, and during the parade the president was killed. The situation seemed surreal. It was a split second, but the crowd had erupted into chaos, some screaming to leave in fear, some screaming in anger, and even some screaming in support of the killing. What scraps of family history Tazi had learned made sense now. The nobility had sections of the people under their foot, and the ones underfoot had had enough. With the new President's passing of laws targeting violence caused by Zhan-Khazan, the Matve as a whole felt it was time to move as best they could, so the family tried to push their children into the universities that the Hairless men had helped create, and prepared to find work elsewhere. Not much later, Tazi and his siblings, save his eldest brother and sister, shuffled aboard a shuttle with weird hairless men running it, and sat in with other cousins from some of the other Matve families. They were being shipped off to work on a whole new world. Their father didn't have much info for them, and Tazi was hurt to see his family gone, but a small part of him was excited to be leaving. The shuttle boarded a larger craft, and then that craft made it to a new world, with them being offloaded and taken to an area called District 6 by the hairless men. It was small and unassuming, but there were at least other Tajara here. Over time Tazi took as much work as he could get, and helped to see the construction of newer buildings for the District, now being called Little Adhomai by locals. Despite a cozy feeling, the district as a whole saw a rampant increase in crime, and Tazi worked harder and harder each day to just keep his head down and out of the issues. Soon enough it came to light that some of the fights were due to local Zhan-Khazan lashing out at those who sought to push the agenda of the nobility, despite having left the homeworld. Deep down Tazi felt as though these rioters and protesters were right, but still openly supported the PRA, if only to secure work and be off planet as much as possible. Tazi managed to be selected for menial labor aboard a few of the stations in Tau Ceti, and felt pride that he had made it, to be chosen for opportunity. In some degree, this was Tazi's rebellion. He didn't want to risk harming his family's reputation, even lightyears away. So as always, he buckles down, and works hard, to push himself to being the best he can. Maybe in that way, he can stick it to the nobility who had kept his family under their boot for so long. What do you like about this character?: I like Tazi on the grounds of being simple. He's not actively violent, though he's also not willing to just sit there and take crap from the general public just for who he is. He openly supports the PRA, and feels that their efforts to push down the bad history of Adhomai is admirable, but still grimaces and grumbles about how Zhan-Khazan are treated in general. All in all he's just a hard-working simple guy, willing to be friendly to those who extend that same courtesy to him. Typically he keeps to himself, just due to that upbringing of keeping his head down and working to avoid punishment, but among friends he'll open up and smile more, and he keeps up to date with what's happening in Little Adhomai and on the homeworld in what little spare time he has. It's nice to set up and hopefully play something basic, but that still has opportunity for layers, and the appeal of the societal differences that could come up between him and Njarir'Akhran Tajara on the station would be fun I think. Get to play out that tense air of needing each other to keep the station running, but still not really liking each other. It just seems like a fun experience in general. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I don't know that I would place it too high, as there is always room for improvement and ADHD can leave me a bit scattered some days, but years of D&D and other forum and game based RP has helped build a solid skillset. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 that my ability would be around 6 or 7. Solid, but definitely always room for improvement. Notes: If anything within his backstory as far as the history is concerned is an overstep please let me know, and I'll remedy or remove it as need be. I want the air of him to be that he works hard and fits the stereotype of most Zhan-Khazan, but privately dislikes the societal history between Zhan-Khazan and nobility. On the surface he'll support the PRA, but dislikes the nobility for what they've done to his species, which is mostly built on what he's seen in Little Adhomai and stories from his father, BUT he's not really sure he can stand with the Democratic Republic, especially after being shipped offworld and getting to see more of the galaxy. So as far as choosing a side in the 3 he's with PRA, but it's a sort of lesser of 3 evils style.
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