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  1. More art more art + ur yearly reminder that my commissions are open and so on soft drawing of mine and my partner's boys vent doodle sketch concept but coloured
  2. I'm back! (sort of) But for how long and at what cost? Gonna dump some art here along with a reminder that my commissions are open or whateva D&D Sketch Page Kinnie character Sketch concept Coloured portrait commission D&D Character Outfit Design
  3. Howdy Aurora. Gonna probably not be posting on the forums or playing again for a long while. I've tried to cling on to what I have left here for a while, but honestly, I've just fallen out of love with Aurora. Everything and everyone that I felt made this place special to me is either gone or I can't bring myself to love it the same as I did. I can not remember the last time I played a round of actual extended on this HRP server, and with people constantly mocking the very idea of actually being able to canonically role play ever, I think it's time for me to move on for now. Maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't, but I'm honestly not in the headspace for this place anymore. There's a lot of toxicity about and the fellow playerbase feels less and less welcoming by the day, and the only big announcements I ever see nowadays are people leaving - and I guess I'm becoming one of those. My absence is arguably less significant than that of a lore writer or a developer, but regardless, I've watched everything I loved about Aurora slowly trickle away over these past few...well..months, really. It really hurts to leave, since this was the first ever SS13 server I played on, but I don't think I can bring myself to do anything but observe and maybe browse on occasion. I tried making new characters, playing new roles, anything; but the amount of hostility and how rare it is to get a round of extended without the whole server erupting in a fit of tears, I really feel there's nothing left for me here. If it's not everyone bitching about extended, they're bitching about how they didn't get the antag gamemode they wanted, or whatever the hell. It's not an environment that I enjoy being in any longer. Regardless, I might still post art in my thread on occasion, but other than that, I'll only be reachable on Discord for commissions or something. Love you, Aurora, and I really hope to be back someday, you've been so so so good to me and it breaks my heart to have to put everyone and everything behind me - even if my time here was already brief.
  4. More art! Yay! Meet mine and my partner's Desert Rose characters! ? My character Alexis Their character Ezekiel
  5. Some catboy versions of mine and my partner's OCs Gentle reminder that I'm currently open for commissions and could really use the money right now ? Reply or DM me on Discord for a quote Vinni Dragon#1694
  6. Another post?! In the same week!?! Cwazy Featuring: Another WoW OC! Now with 100% MORE gravity-defying cleavage!
  7. Woohoo I haven't felt motivated to draw in a phat minute but have some pieces of my new WoW OC Portrait Painted Portrait Painting Process (sorta)
  8. Alright, I wasn't sure if I could or should post to this topic since I was not explicitly invited to, but I really felt like I should and wanted to share my piece in this situation. I play Charlotte, the IPC Xenobiologist, and was playing her during the canon round in question. I believe that the issue with this situation extends beyond just IC and OOC hated for Ian White, because myself and other scientists were also missing out. Edgar Dawnguard, when asked or referred to repeatedly over the science channel or in person, directly or indirectly, did not clearly communicate what was going to happen with the rest of the department. This lack of communication was found to be incredibly frustrating - especially knowing he was, in HunterRS' own words, told to let us know to continue operations as usual. He did not do this. It doesn't matter if CCIA explicitly said that they only wanted a SMALL team, because that information stopped at Edgar and did not make it to the rest of the department who were left displaced onto a makeshift station wishing they could just go and cryo already. Also, the point comes up of the amount of communications he had to deal with, organising with command, science, and CCIA. I may be wrong, but is there not an extra Research Director's headset in the office for this exact type of scenario? And if so, would it not be sensible for the director, a member of command, to know this and pick one of the two other members of science present who are also research directors to give this to in order to better organise your own responsibilities? That way nobody gets told, "You have special orders from CCIA," and then left behind with no communication to stand around for most of the round, and then begrudgingly pick up trash and do construction. If you wouldn't bring a chemist on an EVA mission, why would you bring a Xenobiologist to do construction? A lot of what happened that round really rubbed me the wrong way, and I don't think I could name a single other member of science I was with that was happy about this lack of communication, and happy about being left out. I understand and sympathize that Research Director - or any command role, for that matter - is incredibly stressful and quite high-intensity in situations like this. Especially when the chat moves at two miles a minute. But I believe that that is simply no excuse for someone with a fully approved command whitelist. I feel like any member of command really should know better.
  9. Xiao is such a lovely character. I can't say anything about how she's been doing as RD (yet!), but I do know that I have had many pleasant interactions with her as my own character(s) - and that can only ever translate in a positive way to how she will be as a Research Director. Good luck on your trial! Research are all rooting for you ♥
  10. Now that mans is on trial I gots MORE TA SAY ABOUT RD APRIL I've played a few rounds with RD April as my xenobiologist, and she is the most committed-to-her-job person! It's clear that both as a player on trial for command, and as a skilled role player playing your character, that you are very dedicated to playing by the books and keeping yourself in line. April ran her first expedition, and it was a mess. But, in spite of it being a huge mess, she was able to do all of the work that she set out to do, bring (almost) everyone home safely, and had the time afterwards to reprimand a roboticist on behalf of Bjorn, and my IPC Charlotte, for not having nanopaste accessible to care for them. Command is a huuuuuge change from your average roles in each department respectively, and as such, there's that possibility on losing a lot of your character's integrity when they aren't allowed the similar freedoms most members of staff are. Being a Research Director requires a lot more time, and dedication to the role, as opposed to being an Anomalist that can step out whenever she feels too stressed. Command staff aren't always allowed the same moments of reprieve. So, basically, what that huge run-on paragraph is leading to me saying is this: April doesn't feel any less like April when she is Research Director. In my opinion, it takes a very skilled role player to be able to adapt and change so much about what your character does, and how their work day functions, and not lose any of what made that character notable in the first place. Now that I've offered tons and tons of praise, let me just also add one tiny little bit of criticism. I think that you - as the player - could stand to loosen up a little. It's clear from my perspective that you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself (rightfully so) to be your best self over the course of your trial, and even though I just said that April is still April, even as RD, you don't want to risk losing yourself in your role, rather than playing your character. Anyway! That about does it! Much love, and I wish you good luck x2 on the rest of your trial! You know we're all rooting for you in research ♥
  11. Little polaroid of April Esker that Charlotte may or may not keep in her wallet. ?? (With and without the little shimmer on the film.)
  12. Finished a little portrait of my IPC, Charlotte ? I love her so much and I would die for her
  13. +1, I love role-playing with you and with April especially. April Esker RD would peak her character arc and I'm definitely about that
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