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  1. Yeah like, this was more spur of the moment honestly.
  2. Preamble This thread isn't quite Aurora related, think of it as "Aurora Redux" with changes to the lore and the such. I recognize my ideas are a bit out of there so I'll be posting short stories in this thread to really get them out there and give others inspiration and the such. With that in mind, I'll be posting a snippet from a lore canonization I may or may not post on a later date. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Unkno
  3. is there anything else planned? Like, I loved the events right but, I just kinda feel disappointed. Like.. That's it? I get we got tons of ERT and Sol Marines but I felt like we could've done more. Overall, real fun to play as William!
  4. All gone, all puddles, just like tears in the rain. "Reunion, eh?" "It's a reunion, yeah." "And they want me back?" "You know how things are going." "It's his dying wishes." "Goddess be saved, I'm actually doing this." Grace turned to his PDA and stared blankly at the blinking screen, his ears being blasted by the charts top holo musicians that have sprouted out throughout the years. Mendell City upstarts, Dominian Opera singers, all the same at this point to Will. The countless gnawing of the ears from the earphones were interrupted with a shake of the PDA, a buzzi
  5. Server Moderator Application __________________________________ Basic Information Byond Account: Dantzy Character Name(s): William Grace - Human - Psychiatrist Nietzsche - IPC - Detective/Forensic Tech Samsara - IPC - Roboticist/Trinary Priest Valery Weiss - Human - Xenoarch Terra Zhou - Human - Roboticist Eleanora Rose - Human - Station Engineer Nelja Galt - Human - Merchant AI Name(s): Aldronea (Not had time to play yet) Discord username + tag: Please send a PM. Age: 18 Timezone:
  6. Maybe for April 1st I'll gender swap her as a joke and make her look like Nietzsche. . . Only for April 1st.
  7. "I could never be your woman." Artwork/Ref Pic Relay Avatar Have any complaints, criticisms and or comments? Drop a response below!
  8. Exactly this, NT bought them and eventually they secured their freedom. This is the whole sort of side I'd like to play up on, yeah, they were built on top of a programmed shell that was programmed to be "dirty" so I feel that sort of.. "Genetic memory" in the sense that it's engrained in them would add to antag interactions with connections as the such, not that I plan to be a traitor with them by any means, its just a backstory element someone during an event or something similar could use against or with them. If not then I'll make them a bit aged, synthflesh 'n all.
  9. Thanks for getting back to me! I will admit I spent up until 5 AM working on this so it might've been a bit iffy here and there, to answer the questions though; I had understood from reading the wiki that the ISU were described as the following; "More often than not, these will consist of baseline and G2 chassis, though it's not unheard of to see different models. These teams are always accompanied by a human handler, who will be responsible for coordination and oversight. " The use of "unheard of" and "different models" threw me off which was why I wrote ISU, though I'll be cha
  10. BYOND Key: Dantzy Character Names: William Grace (Psychiatrist) [Main Character] Terra Zhou (Roboticist) Valery Weiss (Xenoarcheologist) Eleanora Rose (Fresh Apprentice/Engineer) Nelja Galt (Merchant) Species you are applying to play: IPC - Shell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: (Color of your character; Dionaea & IPCs exempt) N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: The IPC pages (and those accompanying it) have been thoroughly gone over and studied.
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