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  1. This will make medical a lot more complicated for little gain to anyone; antags or non-antags... -1
  2. Hello, sorry for the delay. This is a very compelling character. You show a journey into the Aut'akh that is familiar but very personal. You have a good grasp of the themes and make-up of the Aut'akh and I think you will be a great player of them. Know that even though you applied as an Aut'akh, you are now also able to play regular Unathi. Application accepted!
  3. Grim Compact Becomes Tributary of Izweski - But Can Vagabonds Be Civilized? Not’zar Izweski has asserted his authority as the Lord-Regent of the Hegemony by making a tributary of the Grim Compact, formally entering them into a feudal contract. This surprising turn of events has caused discomfort from the other Overlords that rule the Hegemony’s colonies, and causes further tension between the authority of the Izweski and the Church. Yizilna and Tizma were invited to the Izweski Citadel where they met with Not’zar Izweski and an assembly of the other Overlords in attendance.The two Dread-Lords entered without any of the expected decorum or manners, wearing offensively casual clothes and not bowing when they approached Not’zar’s seat. Not’zar Izweski informed them of his proposal for the Grim Compact to become a tributary of the Hegemony, sending monthly tribute to the Izweski of a set percentage of that month’s income. Yizilna and Aihagi rebuffed this offer, with Aihagi asking why they’d bother taking Not’zar’s offer when they have been forgiven by Sk’akh, giving the Hegemony no reason to attack the Compact. This lead to the following debate. The assembled Overlords shouted angrily at this insult, but Not’zar Izweski silenced them and resumed the discussions. In the end the two agreed to have the Compact send regular tribute to the Izweski in exchange for peace and a recognition of the Izweski’s supremacy of this region of space. Aihagi was named the Overlord-Tributary of the Compact to denote his status, but Tizma seems to rebuff this title, demanding he continue to be called Dread-Lord and that Yizilna be given the same title. The Overlords and Not’zar chuckled politely at the apparent joke in addressing a woman by a made up noble title, but Aihagi’s apparent sincerity brought an awkward silence to the delegation. In the end Yizilna was never directly addressed by a rank, simply as “Yizilna”, which appeared to anger the commoner woman. Aihagi also made it a point to counter any address of his person as “Overlord Aihagi” by responding with “As Dread-Lord Aihagi, I,” The two eventually departed and their ship returned to their star system. These developments have opened an entirely new door for the Compact, a door that is very unwelcome to upstanding Sinta of the Hegemony. As an Overlord-Tributary, Tizma may even grant Hegemonic citizenship to those within the Compact. Here soon, Compact vagabonds may have the ability to wander the Hegemony as citizens, or even seek entry into other star systems. Not’zar Izweski spoke on this matter as many nobles expressed grave concern at this state of affairs.
  4. Deputies seem fine for having some inactivity. It's the maintainer itself we really want to worry about. I don't think Drago's inactivity is egregious, especially for what a deputy is. She seems like she'll do good. +1
  5. Are you currently banned from any staff positions? If so, why, and do you think it would be tenable to have you in the lore team?
  6. It can be easy to determine if the dev communicates the change. Rewording something isnt a retcon or reboot. My point continues down. A retcon is easy to determine. A reboot can be floated around to players of that faction and the loremaster to see if there is any consensus. This should not be how we handle lore. If rewrites become this common then something has gone terribly wrong.
  7. Factions have been having retcons or reboots in what seems like a higher frequency than in the past. There are also planned or considered reboots/retcons that may or may not come to fruition. However, if they do, they tend to come as a suprise. The biggest issue is they harm established characters. In a personal analogy, when crevus was rebooted it had big impact on my characters and came out of nowhere. However all i can do is criticize it when it already happened; no reboot or retcon ever really gets reverted. The second issue is they come out of nowhere. The average player doesnt have any idea what our plans as loredevs are. Many of the ipc players are an anxious wreck because of the mass resignation of the synth team leaving the entire species' future up in the air. Any reboot or retcon of an established faction should be publically disclosed so players can have input on it. Lore is really the only part of development where these plans can suprise players. 1 week to let people get involved is what i am asking for. Then even if the dev goes through with it, we all understand whats coming and the consequences.
  8. It looks like a downscaled image instead of a poster. A touch up is all thats needed. Im referring only to the tcfl ones.
  9. How much will you retcon and reboot? Human factions have been changing like the tide, and im concerned at the consequences for player retention.
  10. The consequences are different. If security sweeps maintenence and finds a flashbang, a balcava, a tactical knife, and some wire, the items go into evidence storage and sit there for 2 - 4 hours until the round ends. If a cargo technician finds them, do you think those items are lost to the ether? No; they are used as part of roleplay.
  11. These look like downscaled images and are fuzzy, without being wuzzy. If they were fresh sprites made to fit the scale they are on it would be good.
  12. I support this. Emts are good for antags and nonantags in keeping them alive.
  13. @Alberykmake the sec lockers farther away to make sec take longer to buy us time
  14. Remap the security lockers to be really far away to delay securitys maintenance sweep no special coding
  15. call the emt... what if someone is dying and as the librarian im the only one nearby... make it time based then...
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