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  1. I will respond to this within 48 hours, sorry for the wait.
  2. It seems like you want to milsim more than you want to plucky frontier explorer rp
  3. I will give a detailed response within 48 hrs.
  4. Its too much of a hassle and then im punished for not using it by being completely in the dark, and constantly confused. Its constant busywork. Its two clicks all the time because we meet dozens of new characters every shift.
  5. The only issue I have is that these events are usually prefaced with "Do you want to make the round exciting at CT?" which, in every instance, means highlander or some high action event. It would be transparent and honest if they asked if we want to do highlander, right out. Best of both worlds.
  6. That the interests of the Guilds who have invested in NanoTrasen (the snacks in the vendors) are being protected/stocked. To encourage feudal values. To protect the religious rights and values of the Sinta crew and provide assistance in helping Sinta integrate into Tau Ceti if needed. To improve relations, maintain ties with the snack guilds, and try to keep a toe in the door to re-enter the Moghean market by being given a charter again.
  7. Religious Convention’s First Day Sees Dialogue Between Th’akh and Aut’akh Before Breaking Down An unusual gathering of religious leaders from across the Hegemony has seen both the expected tension and eruptions as well as unlikely friendships. The convention convened early this morning and already on day one there was intense emotion from the delegates and an unexpected breakthrough after a full day of theological discussion and a dramatic confrontation. Lord-Regent Not’zar Izweski was mediating the convention from the throne of New Skalamar’s citadel, with the delegates assembled in the hall before him. The nearly one hundred delegates were divided according to their faith, with the majority being Th’akh shamans, the second most being Skakh, the Aut’akh having four Ansiba delegates, and there being a single Si’akh in attendance.The convention opened with Not’zar Izweski laying out the rules for decorum and outlining his goals for the assembly. Not’zar then gave the floor to Clan-Mother Mizali Mortenga, who spoke for the Th’akh delegation. The Sk’akh delegation, lead by S’th’s leading priest Makazi Neyt’zili, responded angrily as the delegates behind him erupted into shouts. The two groups then continued arguing without any grounds being made. Seemingly fearing the talks collapsing in the introduction, Not’zar Izweski intervened and motioned for Clan-Mother Mortenga to address the Ansiba delegates. The Clan-Mother spoke up again, addressing the infamous heathens of the northern pole. Ansiba Grazali responded after several moments of silence. The debate then turned into a three hour long theological discussion between all of the delegates on whether or not it is the weapon or the wielder that is possessed with the power of the additional spirits. In the end, Clan-Mother Mortenga conceded that souls can manifest in inorganic material ‘in certain circumstances’. This was rejected by nearly all the Sk’akh delegates as well as the lone Si’akh delegate, who insisted a soul can only reside in organic material. Ansiba Grazali then continued. This argument silenced the Th’akh delegation, who quietly murmured amongst themselves. Mortenga spoke up after several minutes of the quiet deliberation. Mortenga and Ansiba continued their debate, and two Sk’akh priests spoke up from their own delegation asking certain questions and signalling that they may be open to the Ansiba arguments. These talks were then interrupted by angry shouts from the Sk’akh delegation’s leader Priest Neyt’zili, who stepped forward between the Ansiba and Th’akh delegations. He addressed Not’zar Izweski directly. Not’zar Izweski rose from his throne, supported on his cane, and spoke in turn. This response prompted shocked silence from Priest Neyt’zili. Stunned and taken aback, he spoke up once more. Not’zar Izweski shook his head and took his seat once more, addressing the entire assembly. Nety’zili angrily announced that the Sk’akh delegation would be abandoning the talks “until further notice”. All of the Sk’akh delegates walked out, leaving Not’zar Izweski to announce that the convention would be going into recess for the rest of the day and resume “at a later date”. Clan-Mother Mortenga was seen continuing to speak with the Ansiba as they left the Citadel; it is believed that they are continuing their unprecedented dialogue outside of the assembly. It is rumored by some that there are now seeds of reconciliation between the Aut’akh and the many shamans of Th’akh. Such a move would seriously cripple the Sk’akh’s influence in matters pertaining to the Hegemony’s relationship with the Aut’akh, as they are near universally believed to be completely incompatible with the basic tenets of Th’akh and Sk’akh theology. The Si’akh representative left without any comment or dialogue with any other delegate. For his part, High Priest Unzi has left a simple announcement that he would be ending his boycott of the Convention. He has already arranged a private shuttle trip to Ouerea, from his great temple in Skalamar. When pressed for a comment, he said only this.
  8. I dont think exploration vessels are warships... id lose all my immersion
  9. Reporting Personnel: Urzkrauzi Vizili Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Game ID: b2h-c9Ge Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Jake Jarvis, offender -Wallace Rook Captain (Witness) - Hasam May'Dar-Al-Kandari Security Officer (witness) -Quinton Copperfield Head of Personnel (witness) Time of Incident: near the starrt. Real Time: 3pm mountain time. Location of Incident: Security. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [X ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: He made a joke about killing someone for calling him Janitor Jarvis, and he got defensive when I mentioned I would have him investigated for it. I told him he was free to make jokes but I was free to enforce regulations. He then said on security comms that he wants to smash my mother's ass. When I called him into the office, he got defensive, said no one in ISD likes me, and was generally combatative. So I demoted him and he immediately said he'd file an IR. He refused to go to the HoP office, saying he was 'delaying his own demotion until the captain sorted it out'. He then encouraged security to overthrow me. Rather than a demotion he was then arrested for refusing to follow my order and for committing sedition. He seemed to be baiting me to arrest him because he immediately mocked me for arresting him on green alert, despite me witnessing him directly committing a crime. He then acted as if he was above the law and that nothing I did mattered because he did not like me. He was charged and given 20 minutes but was immediately given parole to allow him to speak to the HoP, who was mediating. I am unaware if anything happened about that, because we had a security issue that took up command's time. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: The HoP and Captain were advised the entire time. Originally I was going to defer to the HoP's advice on just a reprimand, but I found the behavior so crazy and out there that an immediate demotion was then escalated to. Actions taken: He was arrested and handed over, but no decision was made on behalf of the captain as far as I am aware. Additional Notes:
  10. Why do you need more guns for a mobile ship to be fun?
  11. Isnt this a lot of busywork? My character meets and would remember at least a dozen new people every round...
  12. They seem fine. I would change cookies to trauma blankets, myself. It has not happened in a long time, but when cargo techs would see bodies fall into cargo from disposals jawdat would give them tea and a trauma blanket, then leave immediately after saying "It will be ok." So there's ancedotal precedent...
  13. I agree with all points posted. It would be interesting to see something happen to generate reactionaries against synths.
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