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  1. Population growth declines the happier and wealthier a community is. A population explodes when healthcare drops mortality rates but birth rates dont drop due to the need for more labor (and lack of family planning) in communities
  2. As an antag why would I go through all this trouble when I can just kill them a lot quicker and safer?
  3. Will we be removing psychologists due to this update?
  4. The populations have radically shifted throughout our entire server's tenure. We are experiencing the Nationstates.net roleplaying phenomenon of populations corresponding with power and influence, so to make a faction more powerfuly and influencery, they get more people. And by having more people, they have more power and influence. Only recently there were really crazy plans to make all sorts of death star stuffs justified by the mindboggling revenues we'd have with minimal tax revenue or whatever. This will probably never change unless we finally got a hard lock on our factions.
  5. Is being unconscious but not dead for prolonged periods of tjme better than being dead and clonable? I don't think so. Cloning provides a higher rate of player retention after death.
  6. What options do people who still die have? Such as depressurization. Just past round i had medical had about 5 recovered bodies.
  7. I remember this on other servers. It was a massive pain in the butt. It is often difficult to put someone into an aggressive grab. It relies on the random chance of getting to it without their resistance breaking it. This will require the person is stunned for a prolonged period of time, and remain stunned for as long as it takes to get into an unbroken aggressive grab. It will most likely take 2 attempts at least if the person does not submit, unless there are relationships between stuns and resisting that I am not aware of. This will, like on the other server I played on, most likely see more forced used against people. Cuffs being applied quickly and safely like now are better for antags as well as regular crew. If I am an antag trying to cuff someone and they keep resisting out of my grab even while they are disabled on the floor I will just kill them.
  8. And with this change NT pays you pay for non-prescription over the counter medication. This would not charge you for cloning or medicine provided by a doctor. Its for medicine you come pick up. My insurance doesn't cover the Zyrtec i get from CVS but it does cover the prescription allergy medicine i got when i first got hit with my allergies.
  9. Its effectively being forced to cryo without chance of rescue while you're still alive.
  10. Not torture rp. After being captured its very difficult to do much because the basis of our server is interaction as a character and being a hostage turns you into an escort quest npc. Having a place where antags can sell captured crew, which ghosts them ans resets their respawn timer to like 10 minutes or whatever, could cycle prisoners out at the antag base and be left vague enough to be said to be sold on a slave market or just handed off to syndie HQ. The mercs or whoever couls get credits or items as payment. How to handle ooc consent from the victim to be removed from the round is another matter.
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