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  1. It would be hard to make a team of faceless corporate goons have the same level of personality as the TCFL or Kataphracts.
  2. I made an entire job spreadsheet to do this and have us live on our setting as a town with rocket engines but it was declined in favor of continuing to be a private business venture. +1 anyway. Ill join your fight
  3. So make them like how deathsquad is and we are only guaranteed TCFL or mercs or kataphracts?
  4. The Battle of the Four Hills; Tragedy and Heroism See Thousands Join the Ancestors Today has seen the most consequential battle within the last 30 years. While our journalists were barred from taking video during their coverage, they along with chroniclers and poets observed the clash from a distance behind loyalist and rebel lines from the vantage point of the mountains, while others were closer to the lines. By 6:40 am the rebel army had marched to the field of battle where they were only 25 miles from To'ha'dat, the only thing between them and Skalamar. Meeting them were the loyalist forces. The loyalist army was in a favorable defensive position. We have reconstructed the battle as best we can from the sources on the ground, many of which described great feats of heroism and tragedy. In the thick of the first line of defense on the first of the four hills the loyalists held, a brutal melee broke out. Rebel war mounts charged up the hill with energy lances to crash into the loyalist infantry. In the brutal fighting that saw them pushed from the top of the hill down the other slope, a loyalist Zo'saa was seen without his helmet to reveal his azure features. When the line was ready to collapse and abandon the hill this azure, Zo'saa Iszak bellowed out a war cry and rallied the men by rushing alone towards the row of rebel shields. Seeing him throw himself at the enemy while they fled his battle-brothers turned about and joined him in the fray. Side by side once more they fought back the rebels and were responsible for preventing what may have been a full route by the entire flank. In the east, thousands of Kataphracts and mounted cavalry on both sides charged one another in a thunderous opening offensive by the rebels. One of the leading nobles on the loyalist side, Hu'azai Huz'kai, was fighting with his son Saa Jeskai in the snarling mass of war beasts and the clashing riders. Fighting together they were seen skewering rebel Kataphracts with their lances or firing their carbines. At one point when his son broke off to aid his battle-brothers nearby, Huz'kai was thrown to the ground when a rebel rider stabbed his mount in the neck, killing it instantly. Pinned with his leg underneath his mount he managed to empty his laser carbine into four enemy riders before freeing his leg. He fought valiantly but was knocked over repeatedly from the mass of beasts stampeding around him. He was last seen fighting back several Maraziites before one, clad in an iron fish mask, gave him his final battle. The Maraziite drew a pistol to gun him down but Huz'kai delivered a blow that severed the Maraziite's entire arm, sending it and the pistol flying off in an arc. The Maraziite threw himself off his mount on the opposite side and drew his sword with his off-hand. They fought bitterly before the exhausted Huz'kai was ran through by the Maraziite's sword. The forlorn sound of battle horns and radio messages coordinated the loyalists pulling back from the first hill, and the entire left flank regrouping further south as the right flank held firm. This reorganization brought the battle to the second hill on the south-western left flank near the coast. Here the second wave of loyalist reinforcements joined the fray, but the first disaster occurred. The redeployment had been pushed too far south by a sudden brutal offensive from the rebels and cut off almost a thousand loyalist infantry on a peninsula that stretches out into the sea. This pocket was pushed back towards the tip of the peninsula, abandoning three artillery emplacements in the process. To relieve them eight armored shuttlecraft, each carrying a hundred men were sent to deploy shock troops on this peninsula to reinforce the besieged. A second disaster struck when three rebel laser batteries fired on the shuttlecraft, sending one careening into loyalist lines and two exploding into fireballs while their shrapnel scattered into the sea. Four managed to land in the proper deployment area while the third crashed into an explosive fireball behind the bulk of the enemy forces attacking the peninsula. But from the jaws of disaster victory was snatched as High Kataphract H'izala was seen emerging from the fireball in a scorched breacher suit. Dual-wielding two laser cannons she threw the entire rebel line into chaos as she melted heavily armored shock troops. Advancing methodically towards the peninsula she dropped her cannons when they were empty and wielded an energy glaive. Using that and the mounted laser weapons on her breacher suit she single-handedly sparked a full rout of rebels from their advance down the peninsula, allowing the front line to link back with them and solidify an entire half mile further north. The bloodied, battered H'izala was seen struggling out of the severely damaged breacher suit when she was returned to friendly lines, medics staunching a gushing wound on her right side. Another named hero is Zslareoh Oksukzr who joined the fray when the second hill was lost to the rebels. As loyalist forces retreated to the third hill he was seen carrying a mortally wounded battle brother as the rest of his unit rushed towards the waiting armored vehicles with the rest of the retreating forces that would carry them to a new position. Their unit was cut off as the lines of battle shifted. The small group of twenty sinta surrounded their dying ally and locked energy shields, fending off dozens of rebel warriors without relief as they made a slow march towards friendly lines. They fought for an entire hour without relief, not surrendering even as more of their number fell, those pulled in behind the ever-shrinking defensive circle. They were finally able to reach friendly lines where they all to a man collapsed from exhaustion. The lines of battle were now stretched in a long and narrow vertical line from the southwest to the northeast. Despite individual acts of heroics the loyalist forces were forced to abandon the third hill in the face of a vicious and sustained artillery barrage that threatened to eviscerate the tightly packed heavy infantry needed to control the narrower incline. Another call went out and the left and center started a general pullback towards the fourth and final hill, but Lord Sirax halted the center's retreat as he noticed a weakness in the rebel line. He ordered a counter-offensive back towards the third hill. The left flank were unable to join the advance as they were pinned in place by four breacher suits that the rebels had now fielded against them. This created a gap in the loyalist's front line that rebel infantry and riflemen spilled through, enveloping several loyalist units in the center. Behind one of these units was the Lord-Regent Not'zar Izweski. Riding on a War Mount the young nobleman is said to have become aware of a disturbance towards his left but the cacophony of noise from the battle caused him and his retinue of Guwan Guard to be blindsided in a surge of rebel swordsmen. Exchanging gunfire, the two Guwan to his left were knocked off their mounts by laser fire as a rebel swordsman leaped up and grabbed onto the Lord-Regent's saddle with one arm while his left arm brought a sword down towards the Lord-Regent. Not'zar had nervously drawn his sword deflected the blows; one parry had the Lord-Regent knocked off the mount and fall in the grass, losing his sword and without his cane. The rebel swordsman finished climbing onto the Lord-Regent's mount and galloped off with it as a prize. The Lord-Regent had another rebel warrior rush towards him. The rebel holstered his rifle and drew his sword to kill the Lord-Regent by stabbing him. Not'zar threw himself into a roll, out of the way of the first blow and grabbed a discarded spear from a fallen warrior and desperately held it upwards where it pierced the chest of the warrior who was preparing a second thrust. His Guwan Guard managed to fight back the rebel infantry and recovered the Lord-Regent. Not'zar was seen shakily holding up a hand as if to call a retreat. But after a pause, his arm fell without finishing the motion and he held himself up with the recovered spear, demanding they not move from their spot 'without orders from Sirax'. Now having his first taste of battle, the Lord-Regent kept his sword and he and his men did not abandon their defensive position until a general redeployment was ordered. The counter-offensive collapsed and the loyalist forces in the center and left withdrew to the fourth and final hill. By 7 pm the final stage of the battle took place. The loyalist center retreated from the fourth hill, seemingly abandoning it to the rebels. Emboldened, the enemy surged forward, stretching out their line and pushing deep past the left and right loyalist flanks. Then the trap was sprung; the center turned about and held firm while the left and right flanks advanced to envelop the rebel's center line. To sow further chaos and confusion within their ranks Sirax unleashed the terrifying Vaurca warform and the K'lax levy. The lumbering hexapod strode over the heads of the loyalists and rebels alike, firing the massive cannon attached to his back while its claws and mandibles tore Sinta asunder. Between its skittering legs, the Vaurca warriors methodically butchered anything they came into contact with. The rebel's center was completely enveloped and surrounded while its left and right flanks were isolated and themselves were started to be surrounded. With a third of its army enveloped the rebels made two attempts to relieve their isolated forces but were unsuccessful and a general retreat was called. The enveloped pocket of rebel forces fought viciously, with two thousand mixed infantry contending with fire from all sides. In this pocket one rebel warrior, Kshaki Azkuri, distinguished himself by staring down the charge of the K'lax warform. Wielding a lance and with his feet dug into the soil, he was seen waiting to skewer the charging behemoth before it threw him over a dozen feet away to skid against the ground like a stone on a pond; but he succeeded in severing one of the hexapod's feet and slowing the beast. But despite their best efforts, the battle was a foregone conclusion by now. The enveloped rebels surrendered while the rest of the rebel army retreated from the field of battle. Initial estimates put the number of dead at least 9,000 for the loyalist side while the rebels are predicted to have lost at least 10,000. As these Sinta tell stories to their ancestors of their glorious deaths the living now take stock. Countless more Sinta have been grievously wounded in battle, and many are now missing limbs or have had serious battle wounds inflicted on them. The IAC continues to assist in recovering the wounded who are being moved to relief camps behind loyalist lines outside the walls of To'ha'dat. Strangely rumors are cicrulating that several dozen convoys of Wastelanders carrying sinta and diona gestalts have been seen driving from the mountains towards the IAC encampment but no information has been given on why this strange development is occurring. With such a stunning blow delivered to the rebels, many believe that they will be willing to enter into talks with Lord-Regent Not'zar Izweski, who has no doubt proven his claim by the sword. It will take an entire day for us to properly document the events unfolding following this battle but we will deliver updates as rapidly as possible.
  5. Hello, thank you for your interest in the unathi! The fact you bring up that you applied for unathi first and got declined but how it proves your love for the species was really endearing and it made me laugh. Like the other application I want to start with the biggest point of concern and once we are past that we can talk about all the other stuff. You have had some run ins with administration that have made the admins I asked to background check applicants voice some concerns about. Now as loremaster I had a long and infamous track record of going out on a limb on risky applicants and going to bat for them. But I don't think that I can scoop up someone like that anymore so I want to ask you to try and tell me where you believe you have improved and if you are reasonably sure you wont have any additional run ins with administration or moderation. While you seem genuine and eager I'm not a rogue maverick anymore and you will need to help me convince administration and my other deputy Geeves to trust you with a staff position.
  6. Hello, thank you for your interest in the unathi species! I know that your most recent project was your work on the Unathi body dimorphism and work on the Unathi sprites themselves. You've also done great work with the nymph limbs that we are still working on having implemented. I know that you can put work in. I also like your response that describes the unathi as an aesop fable because this is a big part of how I try to consciously frame my writing for them. However a big concern I have even if I do think you have a strength for the position is how you handle the negativity that creators face in our community. When you were doing the sprite work another player got really, ah, invested in a disagreement with you about it and I remember you all but dropped your entire effort and washed your hands of it. I really worry that by being in a position as a lore deputy, and thus facing this intensity from players or other staff about decisions you make, you might quickly burn out from it. Do you think that you will benefit from being in a full deputy position? Unfortunately our community still has intense elements within it and so knowing how to handle those elements is an important part of being on its staff. I hope it doesn't seem patronizing that I'm worried about your ability to withstand intense feedback or criticism but it has affected you once and you want to enter into a position where you will face it semi--regularly. Before I go in depth on the whos and whats you'll be wanting to do with Unathi I want to make sure you think you can find methods of effectively handling incidents where you might get into a heavy disagreement with someone without surrendering.
  7. Ill consider these alternatives or the OP if unathi get more blood regen. Im now getting contradictory statements about unathi in combat....
  8. The Final Night: Armies Prepare as Chroniclers Assemble to Witness and Transcribe The assembling of both of the main armies has concluded, and tomorrow will mark the beginning of the rebel's main march to To'ha'dat. Both rebel and loyalist armies have each gained nearly a hundred chroniclers, journalists, and poets to record their preparations and the titanic clashes that will begin tomorrow. Our journalists have become like these chroniclers during this conflict, and now we are getting information about the final preparations for the main battles to come. Coinciding with this both sides have confirmed that they will be shooting down any drones and destroying video equipment present during any battles. This move has angered xeno journalists and 'thrill-seekers' that became camp-followers, but Lord Huz Yizarus described the mindset in place on both sides. With their full size of 63,000 warriors assembled, the main rebel army under Lord Orezali, Maraziite Chapter Master Nu'ghai, and the High Kataphract Zakeai, the encampments spirits are high as they outnumber the loyalists 3:2. In Lord Orezali's portion of the army men were seen singing and dancing to drums or feasting in the sprawling tents. Things were similar under Zakeai's portion with men celebrating the death of the Hegemon. The mood only changed within the section of the camp where the Maraziites and other faithful assembled. Men there were found to be in constant prayer or cleansing rituals. Near the encampment are the thousands of Warmounts and Threshebasts tied up to regimented metal poles. They graze or sleep next to several columns of armored infantry carriers or landed combat shuttlecraft that themselves seem to slumber. Witnesses within the loyalist camp found a much more somber affair. The outnumbered army of only 42,000 was a strange mix with an unorthodox leader structure. Lord Sirax and High Kataphract H'izala have spent most of the night preparing battle plans to meet the advance of the rebels while Not'zar Izweski toured the camp to see the men. At one point he appeared to realize the effect the Vaurca Warform was having on his men as near 9:40 pm he had his Guwan Guard throw a tarp over the giant beast as it stood motionless with the heavy vehicles. At 10:44 pm several dozen musicians and entertainers to put on a show for the men to strengthen their morale. One of our journalists was able to speak to the Lord-Regent during the show, asking him about his role in the coming battle. As night came over the final day of relative calm in the Untouched Lands, the same time saw news of conflict from the Wasteland. In the Broken Kingdoms, forces that intended to march from Sahtyr to join the fighting remain trapped behind their walls. Travelers first reported seeing a huge plume of dust approaching the city two days ago. Scouts returning from that direction brought news that caused a mass flight of merchants and guildsmen from the city. What was thought to be a huge storm was revealed to be thousands upon thousands of Gawgaryn Raiders. Mounted on their wasteland bikes with lances or crude ballistics, this huge army drove around Sahtyr and kicked up so much dust that its sandstorm disrupted sightlines and masked the true number of their horde. The raiders fired on the watchtowers, suppressing the defenders but otherwise making no attempt to breach the walls. The already undermanned levy of its Lord Zirak, numbering only 900 capable warriors, did not attempt to sally forth from the walls and remain trapped. It's highly unlikely that the raiders have sided with the rebels and may be seeking to sow further chaos. As the battles within and without the Wasteland continue we can only wait with bated breath for the clash between the main forces.
  9. Consensus Call Posted by TrizaMan (Saramiite Tulzi) on 1.22.2462 This is a call for consensus on our Commune's participation in this civil war. Our disagreement with the Optikam can't be resolved with regular negotiations. Our material supply can only go one way or another. We of Clan Saramiite reject the Optikam desire to see the rebels win the civil war. We do not believe that the chaos and upheaval will benefit the commune. While it may be true it will create a lack of systemic authority to target those that spread our word, the harm it would create would outweigh the benefits to recruitment and also not be honorable. We therefore propose to cement our support behind Not'zar Izweski. We believe that he is the safest choice for the future of our brothers in the polar commune. To represent the importance of this call we are keeping the color orange. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Paradigm ISeeYou001 (Ansiba Asaoh) sponsored this call on 1.24.2462 We cannot allow ourselves to remain isolated from such an important period in our people's history. The stakes are too high. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Vote: Provide material and moral support to Not'zar Izweski and the loyalist forces on Moghes, if they will accept it. 08,349 AGREE (75%) 02,783 DISAGREE (25%) . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Top Rated Comments >Mizgal says, Allowing the Maraziites and their cronys to take over would be a disaster!! How can Sk'akh's word survive in a Moghes controlled by them? --- >ShadowKiarai says, Chaos is a market with a diversity of merchants. Disappointing only we seem to see that. --- >CloakedInDorkness says, I wish I could go back and fight directly but they would never accept us. They aren't ready. --- >Kirauzi says, I hope this conflict ends soon. What ever materials we can part with will do a world of good. Remember to pray for them. --- >Mashiria says, All of these souls doomed to reincarnate is heartwrenching. We need to do more. --- >GlisteningLake1 says, we'll have a lot of sinta losing their limbs but opening their eyes to us. --- >MechatekMaster says, I wish NT did not own our mechs. they would be unstoppable...
  10. I havent read it yet but ill give it a smell tomorrow!! Excited
  11. I suggested this in lore chat and its already been picked up in a different iteration. Like the trill of star trek and Goa'uld of Stargate we should create a faction of people that use the symbiotes. This faction will have symbiotes that believe in only consensual bonding of a borer with a person. This faction can visit us as merchants or visitors. I dont think it should be a crew species. Any lore we can figure out if we decide we want to see this sort of thing.
  12. Loyalist Lords Rebuff Not'zar While Battle Lines Drawn Across Moghes Not'zar Izweski has faced his first major rebuff today as the loyalist Lords rejected his attempt to appoint officers from the Izweski Naval Academy to take sub-command within the assembled loyalist armies. With the wide number of Clan-Lord defections to the rebel banners, there has been a severe shortage of noblemen to lead the number of levies within a Lord's army. Lord Huz Yizarus of To'ha'dat explained how uncomfortable they were with the prospect of 'peasants in command'. With the shortage sub-command positions have been opened to those of lesser nobility. One of these lesser nobles is even a Tau Ceti resident, Szoussz Kas. Despite his father being only a Clan-Leader, he has been granted sub-command of a growing levy primarily consisting of Tau Ceti Unathi. He commands a sizable force of 100 Sinta under the main Izweski army which has nearly finished assembling. Fighting continues within the rebel land of Imas'hi as the loyalist S'th forces commanded by Lord Karkartus made a counter-offensive. Their goal was to break through the rebel S'th line, commanded by Lady-Regent Kiae, and reach Skalamar to reinforce the Lord-Regent's forces. The Imas'hi rebels were entrenched on a hill next to the highway that leads to Skalamar with civilian traffic having been blocked or re-diverted to other routes. Six cannons within the estimated 12,000 strong rebel force harassed the approaching 14,000 S'th warriors. A vanguard force of loyalist mechanized infantry and Warmounts launched an attack on the rebel's right flank as the main line of ranged infantry exchanged laser and ballistic fire. This phase lasted fifteen minutes before the S'th skirmishers withdrew and the heavy infantry charged. A vicious melee broke out that lasted three hours. After clearing the first trench the offensive pushed up to the top of the hill before three Imas'hi breacher suits, supported by ranged infantry, attacked the loyalist's left flank after having been held in reserve behind another hill. The breachers sowed panic and chaos with laser rifles and energy glaives and shattered the loyaist left flank and forced it into a retreat. The entire offensive pulled back and the Imas'hi did not give chase, holding their position. Interstellar Aid Corps volunteers were allowed onto the scene of the battle to help recover and treat wounded from both sides; Lady-Regent Kiae has declined to take prisoners and has allowed warriors from both sides to be taken to the IAC camp within Imas'hi territory with promises of clemency and free travel if they remain disarmed. The S'th attackers saw 412 dead and 99 wounded or maimed while the Imas'hi defenders saw 293 dead and 110 wounded. The fight south-west of Razir saw an unusual blunder. Razir forces commanded by Lord Ki'mokiz were laying an ambush in thick woodland within a valley that the Jaz'zirt rebels must march through to reach Razir. The 5,000 troops, including two breachers and seventeen heavy artillery pieces, were waiting for the 10,000 strong Jaz'zirt rebels commanded by Lord Miazo to finish marching into the artillery kill-zone when scouts spotted a small convoy driving towards the rebel column. Seven Interstellar Aid Corps vehicles had gotten lost and took a wrong turn, putting them right in the middle of the two armies about to clash. Angered and unwilling to risk IAC lives Lord Ki'mokiz had a flare fired to announce his presence and broadcast a message requesting a ceasefire to the rebels. He then marched down the hill with a small contingent towards the convoy as the very much alerted Lord Miazo turned his army about to retreat from artillery range and take up defensive positions. Lord Ki'mokiz flagged down the lead IAC truck and angrily explained the situation to the shocked and embarrassed driver. Men report that he smacked the IAC driver after being asked directions and offered a coffee, barking and screaming at the human for seventeen minutes before sending them off back the way they came. The two armies have yet to clash again by the time of publishing this article. Fighting continues in the mountains that separate Ura'mastyx from the Th'akh heartlands of the north. Lord Hutay'zai of Kutah and Lord Ozmakali of Tzonia have declared for the Izweski. The unusual move seems strange to many as only a few years ago Not'zar's apparent inaction allowed High Priest Unzi to ravage their lands in the Iron Crusade. But when pressed about this decision Lord Hutay'zai made their worldview clear. 112 of the 9,200 Tzonian warriors and 232 of the 12,000 Kutahiite warriors perished or were wounded clashing with the rebel forces, who in turn lost 312. The main rebel force, disregarding the near 20,000 that broke off to deal with the encroaching Th'akh Lords, now numbers an estimated 42,000. It's split between the command of Lord Orezali, Maraziite Chapter Master Nu'ghai who lead the Iron Crusade, and the High Kataphract Zakeai. It's believed that they have fielded eight breacher suits and a sizable portion of mechanized infantry and artillery. In comparison, the main force of now 34,000 warriors of loyalist forces gathering outside Skalamar is commanded by Lord Sirax and High Kataphract H'izala with Not'zar Izweski present in a ceremonial command role. It's believed that they are fielding an impressive sixteen breacher suits. In addition, the cargo freighters that departed K'lax arrived and landed in the field nearby and their cargo was revealed to be one K'lax warform and five hundred K'lax warriors. The mighty 20ft tall hexapod warform spread fear in the ranks of its own side as Unathi recoiled or fled from the sight of the beast. There are also unconfirmed rumors that Not'zar Izweski is in talks with delegations from a handful of Wastelander factions which may see an even further unusual addition to his growing army. As the small-scale fighting continues elsewhere on Moghes we are all waiting with bated breath for the primary confrontation that is expected to take place after the main rebel force marches south from Ura'mastyx intent on besieging To'ha'dat and then Skalamar itself.
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