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  1. You asked my HoS if she "needed a hand" after she had it burnt off by a shocked door moments earlier. It was completely justified. Sorry sweaty.
  2. BYOND key: Marlon Phoenix Character names: Mo'zazi Zuhare Zeiluhak Ruul Ezandali Mizka Samuel Lewis Ua Zuhl Izliizi Lsiuz How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Either 2014 or 2015. I have no idea when the start year was. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I am a HoP main. It gives me the most tools to create RP that reaches as much crew as possible. I want to host mandatory voluntary pool parties again. I want to host mandatory voluntary talent shows again. I want to compel the crew to PDA a sappy message of support to the person below them on the manifest again. I want to stamp off on projects people ask me permission to do to again. I want to stage a violent terrorist attack and use it as an excuse to form a vanguard party and appoint loyalists to command who then vote me to acting captain while security races to uncover the conspiracy that lead to my rise to power again (as a hop antagonist). In short the best experiences I have on Aurora that allow me to reach the most amount of people is as a HoP hosting voluntary mandatory corporate morale boosters and retreats while my character themselves is a wholesome technologically illiterate suburban single father. Why did you come to Aurora?: The other server I played at the time was bad. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: Yes. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? I got banned for 3 days a bit ago for detonating a welder bomb to get past a shield I was trapped in. There was an emergency going on and time was of the essence an engineering was locked down and as an atmos tech i could not access the shields to depower them and engineering repeatedly ignored my pleas for help while also shouting in a panic about the vine issue and atmos failures and the shuttle coming and people suffocating, so over excitement about getting out had me go down a series of presumptions. Having not detonated a welder as far back as I remember the size of the explosion was quite a surprise since I underestimated it. I resolved to never detonate any explosion ever again as a nonantag without clearing it with staff. it was crazy! if the explosion was smaller and just took out the shield generator (like a frag grenade sized thing) I'd bet cash I'd be completely fine because the situation totally justified damaged floor tiles and walls but I can completely understand why I caught a ban for the level of damage. i've stopped being silly and this was not that; it was a mistake of scope and escalation due to ignorance and not being through in ahelping for permission because of that underestimation of the explosion size. this will like last time probably overshadow everything else I say on this app. but it would be mean to do so, as accidentally venting a room is inevitable as an engineer. We've all done it. But I'll keep doing my best to not do it so capriciously. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: im playing a character in a universe and they gotta be consistent and believable. they should contribute to the drama of the setting and server and roundtype. they should fit in the universe. no mtter what character you play they should follow the rules and provide fun for people. roleplay is about ensuring everyone involved, or as many people as possible, are having a great time within these set rules and expectations. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Command is the lock and key for all the round's stuff. As any command you are responsible for the round flow and making sure players can do their stuff. my goal has been to say yes whenever possible to anything im asked for as command if its not totally wild. I stamp off on a lot of stuff. like in my 'why do you wanna be command' i really like doing softball events that we organize in-round. or even with antagonists running around. i love a pool party that turns into a murder mystery and i think other players can enjoy that too. a head of staff uniquely can set all that up. i dont really see that lately and i want to. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: i gotta teach them how to do things in their department. a head is like a teacher. some people are strict, others lenient, or what have you, and at the end of the day they still need to make sure their department is enjoyable and the flow is going alright. i do this whenever i play command. as HoS I'd always set up tests and teach officers about escalation and preserving life. As HoP I have a great reason to wander around everyone's department and ask them if they need anything and give them guidance; or at least the most number of departments. obviously i cant show people how to do highly specialized things but more general stuff. It's always delightful when a new player wanders up to me and asks me in looc or IC for directions and I can help them get somewhere and show them the ropes. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career? not much has happened lately. i was not following the tajara arc and we haven't had recent stuff going on. the same undertones are still happening. there's the systemic oppression of nonhumans and the naked neoliberal exploitation of the working class. this affects any character i have because i play unathi almost exclusively who move from a feudal science fantasy setting to this cold, unwelcoming system instead. my unathi get snide remarks on the station and they are aware that their careers are softlocked because of their socioeconomic conditions and race. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? HoP. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Mo'zazi Zuhare, Head of Personnel. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: 10/10. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? oh boy do I ever! Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? Yes.
  3. I like all the walls and stuff and i like the sense of depth it provides now. My eyeballs adjusted to the thicker borders of the floor tiles vs the very thin sprites of mobs and they dont smear anymore. My only issues are the air alarm light blinking so far across off the main sprite and the scrubbers looking like dropped holopads rather than a scrubber.
  4. Im glad to see my criticism of departmental feudalism being picked up because this really does come off like that. Severing security from one another AND relocating them to specific departments is very similar to typical set ups for Nations events, but even in that situation sec is its own fiefdom. Giving individual departments firepower and an ostensibly loyal armed goon with the RIGHT and EXPECTATION to enforce regulations you are giving individual command members powers of ordering arrests and security actions against the crew previously monopolized by the HoS. These are the wrong ways to tackle the power dynamics at play between sec and other departments and from command members to their departments. Having a legally armed goon at my disposal was one of my primary antag gimmicks as antag command. And this fufills that even better by immediately isolating the goon and having them entirely in my orbit. The only check on when i can go up to a crewman in my department i dont like and say "Ill say to you what i say about all all my critics... SEIZE HIM!!!" Are the officers themselves arguing with me about it and defying me, which I can say is refusing to execute an order, and then. . . . . Drama! Reinforcing mechanically the habit we see of regular department mains forming a fiefdom should not be given extra ammo unless the intention is to encourage that form of high drama and bickering. Which would be valid but im very confident its not the intention of this series of changes. I predict its going to be VERY exciting to watch the feuding and conflicts this creates while being VERY frustrating to deal with if youre outside the departmental clique but still a member of that department when it closes ranks, either as a depsec officer or a regular joe in it.
  5. Is the rule against aliens being captain, other than skrell, due to specifically racial apartheid by NT or is it the result of systemic oppression instead? People argue either way but i have not found a clear answer. Sometimes when my xenos became acting cap i had people say it was actually against regs.
  6. As the former loredev for six years i had people come to me about these issues so i can speak about precedent. Paradox himself created an alchemist unathi, if i remember the context of this convo right. It was either him and/or kaed. I also cleared several times the usage of referring to it icly as alchemy if your unathi is very old fashioned, a romantic, a mystic, or all of the above. You just had to acknowledge that it was antiquated, which Unathi are... encouraged to be. The specific clan Souls unathi is also one of mystics. Using obscure mystical terminology was always encouraged. I never watched the anime referenced and had discovered the term alkahest in my light researching alchemy, though i never used it myself because its specifically referring to a universal solvent and not the practice of alchemy, which is too specific to refer to if youre not a chemist. That is the standing precedent I had. Its entirely sleepys domain now though.
  7. Oh I know what it is. Other than the small color change I'd like to see, the walls and everything look great! Your hallway floor tile sprites have thicker borders than most anything else, and the shading makes them have a sense of depth. They aren't as 'flat' as before
  8. The zombie game mode isn't good for our server's playstyle as a regulra game mode. Being a zombie suppresses your characters personality and you can't really scheme or do anything. being a vampire and spreading your vampirism is FAR better.
  9. This happens a LOT already. Both jumping to blue to circumvent warrants and the antagonism with engineering. In the worst evolution of depsec it can and most likely will see escalation in the feudal feuding of our departments, who now have their own officer who, if they side with their department, has rp-reason to violently resist the HoS' efforts.
  10. This is the root issue. These changes do not change the core relationship security has with antags, our setting, and other crew. You are fighting your servers own narrative. We cannot be a workplace for an amoral dystopic megacorporate workplace and also have security that DONT subscribe to this role. I spent some time arguing that you need to focus on the core and not the symptoms. There is a stronger narrative case for a "weak" security (defined here as one that does not have the firepower or casus belli to immediately harass antags that have yet to do crazy stuff) by a transition to a civilian setting with an ad hoc police force. You rejected this as too big but now youre doing crazy stuff thats about near the same level. Your changes here will continue to antagonize and will not achieve the desired goals because they target the symptoms in the wrong way. You are fighting against the current of your servers narrative and engrained culture. A security guard will still have a reason to go after visitors or whoever. These just handicap them and isolate them. A security guard is almost always rejected by other crew. Secdep is one of their only sources of comradery and relatio ships. Its why they are such a tight group in general.
  11. Loyalty to individual command staff is a very bad idea. Security becoming part of the feudal scheming the command staff almost always as a rule engage in will make that element a lot worse. The break up of communications also reinforces this. These are not the right solutions.
  12. I would greatly prefer the lighter color of the original floor tiles but within the style of this reboot. It feels very much like a gritty industrial setting, or a space prison - i don't know how to explain this next bit but it also seems like sprites are harder to make out visually as easily. It's the same issue I see with modern games vs old strategy games where the foreground blends in with the background. Anyway I think the lighter color would help. It's not as bad in medical where the tiles are lighter.
  13. Great points. Multiple devs over multiple periods and departments handling individual timelines kept it messy. Warp drives are not a mcguffin. They showed the evolution of ftl and provide the crux of NTs rise to power. NT monopolized bluespace and immediately made warp obsolete right when all its rivals and the SA hedged all their bets and investment on warp. Xavier was meant to be old when he had miranda. He had crazy priviledge for NTs medical breakthroughs. And he had a young wife with the same.
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