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  1. Disregarding Nikov's bizarre and outlandish comments, my points still stand.
  2. I am open to a class of human characters with mechanics that allow them to adjust their sprite and flavor text at a whim in a way that resembles this proposal. It is something I see in a cyberpunk dystopia. Surgeries to shave off a few millimeters of bone to reshape the face are currently possible in real life. In the far off future I can absolutely see, even in contemporary times, corporations capitalizing on these. There was and is already rampant numbers of people getting plastic surgery to subscribe to beauty standards. With Zeng Hu controlling the beauty standards with their marketing, on top of controlling the technology and means of body sculpting, it provides them with a huge market. It is like a parable of the beauty industry. I am all for elements of this suggestion. My biggest qualm has to be with the avant garde body modifications. While the odd moralizing comparisons to Citadel are weird to me, I can understand part of the wariness at seeing fantastical modifications like this present on characters on station. Having characters repeatedly sculpting their bodies into new shapes and styles to accommodate the constant flux of beauty standards, or to find their own style, is something I would love to see without the baggage of tails and elf ears.
  3. This app has clearly inflamed the passions of some people but its not going to be very helpful for me to come to a decision if your post doesn't remain constructive. The gender roles and oppressive views towards women are valid as central themes for a female character. A "vanilla" female unathi app would hamstring them into writing a lady who cooked and cleaned quietly and passively for her clan before coming to tau ceti to get money by working as a cook. Not exactly the most riveting character concept but its one many apps have done for women. This app is a breath of fresh air in that it tackles themes ive laid out explicitly. I find some feedback calling any inclusion of the Unathi's perspective on the soul and gender to be "snowflake" really strange. It's just a part of their society lol! With that said i have some questions i want to ask. What religion was her clan, how was she raised? Was she exposed to the other faiths? Was she sympathetic towards them? Did she ever seek guidance from priests or shamans? How did she impress the raiders? That would be a good story beat. Did she participate in a fight to repel boarders? Did she beat some of them up in a duel? Was it right away or was it over time as she was stuck cleaning their laundry and cooking for them? Finally there is what seems to be an inconsistency in her motivation; she doesn't like the human influence on Dominia but she comes to tau ceti, which is human dominated? To help keep consistent with the character and keep her themes (and maybe give her good motivation ic) what would you say to her new drive being to become a Kataphract, inspired by the Lady who was denied twice by Notzar Izweski to be High Kataphract, before impressing him and the other High Kataphract with feats of martial skill? It probably would make her the talk of station unathi to see she is a Hopeful. That is a suggestion i have; you can go in any direction.
  4. Yes. It gives unathi a handicap when fighting you in unarmed combat if they dont want to use lethal intent. Knowing all of this why would you pick a fight with a unathi?
  5. Because then you'll take them for granted. Having them start with punches being pulled for your benefit is silly.
  6. It will stun them after sufficient hits. Unathi can floor people in sparring by holding punches. I have to echo Kaed as well. Use fear rp of the talons and either find an alternative to sparking a fight with them or accept the consequences of doing unarmed combat with an alien with sharp talons.
  7. Pull 👏 your 👏 punches 👏 Otherwise use rp to have your character reconsider fighting an alien with sharp talons. It's not their fault if you pick a fight.
  8. Thats a great idea. But it wont be useful in that method because its too loud. It having a chance to force them to tell you the truth would be cool. Like the vampire passive.
  9. I'm not sure it's a good idea to have the entire playerbase relearn regulations every so often. As away missions, events, or arcs maybe. On a permanent basis? It would not be ideal. Tau Ceti is writ as the shining city on a hill. It's the land of opportunity; it's the optimism of the American Dream that attracts people from all over the Orion Spur. (How cynical this dream actually is also part of the narrative.) The Aurora is an important facility for NanoTrasen, as its one of the premier RnD facilities. NanoTrasen is also the primary job provider in our system. We have gone to great lengths to create easy justifications for any character to have employment on the Aurora. We continue to work to bring lore onto the station. The primary means of doing this is through the characters. Mechanics, UI, etc are all secondary. An empty station full of worldbuilding is just an empty station. A station full of characters interacting with each other is where the world comes in. Do you need to worldbuild the succession crisis of the Hegemony directly on the station with flyers, posters, or what have you, to explain to you why there are Unathi that think Not'zar Izweski is either the best thing since sliced bread, or a cowardly cheater? The exposition dump 'tells' and the characters that use it 'show', in the 'show and not tell' for our worldbuilding. However I do love seeing world events on the station. That is why I have always pushed experimental arcs and events that push these boundaries and bring them onto the station. The Alliance's troubles with Tau Ceti lead to an invasion wherein for a week the station was ran by military officials from an occupying power, for example. Isn't that just your opinion that people shouldn't care? I would say that the lore of factions and races matter a lot because of how it impacts the game. The lore of several major species have direct and immediate consequences for how a round progresses if they are involved, in what ratio, and how they interact with each other.
  10. There's a lot to unpack here. 1) No it won't. I've never felt more immersed from dying without being able to be cloned and i dont know many who do. 2) do you mean in combat ? This wouldn't balance anything...
  11. The majority does. Its explicitly written into the religion of all of them. It is the minority that is fine with it. Its an intentional mechanical difficulty of the race to spurn prosthetics. There is also a different teir of difficulty. This is too much difficulty with little enough rp benefit.
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