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  1. Humanity is very powerful systematically and in combat. Every species has a niche in combat. Humans through the speint mechanics are endurance hunters.
  2. We know what happens when you get shot
  3. This would be a fun little subversion if it was a dull sword and in its description quoted Foundation by Isaac Asimov by having the description say "In the world of business, direct violence like this sword is the last resort of the incompetent. Always try to find a deal."
  4. Credit me.......................
  5. Public Announcement Posted by Optizoiimx (Optikam Zoizara) on 4.16.2461 Our commune on New Gibson has, by the guidance of the Great Oss, completed our first fabrication facility for new limbs. We can now print 12 baseline limbs every week and 4 advanced graspers every week. This brings us to a 88% replacement rate for baseline limbs and a 12% replacement rate for graspers. The resources allocated by the Consensus of 3.29.2461 made this possible. There are currently no projections provided by Oss that show us being capable of expanding this production level for at least another 360 local cycles. This is even with the previously unnoticed and unfathomed efficiencies within the project that Oss revealed to us. It has been determined to provide periodic shipments of graspers and baseline limbs in a crate to the NSS Aurora Station. This is where a large population of our Commune resides and Oss has determined that it will be more efficient to have our limbs replaced immediately in the workplace rather than coming all the way back home. Our Paradigm's have also determined a method by which Aut'akh limbs may have a basic interface with non-sinta bodies. Alien Aut'akh may now experience the blissful spiritual strengthening of the new limbs. Unfortunately Oss has not yet divined a reliable, safe blueprint for full body augmentation of non-Sinta. In addition, there is considerable difficulty in maintaining modularity of limbs in non-Sinta. If a human Aut'akh wished to change his arm, it would require crude amputation. Nihilism levels within the Kethresh have decreased by 22%. Not a single one of the three aquaculture farms have been destroyed by hegemonic incursions in Tau Ceti. Saramiite clansmen continue to struggle with a lack of security necessity. Oss continues to provide guidance in delivering meaningful alternate work. Optikam are happy here and are really glad to work for NanoTrasen and wish the corporation will function perfectly well for infinity and love their jobs. Siansi will be holding the 1st quad-monthly Robot-Roller Destructo-Derby in a week from now. Anyone is invited to build an autonomous derby car to win the race or crash in a cinematic fashion. Mahashik have hired three additional lawyer to help interpret government regulations on mining rights within the new gibson territory owned by the commune. If anyone has experience in federal and state and municipal laws on crust and mantle mining, please contact Mahashik Air'ziar at 91883-19992. Veetek have announced the completion of their 6th mech shortly before the arrival of the NanoTrasen agent who took it off their hand. While regretting the inability to hold the ceremonial celebration due to NanoTrasen's deadlines, they are thankful to still have the chance to build them. The Ansiba continue to hold their public invitation for any and all interested IPC's to come debate them about the nature of synthetic life and the soul. Finally, we have changed the color of our bulletins to green because additional reading has determined it is more soothing to human eyes. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. Top Rated Comments >BestMechDriver983** says, I hope the humans join the derby contest. The Mahashik keep winning them. We need a wildcard. --- >MizaSaramiite says, I really like this announcement you posted. Great job! --- >ParaGrim98 says, Blue was better.
  6. I have the base on steam only... dlc is too expensive. Come on man im good for it you can trust me come on i just need one more DLC come on man
  7. Nated Tour Graces Mztel'mir: Settles Fate Of Civilian Government Editor’s Note: This is the second part in a series following Shum'binaj (Minister) of Affirmation Nated as he travels Adhomai. For security our station has agreed to delay publishing stories of each of his visits for a week after they took place. Today the city of Mztel’mir was graced with the presence of Shum'binaj Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan. His entry into the city came as a surprise to the general populace who welcomed him with cheers and open arms. However, the official visit with the ruling Junta’s commander Mjirua’ziahu has always been a bitter rival of Nated. Mjirua’ziahu openly questioned the strategies put forth by Nated during the former’s tenure as Supreme Commander. The Commander also for years alleged that he was unfairly denied a promotion due to his heritage as a Njarir’akhran and former post as a royalist commander before his defection to Al’marii Hadii’s republican government. Despite the high tension and spurred emotions between the two, all seemed to dispel after as they toured the many famous distilleries that the city of Mztel’mir is known for. Many distilleries offered generous samples of their wares to the Shum'binaj and the Commander, who drank generously with the local brewers. They walked through many of the breweries that were built after the revolution, and even went inside the hidden stills and bars that peasants would gather to drink away from the oppressive nobles. The tension between the two escalated at a festival at the base of the statue of the goddess Shumaila. She has been the patron Goddess of the city ever since Revolutionary defenders repelled a royalist seige in 2330 CE. As the Sun Sisters were approaching to burn offerings, commander Mjirua’ziahu, now inebriated, pulled out a light blue veil and offered it to Nated to “become a mute woman to see if it would improve his fighting style”. Our present chronicler wrote that the crowd around the two fell completely silent. Despite the inebriation of all present, everyone could tell how biting the insult was. However Nated surprised all when he took the veil from the man, put it on and then proceeded to wrench the commanders arm and throw him to the ground. Nated then said, “you’ve been beaten by a mute woman, then.” The tension could be cut with a knife for those two moments as everyone expected a physical brawl to break out. But Commander Mjirua’ziahu broke out in laughter and Nated helped him to his feet, while the crowd laughed along. The two Commanders continued the ceremony in much higher spirits. Despite his level of intoxication Nated answered many questions from the pubic with his usual charisma and presence. After the public celebration, Nated and Mjirua’ziahu spent the rest of the day negotiating the future of the city. Commander Mjirua’ziahu agreed to voluntarily dismantle the Junta that rules the city and hand over power to a local civilian government. Emerging from the city hall, renovated from its original status as an Enforcer headquarters, Nated and Mjirua’ziahu triumphantly held up the 10 page agreement that was met with cheers from the waiting crowd. Staying for only half an hour after this celebration, Nated remarked on his “haste to continue” and bid farewell to the city, leaving it to plan its internal elections.
  8. In my thread i have asserted that IAA are obstructionists and antagonists against crew, and go at length describing them as doodoo heads. In the situation as you describe it, you also fall into that catagory under my arguments. Ive said the same manner of criticisms as Crov but backed with data and in a professional tone. Why are you targetting Crov, who you were conducting this audit of and wish to make stop talking down about the IAA job, and not myself, who is lobbying for the entire jobs removal due to its negative impact on players?
  9. Other than the chatting with your HoS being platonic because having a buddy is good (esp ones in command of an armed goon squad) your putting of jawdat on blast is spot on with how i try to maintain his personality and behavior. Thanks!!!
  10. The HoP with Aurora's only political manifesto. Tell me what you think about him. NOW
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