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  1. Senpai Jackboot

    We actually use the thunder dome

    We use the common radio, but having a feed for the holodeck would be nice.
  2. Senpai Jackboot

    Sol Alliance News Network

    Interplanétaire Delegates Agree To Merge All Alliance Unions: Galactic Federation of Labor Delegates from the Interplanétaire have agreed to an initiative that will see over a hundred distinct labor unions merged together into a single organization. The new Federation of Labor will represent 1.2 million workers across the entire Alliance in over 200 businesses. There are still smaller unions that have rejected the mandate, but it’s unclear how these hold-outs will persist in the face of the crackdown being done by SolGov and mega-corporations on collective bargaining. Martian Senator Duncan Thorne announced the move in a press conference right outside the assembly hall. The main alarm bells being run by the GFL is the widening gap between rich and poor; the critical role of working class people having leverage against the mega-corporations; the mixed blessing of synthetic proliferation; the corrupt influence of Megacorp influence on star nations; and the destructive impact Mega-corporations have had on the galaxy. The creation of the GFL has not come off with an easy start. The hundreds of delegates initially agreed that more organization was needed to combat mega-corporate and government power, but deep divisions have resulted in two distinct factions forming with radically different goals for the GFL. The mainstream faction within the GFL are the Martian Reds. They are also nicknamed “Martian Plebs” after Senator Thorne’s comparisons to the General Strike as the Alliances’ Secessio plebis. Martian Reds want to see workers band together within their different fields and defend their own interests, but they say they do not want to radically subvert the galactic order. Senator Thorne described the new faction rallying behind him. The second dominant faction trying to jockey for power is the attending Adhomaian Crevus City Mayor Mazula Azaula. She was seen during the lively debates talking to a wide variety of labor organizers and other delegates. The Mayor has faced criticisms from other Tajara attendees who were both delegates and observers. Our reporters spoke to one Tajara in the stands to get their perspective. As the Federation of Labor struggles with ideological disputes on the day of its birth, it’s not clear where the GFL will be able to proliferate. The Interplanétaire is continuing its assembly and they will be making decisions on what arms of the GFL to focus funding on. There are currently plans to expand operations in to the Republic of Elyra, the Sol Alliance, and Frontier Alliance. There is a hot debate on whether or not to heavily fund investment in the Republic of Biesel.
  3. I've had a conversation with Pegasus, our humanity maintainer. I directed his attention to this application and my suggestion for how to move forward. I'm going to try to talk vaguely, since if we do lift elements of this, we want to avoid 'spoiling' any developments as it were. If you have a Discord client we can be more open about what we would like to do with this, or if you send me a forum PM I can give you what Pegasus and I have discussed so far. There is a lot here that is not really suitable to our current setting, or the developments going on. However, there are also elements worth running with. An example of what we cannot run with are skeletons, as these are not commonly known antagonists. I have never seen a skeleton outside the domain of a wizard round. Slimification is also not something we want to go forward with. The origin of slimes is currently a Skrellian thing. Maybe this will change in the future - we'll keep a 'we're all turning into slimes!' idea on the backburner. The cult you have is a distinct cult with its own identity. What I believe we would end up going with is trying to stay within the realm of the cult we have in our Auroraverse already: the Nar'sie cult. The names of notable people could definitely stay though. A plague striking in Italy is interesting... I would go all in if only our station's virologist job was not devoid of players. If we used something like that I would want to see station implications. We will get back to you on this and try to come up with a packaged counter-suggestion for you. Also, these pages may be of interest to you: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Earth https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Timeline_of_Humanity
  4. Senpai Jackboot

    We actually use the thunder dome

    I will still use the holodeck for events. Its important to have an easy way to get to the event and back to work quickly. Emts and surgeons and the like still need to be on call.
  5. Senpai Jackboot

    Merge Virology And Pharmacist Into A New Title: Bio-Physician

    This is still an important suggestion to me. Virologist remains a highly unpopular role. Its too specialized to function on HRP in an engaging way.
  6. Something came up - I am getting to this tomorrow night. I will say that there is probably a version of this we could play with, though a bit differently than you currently have written here. Will go into detail later.
  7. Senpai Jackboot

    Bar becomes a Bistro

    Only if there is a seedy still-public-access dive bar in maintenance that the bartender can still run.
  8. Senpai Jackboot

    Mendell City Bugle

    Aut'akh Themed Olympics On Aurora And New Gibson Several dozen games were held across New Gibson and NanoTrasen stations today as part of a wider cultural exchange between the Aut’akh of New Gibson and Tau Ceti. These games included picnics, hiking trails, and a set of ‘Zandiziite Games’ that took place on the NSS Aurora. Zandiziite Saramiite, or “Gladiator Saramiite” and Zandiziite Kethresh lead the games on the NSS Aurora. The two, fully augmented Unathi, arrived on the station early this evening. The two described their visit as “fulfilling and enlightening.” The two gladiators say that they found each other in battle during the Contact War on Moghes, and remained close until they took the masks of rival sides in the Zandiziite games. The two apparent exes organized different types of games on the station. These included races, unique laser tag games, and a form of free for all wrestling. Zandiziite Saramiite described the games. Over a dozen members of the crew attended the games. While the general atmosphere appeared to be cordial, Zandiziite Saramiite admitted an undertone of hostility from certain elements. The championship games eventually whittled down various contestants until a victorious Braydon Parker emerged. He won the wrestling tournaments and became the second champion of the Aurora to emerge from the Zandiziite Games. When asked about his victory in an Odin bar, he told the press: On top of the games, Zandiziite Kethresh and Saramiite held informative Q/A sessions in the station’s chapel. They discussed their faith, augmented bodies, and other matters. One person asked the two why they became Aut’akh. The event was considered an overall success, with many people across New Gibson and Biesel experiencing mixed reactions to the new settlers. “They’re really weird, but I guess they’re fine,” Mendell City resident Merith May told our reporter. There was a minor security issue on the NSS Aurora as CCIA acknowledged a member of the crew had ordered a ‘large surplus of water balloons and paint’ with the intent of organizing a protest against the Aut’akh visitors, but they say the situation was ‘quickly investigated and handled.’ “The rumors about a serious situation are overblown - Directive 11 requires us to fully and honestly disclose security matters to our corporate employees.” a NanoTrasen representative said. NanoTrasen is continuing to iron out the official deal that will see wide Aut’akh employment within the corporation.
  9. Senpai Jackboot

    Better TCFL Access

    The TCL are a militia. They are the minutemen of Tau Ceti. They do not travel around the system with department access to the station; it suits their purpose. They respond to the call for help because they are nearby, but not because they have a special relationship with NT as the ERT does. However, to accomodate for deadhour, lack of command, etc, having a tool to pry open doors would be a good way to ensure their relationship with the station while at the same time giving them a method of travel that is slower than an access-ID card.
  10. Senpai Jackboot

    Add HoloAdverts

  11. Senpai Jackboot

    Add HoloAdverts

    Needs a dev
  12. There is a bottleneck in terms of treating traumas; you need a psychologist or CMO that knows how to diagnose the trauma and then treat it. Counselors should be given an ability to cure mental traumas. Sitting in the chaplain's office and having the ability target the person with the trauma. After a set amount of time, there is a chance for the trauma to be cured. They can only cure traumas in their office, for the quiet contemplation it brings. Give them a hypnosis clock and a diagnosis book too. This will add another crewmember with the power to help handle traumas, giving chaplains and counselors a mechanical method of fulfilling their job description, as well as providing three crewmembers that have the power to handle these otherwise debilitating debuffs.
  13. Senpai Jackboot

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    Sounds like someone is being a butt. But as i said in the op, do we want to bend over backwards to accomodate them by avoiding anything they can use to be a butt? They are more than likely not doing this in good faith, and want to disparage any initiative like this.
  14. Senpai Jackboot

    The Sol Arc Coming To The Station.... Maybe???

    Thats a question that needa context. It could be, but if they say is as a policy suggestion and insist they still listen to command?