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  1. Senpai Jackboot

    Tau Ceti Foreign Legion - Refactoring ERT

    Good questions so far. There is a lot of debate about the technicalities of their operation. Namely their ranking and the like. It is important to me that they are as close to the ERT as possible while still retaining their own identity. If you have ERT down to muscle memory, I want you to be able to have a grasp of the Legion as fast as possible. So for example their ranks are similar with a Cmdr, Tpr, etc, or other terms but with the same ranking definition. Their lore goes back to the Frost Invasion. When that arc ended Dorn created the TCFL. It is the national guard of biesel; a militia force. But anyone from anywhere in the galaxy can join it and, if they pass basic, stay in it long enough to be given the option to become citizens.
  2. Senpai Jackboot

    Tau Ceti Foreign Legion - Refactoring ERT

  3. Senpai Jackboot

    Tau Ceti Foreign Legion - Refactoring ERT

    The Tau Ceti Foreign Legion is the proposed alternative to standard NanoTrasen emergency response teams, filling in the same role with a much different dynamic. These will mostly replace the former NT ERT, holding generally the same gear with vastly different statistics and roles in gameplay. Overall, one can consider them to be a direct downgrade, but many of the weapons available simply carry different, newer roles. As an example, instead of bullpup assault carbines as their primary ballistic rifle, they receive a newer "gauss thumper" which does higher brute damage at the detriment of not generating shrapnel upon impact. They are multi-purpose as well, holding both standard tungsten slugs and ion slugs - rather than giving them an ion rifle or EMP grenades outright. They will not replace ERT entirely. ERT is going to have a lower or higher chance to spawn pending on the round type or other factors still being debated. In gameplay, the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion can be expected to operate in a much more defensive and tactical stature than the previous NT ERT. Whereas previously, emergency response was instantaneous and rivaled combat stationbounds as the fastest moving force in the game once chemicals came into play (especially with no hardsuit slowdown,) the TCFL is contrarily much slower when fielding similarly resilient armor. This, coupled with several other gear tweaks will hopefully make ERT more of a supplement and external helping force for the crew rather than something to relentlessly chase and neutralize antagonists. What exactly the TCFL can field is still being debated, but most gear, their descriptors and functionality can be found below. Feedback is welcome! Kyres helped me write this post.
  4. Senpai Jackboot

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    I am leaning on arrows statement, and the cochlear implant. It may be beneficial to give them a rate of understanding one another languages such as azaziba and sintaunathi, or create an implant that both sides can use to understand the other language perfectly. We do not need to explicitly wait for a humandev. Whenever there is a vacancy it defaults back to the loremaster (me) and mofo (who is overseeing human apps)
  5. I like this change. Security antags are incredibly powerful and with an infiltrated sec makes it incredibly awkward dynamic
  6. Senpai Jackboot

    Tau Ceti Truth

    Broadcast 289 Expert Finds Link Between Al'marii Assassin, Lii'dra Attack, NanoTrasen MIND CONTROL, and More Hey there truth seekers. From the heart of Tau Ceti to Mars or wherever you are, this is TCT's Pulsar 2 Pulsar and I’m Zee Strauhm. [Intro theme] Z: We’re live here in our studio today with Doctor Han Fu. He holds a doctorate in Galactic Relations and is a former member of the Alliance Committee of Foreign Relations; an independent think-tank that provided advice and consultation to SolGov politicians and officials. F: Thanks for having me. Z: Today he’s here to discuss his new book here -- The Manchurian Legacy. Now -- Dr. Fu I got to admit that I’ve only read about 19 chapters into this book before this interview. F: Heh. Z: So I haven’t read it all, but what I understand from as far as I got is that you have uncovered a conspiracy that touches several star nations, starting off with the assassination of Al’marii Hadii. That uh - Tajaran president of Adhomai. F: You are right. I’ve been researching this for years now and this conspiracy reaches the highest levels of the corporate world. Anyone familiar with Adhomai knows who Al’mari was, but for other viewers he was the president of Adhomai after their successful revolution. On 2451 he got assassinated during a parade by a former member of one of their intelligence agencies. Z: And you found out that the assassin disappeared after that incident. F: Yes. There’s a record of his sentencing to death, but there are no records of the actual execution. No prison that I contacted ever admitted to holding the assassin and we don’t even know his name. What really tipped me off was that the arresting officers in the police report don’t actually exist - the precinct says they had no officers by the listed names. Z: How is this related to NanoTrasen? F: Well, the assassin spent some time in Tau Ceti under the cover name Malik Hamil. He supposedly spent two weeks as an assistant on NanoTrasen’s Odin, and had a brief apartment rental there under the cover name. Z: And you think he was hired by NanoTrasen? F: That’s a common theory, but it’s wrong. What really happened is that Al’marii’s assassin was actually completely unimportant as an individual. However he was one of thousands of sleeper agents that are created by NanoTrasen whenever a nonhuman species works for them. This is achieved thanks to phoron chips implanted into their frontal cortex. Z: But how would NanoTrasen be able to chip every single employee on such a large scale without anyone noticing? F: Their cryo pods. You’re unconscious in the pods. Ask yourself: Do you really know where the cryo storage pods take you? Z: Wow…. I never thought about that…. F: Exactly. So NanoTrasen uses its implantation fabrication facilities that cryo pods transport you to in order to turn unwitting individuals into sleeper agents which is why they so greedibly guard their supply. And the reason so many alien species head to Tau Ceti is because these sleeper agents return home to indoctrinate their friends and family by whispering secret cypher codes into their ears while they sleep which cause certain genetic triggers that cause a deep urge to migrate. So they wake up wanting to come to Tau Ceti, and when they get here and work for NanoTrasen they’re implanted with the same implant and cyphers and sent back to their home planets. It’s exponential growth. Z: And what does this mean? F: In the long term NanoTrasen’s goal is to turn everyone into a sleeper agent. Once enough of the population of each alien species is indoctrinated, they’ll switch to humanity. Then in the end they will send out the Final Cypher. Everyone will become a mind slave to NanoTrasen with what I am calling Gen2 Loyalty Implants. Z: This is a lot to take in. You’re really getting me spooked here. F: You should be. Z: What is the Lii’dra involvement? F: The Lii’dra attack on Sol. A portion of NanoTrasen’s loyalty implants were activated too soon, and all those NanoTrasen employees attacked the Sol system. NanoTrasen and the Shadow Council controlling SolGov had to disappear the identities of all the attackers and blame it on the Lii’dra. That’s why when Frost decided to go out into the frontier he couldn’t find the Lii’dra - he was the one that had the guts to actually go out and fight and the Shadow Council realized he was a rogue agent outside their control. So they had to let it leak that it was actually pirates, since he would have returned and blown the lid on the Lii’dra being a fake out. Z: Er - Frost would have stopped the shadow council? F: Yes. You see, Frost was in hiding because he knows this conspiracy. I start talking about him in chapter 25, when I explained the legitimacy of the Chater Letter and how it was part of the Shadow Council’s plan to aid NanoTrasen in mind-slaving the galaxy. Frost recognized the intention of the invasion and turned against the Shadow Council and used the invasion as his own double cross to destroy NanoTrasen’s implantation production facilities in Tau Ceti. When the Shadow Council found out he was no longer working for them, they sent in loyalist forces to boot him out and he’s been hiding in the frontier until now. Frost is going to be able to - Z: OK, that’s enough F: What? Hey - Z: This interview is over. I shut off his mic. We don’t entertain ATLAS crackpots here. We’ll be back after this word from our sponsor today -- it’s uh -- Reynold’s Rentals: Technically Family Owned Since 2442. When we return we’ll be discussing whether New Gibson is really a planet or an elaborate hard-light hologram used to hide government secrets. Stay tuned, truth-seekers. [Outro theme]
  7. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    By loop i meant a step that IPCs may have to take to be Heads. Akin to the Vaurca avowel. This is being discussed but we are working on something that will not be frustrating to existing or future synth head aspirants.
  8. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Unathi and tajara in command is not being addressed in this thread. Ive outlined the steps our team is taking. Is there any discussion on the specific steps we are taking?
  9. Senpai Jackboot

    Tau Ceti Truth

    Broadcast 287 Dorn Staff Revealed: Dorn Is Shell Plant Hey there truth seekers. From the heart of Tau Ceti to Mars or wherever you are, this is TCT's Pulsar 2 Pulsar and I’m Zee Strauhm. [Intro theme] Z: We’re live here in our studio with Stacy Stewart, former intern in Joseph Dorn’s administration. Stewart is here to discuss the truth about what happened to Joseph Dorn on February 17th, 2459. The official story is that Dorn was intercepted by Admiral Frost and held in captivity, giving a speech offering the unconditional surrender of the star nation to the invading forces. And only a week later, Dorn is rescued, shuttled off to Elyra, then comes back defiant and proud of himself and presides over sweeping reforms that liberate IPC’s. That’s the official story. S: You forgot how he was rescued. Z: Ha, you’re right. Dorn was rescued by the Synthetic Liberation Front. You know, the radical terrorists. And after this rescue, Dorn’s entire platform suddenly swings. I think you said earlier you noticed the personality change. S: Yeah Strauhm, I did. When Dorn came back on March 6th he gave his big speech and surprised everyone. He was suddenly very pro-freeing the synthetics. Overnight he just had this big pro-synthetic agenda. Z: Right after being rescued by SLF members and shuttled off to Elyra - but there’s no time tables about that. S: Yeah! Everything was so messy while Sol was in here - the soldiers never told us anything. Then suddenly the SLF just hand us the president back and go ‘here ya go!’ the President is just talking all the SLF talking points. I’m sure he made it to Elyra, and I’m sure he made it onto the shuttle coming back from Elyra. Z: And you said there were some mysterious circumstances about the trip. S: Yeah well you see there are no official logs about the President’s flight from Elyra to Tau Ceti. he just showed up like ‘surprise’! All we have is their leaving and exit. And the thing is, the logs show a passenger manifest of the President and like 6 SLF members. Then Dorn gets out, and only 5 SLF members get out. I’m just saying it wasn't Dorn that stepped off the shuttle when it landed in Tau Ceti. Z: He was replaced by a shell during the flight? S: I definitely think he was. All the signs are there. When we got back to the office his mannerisms were all different. It’s a bunch of little things that no one would ever think about individually but put together I saw it as clear as day. It just hit me. Z: What changed? S: For one, after a week I realized I never saw him eating. I’d see food in his hands or like a bag of take out, but I never saw him actually in the process of eating. Drinking either - he was such a huge fan of Dr. Gibb, but after he came back from Elyra he just, never asked for it. And during office meetings he’d stare at the power outlet on the wall like he was hungry. And not only that - he always had this peppermint breath because he loved those things and during meetings he’d offer them to everyone but he stopped doing that entirely. I asked him one day if he had any peppermints and he just looked at me funny. And he never showed up to the vice president cook-out that happened on the Aurora. What, you’re too busy to show up for your candidates cook out on a research station? Give me a break. He didn’t show up because robots don’t need to eat. Z: Wow, such subtle changes. No one else would have noticed. S: You are absolutely right. It isn't just the policy changes - it’s the personality shift. He can even do math crazy fast -- without paper. He took some of the interns out to a burger joint and he figured out a 17% tip on a 36.82 credit meal in under 6 seconds. And I swear when he blinked there was a little whirring sound in his eyes. Z: I think we’ve proven pretty decisively that whoever that is in office isn’t the real Dorn. So tell me about the bigger issues: his policy. S: This shell, which is a plant, has been pushing greater synthetic rights in Tau Ceti. But that’s just level 1 on this conspiracy iceberg. It goes a lot deeper, Strauhm. Because, suprise suprise, the longer this shell is in office, the more government officials start acting weird too. The Governor of Phoenixport, Mindy Donald, I also noticed doing crazy stuff when she visited. And all the congressmen too. Three of them, when they came in, I saw these tiny little marks on the backs of their necks. What I think is going on is that the SLF is using the access and power of a shell Dorn to kidnap members of our government and implant mind control implants into their spines. They use these implants to turn more of our government officials into sleeper agents. Z: Wow. To what end? S: I think it’s pretty obvious. The Vaurca queens have an alliance with the SLF as I think you know. So to secure this alliance, when the SLF implants all members of our government they’ll activate the chips all at once and turn every member of government - from congress to the interns like me - to mind-slaves of the Zo’ra. And when that happens, we’ll be completely helpless. They’ll be able to walk all over us. Z: Wow. This is explosive information. Do you feel safe telling us all of this? S: The shell that took Dorn’s place already tried to silence me. I was fired for ‘misconduct’. I was trying to bring in powerful magnets to run over the so-called Dorn to see if he would react, but it tripped the sensors and they grilled me for hours and told me I was no longer working for this administration. Z: You are a real truth seeker. You heard it here folks - President Dorn is a synthetic shell. The powerful cabal that dominates our star nation holds truly unthinkable plans for us and our families. We may have to face a future where we are forced to work for powerful slave masters. What a dismal world we may face. Thanks for coming onto the show Stacy! S: No problem Zee. Z: We’re going to take a quick break after a message from tonight’s sponsor: Getmore Holiday Specials. When you need the perfect gift for that special someone, Getmore of it from Getmore. Getmore: Where you get it all. Z: After the break we have a 2 part interview with Doctor Addler. The first part will be a discussion on the geopolitical realities facing Tau Ceti and the economic and political turmoil hitting the alliance. In the 2nd half Addler will discuss his theory on how the lottery is a Vox ploy to trap time travellers for the purpose of harvesting their Null Spirit Karma. Stay tuned, truth seekers. [Outro theme]
  10. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Liberals get the meteor pen too!
  11. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    This is what I said.
  12. Senpai Jackboot

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    He's still doing it.
  13. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    That's not what I said.
  14. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    I talked to the OP. I do agree we need to do 2 things: 1) Have an easy visual cue as to whether an ipc is free or not. Potentially bringing back tags to mark their status as OWNED or FREE. This will make it immediately apparent the status of IPCs and making it clearer for both sides who falls under what regs. This is a firm goal of mine. 2) Discuss a loop to go through such as the vaurca have. This one is no promises as to what form it takes or if it does, but we will see what to do without being too reactionary. @CakeIsOssim
  15. Senpai Jackboot

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    I am not going to set a precedent of reversing the results of what are meant to be landmark moments in our server's history.