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Re: Bluespace Null Field Machine - Solution to the Telescience Problem

-1 from me, mainly on the grounds that there's not a real problem with telescience, just one person abusing it. However, knowing how the server's been going, saying no means essentially nothing. I feel like this device should have to be an actively activated one that uses up power faster than the ap...

Re: Captain Panic Button

I like this idea. I feel the button should be physically under their desk like they are IRL, requiring them to right/alt-click the tile to hit it. Doing so would also trigger the use object restriction on aiming mechanics, meaning any captain/head that tries to do it while being aimed at gets shot (...

Re: Rolling Papers

Huenererschrecker wrote:
Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:28 am
Said papers could (and should in my opinion) be able to be brought from cigarette machines, along with dried up tabacco (or whatever you want to use to make legitimate cigarettes).
Yes, good. There could even be options for nicotine and nicotine free bags.

Re: Rolling Papers

You know you're the one hydroponist who I was referencing before lol. However, I doubt you're going to be on 24/7 for all my joint rolling completely legitimate cigarette making needs.

Rolling Papers

So I've been meaning to suggest this idea for over a week now, but my job has me craving death pretty busy. Essentially, this idea adds a pack of cigarette rolling papers to both the loadout screen, and biogenerators. Each pack would hold a number of papers (anywhere between 5 to 8, I feel) in a sma...

Re: In-Station Restaurant/Pub: A kitchen and bar rework

I wasn't complaining about chefs logging in, I'm complaining about the second chef slot. I realize there's 2 of everything in the kitchen for the purpose of dual chefs, but my cheffing style gets clogged up with someone else in the way. I was expressing my distaste for more than 1 person in my dang ...

Re: In-Station Restaurant/Pub: A kitchen and bar rework

-1 from me. It's bad enough when the occasional chef shows up and takes up precious kitchen room, but this is ridiculous. I also despise the idea of the kitchen being a separate franchise. My job has a restaurant inside, and it's employees are with the company. We're not even hailed as "the biggest ...

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