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Byond CKey

Byond Key

Found 10 results

  1. I’ve noticed while playing cargo and ghosting a few rounds that the warehouse is seldom sorted or sent out in full. Cargonia aside, I think that the first and second floor to the warehouse, the bounty list, phoron bounty and orders means that if someone wants to RP, the warehouse is ultimately ignored or only high value items are searched for and sent out. On my own, working efficiently I think it took me 40 minutes to sort both levels, which can be quite draining. After sorting the warehouse and moving about 3 mops into the pile for janitorial that I knew would never be used, I wanted to
  2. As the title says, either make the SAT and its function known to all of command, or at least make it known to the mindshielded members of command (read: HoS). Why should this be changed? Back in the olden days of Aurora, everyone knew about the nuke. It was the thing nobody cared about or talked about, because it makes sense that the station has a self-destruct. I mean, hell, at one point the nuke was a literal bomb with radiation symbols on it on Vault cameras. I cannot think of a single benefit of making its existence known only to the Captain. That is not to say that anyone other than
  3. It isn't actually against Corporate Regulations to not follow Station Procedure. --------------- i119 - Failure to follow Station Procedure - This covers any low-consequence breaks of Station Procedure such as Uniform Regulation breaks and so on. 100 Credit Fine i224 Failure to follow Station Procedure with Serious Consequences - This covers any serious breaks of Station Procedure such as Scientific Experimentation Procedure not being followed and causing Injury, or a violation of Consular Officer Procedure. Suspension ----------------
  4. What is an ERT? A miserable little cheat! I'm going to open with this: On this roleplaying server, who should be solving problems - the characters of the station crew, or a heavily armed group of faceless goons who are non-characters and can in 95% of scenarios wipe out the antagonists on their own? If you answered the latter, you may be a validhunter! In all seriousness, I do not think ERTs are conducive to creating interesting stories. Think about what they really bring to the table - at most, they might attempt to be mediators or simply support for the station. At worst (an
  5. On paper, it makes sense, sounds fine. In practice, it's just annoying. The majority of our rounds are antagonist rounds, and the majority of antagonist rounds are going to end while the station is on heightened alert. Having to then rely on very unreliable RNG for Odin security officers to be spawned or to just get stuck in the evac shuttle for a full minute plus any admin tickets (with a PR on the way to raise that to two), while the actual areas explicitly designed for the crew to RP in during round end are just locked away, is not fun. (I don't know if this applies on both blue and red or
  6. Basically, command will have two options under this proposed change. -Send a call for an ERT, which will take about twenty minutes, give or take. -Instantly ask for a delivery of emergency equipment, with some armor and weapons from whatever the Odin can send, the weapons will vary from okay to good.
  7. The spare identification has been a classic aspect of SS13 gameplay since time immemorial. Unfortunately this also means it's been the only high-risk item that matters because having the hand teleporter or other means of creative mobility on demand seems rather redundant if you can walk through every other airlock and then close it much faster than anyone can respond. It is within my belief that the spare identification is a form of in-round power that is far too easily accessed through illegitimate means, and acquiring said 'power' in the round requires absolutely no interaction with any othe
  8. This one has always bugged me, mainly due to sometimes being harder to get than the phoron canisters during a phoron shortage. Once you do get it, you either half securities means to go EVA (They always say: we only got 2, even though they can cycle other voidsuits into security ones) or you made a net loss of 4k credits, because they only give it to you, if you promise to order one back. (Just ordering one and sending it back works sometimes.. sometimes not, too expensive to test for me) Proposal: Either bump up the reward to be more fitting to the cost of the materials ( 3.
  9. “When an evil eldritch god is trying to infiltrate your mind and enslave you but you are a waifu nurse that would never hurt her friends so your mind is impenetrable” - MattAtlas It's kind of ridiculous that this is still a thing in a conversion based gamemode. Resisting the conversion rune should only buy you time, not be a perfect (well, nearly, you do get killed at the end) counter to an elder god. The expectation of a secret round should be to play along. barring being suddenly ganked the minute you exit cryo (That's antag bannable). I guarantee the #1 reason for most resists isn't beca
  10. I think I've waited long enough. Since it's me posting the suggestion, people will think I'm biased (I'm Yumi Yotin's player.) and I might be, but I've always thought that the disability rule is hampering RP instead of enabling it. It feels like a blanket rule thrown out over most if not all disabilities, which simply isn't fair and makes no sense. Things like security officers with one arm or engineers in wheelchairs won't make much sense, sure. But I have played Yumi in the past, as an engineering apprentice, mute, for longer than a year, with no substantial major issues arising from it. I w
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