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Byond CKey

Byond Key

Found 7 results

  1. What is an ERT? A miserable little cheat! I'm going to open with this: On this roleplaying server, who should be solving problems - the characters of the station crew, or a heavily armed group of faceless goons who are non-characters and can in 95% of scenarios wipe out the antagonists on their own? If you answered the latter, you may be a validhunter! In all seriousness, I do not think ERTs are conducive to creating interesting stories. Think about what they really bring to the table - at most, they might attempt to be mediators or simply support for the station. At worst (and in most situations), they take the situation out of the hands of the crew and place it solidly into the hands of the ERT, who will almost always be better equipped to deal with any problem than the crew is. The ERT is not a roleplay enhancement: the distress beacon is an "I win" button, that command clicks when they're forced to deal with the prospect that the valids may not be completely secured. Interesting scenarios, such as the crew being forced to arm themselves and attempt to fortify a location long enough to evacuate, or deal with being subjugated by an occupying force, or trying to attempt a valiant last stand against an enemy they may not be able to defeat? The ERT prevents this. A mercenary team can play admirably, roleplaying along the way, and if they're successful enough? Well, inevitably, the valid squad will come to shut down their round. It simply isn't fair, and it isn't fun for anybody except the valid squad. The worst situation ERTs can lead to is a premature distress beacon, when command totally jumps the gun on calling an ERT and effectively shuts down the rest of the round. Now, I do not actually propose outright removal of the ERT - I would actually really like if we did remove them completely, but I don't think enough popular support exists for this. What I do propose is: 1. The disabling of the NT-ERT - as it is obscenely powerful - and replacing it with something adjacent but less-capable, like NT civil protection. 2. Making it so an ERT cannot be sent without admin approval during a round when an admin is online. If any admin is not online, the distress beacon can be sent without approval. 3. Delay the spawning of the ERT, so it takes a considerably longer amount of time for them to arrive. Also welcoming additional suggestions.
  2. On paper, it makes sense, sounds fine. In practice, it's just annoying. The majority of our rounds are antagonist rounds, and the majority of antagonist rounds are going to end while the station is on heightened alert. Having to then rely on very unreliable RNG for Odin security officers to be spawned or to just get stuck in the evac shuttle for a full minute plus any admin tickets (with a PR on the way to raise that to two), while the actual areas explicitly designed for the crew to RP in during round end are just locked away, is not fun. (I don't know if this applies on both blue and red or just red, but really it doesn't change the argument.) If this is really super duper wanted for 'immersion' for some reason, at least please move the blast doors to the tram and Mendell shuttleport entries to simulate the crew still not being allowed to leave the docking area or something, rather than forcing everyone to sit in the shuttle itself.
  3. Basically, command will have two options under this proposed change. -Send a call for an ERT, which will take about twenty minutes, give or take. -Instantly ask for a delivery of emergency equipment, with some armor and weapons from whatever the Odin can send, the weapons will vary from okay to good.
  4. The spare identification has been a classic aspect of SS13 gameplay since time immemorial. Unfortunately this also means it's been the only high-risk item that matters because having the hand teleporter or other means of creative mobility on demand seems rather redundant if you can walk through every other airlock and then close it much faster than anyone can respond. It is within my belief that the spare identification is a form of in-round power that is far too easily accessed through illegitimate means, and acquiring said 'power' in the round requires absolutely no interaction with any other inhabitants of the round. Normally one would think that the act of acquiring the spare ID would have its risks: you'd be wrong. Immediately acquiring the spare ID means you have a flexible number of potential escapes from the captain's office instead of just the way you got in. Command airlocks are just like any other airlock and do not have randomized electronics. Making them do so would just make it so that the ideal option is to cut a wall or slice through a window since those two are faster than hacking a secure airlock. In essence, there is no reasonable way to keep the spare identification as it is, and defending the spare identification behind a guard of auto-turrets would be as equivalent as erasing the spare identification from existence. Simply removing the spare identification from the captain's office and the NSS Aurora entirely would be much simpler and would not require 5d gymnastics justifications. Let's talk about some potential consequences of this. Bear with me, for I expect these and many other arguments in spades well in advance. 1. Antagonists have to buy the agent ID, or pick-up a toolbelt or manipulate others to enable access to places their job doesn't intend them to be. It is my personal belief that "having" to do something that makes you interact with others in the round is universally a good thing moreso than it is a bad thing. This is an RP environment much as is the way that a DnD campaign is an RP environment. The players expect to interact with the villain and the other way around. Having to require time investment and actual careful covering of one's own tracks to break into, out of, around areas helps simulate that petty-to-grand thievery is not as simple as "I walk in, take what I want and leave." Requiring either specialized tools to break in or someone to have helped the antagonist into an area they legally shouldn't be in makes it so that there's a bit of actual brainpower required to accomplish any meaningful objective. The Agent ID is also a pretty good tool already, but sadly made redundant thanks to how easy it is to acquire the spare and then keep its power throughout the entire round. Also consider, hacking a borg would be a disproportionately amazing option should that fit your character. If you really want a key to the station, being forced to resort to interact with another player is a fantastic idea. Likewise, the emag is going to cut into your TC budget anyway. 2. Breaking into [insert secure area here] alone would be impossible! Well, good. Bring a friend, you'll have loads of fun trying to stage a heist on the vault without the ease of the spare ID. That might actually be a challenge that requires a bit of planning to defeat all the turrets with whatever guns you have. 3. The head of personnel and captain are now massive targets! Well, good. They should be already? But now antagonists have that as their only resort if they want more specific access, which gives direct indication that indeed, someone does have something as dangerous as all-access to the entire station. It leaves evidence that an antagonist did in fact interact with one of the inhabitants of the station instead of completely sidelining interaction to complete IC objectives, which defeats the point of playing an antagonist. Most assuredly a majority of people who already play command internally burn with a desire to actually meaningfully interact with an antagonist, so a simple stick-up would probably make anyone's day. The risk involved be damned. 4. But what about command staff in an emergency? What about head of personnel/captain becoming high-priority roles? Command staff having to be creative and think around their access limits? The HOP/Captain jobs actually being played by command whitelistees? Don't tease me. Let's be honest, having the spare ID or no will not always change the outcome of a round. The fact that the station and the round antagonists are both potentially incapable of having it during a round with no HOP/captain is perhaps more of a good thing than it is a bad one. It becomes a situation of two sides being pit against each other with their own limitations of access and requirements of creativity to get into or out of certain places. "I guess I'll just deal with the round going to hell when me being unable to do anything about it" is the exact spirit of playing a cult round as a station job, for instance. Sometimes rounds go to hell, and that's okay! That's literally the spirit of SS13. If this change makes it more often that's actually not entirely a bad thing. 5. These are massive ninja/wizard/merc/heist nerfs! Oh no, whatever will they do? The ninja can just teleport away, the wizard can knock airlocks open (straight into the armory to fireball the lockers, I might add, if not also knock the lockers too - not sure if it does that here), mercenaries literally spawn with epic gamer tools and heisters get budget epic gamer tools to spawn with also. I guess they will just have to deal with it.
  5. This one has always bugged me, mainly due to sometimes being harder to get than the phoron canisters during a phoron shortage. Once you do get it, you either half securities means to go EVA (They always say: we only got 2, even though they can cycle other voidsuits into security ones) or you made a net loss of 4k credits, because they only give it to you, if you promise to order one back. (Just ordering one and sending it back works sometimes.. sometimes not, too expensive to test for me) Proposal: Either bump up the reward to be more fitting to the cost of the materials ( 3.5-4k reward for 8kish of materials right now) or substitute the bounty for another worthy sec item e.g. batons or laser pistols or whatever
  6. “When an evil eldritch god is trying to infiltrate your mind and enslave you but you are a waifu nurse that would never hurt her friends so your mind is impenetrable” - MattAtlas It's kind of ridiculous that this is still a thing in a conversion based gamemode. Resisting the conversion rune should only buy you time, not be a perfect (well, nearly, you do get killed at the end) counter to an elder god. The expectation of a secret round should be to play along. barring being suddenly ganked the minute you exit cryo (That's antag bannable). I guarantee the #1 reason for most resists isn't because 'I don't want to submit because RP reasons', it's 'I'm salty so I'm not gonna play ball'. It's very much poor behavior in these cases, and shouldn't be possible anymore.
  7. I think I've waited long enough. Since it's me posting the suggestion, people will think I'm biased (I'm Yumi Yotin's player.) and I might be, but I've always thought that the disability rule is hampering RP instead of enabling it. It feels like a blanket rule thrown out over most if not all disabilities, which simply isn't fair and makes no sense. Things like security officers with one arm or engineers in wheelchairs won't make much sense, sure. But I have played Yumi in the past, as an engineering apprentice, mute, for longer than a year, with no substantial major issues arising from it. I will admit, quite a bit of salt still remains in that wound, ever since mutes are no longer allowed in any department but civilian. But what I seriously want here, is to take more of a closer look at the available disabilities or perhaps even create some sort of disability whitelist that will allow some of the more minor physical disabilities, like being mute or having asthma, be allowed outside of civilian areas and in select other departments. Yes, there's extreme things that should not be allowed - We're not getting deaf command or colorblind medical (mixing up chemicals is that dangerous I guess.) But a mute engineer, a deaf scientist or a chemist with asthma are things that I don't see issue with? I believe the rule came about as a mostly 'muh realism' thing, even back when I was on staff I never got more reasoning than 'it would not be realistic' despite it having been fine for longer than a year by then. But yeah, TLDR: Re-evaluate what disabilities are viable in each department instead of banning them everywhere but civilian since it just hampers RP by limiting it to one area, in my opinion.
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