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  1. Essentially, anyone on Odin can read and speak with Aurora via radio. If that's possible at such a distance, why do fax's exist? Devs pls fix
  2. Command members and Security start with a handheld flash. As we all know, this is the most worthless tool on the station. These relics were useful in older code, but nowadays they're just a worthless piece of kit. That said, I think they should be removed in favor of something more readily useful. Say hello to the proper Taser. Item: Taser Description: A short range (4 tile) one-shot stunner that has no lethal options, requires ammunition, and can be used to detain someone long enough for proper Security to arrive. As a self-defense weapon for Command, it allows an effective (if used properly) means to keep oneself safe. The taser would be a one-time use ranged tool, and a melee tool in one. Unlike traditional non-lethal options on the station, the taser will not have a lethal option (unless e-magged), and will only be able to fire one time before needing to be reloaded. While more versatile than the stun baton, the taser only holds about half as much charge as the baton, and requires ammo for each fired pin. As a strictly non-lethal option for Security, it is appropriate to be utilized during Code Green. Like other firearms, the taser would be able to holstered in any regular holster (which could allow a cool look for Command to walk around strapped with a taser). A dart can be safely removed (30 seconds, easily done after cuffing) by using the Grab, then the Help intent on the affected limb. The victim can use the "Struggle" verb to remove their own (if not restrained otherwise). Removing a dart in this fashion does not cause a wound, and will not need additional medical. If a taser is reloaded, the victim will still have the dart in them (which will show when someone looks at them in red text: "He has a taser dart and wire coming from his chest!"). Tasers can be recharged at any weapon charger or regular recharger. Taser darts should be near immediate (bullet speed), making them useful for aiming at a target and auto-firing if they flee, but not as useful in a firefight due to the short range. Different Uses: Stun - While within 1 block of someone and in the Help/Grab/Push, the taser will stun the victim, dropping them to the ground for a few moments (a little less than a stun baton). Dart - At a range with any intent, the taser will fire a dart that connects to the victim and stun for a bit longer (the same as a stun baton). Once connected, attempting to fire the taser again will cause the victim to be shocked again, allowing multiple shocks for non-compliant victims. The victim may attempt to run away, but doing so will rip the darts out, causing a bleeding wound which might leave a blood trail. The darts are re-usable, but must be re-packed after each shot and can be stacked up to 3 shots. Pistol Whip - Harm intent within 1 block, bash someone's face with the handle of the taser for slightly more damage than an unarmed strike, and a chance to knock them down briefly. Lethal (Shhh) - When e-magged, the taser will use it's entire battery on a successful shock, enough to put someone into critical. This will however, make a loud, zapping sound that might draw unwanted attention. Purpose: This gives Command a more proper means of self-defense, something that isn't overpowered but is still effective. Meanwhile, it also gives Security an alternative means of handling less chaotic situations. If someone is avoiding being cuffed a taser might be a lot less alarming than a full on energy weapon. "Sir, you're about to be tazed, stop resisting." The taser also has built in accountability, requiring the darts to be removed (which would of course put notes up for witnesses to see). "John Doe is attempting to remove taser darts from Jane Doe's Chest!". For added drama it could even show up in photographs for "evidence" purposes (or for the local tabloid reporter). "You see a photo. John Doe is in the photo, he's holding a Taser. Jane Doe is in the photo, she has taser darts in her chest!". This would allow for scandalous fake news, evidence, and something for the shooter to laugh at later when reveling over the photo of their victim darted on the ground.
  3. For as long as anyone can remember SS13 RP'ers have divided servers into LRP, MRP, and HRP. Whenever I look into the reasons people consider MRP and HRP different, the answers are either unsatisfying or the answers come up short entirely. MRP often have more rules than HRP servers regarding things like escalation and combat. LRP servers don't usually advertise themselves as such or make it part of their identity how they don't roleplay. The terms are archaic labels from an older era, and only serve to form a sense of exclusionary club membership. Our roleplay is not inherently heavier than another servers simply because of a label. It is my suggestion that we remove the term HRP from Aurora and simply call ourselves a Roleplaying Server.
  4. Have you ever started a round of secret and been sorely disappointed when it turns out to be extended in the end? Or opened aurora and seen the round type as secret and... again been sorely disappointed when you join, hoping for an antag round? Well, I have joined such rounds, and it kinda sucks tbh. I do like extended on occasion, but I don't really find it a pleasant surprise not to have antags in a round I expected antags in. I understand it happens because people who vote secret don't always have their own roles toggled, and sometimes all the round-start players don't want to be antags. That's fine. But when I join with my roles on, why can't I just get the antag role then, so everyone who voted for secret get their 'SURPRISE' moment, I get to contribute to a round as antag like I am fine doing, and every other player who sees the 'secret' and hopes it means antag, wont be disappointed. I think this is part of what Skull wanted in the below, except in a smaller scale, I just want auto-traitor if the rest doesn't make sense.
  5. races like humans I'd love if on inspection you had a little thing saying 'looks like age X', it could be as close to their real age as they wanted but inspecting someone and then having to go through a long ass bio or a desc that doesn't exist at all and judging if someone is old by the greyness of their hair. Of course species like skrell might only be able to tell age of other skrell because of y'know. Vaurca probably have no visible age at all, but still I think it'd be an interesting addition to be able to tell age OTHER than desc or record diving
  6. I may not speak for everybody here, but to most who have ahelped, I think they will find this anecdote familiar: You spot a player involved in some gross negligence in regards to the server rules, and ahelp this to a staff member. Maybe they had [CLASSIFIED] x10s in their records, or they portray a baldhead in a grey jumpsuit for the memes, maybe its an antag deploying powergaming tricks or metainformation is used by a fellow player to trick/trap an antag. Eitherway, you help the staff member by providing either logs, or pointing out what this transgressor has done to warrant an ahelp and the admin acknowledges your concerns and tells you they will deal with it. Then you carry on and wait 5 minutes, 10 minutes or sometimes longer depending on how much investigation is required by admins. All of a sudden, you receive a ping. Finally, the admin/mod has dealt with it --- "It's been handled". Says the admin, before closing off the ticket and leaving you in the dark. Meanwhile, you can see the transgressor happily walk by as if nothing happened at all, leaving you with no clue what exactly has been done in regards to enforcement. My suggestion isn't as big as my anecdote may make it seem, but my point is that I believe that staff should be somewhat more transparent when it comes to handling these types of tickets by offering a brief or short clarification prior to closing it. Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking every moderator or admin to end every ticket with a 200 word paragraph case report. However, providing players with closure would probably help relations between staff and players. This also isn't an attack to any particular staff member either. There are staff members who do inform players by ahelp what they've done, either by telling them they gave the transgessor a warning or a note, and sometimes they don't do it either. I think ahelp tickets need this type of transparecy to give players the sense that their tickets are taken seriously. If a player requests for more details, the staff member can always direct them to the forums/discord or simply refuse to provide more information if they deem it unnecessary. If anyone has any additions or objections to this, I'd love to hear it. I think a discussion on this matter would contribute regardless of the outcome to see how players feel about how tickets are handled.
  7. as it stands it is obviously far superior in every objective way to play with pieces as big as a Unathi thus we should move it to a more public area, or make it a free to access little path through maintenance with some pathing and access unlocked doors. I was thinking it could go up near the pool since it's such a low traffic area, or perhaps chuck it in the bar since half the tables are never used anyway
  8. it's super weird that zeng hu get some rp fluff things that NT can't use since we're all under the same umbrella of the SCC and it would logically be pretty easy to just rip an augment out of a zeng hu employee who defected and backwards design the implant. plus it was a really weird and hamfisted way to force people to play zeng hu contractors - while giving nothing unique to Hephaestus or NanoTrasen or even Idris. it sets a weird precedent that people from different companies get a literal mechanical advantage (telescopic eyes for paramedic for example), and makes balancing super wack. companies should have a draw for their themes and aesthetic, not for their gameplay advantage but things that should remain company specific are things that actually represent the company, the zeng hu face plate is a rad example of something that represents the company and is a really interesting concept, IRU coats, etc etc.
  9. I understand this will be controversial. However, there are some arguments to be made and this policy suggestion isn't out of the blue. Here's my reasoning: In our lore, neither MMIs or posis can just change databases (what would be considered, OOCly, jobhopping): As it currently stands, most borgs are effectively jack of all trade: Despite their limitations, borgs can get powergamey even as non-antag: Bonus: emphasize borgs are more akin to an assistant/helper and not a replacement of actual roles. Not sure how this could be made, but I feel some choose borg over any character because they feel it can be regular job + AA or ability to fulfill all of the departmental needs. I don't think that's what the cyborgs purpose is intended for, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. So, it's a tale as old as time - you're playing between 5 AM and 2 PM EST, you have a three or four so hour long extended round with maybe 2 or 3 people. A crew transfer vote pops up, and there's 6 or so votes to transfer, and so it triumphs over 2 or 3 - then the next round, nobody who voted 'yes' readys up, there's no engine or engineers, and any RP from the prior round is over. Overall, not a fun experience. I just don't really get why people who are sitting in the lobby can choose to end someone's ongoing RP and then continue to sit in the lobby. I see it all the time in the morning rounds and it kills the server regularly. I don't think it would be an issue if you had to be ingame to vote, as then you'd either vote 'yes' if the RP was stale or 'no' if you wanted to continue. You wouldn't simply vote 'yes' because... I'm not sure why lobbymains vote on it at all, to be honest. I can see the merits of allowing people to end a round if they wanna join a new one, or ghosts to call it over since their character is gone, but generally from what I've seen after these votes very few of those who voted actually join.
  11. Or in other words, allow it so you can use a Cryptographic Sequencer on a Disruptor to bypass the user registration (and various alert/brig-enabled locks on it's [mode-switching] functionality).
  12. Although I understand the RP should be focused in NSS Aurora and that part of the "punishment" for dying may be not playing. This isn't fun. I suggest allowing certain slots to be filled up in NTCC Odin simmilar to the department you belonged when dying. This way you don't mix dead people with alive people and ERTs may be able to prepare chat and RP there while they may or may not be called. Exploiting this way of spawning in Odin would obviously be punishable. Now; this idea opens a new window of opportunities as to instead of just allowing generic slots in the Odin, create actual characters that differ from NSS Aurora and even exceptionally allow a character who usually is working in NSS Aurora to spawn in NTCC Odin for training purposes only. And as you get deper into this you may want to have NTCC Odin be able to interact more with NSS Aurora by making cargo requests, modifying bounties, luring something to NSS Aurora in exchange for a prize, sending emergency supplies, suits or mechs, requesting experiments, send anomalies for research to NSS Aurora or even board the Aurora as a visitor or helper. The last stuff I mentioned may not be as interesting as even I don't think would completely work out. In any case hopefully this gives you an idea that you may be able to improve on.
  13. Not necessarily on people, but some kind of 'dummy' that you can slide a uniform and an ID onto, and have give readouts that don't look suspicious to medical would be great. As far as I see it, there could be two ways to do it, a ghetto way, which would be sliding an ID and suit onto a suit cooling unit, or a monkey, for organics. And a prime way, which would function by essentially being a literal dummy that you can dress up. The Ghetto way would work for location, but give some pretty bizarre readings that a doctor who is paying attention would pick up on. The prime way would be much harder to distinguish. This is a very niche idea, so I understand if it isn't worthy of the time it might take to make it, but I feel like it could be useful for more interesting gameplay. Making suit sensors not as reliable for certain things, and enabling people to cause a distraction if they really need it.
  14. After another round of standing at the wall of the Odin without any meaningful reasoning or response from the other side, I am suggesting to make it CCIA/ModMin decision again when it closes or opens so that a) We get Odin sec when it is locked down b) Do not get to stare at the wall after extendo Simple suggestion but it's a bit mind baffling to me why we got a new Odin with ghost spawners for the bar when the checkpoint can just nope out at any time
  15. In another post, regarding the access of medics and first responders I gave this thought (just copy paste): "Okay, really hot take here: Access bounded with/to IDs is a flawed system and I found it always very strange. Why not do the following: IDs are what it says - cards to identify someone. They dont have any use on doors or access in general. This gets outsourced to, can you guess the super sci fi answer? Access keycards. What's the difference you ask? Simple - these access keycards are only for sensitive areas. The Supermatter Engine, Command obviously. Head offices, armoury, etc (exact areas pending). So what's the difference? Well, for one, it's easier to forge a keycard - stealing IDs is always something that draws attention in some way. forging or manipulating a keycard is way more subtle. Second, the age old access question for who gets where is (partially) solved. Everyone just has basic department access. What speaks against it anyway? there is not much in the, for example engineering lobby that can be meddled with and if - maybe a small remap is needed. You could even go further and make it so that you actually have to swipe your keycard for these secured doors either on a device or on the door itself, so you need maybe a second or two to open them. "But Lanze, this is not realistic." Why not? Example - I am working in a (military) hospital. There are security areas but you either get buzzed in (something that wouldnt work with Aurora, obviously) or we use our access card. But even then, with a tiny bit of effort people could gain access to these areas relatively easily but they stick out. Someone will notice them because they are out of place. Something that would be similar here. My two cents on the whole debate, honestly." Please discuss what you think about this idea.
  16. As it says on the tin. CTs can already easily access the crusher, it's right there, and they used to manage the entire disposals process before. Give them crusher access so they can handle the station recycling system fully.
  17. Outline: We remove the crew manifest program from PDA's and instead restrict them to consoles and synthetic bounds/AI. We stop cryogenics/arrivals from announcing newly awakened non-command crew, instead log it in the cryogenics computer. Reason: So before you lynch me, let's consider how every crewman has instant-access to a complete crew manifest on their PDA, and can insta-valid anyone who has even a slightly different name. Practically I actually find it rather implausible that we all know each other well enough to have a sixth sense about who is an infiltrator and who is not, yet that is the reality of Aurora right now. No antag in their right mind would change their ID and expect to get away with anything, because anyone would point them out with a vengeance. Instead let's pretend that someone would either have to A. Ask the AI, B. Ask security to check their consoles or C. Have to find a console of their own. Now the chances that anyone other than our vigilant security forces would check you out without at least some suspicious behavior becomes much closer to 0, while our collectivel meta-paranoia will go up a healthy amount. I expect that we will get a much more RP based validhunting: with the added efforts to check up on someone, it requires actual reasoning to report someone to security. Once someone has been ID'd, security is right where they usually are, until then antags can enjoy an overall benefit of the doubt. Or people will have to actively admit that they find it mighty suspicious that there are *2* chefs this shift! A compromise: If this is way out of bounds for players, can we at least try to remove the manifest from all but sec and command players, and pretend that ordinary crew aren't expected to have an active memory and relation with all crewmen aboard or need to know when someone unimportant arrives? Alright, commence lynching.
  18. I’ve noticed while playing cargo and ghosting a few rounds that the warehouse is seldom sorted or sent out in full. Cargonia aside, I think that the first and second floor to the warehouse, the bounty list, phoron bounty and orders means that if someone wants to RP, the warehouse is ultimately ignored or only high value items are searched for and sent out. On my own, working efficiently I think it took me 40 minutes to sort both levels, which can be quite draining. After sorting the warehouse and moving about 3 mops into the pile for janitorial that I knew would never be used, I wanted to propose that the list of items that can spawn is instead changed to feature predominantly: Lore items such as the bone charm, Vysokan clothing, Ceres Lance dress uniform, Golden deep accessories and uniforms, and so on and so forth. Essentially anything beyond the default colored jumpsuits and hats that offer a bit of intrigue or role play in finding. Quality of life items such as the surgery improvement tools, nanopaste, blue space beakers, surgery kit, combat medical kit. More or less all the cool departmental stuff that either needs to be made or is seldom seen but provides a mechanic benefit. Antagonist related items. This one is hard because even a bar of soap could be reasoned to be used one way or another. However anything security or medical related, insulated gloves, departmental headsets etc etc. Bounty list items such as towels, briefcases, figurines etc etc. That way the bounty’s have a chance to be fulfilled if it is unobtainable otherwise. Things that I feel should be reduced: Items that are incredibly basic or there is already an abundance of: mops, small batteries, simple uniform items, fossil bags, crayons, cigarettes, etc etc. If changed, I feel as though it will give a reason for departments to eagerly accept warehouse crates as well as give a reason for technicians to sort the warehouse in full. Thank you for your time!
  19. As the title says, either make the SAT and its function known to all of command, or at least make it known to the mindshielded members of command (read: HoS). Why should this be changed? Back in the olden days of Aurora, everyone knew about the nuke. It was the thing nobody cared about or talked about, because it makes sense that the station has a self-destruct. I mean, hell, at one point the nuke was a literal bomb with radiation symbols on it on Vault cameras. I cannot think of a single benefit of making its existence known only to the Captain. That is not to say that anyone other than the Captain should know how to operate it, but that its existence should not be that closely guarded. I cannot count the number of times where I, and other members of command, have had to go "hurrr what, a nuke, yeah right, oh it does exist, okay" because command is, for whatever reason, not entrusted to the information. It makes 0 sense. It stifles the ability of the Captain to tell the HoS what the magic disk is so as to actually cause them to understand the necessity of recovering it. Let's think about it for a moment: anyone in command can assume Acting Captain and would be within their rights to walk into the SAT terminal room and use their brains. This has happened before in extended/otherwise canon situations. They wouldn't know how to use it, sure, but they could ask the AI, who would have to brief them as they are at the clearance level of the Captain. There's also the fact that command as a whole wouldn't just up and blab about it. It would be one more thing that falls under loads of NDAs and company loyalty as a member of station command, and wouldn't be talked about outside of a serious emergency. Captains are already trusted to this information, it's not like station command is a bunch of schoolgirls that gossip about the classified things they have access to. If there is concern about outside influence, then limit it to the mindshielded members of command. But anyone in command is literally entrusted to be the Acting Captain if necessary, and again, they can quite easily find out about the existence of the SAT and its purpose.
  20. It isn't actually against Corporate Regulations to not follow Station Procedure. --------------- i119 - Failure to follow Station Procedure - This covers any low-consequence breaks of Station Procedure such as Uniform Regulation breaks and so on. 100 Credit Fine i224 Failure to follow Station Procedure with Serious Consequences - This covers any serious breaks of Station Procedure such as Scientific Experimentation Procedure not being followed and causing Injury, or a violation of Consular Officer Procedure. Suspension ----------------
  21. What is an ERT? A miserable little cheat! I'm going to open with this: On this roleplaying server, who should be solving problems - the characters of the station crew, or a heavily armed group of faceless goons who are non-characters and can in 95% of scenarios wipe out the antagonists on their own? If you answered the latter, you may be a validhunter! In all seriousness, I do not think ERTs are conducive to creating interesting stories. Think about what they really bring to the table - at most, they might attempt to be mediators or simply support for the station. At worst (and in most situations), they take the situation out of the hands of the crew and place it solidly into the hands of the ERT, who will almost always be better equipped to deal with any problem than the crew is. The ERT is not a roleplay enhancement: the distress beacon is an "I win" button, that command clicks when they're forced to deal with the prospect that the valids may not be completely secured. Interesting scenarios, such as the crew being forced to arm themselves and attempt to fortify a location long enough to evacuate, or deal with being subjugated by an occupying force, or trying to attempt a valiant last stand against an enemy they may not be able to defeat? The ERT prevents this. A mercenary team can play admirably, roleplaying along the way, and if they're successful enough? Well, inevitably, the valid squad will come to shut down their round. It simply isn't fair, and it isn't fun for anybody except the valid squad. The worst situation ERTs can lead to is a premature distress beacon, when command totally jumps the gun on calling an ERT and effectively shuts down the rest of the round. Now, I do not actually propose outright removal of the ERT - I would actually really like if we did remove them completely, but I don't think enough popular support exists for this. What I do propose is: 1. The disabling of the NT-ERT - as it is obscenely powerful - and replacing it with something adjacent but less-capable, like NT civil protection. 2. Making it so an ERT cannot be sent without admin approval during a round when an admin is online. If any admin is not online, the distress beacon can be sent without approval. 3. Delay the spawning of the ERT, so it takes a considerably longer amount of time for them to arrive. Also welcoming additional suggestions.
  22. On paper, it makes sense, sounds fine. In practice, it's just annoying. The majority of our rounds are antagonist rounds, and the majority of antagonist rounds are going to end while the station is on heightened alert. Having to then rely on very unreliable RNG for Odin security officers to be spawned or to just get stuck in the evac shuttle for a full minute plus any admin tickets (with a PR on the way to raise that to two), while the actual areas explicitly designed for the crew to RP in during round end are just locked away, is not fun. (I don't know if this applies on both blue and red or just red, but really it doesn't change the argument.) If this is really super duper wanted for 'immersion' for some reason, at least please move the blast doors to the tram and Mendell shuttleport entries to simulate the crew still not being allowed to leave the docking area or something, rather than forcing everyone to sit in the shuttle itself.
  23. Basically, command will have two options under this proposed change. -Send a call for an ERT, which will take about twenty minutes, give or take. -Instantly ask for a delivery of emergency equipment, with some armor and weapons from whatever the Odin can send, the weapons will vary from okay to good.
  24. The spare identification has been a classic aspect of SS13 gameplay since time immemorial. Unfortunately this also means it's been the only high-risk item that matters because having the hand teleporter or other means of creative mobility on demand seems rather redundant if you can walk through every other airlock and then close it much faster than anyone can respond. It is within my belief that the spare identification is a form of in-round power that is far too easily accessed through illegitimate means, and acquiring said 'power' in the round requires absolutely no interaction with any other inhabitants of the round. Normally one would think that the act of acquiring the spare ID would have its risks: you'd be wrong. Immediately acquiring the spare ID means you have a flexible number of potential escapes from the captain's office instead of just the way you got in. Command airlocks are just like any other airlock and do not have randomized electronics. Making them do so would just make it so that the ideal option is to cut a wall or slice through a window since those two are faster than hacking a secure airlock. In essence, there is no reasonable way to keep the spare identification as it is, and defending the spare identification behind a guard of auto-turrets would be as equivalent as erasing the spare identification from existence. Simply removing the spare identification from the captain's office and the NSS Aurora entirely would be much simpler and would not require 5d gymnastics justifications. Let's talk about some potential consequences of this. Bear with me, for I expect these and many other arguments in spades well in advance. 1. Antagonists have to buy the agent ID, or pick-up a toolbelt or manipulate others to enable access to places their job doesn't intend them to be. It is my personal belief that "having" to do something that makes you interact with others in the round is universally a good thing moreso than it is a bad thing. This is an RP environment much as is the way that a DnD campaign is an RP environment. The players expect to interact with the villain and the other way around. Having to require time investment and actual careful covering of one's own tracks to break into, out of, around areas helps simulate that petty-to-grand thievery is not as simple as "I walk in, take what I want and leave." Requiring either specialized tools to break in or someone to have helped the antagonist into an area they legally shouldn't be in makes it so that there's a bit of actual brainpower required to accomplish any meaningful objective. The Agent ID is also a pretty good tool already, but sadly made redundant thanks to how easy it is to acquire the spare and then keep its power throughout the entire round. Also consider, hacking a borg would be a disproportionately amazing option should that fit your character. If you really want a key to the station, being forced to resort to interact with another player is a fantastic idea. Likewise, the emag is going to cut into your TC budget anyway. 2. Breaking into [insert secure area here] alone would be impossible! Well, good. Bring a friend, you'll have loads of fun trying to stage a heist on the vault without the ease of the spare ID. That might actually be a challenge that requires a bit of planning to defeat all the turrets with whatever guns you have. 3. The head of personnel and captain are now massive targets! Well, good. They should be already? But now antagonists have that as their only resort if they want more specific access, which gives direct indication that indeed, someone does have something as dangerous as all-access to the entire station. It leaves evidence that an antagonist did in fact interact with one of the inhabitants of the station instead of completely sidelining interaction to complete IC objectives, which defeats the point of playing an antagonist. Most assuredly a majority of people who already play command internally burn with a desire to actually meaningfully interact with an antagonist, so a simple stick-up would probably make anyone's day. The risk involved be damned. 4. But what about command staff in an emergency? What about head of personnel/captain becoming high-priority roles? Command staff having to be creative and think around their access limits? The HOP/Captain jobs actually being played by command whitelistees? Don't tease me. Let's be honest, having the spare ID or no will not always change the outcome of a round. The fact that the station and the round antagonists are both potentially incapable of having it during a round with no HOP/captain is perhaps more of a good thing than it is a bad one. It becomes a situation of two sides being pit against each other with their own limitations of access and requirements of creativity to get into or out of certain places. "I guess I'll just deal with the round going to hell when me being unable to do anything about it" is the exact spirit of playing a cult round as a station job, for instance. Sometimes rounds go to hell, and that's okay! That's literally the spirit of SS13. If this change makes it more often that's actually not entirely a bad thing. 5. These are massive ninja/wizard/merc/heist nerfs! Oh no, whatever will they do? The ninja can just teleport away, the wizard can knock airlocks open (straight into the armory to fireball the lockers, I might add, if not also knock the lockers too - not sure if it does that here), mercenaries literally spawn with epic gamer tools and heisters get budget epic gamer tools to spawn with also. I guess they will just have to deal with it.
  25. This one has always bugged me, mainly due to sometimes being harder to get than the phoron canisters during a phoron shortage. Once you do get it, you either half securities means to go EVA (They always say: we only got 2, even though they can cycle other voidsuits into security ones) or you made a net loss of 4k credits, because they only give it to you, if you promise to order one back. (Just ordering one and sending it back works sometimes.. sometimes not, too expensive to test for me) Proposal: Either bump up the reward to be more fitting to the cost of the materials ( 3.5-4k reward for 8kish of materials right now) or substitute the bounty for another worthy sec item e.g. batons or laser pistols or whatever
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