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Byond CKey

Byond Key

Found 6 results

  1. Isn't it weird how many of our characters don't live in the Odin/Aurora, and when we have to leave mid-round we cryo even though, realistically, our characters wouldn't probably do it? I think it was @Faye <3 that once had to leave as Yhara and she said she had a lecture on Biesel. I thought that was a pretty creative excuse, which gave me an idea: In departures or a dock, add a door or a stationary small shuttle. You simply drag your sprite to the door as you would do with the cryo and you would get a similar message as stasis. Then you simply ghost and you're removed from the
  2. Slugs are exclusively used by Security to execute antags that start acting up. They are way to powerful to be a go-to option. Not to mention Security is 100% willing to tell Cargo Techs to hack their lathe to get them. Furthermore, there is no real counter to this either. Because if you destroy the Cargo Lathe, you also need to have destroyed research and stolen the board from tech storage or security will have their arms factory restored in less than a minute.
  3. In response tohttps://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9907 This thread mostly exists to ask the community if it presents a problem or not to have flash-proof sunglasses be just accessible. Arguments I can think of for this: Hardly anyone uses flashes Flashes no longer stun Security has thousands of other tools besides flashes that are way more effective There are readily-accessible means of gaining flash protection anyways The old 'stylish' sunglasses were bloat in some way shape or form Flashbangs would still be reasonably effective Trust in the community for everyon
  4. Plain and simple, I do not believe revolution is a good game mode for the current state of our High RP server. My reasoning for thinking this are as follows; This is a High RP server. People's characters are generally set in stone for how they act, their personality, what they will and won't do, etc. People are always going to be reluctant, if not flat out refuse, to break that mold that their character has fit into, possibly for years. While gamemodes like cult involve an eldritch being corrupting your mind and compelling you act differently, Rev is nothing of the sort. Instead, y
  5. To clarify my point, I don't have issue with the rules as they are stated. What I take issue with is their execution. I have created two applications for an IPC whitelist, and both have been declined. The first I wsa willing to accept, because it was pretty bare bones. However, I have serious reservations about the second one. The first bare bones one: The second one with much more depth: In my first app I responded to the questions posed, but received NO response, just a flat denial. Which I took quite a bit of issue with. I felt like
  6. To the following jobs: Cargo techs, janitors, Security, and Assistants. However. We punish Security administratively for patrolling maint for no reason or stealing literally all of the loot in a locker to tuck in the armory like they did in the old days. We punish anyone else for going in there solely for validhunting. Being that the above was the initial problem that started the downward spiral of nobody but 5 jobs having it, I feel like we should've solved it the good old fashioned way (jobbans.) There's a lot we're missing that Maint once offered. Maint goblin characters, just hanging
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