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  1. Ckey/BYOND Username: MccRrib Discord username: Hugh Janus #2511 Position Being Applied For: (Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Skrell Lore Developer. Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: I have. Past Experiences/Knowledge: I’ve been involved in the TTRPG scene for about ten years now, seven of which as a DM, unfortunately, I've no official experience writing for Aurora lore to date. Examples of Past Work: I don't have much to show here, unfortunately, most of the writing I've done for Aurora has been server-side, though I've been fairly active during my time here in the lore discord, and in the DMs of writers, and other players. I'd be more than happy to whip something up if requested, though. Additional Comments: As I did in my last application, I've linked a quick essay detailing one of my takes on the lore as it stands. To avoid redundancy, I'm also going to link the last essay that I wrote on a marginally related aspect of the lore. Essay 1. Essay 2.
  2. Ckey/BYOND Username: Boggle08 (Discord key: GrandMasterChef) Position Being Applied For: (Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): IPC Lore Developer Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: Yes. Past Experiences/Knowledge: I am presently in college for an English major. Reading and Writing is my passion and purpose in life, and something I have done ever since I was 18 months old. In high-school, I've led projects in the Technology Student Association, and therefore posses a history when it comes to collaborative projects involving programming and sprite-work. Prior to discovering HRP on SS13, I spent my time on a now-defunct ARK Survival Evolved HRP server, and have always maintained an interest in role playing games similar to here and on the table top. I have contributed planetary/IPC lore to this server in the past, which I will link below. Examples of Past Work: IPC lore as it is: IPC lore is in a particularly healthy place right now. Most of the questions regarding their hardware or "rules" have been defined and settled, and the lore we've given for them is exceptionally chunky; owing to their relevance and associations with broader science fiction, they have many avenues for character direction or narrative exploration from the perspective of a player. Underneath all that is written for them, I see broader themes for the search of purpose and belonging; Rootlessness clashing with fate that's been preordained by others. Nearly every faction in our setting has a take on where synthetics belong, and synthetics themselves rest in the center, left figure it out if they are able. Nothing about these thematic conditions should change, as it is a wellspring of conflict for synthetics, at both the small and large scale. Our responsibility as lore people is to propose our setting to the player base in such a manner that they can think deeply on it, catching upon the broad themes and setting elements and work with them. In the context of IPC lore, this would be asking those questions of fatalism, rootlessness, belonging, and purpose through our material, and then the players giving an answer, a subversion, or a refutation through their characters. There is nothing that egregiously needs to be fixed, meaning that we are in a prime state for us to expand upon our setting, To ask different questions, in a way. It is my hope that I can provide some. What the future entails, and what I would like to change: NiennaB ran a tight ship regarding plans for the future, looking over past announcements(in particular the roadmap), there is still much to be completed that was initially proposed. For the most part, this roadmap will carry over into my tenure. I have ideas in particular for how Biosynthetic shells can progress into our setting, especially regarding the potential cross-applicability of the technology that would be required to make them. One thing I am certainly interested in expanding on is the Golden Deep. Introducing some cultural elements, internal beliefs, and a little bit of factionalism would do them nicely. Of course, this would done in such a manner that it would not be at the expense of the Deep's unknown, secretive quality. There will be no excessive de-mystifying. The issue with them is that there's a little bit too much unknown. I think with the approach of the NBT comes the concern of how characters on the ship will be able to reasonably maneuver towards a path to citizenship, and all of the intricacies and clauses when it comes to that. Many corporations and organizations involving IPC's can give a definitive flat "no" on the matter of freedom, but the ones that can potentially grant freedom to their machines need clarification. This could be complicated further as the ship moves between borders, or if it projects it's own sovereignty as it travels. I hope to at the very least have consensus and a basic plan by the release of the NBT. Additional Comments: Comments and questions are very much appreciated.
  3. Ckey/BYOND Username: Haydizzle Position Being Applied For: Deputy Lore Master Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: Most certainly! Past Experiences/Knowledge: My last year as a deputy-then-developer for unathi; a strong collegiate background in communication and writing; relevant for this position, being a shift leader and running a floor of anywhere up to a dozen people at a time, coordinating meetings with my supervisors, and helping vet new hires, roughly two years doing all that. Examples of Past Work: My last year of work or so is documented on the Aurora lore Discord! Most notably besides that, I have authored the Aut'akh rework and additions, added and contributed to the Izweski Nation page with DeadLantern, added Dominian unathi content, and various other additions and edits. A full history can be found in the lore Discord announcements channel. Writing Supplement/"Game Plan": Aurora lore, right now, is poised to be in one of the best positions it has been in a long time. The framework of the last arc left off on a good note overall— yet nothing feels like it has changed in game. Articles can assuage the problem of the galaxy feeling like it has barely changed even though it is in a recession of a valuable resource, but it does not tackle the core problem of rounds feeling samey and lore-bland. A struggle to retrieve phoron is a familiar constant newer players have never not known: it is no longer an inconvenience when you live to work around it. Basically, the presence of our lore in game, barring character representation, is starting to dwindle. There are a couple of key things that stick out that I want to identify in order to address. 1) Lore has a passive affect on rounds, meaning most of the time it only informs characters and does not affect them directly past their conception; 2) articles can only carry the lore so far when it comes to showcasing it and getting people involved; and 3) conflict presented in game (by antags) is not inherently tied to conflict in lore, and presents an immediate, often non-canon way of creating an issue that needs solving, but these issues do not have lasting, developing effects on characters. How can we alleviate these issues? Ignoring outside influences and development, such as from the dev team, I see one potential route to take: encourage and facilitate more one-off events for players to host or participate in. This is a very ambitious goal, but it can also give players something spicier than just antag gimmicks to stick with. Smaller occurrences such as Ceres' Lance inspections, TCFL drives, xeno holidays, and others are hugely popular because it represents factions people play or are involved with and showcases to new players what our lore is like. Similar events can be ran with more conflict, such as a very aggressive Ceres' Lance raid, more corporate representatives and bodyguards coming to collect phoron, more hostile xenofauna attacking the station, the like. This helps break up the monotony of non-canon action (low stakes: dying doesn't matter when there are antags involved) and extended rounds with little engagement by introducing a refreshing element to the game. Getting CCIA and moderators involved, as well as player volunteers that coordinate with staff, is a recipe that has worked in the past and should work going forward. Species as well that suffer from lower player counts will benefit from the spotlight of having inclusion in events; speaking from historical example, the interest in unathi spiked after I ran the pair of holiday events back in December. Why Haydizzle Should Get the Position: I could lambast you all with a boring tirade of my qualifications, but I want to paint a different picture for a moment. My first few months on Aurora were riddled with doubt about the bizarre 2D atmos simulator and if I was really enjoying it. A couple months into playing and I did not really read or engage with much of the lore. The only reason I had joined, initially, was because a long-running friend of mine invited me to his D&D game that a bunch of Aurora players were in. I ended up becoming friends with them and, long story short, playing Aurora through that. Even still, I didn't really click with the game. The only interest that kept me hanging on through a wave of challenging new mechanics and complex systems was a pair of IPC baselines I kept interacting with most rounds. I ran familiar circles with them, and through some wonderful roleplay on their part, despite my friends' insistence to read the faction pages, I got interested in synthetic and unathi lore by my interactions with them. If they never played when I was around, I do not think I would still be here honestly. The lore Aurora has is part of what makes it so unique: few other servers have such a vast and rich narrative as this server. With an exceptionally talented team working now on their passion projects, my ideal game plan is not to host more events, but more accurately to support them in their writing and give something to the community for them to enjoy. I am honestly just along for the ride at this point. By far, I am not the best candidate to want this position. I do not think I ever will be, frankly. I can manage the team as best as I can, though I will surely make mistakes along the way if I do. The only reason I've been able to put out the lore I have is through working with other people, and I think, besides my experience, that is what sets me apart from other applicants. Additional Comments: Maybe a little corny, but I am just a guy with a passionate hobby. Please do not hesitate to give me criticism, concerns, or feedback on my application here. If you feel it is too personal for a public audience, then contact me on the forums in my DMs.
  4. CKEY/BYOND username: Omicega Position being applied for: Human Lore Deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page? Yes. Past experiences/knowledge: As far as staff positions on SS13 go, I've held staff positions on other servers prior to coming to the Aurora. The most notable of these would be CM, where I was a moderator and later administrator for a period of almost two years. I have some understanding of how server staff works 'behind the curtain', although I'm aware that there's a lot of differences between an administrative position and a lore-related one. I wrote lore snippets known as 'infocards' for a sci-fi themed roleplay community, which ranged from being basically long-form examine descriptions to more extensive blurbs about the setting's location lore. I've dug up some of them to serve as examples of my past work. I've been roleplaying semi-actively for a long time now in other communities -- primarily forum RP -- but my foray into SS13 as a roleplay medium started in around 2017. Examples of past work (please provide in a Google Doc or other easily accessible external link for sake of space): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GjUxhDSuPhXVXQDL3Ffu2RymqsFOjozD4h9oHQL48w4/edit?usp=sharing - These are examples of the infocards I mentioned as evidence of past experience. These were written throughout 2020 and are therefore relatively recent. There are other examples of general writing I could potentially include here, but most of them are either quite old, not entirely relevant, unfinished, or some combination of those. I’m happy to provide them if people are interested in seeing them, but I don’t have an extensive history of lore contributions here on Aurora or elsewhere on SS13. 1) Why do you want this position? Why do you believe that you could be a better deputy than others? The reason I play on Aurora at all is the strength of its lore and lore-related features. I've never made any secret of the fact that one of my favourite mechanical aspects of Aurora is the accent system -- something that helps players tie background lore more directly into their characters in a simple and effective manner. The world on offer in Aurora's lore is something that's kept me hooked trying new characters, new concepts, and new creations since basically day one, and it's out of a desire to put my own passion for the lore here to good use that I'm applying. I like writing and I'm confident that it's something I'm good at, and as I've grown to enjoy Aurora's setting more and more I've found myself wanting to contribute to it in a concrete manner more and more as well. I like to focus on aspects of lore beyond just the ‘quality’ of it in a vacuum. Something I like to bear in mind when writing lore or conceptualising anything is how it fits into the existing ‘framework’ of lore already on offer, as well as how this could translate to interesting characters, interactions, or setups within the game itself. In my view, there’s no point writing a planet that has reams and reams of detail to it if there’s no good ‘hooks’ off of which to build a character, antag gimmick, or something else that actually has potential to be taken by a player and turned into something interesting in-game. This is what I’d call the most important aspect of lore writing for me, actually -- taking a step back from the content itself and trying to view it from a casually browsing individual’s point of view, looking for where the unique selling point might be. 2) What are three things you enjoy about human lore? Why do you enjoy these things most? These should be ranked from one to three in descending order of favouritism. My absolute favourite aspect of human lore is (and people probably saw this coming) the megacorporate themes of the setting as a whole -- and more specifically, Idris Incorporated. Each of them offers a unique and interesting flavour to its contractors and often has strong tie-ins to particular areas of specifically human lore (Idris and Silversun, EPMC and Eridani, Hephaestus and Himeo etc.), and without the due attention and care given to human megacorporate lore I think the Aurora would suffer greatly. One of my big complaints about this aspect of lore was how thin on the ground it was on the wiki until recently, but thankfully some rewrites have cleared that up to the point where there’s a ton of scope to work with each of the big corporations and their named subsidiaries. Secondly, Solarian lore in general is something I enjoy Aurora’s general take on. Casting the largest human nation in the setting as something of a ‘bad guy’ is an interesting twist on the traditional angle of a somewhat xenophilic and open human nation forming the centre of a lot of sci-fi settings, and it throws the whole world into (in my opinion) a grey area for Solarian humans in particular, with the constant tug-of-war between Biesel’s crushing corporatocratic themes weighing up against the Alliance’s instability, xenophobia, and authoritarianism. The Human Wildlands lore added in the wake of the King of the World arc is something that only built on the lore I initially enjoyed reading when I came to Aurora, and the way the Alliance has developed throughout that arc and beyond has only made it more interesting to me. Finally, a more specific area of lore that I liked reading and playing was just Gadpathur. I just really enjoyed some of the themes it delved into. It’s pretty cheesy, even for Aurora lore standards, but I’ve seen some really engaging characters and round-related gimmicks built off that one piece of lore in particular. I had a lot of fun conceptualising, creating, and then implementing my own Gadpathurian character as well! The only criticism I’d level at it is that I think it’s a bit too wordy overall for what it is, but it’s one of the specific parts of human lore I’d hold up as a perfect example of the kind of ‘unique selling point/hook’ thing I mentioned in my last answer. 3) What is an area of currently extant lore that you'd like to improve or see improvements made upon? Why do you believe this area should see improvement? In a word -- Elyra. I think Elyra's lore is a huge question mark for human lore as a whole at the present time. I find it to be underdeveloped in general, with very short pages for its planets (if they even get full pages!) and an uninspiring and bland general theme of being the ‘nicest’ and most utopian human nation in the Spur to live in or have a character originate from. They lack a language of their own, unlike other major human players (Tradeband for Dominia, Freespeak for the Coalition, Common for the Alliance and Basic for Biesel), instead doubling up as speakers of Tau Ceti Basic for some inexplicable reason. I don’t want to go into too much detail as to why I think Elyra is bad, since I think the broader issue here is just a general lack of detail across the board, as well as a lack of any recent attention being given to the nation as a whole. For me, it effectively relegates Elyra -- a chunk of human lore that’s ostensibly on par with the Alliance or the Coalition in terms of its size, number of locations for character origins, etc. -- to being essentially glorified planetary lore. I think it’s a huge shame that locations like Aemaq with its chemical seas have fallen under the radar due to being smothered by Elyra as a whole, and I think fleshing Elyra out via more detail and some level of rewriting/revising existing lore would really help bring it into its own as a diverse and interesting character origin point. 4) Assuming you are given the position, which area or project would you like to work on first? Why? Ideally, I’d like to cut my teeth on a smaller and more focused piece of lore as an initial project or area of work. An example would be a specific Elyran planet rather than tackling the nation as a whole -- Medina, for instance. Elyra draws heavily on real-world cultural analogues that I have a lot of interest in already (Persian influences, for example) and I’d really like to build off of those existing themes and help flesh out one aspect of its lore in particular before trying to move work towards bringing it up to the same standard as other pieces of human lore in general. Starting with something I have a personal interest in seems to me like a good way to ease myself into potentially writing for things I maybe don't enjoy or appreciate as much further down the line, at the very least. 5) How effectively do you work in a team environment? Remember that you will be both working in the human lore team and the greater lore team. Your responsibilities are not just writing lore, but being a small part in something larger. I'm no stranger to working as part of staff teams in roleplay communities and beyond. I understand that this position doesn't offer carte blanche to just print off lore as and when I feel like it without consulting and collaborating with at least the rest of the human team itself, if not the greater lore team as a whole. In fact, the collaborative aspect of writing is something I actively enjoy in the right environment -- I find that feedback or active co-writing from other people invested in writing more often than not improves the end product. 6) What is your disciplinary history on the Aurora, if any? (Bans, Warnings, Whitelist Strips) Why did you receive these? I have never received any bans, formal warnings, or whitelist strips of any kind on the Aurora that were not later overturned. Here is the complaint regarding the one formal warning I briefly received before having it quashed and removed. (link) Notes: This goes without saying, but I’m happy -- and almost eager, even, I guess? -- to answer any questions anyone might have about this app as a whole. I’ve tried not to drone on and on and on and give overly wordy answers to anything, but there’s a lot more I could say about gunning for this position and what I think about human lore in general!
  5. Ckey/BYOND Username: DanseMacabre Position Being Applied For: Human Lore Deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: I have, yes. I would like to point out that the event section is completely inaccessible to normal players, though. Past Experiences/Knowledge: Examples of Past Work (Please provide in a Google Doc or other easily accessible external link for sake of space): -HUMAN LORE DEPUTY QUESTIONS- 1). Why do you want this position? Why do you believe that you could be a better deputy than others? 2). What are three things you enjoy about human lore? Why do you enjoy these things most? These should be ranked from one to three in descending order of favoritism. 3). What is an area of currently extant lore that you'd like to improve or see improvements made upon? Why do you believe this area should see improvement? 4). Assuming you are given the position, which area or project would you like to work on first? Why? 5). How effectively do you work in a team environment? Remember that you will be both working in the human lore team and the greater lore team. Your responsibilities are not just writing lore, but being a small part in something larger. 6.) What is your disciplinary history on the Aurora, if any? (Bans, Warnings, Whitelist Strips) Why did you receive these? A final note:
  6. -STANDARD TEMPLATE- Ckey/BYOND Username: Rickymadenson Position Being Applied For: Lore deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page?: Yes. I've read through the page and I'm aware of the responsibilities that come with this position, along with any consequences that might come as a result of misconduct or abuse of this position. Past Experiences/Knowledge: My experience is quite limited. I used to do text RPs and would occassionaly write sci-fantasy lore for it, but unfortunately those pages were lost along with my continuous swapping between laptops and PCs. One metagoal of mine is to obtain more experience through this role. Examples of Past Work (Please provide in a Google Doc or other easily accessible external link for sake of space): https://docs.google.com/document/d/16xVyypJ8Udpm0i0BbRs-tyE02TZSRJr-ujph-Ciabz4/edit?usp=sharing It is a WIP project I've been working on. It's entirely unrelated to Aurora, but it should provide an insight in what I can do. -HUMAN LORE DEPUTY QUESTIONS- 1). Why do you want this position? Why do you believe that you could be a better deputy than others? a. The reason why I want this position is because I like Aurora. It's a server I've been a part of for over five years and counting. I had the pleasure of working together with a great administration team, met countable people I ended up befriending, and I felt it was only appropriate I'd give back to this fantastic community in another way. Lore is a brilliant way to expand character backgrounds, provide topics for people to discuss in their rounds, perhaps use as catalysts for their characters' personal arcs or perhaps overarching stories through events! I am currently undergoign my first year as a History minor student in University, and wish to use my knowledge of the way historians write their works and research sources to help touch on the history of the Human race. I don't intend to make repetitions of history resurge into our lore, but I am a firm believer that History tends to have a habit of "rhyming" rather than "repeating", so with my growing knowledge I hope to nourish our lore with some tidbits along the way and of course, ensure people remain faithful to what is already established. 2). What are three things you enjoy about human lore? Why do you enjoy these things most? These should be ranked from one to three in descending order of favouritism. a. 1. Humanity's relatability. At the end of the day, we are all Human beings behind the PC. It makes it easier for us as people to connect to these characters in such a wide and contiuously expanding setting that allows for our characters to react towards. That goes to say that I'm not necessarily implying self-insertion here, but the ability to simply connect to a unique individual that we create to follow their journey with through this Universe. We are given just a treat of the character examples that we could base our next creations off, and I think with some additions to lore, we could expand this even more. 2. Humanity's diversity. By diversity, I mean their thoughts, ideologies, religions. Humanity is the most devisive species in our lore, with multiple space nations existing besides or opposed to each other. These nations all share their own goals, ambitions and futures for the Orion Spur. Furthermore, we even have separate thoughts, concepts and ideas within these very nations themselves, with different parites opposing each other, moderates, conservatism and progessivism taking their stands in the instellar podium of each respective nation (Biesel being a good example). 3. Humanity's dominance. Humanity, lorewise, makes up the most dominant species in the galaxy. You will find them almost anywhere, whether its travel by spacecraft, within the vast streets of Mendell City or some TV commercial model striking out the most corporate-friendly smile to sell you that animal tested shampoo with. In this almost dystopian future, Humanity remains at large and continuous to grow in its political strength. We can hardly even point at a single alien species and claim "They have the ability to overthrow them", because there isn't. 3). What is an area of currently extant lore that you'd like to improve or see improvements made upon? Why do you believe this area should see improvement? a. The most important aspect I'm looking into are primarily cultural, linguistic and perhaps the atmosphere on our lore. As I had mentioned in my second questoin, I adore the diverse nations and states that have sprout into the galaxy and how they reflect Humanity's tenacity to group together as likeminded people in likeminded states. However, I do get the impression that on the linguistic department, we're severily lacking. Elyra is a good example of this. A nation which has found its roots in Middle Eastern colonization efforts nowadays speaks a "remastered Esperanto", aka Tau Ceti Basic? Then we have culture. Sol Alliance, according ot the timeline of Humanity, is the result of the UN's desperate attempt to unite Humanity under a single banner and make the progression towards space smoothly. One of its largest members at the time was, in fact, China. China in our lore, has taken a much more liberal approach in politics, as they turned out to become the USA's biggest ally. This resulted in the USSR becoming more isolationist and steadfast in holding its power than.) We see tidbits coming back of China's influence in Earth's culture and how this eventually expanded along with Humanity to space. Monkey King is the most popular movie franchise produced by a Venusia film director, the Human wikia page depicts the female character dressed in a cheongsam, a dress belonging to the Chinese Manchu subculture which has been widely popular in its country of origins. By expressing these cultures or at least giving proper descriptions of them, I believe players could find it easier to write characters belonging to certain worlds, pick up the nuances and add them to sugar up their characters' traits. I find the atmosphere that our lore creates detremintal to how people feel when their characters engage within this world. The Orion Spur in 2463 is a corporate-controlled dystopian future where the Big Five holds political sway in a majority of Human nations, makes up the largest share in each system's economy and could easily cripple an entire planet by transfering its operations elsewhere if it deems them "unnecessary". Sometimes, characters seem to act far too nonchalant about this timeline. Yes, not everybody will believe that the Republic of Biesel is primarily a political entity working for Nanotrasen's interests, but surely most people would be wary of the power their employers hold within the vastness of space. People need to be somewhat remembered of this, whether its true newspapers, policies or lore fluff I'd love to see that at 4). Assuming you are given the position, which area or project would you like to work on first? Why? a. I'd like to help out with the effort to give Sol a bit more meat to stand on first. Perhaps I'd like to take a look into its military as well with some help, but my priority would be in assisting the lorewriter with expanding the Alliance's backstory in a single, clearcut wikia page rather than spread around into an incohesive mess that happens to be nowadays unfortunately. (That's to say I do not blame the present Human lore team for this. It has been a problem for much longer than that in fact.) Another important area I'd like to play on is Humanity's dominance on the Spur. I feel that people often times forget or take for granted how domineering Humans are supposed to be in this setting. The Big Five are all corporations which roots can be found back to Earth, aka Humanity. The most powerful military entities in the 25th century are all owned by Human empires, aka the Sol Alliance and arguably the CoC (from a defensive standpoint). The economic powerhouses are Human empires. Technological innovations, while still dominated by the Skrell, were pioneered by Humans. 5). How effectively do you work in a team environment? Remember that you will be both working in the human lore team and the greater lore team. Your responsibilities are not just writing lore, but being a small part in something larger. a. I would have to ask the teams I've worked with througout my life XD. But no, I would say I'm a fair teamplayer. I am open to ideas, and sitting around the table to discuss and possibly find a common ground. Comprimising is an important part of teamwork, because sometimes what is best for the team may not always be what your perfect envisioning of the outcome could have been. I am open to accepting feedback from my fellow lore deputies and lorewriters alike, but I'd also accept community feedback on particulair changes or improvements they would like to see. Hopefully a middle ground can be settled for during meetings, as that is my priority when it comes to undertaking major additions to oure lore. 6.) What is your disciplinary history on the Aurora, if any? (Bans, Warnings, Whitelist Strips) Why did you receive these? a. So far in my Aurora life I've only been warned once and that was during my first year on the server because of stealthcult. After that, it was me who handed out disciplinary consequences out to people. ;^)
  7. With Kyres' resignation last week, the position of Deputy Loremaster is now open for applications! In addition to the standard lore writer application, please include a brief writing identifying the course and creative direction you would like to see the lore take. This can be a criticism of the current lore and state thereof, but if so, must still include a "gameplan" of what you would like to see as deputy loremaster. Please also include a brief description of why you believe you would be the best candidate for the position. KOALA-FICATIONS ?? Anyone can apply, with the only restriction being that if someone who is currently a lore team deputy applies, they must resign their deputy position if accepted as deputy loremaster, in accordance with the lore team rules and regulations.
  8. Ckey/BYOND Username: MccRrib Discord Name: Hugh Janus#2511 Position Being Applied For: Skrell lore deputy Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page? I have. Past Experiences/Knowledge: I’ve been involved in the TTRPG scene for about ten years now, 7 of which as a DM, unfortunately, I've no experience writing for Aurora lore to date, though, I'd like to think I'm fairly active in the community and in DMs with ideas for improvements or additions to the lore as it stands. Examples of Past Work: As I mentioned above I’ve no past lore work on the server to display here, though I’d be more than willing to write a quick treatise on a subject of the team’s choice, though. Additional Comments: As per prompt #1 on the deputy recruitment post, I’ve attached a short essay on the biggest problem I perceive Skrell lore to have.
  9. Ckey/BYOND Username: MoondancerPony Position Being Applied For: Skrell Lore Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: I’ve been a member of the lore team twice, as well as a developer twice. I’ve written a good bit of lore both while on the team and in cooperation with those who are when I’m not; examples of such are the Glorsh rework on the wiki as well as the work Pan and I have put in to rewrite it. On top of that I’ve done some smaller projects with other lore teams, like implementing some Tajara foods with my cooking rework and going over a wiki page with the Unathi team. Examples of Past Work: I’ve recently done work with the Unathi lore team on both a WIP project that I will hopefully make into a lore canonisation app soon, as well as heavily revising the Unathi Honour page on the wiki. I also was heavily involved in the previous Glorsh rework as well as the current efforts to rewrite it and fix its issues. I've also made a number of code contributions recently, which can be seen on the Github. Additional Comments: While ultimately it was a hard call, given that I really, really like Unathi lore as well, recent discussions in the Skrell general chat in the lore discord pushed me to make an application for this position rather than the soon-to-open Unathi deputy slot. As I said in my last application, I’ve been working hard on developing mindfulness and self-awareness; in addition, in the time since that application I’ve taken both a public speaking class and a leadership class at my university. I hope that people in the Skrell lore chat can testify that when disagreements do crop up I try my best to resolve or defuse them, and regardless I’m always looking for ways to improve my handling of these things. I still have issues with kneejerk reactions to criticism, for example, like with my previous application: though I’d like to think I hid it well, I was absolutely terrified that everyone secretly hated me, and read far too much into innocuous comments that amounted to “try again later once you’ve been around a bit”. I’ve been working on fighting those kneejerk responses and, whenever that’s not possible, taking a break to cool off and approach it later with a clearer head. Thankfully, as I’ve gotten better at it, this has gone from “sleep on it” to “grab a glass of water and drink the whole thing”. I’m hoping that this pattern of improvement continues until my kneejerk responses to things go away entirely. With that out of the way, I decided to write about the Federation’s authoritarianism, as well as the misconception that all Skrell support the Federation. The essay may appear long at first, but the individual sections are mostly standalone bits of lore that work together to paint a clear picture.
  10. Ckey/BYOND Username: monomyth Discord Name: monomyth#5803 Position Being Applied For:(coder, mapper, spriter): Skrell Dev Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've been seriously involved in various roleplay communities for years, including fantasy TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons (8+ years) and sci-fi ones like Cyberpunk 2020, Blades in the Dark, and Stars Without Numbers (been playing SWN forever..). I've been roleplaying on SS13 for the better part of 10 years, starting around 2011. Completely different community then, but still hanging around serious roleplay servers. I've been on Aurorastation for maybe a year, on and off. I've been getting back into it heavy over the past few months. In addition to that, I also have a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing ? Examples of Past Work: (list of pull requests you made to the auroar repository or other relevant work): While I have no past work on this server, I'm more than happy to complete some prompts or do a small assignment to show my stuff. Additional Comments: While working with Skrell may be a senior level position, I'm aware enough to know I'm only a freshman around these parts. Hey, if I can put my foot in the door, and if the Lore/Dev team considers me a better fit somewhere else, I’m open to discussing that as well. Thanks! In addition, please check out my google doc! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KTgt4uQBsZHQ-6vNFMxmSRI-OBzT_XYHXsLlHC1L1Fc/edit?usp=sharing
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