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Byond Key

Found 4 results

  1. Server Moderator Application __________________________________ Basic Information Byond Account: Dantzy Character Name(s): William Grace - Human - Psychiatrist Nietzsche - IPC - Detective/Forensic Tech Samsara - IPC - Roboticist/Trinary Priest Valery Weiss - Human - Xenoarch Terra Zhou - Human - Roboticist Eleanora Rose - Human - Station Engineer Nelja Galt - Human - Merchant AI Name(s): Aldronea (Not had time to play yet) Discord username + tag: Please send a PM. Age: 18 Timezone:
  2. Basic Information Byond Account: VentClass Character Name(s): Ordered in the vein of when I created the characters: Rebecca Holand (Quartermaster, Shaft Miner, Cargo Technician) Ventus Dagna (Xenobotanist) Alexia Avanes (Bartender) Brigan Ano (Medical Resident) Ririlsk Guwan (Shaft Miner) Aiikzin Riez (Quartermaster) Brody Lincel (Cadet) AI Name(s): N/A Discord username + tag: Venty#2488 Age: 17, going on 18. Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time) When are you on Aurora?: Generally, when I do play, I tend to play between 12 pm and 8 pm. I don't play
  3. Basic Information Byond Account: Shenaanigans Character Name(s): In rough order of most to least used... - Valeriya Samsara (Head of Personnel) - Sloane Goldhirsch (Security Officer) - Aisha Viswan (Chief Medical Officer) - Finley Green (Cargo Technician) - Sreznai Guwan (Shaft Miner) - Halkikijr Zaydan (Cook) - Zo'iksa Szek'hakh (Head of Security/Security Officer) - Nalyurrna Mrraz'hran (Gardener/Priest) AI Name(s): n/a Discord username + tag: Shenanigans#9440 Age: 23 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-4) When are you on Aurora?: Generally I'm able to play all througho
  4. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: TheDocOct Character Name(s): Bailey Lysithea, Melody Sobol, Nadia Kabiri AI Name(s): (n/a) Discord username + tag: Doc#7025 Age: 20 Timezone: Central US, UTC -6 When are you on Aurora?: Most weekdays, at least for a round or two, 8:00 PM CST or later. Intermittently throughout the weekend, depending on other obligations, usually totaling in five or six rounds each day. Experience How long have you played SS13?: Roughly 6 years now, across several stations. How long have
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