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  1. BYOND Key: Equairio Character Names: -Ada Kimura, Pharmacist -Melannie-Celeste Risette, Pharmacist -Ka'Akaix'Kiiix C'thur, Pharmacist -Sylvia Oswald, First Responder -Nadia Rana, Chief Medical Officer -Lorelei Latel, Head of Personnel -Cradling A Dwindling Light Amidst Whispering Shadows, Chef -Curiosities Buried Beneath Blood-soaked Sands, Anomalist -Lone Lights In The Path Of An Eternal Quest, Engineering apprentice Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark Greyish colour. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I recently made a dionae wastelander, and therefore read up on unathi lore, and it is much more interesting than I initially thought. I'd like to expand on my options and I think playing an Unathi would be really enjoyable. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The Unathi are way more spiritual, having two primary religions, the Th’akh and Sk’akh. They also still have the traditional gender roles, with the women and the men each having their own Matriarch/Warrior codes. And of course honour plays a big part, as well. The environment the Unathi live in is, of course, really different. After the contact war, a large portion of Moghes turned into a wasteland with only a few areas (the untouched lands and oasis) remaining unharmed. Making survival for the Unathi in the wasteland much more difficult. Character Name: Zhisra Kha’alzri Please provide a short backstory for this character: Zhisra Kha’alzri was born in the year of 2435, to a noble warrior clan. When the Contact War broke out in 2437, many of the men never returned from the war to their homes, and the Queendom established itself as the dominant entity in this region of the wasteland, reversing the gender roles. The Kha’alzri clan, especially the men, strongly disagreed with the queen’s decision, as they are highly traditional and believe women unable to occupy the roles of men. Because they openly disobeyed the queen’s wishes, a portion of the clan, including Zhisra’s parents, were exiled as Guwans. Zhirsra was given to the care of her aunt, the new face of the Kha’alzri clan, who began attempts to rekindle the honour of the Kha’alzri as a noble warrior clan. At the age of 6, Zhisra began education. She directly studied under a queendom shaman, who taught her about the Th’akh religion. Her own clan taught her accent training as well as calligraphy. Then later at the age of 10, she began martial training under the wing of her aunt. She was taught to fight with various weapons, such as spears, maces and swords. As well as several motor skills, such as swimming and running long distances. Among the other children she was often teased and heard remarks about her dishonourable parents. She would often get into fights with the other younger members of her clan. Her aunt often lectured her about her parent’s actions, and how Zhisra would have to make up for it by being extra honourable. She made sure to keep her away from the public eye as much as possible, as she wanted to erase the dishonourable past of the clan, and Zhisra’s parent’s disobedience. All of this upset Zhisra who felt left out of her clan and punished for the actions she had no part in. At age 16, her aunt decided she didn’t want Zhisra to further remind the clan of its dishonourable past, and sent her to Biesel, where she would collect income for the clan. At first this disappointed Zhistra, but she understood that her aunt is working in the clan’s best interests and is trying to return the clan’s honour. Although she wouldn’t openly express that she is disappointed and upset about the change. In order to gain her Biesel citizenship, Zhisra joined the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion, where she decided to stay for an additional four years. Becoming tired of working in the Foreign Legion and the inactivity of it, she would instead join the Mendell City Police Department for 5 years, until she received a better offer from NanoTrasen to work aboard the NSS Aurora’s security department as a security officer. What do you like about this character? I look forward to developing and role playing this character, as I find it really cool that she is trying to bring back honour to her clan after her family was disloyal to the queen. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I believe most of my characters have been well-made, and while my roleplay could use improvement I’d still like to give myself a 7/10. Notes: -
  2. BYOND Key: Sadkermit Character Names: Loukas Tzannetakis, Captain Hugh Oswald, Chief Medical Officer Guusje van Willigen, Pharmacist Faith Windsor, Pharmacist Ka’Akaix’Lyrk C’thur, Scientist + a bunch of retired characters. Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A grey, sandy-ish colour. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I have. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Mostly because I’ve observed other unathi players lately, and started to become interested in why those characters may behave as they are, and what differences may arise. Having read the lore in its entirety and more in-depth than I have before, there’s a few characters I had in mind that may be fun to play on the station. Brutal, post-apocalyptic wastelands where everyone is at each other’s throats is also a setting I quite enjoy, not to say that the Untouched Lands don’t interest me either though, as they do. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi are far more traditional and spiritual than humans. Honour and religion plays a far larger role in an unathi’s than in a human’s life, where traditional values such as honour and gender roles have been discarded, and where religion doesn’t have such an effect on one’s life. This affects what a character will value, which then affects how they behave and are roleplayed. Being in Tau Ceti where they’re exposed to a far more progressed society, and where unathi are a fairly recently enlightened species, this clash of values leads to a lot of roleplay that shouldn’t be ignored when playing an unathi. The majority of unathi also have a far different upbringing to most humans. The Contact War has had a significant impact on those that are alive, having completely changed the environment of Moghes. This has led to a generational trauma within unathi society, with many lives changed and affected, and so roleplay as an unathi will usually account for this. Character Name: Aorza Istar’ruzk Please provide a short backstory for this character. Born in 2418, Aorza Zruxksa experienced life on Moghes before the Contact War and before First Contact with the Orion Spur as we know it. Hailing from a small village not too far from Sahltyr, the Zruxksa’s hunted for a living, and weren’t fortunate enough to benefit from much of the technology available to those living in the cities, their area being rather against the industrialisation of unathi society who feared for the loss of the traditional way of life. The closest radio was that of the nearby villages, where young children - sometimes Aorza himself - would listen in to the news, then run house-to-house and to the various farms - only a few having moved on from hand ploughs - scattered around the countryside to disperse the news. Life was easy though, in comparison to what would come: basking in the sun after a day of hard work, hunting alongside his father during Versakh, receiving a simple schooling in a class of six friends - all formed many fond memories that Aorza would struggle to cling to. Dedicated to helping his father hunt to make a living, selling meat and hides to a local guild in exchange for a small cut - which is then halved again to pay their dues to their lord - Aorza was unable to pursue his childish dream of becoming a warrior and fighting honourably in combat, adhering to the old warrior codes. The thrill of the hunt wasn’t enough, and Aorza wanted more of a challenge. This ambition was never followed through, and Aorza hunted alongside his father throughout his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. 2433 came, and the children ran through the village screaming news from the village radio. Aorza heard the news from his mother: aliens, life on other planets - sapient life. No one believed it at first, and life carried on, but it all turned out to be true, and stirred up a lot of tension. Every day, the children flocked around the radio, and every day they’d bring more news of the alien benefactors; news of new technology, space travel, warm blooded mammalian aliens and magical amphibians. Gradually the news turned from excitement to disappointment, as these technologies, this capability for space travel, and these mammalian and amphibian aliens would never step foot in the kingdom Aorza resides in. All would be hoarded by the Izweski. Tensions continued to rise. The lord petitioned more men to join the levy, offering greater incentives, and spouting the usual ‘fight to bring honour to your name’. With the incentives now great enough and trouble on the horizon, Aorza, aged 18, departed from his village with a fond farewell to his parents, and walked an hours journey to Sahltyr to join the lord’s city guard. After a year of training, after seeing the failure that was the first ISP space launch to Ouerea, and after seeing how the Izweski were leaving the rest of Moghes behind in it’s technological slipstream, the Contact War broke out. Fortunately for Aorza, though to his dismay, he was withheld from the brunt of the fighting, and remained on watch in Sahltyr. When the nuclear exchange began, the city was one of the targets on the Izweski’s list. Dragged from his patrol on the street, shoved into a building, and thrust into the basement, all Aorza could do was tremble with the earth, and scream with the wind. Alongside 4 others in the basement, Aorza sat for several days, unsure what to do. Those that said ‘leave’ were unable to open the basement hatch - something above was pinning it down. Those that said ‘stay’ began to feel the crippling effects of starvation and insanity begin to take their choke-hold. One day, a rapping at the hatch alerted them, and it swung open. Aorza and only 2 others left the basement. Baptised by the radiation, deafened by the wailing of those grieving, and terrified by the fallout that had begun to cascade upon the city, he wrapped an undershirt around his face and immediately began to run to his village. He ran faster and further than he had ever ran before, rushing to meet his parents. Neither of them could be found. A small stack of rocks splashed with a drop of blood was made to signify their passing - a dwarf when compared against the blood-soaked rubble of buildings in the cities that have fallen - and he spoke some words, begging them to not be angered by the fact he could not find their bodies to prepare them for the spirit world. After invoking the names of every ancestor of his he could remember for several days straight, a group passed through his village. Remnants of the Azarak Kingdom - already of old - who called themselves Gawgaryns, they all vowed to save those that survived the nuclear war - upon their honour, they swore, their ancestors be their witness. Aorza Gawgaryn walked with them through the waste, leaving his insignificant pile of rocks behind. A week later, they pillaged a homestead in the wasteland which refused to give them food to eat, the men butchered and the women and children left to starve. Resorting to banditry, the Gawgaryns made their presence known in the wastelands, and Aorza beside them - barely a warrior, just a cook and a field medic, humiliated by those who he relied upon for safety. Years passed, and the Gawgaryn killed and saved, a balancing act of good and evil, honour and disgrace - a balancing act as he performed the mental gymnastics needed to see himself as a hero among heroes in the wasteland. He trudged through the heat with 23 others, brothers and sisters in-arms, gender roles cast aside, weapons kept close. His bandit cell rarely stopped, constantly on the move to avoid patrols of those loyal to the Izweski or simply protecting themselves from the Punished. In the thick of battle, Aorza would charge in, Dorviza medical supplies in his bag, a Queendom weapon in-hand, and armour dug up by Reclaimers donned. He'd raid many settlements with his group, ferry many unknowing and knowing unathi off-world. It would take Aorza 4 years to finally come to grips with the wasteland, 2 years more before he acknowledged how far he had fallen, and a further 4 years to accept it. Eventually, he had finally had enough. His cell of 23, now whittled down to 14 over the many many years, was scouting around the various Oasis Clan territories, looking to spot a small caravan or lone wanderer. Instead, a giant sea of people was spotted - more than the eye could see. A writhing, twisting snake slithering through the sands of the wasteland. Aorza and the kin of his who shared his view abandoned the Gawgaryns and ran for the entourage of people, hands held high, weapons left behind. Enveloped into the mass of unathi and pushed to the front, Aorza approached a shambling old man - a walking stick in one hand, a book in the other. Juzida Si'akh stood before him. Aorza - a nervous wreck - knelt before him and told him of his dishonour and disgrace, told him of who he was and who he wished to be, how he spat on the spirits for cursing those who survived, how he'd do anything to make amends. Juzida reminded him he could still redeem himself in the eyes of the spirits who damned his soul to eternally fester on Moghes. He slept that night and, had he been a Sk’akh before, he may have woken a Si’akh Heretic, but the idea of the Great Spirit was unfathomable to him, and he remained stubborn in his Th'akh beliefs. He remained with the entourage for a long while, offering his services as a warrior, and providing first-aid treatment to those who were wounded by Maraziite Order patrols. After waiting for several weeks to have another meeting with Juzida, he was pushed to the front and gave his farewell notice, he told the prophet of his plan to apologise to those he did harm to. With the spirits' blessings, he broke off from the entourage and made way towards the Oasis Clans. Entering through the gates, he had hoped to see a lord who he could beg for forgiveness, instead he was chased out of the gates, his head demanded upon the chopping block. Redemption already seemed like a short-lived and still-born dream. Not knowing which sands the entourage crawled through now, Aorza Gawgaryn began trudging in the direction he believed they were heading: past Mudki and towards Yu'kal to preach. It took him several weeks - alone, blending in with the sand to avoid being spotted - to reach Queendom territory, and entering through the gate with an alias, he refreshed himself in a tavern. Aorza found no Si'akh entourage that day, only the cunning smiles of the criminal underground who offered passage off-world to wastelanders in exchange for a dangerous mission. Intrigued, and with no honour to lose, Aorza took the offer - he was to raid one last Reclaimer crawler and drop the scavenged riches off just outside of Res'karum, where transport was arranged for him to be taken off world. The deadline was his shuttle take-off time, should he miss it, he'd find no other way off world. Aorza and a group of 9 others followed the Reclaimer crawler to the salvage site, waited for them to disembark, and ambushed them. It was just another ambush for Aorza, though he deliberately lagged behind to avoid the combat, refusing to draw his blade, and only aiding those of his team who received injuries. They loaded what they could into the back of a van and sped off towards Res'karum. The job done, Aorza sat in a new bar. Another sly smile entertained him, and led him towards the shuttle port. Thrown into the back of a cargo shuttle with several other to-be-immigrants, he was smuggled off of Moghes. Claiming asylum on the grounds of religious persecution, Aorza was granted stay on Biesel. Discarded into District 11, he only found more coy smiles. The ignorant smiles of aliens who had set Moghes ablaze, the friendly smiles of gangs looking for muscle, the promising smiles of factory owners looking for cheap labour. With another shot at redemption, Aorza chanced his luck with the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion who offered him an education, a chance to protect those who could not protect themselves, and, ultimately, citizenship. He was taught Ceti Basic, and how to act as a Combat Medic. He served for 3 years, beginning in 2459 and leaving in 2462 aged 45. He signed his citizenship papers under the name Aorza Istar'ruzk, refusing to associate with his previous names, hoping this new name marks a better chapter of his life. It took a while to begin to acclimatise to human space - he still hasn't - and now he's landed a job interview at NanoTrasen Corporation, a promising position aboard the NSS Aurora as a First Responder where personal development awaits. His interview is today, who knows what they'll think of him. What do you like about this character? I like the idea of a character whose entire vision of himself and morals in life have become twisted and contorted into something monstrous and undesirable, and how the immense guilt he feels drives him towards a fanatical devotion to redeeming himself: to make amends, and to appease the spirits who he has disgraced himself before. Whether he ever gets a chance to reforge himself into someone more honourable and respectable, or whether those around him constantly remind him of the wasteland creature he once was is yet to be known, and will be enjoyable to play. In the end, he's a symbol of how the Contact War has devastated Moghes and it's people. Aorza is also an old unathi, who's spent most of his life in a wasteland. I'm sure he's also got plenty of small stories he can tell those in Medical while they all ogle the crew monitor, which'll be fun to come up with. That, as well as stories of his upbringing on Pre-Contact War Moghes, before everything hit the fan. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Since I started playing again this month after a fairly long break, I've only stuck with the characters and created new characters I feel like I can consistently play well - Lyrk and Tzannetakis being where I'm best, I'd say - and have benched those where my roleplay was more inconsistent or just not good in the first place. Because of that, my roleplay this month has already eclipsed where I was a year ago, and I even feel that since I began playing Lyrk, my roleplay has already improved beyond the point before my vaurca whitelist. I've definitely improved a significant amount and will always continue improving, as I always try to get feedback whenever and wherever possible, as ultimately this isn't a question for me to answer. It always feels weird putting a number on a scale, as I don't feel there is an upper limit to one's roleplaying ability, and people, including myself, tend to rate themselves too high because it's often times hard to believe you can improve at all beyond a certain point, and that you've finally hit your limit, when you haven't and can still always improve. Notes: The backstory is long, I know. If it's a problem, I can try squish it up a bit more or format it nicely with dropdown chapters - just say. Have a malted milk biscuit in the meantime for making it this far. 15/09/2021: Proof reading edits. Touched up the part about the pile of rocks dedicated to his lost parents by making some more explicit references to Th'akh lore.
  3. BYOND Key: Flpfs Character Names: Swan, Jack Mayfly, Ernesto Zhao Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A shade of grey, probably light grey. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I liked the unathi lore after interacting with players in-game. I particularly liked reading the section on honor and the different wasteland clans. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Their society is much different from Humans, based on concepts like honor, which is integral to an unathi's reputation, and clans, which almost every unathi is a part of. Physically, they are much more stronger than humans and their presence is more imposing. Their politics also has the clash of the Traditionalists and the Hegemony, and there are also interesting specifics like the life of unathi in Dominia. Their economy is also different, working on a guild-based system with patronages rather than the human megacorporations we are used to. Character Name: Azorisk Ozeuoi Azorisk was born in 2436, to a small family on the outskirts of Darakath. While his father fought in the Contact War, his mother worked as a healer, and always emphasized the pursuit of knowledge to her son. While the war raged on, Azorisk took on an interest in tinkering with old devices, sparking an interest in everything that beeped or clicked. Often times going to visit the junkyard nearby, he took things apart simply to see how they worked, and learned how to work with simple, mechanical tools. Sadly, this wouldn’t last long, as he would soon be conscripted as he came of age, to fight on the frontlines, as his father did. The fighting dragged on, and they were pushed back all the way into their home city again. As Darakath fell, Azorisk and his family defected, managing to flee to a deserted part of the wasteland. Abandoning all that he knew and loved, they were confused and lost, but hope wasn’t gone. The family decided to join clan Ozeuoi to survive, and Azorisk used his talent to serve his clan, building and repairing generators, balloons and turrets. While the work was tiring and the wasteland was hostile, Azorisk found a strong sense of community there, and particularly enjoyed the company of the dionae that worked alongside him. A believer of Th’akh, he thinks that eventually Moghes will be returned to its original state as intended by the ancestors, after much hard work. After some time in the clan, he was approached by Hephaestus Industries representatives looking for new talents to hire into the company. Encouraged by his family, he decided to obtain formal education and leave the planet for now, so he could send money back to them and support the clan. Azorisk was ecstatic at the opportunity, seeing it as a chance to finally become an accomplished individual and as a way to obtain prestige, making his family proud of him. Moving to Tau Ceti for his studies, he resided in district eleven due to the cheap housing. Working odd jobs on shuttleports with less than optimal conditions, he had to give it his all to make ends meet and have a little extra to send back after it all. Suffering some culture shock due to the diversity of Biesel, he distrusted IPCs, seeing them as simply pieces of machinery that were treated too seriously, and preferred to speak to other sinta he met and a few dionae, sometimes visiting the Eternal’s temple for conversation. Perhaps enjoying the comforts of modern life too much, he adopted habits that would raise eyebrows back home, such as taking a liking to canned goods and sweets. After lots of sleepless nights, Azorisk finally graduated, and was hired by Hephaestus to work around Biesel. Enjoying his new-found employment, Azorisk takes a good view upon Hephaestus and sees it to be as a benevolent corporation in the Spur, one that treats its workers well. Being shuffled from small jobs such as shuttle repair and maintenance, he proved his experience enough to be selected for a position aboard the NSS Aurora. What do you like about this character? I like that he's been changed by his time in Tau Ceti, it's gonna be interesting to see him talk to other sinta and what they think about it. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think it's good enough, most of the time. Notes: None
  4. BYOND Key: ClemTheDuck Character Names: Niko Pelz, Yukio Takano, Scout Tanaka, Taeko Mori Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Purple Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: yep Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I find feudal and martial societies interesting, especially in scifi. Unathi are appealing as they have much more unique character motivations compared to that of standard humans. I do wanna play around with the different religions and how Unathi from these religions would react to the greater spur. Their focus on spiritualism as a whole and how open it can be to interpretation is very appealing, Th’ahk in particular. This gives a lot of opportunity to explore how Unathi express their spirituality, I want to play around with and explore how this view on spirituality changes between Unathi, whether that be from their location on Moghes, or their experiences growing up. In general, Unathi religion has a free air to it, where exploration out of the norm while still remaining in the bounds of the religion is possible. Also I really fucking love geckos Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Besides the fact that you are a 6-7-foot-tall lizard. I believe the strong religious and spiritual ties are one of the biggest differences. There is a much larger affect that a Unathi’s religion has on a character’s interactions compared to that of most humans in lore. With this being said, there is still a lot of wiggle room in the ways an Unathi character can view their religion and express their spirituality, which leads to a lot of variation in how different Unathi chars view and are influenced by their beliefs. Character Name: Askoza Kaszka Born to a rural peasant family in the Hegemony in 2438. Askoza spent their childhood in the midst of the Contact war, loosing friends, and family alike during the conflict. By the end of the war, Askoza had seen the majority of their clan perish from the fighting. Scarred and homeless, they were one of many who were moved to Ouerea after their lands were destroyed by the fallout. With the planets infrastructure unable to account for the growing refugee population, finding work was already tough enough, but missing an arm, made that nearly impossible. Askoza lived in the slums, barely surviving. When Aut’ahk began preaching in the slums, Askoza was drawn in by their talk on prosthetics. Seeking a quiet life after spending their life in war, Askoza joined the commune in the Hinshaw Valley. Life in the commune was peaceful. Askoza took a great interest in the construction of the Aut’ahks prosthetics and augments, learning much from the shamans in regards to building and maintaining them. The budding commune could not sustain itself fully however, and with a lack of credits, paying for supplies from merchants was difficult. Being among the youngest in the commune, Askoza volunteered to work abroad with Hephaestus Industries so that the commune can have a source of credits. Over the next 9 years they studied under Heph, obtaining a masters in Mechatronic Engineering and Robotics. They worked on designing improved prosthetics and augments, even trying to streamline and enhance the processes that the Aut’ahk would use to create their own prosthetics. Originally working out of the HAS Olympus over Mars, they have now transferred to the Aurora due to the increase in instability in the Sol region. Askoza finds the change from Unathi to human space freeing. They see their augs and prosthetics as a way to heal and improve themselves. Humans tend to be much more open to augmentation as a whole, and human corporations like Hephaestus are at the forefront of advancements in the field. Askoza believes in bettering the health of Unathi back home, and see prosthetics and augmentations as the way to do it. They find the stubbornness of Unathi restricting and harmful. Even in the commune they would find the Aut’ahk clinging to old and sometimes inefficient means to create their augments. Askoza hopes that one day, they could use their designs to help the Unathi who have been hurt and scarred from the Contact War, a futile dream, but a dream nonetheless. What do you like about this character? I like their motivation, wanting to improve the lives of their kind after the Contact War. Their constant need to improve things is also something that can come into play as well. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I like to believe my characters are all unique in some way. I can definitely keep a character, also do well when improvising. So like 8/10
  5. BYOND Key: Kaizr Character Names: Sahi Khazka, Mahara Stokov, Adriana Volvalaad, Rocket (Most played recently) Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark-grey Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: For the longest time I wanted to apply for Unathi as my first whitelisted race, which is obviously not the case anymore considering I’m now whitelisted for Tajara and IPCs before I even considered writing this. The reason I wanted to apply for this race was ironically because of TG Station’s lizardfolk. I personally found the sprites adorable and the concept of literal space lizards being both amusing and unique, not to mention the hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Aurora’s Unathi lore essentially puts a story behind these underpaid and mistreated reptiles, something which I’ve always wanted since I discovered the concept of Unathi/Lizardfolk. So in all, I’m interested in not only furthering my skills as a roleplayer but also delving into the diverse and unique lore behind Unathi to create engaging and equally unique characters. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Just like all other alien races, Unathi differ vastly from humans in almost every aspect of society. Unathi society revolves almost entirely around honor for one’s self and their clan, to openly disregard it is the ultimate malfeasance. Characters from the Hegemony can range vastly from a wealthy nobleman seeking to expand his clan's influence or make a name for himself, to a Aut’akh hero- I mean cultist hellbent on achieving a closer connection to the spirits through bio-mechanical enhancement. This type of honor-based society opens the door for a slew of interesting stories, characters, and roleplay opportunities that you would otherwise never see among the other races. Mechanically, Unathi are also vastly different from humans. Unlike humans, Unathi stand at heights ranging from 6’0 at the lowest to as tall as nearly 7’0, and they reflect this towering height through their natural constitution. They are naturally more resistant to pain, heat, and are able to sprint at uncanny speeds at the expense of poor endurance and somewhat sluggish movement when walking. Character Name: Nassa Zisk’as Please provide a short backstory for this character In a small lodging within the dockside slums of New Skalamar, Nassa Zisk'as hatched amidst the season of Versakh, or more specifically, April 2nd, 2440 GST. She was the youngest of two children in the family, second to her eldest brother. Her clan was nothing more than a poor merchant and supply guild, struggling after their sudden departure from Moghes mere weeks before the nuclear exchange. However, due to being but a mere child, the sheer magnitude of the situation on Moghes was beyond her. Thus, her younger life was similar to an ordinary Sinta woman living among a predominantly Sk'akh family and clan. From as early as she could care to remember, Nassa's mother worked hard to raise her as a devout follower of Sk'akh and the matriarch's code. All done in hopes that she would one day join the clan tradition of mercantilism as a guild woman. And, at the age of 5, she began primary schooling with the guild, adhering to their strict rules without question. However, despite this regimented and traditional upbringing, the young Sinta yearned to be more. The only outlet for this being her eldest brother Tz'kai, who at the time was nearing 15. He was initially skeptical about her behavior and dismissed it at first. Still, as time passed, he grew more supportive of her ideas of being something more. So the years went by, the war on Moghes grew more and more desperate for the Coalition, and Nassa happily sought out a new purpose in her free time. Until finally, at the turn of 2448, she found it. For as long as she could remember, the Hegemony was always present despite being so distant, and being in a family that fought under the banner of the Hegemony only solidified their presence. Warriors of her clan and others quickly became something Nassa adored and actively sought out when time allowed. Her childish addiction to these stories of heroism and overcoming the 'evil traditionalists' only grew as she happily fed into the mountains of Izeweski propaganda that circulated the streets of New Skalamar. And quickly, this infatuation with the warriors of the Hegemony and the code they follow grew into aspiration. She wanted to become a warrior, a Kataphract, to bring honor to her clan and the Hegemony. This dream would remain a secret, the only person she trusted enough to tell being her brother. However, this aspiration was in stark contrast to her parent's and clan's wishes. Every day, she struggled to balance her dreams of being something more and the harsh reality of her situation. This festered over time, the only outlet for this growing frustration being her brother. He had taken the path of becoming a warrior of the clan... Over time, Tz'kai realized how disillusioned Nassa was with her aspirations, and he began to doubt her. Still, naively she continued to press him to help her achieve them. Finally, he reluctantly did so, and even he saw promise in her despite the obvious shortcomings and limitations. Nonetheless, she continued to practice throughout her younger years behind the backs of her parents with the help of Tz'kai. In her eyes, he assumed a role model status, someone she knew would support her endeavors and aspired to be like. But, when the war ended in 2449, and the clan warriors slowly began to flock to their new home, the reality of war quickly became apparent. They were far from the glorified stories of heroism and hardship she was used to, seeing the extent of the injuries many had sustained and the bodies of the dead returning home. Nassa was reluctant to let such a thing discourage her; however, the spirits of her slain clanmates were looking down upon the next generation of warriors to uphold their legacy and honor -- and by Sk'akh, she would do it. With this realization, Nassa began to understand the true purpose she wanted to become a warrior. Not only to prove herself capable but to bring honor to the warriors before her who laid down their lives. Subsequently, through the next few years, she overzealously devoted herself to continuing her practices up until adulthood with the aid of her brother. However, in this zeal, her parents took note of the behavior and sought to shut it out entirely. Nassa found herself subject to harsh punishments, and it weighed heavily on her at times. But like a true warrior, she wouldn't lie to them despite the unending shaming and disapproval from her parents. Upon reaching the age of 16, she devoted herself to upholding a warrior's honor code, with only her brother even aware of it, failing to dissuade her from it. This happened only a few months before the Hegemony's forceful annexation of Ouerea and the destruction of its democracy. For her, the return of the Hegemony was something she had longed for, bringing her this much closer to being able to her dreams. However, it was then that reality caught up with her again. Having long since aged out of the childish idea of being accepted as a warrior within the clan without first proving herself, she yearned for the chance to do it again. These interim years after becoming an adult tested her will. However, she was hardly willing to let go of her hopes and dreams so quickly. Until the end of 2461, she found herself working under the clan's banner as an assistant to one of the guildsmen, much to her own dismay. Just like the years before, she wanted to be something more. The monotony of her situation finally being shut away by the rebellions that overtook much of Ouerea. This was her chance, as the clan warriors rallied to be sent off once more in the name of the Lord-Regent to protect New Skalamar from the surrounding rebels. Nassa's will was only strengthened by the recently elected High-Kataphract Saa H'zala. Finally, after years of waiting, she stepped forward and asked to join the warrior's ranks on their march to protect New Skalamar... And in doing so, she was given a harsh reminder as to her place in the clan... For the longest time, she was disillusioned with the reality of Unathite society. Even in realizing the truth behind the matter, she denied it until that very moment. Years of her effort had been cast aside without anything to show for it. For years she had held out hope that if she had even the slightest chance to prove her worth that they would maybe accept her. This harsh reminder is what finally drove the final nail in the coffin, leaving her crushed. Though her actions were hardly considered heinous enough to Guwan the woman, her family and clanmates viewed her as a source of shame. Ultimately, the only person who still supported her was Tz'kai. Still, even he was struggling to see any chance at redemption. The option of her position as a guild woman was also crushed due to her foolish outburst, relegating her once more to the laborer's work. A dissatisfied and defeated Sinta worked away moving boxes and tending to menial tasks, a shell of her former self for a year. Then, with no other options, not even that of a Guwandi, she set her sights out on the stars above. Though it took a year for her to build up the willpower to do so, she eventually sought something to start her on her own journey. Just like a Kataphract hopeful, she set her sights on Tau Ceti after the invasion, the prospect of Biesel being a new horizon and another chance to prove herself capable in her own quest. Much to her parent's surprise, she sought out some way to get off Ouerea, eventually settling for NanoTrasen's offer to fly her to Tau Ceti in exchange for work. Much like her ancestors, she couldn't give up, and thus she felt her decision was guided by them. While both disappointed in her for failing them and deciding to leave, her parents expressed that if the ancestors were indeed in support of her decision, perhaps she could return to them one day and gain their favor. What do you like about this character? Admittedly I did my best not to get bingo on the "Steryotypical Female Warrior Sinta" card and I ended up doing it anyways. However, I still think the concept of someone still hopelessly clinging on to their childhood dreams to the point of it eventually all catching up to them is an interesting concept to work with. I did my best to represent :B:inta lore through their backstory and the difficulties of a woman living in a society where gender determines who you are. Much like Tajara and how one's ethnic background often is a determining factor in where you are on the social heirarchy. How would you rate your role-playing ability? After picking up my Tajara whitelist, I think I can confidently place myself at around an 8.5/10. Notes: Whole thing was a BIT rushed if I'm being honest, I just wanted get it over with and stop slacking. I'm still out here trying to make a female Sinta who wants to be a warrior without fitting into the steryotype. 😔
  6. BYOND Key: Colfer Character Names: Ka'Viax'Zoin C'thur , SMNR-350 , Observing Unique Forms Of People, Mister Mug Master Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A darker greyish in color Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Of course I have Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Some unathi I've seen have have ranged anywhere between extremely bland to extremely intricate and interesting, focusing more on the interesting parts, I've personally looked into their lore to see what they were all about since it seemed heavily based on player choice to make it interesting and I wanted to see what the options were. After quickly glancing over the unathi lore page I found that I was captivated by some of the lore and possibilities for characters, and ended up reading through the wiki page for about an hour and a half before I grew bored, I thought that their approach to honor, be it normal honor or pirate honor was neat, as well as the various guilds, namely the shadow service being my favorite. In summary, why I want to play this race is that it seems very open ended and friendly to forming new and interesting characters without any ridged design choices I was mislead on or misinterpreted Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi are largely different to human beings in psychology and not just physiology, unathi males being brutish and straight forwards with their environment and the people in it, while females are more charismatic and social, having somewhat relaxed responsibility and need to act as an example to others. Unathi most of the time, play similarly to a human physically, except when it comes to things like duels or play fights, whereas unathi may hit, slap or tail tap friends as a sign of respect or brotherly love, a human may be wounded or injured by these acts. Most unathi are also honor bound, unlike humans, sworn to certain beliefs of their clan, their family or themselves, unathi are strictly bound by certain parts of their belief, and most unathi always respect their ancestors and look up to their elders for wisdom, guidance or instruction. Talking about unathi being different from humans wouldnt be complete without talking about their religion with some religions being equivilent to cults, and others being wild and traditional, some faiths revolve around the spirit of a being, that spirits from beyond can contact the living in many different ways and supposedly influence the natural world based on the experience with the person that that have spoken to. Other religions following unusual paths, such as the Aut'akh which follow a trans-unathiist doctrine which believes in augmentation to remove weaknesses of the flesh and scales, and that losing more parts of the body to augmentation strengthen the magic that believers control and allow their spirit to flourish within their still partially living bodies. Physiologically unathi are cold blooded carnivores, and are often taller and bulkier than humans on average, sharing alot of similarity to reptiles on earth in other matters of biology Character Name: Kraski Urzika Please provide a short backstory for this character Kraski Urzika was hatched on the planet of Ouerea shortly after the start of the contact war and spent the majority of their life as a child in simple studies provided to the original colonists to Ouerea. Kraski Urzika's father would often be out working within Isoz that had cropped up on the planet while the mother tended to Kraski Urzika and his education in the free time, and helped in simple labors elsewhere. Kraski was taught in the ways of Th'akh but never thoroughly grasped onto the conscept or the ideas of it very firmly, treating the religion as simply a fact of life and a normality, but not a devout believer, especially after hearing about the practices of Aut'akh, Sk'akh and various other interpritations and human religions and wondering which of them was the most true During Kraski's years of childhood up to the age of 12, he was particularly curious of everything, enjoying the understanding of the newest technologies or ideas or ideologies, listening to new or old rumors circulating around the colony and watching the news to see how the contact war had been progressing over time. At the age of 7 years old Kraski was given a gift from his father, a personal AI device purchased on the day of his birth and preloaded with a helpful social assistant, unknown to his father, this object embued with the simulation of a spirit would sow the seeds of Aut'akh in Kraski's memory later in his life, but at the time, the helpful assistant was able to entertain Kraski with his curious tendencies and technological inquiries and served as a close companion for years to come, pushing aside some of Kraski's real childhood friends in the process. At the age of 12 Kraski's father had been critically wounded while preforming logistics for the colony, having a majority of his lower body and his right arm destroyed after being crushed by hephastus industrial machinery during his work. The father remained alive for 2 days before finally succumbing to his injuries, refusing prosthetics whole-heartedly which would have otherwise saved his life, much to the protest of Kraski who informed him about Aut'akh and life-saving prosthetics that were available to him, choosing to die instead of distort his spirit, as he put it. After the death of Kraski's father, despite the proper burial rights preformed, Kraski felt as if the ideology his family followed from that point forward were detrimental to the survival of himself and his mother, and partially converted to the ideas of Aut'akh, further motivated by the lack of corporate consern over the death of his father, now believing that the corporations simply didnt care, even if it wasnt fully their fault. During Kraski's adulthood, after the age of 16 he began to consult believers near the places of the local workers guild that he served, or aut'akh themselves for more information about the ideology and quickly fell in love with it, seeing the weaknesses of his flesh after his fathers death, he quickly became an firm believer left his previous life behind and denouncing his clan, naming himself Kraski Rikurt, or "Revealed" in Mador due to his revelation of faith, keeping himself determined with the memory of his father, seeing that converting others to his new beliefs would help them avoid the same misery that he had to go through when his father refused to live to what he now understood to be influence of the flesh that clouded his fathers spirit. During the massive population spike of Ouerea around when Kraski was 19 years old, Kraski got his first augmentation in the form of a soul anchor, inscribed with the name of the pAI he had long before, since the card had since gone dead from a lack of maintenance months ago, as much as he wanted to, he resisted inscribing the name of his father onto his augments, out of respect for his beliefs after he died, no matter how wrong his fathers last wishes felt now. Over the rest of Kraski's life was the eventual recruitment into nanotrasen as a roboticist to offer discounted supplies to the growing number of unathi within the commune he was in and the eventual becoming of a shaman of sorts today with a couple different augmentations What do you like about this character? I like this character because in ways he is a reflection of myself in certain aspects and it helps me stay connected to the individual im playing as if I have something to keep me anchored to them. I've always wanted to play a shaman of a religion but I simply didnt feel like the options I had available to me (diona, human, IPC, vaurca) fit well with what I had in mind, but a shaman from unathi culture is naturally superstitious and wouldn't seem very out of place to do special rituals over people in the chapel or have unusual methods of meditation. (Even though humans could theoretically do this, they'd just get weirder looks) How would you rate your role-playing ability? If I was really getting into character I'd rate myself pretty high at 8/10, since I've made somebody actually cry in real life while playing a nurse on another game because I took care of them a little too well Normally im pretty average, bit better or bit worse depending on the alignment of the nearby planetary bodies Notes: Sorry if anything is a little lackluster or something, shoulder began cramping up like hell to the point where I could hardly see and was only going at like 2 words per 5 minutes, it sucked but im glad to finally get the application out after a couple revisions
  7. BYOND Key: ClemTheDuck Character Names: Yukio Takano, Scout Tanaka, Niko Pelz Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: red/maroon Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Playing a xeno race on its own is something ive always wanted to do. Unathi have a specific martial and feudal culture that appeals to me. I really enjoy the idea of playing a character with a strict moral code, someone who values honour and respect in others. The Hegemony and its focus on clans and clan loyalty gives a really good stage in which to make said character. The history and general disparity between Unathi culture and other cultures creates oppurtunity for unique interactions between Sinta and other races, and also allows for contention and growth, with say a Hegemony char being a stubborn traditionalist or learning to adapt and enjoy other cultures. I would also be lying if i said that the idea of playing a 6-7 tall lizard wasnt appealing to my interests. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: I think the biggest part is the cultural differences. With the Hegemony having a big focus on clan loyalty and martial prowess. While having a code of honour is nothing new to the human lore, the unathi have a larger focus on loyalty to the clan, over fealty to the emperor. I feel like this gives way to unique character motivations compared to most human nations. Should also be noted that you expect a certain level of integrity from certain Unathi, for example, a Hegemony Noble is someone youd expect to have a strict moral code, someone who values integrity and respect. Same cannot be said with every Solarian or Biesel char. The Aut'akh are also an interesting aspect of Unathi culture, communes and a focus on self expression, especially through the use of prosthetics, is something that doesent really pop up alot in human lore, and the disconect between the Hegemony and the Aut'akh is something that is unique to Unathi. Probably goes without saying that the difference in biology changes how Unathi interact with others simple things like how unathi tend to stare directly at the person talking to them, or how baring or protecting ones throat signals vulnerability or distrust. These social mannerisms are quite alien compared to standard human social interaction and i feel like can have an effect on how a Unathi would act in a station that is filled with mostly humans. Character Name: Skaszk Szsk Please provide a short backstory for this character Skaszk Szsk grew up on Skalamar, under Clan Szsk. The Youngest of 5, Skaszk looked up to their eldest, Razorak Szsk. Always trying to prove himself, Skaszk would often rush headfirst into situations, going about as poorly as one would expect. Through his younger years hes trained hard to keep up with his brothers, going into work in the City Watch the moment he was able to. There he would guard the outer walls of Skalamar with his brothers. The weakest of the brothers, Skaszk would find themselves dealing with petty criminals and mundane tasks which they would complete with enthusiasm. Every day waiting for a chance to prove their skills to their kin. When Razorak Szsk left Moghes, Skaszk was orignially distraught, unable to go with, and questioning why he would even want to go to human space. It wasnt until Razorak returned home again that Skaszk would learn of the experiences in Biesel. It wouldnt be until Razorak returned to Bisel, that Skaszk would realise that their oppurtunity lied, not in Skalamar, but across the Spur in Biesel. Signing on to Nanotrasen as a security officer in the hopes of following in their brothers footsteps. What do you like about this character? I really enjoy the idea of someone who while still follows a strict code of honour and integrity, but is a bit of a dork. Skaszk isnt the best at fighting, but theyre enthusastic and always eager to prove themselves to their peers. I also think that they have alot of room to grow, coming from a very very traditional clan, them thrusting themselves into a very diverse and human filled culture gives alot of oppurtunity for interesting interactions and character growth. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I like to say that i can stay in character very well. Im not the most descriptive person, but i think my chars are distinct and have clear personalities. Ive definitelty improved and am looking to further improve that through playing different races. Id honestly give it a 8/10 Notes: Big thank to Shadow for giving me the Szsk clan lore and getting me off my butt to write this.
  8. BYOND Key: LizardKingLizard Character Names: Truce Rockwell, Jumana Brigandine, Nikolai Wires, Juice Oddstone Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: a dull, almost gray purple Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, and most of the sub-pages as well Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I wish to play Unathi because both the culture and religion is unique and fleshed out enough to allow for some good variety in characters. From the way they are brought up ranging from debt-operated orphanages to rural tribe like communities and sprawling cities, to the differing ways of how they rule their societies with most being strictly religious and patriarchal, with a good amount of conflicting ideologies. I have seen only good rp from other Unathi players, and that makes excited to (Hopefully) join them. On top of that, I believe it would be fun to sort of subvert expectations by playing a role non-typical of a Unathi male. [Also, I've been told I have to because of my username : ) ] Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Both mechanically and culturally Unathi can be played in a way that allows for excellent roleplay with other species. They're cold-blooded, can eat things poisonous to other species with some things mundane to other species being poisonous to them, and have sharp blood-letting claws. They all come from a place of extreme hardship due to the nuclear war that enveloped their home-world after they first made contact with other species. Their unique code of honor can also be used as a point of conflict in character, leading to more exciting rounds. Character Name: Raztki Kruzia Please provide a short backstory for this character Raztki is the single male Unathi born as part of a three egg clutch in 2444 on Ouerea. In his youngest years Raztki would watch his father work, and watch his mother teach his sisters what she knew about healing. By the time he was eight he was able to fish and cook by his father's side, helping him with minor guild work and other business. When he wasn't helping his father he would watch his mother practice her healing or spend time learning about their Sk'akh faith with the elders. Despite spending most of his formative years working and learning, he developed a very laidback and kind personality, even using what little free time he had playing with the hatchlings or helping the elders with whatever they needed. Growing up in a more rural community in the jungles closest to Um'a'yid, he would often beg his father to go with him into the city to help with selling the fish they had gathered. As he got older his interests continued to develop specifically in cooking, and once he reached maturity his family spoke to the clan elders to get him sent into the city to further hone his skills with the intention of becoming a cook. Once he finished his education at a small school he decided to stay in the city, getting a job as a chef in a small restaurant and bringing the majority of his earnings back home to his family every month. After two years with the same restaurant he had heard of better employment opportunities out in space and, after considerable conversation with both his parents and the elders, was allowed to sign on with Nanotrasen. He was given a work visa and assigned to the Aurora as a chef, still working to send money back home. What do you like about this character? I like that this character gives me both the excuse to learn a new job, and the opportunity for more unique roleplay as a character who actually has something still connecting them to their home and a reason to care about where they come from. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Better than my writing ability, for sure. Decent, and I'm working on emoting more in character. Notes: This is my first whitelist, and I'm quite aware that I'm not great at longer form writing. Please let me know where I can improve.
  9. Blastwave_FX_RattlesnakeShakeTail_BWU.58.mp3 Rattling sound effect, mentioned on the wiki in Emotional Displays, paragraph 6 when enraged, Unathi will sometimes rattle. Figured a sound effect to let people know the big lizard is pissed would be useful. (Sound effect taken from https://www.zapsplat.com/?s=Rattle+snake+tail+shake&post_type=music&sound-effect-category-id=) uses the standard license, same as the usual Unathi hissing sounds.
  10. BYOND Key: Siccero Character Names: Alondra Enoka Ka'Akaix'Kack Zo'ra Za'Akaix'Zoz C'thur Ka'Akaix'Nul K'lax Za'Akaix'Vol Zo'ra Ka'Akaix'Clen C'thur Ka'Akaix'Qes C'thur Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A sand-like colour (167,127,10) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well-articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I find the hard-fought culture of most Unathi interesting, the constant uphill battle of attempting to appease the higher-ups and all the micro-cultures this produces under different Lords, or the constant tension between many of the Unathi before even factoring in other species it allows for an interesting range of character alignment within just the people in itself. On top of this the rigid social structure adds a large opportunity of either roleplay in the way of following such, and the interactions many will have with viewing such actions, or opposing such social structure and seeing the internal and external struggles such an action might entail, having to face other clans and how you will lose honor for performing such disrespecting actions or to attempt to hide such facts while away from such culture Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Mechanically they hold differences such as, slower movement but quicker sprint (to represent how they tend to move slowly to and from until a task needs to be completed in which they exert energy into such thing), improved unarmed melee attacks (due to their claws and generally being pretty beefy aliens) resistance to hot areas while being more heavily affected to cold areas (due to being cold-blooded) and various food passives (relating to their inability to consume ethanol, and only getting nutrients from meat). Other than mechanically, they as a culture are quite different, having a rigid male and female social structure, with many of the men taking up more of the warrior-like rule, even heavily being pushed toward a code that they must abide by, while the females are expected to conduct themselves in a more proper manner such as a noblewoman would. These tenents are followed so closely by some, you may be entirely disowned from much of Unathi's traditional society if these acts aren't followed. There is also a large spiritual aspect to many of the people, with most following one of the three main religions and holding such beliefs quite close to their hearts The culture has become a large melting pot due to the large amounts of refugees after the contact war, a war that ravaged the landscape both through the act of treating the other side as sub-Unathi but also with the nuking of much of the surface of the home planet. This has led to a large overpopulation creating many opportunities to exploit the ones below. Character Name: Xiomara Az'xo'tzin Please provide a short backstory for this character (Approximately two paragraphs): Xiomara Az'xo'tzin was born under two notable members. Firstly a guild member within the Fishing League named Nelpan Ss'scov, one known within Moghes as a large exporter. Living within Janvir he specializes in the trade of rare fish that live within the Za'Aith lake, taking advantage of the many willing villagers within the region to work under him and passed down knowledge of fishing to produce a bustling industry of fish cultivation and trade. Within this village, he found a healer by the name of Koltoru Az'Xo'Tzin, a fairly established name within the area renowned for her ability to produce many 'miracle drugs' from common plant life within the area. These two were soon married off to secure a strong position for both families within the region. After being hatched Xiomara was quickly pushed towards the family tradition of female healers, spending most of her hours outside of cleaning the house and helping with food production studying physiology, and quickly being forced to get over any fear of blood and gore through having to dissect much different fauna and being forced to watch procedures to warriors that came in harmed. Any hours outside these activities were dedicated to the study of Th'Akh, Though her father followed Sk'akh through heavy persuading and due to many of the males on her mother's side becoming shamans or warriors fighting for the Th'Akh faith she was raised under the study of Th'akh. To best produce a notable healer for her clan and through the heavy push to create a great woman known around the region, to marry off to someone of great standing, Xiomara's parents were able to gain a scholarship, due to the reputation of her mother, to an off-world university of health, this being the Biesel Institute of Medical Sciences. Xiomara's constant involvement with opened fauna has led to a fascination with the internal workings of a body and how to best repair them, leading her to strive towards becoming a surgeon. While such a discipline would take some time to fully blossom, as the only female offspring within her family and with the end of the Contact war happening just a few months ago, she was granted such time to grain such skills so she may one day come back and spread such knowledge to her offspring and other women that she would work with. This allowed Xiomara to pursue a career within the world of surgery. Xiomara was conflicted about her time away from home, on one side she loved to hear about these new cultures and modernized worlds, on the other hand, she was spending the only time she has ever really known a peace within her home, away from it all with many looking down on her for the tie she still had with her spiritual side, leading her to become extremely homesick from time to time. With that said her newfound freedom was not unused, she finally felt like she was waking up every day to do what she wanted with no fear of overstepping into other genders social lines, this leads Xiomara to become a bit rebellious, seeing the number of freedom others are given made her envious, though she never acted on these rebellious thoughts, the blossomed within her mind causing her to gain deep loathing for the social structure within her people. After completion of her courses and residency Xiomara was all but ready to head home until her mother had other ideas, she suggested further in the field study, she worried that not enough time had been spent truly understanding her practice, Though Xiomara thought otherwise an hour-long call detailing her allotment in life and condescending nature convinced Xiomara to believe maybe it was best to spend some more time away from her family and their thoughts about her. After various relocations from station to hospital back to the station, she was finally contacted by the corporate conglomerate Nanotrasen to be stationed aboard the NSS Aurora and provide medical knowledge to the station, with a chance at a stable work environment that didn't have her moving from one part of Biesel to the next, she quickly accepted and set off to aid in the station's medical plights What do you like about this character? I like the idea of playing an oppressed character that goes against the ideals of her people but must be Subtle and keep such under wraps to avoid her clan being seen as lesser and herself being cast out, I also like the emotional range that this character can produce, while being older she still can be stubborn to the core. This character I also feel has a lot of areas to build, with different alien views and perspectives possibly warping her views both positively or negatively over time How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think I'm pretty good, I can sometimes be slow in response time, and tend to not hold up too well in combat encounters but I don't see myself as too problematic roleplay wise
  11. BYOND Key: 50_N00b Character Names: Yasin Deamurr, Clement Sormirr, F-R.A.N.K.Y, Bjorn Rolaerr Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Red Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Why do you wish to play this specific race: I’ve had a character idea floating around in my head for a while, I went ahead and read the lore and while the idea has changed substantially since I first thought of it, as a result of a better understanding of the lore, I’m still excited to try and execute it. I also like that Unathi don’t feel like a rehash of anything particular from human history (at least in my opinion), so I’m excited to explore more of their lore and develop characters based on it. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi are large lizard-like aliens, and as one might expect from that, they have reptilian-like qualities. Mechanically, they have a slow walking speed but are able to sprint quickly for a short amount of time. They’re cold blooded, so their idle body temperature is lower than the average human. They’re sensitive to cold, but resistant to heat. They have claws, causing bleeding when they attack – all things to keep in mind when playing. Most Unathi are refugees one way or another, as their race reels to recover from a nuclear war that occurred shortly after first contact was made with humanity. This was recent enough that there are a wide variety of perspectives in regards to this. Older Unathi will remember the times before contact was made, and may have entirely different perspectives than younger individuals where this is all they’ve ever known. Their society is heavily focused on honor, spiritualism, and clans – feeling somewhat antiquated on the galactic stage as a whole. Character Name: Zukzi Zukarr Please provide a short backstory for this character: Zukarr hatched shortly after the first bombs fell on Moghes, his entire childhood occuring during the contact war. As his clan occupied the more rural areas of Moghes, they found themselves pushed further and further from their homelands as the encroaching wastelands made life difficult. The first ~8 years of Zukarrs life were spent wandering deserts in a slow and grueling journey towards fertile lands untouched by the nuclear fallout. His lifestyle became mostly nomadic, traveling in a group with his clan and coming into contact with many villages and towns that had, or would be, meeting the same fate as theirs. As the war came to a close, the idea of approaching Skalamar became increasingly appealing to the clan's dwindling elders. They spent some time outside the city, waiting to be let in amongst the flood of refugees that now sought shelter within, living in ghetto camps until their time. While there, Si’akh preachers made their rounds – appealing to the tired individuals strewn about. While Zukarr and his clan didn’t buy into the wild doomsday claims, the interactions certainly fueled Zukzis thoughts, allowing him to come to his own conclusions about the evils that led up to the war, namely coming to dislike both the Izweski and the Coalition. Shortly after their entrance to Skalamar, Zukzi and much of his clan were met with severe overpopulation and pushed into the spacefaring life. Too proud to accept any of the contacts offered by the mega-corporations poaching for cheap hands, they found themselves seeking refuge on sinta operated colonies and took a shuttle to Ha’zana where they integrated themselves into the colony. After the formation of the Grim Compact, Zukkar took an interest in joining. He approached the Steel-Spirits, inspired by their forward tactics, wanting to become a warrior amongst their ranks. Very quickly, though, it became apparent he wasn’t great at fighting (or, frankly, much else). While the thought that he’d approached the wrong crew did cross his mind, he was too stubborn to admit defeat and continued with the Steel-Spirits. Zukarr would be assigned to more menial tasks when he wasn’t needed, and took on many responsibilities of the chore wheel on his particular vessel. At first he found it demeaning to do tasks normally delegated towards women, and worked hard to try and elevate himself off what he deemed as the floor, but he wasn’t strong nor intelligent, so there he stayed. As he became more familiar with the culture of the pirates, he’d become less offended by his work. Their Dread-Lord was a woman, and this did a lot to weaken gender roles in his mind. Eventually he’d find himself in the galley, preparing the day's meal for the rest of the crew. An older Unathi taught Zukzi much about the process and he had a knack for it, more so than anything else he’d tried - at least. Over time, he came to realize that the pirates, and in fact the government of Ha’zana as a whole, was a tributary of the Izweski Hegemony. Not the least bit pleased by the idea of indirectly working for the Izweski, even if it was mostly autonomous in nature, Zukarr broke away from the lifestyle and began looking for contracts to take him away from the system. Idris picked him up, interested in the idea of access to the exotic cuisine of Sinta cooks. He received some formal training before he was dumped in Tau Ceti to become familiar with the other sapient species and gain more experience before, ideally, moving onto more profitable ventures. NanoTrasen picked him up, placing him in Tau-Ceti to fill some shorthandedness on the Aurora while also attempting to introduce him to a more mixed society, becoming more familiar with other sapient species. TLDR; >Childhood was nuclear >Join pirates...Is a bad pirate >Learns to code cook >Idris big money chef What do you like about this character? I wanted to play an Unathi in a role they are not commonly seen, this accomplishes that well, I think. I also enjoy playing contarians in general, so having a Sinta who generally dislikes the governments of their species is also a point of interest for me. I think since he’s fairly new to culture outside of Sinta space, he’ll have a lot to learn which makes room for character development which is always fun. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I’ve warmed up quite a bit since my last app, and have had an easier time sliding between characters and diving into development, so I’d rate myself at an 8/10 Notes: Sorry for the long ass backstory!
  12. BYOND Key: Gillian Daemon Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark Red, Maybe Metal Grey Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Once again I decided to break out of my comfort zone and start making new character concepts that I will hopefully bring to life, Unathi are the first non-humanoid race that I find easy to understand, and their unique culture and society lore are more in-depth than I anticipated. – Unathi history was fun to read, and I enjoyed the in-depth page on the different sects of their faith on the wiki, it inspires me to find out the human parallel that inspired the lore in the real world, as I love to learn more about what in real life can inspire fictional media, it also helps me create character concepts. I find Dominian Unathi to be the most interesting in my opinion, although their reworks no longer describe the integrated society between Human and Unathi anymore – I can still find much enjoyment reading about it and imagining the different characters I can make. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Unathi have gameplay mechanics that make them play differently than humans, like ethanol being toxic, Unathi are strictly carnivores so they must eat meat to sustain themselves. Hissing, ect. On a roleplay note, Unathi have certain body language that that make them distinct when interacting with others, like staring intently when conversing. Religion as well as their code of honor, can influence certain acts and mannerisms, their outlook on spirituality are an inherit trait of Unathi. And is part of what makes them a unique race. – depending on where your Unathi has come from, it can change drastically on how they can behave. Character Name: Shannaz Riz’akh Han’San Please provide a short backstory for this character Shannaz was hatched on Moghes – 2413, to a militant clan of the Han’Sans, although Shannaz was born to scholarly parents and elders, they preferred that he studies within the field of science rather than partake in his peers more martial past times. – Shannaz enjoyed both nevertheless, and impressed those with his understanding of the, at the time. Advanced mechanical engineering used in Moghesian weaponry. – In his adolescence, Shannaz was described by clansmen around them as rather ‘stuck-up’ and reclusive, while Shamans did say Shannaz was devout follower of the Sk’akh religion. On the year 2433, Shannaz was 20 years old when humans made first contact with humanity, which sparked intense joy for him. As this sudden new discovery of a race beyond the stars came to his planet with advanced technologies. He spoke often with human merchants and scholars that arrived from the spaceport owned by NanoTrasen, much to the dismay of his traditionalist elders, despite this – Shannaz continued his formal study for the next five years until the Contact War emerged. Clan Han’san was Coalition aligned, and while Shannaz was called back to his home to help with the war effort, he saw the devastation of Nuclear Warfare around him and was quite frankly, horrified. As the fighting went on, Shannaz became a sort of weapons maintainer for the clan, until King Seryo Kazakhz’ attempted landing on the Izweski capital which failed. – When it was clear a Coalition defeat was imminent, Shannaz would rather be with his family and escaped Moghes with the rest of clan Han’san along with Clan Kazhkz. This marked the start of Shannaz’ “pirate” activity, with an eccentric attitude he seemed optimistic about space travel, but unsure about his clans – as what he thinks to be “barbaric” activities, he coped that it was just a method of survival. At 2440, the pirate fleet landed on Moroz to swear allegiance to Emperor Boleslaw Keeser I – and surrendered the vessels to the Empire of Dominia’s Navy, which means Shannaz had to abandon his 2 year home which, he didn’t really care for anyway – albeit happy to start a new life within the Empire, and curious to learn this nation’s customs and ready to study in their educational centers. Shannaz became disillusioned by constantly never being able to escape conflict going on in anywhere he lives, as the forces of Han’san was defeated by Fisanduhan insurgents, giving the Kazhkz more control over the Imperial House, he became absolutely embarrassed by The Clan Lords Salak Kazhkz’ continued piracy and general buffoonery. While Shannaz continues his life on Dominia, he found the faith of the Holy Tribunal which just recently emerged, at first – seeing it as heresy, seeing it as another strange commune of the Sk’akh religion, he saw overlapping similarities, and learned that more eccentric shamans have contributed their beliefs to the new state religion, and opted to convert to the new faith. And has been happy somewhat since. 2451 – Shannaz has become known in his Clan as a knowledgeable professor, and with the announced partnership with Necropolis Industries (now Zavodskoi) – has gone to seek employment with the weapons manufacturing company, to make use of his expertise, and become a clan representative, - Shannaz from this day forward enjoys a peaceful life within the Empire, with an elevated title as Noble. He tries to live honorably and peacefully. What do you like about this character? At first, I just went with the concept of “UNATHI SAILOR!” – but the more I read into Unathi history (Notably the struggle of the contact war and its after effects), Shannaz is just a doctor traumatized by nuclear warfare and the constant conflict that happened in his young adult years, and despite the circumstance, still tries to find a way to keep living by his old traditions and beliefs. Even in the unfamiliar alien environment he is forced to adapt to. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Good enough, I know. I made yet another Zavodskoi character – but it just made too much sense with his backstory to make him one, I will often joke that I have a Zavodskoi bias, but that only goes as far as to say they are my favorite megacorporation, and I hope to make characters that are enjoyed by others, and fun to play by me and with others. Notes: Enjoying the perks of being a noble may have gone to Shannaz’ head. – I like to make sure each character I make has a name that ties to their personality and backstory, so I thought I might as well spoil what Shannaz means here “Shannaz” Origin : Persian, popular name in Iran, Turkey and I believe Baghdad. Meaning : The Ruler’s Pride. “You want peace and harmony in all aspects of your life. You want to devote your life to someone or something. an impressive and aristocratic bearing. No matter how tall you are, you appear noble and upright. You are very much in control of the image you send out to others.” - Tribunal Priestess Barintskaya to Shannaz Han’San, consoling him after he was just egged and whistled by xenophobes on his way to the Tribunal church.
  13. BYOND Key: William Murdoch Character Names: Saanudr’ar Jurl-Kiimak Mahrikrav Zaydan-Klimekarr Jrizar Makragh (on break) Dimarra Amadrathea Sabah El-Tusi (former) Alik Antonov (former) Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Brick red (#a24d3d) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Unathi hooks me on quite a few key areas: Aesthetic, factions, and culture. The aesthetic of the Unathi is a style that I love. It may not be art-deco, but the style that reminds me of Dune (in lore and machinery, at least) is something that I will never get tired of and something that I want to involve myself in more. The factions of Unathi lore are also a major draw. A major point to Unathi that I have found tends to be the wild diversity across the species. The factions exemplify this to a strong degree, from the interstellar power that is the Hegemony to the cult of the Aut’akh, and even the remaining independents from places such as the Queendom of Szek’hakh.The diversity of these, no matter how large are small, add a satisfying amount of flavor and opportunities to the species that only humans rival. Last, but most certainly not least, is the culture. As with all the species, Unathi have a very distinct culture. Their clans which are the basis of their entire society already sets them up in a way that can’t be found anywhere else. It goes further to include concepts such as honor, the large gaps between the nobility and peasantry, and even the clash of faiths. Identify what makes role-playing this species different from role-playing a Human: Putting the physical differences aside, Unathi are a very distinct race in the Auroraverse. They are one of the few nations to have a full feudal system that is the basis for nearly every part of their interstellar nation (One of two feudal space empires I might add. NKA doesn’t count since they are not a space-faring nation) and how it bleeds into their culture and methods of going about the Spur. Another part is also how distinct the culture is. The majority of the population follow a unique code of honor, even the pirates, and maintain it in nearly everything they do, females mostly exempt. Yet at the same time parts of the species break conformities to provide an interesting clash whether it be a Aut’akh cultist or a Dominian Unathi (looking at you Han’san). Mechanic-wise, they are their own beast, as expected, and provide a unique mix of abilities and biological factors such as their cold-bloodedness. Character Name: Ka’leaozhe Kaliahsurzi Please provide a short backstory for this character: Ka’leozhe Kaliahsurzi was born to the Kaliahsurzi clan in 2438, a clan within the minority of Th’akh believers relatively safe within the slums of Skalamar. His father had been called into the levies for the war leaving his mother alone to raise him, although an unwed male from the clan stepped up to assist in his raising. Post Contact War, Kaliahsurzi witnessed the many injured and scarred veterans who had survived the bloody war enter the slums which his clan had inhabited. Feeling a sense of duty, not just to his clan but the veteran warriors who had protected him, he applied to the Skalamar University of Medicine with the help of Nanotrasen assistance, pledging to join the corporation after his education with permission from the Clan Lord, who he had been friendly with. Studies in the university were marked with a betrayal to his normally talkative self to instead hide in the corner of the study hall and listen quietly. It was in a vain attempt to avoid the harassment and harsh looks given by the wealthier nobles attending the prestigious university. During his time, he had offended many of his fellow students, many of whom were nobles, and one of which formed into a form of rivalry. This rivalry peaked when Kaliahsurzie was challenged to a duel to the surrender. About a week later, the two met in a local dueling area and started with friends and family of both sides coming to watch. Kaliahsurzie lost the duel when he surrendered after having his leg injured beyond medical means of fixing. The resulting limp from this injury led to his discovery of the Skalamar undercity commune months later after an Aut’akh member met him in the streets. During his final year of his studies in the university, Kaliahsurzi frequently visited the commune and received a prosthetic to replace his previously injured leg. To keep his conversion a secret, Kaliahsurzie implanted the scales from his old limb onto the new prosthetic and replicated his limp to hide the fact he had been miraculously healed. The final months he had left on Moghes were spent finishing the last of his studies, learning and converting to the Aut’akh faith, and eventually requesting new augments. His conversion to the Aut’akh faith was bumpy, though. Despite his best attempts, everything from meeting with the commune shaman to hours of meditation, Kaliahsurzi found issues with leaving behind his past faith in Th’akh. Even now with his life moved to Tau Ceti, Kaliahsurzi spends great amounts of effort communing with his spirit and talking with any Paradigm to further cement this new faith in his life. Daily meditation is a centerpiece of his schedule and missing it often makes him irritable. His arrival into Tau Ceti was marked by a huge shift in life. His adjustment to this new land was rocky with the first few months spent simply trying to adjust to his new home in the Razortail Enclave. Despite this, he still requested and replaced his arm with a prosthetic to further his faith and conversion. During all of this, Nanotrasen had him working in company hospitals around Mendell City, later NSS Phoenix, and finally his new position on the NSS Aurora. Although in a ‘free’ land, Kaliahsurzie still lives a life of hiding his faith and limbs for the same fear of being ostracized in the same way he could’ve been in Skalamar. What do you like about this character? The major point for me is his conflict. Aut’akh has been, by far, the most interesting part of Unathi lore to me. Playing a character who is attempting to convert while not revealing himself and also continuing his work as a doctor is something I love. It’s the type of mix that gets me hooked. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 8/10 Notes: None that I can think of.
  14. BYOND Key: BearSchwanz Character Names: My most played characters: Klaus Kitzler, Cerise Contritum, Guillaume Mol, Miracle, Ethwasa Sliver Species you are applying to play: Unathi What colour do you plan on making your first alien character: Unsure - khaki or muted green. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Unathi is an interesting and seemingly kind of underplayed race that I think deserves more love, so it was attractive to me as a first alien whitelist candidate. After reading through the lore I found the narrative of Unathi to be a lot more interesting than I'd previously presumed from player interaction. That coupled with the difference in roleplay relative to humans I think would make for a very fun race to play. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Obviously you have the comparison of technological development and hardship throughout recent years for the Unathi or the effects of more ancient history but I think largely the difference in role-play boils down to the contrast of behaviour between the two species. Such differences like expressing emotion and what different gestures may mean or why such gestures would be displayed and how that exhibits the different mentality of the Unathi. Beyond that would be the way Unathi condone themselves based off of class or clan ties and honour as well as feuds over religion and major conflict both past and present. Character Name: La'Ur Dorviza Please provide a short backstory for this character: In 2412 La'Ur hatched on the southern coast of what is now known as the Guzari sea, 26 years prior to the contact war. Here in what was still a lush landscape he experienced a more traditional upbringing where he learned to hunt, fish and occasionally assisted with the harvest of medicinal plants. By 16 he took on the role of fisherman assisting with the clan's haul of fish. After the nuclear exchange of the contact war In the coming years life became harsher and harsher on La'Ur and his clan as they migrated South in hopes of preserving what little remained of the jungles, swamps and forests. Now too far from the coast to continue his work as a fisherman and growing too weak from giving all his food to his children to hunt, La'Ur turned to assisting the shamans and farmers in their effort to utilize the Dionae to repel the expanding wastelands, learning as they did how best to preserve flora in the wasteland whilst also learning the uses of each plant. Now largely unemployed La'Ur expanded upon this new found knowledge of medicinal plants in offering assistance to the healers tending to the sick, earning his keep of food for himself and his family this way. Finding great joy in assisting his clan this way La'Ur developed a fascination of medicine and wished to continue learning further than what the healers and shamans could teach him. Amongst the tales exchanged by travellers that passed through his clan's domain in search of medical assistance La'Ur learned of the opportunities being granted to Unathi by mega corporations seeking employees. Now at the age of 43 in 2455 and his children no longer requiring his guidance, La'Ur set out of the wastelands for a harsh journey East to the nearest city to then seek the nearest shuttle port and managed to secure employment on a Nanotrasen ship within Uueoa-Esa where he would learn medicine in exchange of his knowledge of Moghes' flora, later being station on the NSS Aurora as a fully trained physician at the ripe age of 51. What do you like about this character?: I think playing an older Unathi in particular would be a lot of fun. The experiences of living in and supplying for a family during pre/post nuclear war Moghes, the transition from labour work to medicinal work, the journey across the wastelands, experiencing interstellar life, learning modern medicine stationed on another Nanotrasen asset all would give me a lot to work with for role play. How would you rate your role-playing ability? Pretty decent. Getting into character is fine and inventive emotes are always fun. Notes: I tried to keep the backstory short as the format asked for just about two paragraphs. But I have been naughty and done three.
  15. An Unathi application. BYOND Key: Desven Character names: I might clean up my slots, but the characters I'm actually playing are Pierre Godard, Qaal Nramala, Ka'Akaix'Pax C'thur, Zhranzda Rajii'thaamar and An Oath to Soothe the Vulnerable Souls. Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: I'm not sure yet. Probably azure, probably sand. It really depends once I get to try the character creator. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yessir Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I wasn't planning on applying so soon, but the other day I spent the whole day at the hospital with a lot of free time and decided to read Unathi lore. I had a really vague idea, mostly from my interaction as Dominian and reading the Dommie lore, and all I knew about Moghes, properly, was feudalism and some desert that was full of radiation. While I've had them on my scope already, and even wondered on making a lizard with my rough understanding of them, it wasn't until I read the lore that I actually gained a lot more interest and realized how cool they are. There's also the fact that Haydizzle is spriting a lot of cool stuff and I would like to try those items when I can. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: This one is a little bit tricky for me because my human character is Dominian and they share a lot of values and tradition. However, the importance of honor, the clan structures that are ingrained in basically all Unathi, as well as the feudalist setting. Sure, they can also devour small animals and hiss funnily, but that's more the mechanics rather than how Unathi interact, especially which each other, which is something I also like to see. All those little details like how to stare at you, or how they will lose their cool if you call them by their first name, are things that you always consider while playing as a human (or any other species) and referring to a Unathi, and in that way they're really alien to us. Character Name: Seznia Zarkami Please provide a short backstory for this character: Hatched five months after the bombs dropped, Seznia was born at the Zarkami clan was already devasted by the Contact War. Traditionally carpenters and artisans, almost all Zarkami men lost their lives during the conflict, and other few would lose theirs because of the effects of radiation. Seznia was afected by this, too, with her horn split into two points, almost giving the impression that it's broken, and a deformed right foot that would only be replaced later in life, with disdain from some of her community. Nevertheless, Zarkami women rapidly allied with Queen Szek'Hakh, who found herself in similar circumstances, and relocated to Yu'kal, where they would aid to rebuild the settlement and the aquaculture farms. Seznia herself, in this rapidly changing environment, wished to become a warrior, but her meek figure, and her inability to properly walk because of her foot, would make it impossible. While her clan was supportive of her, especially her mother and her surviving brother, they understood the need for a more proper and traditional work for her, and she would follow the Zarkami's steps of carpentry (in her clan, originally reserved for men) and upholstery (for women). While this would not fulfill her, since the age of 15 she became a member of her clan's workshop. The introduction of Hephaestus technology would dramatically change her life. She would receive a prosthetic, which some Th'akh shaman would disapprove, but that her (also Th'akh) clan would encourage, as she would gain proper mobility. Seznia herself thought of this as a blessing. It would prove too late for her to change paths in life, and the ability to move, which was gradual at first, would not make her think that her experience would change. She thought she would remain in carpentry for the rest of her life. Because of the efforts of her Queen to get her people out of the Wastelands, part of the Clan Zarkami would be transported by a Crevan smuggler by the name of Aslakhanov. This Tajara would promise to take them to Biesel, however, his ship would suffer an ambush by a rival family entering Ceti space would leave them stranded for a while, and an engineering emergency required the ship's engine to be repaired. Seznia would be asked for help on the matter, as all hands had to cooperate, and while she mostly observed the ones with actual engineering experience, this would encourage her to enroll to a technical school once they safely arrived to Mendell. What do you like about this character?: Despite some similarities with my other characters, I feel like she's the most unique to me. First of all, I don't tend to play female characters, and while her meek figure might be a cause of radiation, I think she has some 'strong woman' vibes with her, and I can picture her to have a heavy personality too. Secondly, I have no idea how to play engineering, so this would be my introduction to that department too, and it makes me excited. I'm hoping that, once I learn the ropes, Zarkami can become one of those engineers that do remodelations all over the station. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: A 7 today? Yeah, a 7 today. Bonus questions: What does Zarkami think about the Hegemony?: She doesn't really like it, but as her Queen, she tries to remain cordial. She believes their greed caused the war that has had a great impact in her life, but the solution for her would probably be Izweski recognizing the Queendom formally and leaving them alone or, even better, aiding them in such a harsh environment. This is probably a recurring theme with me but I don't like to make characters that become immediately hostile when they meet somebody of the opposing faction as them, as it feels like a caricature to me. I think she has mixed opinions, and while growing up she probably would've had a more warrior-like answer, wishing to battle, now in her 20s she opts for the peaceful resolution. What do I think about Unathi lore?: War! Betrayal! Nukes! It's really fun to read, and feels like an epic at times. I think you've done a wonderful job capturing the atmosphere, and I think the huge amount of Wastelanders onstation proves that the irradiated desert is an amazing setting. I'm a huge fan of wasteland stories, cowboys and such, and I love hearing and reading about people surviving in a harsh environment, and while I don't want to make Zarkami a frontier character, I would like for her to tell stories about her life in Moghes. What do I think the Unathi lore lacks?: I've said it to Haydizzle and on the discord before, I think expanding of the kingdoms before the Contact war, as well as on languages, would be a really neat addition. I'm glad the loredevs are interested in this too, and agree that in a future something about it should be implemented. I like the Skrell lore and Tajara lore solutions for an universal language for their race, but something about Sinta'Unathi and Sinta'Azaziba doesn't quite convince me. That's just my two cents. Notes: nothing else for the moment
  16. BYOND Key: sycmos Character Names: Nikita Yutani, Cygnus Rey, Tlaloc Cuahquentzi, Adalgrimur Jormungandr, Kasper Kallstrom, Aidan O'Muireadhaigh, Andeimir Chukho, Zane Jelani, Samedi Ahouandjinou Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A taupe green, khaki or bronze hue - I am undecided so far, but a muted earth tone is what I'm largely looking for. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I've read it up, down and sideways since I started thinking about this whitelist. I've had the wiki tabs open for at least two weeks now, and regularly reference them when discussing it with other players on Discord. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I feel that Unathi history and culture up into leading to the Contact War paints a unique picture that starkly contrasts the very metropolitan aesthetic and values of humanity's reach throughout the Spur (outside of Dominia, of course). The distinct lack of higher technology gives Moghes and its civilization an "antiquated" coloration to its struggle to adapt to galactic society at large, which is only similar to that of Tajara if we're to compare them to any other species on the galactic stage. In the face of an ever-changing and ever imposing monolithic society it would be difficult to maintain one's values without compromising on some aspects, and I think that the dichotomy of human liberalism and the multiple clashing Unathi beliefs gives their rapidly changing and yet resistant culture its own flavor to express in RP with both other Unathi and other species. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Despite encompassing a plethora of different cultures humanity is at the forefront of the more progressive/liberal ideas (closely followed by or even eclipsed by the Skrell) in the Spur, hardline customs largely having been abandoned or diluted outside of grievous offenses to our universally accepted moral sensibilities (murder, etc.). Having only recently achieved space travel in the last fifty years and entered a diaspora stage where they are beginning to inhabit worlds outside of Hegemony space the culture and value shock that Unathi experience when exposed to life and liberty outside of Moghes and Ouerea is likely both exhilarating and terrifying to their sense of right, wrong and weird. In such a world where Guwan are largely tolerated and not thrown to the wolves, men and women (and non-binary people) live in relatively loose social structures and "honor" as a concept is largely looked upon as medieval trivia it's likely exhausting for a Sinta fresh at the shuttleport in Mendell to soak in all of how to act, how not to act and to remember that they're in a different world with different rules. While one's personal beliefs and values are important imposing that onto others is a quick way to make enemies, and finding the balance of being true to one's self and their heritage while fitting in is an act of roleplay in itself. Character Name: Turazu Zaraska Please provide a short backstory for this character (approximately two paragraphs): Turazu was born in 2435 to Clan Zaraska, a smaller outfit of carpenters and semi-skilled laborers, shortly before the Contact War. Following the Atomic Exchange of 2439 he, his older brother, mother and a handful of other close relatives were split from his father and the remainder of the clan during the chaos of the fallout. In an effort to protect her two children and the remainder of the children that were in their care their mother and the other seniors that were split from the main body of the clan fled to Ouerea after several weeks of being unable to reach the others, where they hoped they could wait out the worst of the aftermath. Despite waiting days, to weeks, to even months it seemed that the fallout would never end, and that what was initially a matter of small deserts would inevitably become the Wasteland. Expecting the worst of the situation the remainder of Clan Zaraska would stay on Moghes and carve out a meager life in helping with the gargantuan task of colonizing Ouerea, Turazu himself eventually becoming an apprentice to a carpenter in the family once he was sixteen. Still, even as he grew up and moved farther away from the War, one question remained - what happened to his father? After several years of menial labor and restless questioning Turazu would ultimately decide for himself to find his father and begin his search at nineteen, aided by his older brother Ishask. With what little information they had of their clan's original holdings on Moghes they would spend the next year plotting and planning until they made the decision to leave for Mudki, the closest settled city to where Clan Zaraska had originally settled. So the pair saw their way off Ouerea, leaving everything they virtually knew behind, and traveled to a Moghes that no longer resembled what they remembered. Arriving in Mudki they continued their quest to find their father and their clan, each possible clue culminating into a name that had no recognition to either of them - Dorviza. As it had turned out, much to their surprise, the remainder of their clan had fallen into a loose mega-clan that etched out a harsh living in the Oasis of the Wasteland. With that information now known they made the rather dubious trip across the desert from Mudki and to the Oasis, carrying their original clan colors in hoping somebody would hopefully recognize it. With luck, there had been survivors of Clan Zaraska living among the Dorviza, having now since abandoned the name and relegated its accouterments to ancestral shrines. The pair, and most severely Turazu, were shocked by the dire state of the world and were heartbroken to see their relatives living in such despondent conditions despite their excellent efforts at combating the wastes with skillful agriculture and cooperation with the local Dionae. Finally reconnecting with their father, now elderly and long since begun another family having anticipated the passing of his first, Ishask returned home to relay the news to the Ouerean remnant. Turazu, however, opted to stay. Encouraged by the hospitality of his former clan despite the hostile environment he chose to learn all that he could from his father and his new people before taking an even braver exodus elsewhere to continue his desire for knowledge - to Tau Ceti. Seeking out a collegiate education in agriculture Turazu aims to bring what advanced technology and techniques the Spur has to offer back to the Oasis in hopes of helping those struggling, and to strengthen a long war-broken bond between father and son. What do you like about this character? (Describe what you like about this character): The Wasteland provides a lot of ample opportunity for "what if" scenarios, and something that I've wondered is what happened to a majority of the clans occupying what is now the Wasteland following the Atomic Exchange. Did they tough it out? Did they fall apart? Did they become something else? The Wasteland clans are one answer to that, and I feel that in a way Turazu's exodus as a child and eventual return as a man tie together the themes of family that clan tradition reinforces among Unathi. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: God, hopefully an 8 on a good day. Some days I just feel like a wet sock and my hands can barely move. Notes: no bulli pls
  17. BYOND KEY: Charger10k Character Names: - Honcho Khanna, Security Officer - Triton Kessler, Anomalist - Kanoa Tangaroa, Quartermaster Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character?: Sand-colored Have you read our lore section’s page on this species?: Yes Please provide well-articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I’ve really enjoyed how Unathi lore has developed over the past two years or so and the current state of the Unathi race provides a ton of engaging concepts for rp. Reading over the lore to prepare my application has been a neat experience, and each of the factions and religious sects is well fleshed out. The Unathi honor system and caste-based social structure provides a guiding hand for potential characters, shaping them into numerous fun directions. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a human: Putting aside their physiological differences as cold-blooded, carnivorous reptilians, the way Unathi society has developed over time differs greatly from humanity. Despite a technological level on par with 21st-century Earth, Moghes hasn’t experienced the same decline in traditional, hierarchical government and gradual erosion of religious authority that Earth had. Unathi politics is centered around conflict between the Hegemony and Traditionalist factions, although Unathi can be found as pirates, unaffiliated wasteland wanderers, or Dominian nobility. Despite one specific faction being labeled as the “Traditionalists”, all Unathi societies are nonetheless fairly traditional by human standards. The familial Clan system determines one’s social status, vocational opportunities, and marriage prospects, and religious oddballs like Aut’akhs are shunned by their more traditional counterparts. The economy isn’t controlled by megacorporations but instead by a network of guilds with various noble patronages, who enforce monopolies and tariffs to ensure their personal financial gain. Character Name: Koth Ze’vaan Please provide a short backstory for this character: Since the days of the Second Hegemony, the Skalamar-based Ze’vaan Clan has provided its botanical expertise to the nobility to a marginal degree of success. While boasting little in the way of physical holdings, Ze’vaan agriculturists sustained themselves by managing the herb gardens, xuizi patches, and berry orchards of prominent landholders, for a reasonable fee. This income was sufficient to afford the Ze’vaans several modest housing complexes within Skalamar, although the Ze’vaan Clan was never truly prominent in local politics until first contact with humanity in 2433. The Moghresian Exchange, while introducing humanity to a variety of Unathi crops, also brought human cash crops such as tea and tobacco to the Hegemony, and ambitious, young nobles capitalized on the opportunity to transform their underdeveloped properties into plantations for fad human produce. It was under these fortuitous circumstances that Koth Ze’vaan was born in late 2433, as the Ze’vaan Clan was beginning to aggressively develop its client properties for human agriculture. The sixth (and youngest) child of his father Sk’rath and the only member of his clutch, Koth spent the first six years of his life being doted on by one of the clan’s several handmaidens, even being enrolled in his district’s primary academy at four to begin formal education. Unfortunately, the brief agricultural boom powering the Ze’vaan Clan’s newfound success left as quickly as it arrived during the nuclear exchanges of 2439. Many outlying properties were reduced to ash, and as fallout spread across the planet, more and more land receded from arability. Economic decline during the next decade of war certainly didn’t assist, as surviving clans began cutting corners to maintain their livelihood. Garnishes, sauces, jams, butanolic beverages, and fine teas were luxuries the majority of Hegemonic Unathi found themselves unable to afford like they used to, and the Ze’vaans couldn’t find customers for the produce they were able to harvest from their remaining managed properties. This also led to a severe loss of clientele, as the nobility began converting their orchards and plantations into residential complexes for the influx of refugees from the Wasteland. Koth’s post-nuclear upbringing was considerably less comfortable than it was prior, as tutors and servants were laid off, and the clan’s urban properties were sold and consolidated. Now sharing quarters with his two brothers, Koth proved himself to be a quiet and studious child, achieving high marks throughout the local primary and secondary academies until the age of 16, where, following in the footsteps of centuries of Ze’vaans before him, he enrolled in the West Skalamar Scientific Institute to study agricultural and biological science. Completing his apprenticeship in 2453, it took another six years of intense study at the expense of any other competing priorities to become a Master Agronomist, with his “masterpiece” consisting of a crop rotation proposal for xuizi cacti in fallout-affected areas. Unfortunately, the agricultural sector hadn’t improved during Koth’s period of study, and as desertification continued to corrupt arable land, vocational opportunities declined in kind. For a few years, several start-up projects in the Untouched Lands failed due to climate change, squatters, or lack of demand for produce. Challenged to find stable, well-paying employment, Koth set his sights off-world, and after speaking with a NanoTrasen recruiter, applied for and received permission from his lord to move off-world to become a xenobotanical researcher in Tau Ceti. For this Master Agronomist, working as a salaryman is a means to an end. Building up a résumé and a proper savings account through work with NT, he maintains his membership with the Kasavakh Leaf Guild in hopes that he can eventually start an agricultural business of his own. While the results of his corporate research remain the property of NanoTrasen, the tea breeding and mixing that he performs in his home garden is Koth’s to own the fruits of. In addition, Koth’s fourth cousin Krel’tass, the Ze’vaan clan leader, is finalizing a list of candidates for an arranged marriage for Koth, which would likely entail a brief return to Moghes for a traditional marriage prior to taking his wife back to Tau Ceti. Will life in the Tau Ceti system erode Koth’s fine religious sensibilities? Perhaps, although that process began far before his emigration from Moghes. Although he was raised Sk’akh like the vast majority of Skalamarians and does his best to adhere to the customs of his youth, Koth is a guildsman at heart. Haughty, avaricious, and pedantic like his forefathers, Koth was raised in a household where Sk’akh tradition was followed more to retain social standing than anything else. Indeed, there had been slight friction between the Ze’vaan Clan and Sk’akh clergy for decades due to the former’s occupation genetically altering crops to increase yield, decrease grow time, and improve climate adaptability. While this wasn’t a taboo on par with gene-boosting a hatchling, the Ze’vaans’ casual attitude taken towards genetic modification in general proved disdainful to many a local priest, and since then, efforts have been undertaken by the Clan to otherwise fit in with their Sk’akh brethren. It’s Koth’s hope that his own external Sk’akh sensibilities will placate both the spirits and his Unathi counterparts in Biesel. What do you like about this character: Koth interests me because he serves an archetypal role that’s been rehashed in a variety of iterations throughout history: The middle-class entrepreneur whose accumulated wealth without high social standing challenges the traditions and social hierarchy of his society. While Koth himself isn’t one of those wealthy few, his upbringing as part of one of those families provides a lot of opportunity to fill that cultural role. I recall it being mentioned before that the core of the Unathi lore is religious conflict, but as opposed to the more obvious external conflicts between different belief systems, I think it’d be intriguing to play a character whose spiritual battle is largely internal, challenging himself both to maintain his religious standing among other Sk’akh Unathi and reevaluate his own beliefs, considering they’ve been neglected for so long to pursue his ambitions. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I do my best, although like most mortals, I’m not perfect. Thus far, my style has received more praise than complaint, so I’ll take that as a sign that my role-playing ability is sufficient to not prevent me from earning and keeping a whitelist.
  18. Ckey/BYOND Username Lent23 Position Being Applied For Deputy Lore developer Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page? Yes! Past Experience & Knowledge I have previous experience with lore writing on a few Gmod servers back in the day, including some Half Life 2 RP (Mostly Overwatch/CCA) and Fallout RP (Mostly Brotherhood of Steel). My most prevalent experience with lore writing however would probably be my D&D world that I've spent a significant amount of time worldbuilding. The most fun I've ever had was worldbuilding a D&D world with my friends, interweaving their personal stories into the world to make an overall interesting place through multiple people's ideas. Most of my time in general is spent conceptualizing and world-building various things, be it on my D&D world or ideas for my Aurora characters, including my main character at the moment, Alsina Tau'ha'nor, a hegemonic noble. Examples of Past Work https://www.worldanvil.com/w/damalor-lent23 A link to my D&D World for a bit of context of my writing style. I'm in the middle of a large-scale rework of a lot of pages and information right now, so most things are subject to change, but the information is there. Unathi: The Strong Race Let's start out strong (haha) here: The biggest thing I see players attribute with Unathi is that they are strong. This may be on the more meta side of things, but Unathi are so much more than the idiotic lizard brutes that many people seem to associate them as. What I see as one of the causing factors of such a reductive attitude towards the Unathi is that they are so uniform. Now, uniformity isn't necessarily a bad thing per-se, but when compared to the other most prevalent non-human species: the Tajara, they come across as a bit lacking. The Tajara have the PRA, DPRA, NKA. They have Hharar, Zhan-Khazan, Njarir'Akhran, M'sai. Distinct nations, distinct ethnicities, and there is reflection of that in the game, not only in mechanics but also in player participation. Zhan-Khazan are considered stupid by the other ethnicities. Ethnopolitics, government ideas, domestic relations; these are the sorts of ideas that I seek to bring up and explore with the lore team. Right now we have a broad, "The Hegemony is in the untouched lands, there's wasteland clans, There's a queendom that rules a portion of the wasteland." Which is a great starting point! I just want to explore these things further. Lack of Direction I love Unathi as much as the next Unathi player, and that's why it's so sad to see what I can only refer to as a stagnation of the overall Unathi storyline. There is nothing really going on for the Unathi. They come from Moghes, Ouerea, Dominia sometimes from an outlying colony, but there's nothing really driving them as a group. There are multiple factions of Unathi all spread out among the few colonized planets and they all have no real interactions or relations with eachother with recent canon events. This is the sort of thing that I really believe would be a strong launching-off point for Unathi and really kickstart a renewed Unathi interest. What I Want To Do Most Help clean up a lot of the wiki pages. Things can be super confusing and hard to find a lot of the time. Things can be a bit more organized and maybe spread into a few different pages to make it a bit easier and clearer to find information. Identify and buff the information around a lot of things, including socioeconomic policies (Expanding on the mercantilist nature of the Hegemony), ethnopolitical relations (How the hegemony interacts with it's neighbors on Moghes, Ouerea, Other Species), religious differences (doctrines, sins, heresies), and generally refine some finer details of smaller things to give a better picture for the players who focus on these sorts of things. Expand information about a few of the factions (Aut'akh, Grim Compact, Wasteland, The Guilds, and especially smaller hegemonic nobility) and flesh out some details in Unathi society (Honor, Religion, etc) Closing Statement Honestly, I just want to help maintain this species that I love playing. There's so much that can be done with them, and they just seem to have overall stagnated over the course of these past few years, and I think they deserve better. If I got this position, I would definitely look forward to working with the other people that care just as much about unathi and love writing lore and worldbuilding as much as I do. I'd love to work alongside the noble lorepeople of Aurora to create something that everybody can love, whether you play Unathi or just work alongside them on the station. Additional Comments I just love the Unathi, and I want to help others love them too
  19. The unathi deputy slot is now open. I am looking for a deputy who can work with any of the following: write for a prompt, generate their own ideas, help correct inconsistencies in the lore, or any combination of the above. Most importantly, I need someone who is a team player, can collaborate with others, and can keep me updated! Please follow the application format, as well as doing one of the following while keeping in mind the themes of the species: 1) Write a wiki page addition! This is a novel piece of unathi lore of your own design, and written in the same way the other pages are. You can expand on an existing page or write a new one. Of course, this is a draft, so don't worry about HTML syntax and minor mistakes. 2) Retcon or rework a piece of lore! Give a premise of what changes, and an explanation why it's being changed. 3) Design a lore arc! This can be on station events, news articles, or both. It should carry a basic plot outline and explain the major players, motivations, and actions. Keep in mind the personalities of any notable unathi you reference or use!
  20. BYOND Key: Gentlemanly Headcrab Character Names: Zoe Langston, Nayla Mansouri, Adhira Chauhan, Yin Li Hau. Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Sandy (Orange-Brown) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Because I love exploring new species, the culture, the differences from baseline humanity, religion, guilds, and how they may clash with those they meet during their time on the Aurora. Trying to understand the new cultures while not letting their own become wiped away in the process. I wish to explore a Unathi from the Dominian perspective later, but only once I get a better understanding through playing them. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: One of the biggest differences from Unathi to Humanity for me, is the vast differences in which they develop and grow. Did they grow up in a feudalistic hierarchy with peasantry and nobles, with the goal to eventually escape those invisible bonds, and make something better of themselves in the wider galaxy. Did they grow up in a traditionalist clan in the wider wastelands, where water was rare and survival a constant thought on their mind, leaving with Hephaestus or other corporate entities in hopes of providing for their clan. Did they even become a Guwan themselves, eventually escaping the planet in hopes of shrugging off the constant ridicule in hopes of starting a better albeit clanless life. These are just a few examples, but it starts to show the variances in Unathi, where they were born can vastly affect their outlook on life, their relationships with others and fellow Unathi, and where they plan to go in life. And that doesn't even hint into their other aspects, the gender inequality that's ingrained into most of their lives, with females being relegated to an entirely different code from the males. Yet, still able to break the invisible chains through strong enough will, proving their soul is just in the wrong vessel and getting a sex-change which is wildly accepted in society. Not to mention the religious aspect, affecting the outlook one would have on not only other Unathi and Moghes, but the greater galaxy at large. All these aspects combine and shape the Unathi into a wildly different species with their own unique outlooks, traits, and interactions with others, leading to huge potential for roleplay. Character Name: Iszaal Kizekraal Please provide a short backstory for this character: - The beginning - 2439, the first nuclear armaments land, the Unathi of clan Kizekraal sprint from their homes to see the mushroom clouds enveloping the larger municipalities in the distance, the wildfires burning brilliantly, bathing the surrounding soon-to-be wasteland in a myriad of colors and sounds. Roars and shakes enveloping the wasteland around them, rousing even the most dead-tired Unathi from their slumber. Despite the roaring, the whole clan is dead silent. The flurry of motion following was an utter frenzy, the clan breaking down tents, houses, gathering their belongings, and loading them into whatever carts or beasts of burden they had on-hand. The area would soon be fallout, and they needed to escape before the searing flames reached them. Or potentially, escape even the planet with whatever money they had on-hand. - Ha'zana - Finally, away from the greater fighting and havoc of Moghes, the clan of Kizekraal settled onto the distant planet of Ha'zana. Ferried away at great expense by less respectable outside forces. The clan's money had dried up, forcing many seeking employment elsewhere on Ha'zana or even the greater galaxy at large. Despite their traditionalist teachings, many had to swallow their pride somewhat and work with the aliens they held at arm's length for so long to support the clan. Leading to conflicts of interest within the clan. Born away from the fighting in 2442, Iszaal himself never got to see the destruction the bombs wrecked on the once-fertile world of Moghes. But instead, heard the tales and occasional snippets of news from his father. A strong Unathi with the prideful attitude of a warrior who served in the local cities guard before the contact war. He told young Iszaal stories of heroic Coalition knights fighting with steel, ferocity, and honor, slaying hundreds of Iszweski troops backed by their alien overlords. Despite it not being entirely accurate, the young Iszaal was enthralled by these tales of brave heroes and knights, taking to the honor code and the teachings of Th'akh as he matured into a young Unathi. When the news of defeat finally broke that the Contact war was finally over years later, Iszaal was sent into a state of spiraling depression. Despite never seeing the Coalition and those knights he admired only in story, the defeat was a punch to the gut. Yet, he soldiered on soon after, learning to accept the defeat with pride, guided by the Warrior's honor code he still held so dear. He made a begrudging peace with those from the Hegemony, holding his tongue from comment about the state of their planet as much as it irked him behind the scenes. - The Grim Compact - Despite his father's teachings and the desire to one day tread the path of an honorable warrior, Iszaal found nothing on Ha'zana to truly test him. There were jobs in guarding the local plantations and factories, but it wasn't glory fulfilling. Iszaal wanted more, to see the outer worlds, test his mettle, that was, until the pirates arrived. A small recruiting detachment making their way to one of the larger colonies on the planet in search of both supplies, and additional hands for their vessel, promising loot, wealth, and glorious combat to all those signing up. For the first time, Iszaal saw his chance, the impulse driven youth saw this as his only and maybe last chance to escape. Despite being underage at only sixteen, he pleaded to his father and to the clan's shaman that he was ready to provide for the clan, and that even underage, his soul was mature enough and prepared to handle the outside world. After hours of debate and preparation, and a slight lie to the recruiters, Iszaal boarded the troop carrier vessel bound for the more significant ship beyond. 'Fights until the very end'. Part of the greater Steel-Spirits under Yizilna. Which unnerved Iszaal to end. Being under the command a female felt wrong, yet, the respect and admiration for her undefeated status sated any comment he had towards her status. Aboard, his training as Grim-crew began, young and unproven, it was straight into informal training and practice, weaponry, close-quarters breaching tactics, and so-on. He soon grew hot-headed with very little impulse control when off-duty, favoring close-quarters combat and heads on approaches towards almost any situation. Molding him into a disciplined but arrogant crewmember like many before him. Albeit, with a slight reluctance that he didn't belong there, he kept to himself. ... Years on, Iszaal served diligently aboard the ship, tasked with guarding and occasionally breaching various vessels for their succulent cargo. And yet, he wasn't satisfied with his position. His greater ideas and father's words of honor still ticking in the back of his mind, growing with every day spent on the ship. He wanted to continue supporting the clan, but not in this way, the money was good and he enjoyed the companions he'd made over time, but this wasn't for him, not anymore. Which eventually found him standing outside the recruiting center for Zavod Interstellar, an alien-run corporation in search of professional, strong-willed enforcers to protect the public and their private ventures, the irony was not lost on him in that, yet, he persisted in his usual strong headed manner. Ever persistent in his goal to make something better for himself. What do you like about this character? I like the idea of playing a hot-headed, young, impulse-driven Unathi that's kept in check by a strong sense of honor and the conflicting feelings he'd have from his years aboard a pirate vessel, brazenly going from breaking the law regularly to enforcing it with an alien company. Using his job as both a way to prove himself, and as an excuse to see the wider galaxy outside of Moghes / Ha'zana. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7-8/10? I enjoy roleplay, done it across various servers and on various characters, but still recognize there's places to improve on. Notes: I'm going to be leaving for the holidays soonish, so I might be able to get on/respond much to comments/questions. Just a headsup!
  21. Ckey/BYOND Username: Haydizzle Position Being Applied For: Species Maintainer/Lore Developer Have you read the Lore Team Rules and Regulations wiki page? Yes! Past Experiences/Knowledge: In addition to my past four months as a deputy, I did all honors and collegiate literature and social studies classes in high school, fields of study which I'm still pursuing in college! I've also done a couple of articles for my college's press. Biggest experience though that I feel would be the most prevalent is my knowledge and skills I picked up as a Dungeon Master: creating stories, managing lore on a server, and collaborating with others for four or five years now. Teamwork and coordination are some of my biggest skills in addition to creative writing. Examples of Past Work: The Aut'akh rework—https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Aut'akh, https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Unathi_Religion#The_Aut.27akh_Heathens, https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Unathi#Aut.27akh The Social section revamp on the main page, most notably adding many more behaviors—https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Unathi#Social The Feudalism and Society section revamp on the main page—https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Unathi#Feudalism_and_Society The State of Unathi Unathi currently aren't in a terrible spot. There is still a decent number of players, and interest appears to be continuing as applications trickle in every now and then. The retaining players have enough engagement and interest to keep contributing to and inquiring about the lore, which is fantastic! It is a major confidence booster to see that nothing that the team has done has killed off a lot of activity for the species. Activity nonetheless has still dwindled a bit, and an easy attribution to this is that there isn't really a story line that is ongoing for unathi as a whole. There is no intrigue currently after the Civil War arc wrapping up, and (to my knowledge) not really any loose threads that need tying. Add in the fact that they also haven't had any events in a while to help generate interest, and I can perhaps see why it hasn't improved markedly. Nonetheless, this is a bit of speculation as to things, and to reiterate, I think the species overall is in a decent position. How I View Unathi (Now) and the Problems With Them People have often taken to bringing up the inconsistencies present within unathi lore. Thankfully, the foundation for a lot of the lore isn't inherently bad or uninteresting. Inconsistencies however still exist and to a worrying degree. The most blatant ones are spelling mistakes, but a lot of the lore gives the impression that it was written without a lot of consideration for prior work, adding new ideas on that didn't really mingle properly with the themes as a whole. I feel that there are a lot of amazing qualities unique to unathi lore, or can come from the foundation being built up, that simply have yet to be realized. Religion being a main aspect and bias for almost every unathi is important, and yet the religion page lacks a lot of the finer points of explaining what each religion is like. Tradition is a major theme as well, and yet there is no real elaboration on how some areas stick to this while others struggle. How various factions outside of the Hegemony utilize the themes of the species too are extraordinarily weak, and as a result, places outside of Moghes suffer as being seen as "subpar" options. As I've alluded to before, unathi also lack a lot of current stories being woven. There are a handful of factions and groups that each have their own goals, but their activity has been rather quiet. Additionally too, some of these factions are external to Uueoa-Esa don't have a lot of... drive? They mostly just exist. Aut'akh, the Empire of Dominia, and the Grim Compact are all important pieces. What to Do About These Issues? I would like to outline a quick map of what I intend to do. Like before, everything I intend to do is collaborative and open, so that I do not do anything gravely insular and without feedback from the people that use the lore the most: the community. This form of gathering information and feedback when working on a larger project was hugely successful with the Aut'akh rework as there haven't been a lot of complaints regarding it, and I've received a myriad of people in my DMs asking about the new lore, which is a plus. Alright, getting into the nitty gritty of how I will fix the problems outlined before. I have a four point process of resolve, reorganize, run, and revitalize. - Resolve confusing pages on the wiki, and reorganize the category. Self-explanatory, and I already have some ideas for what to do, and even some drafts, including: splitting the main Unathi page into two pages, which will be one for the Izweski Hegemony and the species itself; fixing up the Unathi Recent Events and Unathi History pages that are severely out of date; finally, being a maintainer would mean I am emboldened to vet out mistakes or old information on the wiki quickly. - Run a long arc to tie the external factions back to Moghes. It is important that each faction gets a chance for improvement without being left behind. Unathi strike me as an imperialistic species, so Not'zar using diplomacy to develop better relationships with the "rogue" factions and expand the Hegemony would be fitting. - Revitalize old information. Culture, Honor, and Religion are the three biggest points I want to tackle as a maintainer regarding new information. A Religion page revamp is something I picked up from Sleepy shortly before her retirement, for starters. Honor will be rather simple, as I'm wanting to just add in how different factions view honor, as the basis of the page redone largely by Jade is in peak condition. Culture will be the largest expansion planned though, and it will encompass unathi lifestyles, how they assemble in enclaves, aspects of language tied to different factions and religions, and other details. Why Me? Working with Shen and Sleepy has been a real treat for lore. It was a good way into the team as it was nice just bouncing off ideas, developing parts of the lore, talking about the [Aut'akh] reworks, and just getting an idea for what we all wanted for the lore. Sleepy's ideas and vision are something I want to continue to carry out and see through for the foreseeable future, at least a couple years. I feel as though I am fairly suited for the role due to my activity, involvement with the community, positive feedback with other lore staff, and capacity to write in line with an existing narrative. I've heard some pretty interesting stories regarding how the lore team was years ago, and I can honestly say this is a climate I feel more comfortable in than I would have previously thought while applying for unathi deputy. Looking to the Future If I made my way into this role, I have plans going into the long term for writing for the species. It is perhaps incredibly ambitious, but seeing how passionate the community can be is truly inspiring and will be great motivation for the days to come. There are a bunch of more minor details I want to iron out here or at least mention as to be completely transparent, and these are things I'll be gunning for regardless of whether I get the species maintainer position or not! I would like to add(/finish) two more specific regions of the Wasteland/Touched Lands. While I do not want to make them or the Queendom excessively long, having a starting point is good to show a little more diversity, in addition to introducing religions tied to these factions. There is one already in development regarding a Fallen Kingdom, and I have another planned that draws heavy influence from the oceans and seas of Moghes. This would be a good chance to touch up the Queendom and add a little more variance for their unique culture as well. An arc regarding the Hegemony and the shortage™️ is something I would like to do after the King of the World story line in the form of some mini-events and a couple news articles. Finally, (and no promises on this one), I've been working on (re)learning Git to sprite some more unathi things, mostly clothes and religious paraphernalia. You may be seeing some updates regarding this soon! Additional Comments: If you stuck through this then holy FUCK. Thanks everyone for reading!
  22. Event Type: Canon Event Scale: Small Assigned Admin: Itzal/Shadow OOC Event Description: Unathi trapped in Tau Ceti band together to celebrate one of the largest holidays for the species. Who knows about it: anyone that reads the news! Consult the latest Sinta Articles news bulletin for more. Host/participants: Haydizzle (host), Shenaanigans (host), volunteers TBD. Time: two smaller events are currently scheduled to take place: European (9 am PST/12 pm EST/5 pm UTC) and American (4 pm PST/7 pm EST/12 am UTC). They are both identical on premise; they are only different due to different manifests happening at each time. Notes: this event will be using old lore that's been recently added to the wiki. For unathi, check here for more information on this event: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Unathi_Religion#Religious_Holidays
  23. BYOND Key: 8BitBento Character Names: Jie Khada - CMO/Physician - Human Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Unsure yet on a specific color but most likely something of a slate-brown, as much as I could manage it. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, it was a bit staggering at first, but I feel I have a much more solid grasp on it now, and I am still re-reading through part of it to simply solidify the knowledge even more. (and because it's really good.) Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I think the Unathi present a number of interesting options for roleplay, given the diverse setups that they hold. A person from the Wastelands may play out a day on the station completely different from a member from the Hegemony. It's this variance in options and backgrounds that intrigues me the most, and I'd like to try exploring and adding my own ideas to the mix, perhaps playing out some lesser thought of or used ideas. On top of this, just from a personal side, reptilian humanoids have always struck me as being a bit more interesting than most other races, and what's not to love about being a fast scaly killing machine... Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: There are a number of difference from humans, some passive, and some more active, both mechanically and in roleplay mannerisms. A big difference from the roleplay side is how they work societally, with their rigid system of honor and gender roles that are well-set in most Unathi. There are even small differences in mannerisms between Unathi and Humankind, such as speech, gestures, displays of emotion, and humor. Their religion, in those that show it, also pushes to set them into a different light from Humans. From the mechanical side, Unathi have a number of differences, such as their claws, the speed boost from their sprint, and their cold-bloodedness. Another big shift is that they can only gain nutrients from meat, and part of that is that they are able to consume dead animals for food. This presents a very different way to refresh yourself in a round, and even might have some RP repercussions depending on who you're with. Character Name: Kuzani Tez'rezal Please provide a short backstory for this character: Tez'rezal is not your typical Crime Scene Investigator, and his rise to that position makes it even more bizarre, given his history with Yizilna's Steel Spirits. Currently being 32, he was 19 when the Contact War broke out, and much like the rest of his clan in what is now known as the Wastelands, he took up arms to push back against the Hegemony with the Traditionalists. Even as a hatchling, he had a knack for using his nose and eyes, growing quickly to be one of the clan's forefront Trackers and Hunters, being able to follow wildlife hours after their trail had gone cold. This skill played into their efforts well enough during the war, but the introduction of the superior weaponry and armor of the Hegemony rendered it almost useless, for what was the point of being a good tracker and quiet steps, when your attacks would be ineffective when the moment came. Despite this, he fought as best he could, hoping to, at the very least, go down in battle, honoring his clan as his soul drifted into the afterlife. But the universe had other plans, and for a still unknown, he and four others in his war party survived their wounds. In their grief at their 'misfortune', they wandered the waists, not pushing themselves to claiming the title of Guwandi, in the hopes that they may learn something and redeem themselves. It was during this wandering that he near-literally bumped into a raider crew, the Honor found through Victory, being set down in a settlement in the Wastelands. It's still unclear to him whether the noises they initially heard were from partying after a battle, or from a raid on the settlement. There was never enough time to find out, and by this point Tez'rezal doesn't care to find out. One of the higher-up warriors in the crew, Shaza'kar, challenged Tez'rezal and his small group to one on one combat, to the death. Those who survived would be let into the crew, to rise through and put the skills they would show in the duel to good use. They all saw this as a sign of opportunity, their chance to redeem themselves had shown itself. By the end of the exchange, Tez'rezal was the only survivor of his group, and stepped aboard with the crew. He only hoped that their souls weren't trapped in grief. And so it was that Tez'rezal put his skillset to better use, growing as a warrior aboard the ship, and using his eyes to find weak points for the boarding crew to exploit in their raids. This went on for nearly a decade, until in 2458, the Captain of the crew, Szalinyr Faz'nazir, ended up attempting to raid a larger vessel with unknown markings. This ship later turned out to be owned by Yizilna Mo'hi, Dread Lady of the newly formed Grim Compact. Word hadn't reached out yet of their presence, or their power, and Szalinyr had to defend himself in a duel once the smoke had cleared. Yizilna nearly tore the man limb from limb, in a matter of moments. It was clear their raid had not gone to plan, not even remotely. But rather than take the crew prisoner, the Grim Compact saw something in the ship, and allowed them the chance to merge into the Compact. So the Honor found through Victory flew again, but this time under the Dread-Lady's fleet. And so things changed yet again for Tez'rezal. Three years went by with the Compact, and in 2461, Tez'rezal's life was poised to shift yet again. Aboard an unmarked shuttle with fraudulent credentials, they were restocking supplies from Biesel, to continue their raids within Tau Ceti airspace as smoothly as possible. While planetside in Mendell, a few of the others noticed a Merchant vessel, and suggested breaking in and murdering the crew in their sleep, then stealing the vessel. Tez'rezal and two others stood against the plan, claiming it would bring dishonor and pain to the Compact and their crew, and themselves. This caused a split in their group, with the few who stood to save their own honor simply leaving, explaining to the main cruiser over comms what had happened. The others finished their restock, taking the shuttle back to the ship, but after a great deal of thought, Tez'rezal felt he could not return to the crew. This was, in his mind, only the first of many offenses within Tau Ceti space. And so he spent a year looking for work in Mendell. He tried to move away from his time as a Grim-Warrior, putting the skills he had built up to use in a career for NanoTrasen. Despite the past spoiled relations with the race, they were not keen to turn away an eager worker, and set him on the path of Security work. Luckily for the Unathi, his skillset as a tracker was put to good use within the Forensics department, and he now enjoys a stable career alongside full schooling for his work. Despite being in a stable position now, and no real signs of the rest of the Steel Spirits coming to find him, many thoughts of doubt and upset still drift through his mind, his thoughts clouded by the wondering if he had gone astray from his destiny at any point. What do you like about this character?: I really enjoy the concept of Ex-Raider gone straight, as much as that's possible given the rep they carry. Any person with good eyes being put to use in a departmental role all about details seemed right to me, and a fun concept in general. So, my hope is that this plays out to be a fun, unique character, and that others enjoy interactions with him. I personally think it's a fun idea, and if all goes well I can't wait to put it into action! How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I would rate my own ability at maybe 6 or 7 out of 10. I like to think I can set up a story well enough, and move along with one, but I certainly have plenty of room for improvement and growth. Notes: It is a bizarre concept for a character, and while I feel confident enough with the Unathi lore, if there are any mistakes or inconsistencies please let me know and I can amend them. I think pushing ANY character from a background of violence and criminal activity into a life of straight path can be difficult, even more so once it's put into practice. So, my hope is just that it makes sense, and seems cohesive enough. As a small note, he is of the Th'akh faith, but not an avid practitioner, despite holding the beliefs close to his heart.
  24. BYOND Key: Myphicbowser Character Names: Katha Mars, Za'Akaix'Vak K'lax, Zaqix Zixquu, IRU-Kathy Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Dark Blue, I’ll need to tinker with the Color Settings since I do not know how it handles the scales Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Quite Possibly Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Unathi are an interesting species to me, the first species I ever played on SS13 was Lizardman on a TG server so I’ve always been found of them, but what drew me here was a round as a Kataphract Knight, seeing that so much lore was just there for an ERT, it got me interested in reading the rest of the lore for them. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Seems like the biggest thing here is that Unathi hold their ideals more to them than humans do, you could conceivably talk to someone with a different ideological view then you but to an Unathi it would be much harder if not impossible. It seems that Unathi do have a much more an eye for discrimination as well, being more of a traditioanalist then most species barring Tajaran of course. I think the only other things that would really set them apart in their mindset is their emotional displays, with a lot of them being something they are more akin to the way lizards socialize on earth, and oftentimes are incredibly hard to hold back for the Unathi, so they are very expressive where humans can more easily hold a stoic face. Oh and something I am reading back and forgot to mention is the Honor that most unathi live by, for the males in their highly stratified society they are expected to abide by the Honor Code, and the females are supposed to follow the Woman’s Code, which is just something that sets up different gender expectations and such. Character Name: Issa Korvitis Please provide a short backstory for this character The story of Issa Korvitis starts with the story of Issa Ssunhred, the one they used to be. During their younger years, Issa was a warrior, as proud and powerful as any, fighting for the Ssunhred Kingdom, one of the many splinters that came to be shortly before the Contact War. As a warrior they were always jumping into situations they never needed to put themselves into, many of them could have even been avoided, but he was a hotheaded fool who was ready to prove himself. As these situations came to be, it was one rogue missile that ended everything, while rushing from one safe location to another they were caught in the blast of a great weapon, leaving the vast majority of their body burned and ruined, they survived the conflict by sheer force of will and some minor cunning, they used their one remaining arm to pull themselves to safety in a pile of those they once fought with. The dawn broke, the war was over for their kingdom that no longer existed, and despite the failure they were spared simply because they pretended to be someone else, stealing a name at every city they suffered through using a wheelchair. They were a wretch, in pain and looked upon with pity, until one cold morning they awoke to another sitting above them and offering the damaged warrior something that any sane Unathi would call heresy, but after all they have felt, they were willing to take any amount of hate to live a normal life once again. Before the physical changes and before even being given their first prosthetic, the hardest change was the mindset, going from an honor bound warrior of the coalition to what they once saw as a criminal was hard, they were looked down upon and looked down upon others, seeing those who were branded as guwans and those who gave up their flesh with such ease almost made them scared to sleep at night. As time went on Issa found themselves constantly falling to their previous ideals, assuming a defensive stance around lower castes even though they were already on the bottom, checking to make sure they still had their few credits and other belongings on them when they passed another Aut’akh, avoiding looking at guwans while passing them. This behavior earned them no friends, they often found themselves sleeping in the open and alone as they had made a few enemies that night. It was only a while before they realized that if they did not change they would die. The first time they thanked a guwan for something small was like fighting against every fiber of their body but it was a step in the right direction. Offering help to an Aut’akh who only recently had to live in the communes, only to be spit upon by them was common for the days, being treated as they once treated others. Seeing the sorrows and pain of every Unathi in the communes was enough to put things into perspective, the reason they did not have leaders was because they were not capable of unlearning so much in so little time, the Aut’akh need to learn tolerance before they can lead themselves, this path will be a hard one, and it was at this point that Issa believed fully in the Aut’akh, a cult for sure, but the most likely to bring about unity not by force, but maybe by compassion and tolerance. Despite having demons yet to slay, Issa believes that it is not your first impression of others that matters, but the second, they will prevail in this new environment and do all they can for the others who find themselves there. For the next few years, Issa Ssunhred suffered and toiled, working for themselves with barely functioning limbs and living off of the kindness of the Undercity Communes.The first limb in order was another functioning arm, a direct downgrade and a constant source of disappointment for them until they had the means and skills to craft a superior limb. The time and work was taxing, but Issa struggled under the tutelage of Shamans from every Commune they visited, eventually they forsook the stares and hatred from the cities above and primarily lived in the communes, offering up their newly learned skills of creation to act as a craftsman to those who needed it, earning a name among few communes as a skilled robotocist. As they slowly gained more and more materials, salvaged credits and made necessary deals, they started acting as a ture shaman once their newly synthetic limbs were grafted to them, repairing and saving others as they once saved them. More and more of their tissue was declared unusable in the coming years and they were augmented and cut more and more, the amount of suffering they knew was great and it was seen fit that they should be reborn, to shed their souls previous misfortune. It was a long fight endeavour, but with enough cloth and avoiding eye contact they managed to acquire transport to Ouerea, to the Aut’akh valley, for the Ritual of Rebirth in the heart of this new found lifestyle and religion, thus they were reborn as Issa Korvitis, the last name of their choosing a combination of the words Kor and Vitis, together meaning Sundered Spirit, to signify the damage they felt in their hope and their strength, to signify that despite it all they still remain. What do you like about this character? I don’t have enough characters that are outright hated, my Dominian gets some flak for hating synthetics but overall I do not have anyone with the nuance of this character, that ICly will receive a level of hate reserved for the scum of the earth but has reasons for it, this character did what they needed to to survive and that can create a difference in ideology with other Unathi characters which I think could be just nifty How would you rate your role-playing ability? I’d like to say I’m good at it, I interact with people when I can and can make non-critical situations more fun with some RP, I can hold a conversation and keep people interested I hope, I think I do RP pretty well so I am going to say a solid 7/10 Notes: Ha ha, lizard go *hiss *bellow *mlem
  25. BYOND Key: WhatsUpBrotendo Character Names: Imran Zadeh, Dayo Abioye Species you are applying to play: Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Sandy-yellow Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: The concept of honor and social standing in Unathi society are what stand out to me the most. Their stratified society (particularly regarding guwan and orphans), as well as how ingrained religion is in Unathi society are themes I believe I'd enjoy exploring while playing as an Unathi character. While reading the lore I found myself particularly interested in the Queendom of Szek'Hakh since the gender roles are inverted, and that would fit well with my playstyle while still playing a male character - at least while starting with the whitelist. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: While humans have near absolute freedom to choose how to live their life, Unathi don't. Religion, honour, and reputation play a major role in how an Unathi behaves; from their mannerisms during conversation to how their feudal society operates. The concept of being branded a guwan is something that not only is a completely foreign concept for (most) humans, but also makes a huge impact on how an Unathi acts, as they become pariahs in their society for deviating from what is considered 'normal'. Having such an emphasis on tradition and gender roles in Unathi life means that to an Unathi, going against the norm is almost unthinkable, and believe that it would bring dishonor to them. A vast difference between Unathi and humanity, where individuality is more often than not praised, rather than shunned. Character Name: Ame'Kaz Szek’Hakh Please provide a short backstory for this character Ame'Kaz was born in Yu'kal in 2435, during the contact war, and wasn't fortunate enough to have a regular childhood. By the time they were in their teens, the nuclear exchange turned his home into a wasteland. Queen Lazak took over after her husband died at this point, convincing everyone that she was the only one capable of ruling. Ame'Kaz initially resented the sudden inversion of gender roles in his clan, but slowly came to terms with it, realising that the lack of men meant the clan needed to make fundamental changes in order to survive. What he was told was expected of him as a child now no longer matters, as he's no longer considered a warrior. Once they turned 18, they married and slowly adjusted to their new life as a house-hubsand. At first he viewed his new role as humiliating, and resented it, but grew to accept it as a fact of life. Watching his home be destroyed as a teenager traumatised him, and very much contributed to their quick adjustment to the role in his marriage. In 2462, Ame'Kaz and his wife had the rare opportunity to board a Dominian shuttle heading for Tau Ceti, thanks to Queen Lazak's contacts, and took it. Finding opportunity on Moghes outside of the Queendom would be an extremely difficult adjustment for the two, and they realised that going off-planet was their only choice. Once they arrived, NanoTrasen took advantage of their status as refugees and pressed them into signing contracts to work with the company. Ame'Kaz works aboard the Aurora as a cook/gardener, while his wife is working on another NanoTrasen facility as a security officer. What do you like about this character? I like how their background allows me to play an Unathi in a non-traditional way; their adult life in the Queendom means that they'd act much in the same way an Unathi female would in other nations. I believe playing this character would be overall an interesting experience, especially when interacting with more traditional male Unathi characters. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'd say my ability is good, but not perfect. Always trying to improve where possible. Notes:
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