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CCIA Appeals Forum Rules [Read Before Posting!] - June 2018

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Both the general forum rules and the Incident Report subforum rules also apply to this subforum.


  • Only post if you are personally appealing a CCIA action applied to your character. These threads are in-character, confidential correspondences between the affected character and the CCIA Appeals Processing office. Disclosing the contents of these threads to other characters may result in IC penalties against the disclosing character.
  • You may appeal for a case review, or for clemency. In the first case, the IR procedure followed by the agent is reviewed to determine if the correct approach was taken, and if the actions taken are appropriate. In the second case, you admit your character was in the wrong, and appeal to get a penalty reduced. If neither satisfy you, you should make an OOC staff complaint.
  • Do not appeal minor CCIA actions. This includes both formal and informal reprimands, and other actions with a duration of one week or less. CCIA appeals are intended for long-term actions that place severe restrictions on a character's behavior. Remember that unlike a ban, in most cases, a CCIA action does not prevent you from playing your character in a round.
  • Do not post appeals for Incident Reports that have not yet been closed. There will be nothing to review and you will feel silly.
  • All appeal rulings are final when they are declared.
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