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[Accepted] Un-ban request - Achroknight

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BYOND Key: achroknight

Total Ban Length: permanent

Banning staff member's Key: sircatnip

Reason of Ban: Consistent cases of Validhunting, despite already beeing warned and banned previuesly for this. Charged an active combat situation with an illigaly crafted weapon to hunt antags as an Engineer, granted the intent was to recover wounded Officers, but Engineers should not be hunting antags. Especially when you're blocking security's path and fireing line.

Reason for Appeal: It's been quite some time, since these incidents happend. I have re-read the rules since and improved my RP with the helps of Bay. I think I am able to follow the rules, thouh I think I'll have to read a lot of change logs for the time I was gone.

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It's been over half a year since this ban was applied, so I'll be lifting it with the understanding that any repeat of this will result in an immediate permaban being re-applied with a very strict limit on appealing, as this is the second time you've appealed a permaban.

Ban lifted.

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