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Changelings Armblades

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This is a minor suggestion for the changelings armblades. I often see changelings ending up in the isolation cells in the brig, where they are usualy rather stuck (unless they have their monkey transformation) and have to wait until the round is over. Therefore, I suggest two ways of fixing that problem.

Way 1: Make armblades work like a fireaxe. With that, they can always bash the door in enough to break it and force it open with it's blades and give the changeling at least a little chance of escape. Security can still put barricades infront of it and make it harder that way.

Way 2: Add a new 1 point power. Said power would be more of a bone-meathook style, dealing alot less damage than the armblades but can be used to force doors and airlocks open like a crowbar/fireaxe.

Both ways should (at least in theory) be simple to implement and would help trapped changelings out alot and make ling rounds at least a little bit less like extended.

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Both of these are already a thing as far as I know - it's just impossible to use the arm to pry open bolted doors that you break because they're bolted.

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