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/!\ Skrell Lore Developer Applications - Now closed

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Read carefully, as the requirements to apply for skrell lore developer have changed.

In the past, Loow had acquired his position by barraging Jackboot with messages detailing a litany of complaints he had about the state of skrell. Emerging from his era, skrell have a complex story. Most of the important themes of skrell are made so subtle as to fly under most radars. In an effort to maintain good quality control, we have decided to adopt a two page minimum essay prompt on skrell lore as our application format. The thesis of your essay can be anything skrell related, but over the course of your writing you must be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of skrell lore and its meaning. Grammar will count when determining your capability for the position. Longer essays are welcome, but superfluous or repetitive information will count against the applicant. Peer review from the community is both welcome and requested. Use the following format and include some sort of link to your essay, preferably a google document.


[b]Ckey/BYOND Username:[/b]

[b]Position Being Applied For[/b] (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Skrell Lore Developer

[b]Past Experiences/Knowledge:[/b]

[b]Link to Essay:[/b]

[b]Examples of Past Work:[/b]

[b]Additional Comments:[/b]


Essay formatting is up to writer discretion, however application essays submitted in bad taste (wingdings, comic sans, 30 pt bold font, quadruple space, large filler images) will be denied.

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