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Buying Durand Parts

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This appears to be to be a video of a man in a dark room, masking most of his features.

Greetings. Recently I've gotten my hands on a full set of Durand type Exosuit boards, along with a good chunk of steel, silver and other material. I want to finish this little project or sell the boards. As such, I am looking for a few things.

A full Durand chassis and armor or a target location where I can manufacture said chassis.

A full set of Equipment. Prefered are laser weapons and a repair droid. I will accept a passenger compartment but it has to be a mix of 4 different items.

Advanced Sensors and Capacitors. I'm not paying as well for those and will keep them here just in case you happen to have them around. If you just want to sell those then don't, you're not worth the hassle.

If none of this can be arranged then feel free to make offers for the boards.

Payment is negotiable and can range from money to other rare items that I have.

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