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Minor Wiki Changes

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(Not sure if this is the right place, shopped around for a while to no avail)

Ok so there's a few weird things with how we process jobs on the wiki.

Specifically, we seem to have a few odd cases with requirements for different roles, alongside a few very outdated jobs (geneticist is still on the wiki, for example).

Literally all I'm suggesting is that we tweak a few roles to be clearer, for example, under current wiki guidelines, you must be 25 years of age, and have an applicable PhD to take on the role of Lab Assistant. These requirements are also the same to be a fully fledged scientist.

Another key example is the Warden, which requires either 7 years prisoner management experience (understandable), or a PhD in criminal forensics; My FT character, Alice Gough, the stuttering, frail young woman trained to do autopsies, is a fully trained Warden. The Warden should really be a role based on trust; 4 years experience under NanoTrasen Security Teams, brief course in prisoner management, and a clean security record. This role is one of dealing with the contents of the armoury, and managing the brig, which requires a lot of trust to do.

Assistant roles should be changed to be more suitable to students in training as an internship for the role: Engineering Assistants might be doing a course to learn engineering practically under guidance in a work environment. Lab Assistant could be the same. We already have Medical Intern, which really is what the other assistant roles should be.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that security cadet has the same issue.

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Thank you for your thread. We will go over it with our wiki maintainer team after a brief chat with admins/ccia about these tweaks.

Let me ping them in case I forget



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As of this moment, all of this has been addressed. The problem was, there actually weren't any requirements for them, we expected people to just pop in as any of the learner roles and make sense of it. Directions of how to make sense of it better are now available.






If there's nothing else, I presume this can be closed?

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