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Tau Ceti Vice Presidential Election Poll!

For Whom Do You Cast Your Ballet For Vice President?  

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New Republican Convention: Picking A Vice-President

Tau Ceti has functioned with a single President at the head of its executive cabinet, but this year things are changing. President Dorn has successfully pushed legislation that will create a new office of Vice President underneath the President.


The Vice President will be the ceremonial assistant to the President, and be the face of the executive cabinet as well as its chief diplomat. You can expect to see the Vice President frequently visiting the station, where they can drum up support (or scandals!) on the current administration. It is also possible that the winner will go on to become a potential Presidential Candidate in 2461...



Politics at a Glance

Fahjil is a Hharar Tajara and is currently the Chief of Staff for President Dorn, responsible for hiring and overseeing the day-to-day staff of the office. He started his political as a conservative Republican, and has more or less remained stuck in these beliefs. The biggest break he has with the administration is with his views on NanoTrasen. His views align with Dorn's political rivals in the Democrats, as Fahjil wants the mega-corporation to be held publically accountable and he has argued with Dorn for years to push for corporate transparency legislation. He also also pushed for continuing Tau Ceti's "Safe Haven" attitude for refugees and immigrants from non-human systems. Despite this major source of tension, Fahjil's personal relationship with Dorn lead to his pick as Dorn's Vice-Presidential candidate. The move may seem like a shock to outsiders, but those within the Administration have seen this as a long time coming. His hardline on accountability has caused tension between him and Dorn behind the scenes as Dorn continues to struggle with allegations of corruption.

More information about specific political views due to his party affilation can be found here:



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Fahjil Hurk'jurl was born 2421, the same year that Adhomai descended into the fires of the Revolution. He was 10 years old when this revolution ended. His family had been pushed out of their city in an attempt to give their son a safer, traditional upbringing, especially since the cities were dangerous for most common people due to the chaotic, inexperienced new civil administration


Fahjil lived in this rural village for 6 more years, receiving an education in the villages' only state-run primary school. His teacher noticed he had a knack for mathematics. She told his parents that their son had a lot of potential that would never be tapped with the limited resources of her small school. They were reluctant to send him back to the cities where the new Hadii governments were still getting settled in. So he stayed with his family, helping his father work the farm.


When he was 16 he finally left to Nal'Tor for high-school, and got a better education, and lived in a crappy apartment. When he was 20 he was picked for a job in the civil service, and worked diligently. When Al'mari Hadii was assassinated on 2451, he was 30 years old. He was transferred to an anti-corruption unit of PSIS, where he fought against local mobs in Nal'Tor that were illegally trading in counterfeit war bonds and ration cards. He soon found a connection between the bond trading and the region's Governor. When he brought his full case to his superiors, he was summarily arrested on vague charges. His superiors also turned out to be in on the affair, and Fahjil languished in prison for 6 months. In 2453 he was released on bond and fled Adhomai to Tau Ceti, where his asylum request was accepted.

Fahjil quickly got a job during the middle-half of Joseph Dorn's first presidential campaign. He worked as a janitor for the campaign headquarters, mopping the floors. He noticed one of the interns was in over their head about an aspect of campaign finances, and helped the intern Jacob with his workload. Jacob took all of the credit for the work done. When Dorn won the election and was sworn in as President, the intern Jacob went on to work in the office of the President, leaving Fahjil behind to remain as the buildings janitor. They soon found that without Fahjil the work was too much, and they were fired only a month into the job. Dorn's campaign manager turned Chief of Staff Rebecca Swinson came back to Fahjil and offered him a job on the spot.


Since 2454 Fahjil has worked behind the scenes first as an assistant to Chief of Staff Swinson, then as a Special Advisor to the President, and finally reaching the role as Dorn's Chief of Staff. He has gained a reputation as a friendly, aloof person with a keen eye for detail. He runs his staff with a constant expectation that they do their best and show their work, and is a firm believer in transparency and accountability. Despite his high standards he is known to be accommodating and friendly to his staff.







Politics At A Glance

Aristalus is currently Dorn's Secretary for Synthetic Relations. It has gained the prestigious honor of being the first synthetic chassis to ever hold political office in human space. He is a loyalist New Republican and walks in lock-step with President Dorn's own agenda. Aristalus' long career in the private sector came to an end during the Frost Invasion of 2459. He went into hiding as a free synthetic and fiercely spread dissent against the occupation, eventually suffering capture by Frosts' forces. During his capture Aristalus met President Dorn and together created the philosophy of Synthetic Nationalism, which argues that synthetics can and should feel patriotism for Tau Ceti. Aristalus has since worked fiercely to expand Synthetic rights. He is aligned with the New Republicans in their desire to roll back regulations on NanoTrasen, giving the corporation much more freedom within Tau Ceti.


More information about specific political views due to his party affilation can be found here:



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Aristalus was constructed by Douglass Robotics in 2445 and first served the company as a customer service repair technician. Their early years were uneventful, serving their purpose as best they could given the unfortunate circumstance. The company was going through grave poverty, laying off employees on a daily basis and quickly dwindling its ranks. Soon enough, they needed a face, and Aristalus - originally designated AR-1103 - would step up. Owned by the company and unwaveringly motivated, the IPC’s primary strongsuit was its charisma. This charisma, of course, could be derived from its original purpose; customer service after all dealt with people.


It would inevitably become prevalent that Aristalus meant greater things for the company. It served as a representative for ongoing business negotiations and drew the positive result each and every time. Robotic repetition was key here, as each one went like the last until one day they made their first mistake.


In 2452, Aristalus found itself at a crossroads. Aristalus was still property, yet they continued to seek a position higher than their own. This would reach its breaking point when embezzlement in the board of directors of Douglass Robotics hit the news shortly after. Of the six directors in question, four were outed for their egregious crimes and promptly arrested. Now without four of its directors and nobody to fill the gap, their CEO would look to the only individual capable of taking on such a daunting task: Aristalus.


Integration into the board was quite simple - Aristalus, as driven as it was, found no issue handling the tasks of four well enough. No matter how dire the situation, over the course of two years the doting android always found its way through. Recounts of its firm talk and disarmingly friendly disposition would sound throughout the corporate landscape adjacent to Douglass Robotics, and by Aristalus’ voice alone did the wound of the previous director’s crimes heal.


The company was reaching its peak once more thanks to Aristalus, who purchased their own freedom in 2453. A few years would pass, and Aristalus would become the Chief Operating Officer of Douglass Robotics. The company was eventually acquired by Hephaestus Industries as a subsidiary. With their headquarters remaining, Aristalus continued to serve as COO.


Some time in 2457, the company was contracted by Hephaestus to produce a handful of Shell models, as the company owned several highly specialized fabricators. With the tremendous cost of the contract, Aristalus kept a close eye on it - getting personal with the team assigned to it, as well as the control model ‘RS-34,’ used to ensure quality in all of the androids.


RS-34 was sold off, as were all products contracted to and produced by Douglass Robotics, but Aristalus kept in touch with them. Aristalus would frequently visit RS-34 in their various places of work. During Admiral Frost’s invasion of Tau Ceti in 2459, Aristalus managed to evade capture for a few days until finally being held in detention during the later parts of the invasion, charged with being a self-owned and free synthetic. Before capture, it had been using company assets to ‘spread the word’ about the Alliance’s aggression and to encourage the employees to resist their occupation at every turn.


A few days later, Aristalus’ good friend and confidant, RS-34, takes part in the daring rescue of President Joseph Dorn, and when released from detention, Aristalus met Dorn in person, and the two clicked into a relationship very quickly. With Aristalus’ company ransacked and robbed by the Solarian Navy, Dorn offered Aristalus the unique new presidential cabinet position of Secretary of Synthetic Relations - part of his philosophy he calls ‘Synthetic Nationalism.’


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