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Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

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1 minute ago, Arrow768 said:

Generally I do not see an issue with the size of the science department and no need to increase the size of the science department.

As someone who actually plays that department, and after collecting feedback from quite some people playing that department, I do. 

2 minutes ago, Arrow768 said:

The same goes for the "lobby". Other departments (medical / security) have a lobby, because a very large part of their work involves interactions with the general crew.
Where as in science the interactions with the general crew are severely limited. (Mostly due to Directive 4)
If there is no public traffic, there is no need for a lobby.

Science does get public traffic, which is pretty obvious to anyone actually playing it, and I am very surprised that a head developer would claim otherwise. Usually it's mining and robotic repairs, but I get other requests as well. Currently these are accomplished at the Robotics and R&D desks, but these are very isolated from each other, which is an annoyance when they come to an incorrect, or an unoccupied desk, and need to be re-direcred. Another issue is when Science is underpopulated and has no roboticist, but a person with overlapping qualifications, such as a director, is there. The robotics desk is closed, but there actually is a person who can do some of the requests, but can't work both of the desks. I would like it for them to perhaps have an united front room with one desk. 

Separating science and "the general crew" is also a fairly flawed mindset in my opinion, which this also sets out to correct, integrating science into the crew more by giving them a "front" role. 

17 minutes ago, Arrow768 said:

The current station is already huge and I believe at the current time it would be better to see how certain things can be condensed to a more compact and efficient approach than to further increase the size.

Yes, and that's why I am redistributing the space instead of just expanding into the asteroid. However, people playing science, especially R&D, have often complained how cramped and horribly claustrophobic the department is, especially with Burger further shrinking it down. It's very annoying and uncomfortable to actually play it, and we have just lost some space which we needed. It's really about how it feels, and it feels horrible. 

22 minutes ago, Arrow768 said:

Outright removing the external book database is out of the question and the database would have to be incorporated into whatever rework that is planned.
However, that would pretty much require a rewrite of the library code as it is not up to current coding standards.

So it's about reworks I don't know of again? I didn't say anywhere that I am removing the books database, though.

23 minutes ago, Arrow768 said:

I do not believe you have explained why books should disappear when they are removed from the library.

I have already proposed a solution to the problems you've pointed out in this thread.

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