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ComradeCorbyn - CCIAA Application

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CCIA Staff Application

Basic Information
Byond key: ComradeCorbyn
Character names: Arthur, Arthur Musgrave, Albert, Cooper, Carter Price, Peter Langley, Kamar Mwangi, Daniel Kiefer, Henry Lance, Simon Price, Gregory Mueller 
Age: 16
Timezone: EST
What times are you most available?: Usually most of the weekends, and 2 PM - 12 AM on the weekdays.

How long have you played SS13?: A year.
How long have you played on Aurora?: Roughly five months or around that.
How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you?: While I'm trying to get more involved in the forums, I'm fairly active on the discord and I'm extremely active on the server in my opinion.
Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Negative. Yet.
Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: I was a moderator and admin on SCP13, and that taught me a lot about moderating in general on SS13, especially varediting. I wouldn't consider my time on SCP13 anything special though. There, I also learned how to properly moderate and arbitrate conflicts as well as spark some interesting ones as well. 
Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: I'm an avid fan of bureaucracy and paperwork. It's like a giant puzzle piece that substitutes a piece with a form, and everything clicks on the grand scheme of things. I am actually good at paperwork though, and I'm currently studying for law. 

Why do you want to join the CCIA?: When I first heard that the CCIA existed, I first thought to myself those are some neat uniforms. Then I thought to myself that I'd like to be one of those Agents one day. I'm no stranger to Internal Affairs, especially on separate servers, and I enjoy having the duties of making the round semi-sane in my opinion. This would also be a somewhat new experience and feeling to me, and I'd like to explore the options presented to me by being CCIA. Too often than not, I feel like Internal Affairs could have more of a presence on rounds - and not in a bad way. I'd like to be one of those who can cause changes ICly as well, and leaving a splash in the aurora sized pool.
What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: A fine moral compass. And I'm being serious about it, it's good to know right from wrong especially when you're in the wrong. You have to understand and recognize the facts and put your emotions aside as well and understand and perceive both OOC and IC in regards to lasting impacts on characters and developments. Next, you'd also need a firm understanding of Nanotrasen Corporate Regs, Directives, CCIA Notices (duh), and other information pertinent to your duties in regards to cases and decisions you'll have to make. 
What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?:  While hands-on work may be required occasionally, I think it's best to keep away from a running round unless duty calls. I've seen antagonists get shut down because their announcement had a typo in it, or they didn't have [x] or [y], and often then not they try to fax CentCom for a reason behind the problem at hands. None the less, CCIA should be responsible for maintaining the balance of around and spicing it up occasionally. As well, their purpose also includes agenda items like interviewing for incident reports, following through and replying to faxes, and other miscellaneous things. 
What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: While the duty of a moderator and CCIAA differ vastly, they share the same qualities when out of character and not moderating. They represent Aurora's staff team, and as such should be able to handle themselves and represent it to the best of their abilities. For CCIAA, they should also be active on the forums and other means of communication - most importantly incident reports and the like. 
How do you handle stress?: At first, going into moderation in SS13 was a giant leap for me. I didn't think I could handle the screaming ahelps about an assistant robusting somebody in maintenance with a toolbox, or the [x] going loose and destroying the station because of a new guy's rookie mistake. While CCIA is vastly different from moderation oocly, they share similar qualities when controlling stress and not freaking the fuck out in the middle of a round. I learned the 'art' of not doing just that, and I think I can keep it up. 
How well do you work autonomously?: I like it when I work together with people to accomplish things, but what good does that do in the grand scheme of things when they steal your ideas? None the less, as I said I enjoy being with other people - especially when learning about new stuff - however I'm able to do my due diligence alone as well. 

Additional Notes: I'm currently on trial for a Heads of Staff whitelist, and I hope this doesn't get in the way of that. However, I'm excited to see if this application goes well, as it would be my first staff position in Aurora. 

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I read this entirely. Time for me to post some facts and my opinions.

These characters that you listed out has many well-done interactions with me and above that you dictate that you're a 16 years old. You're a young person with good achievements in terms of roleplay and writing out this application. Take it when I say this, I noticed some attempts to be professional. Not many people realizes this. Being part of Central Command Internal Affairs Agents can help you prepare better for College/University improving on your English vastly. You seem to be confused on part of communication. I'll clarify this for you so you have an advantage on your interview with one of us. Forums is a disorganized, we're in middle of organizing stuff up and should be ready to go in about a week. We talk on discord to keep in touch with each other and try keep our work up to date. We will have arguments with each other however everyone has a different approach to their views what is best for Central Command Internal Affairs Agency. We usually come to the server to be involved in a round by actively playing. You do not need to staring at a fax machine for the entire round only to realize that no one sent a fax and you've wasted your time. I see you have interests in law. Like I said, this can help you prepare better for College/University. Just to let you know ahead of time. We will only touch the surface of the water, we will not be going into deep government policies or try to change the way the government should think. That would be the lore writer's job. The basic purpose of Central Command Internal Affairs Agency are: Investigate into incident reports and deliver a decision, respond to fax/emergency message broadcast. That's all. It is a very time consuming job compared to basic duties of a moderator. We do have other secondary duties. You'll learn more about it if that is... You get in. Our Central Command Internal Affairs Agency differs from many other servers' CCIAs if that is, they have one (I don't go to other servers). We don't take our decisions very lightly as we follow a specific process. Skip part of a process and you'll be held liable. This has happened before and a Central Command Internal Affairs Agent got their hand smacked. To realize the facts and put aside emotions is a tough one for us players, we even confront confront despair in the name of hope. Humans are irrational beings, we all have emotions, it is easy for humans to get frustrated. You stated the purposes of Central Command Internal Affairs Agent during an ongoing round. You're gonna have fun responding this in the interview. You are correct in Central Command Internal Affairs Agency's moderation is different from administration and server moderators, it's worth an experience. 

Your current ongoing Head of Staff Trial has no impact on this whatsoever, but you do not have full immunity from this. Should a behavior arise that you did something very bad, you'll have less chances of getting the job. My young padawan, Ben has applied for Central Command Internal Affairs occupation, during this tenure Ben did not have a Head of Staff whitelist. He applied on November 27, 2018 and never got the accepted whitelist application until December 30, 2018. 

My turn to ask you better questions regarding yourself. If you are uncomfortable with answering on this forum section, you may DM me to answer my questions. I won't share it with anyone, leak it, or even hand information to Central Command Internal Affairs Agent. I value a player's privacy.

  1. What's your weakness?
  2. Do you foresee that Central Command Internal Affairs Agency can thrive at our current state?
  3. Do you have a personal motive for being part of Central Command Internal Affairs Agency?
  4. Do you think you can stay motivated for long?
  5. Are there any obstacles to your path preventing you from performing this duty?
  6. What are your greatest strengths?
  7. How would you handle difficult person/people?
  8. Why should I give you my approval?

May the Force be with you. 

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13 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:



Thanks! I've always wanted to join a part of Aurora's staff team, but I didn't know which branch up until recently. It's good to know that this will improve my chances in the future, and give me 'in-the-field experience' if you will. Now, onto the questions.

13 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:

What's your weakness?

I work too hard. To be frank, besides the fact that I'd rather work alone in some cases, I have trouble actually measuring how long a certain task might take - and in this case, what might somebody do in an incident report. Back to the first thing I mentioned, I enjoy being in control of situations and having the ability to assess it myself and connect the dots without a third party. One of the first things I learned for law and being an attorney proper is the fact that you connect everything the witnesses state. You likely know more than anybody else in the courtroom, second to the perpetrator themselves. 

13 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:

Do you foresee that Central Command Internal Affairs Agency can thrive at our current state?

Absolutely. While there are only eight current CCIAA members, I believe that's plenty to do the basic responsibilities of their job. Keyword, basic. I believe that the role of Internal Affairs should be fleshed out more then what it is now, requiring more CCIA intervention and aid. The current state of IAA is directly related to CCIAA, in my own opinion, which means that in the case of expansion for agents aboard the Aurora the CCIA should be right there able to aid in the development of the role. 

However, I didn't necessarily answer the question directly. Incident reports and answering faxes are the primary functions of the CCIAA, which is easy enough for the average agent on duty during a round. Said agent, in the case of fax about the round, has the responsibility to measure and judge around to determine their decision. 

13 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:

Do you have a personal motive for being part of Central Command Internal Affairs Agency?

Yes. As I stated in my application, I'm intrigued by law and politics - somehow, including the world and lore of Aurora. A CCIAA has the ability to impact this 'world' that we play in, and in that I find interest. I believe that if I get accepted, my time with the CCIAA would help develop me and prepare me for future 'legal' agendas. While I know that a role on a game won't change the fact that I won't go to Harvard Law or something like that, I find that this will also be nice to play recreationally and improve my communication skills and develop them while playing the role of a CCIAA agent. 

Being in the CCIAA isn't just another hopping stone for me, I want to be able to help and develop the role of Internal Affairs as well as help rounds out by providing support, such as replying to faxes and other tasks. 

13 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:

Do you think you can stay motivated for long?

Absolutely. As I said in the previous question, this isn't just a hopping stone for me. I'd like to stay with the CCIAA for a long time, and while I don't doubt that I'd have to leave the role someday if I get accepted, I'd still like to relish the time and valuable lessons learned from being an agent with the CCIAA. 

14 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:

Are there any obstacles to your path preventing you from performing this duty?

I wouldn't consider there be any major roadblocks ahead, but I do see school becoming a problem in the future - but I doubt that it would affect my work in the long-term. Other than that, I also would like to think that I'm not very lazy, but the truth is I can procrastinate often when a task becomes too difficult or other facts of the matter. While I don't believe that I'll throw my towel in the ring, it still might be a problem if I get stuck in a dead-end during an investigation or other tasks. I'd like to think that I can always reach out to other colleagues for help when this occurs. 

14 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:

What are your greatest strengths?

I like red tape and paperwork, so that's a real boon. Excluding that, I also enjoy investigating things often - and you get to do that few and far between usually. I like to create things, especially in terms of paperwork, and other stuff. 

Regardless, if I had to chose something I'd think one of my greatest strengths is the fact that I like to see things through. 

14 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:

How would you handle difficult person/people?

Losing your own patience and becoming flustered and angry is a one-way ticket to hell. You need to stay calm and keep your cool, and make sure they understand that you're not against them per se. If they're mad or angry, your first priority should be calming them down then executing what you want to do. 

15 hours ago, UnknownMurder said:

Why should I give you my approval?

While that decision is ultimately up to you, I think I'd make a great CCIAA. With me, I bring my skills and strengths to the office and my own ideas of how to operate the department - while not infringing on the standard procedure for an agent.

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I like your responses to the application and UM's questions, however, I will clarify some things for you.

1. regarding your response about your weakness, I must warn you that due to timezones and other personal situations will almost certainly cause IR investigations to go longer than planned, in light of this, we have recently started trying to have two agents per IR and are encouraging helping each other out with each others interviews if the timezones don't match up.

2. The reason UM is wondering about your motivation and any obstacles against you preforming CCIA duties is because we typically have a problem of new members leaving due to not liking what we do, and not willing to put the time in to do what they need to get done.

Overall, I typically hold making a judgment until after the interview @Elliot will be doing, and I have some of my questions added to there as well. 


But here are two questions I would like answered:

I noticed that a factor in you applying is that you wish to change IAA, how do you wish to change this role, and how do you intend to have these changes applied? 

How do you feel you will better CCIA as a whole?

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