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Yield Declarations

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With statistics in mind, Flamingo, I would imagine that it can be useful to differentiate miners and their go-to mining tactics for their personal flavor. It would help seeing the results of alterations to mining as whole when certain things are changed or implemented. 

Yeah, I'd suggest keeping the form, but automatically tallied and printed for the sake of the mining's patience and time, while satisfying the number crunch and paperwork freak in all of us.

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The worst offender is Byond itself, as it takes so much time to right click and see your yield. As many above have noted, please rework! 

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As a side note for newbie miners, here's a lazy counting method while we await a potential rework:

Alt + Click the tile the stacks are on to bring it up in the "turf" tab in the upper-right. All full stacks are fifty (Unless someone messed with the stacking default), so multiply the number of stacks by fifty. It's way less laggy than right clicking.

Examine the stacking machine console. Jot down the numbers BEFORE forcing an incomplete stack out. After writing them down, force the stacks out.

Still a pain in the ass but it's a decent way to get around byond slowing you down. CTs can use this method, too, since they have access. It'd be a time saver to automate this paperwork. Would be cool as EoR stats, as Flam said.


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