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[Denied] gladiatorgames123's ban appeal for Sec

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My key/name is gladiatorgames123.

I was banned from being Sec forever for leaving without putting my equipment away.

 The admin that banned me from sec was Flimango. 

The reason I was banned from Sec was because I didn't put away my equipment before I left 

The reason why I think I should be unbanned is because I am a twelve year old kid that has bed times and at the time it was my bed time therefor meaning I had to go get into bed and my parents were telling me that I needed to go to bed I knew the rule of you have to put away my stuff before I leave so I asked my parents but since I am a twelve year old kid I had school the next day so that means I had to go to sleep then and my parents denied my request to stay up a little longer so technically I had no choice 

Please let me back into sec I love the Job and I love to roleplay and its one of the only jobs I know how to fully do please let me back into it so I can keep the halls of Aurora safe 

Next time I have to go to bed I will try put my stuff away but if I cant I will tell a staff member


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