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Staff Complaint - Arrow768

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 Advanced issues found
On 07/07/2019 at 17:38, Arrow768 said:
bar signs

Firstly, this one.
The bar signs being visible from the backroom was not my fault. It was never made clear that the barsign being visible there was an issue, easily assumed by pretty much anyone to be intentional. You attempted to shovel it on me, blame me for it being visible in that way, when it was not that way on the Exodus, not that way when numap first dropped, and certainly didn't become that way when I added a few new ones. As well, especially heinous to me, I did express interest, and put up a PR for fixing it, even if it was closed for being more than just a simple bugfix (and my other barsign deleted anyway despite the PR existing.)



It is not my fault that you choose to name yourself paradox.
If you named yourself john I would have written "its just john being john".

This reply borders on malicious. "I didn't attack you because of your name, I attacked you because you're you" is a horribly villainous response and I feel almost as insulted as I do about the original statement. I'm not even sure how this non-sequitur is relevant to the point. 

In the end, an apology would've been nice, then we could go our separate ways and preferably completely ignore that the other exists outside of a professional capacity in which I submit PR's, you perhaps review them, you may even merge them. I don't want to engage with you on any other basis unless it's required.

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Well, then let me address the bar-sign yet again (as I have done countless times before)

For those who are unaware of how the barsigns look:
As you can see, it does not clip into the backroom (as it should).


Your Pull Request introduced a sprite that is larger than 64x32, therefore it clipped into the backroom.


To be very clear: The barsign being visible from the backroom is not an issue.
The barsign clipping into the backroom and covering parts of it is a issue.
And this issue was introduced by the 64x64 barsign that you added.

Yes, you did express interest in a Bugfix PR, but shoved that bugfix in with a PR that adds holoplants.
You were told to change this accordingly by skull, but did not do so and instead closed the PR yourself.

Here is my Atomic PR for reference:

Again, we gave you the opportunity to provide a fix for it, yet you failed to do so.

Also the requirement for atomic PRs should not come as a surprise to you, as it is listed in our contributing guidelines and repeatedly mentioned in code-dungeon and various PRs on GitHub.

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Posted (edited)
On 10/07/2019 at 21:51, ParadoxSpace said:

Firstly, this one.
The bar signs being visible from the backroom was not my fault. It was never made clear that the barsign being visible there was an issue, easily assumed by pretty much anyone to be intentional. 

It is something obvious that a sign should be on the wall, otherwise it makes no sense. Have you seen a fire extinguisher cabinet on the floor? It make sense that. Arrow said in their post that visibility  isn't an issue here. Issue was that they were partially on the floor, and should have been on the wall. 


About PRs, in the past you would fight every change requested by devs always. Then you will forget about it and come back like "So what the heck, when will my PR get reviewed and merged" when that PR would have comments requesting changes. That specific behaviour you would do gave you reference of "Paradox being Paradox" . And that isn't a nickname, it is your player name. 

Edited by PoZe

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Per Paradox's request, complaint will be marked as resolved. All of my remarks about the matter made over the course of this complaint are sustained.

Hopefully the two can reasonably get along now.

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