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Aurora's 6th Birthday Boogaloo

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for real my time as a player and member of staff here were some of the best and most healing years of my life, i probably wouldn't be here without this place


S I X   Y E A R S









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time to be a pessimist.

No offense to Cactus' hard work on this or anything, but a fair deal of things are missing just from the two departments I've played so far. The nature of a compact map makes it so that antagonists are easily identified and worse yet, pincered incredibly easy due to the fact that the mass of people are more concentrated in the lessened space. Command cannot be accessed by antagonists without instantly alerting the entire crew since the innards of command are essentially hugging the AI core and the main halls. 

While understandable that the updated Exodus map doesn't have as much time investment into refining it as the current Aurora map has, the great winding size of the original Aurora map combined with difficulty of navigating the terrain that is maintenance makes it hard for antags to exit through but even harder for anyone else to follow them, which is technically a massive advantage for antagonists.

Were we back in ye old days when the population was low enough that the map balance didn't matter as much, this would be fine. We float a large player count during the majority of the day, however, and Exodus isn't big enough to support the issues that afflict the station crew and antagonists.

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> When you want to do something fun for a weekend and someone takes it waaaaaaaaaaay too serious.

Fuck me, am I right?

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I understand Skulls point above, lol. It's been a good trip down memory lane involving on the meta despite its issues.


This just comes to prove that the player base has changed. The culture adjusted. The Exodus, while something in all our memories, became incabatable for Aurora. Before Aurora, it was already drifting to that point.

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