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Character Complaint - Nathan Corvo and Mia Frei

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1 hour ago, CuthbertIsHere said:

it's just if the captain is a xenos-loving guy, he can do whatever he wants and suspend you for it with no requirement from the NT to do so, just because he doesn't like xenophobes?

Its more nuanced than that but the captain can suspend you for almost any reason he wants. We have IRs and CCIA to review captains who abuse doing this and it can even become an OOC issue with a complaint like this one. Again i am saying it is perfectly reasonable given our setting for a captain to suspend you for the comments you made. I cannot really say anything else without repeating myself. I understand you might have a different opinion on how the RP environment could be setup. That is fine but we have just decided on a different way here at aurora. 

I really do consider this resolved and i will be archiving it in 24 hours. 

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3 hours ago, Garnascus said:

That is fine but we have just decided on a different way here at aurora. 

Well, the the wiki should be adjusted to reflect this. As for now it seems more like your answer is basically "Well, never mind the lore and backstory we have on our wiki, NSS Aurora is a safe space for aliens of all sorts, and NT is the most progressive corporation that cares about comfort of their workers in the first place". Which it isn't, in my opinion. I have provided sufficient basis for my opinion on this situation wiki-vise, however, all I see is complete ignore of it, so why have it at all, if that's decided in another place to ignore all of it?

The reason which captain has used to justify the suspension of my character also seems out of RP atmosphere. You can't undermine the feeling of trust of the xenos crew, NT is a huge corporation, it doesn't care about their workers feelings at all. If they don't like the way they are treated, they can leave at will, there will be hundreds who will willingly take their position. The captain isn't there to watch for their psychological feelings. My character hasn't showed any unprofessionalism in his treatment of the xenos crew. So, in my opinion, the captain's actions were arbitrary and unjust, unless, what I said above about NSS Aurora and NT is true. 

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I mean, I can simplify the captain's outlook here without involving xenophobia specifically...

You did or said something that was brought to the captain's attention, and you didn't move to apologize and correct your attitude and behavior, but instead moved to justify what you had done, despite it clearly being against the regulations that you were employed to enforce.

About half the time that a head has come to Nathan Corvo asking for the dismissal of an employee, the captain has reconciled the issue with the head and the employee because sometimes department heads behave exactly like you described the captain behaving towards you.  They've made a snap decision and not given the employee a chance to say, "yeah, I was wrong, I apologize, and it won't happen again."  Corvo gives you that chance if you have not had it.  He'll even give a second or third chance if he feels like you haven't realized where things are heading.

You intentionally bypassed those chances and spent all of your interaction time arguing and trying to justify your actions or argue down the punishment rather than acknowledging the wrongdoing.  There was no feeling or indication given that should you not lose your job or simply take a 5 minute timeout in the brig that you wouldn't immediately continue to behave in this way.  

You are, in your last post, still trying to justify talking to crew in this way despite having it explained to you that it's unprofessional and unacceptable by both IC and OOC superiors and peers.  This makes me feel like that if you continue to play this character in this role, I'm going to have to process your suspension repeatedly.  ICly, There are so many more interesting and useful things that I can be doing with my time as captain, and so many more interesting and well-intentioned characters to interact with, OOCly, I also dislike having to go through this process, or spend my time interacting with a character complaint in which my actions were very unfairly represented...  so, if you could, please just stop behaving in this way and find a better way to RP with us in the future, or if you absolutely must RP a xenophobic character, don't do it as a security officer, please?  And when you get called out for breaking a regulation or having some kind of issue with crew, just correct yourself.  For all I knew, you might have OOCly WANTED to RP getting fired.

And to directly address your above points:  There would not be a mention of xenophobia in the i109 description if mistreatment of xeno crew was in any way acceptable.

And that's really all I have to say on the subject.

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