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Hall of Shame: The Black K'ois Engulfs NSS Exodus

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BYOND key: Soultheif96

Character names of all involved: BWR125-Javier, Neith Mekesatis, Dina Hegarty.

Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album: fV4E3Rq.png

Have you read the application rules??: Yes.

Have you made sure this incident didn't result in administrative action? I ahelped TheGoret to ask what the fuck did I just do, he went ... "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!?!?"

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. No.

Why does this moment deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame?: I believe it does not deserve a spot in Hall of Fame, but a spot in Hall of Shame because it crashed the whole server and coincidentally crashed Bay server too. I'll explain exactly what happened. I was doing typical black k'ois research (Not antag related, just for the simple fun of learn the deadliest thing in the game in form of a fucking plant), and attempted to learn what are the effects, what it does both in environment and in organisms. Then I thought, "If it can't live in pressure, I may try just spacing the infected monkey to prevent breach of containment," I DID NOT PREVENT THE BREACH! I MADE IT WORSE! Neith and I were watching in shock and awe after learning the fact it is growing in space without the need to live on sustenance. Thus leading to this horrible, horrible mess.

Are you certain we are all laughing together are not shaming someone?: The Deadchat was laughing, the discord chat was laughing, and I was laughing in the sheer stupidity in my actions.

Final thoughts/anything you want to add?: Central Command may be fucking pissed and the cleaning crew muttering curse words as they deep clean with cardox.

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