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Msizi Djikstra's Stellar Robes + Symbolic Belt

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Byond key: Happy_Fox

Discord key: CF#4818

Character Name: Msizi Djikstra

  • Item name: Stellar Hood

    Item function(s): To shade the eyes from ambient light and to protect the wearer from the influence of the Shaitan by hiding the finer details of the face. 

    Item description: A more encompassing version of the Starveil, made from a resilient xeno-silk, intended to protect not just the eyes but also the soul of the wearer.

    Item appearance:


  • Item name: Stellar Robe

    Item function(s): To conceal the body and augmentations of the wearer when outside of their quarters.

    Item description: A finely made robe of resilient xeno-silk, shimmering like starlight.

    Item appearance:


  • Item name: Symbolic Khanjbiya Belt

    Item function(s): To represent the ceremonial weapons of ship Djikstra when in more restricted areas.

    Item description: A xeno-silk belt carrying an ornate, but entirely symbolic, curved dagger. The blade is fused to the sheath, preventing it from being drawn.

    Item appearance:



Why is your character bringing these items to work?

These items are culturally and spiritually important to her. Being of a particularly superstitious ship in the Scarab fleet - the protection against the Shaitan is important as ship Djikstra has a history of misfortune and tragedy. They serve to remind her of her origins when surrounded by differing cultures and to help her feel more comfortable when faced with danger and harm. Without them, she feels ill equipped to represent her homeship in times good and bad - and that she lacks protection against spiritual harm.

How did your character obtain these items (1 paragraph or more please):

All the items were created by Msizi herself - the materials expensively sourced from offworld traders. The skills required to weave the robes and craft the blade are taught to ever member of ship Djikstra - to ensure that they can always protect themselves wherever they are. The items here represent a number of near identical sets. Those who work closely with her would notice minor differences or alterations that belie their supposedly identical nature. 

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell? (2 paragraphs here please):

The items are valuable to Msizi on a superstitious level for the protection from misfortune they provide to her soul. They are continually remade and reproduced - allowing the wearer to adapt minor aspects of the design to better fit their environment while maintaining the overall appearance. The cultural significance of the items is in reminding her that by name she represents ship Djikstra wherever she walks - and that by continually adhering to Djikstrani culture when in foreign environments she might never forget how her behaviour reflects on that of her homeship.

On a more personal level, the items allow Msizi to connect with her home regardless of her location - no small feat when knowledge of the Scarab Fleet's present and accurate location might be unknowable - allowing her to counter the feelings of homesickness and distance between her and her family.  Ship Djikstra's on board conditions are one of low light, a tradition gained from a inhabiting a ship plagued with power issues, malfunctions and shortages. As such, much effort is made to encourage the development of verbal communication in the absence of light, and Djikstrani natives often struggle to communicate using facial expression or body language. The all encompassing garb of the Djikstrani also serves a purpose in countering this weakness when in diplomatic meetings with representatives from other ships. Without their robes, the Djikstrani are often either too expressive with body language, stiff and almost robotic or end up copying those around them.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

These items will help me to better express Msizi's origins when interacting with crew - and to encourage me to focus more on my own Roleplaying consistency. Her appearance when obscured could be seen as either spooky, mysterious or intriguing for certain members of the crew and stimulate discussions about her homeship, the Scarab Fleet and Offworlders in general. Inspiration for the items comes from the Arabic origins of her homeship, the expression of which has, over time, shifted to better represent Scarab Superstition while retaining much of their cultural heritage at least in a superficial way.






Additional Comments:

Mechanically speaking the Stellar Hood would ideally hide any masks/goggles being worn (in a similar way to other full face translucent headgear like the chaplain's hood) to prevent issues with obvious "clipping", while still allowing them to eat/drink without removing it - but would NOT obscure their identity when examined or provide any actual protection against powerful sources of light and/or spiritual harm.

The Stellar Robes would occupy the suit slot and, like a void suit, hide any clothing worn underneath to again avoid any "clipping". They would need to be able to have accessories attached to them (as the symbolic belt would need to be attached to them, as well as departmental ESS ribbons for when she is working) and it would be nice for it to have suit storage identical to a jacket.

The Symbolic Khanjbiya Belt would be an accessory with no storage (otherwise it would not be symbolic) so that it can be attached to the Stellar Robes or, if these need to be removed for any reason, other clothing.

The ensemble together with research gear/attachments on top. All the items have some measure of translucent material to represent thin silk veils.




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i love things like this that help show where a character is from and allows you to have a conversation about it. it's a great way to get people talking about lore - and the scarab fleet is one of those places i want to see more people exploring with their characters. full support on this.

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i love ideas that give characters some individuality! i think clothes are a great way to get characters talking, be it their backstory or some lore or even just their personality. your clothes say a lot about you and any opportunity to show rather than tell is a good idea in my book.

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Good sprites, good character, good lore. I always want to see more Scarabs, and this will definitely help the character be more unique. The clothes make the (space)man, after all. This has my full support.

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Why does the forum ranking system go from atmospheric technician to chef this makes no sense

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I love these items, they look incredible and I like what they add to her character. +1 for these wonderful, spirit-protecting items!

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