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Dimitri Zhukov

Staff Complaint-pratepresidenten

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Staff BYOND Key: pratepresidenten

Game ID: I am unsure. At the time of writing,this happened a round ago. 30.10.2019.

Reason for complaint: Hello,before I say the reason for the complaint,excuse any mistakes,as English is not my native language.

I believe that the warning I received ""Joined as "Oppius 'Granius' Afer" Youve been talked to follow the name rules before.""

was unfair,poorly handled and too brief. Yes,it is true I was talked before regarding the name rules,and I have handled the tickets politely and without any kind of naming or disrespectful manners. I would always apologize if I did something wrong regarding the rules,and believing I was truly in the wrong. When Prate opened the ticket,I knew it was something regarding the name,since I was going with a 'Philosopher' assistant gimmick,and chose a Roman name. I placed a middle name however,and I believed it wasn't against rules at the time. I 100% knew that placing famous names,or funny and dumb names was against rules,but not that middle names we're not,as I have not been playing Aurora as regularly as I used to. But even so,if he just pointed it out,I would have apologized,fixed the mistake and be on my way. But every time I would ask for a concrete and clear answer,Prate would always say something along the lines "You know what i want". It was very hard to resolve,and took more times than was needed. I'd simply like this warning to be investigated. I do not have any proof nor snapshots of such. The logs themselves should be enough.

Aditional Remarks:I have numerous warning,yes. I've been thinking lately,by looking at other players who have 0 tickets,whether I should continue playing Aurora. Perhaps I am ruining other people's gameplay. Although there are tickets I disagree with,but didn't have time to handle,most of them are true. I apologize for any insults I have said or perhaps offended someone. I constantly attempt to be polite to everyone,but I would also like people to be polite to me. If someone will talk casually with me,I will gladly talk casually with them. Am I a nuisance to other players,or am I making their round uncomfortable?

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Hello, just here to clarify things on my end. Here is our interaction.



From what I gathered from your second response, you immediately knew it was your name that was an issue, and I think you were being a smartass as you knew your name was an issue. So I was clear and precise with what the issue was, and I issued you a warning as you had two previous entries about failing to adhere to proper naming rules, one as a human, the other as an AI.

I then refered to the naming rule, which is the second rule in character creation.


And even after outlining this, you still asked which rule you have violated, and at this point, I think you're just dicking with me for the hell of it. I even allcapsed the middle name for you, but you just wanted to speak to someone else, so I closed your ticket as escalation of punishment was done and there was nothing else to talk about.

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Hello,yes,I'd like to respond to your response.

Regarding me knowing about my name being an issue,yes I knew that,but I did not know in what way,and I even made a response stating that I didn't know in what way it was an issue. Was it a famous name,were Roman names not allowed? Because I placed on USCM lately,and got used to the nickname system,I thought it was also allowed on Aurora.

Only after I looked at the rules,after the round ended did I notice you were talking about the middle name. It was hard to understand,as all you did was "You know what I want",and your first message being "bruh". 

Simply because you believed me "dicking you" does not mean I did. Simply because you wrote something in all caps,does not mean I would understand. I asked to talk to someone else,because you kept having the attitude of "You know what I want".

If you didn't understand already,some people aren't native English speakers,and are confused when someone sends you a "bruh" to talk about your middle name issue,and then not say it clearly.


"Hello,can we have a moment? Middle names are not allowed on this server. I will remove it for the round,but afterwards you should change it in your character settings. If you do so,there will not be any issues. Please and thank you."

"I'm sorry,I didn't know,it's been some time since I played,I'll do so immediatly. Thank you."

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You've already been talked to about naming issues. And if you flip through servers and assume that rules are the same cross-server, thats on you. You should always doublecheck the rules to see if there are any issues, it saves staff and yourself trouble.

The interaction you present here would not have gone down as you think it would, you would have been issued a warning regardless of how gently I explained the issue to you, because as I said, you have already been spoken about them on more than one occation.

And I do understand some people are not native english speakers, I am not one either.

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I'm not asking you to talk to me gently,as some child.

I'm asking from you to talk to me clearly and easily understandable. I see you are not a native english speaker,just like me,but that does not allow you to just say simply "bruh",or "you know what I want". The scenario I presented wasn't made to justify my name issue,it was to show what I believe should be expected of a first admin message. It's very funny,how you're talking incredibly clearly and professional-like now,but at that exact moment you spoke quite differently. 

In any way,I don't expect the warning to be removed,not by you at least,because why would an admin or moderator want to admit they could have been more clear?

Anyhow,I've been playing for at least small amount of time,to understand that my issue isn't of such big importance.

If you had any other tasks,and yet had to deal with mine(despite me believing that moderators or admin complaints shouldn't be handled by the staff being complained about)I apologize,but I still wish you would attempt to talk clearly,and not start off sounding salty and power-hungry by saying "bruh" or "you know what I want" ,but again,I am in no position to ask of you anything. The staff can do whatever they want.

Good luck Prate.

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Staff complaints are not handled by the person being complained about, but they do have the right to explain themselves and discuss the point of the complaint on the thread, as they have done. As such, I will be in charge of handling this complaint.

The way I see it, the warning as the selected punishment was fair and in accordance to the escalation principle we follow. You broke the same rule not that long ago by joining as an AI named "Stalin" and you were spoken to by an admin, about the very same rule, so you perfectly know what the rule is about. So if the point of the complaint is trying to get the warning removed, it's not going to happen.

In regards to the other point raised in the complaint having to do with the language used on the contact, while I can understand it may have been confusing at the start, Prate continued to explain how and why you were breaking the rule in the following interactions. Nonetheless, a notification will be made to the admin in question to try to be more precise and to-the-point whenever talking to people about this kind of stuff.

If no objections are made by either of the parties, the thread will be locked in 24 hours and considered concluded with no actions taken against the issued punishment.

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