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Wigglesworth Jones - Consular Play.

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BYOND Key: Peppermint96
Game ID: b4n-aLCQ
Player Byond Key/Character name: WigglesworthJones (I think)
Staff involved: I didn't ahelp it at the time due to a busy round.

Reason for complaint: They were playing their consular character and things started out fine. Eventually they started screaming over the radio that they were being attacked by two terrorists, so I sent some officers to deal with it. After spending the vast majority of the round trying to sort this mess out along with two changlings, they were somehow let off. Feel free to correct me, but my understanding of the events were as followed:

- There was some political talk amongst a bunch of Tajara at cargo.
- One of the cargo techs - Yahir - launched Wiggles' character out of cargo using an exosuit. Rather than waiting for security, Wiggles then returned to the scene.
- Said conversation got heated, as these seem to always go, at which point a brawl broke out between some of the cargo techs.
- To break up the fight, he then jumped over the cargo desk and began shooting as non-security, putting Yahir and another tech present into medical for the next 10-15 minutes. 
- Multiple attempts to ask questions were refused, up until the point where he sent a fax to get a representative aboard. 

My issue here is that he quite clearly - as a representative - put himself into danger to correct a brawl security was already on the way to deal with. He shot people with lethals as a non-antag, and turned the entire round into dealing with this mess despite the fact there were other antags that needed to be dealt with. 

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No. It was a messy round and I was busy elsewhere.

Approximate Date/Time: 24/11/2019. The round started at 7:28am, and the whole issue kicked off a quarter of the way in or so.



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Let's go into a play by play.


Arrive on station.

Get set up.

Go to bar. Bar is closed.

Head to cargo.

Ask two cargo techs if they're PRA citizens. They say no. 

I ask if they're affiliated with the ALA in a rude way. They get angry.

They get into a mech and throw me out of cargo using a gravitational catapult.

I say over command radio that I'm getting attacked by terrorists in cargo.

Yahir tries to flee.

Technician Ssarzi grapples with them.

Because A) I was just thrown around with a gravitational catapult and B) the consular I was playing liked Ssarzi.

I hop the counter and grab Yahir. Upon getting slashed and beaten a few times, I pull the sidearm, fire a few times.

I aimed mouth to take drags from my cigar, which resulted in headshots. The pistol the consular gets is 9mm, and does around 15 damage per shot. Aiming head does no additional damage.

 I get beaten to hell because the pistol does little in terms of damage.

Yahir gets in the mech and raises hydraulic grip. I hop over the table to not get crushed.

Detective and Security arrives.

I avoid the charging mech as best I can until I am too slow, and get crushed in it.

I go to medical. My lungs are burst. I leave medical.

I write up a fax complaining about my treatment, ask for a guard because there are "two ALA terrorists in cargo who attacked me."

I get questioned. Mid-questioning I hear over command radio that the HOS is going to send a fax.

I complain and say that I haven't even been properly interviewed yet. The HoS says they've "had enough information to make a decision." I did not see anybody but Yahir and the other CT leaving the brig.

Interview ends. Two soldiers and a PRA representative arrive.

I talk to the captain, played by @Brutishcrab51. Rep, captain, and I all talk about the situation. It gets explained. Captain says that the two tajarans were charged and that while I shot them while they were basically unarmed, I am not going to be charged.

This is because it was explained as basically-self-defense, though I did get myself into that situation. That was acknowledged in the meeting. 

I leave on the consular ship.

@Bear can confirm what happened. It was all IC. The "multiple attempts to ask questions" were asked when I was in surgery. Security did not arrive until the very end of the fight. Keep in mind that the Adhomai Liberation Army is, to many tajarans, a terrorist group who bomb civilians. The consular I was playing quite obviously does not like them, and when checking records earlier in the shift noticed that Yahir was in fact a "former ALA militant," as stated in his records. Coupled with the fact that he was thrown around with a gravitational catapult just seconds before the fight started, it is reasonable in my opinion to want to get revenge of sorts. As well, the pulling of the sidearm was only after being put into the red.

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While this was definitely one of the more extreme IC interactions any more my characters have been involved with, I definitely would personally have to agree this felt like an IC issue.

From the outside looking in I can see where the shock of this kind of play came from for sure as a human watching a foreign dignitary intervene like this, however, do remember there is an active and very bloody war going between the Tajara and such extremes are easily understandable when you put yourself in their shoes. It would be akin to having an allied and axis member in the same room and expecting them to get along during the middle of world war two. Neither party was truly innocent, Yahir did yeet the consular out of cargo with a catapult when he was being belligerent calling ALA members terrorists. Now. The consular going for his gun when he entered the wrestling after getting slashed by Yahir a few times was definitely escalation, however, keep in mind the consular was a middle aged Hharar and Yahir is a significantly larger Zhan. So the fear RP response there plus his assumption they were ALA terrorists (to me) seems adequate when he pulled his gun. I do honestly believe the aim was a mistake for the head.

Now leaping the table? Well the Unathi tried to start something with Yahir, the Unathi tabled Yahir. Yahir then turned around and began yeeting the Unathi across cargo so the tables turned pretty quickly against her. Watching a terrorist, from his perspective, begin to launch a woman across the room naturally would provoke some response.

The bussed response of a PRA investigation was amazing and I think truly put the gravity of their actions into perspective as both characters QUICKLY realized they done goofed, or at least mine did which is the perfect IC response to an IC scuffle.

But that is just my two cents in there as one of the involved parties! Cheers!

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Hey, yeah. I was playing Nasim Soler that round, the Captain. I just woke up, so my thoughts are a bit all over the place. I was also asked to post here.

I joined late. Changeling round. Two Tajara were verbally spatting with a PRA Consul and one of them, Yahir, got into a mech and threw the Consul using a gravity generator (not sure on the specific name). This culminated in Yahir walking to the Cargo elevator, and then getting into a fight with an Unathi CT who tried to stop him from leaving until Security showed up. The Consul hopped the desk, drew his gun, got slashed (all Tajara punches are slashes) and started shooting.

Tl;dr, this was a continuation of what happens when Stalinists and Trotskyists run into each other except Trotsky tried to launch a counter-revolution and looks like he's succeeding. Yahir used to be in the ALA, which fights the PRA. The Consul was a PRA government official. They used to run Gulags and work camps and execution squads on Adhomai. This sort of thing can and does happen.

It was handled ICly, with Central Command involvement through faxes. I personally don't think there was any problem with how Wigglesworth played his Consul. It was very realistic and to be expected from this unique manifest match-up.

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Hello, I'm going to post a little bit of what I know with a player side of perspective. By no means am I a deciding staff member of the complaint nor do I want my opinion to be considered as an actual deciding decision in the complaint. I was one of the Tajara guards so my true knowledge of the round came with the three armed cats walking out of the bridge.


Their war is bloody, there was a fight, and people got shot. There was then a massive investigation by PRA officials after the Consular faxed for them.


In my own opinion, this seemed like an IC issue. The lings in the round still gave some issues to the rest of the crew afterwards.

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Hi, I had a look around and I have decided that all that happened was pretty much fine in character and had proper motivations. It was not like he went to kill off people for no reason or was going stuff while there was a monster eating the crew.

I will close this appeal in around one day or so.

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