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Why am I banned

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BYOND Key: koham

Total Ban Length: since 2017-4-18

Banning staff member's Key: cakeisossim

Reason of Ban: Beating themselves, loggin on staff contact 

Reason for Appeal: I didn't know that I was banned nor did I know that I have done anything wrong. I'm a newbie and haven't played that much when I started in 2017. I didn't mean to harm anybody or break the rules. I'm sorry if I did something wrong but to be honest, I don't think that I actually did.  


This is the text I wrote first before I knew about the form that I used above:



today I wanted to log in after having not played for some month (years).

I haven't played a lot before. I'm still a newbie and most things I know I do know from youtube.


When I wanted to log in today I was told that I'm banned for "beating themselves".

I'm pretty sure I haven't done that. But if I did this, it happened without me knowing that I did it.


Is there any chance that my ban can be looked into?

I'm sure this is an error. If not; I'm really sorry for what I did, even if I don't know what it was.


My account name is Koham 

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Postet in wrong section of the board

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I took the liberty to move this to the unban request area :)

All you need to do now is adjust the formating to this one:



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