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Incident Report - 15/12/2461

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Reporting Personnel: Vance Khan

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security

Game ID: b4I-ahyE

Personnel Involved:


-     Tzarka Ssarzi - Victim

-    Rako Azkazainar – Offender


Secondary Witnesses: (Name, Job Title: Short description of what they witnessed)

- Zihuki Rehiohks – Arresting Officer/Witness

- Jaquelyn Roberts – Responding Paramedic/Witness


Time of Incident: 17:00 Station Time Approximate.

Real Time: 13:30 GMT+10:30 South aussie time.  15/12/19

Location of Incident: Cargo Lobby and Maintenance

Nature of Incident:

[  ] - Workplace Hazard

[  ] - Accident/Injury

[  ] - Destruction of Property

[  ] - Neglect of Duty

[  ] - Harassment

[ X ] - Assault

[  ] - Misconduct

[  ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)



Overview of the Incident:


Due to the lack of primary witnesses in the following case it is difficult to diagnose the reality of this attack, all that is known is that it was violent, barbaric and unfitting. The following shift lacked a Detective. We do not know if the attack was provoked by a third party or by the victim.


What we do know is as follows.


At approximately 16:50 to 17:00 I received a report from the Chief Medical Officer Stephen Webb that someone had been brutally assaulted. Naturally I dispatched an Officer to gather further information from the victim.


I set out personally with my CSI at the time, Kipuloon Quumq, to pursue the scene of the crime. Cargo was reported as barren of employees by Officer Elise Taylor, something I confirmed personally and asked a member of cargo to come to their department. Due to the overwhelming silence from any employee after the first request, I let myself in and discovered a security headset lay on their desk. The reality of this confirmed that a member of my own team may be compromised, and my channels were.


A series of complicated manoeuvres were enacted to probe the security breach my department had suffered. I will not list them however as they are not directly related to the report at hand.


At Approximately 17:20 and 17:22 both the responding medic, Miss Roberts and the Victim, Miss Ssarzi were interviewed by myself and Officer Rehiohks. I will attach their contents.


The extent of the damage that Miss Ssarzi had suffered correlated with attempted murder, as such I issued a warrant for Rako’s immediate arrest the moment his name was confirmed by the victim, PDA conversations and my CSI. His arrest was however significantly delayed due to a massive migration of carp. I shifted priorities to put down the Carp menace that threatened the crew and station far more directly before resuming the hunt for Rako.


Rako was found approximately an hour later, SSD, in the rafts above the pool by Officer Rehiohks during a camera sweep. He was detained and charged for attempted murder due to the details that were present at the time. I personally searched his belongings and failed to find the device described in the victims interview. No contraband was found either. 


Due to a crew transfer in progress at the time of his detainment nothing more could be done. 



00:00] Recording started. - Roberts and Khan
[00:19] Vance Khan says, "My name is Vance Khan, I am the Head of Security. The station time is 17:22."
[00:29] Vance Khan says, "I am here with Jaquelyn Roberts, hello Miss Roberts."
[00:31] Vance Khan asks, "How are you?"
[00:35] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Fine, but pissed."
[01:04] Vance Khan asks, "Could you elaborate on your role concerning the assault and what you saw?"
[01:12] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Right, i'll just start from the beginning."
[01:19] Vance Khan says, "That works."
[01:28] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Ss sitting in the medbay reception area, watching sensors, when i noticed her BPM raise a bit."
[01:32] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Normally, not much of a concern."
[01:35] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "but"
[01:43] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "I know her, and I know she has heart problems."
[01:52] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Had a heart attack on station not too long back, i treated her."
[01:57] Vance Khan says, "Tragic."
[02:00] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "So i went with the paramedic to investigate."
[02:14] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "After searching up and down, no sign of her."
[02:21] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Eventually, we found her right outside cargo."
[02:28] Vance Khan says, "A cargo tech was kidnapped and assaulted, they have been treated but the subject is at large."
[02:33] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Both legs dislocated, beat to hell in the face, and restrained with cable..."
[02:45] Vance Khan asks, "Was anyone with her?"
[02:57] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Uhh... that one Tajaran Janitor, but I think he just found her."
[03:03] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Pretty sure she was alone most of the time."
[03:20] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "So, I relocated her legs, gave her some painkiller and wheeled her back to medbay."
[03:29] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Then I talked to her for a bit in one of the exam rooms."
[03:37] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "She was scared to hell, but I think I know who did it."
[03:39] Vance Khan asks, "Did at any point a member of cargo inquire about her health or location during the treatment?"
[03:47] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "One did."
[03:51] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "But not over radio."
[04:03] Vance Khan asks, "And is this person the one you think could be responsible?"
[04:11] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "I'll tell you on one condition."
[04:15] Vance Khan says, "Lay it on me."
[04:25] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "You make it look like I witnessed it, and not that she told you."
[04:35] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "She is scared to death"
[04:39] Vance Khan says, "I have ways of procuring that image, yes."
[04:44] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Good."
[04:59] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "I believe it was Rako Azkainar."
[05:06] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "She said half of the last name before cutting herself off."
[05:10] Vance Khan says, "He was fired as a cadet by myself personally."
[05:13] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Hm."
[05:27] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Threatens to do it again if she talks, hence my request."
[05:41] Vance Khan asks, "Of course. Did she herself drop this name?"
[05:47] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Half of the last name."
[05:51] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "Too scared to say the full thing."
[05:56] Vance Khan says, "That's all I need then."
[06:14] Vance Khan asks, "Who was the person who asked about her health by the way?"
[06:31] Jaquelyn Roberts asks, "Well, did you mean before the incident? Or after we took her in?"
[06:39] Vance Khan says, "After."
[06:58] Jaquelyn Roberts says, "I think the green Unathi in Supply asked, but not sure if he was inquiring about her or something else at reception."
[07:11] Vance Khan says, "Okay, well, thank you Miss Roberts, I will be concluding our interview."
[07:20] Vance Khan says, "The station time is 17:29."
[07:28] Recording stopped.



[00:00] Recording started. - Rehiohks and Ssarzi
[00:19] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "Thiss issss Officer Rehiohkss, quessstioning Ssssssssarzi on her assssault."
[00:45] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "This is just a formality - need to have a proper interrogation."
[00:52] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...R-Right."
[00:57] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Give me a timeline of the events, in as much detail as possible."
[01:17] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "I-- was in the warehouse. Looking for-- I don't- I don't know what I was looking for."
[01:25] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "Azazkin-Kinar, came in. In a mask."
[01:38] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...He-- He- asked me-- If I was sorry."
[01:51] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "I- told him-- to fuck off. Then he just--"
[02:06] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...I don't know. He-- Pulled-- pulled something out of his bag-- and poked me with it."
[02:23] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "Everything started to hurt-- everything-- just--"
[02:34] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "Clamped up."
[03:04] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...I couldn't feel anything, other than pain."
[03:16] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "I-- I remember being pulled into the tunnels-- and--"
[03:17] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Like a syringe?"
[03:20] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "A needle?"
[03:20] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "No-- like--"
[03:26] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "Like a bit of metal."
[03:35] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "A dagger?"
[03:40] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "No-- It was crude."
[03:47] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "Something-- makeshift. I don't know."
[03:59] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...He-- He--"
[04:01] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "But you were injected with something."
[04:03] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "Pulled me. Into--"
[04:08] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "No- It wasn't-- an injection."
[04:12] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "It-- It was like a shock."
[04:29] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "I felt like-- I was being burned. I- I don't know."
[04:36] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Like a taser?"
[04:42] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "M-Maybe. It-- It wasn't a gun."
[04:56] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Some kind of electric prod?"
[04:57] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...I-- I don't.. Want to talk about. What he did next."
[05:03] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...Maybe. I- Maybe."
[05:17] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Okay. What happened after that? Who found you?"
[05:28] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...Siaw did. He found me in the tunnels. Crying--"
[05:40] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "--Curled up-"
[05:51] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...Sk-Sk'akh please-- forgive-- I-"
[05:53] Tzarka Ssarzi rattles.
[06:17] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "How badly were you injured?"
[06:25] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...I was-- bleeding from my eyes."
[06:32] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "Everything-- everything hurt. I thought--"
[06:39] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "I thought-- I was going to die."
[07:02] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "You were SSSSSD for 15 minutesss."
[07:25] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "If I wasss SSSSSSSD for 15 minutess I would like to be taken to cryogenicsss."
[07:30] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "A cargo technician wasss asssssssaulted."
[07:41] Zihuki Rehiohks asks, "Wassing?"
[07:50] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "I do not know the difference."
[07:55] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Was it physical injuries?"
[08:03] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...Y-Yes."
[08:14] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "You were not moving for 15 minutesss if not more."
[08:27] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "And you were taking to cryogenicss."
[08:45] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "Complain if you want. If I wasss not moving for that amount of time I would want to be taken to cryogenicsss."
[08:53] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Badly. The Roberts treated you?"
[09:00] Zihuki Rehiohks asks, "What?"
[09:01] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "She- She did."
[09:14] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "I did nothing at the table but place the locket there."
[10:00] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Right."
[10:20] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Did anyone see you get attacked?"
[10:38] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...No."
[11:18] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "I have the PDA logs that Rako threatened you."
[11:31] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "Check your locker."
[11:40] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "You-- do?"
[11:53] Zihuki Rehiohks says, "Get one from the checkpoint. I wass needed for ssssomething elsse."
[11:59] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "Yes."
[12:37] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "It'll be submitted as evidence."
[12:50] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...Thank. You. I-"
[12:54] Tzarka Ssarzi rattles, anxiously.
[12:59] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...I don't feel safe."
[13:19] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "I can talk to you after the case is closed. Will make sure you are okay."
[13:23] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "If you want, you can wait in the brig."
[13:43] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...I- I want to. Please."
[14:28] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "I will inform the Chief of Security."
[14:34] Zihuki Rehiohks hisses, "End interrogation."
[14:35] Tzarka Ssarzi hisses, "...Thank you, Rehiohks."
[14:38] Recording stopped.


Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: The Captain at the time was aware of the developments.

Actions taken: The Subject Rako was detained but he was SSD at the time. He was charged for Attempted Murder and sparking a manhunt given the circumstances.

Additional Notes:

Edited by Contextual
Date Format Correction

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TO: Vance Khan, Head of Security, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report


BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins.


DTG: 16-17:30-TAU CETI STANDARD-12-2461

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TO: Vance Khan, Head of Security, NSS Aurora
SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report


BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to Nadine Branagan (Contextual).
You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions.


DTG: 16-19:05-TAU CETI STANDARD-12-2461

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TO: Vance Khan, Head of Security, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report


BODY: The investigation of this incident has concluded, and appropriate action has been taken for affected individuals. 

This matter will now be considered resolved.


DTG: 23-14:58-TAU CETI STANDARD-12-2461
SIGN: Nadine Branagan

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