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Permaban for minor reference

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BYOND Key: warez
Total Ban Length: Permaban
Banning staff member's Key: ParadoxSpace
Reason of Ban: A shitload of warning, notes and talks about previous playing references.
Reason for Appeal: First of all, I could call up only ONE instance where I did seriously broke the referencing rule. And I was punished by it. This instance was nothing more a small joke, one that did not, in fact, caused any issues in the lore or the round/event. I literally said:

  • While it's only 3.6 roentgen, please head to maint to avoid injuries, and named myself Dyatlov.

I wasn't even like "Muh, I am the real Dyatlov, let's RP like I am". It was a JOKE, and it did not deserved a permaban over 2 words. I did my job well in that round, and I was in the middle of fixing Tcomms solar arrays. 
Also, after ParadoxSpace told me that I should not do this again, I said sorry. Thought this would be the end of it, since it was nothing but a minor joke. But no, I was banned after 3 minutes (approximately) of silence without even hearing me out.
I uphold my opinion about being too strick with the banhammer.

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Sorry for the delay.
Essentially, you have a lot of notes and warnings, some of which include being talked to about references (even if they're minor) before. I would've let you off with just being talked to and not doing it again, but there's precedent that you've been talked to before a lot. 

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