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Obligatory new good year message

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Hello. I started playing in Aurora during december of 2014. I have been with this community for around five years or so, and I have spent most of this time being staff. I was chosen to be one of the headmins in march of this year. 

This was not really an easy year for me. There is a lot to do as headmin, since people will usually come to you with problems and complaints of all kind. I also had to deal with my final semester of my college and the monograph, which I gladly made through. I can say that being a headmin is really draining, but I do not regret the time I have spent here.

We had a lot of changes this year, in regards to the staff teams themselves and development as well. I believe that we have been doing a good work, and the community and game are improving. Just in 2019, we saw the additions of two new subspecies with their own mechanics and lore and the implementation of a new medical system. Our lore and development team have been working hard to create new features and contents for everyone to enjoy. There is a lot of stuff planned for 2020, and I hope we can all work together to accomplish them. 

I am eager to spend another year with this wonderful community. Thanks everyone for being part of this. I don’t know what else to write, so good new year.

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I appreciate all the work you do, Alberyk. I'm so grateful for your work and everything you bring into it.  I just wish you could be here to see what we've done with our career and who we are.  I hope you all have a great trip and a wonderful year!-Vincent the Tortoise
"Which is just what you were after when you founded V7 Action Sports... to provide for the satisfaction of those who purchase our products.  It's not my decision, it's yours. I'll do all I can to keep you from ending up lost or worse because of your ineptitude."
- David Carver II.  V7 Mag.

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While I come off often as rather cold I can ensure you all that I gladly spend so much of my free time with you all. 

Spess and the Aurora actually means quite a lot to me, it helped me through some hard and rough times, the game and the community was with me through my time in university and I hope it will exist for many years to come. 

Many characters and their players are very dear to, as are the stories that I experience with you all. 

I'll lay down my shell for a moment and say thank you all, thanks for all the fish. 

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(It was a large group of dudes in the chat but I didn't grab pictures then.)

This was an interesting and fun experience. Happy new year's everyone, thank you all for contributing and let's carry well onto the next one!

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