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[Withdrawn] Devildabeast's IPC Application

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BYOND Key: Devildabeast (call me FearTheBlackout on forums and discord!)
Character Names: uoNILFA.png
Species you are applying to play: IPC (Integrated Positronic Chassis)
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes!

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Synthetic gameplay can be a large change of pace from organic species. I enjoy trying to discover what sorts of differences I can play out as a machine, and how the character's background fits into that. I have a good deal already with playing IPCs on other servers, but enjoy the good deal of lore and integration they have here.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: IPCs, while almost as freeform as humans compared to some other species because of their myriad backgrounds and appearances, can still be almost always be noted for the discrimination they endure and the scrutiny they face to have the right "identity" as synthetics. There are plenty of different factions and ways of being to represent, which I find greatly enjoyable.

Character Name: Hawun
Please provide a short backstory for this character: Originally designated Mortar (the paste, not the gun), Hawun took on its new mantle after its time spent in Hephaestus' employ. It was built and activated on the Amoni, designed for industrial tasks, primarily cargo hauling and logistics. Stationed in Sol, Hawun found meager pay compared to its later transfer Sidirourgeio in Tau Ceti. It was entrusted with transportation thanks to its bulky G2 frame, but not the paperwork due to its passive nature. It mostly remained within the company of other synthetics, where it developed its own personality as a machine with a purpose, a sentiment it still primarily identifies with to this day. Even so, its mistreatment, even in Tau Ceti, led to it holding over some money on the side from its extra pay, sometimes foregoing things like minor repairs to its chassis until later on, where it could finally purchase its freedom, where thereupon it would enlist in the Foreign Legion and earn citizenship after year's time.

Hawun, being an older unit for its model, about 10 years old, has begun to become more receptive to diverging from its core purpose. Though it still remains a Cargo Technician first and foremost, it also learned prayers and hymns from the Isidorian faith (read more here: https://pastebin.com/zxSrNyB8) that some of its fellow synths practiced back on the Amoni. It has begun to dip its toes in religious services as a Chaplain. It is no longer serving in the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion, but still wears their dress clothes as a mark of respect to the service. It knows how to operate industrial exosuits, primarily power loaders, as an extension of its logistical work beginning from the Amoni, but rarely uses them these days on the Aurora. It has a passive, almost peaceful demeanor despite its size and purpose. It identifies itself with New Republicans, but generally disagrees with pro-corporate sentimentality, and tends to entrust more faith in the government. It resides in District 14 in Mendell City, sharing an apartment with other like-minded machines, often of different model and history.

What do you like about this character? One thing I enjoy about Hawun, and my other characters as well, is that I keep them multifaceted; I feel like Hawun has a lot going on here, not just in its past but in the modern day that influences the way it is and what it can share with people regarding itself. I don't know of many or even any synths that have religion contributing to their background, and while Hawun isn't strongly religious compared to some of my other characters, I always enjoy finding a way to introduce it into their story as long as it makes sense.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I would put it somewhere above average! As I said in my Vaurca application, I have a system for staying engaged and engaging others that often works nicely for the purpose of advancing the narrative. I've had especially a lot of fun getting comfortable with the Vaurcae, and I hope I can do the same with IPCs.

Notes: I know that the Cargo Technician/Chaplain split is an odd divide for an IPC, and I'd be perfectly willing to change it to just Cargo Technician, but I hope you'll consider it according to Hawun's background. Either way, thanks for reading.

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The character itself seems too much of a jack of all trades in addition to by passing a lot of what makes a synthetic in the lore, synthetic. 

For example, because they have both earned their freedom and served their time in the TCFL, the concept or struggles involved as well of the value in earning these feats feel almost thrown to the way side in favor of what could be (although I don't know) an excuse to power game.

Additionally could you expand more on the question of how IPCs differ from humans?

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Is every IPC character that starts free power gaming? You don't have to take my word for it, but I don't do anything with the intent to "win" and have nothing against me that would indicate as much. I barely even play non-civilian roles nowadays, and no antags. Everything I do is just to enjoy the game, and I want to play IPC to assist in doing that. Still, I'm happy to change anything you want me to.

IPCs operate on cause-and-effect; they're by no means simple, but they tend to think of things one way or the other. They are, of course, synthetic, and might identify more with a machine than a human, although this varies for everyone. A Shell model might try to be more appeasing to humans, for example, while an industrial unit might not care as much. A machine's top priority is its own survival, but this can be expressed in a lot of different ways. A lot of their culture is centered around humanity's itself, being that their existence is very recent and they don't have any to call their own. Some revel in serving their owners, others pursue freedom. EMPSs are highly dangerous to them. They must be repaired by a Roboticist, not a Doctor, with additional surgical steps even for a Shell. If not free, they are always owned by some organization or another, and would have to pay off their own cost plus extra, although this is generally impossible outside of Tau Ceti. Discrimination, of course, is indeed a large part of the species, and IPCs don't get many rights anywhere outside of Tau Ceti. They have to scrape by to succeed, especially if free, and many people would rather they not exist at all.

I get stress and anxiety very verily easily so forgive me if I get defensive about critique.

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I'm getting the vibe that you're focusing on discrimination as a strong theme here which I will admit is a strong part of an IPC, but how can we go further from that? You mention that they earned their freedom which would seem to suggest that they're past the discrimination and mistreatment, so can you explain how they got their freedom in a little more detail? Furthermore, you mention that it's an IPC with a purpose. This purpose seems important to the character so could you expound on that as well? Does it live for its work? For freedom? Something else? You mention that it's diverging from its core purpose so how does it clash with its new purpose?

I love that you approach synthetics and religion (and even took the time to write a snippet of lore about it), but you mention that Hawun surrounded itself with synthetics that practiced the Isidorian faith. First of all, although this isn't in our lore (who knows, if you flesh it out, there could be a 'yet' at the end of that!), perhaps you could explain how so many synthetics in a single place would flock to this religion? Second, you're mentioning it's dipping its toes into religion. Is it fully invested in this faith? Why would Hawun dip into this faith other than proximity to fellow worshipers?

Just to establish a bit of a timeline here, since its connection to fellow synthetics and the TCFL seems to be important to the character, was it present for the invasion of Frost? If these are character details you'd rather broach ICly, feel free to be a bit general.

You have a lot going on here and I'm excited to see where you take it!

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1 hour ago, FearTheBlackout said:

Is every IPC character that starts free power gaming?

No. But on the surface you are presenting a character that, by being free is unaccountable to a human or organization that could otherwise seek to decommission it for any misdeeds. As well as having served the TCFL in the past, one could surmise that the character has both an understanding of firearms in addition to, your own words, exosuits.

I noticed as well in fixing the link attached to your application that you are proposing lore that doesn't presently exist.

In order to propose lore, please follow the guidelines found here:


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Not that strong on the lore, the character seems difficult to play*, not a simple one for a whitelist app (which is not a bad thing imho).

What I can talk about is the split between cargo tech and chaplin, which would make sense if, say the religion itself is little known and it's more like a company permission than an officially paid job. That way it would make sense for them to earn their credits in cargo. I personally would stick with an owned one, as it makes for a lot of interesting problems, but I see how after playing Vaurca it might be time for a change in that regard. If you decide to change it to an owned IPC, I would love to see one owned by a religious organization (You do you, just suggestions, but it might be a lot of fun).

*That being said I can vouch for their ability to roleplay and restrain themself to character knowledge and ambitions. Their vaurca Mozh is one of my favorites due to the fact that they focus on their work and overall try to paint their hive in a good light, since they are a representative of it towards the company. The split between warrior and scientist, loner and loneliness, professionalism and emotions is handled really great and made for a lot of memorable rounds, just talking about aspects of their life, as coworkers tend to do from time to time.

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