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[ON TRIAL]Server Moderator Application - Naelynn

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Basic Information
Byond Account: Naelynn
Character Name(s): 



Discord username + tag: Naelynn#1337
Age: 26
Timezone: GMT +1 / Central Europe
When are you on Aurora?: Very often. Right now pretty much every day all day, however, I'm also currently applying for a job which would mean I play pretty much throughout evenings. So right now about 14 hours a day, in the future probably an actual reasonable amount. On the weekends should remain the same. 

How long have you played SS13?: My account was created in 2017 solely for the purpose of playing SS13.
How long have you played on Aurora: Ever since account creation. I don't like how other servers play out. 
How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I'd like to think I'm familiar with almost all of them, including obscure things. Primarily because of how long I was playing, and how often I jump to digging in the code to understand the details. Not to mention that I do not shy from reporting things or even fixing them myself when available, as seen with some of my PR's. 
Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: No. 
Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes. Though I have issues being concise and declining.
Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Full banned? No. Antag banned? One week, due to an over-the-line example of power gaming behavior. Unintentionally banned? Yes, I have to play over a VPN due to my university internet connection blocking BYOND - this sometimes lands me in a permabanned IP and I have to bug an admin to unban my account as I change the IP.

Why do you play SS13?: It's an amazing game in multiple aspects. The absolutely bonkers-insane depth of the mechanics, the fact that everyone in the community CARES about the game and their server (Because if you suffered through the learning curve, there is no way you don't).. And to have fun with other people. This point specifically is a big driving point for me - that *EVERYONE* should have fun in this game. Not just me, or just few other people. 
Why do you play on Aurora?: Because I despise how hectic and honestly lol-so-random other servers are. Aurora has dignity that other servers don't. Why should we have animations and mechanics for farting?! It's really not necessary... Aurora also has the right pace for someone like me who really likes reading - unlike other servers where it's act-then-talk, Aurora strives for talk-then-act approach by actually encouraging role play! 
What do moderators do?: Moderators, in my opinion, are people who are veteran at the game and have a vested interest in helping others. Their focus should be on easing other people into the game and making sure everyone CAN do the things they want to do. There also is the part about moderators existing to uphold the server's rules - and I mean that with both interpretations being valid: Moderators should make sure that the spirit of the server's rules is upheld by the population, AS WELL AS being a shining example of rule-abiding behavior. However, moderators also are only people, and to err is human. It is fine to make mistakes, but one has to learn and accept critique of others.
What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: Moderator for Aurora specifically has to be able to distinguish between ic and ooc things - as we are a server uniquely focused on role play. This then has HUUUUGE implications on how things are handled. Because issues on Aurora can get extremely complicated, Moderator for our server should be willing to just say 'I don't know' and ask someone who has more experience. Furthermore, activity. Being a moderator is a /privilege/. One you have to work to keep.
Why do you want to be a moderator?: I'm convinced I can do a good job. 
What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: I believe I am a very patient person, and strongly believe that I am open to opinions that contradict my personal views. On top of that, I think that my position as someone who spends many rounds ghosting anyway leaves me in a good place to be a moderator. Furthermore, I like to be very deliberate with my actions. Also honest... often to a fault.
How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I believe I do reasonably well, but at the same time I have some dignity - if someone will be genuinely pushing my buttons in an a-help intentionally, I might request for someone else to take it, or at least advice on what to do. I'm only human after all. We all are.

Anything Else You Want to Add:
I have previously applied for a moderator position here: 

Interview from that app is here: https://pastebin.com/f1UHTVSG

Some of the replies have not been changed - the reason for that is simple. I still agree with them. Same with the interview. I stand behind my answers. 

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I appreciate that you care about our community enough to apply for moderator a second time. It's clear that you are passionate about wanting to make our community a better place.

You have good answers to the questions presented in the application format. I also think you handle heated remarks from people very well.

I don't know you outside what few posts I've seen and some OOC comments on server but nothing I have seen so far has lead me to think anything negative.

I hope you become a moderator and continue to do your best. +1

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You've caught a lot of flak in the past for your method of antagging, but you're a really nice and level-headed person plus a stellar roleplayer imho. I haven't personally seen you lose your head (figuratively speaking) in my time with playing with you, and you do seem to be able to understand other people's perspective well enough that I think that does qualify you for server mod. +1, but...

Just be careful, server modding isn't for everyone, and if ever you feel the pressure or heat of the position, take a step back/a break, and ask for help from your fellow mods if you make it on the team.

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I can't really speak for their OOC conduct, seeing little of it. Their IC conduct though is great and they're a competent, nice roleplayer. So in that regard I think they're fine. 

Ultimately OOC interactions are a big deciding factor I'd say, though. Good luck.

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They're always cheerful and helpful in AOOC. I've seen them explaining lore/mechanics to numerous new antag players, and it'd be nice to have a moderator who regularly plays that side of things. +1!

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After seeing some of the criticism Naelyn got in the last thread and seeing her apply again so soon is pretty good. Naelyn has shown that she is willing to take criticism and improve where necessary which makes me optimistic that she will be a passionate member of staff.

Naelyn and I rolled ninja together a while back and despite all the time ive spent in this game ive never really rolled ninja before. She was quick to give me great and simple advice which I still use whenever I play ninja as well as keeping my inexperience with ninja mechanics in mind in deciding what were doing while not seeming patronizing or condescending which is a mark (at least in my book but you might disagree) of an experienced player.


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I'm going to have to say no. I don't think you've lost your powergaming and validhunting ways at all. I think I brought it up in your previous application as well, can't remember.

I don't think you'd be a good staff member, and I don't trust your judgement calls regarding antagonist involvement.

You made a PR a while ago, it added Cyndie Kate as a merchant. At this merchant, you could trade 1 TC for a syndiborg. After it got merged, you were rolling Antag Merchant all the time. I constantly saw you decked out with high end gear and an unathi breacher. I was worried that you'd use your unathi whitelist to powergame, but this was next level. The fix for the Cyndie Kate merchant was merged recently, and not by you. I dearly hope this is a misunderstanding, but the pieces are just too in-place for it to be a coincidence, in my mind.

For these reasons, I think you should not be a moderator for this server. Frankly, I'm not sure you should be given a chance in the future.

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1 minute ago, geeves said:

At this merchant, you could trade 1 TC for a syndiborg.

Indeed, it was an oversight.

1 minute ago, geeves said:

The fix for the Cyndie Kate merchant was merged recently, and not by you.

Yes, by @MattAtlas . And I responded on discord in #Code Dungeon, and thanked him for fixing it because I didn't realize my mistake.

Everyone makes mistakes.
As for the other part of your post...

7 minutes ago, geeves said:

I don't think you've lost your powergaming and validhunting ways at all.

1) Why does this matter for a mod. No, genuinely, why does this matter for a mod. Moderator that understands the game deeply is a good thing, no? To be able to help people. 
2) I disagree. I think you're unable to move beyond the past. 

8 minutes ago, geeves said:

I don't trust your judgement calls regarding antagonist involvement.

1) Okay. If you won't like me taking a ticket in regards to you, you can always request someone else to take it.
2) Trial mods are very carefully monitored by other staff members AFAIK. If I'm being dumb, I'm sure it will be shown.

9 minutes ago, geeves said:

I constantly saw you decked out with high end gear and an unathi breacher.

1) I have used an Unathi Breacher as a merchant 2-3x as far as my memory serves. And once as a Ninja for a Promise gimmick [hired merc bodyguard] which I found in the vault. 
2) This was already resolved by @Marlon Phoenix. Who, might I add, has posted in this thread already.
As you can see on the time stamps, that is quite the old discussion.
3) I'm the person who made this post complaining about validhunting from both antagonists and security https://forums.aurorastation.org/topic/13124-murderboning-antagonists-and-validhunting-station-crew/. In said thread, you yourself brought up the issue of the breacher-equipped character.


This complaint is one you have been bringing up on every single one of my posts where I am looking to try to do something for the community, always with the same notion that because I used a breacher a few times I am a sinner and must forever be stuck in the pits of hell and should be banned from the server. At least that's how it appears to me anyway.


18 minutes ago, geeves said:

For these reasons, I think you should not be a moderator for this server. Frankly, I'm not sure you should be given a chance in the future.

I think there's something to be discussed here, because Geeves, we both know that this post was not made because you genuinely are concerned about the breacher. This post by you was made in response to my first reaction upon playing the newly added IAC distress-beacon-response team. Due to the fact how ill-suited for the current situation on station IAC was, I was very displeased and you argued against my points that having an ERT that cannot aid anyone is alright because it's a distress beacon and you never know who picks it up.




AFAIK you were the one who added IAC and honestly, it is a good piece of work to add a new response team. I wouldn't know where to begin. The situation in the round was complicated, and I couldn't do anything to help anyone, as the IAC team was not equipped the handle the situation we were called into.

I find the timing of your -1 on my application and our discussion about your work very .. coincidental. 

FINALLY last point:

28 minutes ago, geeves said:

I don't think you've lost your powergaming and validhunting ways at all.

My last rounds as antagonists that I remember were:

As Augury [scientist] I bought a laptop and used captain access to rp-out a hacker by the name of Overlord or something somesuch. This hacker was trying to remotely help his agents [other traitors] in their work by listening in on comms, missdirections and creating distractions. Total amount of attack logs vs players: /0/

As a wizard, I ahelped to be turned transparent and named myself NT-RCS-1 and was a baseline. I had the wiki up and open on IPC and Timeline pages and rp'd out a story of a baseline that was there during construction of Aurora 1 who somehow due to bluespace shenanigans ended up being a 'ghost' on our current Aurora. Total amount my character attacking others: /0/. Total amount my character got attacked: 4-5 as far as I remember.

As 'Icelander' the merc I got spawned in with someone who appeared to be a newbie during a secret bughunt. We agreed on a gimmick that we are going to station for an unrelated job, and then we will stumble upon the borers and switch priorities because the mercs will believe that getting borer powers will make future jobs easier. The merc-newbie turned out to be rather psychotic and we had to hole up in our ship for over 50 minutes in order to get him to calm down and stop attacking everything in sight, after which me and the other merc who were still active [The last one gave up and just ghosted after asking 'mins for replacement AFAIK] were attacked and seriously wounded. As we have done absolutely nothing in the round due to the uncontrolled violent tendencies of one of the mercs, me and the last merc tried to salvage the round in last 15 minutes and decided that every bug must die. We had no way of proving this, so we just asked everyone if they are infected, and clearly communicated our intent to kill all infected and bugs via two announcements and multiple radio channels. 

In two of those gimmicks I did not perform any validhunting at all, and mostly used standard equipment issued to the characters. 
In the third round I spent most of my round actively getting in the way of a murderboning antagonist and trying to create some form of a storyline from what was left when it went up in flames.

I strongly disagree with your sentiment that I am 'merely' a powergaming, validhunting person that does not deserve to help people because they don't know how to rp. Make a valid point against this application if you are to oppose it. 

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As a developer, I'm not convinced by the oversight argument.

It does matter, because a moderator should know how and when to curb powergaming. Yes, I am able to take data from the past and information from the present to make a conclusion about you.

Yes, it was made because I'm genuinely concerned about the breacher, don't assume my intent on your moderator application. It's not a good look. I've invested a lot in this server, I'm proud to keep it running as well as I can.

It's not a coincidence, it reminded me of this application.

Calling my points invalid isn't really a good look either.

From what I can see, you want the station to win, and I think that's anti-thetical to the state of our server. You may claim otherwise, and I'm sure you will, but it's the vibe I've been getting.

Anyhow, I won't be replying, I've made my point. Drawing it out only makes it more difficult for staff to make a decision.

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1 hour ago, Naelynn said:

I strongly disagree with your sentiment that I am 'merely' a powergaming, validhunting person that does not deserve to help people because they don't know how to rp. Make a valid point against this application if you are to oppose it. 


If someone makes points against why they think you shouldnt get staff, posting a bunch of discord screenshots about a discussion you had and saying theyre just salty and unfounded because you were in the opposite ends on a matter is not the way to go. As a member of staff you are going to get a lot of flak are you going to do the same in an attempt to discredit whoever criticizing you in the same manner?

What if I were to disagree with you in an ahelp? Are you just going to ignore what I say because im a player and youre staff? because staff can easily just say "make a complaint if you disagree with my decision" and so doing cause a myriad of headaches due to lacking the ability to understand that just because someone disagrees with you that doesnt automatically make them wrong because you have more power.so if you are taking yourself seriously by that post in trying to discredit his concerns the way you did I dont think youll make a good member of staff


im going to switch my thing from +1 to -1


moderating isint for everyone

Edited by Randy

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