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Soultheif - Ulmari's Coat

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Byond key: Soultheif96

Discord key: Soultheif96#2257

Character Name: Optikam Ulmari

Item name: Aut'akh Medical Coat

Item function(s): Two item pockets for items such as stationbound bounce radio and flashlight, over clothing layer, and holds items like PDA in suit slot.

Item description: A custom-made tailored coat for use in a laboratory/medical setting.

Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Optikam Ulmari is bring this coat to work to show Aut'akh uniforms in a NanoTrasen workstation as a cultural display. This would likely be seen in a medical facility in Communes.

How did your character obtain this item: Optikam Ulmari made a custom order to a tailor from the Siansi clan to manufacture two coats for him. One to use frequently and one for spare in case the other goes missing.

What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Optikam Ulmari looks up to a mentor of his back on Moghes in the bunker, Paradigm Optikam Juzadik, a contributor to the development of the medical graspers and the WorkSafe.Oss Implement in a medical setting. She worn a coat similar to this and Ulmari would like to recreate it. He values her for teaching him how to practice medicine when there was no formal training in the bunkers of Moghes's ice caps. 

Sprites: Ulmari's_Coat.dmi (Imgur file for those who wish to see without opening .dmi https://imgur.com/a/uUydgy1)

Additional Comments: If you like to see some changes to the sprite, please let me know and I can make some alterations. 

Edited by Soultheif96

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Can you tell me why the assortment of color able items on the loadout don't suffice?

Additionally, a new name would be appropriate. We'd rather not implement items that clearly state owner in the name. 

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I have altered the name of the item, but you may need to edit the files to suit the needs in-game as I am not familiar with code.

As for the loadout items, I like them and all, but I prefer to stick to the theme fitting to a medical setting without being completely out of place. One such labcoat with colorable options paints it in one singular color, which is distasteful and really out of place for medical, excluding basic colors like brown, black, white, so on.

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